Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mayor David Bower waits as his Guest of Honor, former Mayor Sue Frank, returns with sledge hammer in hand after taking the first ceremonial “hit” of the Old First Baptist Church demolition.

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It is all over but for the Shouting BY GREG WALTERS

The letter read: “Wal-mart hereby gives notice of its election to cancel the purchase agreement. The Title Company is instructed to refund the Deposit to Wal-Mart.”

The letter, received by the City of Raytown last week, leaves little wiggle room for a comeback of the proposal.

The announcement that former Raytown Mayor Sue Frank has sought legal recourse to return multi-use zoning back to Downtown Raytown’s Green Space, has brought the issue full circle.
A last ditch effort, led by Raytown Newspaperman Randy Battagler and Mayor David Bower will not breathe life back into the project.


Because the lawsuit is not about what may be, or what can be – it is about what has already transpired.

All of the name calling and sly innuendo will not undo actions in the past. As my grandmother once told me, “you cannot unspill the milk”.

Last week saw some pretty divisive letters published in the Raytown Times. The actions of those few writers, who, incidentally, did not bother to attend of the Planning and Zoning Hearings, are counterproductive. 

Let’s hope that those outbursts are a last gasp. It is time for Raytown to move forward.

So now you understand the headline. Because it really is all over. 

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The Salamander Returns!

Wow! Local newspaper owner Randy Battagler really took off on the people who opposed a Grocery Store in Raytown’s Downtown Green Space.

Mr. Battagler's opinions are called Randy's Reflections. His most recent should more appropriately, be called "Randy's Rant." Battagler claims the city, the fire department, the police department, the tree department, etc. will lose millions because spokesmen for the giant retailer, Walmart, will not be built in Downtown Raytown. His logic borders on the absurd.

Here is why. In his June 19 editorial Mr. Battagler lamented referring to the withdrawal of plans for a Neighborhood Market in the city’s Downtown.  He wrote, "We will not have lost millions of dollars in tax revenues for the city."Utter nonsense. Anyone with a third grade education knows it is impossible to lose something you never had. Raytown has never had the millions Battagler is referring to. How on earth can the city lose something it never had?Truth be told, the city blew its chance to make a bundle of money from Walmart when the store on 350 Highway came in. It was through this stupid agreement that the 350 Walmart collects ALL city sales tax collected at the 350 Walmart is spent paying debt the city incurred just to get the store into Raytown.

In case you are curious who was mayor when the 350 give-a-way took place. It was our current leader, Mayor David Bower. Fear not. The agreement lasts only 23 years.

Randy Battagler may lament the loss of all that fictitious revenue, but his newspaper did quite well as a result. The June 19th issue of the Times contained, not one, but two full four-color pages exhorting readers to rise up and save the Downtown! Two-page spreads in full color are quite rare these days -- almost non-existent in small town weeklies. Perhaps someone can tell what would motivate "unnamed" local merchants to dig into their pockets, cough up the dollars needed to lecture readers of the Times about the merits of saving Downtown, and how it can only be accomplished if we bring in another grocery store? One more observation:
In the June 26 editorial of this paper, Mr. Battagler, rhapsodized how last  Friday (June 21) a local businessman drove up and congratulated him on last week's column." Randy went on to say "I felt so much better that I nearly jumped for joy."

How's that for exuberance? One guy agreed with Battagler on Walmart and he nearly jumped for joy.
Yet, in the June 19 issue Randy wrote. “I have talked to literally hundreds of people who believe differently."Goodness Gracious, Mr. Battagler, one week you talk to hundreds of people who want the Neighborhood Market; the next week one single, solitary individual congratulates you and it turns you in a living jumping jack.

There is, most certainly, a strange dichotomy here. It should be noted that in the June 26 issue, other than Battagler’s diatribe, there were five editorials, all in favor of a Neighborhood Market; one from a man who moved out of this town over 25 years ago, the other from a former news reporter who left about a decade ago, the fourth and fifth made so little sense the Salamander quit reading them after the first paragraph.

Thanks for the advice, fellows: As the old saying goes "When you want an expert you have to get someone from out of town."

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Anonymous said...

To 7:29 & 10:32 Peace, love, happiness... great! However, there are a number of issues being discussed here of heavy consequence by people who would surely love so spend their energies otherwise. How you spend your time is your own business - but living in la-la land in these times is a fool's errand. on

Anonymous said...

9:39 a.m. Mr Maddox has probably been " a part of Raytown " as said since 1950. The address at Larson was not even built in 1950 so you might want to go to eastern Jackson county courthouse and pull up property records for all those years as living elsewhere in Raytown could very well been; but as you know mory about everyone's personal business than they them self know maybe he was indeed living on Larson in the woods since 1950... Who knows? Only you!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Between Witty Wittman's downright garbage statements and Creamer's whining like a little boy, I have had enough of them and the Raytown Times.
Things are changing my friends, I do believe in two years we will have a new board and mayor, then we can get the ball rolling on some things. There were three that were elected with some common sense this time around, I'm sure there will be more the next.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Whittman,

Will you still be writing to local papers that new things are good when that commuter rail comes through the Wildwood Lakes Home Association?

Anonymous said...

Maddox Supporters:

Upon reviewing data as you suggested from the county the official ruling is in:

Good Citizens of Raytown: 1 – Misleading Maddox Followers: 0

County record clarify the Mr. Maddox has lived in the following areas

8-17-64 Chapel Park, KCMO, which is right at 20 years prior to next listing
8-20-84 Southwood, Raytown MO, which is not even 3 years
6-08-87 Timber Valley, KCMO, which puts in an additional 26 years in KCMO

The math is clear, unless you live in Florida, that Mr. Maddox has lived in KCMO for 46 years and not even a full 3 years in Raytown in the mid 80’s.

Clearly this “Mad” “Ox” needs to keep in the pastures of KCMO

NOTE: This is the same Mr. Maddox that has been identified as mailing to voters in support of Joe Creamer. Therefore, there is little to no surprise that the two of them are writing letters to the editor on the same week on the same subject.

Anonymous said...

The Raytown Times, with no or few subscribers, is mainly funded by advertisers. Has it lost any advertisers? I haven't seen a copy since I moved.

Andy Whiteman

KMCCLA said...

The only thing I can say about the old Rock Island line being "reopened" whether it is so called commuter rail or freight line, I am a man from Missouri -- You have to "Show Me". I am still doubtful anything will ever happen. For thirty some odd years, all we have ever heard is, well they are going too....and nothing ever happens. Would I like to see it reopened? The foamer (rail fan) in me says yes, the logical thinking adult, says no. All there is out there, is a right-of-way. It will cost millions of millions of dollars per mile to reopen the line (track alone would be upwards of 2-3 million per mile), not counting the clearing and grubbing, removal of old track, rebuilding the road bed, crossings, building a bridge at 59th Street (which we will have to pay for), bringing drainage and bridges up to code, and everything else. I simply do not ever see it becoming viable. Forget the commuter rail idea, get Union Pacific to "rail bank" the line, pull up the track, and make it part of the KATY Trail connecter. Part of the line already is being converted in Pleasant Hill (and will continue to Windser), which is part of the reason the UP is perhaps more willing to let it go now. I just do not see it happening, the line will continue to rust in piece.

Anonymous said...

Interesting picture of the two "Mayors" at the official kick off of the demolition.

I remember that day. It was very, very cold. Probably why Bower is tucked into his coat so tightly and why Sue Frank looks like she is holding on to her hat!

Anonymous said...

9:51 personally I ca nt believe you really did that. He had said he was a part of Raytown just like the Donut Lady is a part of Raytown..... Geez everybody's got to be for or against each other in your world that's just crazy

Anonymous said...

Kmccla thank you for all the information on the rail that certainly is a lot to think about and very interesting as well

Anonymous said...

9:51. I don't get it? Your point the men Maddox and Cramer are friends and one supported the other? Or that they voiced their views on something; I don't know them or half of the people who signed a petition to voice there opinion and many were not from Raytown...... I'm not understanding why anyone would get bent about either

Anonymous said...

I don’t think it matters if it is a lady from Independence on one side of the Wal-Mart issue or a man from KCMO.

We the good people of Raytown don’t need non-resident telling us how to run Raytown.

With that said we do need to keep in mind that the lady from Independence at least owns a business in Raytown that generates sales tax dollars that help offset that costly Wal-Mart mess on 350 highway.

This should then give her some kind of a say. Not sure what the guy from KCMO has done other than to be a mouth piece for at least one Alderman and whoever is mayor at the time.

I really think it is more of a “I like to see my name in print” then doing the right thing or we would have all heard this same man speak up against the closing of the 40 highway Sam’s Club, which still has left the city with an empty building and what of the other local business in the KCMO area to the East of Raytown that have closed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Greg; you and I have both said it is over and let's move forward . I do hope others will join us

Pat Casady said...

Yes! The Walmart deal is over. We can move on. But, how we
have to listen to the excuses why some of the aldermen voted
for the project. This is called crawfishing. Backing up to say they
didn’t really mean what they said, the way they said it. The good
thing is there is a record of the meetings and what was said and
how the elected officials voted against what the people wanted.
For whatever reason. It is also in print how some or one aldermen
tried to take the focus off of himself and try to share it with our
past mayor by writing untrue statements in the local paper.
The best fight some that write in the paper is to label people
that don’t think like they do, ” Negative People.” This just because
they don’t think like they do. I know because I have been one of these
“Negative People” since the early 2000’s when there was talk of
taking my building for a new, wait for it, GROCERY STROE!
and yes, it was a Walmart grocery store. Yes, I was a negative thinker.
How dare me not wanting to be put out of business.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Anonymous you are right you don't need non-residents telling you how to run Raytown but for the record as a business owner I expect to be told the truth by the city officials. I was told by Steve Mock that Walmart was not going in the "Green Space". I was told by the Mayor he had never sat down with anyone from Walmart. They both looked me in the eye and lied. The Walmart deal showed many of us the true colors of the leadership we have Raytown. Walmart hand picked people that work for them to come talk at the BOA meeting. It's my understanding they had a meeting for them. Took them out to lunch and also gave them gift cards. I have no idea what was in it for the city officials to lie about Walmart as they did but they did. One of the speakers at the BOA meeting for Walmart is a family member of mine. Not long ago she was upset because Walmart was going to take her hours away and she was going to be losing all of her benefits. She had so many people calling Walmart they let her keep her hours. Now Walmart can use her and pay her Walmart Bucks to say what a great co. Walmart is. Anonymous your city officials and Walmart have made this very, very personal to many of us. All great cities in the U.S. are built on small business. I walked away from my shopping center I own in Independence because of the city leadership I lost all respect for. I am Thankful to Raytown for it's people. Three new people have been elected. Our donut shop is doing so well we will be closing for four days next weekend. We should be sending Thank You cards out to your city officials for making DOUGHBOY a household name.

The Sage said...

Dont know who the Salamander is but he should be mayor. He makes a lot more sense than the guy who owns the Times. The Times is rthe biggest waste of newsprint in the history of newspapers. I remember when the owner of the Times open his business. He pledged that all he would ever print was "good News." All it took to change his policy was a few dollars spent buying ads supporting Walmart.

It is easy to tell whose bread Randy is eatting and whose song he is singing.

Anonymous said...

News is news. The facts don't change. Obviously Randy is printing what he considers to be "good news" even though others don't view it as good.

Pat, I know what you mean by being called a negative person. I was called a negative person by a group of a Face Book "friend" I don't know and never met...(much like I was treated on this blog from the beginning.) The problem is that I was negative because these people didn't agree with me. My personal opinion is that those who don't respect freedom of speech are the real negative people. Rather than continue the debate, I stated that I didn't have time to waste and left the debate. We should consider that maybe those calling others negative are really the negative people!

Andy Whiteman

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Sage it looks like the Salamander would make a great mayor. All I have to say about Randys paper The Raytown Times is I don't understand why any of the Raytown stores let him bring it in to pass out for him. We make copies of the Raytown Report for people to get the news out.

Anonymous said...

Tonight we find out if the elected officials of Raytown care anything about the citizens of Raytown.
Item 13 on the agenda is rescinding ordinance 6327-13 planned zoning overlay for the green space.

If a law suit has been filed on this item. the BOA can save the city thousands of dollars by voting yes to rescinding this ordinance.

does it surprise anyone that also included on the agenda is closed session for provisions 610.021 (1) legal actions and 610.021 (2) real estate transactions.

BOA this is your out to clean up the mess you have created. Don't let the voters down AGAIN we are watching.

Anonymous said...

Yes, tonight's meeting will be interesting. Changing the zoning of the Green Space back to the mixed-use purpose is a good idea.

Anyone who has hopes of Walmart going in there should be realistic.

If you were a large company like Walmart would you want to start building on property that is under litigation?

I didn't think so.

I see the Mayor and Board still want to go into secret session to make their decision first.

At least we know they cannot deny that they are discussing something in their private party.

A step away from denials and "I don't know" type of statements would be refreshing from Board members and the Mayor.

Maybe they will turn over a new leaf tonight!

Anonymous said...

Has Joe Creamer had anything to say in light of the photo of the Mayor and Sue Frank at the groundbreaking of the old First Baptist Church?

An apology in the Raytown Times would be in order.

Just wondering.

Pat Casady said...

people have acted
During this latest Raytown issue, the Neighborhood Market.
This is politics at it’s best and worst. Each side wanting with all
their might to have their point brought to be. But I hated to
see some take it so personal. Everybody has the right to say
and believe whatever they want. Likewise everybody has the
right to disagree with others. This doesn’t mean the other
side is made up of bad people. They are only people that don’t
think the same way. There is no place for name calling or making
up stories about people just to try and make a point.
Randy Battagler, Bob Phillips and I have been on opposite sides
of many issues in the last decade but, I have no dislike for either
of these men.
There are only a couple of things I can’t tolerate when people
are on opposite sides, lying and name calling. When an elected
official lies to us this means he/she will lie about other things as well.
I have respect for elected officials until they show they don’t deserve
my respect. There are several on our board that fall into this category.
I’m sorry but, I don’t understand where Mrs. Whittam is rambling about.
She states Opposition, Ill informed, negative group and protest groups.
She goes on to tell us about her friends that have moved to Lee’s Summit because
property values in Raytown going down and Lee’s Summit’s is on the rise.
All I can say is does she remember when Raytown property values
started going down and taxes went up along with our crime rate?
It was after the new 350hwy. Walmart went in.
But, it started even earlier when Raytown got it’s
first Walmart on Blue Ridge. I remember when that store went in.
I remember all the small businesses Raytown lost at that time and I
remember all Raytown lost when the new store went in too.
Bottom line is, most people know it, but won’t say it, or want to believe it,
Walmart is bad for small towns. Think of all the tax dollars Walmart has cost
the taxpayers of Raytown it’s criminal.

Anonymous said...

To 9:39 pm ... Whether it is someone who owns a business in Raytown but lives in another town; someone who lives across the street from Raytown , someone who lives in Raytown; we all pay some form of taxes to Raytown. The difference is residents can vote in and for Raytown . But like it or not we are all the Raytown community; we are who people see and hear when they frequent our town. So these people have a right to voice their opinion. Karen

Anonymous said...

Elisa, Maybe because of freedom of the press. The Raytown Times is distributed at its advertisers. So a business must be an advertiser to distribute the paper. The only exception I know of is Hy-Vee. There may be other exceptions unknown to me.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

According to the fireworks FAQs, fireworks are only allowed to be discharged on July 4th with a permits.

So, why does Raytown allow firework stands to be open earlier than July 3rd?

Can Raytown limit the number of firework stands? Or, at least, increase the distance between each so that there isn't a stand on basically every corner.

Can Raytown help in making people responsible for clean-up. The neighborhood is looking trashy with debris and it is a health hazard for nature.

Anonymous said...

Several bloggers have expressed the opinion that people from out of town shouldn't be telling Raytown residents how to run the city. I'd like to remind everyone that all the department heads are from out of town. None of them live here.

Anonymous said...

If a person has a business in Raytown, they should have the same right to express their opinions as the residents. After all, they have a financial stake in Raytown.

Love Living In The Hood said...


Please understand I fell your pain, but this is Raytown and Bower cannot even enforce the simple code like cars on the grass, tall grass, or houses needing painted.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Andy all of us have the freedom to do what we feel is right as long as we do not break the law. I told Randy The Raytown Times was no longer welcome at DOUGHBOYS. His paper is not truthful and because of that I will not distribute his propaganda. He told me he did not have time to be a investigative reporter. I reminded him how he and Tom Cole told me the Green Space was going to be a Walmart Neighborhood Market. Then I sent in a letter to Randys paper. The following week he ran it. Then he and Tom Cole both went on record with the paper telling everyone it was only a rumor the following week. Randy and Tom Cole may feel they both need to tell lies for the city of Raytown but I am sure not going to promote lies for anyone. It's like the foolish lie that was about former Mayor Sue Frank last week in Randys paper. It's disrespectful to Raytown to pump out a paper that prints lies. Thats the bottom line for me. Thanks for your blog Andy.

Over Taxed Taxpayer said...

Am I the only one that is so tired of seeing the people ahead of me in the check out line play with their I-phones with several kinds and best of all pay for their shopping using food stamps (ETB Card).

I am to the point to ask them why they are not thanking the cashier, me and the rest of us who get out of bed everyday and go to work.

Makes me think that I should be getting disability I mean what am I think getting up working and be productive and not being a baby factory.

The Constitution doesn't saying anything about reproductive freedom and there is nothing free about me paying for your children because you cannot take the time to get some control of your life and get some birth control.

It is time like China we tell this sub culture that we might pay for that first kid, but you will be fixed so me don't pay for anymore and when we find that useless sperm donor fix him too.

Anonymous said...

To the bitter end! Looks like the Mayor and his Board Members Mock, VanBuskirk, Melson, Ertz and Lighfoot are going to dig in an keep the zoning passed for Walmart even though Walmart has said they are out of the hunt.

Bower made comments about how he found it disrespectful for other Board members to bring motions without him being given plenty of notice about it.

Amazing. If you disagree with him you are disrespectful!

Keep up the good work Mrs. Emerson. You did the right thing. The Mayor is so used to getting his way that he shocked, shocked! That someone else may have a valid opinion other than his.

KMCCLA said...

That is not necessarily true, about only advertisers being allowed to distribute his paper. While I do not know all of them, where I pick mine up, is at NAPA (who also do not advertise) . I also have seen it at a few of the auto shops when I was TDY at the NAPA store in Raytown (I work out of Lee's Summit). I think he simply just drops them of wherever he can. I really do not read his paper for the editorials, just the basic news, and my mom reads the obits. While there are definite short comings of the paper, I look at it being more of a "newsletter" rather than a legitimate newspaper. However, at one time we had two newspapers here in Raytown, the Raytown Post, and the Tribune, both are long gone. The other day I looked at the KC Star, and saw that the daily paper was a dollar (it has been a long time since I bought a paper). We have no local means of real "local" news, other than stuff we can read on this (and other) blog's. While admittedly the Raytown News is not a (as I see it) not a legitimate paper with it's short comings, for many there is no other source of local news.

Anonymous said...

I bet creamer was not at the meeting because he is embarrassed by his false accusations at Sue Frank in his ridiucolous letter last week in the Battagler Times.

I saw the meeting too.

Mr. Mayor. It is very rude for you to cast about with accusations calling people disrespectful as if they were not sitting in the same room with you.

Just because someone does not agree with you does not make them disrespectful.

Try not to be so intolerant of those who do not agree with you. It will only turn you into a very angry person.

Anonymous said...

All those that agree with David Bower about his "LITTLE MIND" say amen!

what is it with these elected officials?

Anonymous said...

KMCCLA, Randy has the paper printed in a distant city. He picks up the paper, drives it to Raytown, and distributes it himself. Some time ago he stated he was cutting back the distribution to advertisers only due to time issues. I then noticed the newsletter was still at Hy-Vee. I assumed he also dropped off the weekly rag at other highly trafficed (unstated)locations.

I wanted paper mainly for the local advertisements which do not appear in the Star. I always considered most of the "news" to be editorial content. Rush Linbaugh refers to the "State controlled media." Now Raytown has the City Controlled Media.

I agree $1 for a newspaper is outrageous! Over the years the Star has cut back on content claiming costs of production. The reduction in content first happened when they went to their new presses with a narrower page. Many papers have stopped printing in the past years. Unfortunately I suspect that may be the fate of the KC Star. I suspect they may be trying others have done.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Mr Bower,

I see you still don't get it Raytown is a 4th class city and that means the mayor has little or no say even though you think and try to run the city otherwise.

What this means to you is to pull up your big boy pants smile at the camera and just go with the flow and understanding the that new Alderman from Ward 3 or any others can bring up what they want when they want and if you don't like it I guess you will be supporting a "Chart Form of Government"

Anonymous said...

3:59, I agree Bower's attitude was out of order but I believe that legally a proposed ordinance must be published on the agenda before the meeting to have a genuine open meeting. The correct, polite procedure would have been for Bower to call for a vote to bring up the proposed ordinance at the next meeting so that it would be published on the agenda prior to the meeting.

Independence Day greetings to my Raytown friends:

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

At the last Walmart hearing on 5/21 (the first time I attended a BOA Council meeting) Bower opened with a chastisement to every citizen in attendance and a warning/threat. Shocked, I thought, "what kind of kangaroo court is this?" Now he's disrespected? Tough nuts buddy! After the way you've disrespected and lied to us you can't seriously expect us to care about how you feel.

It's fine with me that you technically, have no say Davey. However, your ties and those of entities with which you are associated (MARC, Walmart, Populous, Raytown Chamber of Commerce (the list is extensive)) to non-governmental organizations which are working feverishly to enmesh America into the depraved New World Order is known. We are all known by the company we keep and what you reveal by association is that you are willing to sell us down the river in order to turn a buck and make a name for yourself. To quote a famous book, you are "a liar and the father of it" and cannot be trusted in any conversation or circumstance. Further, you don't have our respect because you haven't earned it. Have you told anyone about your precious MARC's plans under NASCO to have freight rail lines running through here yet? Won't that be nice with transients hopping rail cars and train whistles blowing through our days and nights. How about the plans to turn our city into (was it 5?) sustainable communities with stack and pack'em apartment buildings? Swell - the plan is that we can walk, bike, take a rail car or walk through an underground tunnel to visit someone in the next commune because in the end, only people like yourself will be allowed to have a car and go wherever they want to go. People, you need to know that under Bower's mayorship, there will never be a revitalized downtown Raytown. He's too busy developing Hwy 350 in cooperation with KC Smart Growth, MARC, the DOT, EPA and Chamber of Commerce to have time for much else. The Fed's Stimulus/ARRA grant money is in and they're going to spend it! Never mind that the grant money is really our tax dollars or that the developers get tax breaks (which raises our taxes) or that there's probably going to be another slimy deal coming down the pike to sell out to another inappropriate business in our green space. That's just who David Bower is!

Friend of Sue Frank said...

Still waiting for that public apology Mr. Creamer. Get used to being called out when you make outrageous statements and flat out lie as you did when you disparaged Mrs. Frank's work as Mayor.

Don't even begin to think we will forget.

The apology should be in the Raytown Times. But here will do as well. Better yet, how about a public apology a the next BOA meeting?

Anonymous said...

I hear the Mayor went and visited with some Walmart execs. down in Bentonville. I wonder how his meeting went. No doubt he went under the guise of city business.

Wouldn't the topic and result of his trip be something he should share with everyone?

This guy has two sets of rules. One for him and one for everybody else!

Anonymous said...

Went to the Royals game Tuesday night. We were on the concourse when the National Anthem started. We stopped, took off our hats, put our hands over our hearts and either stood quietly or sang. All except, a group of about ten people that talked and laughed loudly in Spanish. I guess since its ok for them to be here illegally, its ok for them to be disrespectful during the National Anthem. I just wanted to gather all of them up and send them south!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way as you when I see someone disrespecting our country in anyway when it's this country that is providing them an income. I geteven more angery when some drunk doesn't respect this country either when he/she is not an illegal. I've been in europe several times and they maybe be a "modern" countries but not one of them have to offer what we do. I would never even think about disrespecting other countries when I am there even when I'm not especially impressed is in Paris. I get tired of hearing that Americans are rude, some of the rudest people I've ever met were those in Paris. I think it's time we stop letting they poeple get by with this type of behavior by calling them on it or find security and have them handle it.

As for bower going to Bentville trying to get walmart to come back only shows what he truly is. If walmart wanted to go to another location they could have done that while they were here. They were asked to go to one of the other 2 stores that are vacant now but they only want to do what they want to do.
Raytown can do better than walmart but we must have a Economic director that gets up off his/her butt and goes out and finds businesses to come to us. We have to stop doing things the way we've always done because it doesn't work. An other thing we need to think about doing is paying these people how our Dept. heads is to pay them for performance they need to work on commision only.

Anonymous said...

Dear July 5, 9a: Your supposition is that they were illegal immigrants and you inferred that their behavior really got your ire up.

Would you be upset if an agency in KC which has no legitimate connection with our government, in complete disregard of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, said your property was blighted, took it from you and sold it to a developer who built new homes on it?

Would you be upset if an agency in KC which has no legitimate connection with our government, in complete disregard of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, said that since your property had some standing water on it that it was a "watershed" so you can still own it but you can't do anything at all with half of it because they slapped a conservation easement on it? The easement also greatly decreased the value of your property.

Maybe losing your home to the "rules" of this non-govermental agency which says you have to install the new furnace, insulation and central air system they recommend (which you can't afford) by a specific date would upset you?

Maybe you'll "lose it" when you can't afford to buy the water you need in order to take a shower after this NGO has condemned your city water service, taken it over and raised the water rates sky high. Or maybe don't have enough energy credits to heat your home in the dead of winter, can't afford to buy any more, and you have to vacate or freeze to death. Would that get your ire up or completely defeat you?

Illegal immigrants, like the myriad of other issues with which we are being affronted are not the problem(s); they are really just symptoms of the root cause of Raytown's and all of America's ills.

Our Legislators know what's wrong and have passed HB 42 and SB 265 which await the Governor's signature. ICLEI and the Agenda21 to which it is married are the cancer which is eating away at every facet of freedom that millions of Americans died to ensure.

Their edicts are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and can be outlawed at ANY level of government. We don't have to sit on our hands, waiting for the Gov. to sign the bills while watching our Mayor continue to screw us over. We can vote out ICLEI and Agenda21 (and the related actions of anyone, any agency connected to it in any form including a cease and desist on any of their construction or land grabs currently in progress) ourselves, right here in Raytown.

Towns all across this great country have accomplished this once their populations got sick and tired of being sick and tired (and going broke).

Let's kick the bums out! Once that's done, our Mayor and his cohorts' vehicle for the ruination of our city's businesses and residents WILL BE LIQUIDATED.

Sue Frank is going after the constitutionality of the zoning aspect of the "green space" but I tell you, assuredly, resolution of this symptom will not stop the problem.

Everything ICLEI and Agenda21 does is accomplished by circumventing government and appealing to the greedy who do their dirty work. They are VERY entrenched in KC but we can still kick them out of Raytown. Removal requires radical surgery.

Susan Dolan said...

Here's a belated but very HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY TO THE RAYTOWN REPORT!

Thank you Mr. Walters for what you so freely bring to us.

Greg Walters said...

Thank you, Susan.

The Birthday Wishes are appreciated!