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The attached is one of our favorite youtube videos. It speaks so clearly of the strength of the human spirit that is worth seeing again. Be sure to turn your speakers on for this video of Welsh runner Steve Jones.

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National Night Out Against Crime - August 6th
The Raytown Police Department in conjunction with the National Night Out Against Crime will hold its annual this year on Tuesday night, August 6th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. This year’s event will be held at Kenagy Park in Raytown located at 79th and Raytown Road (enter from the 79th Street parking lot.

Large exhibits from various agencies, not-for-profits that work with our residents, giveaways, and free hot dogs while they last. Free raffles will be held throughout the evening with some great prizes. Come out and join us for an evening of FREE fun. Questions call 816/737-6018.

The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – July 2, 2013

Mahesh Sharma reported Midwest Underground, the contractor for Verizon Wireless will begin construction activities for the cell tower during the week of July 1st.  They should begin moving equipment in on Monday, with activities expected to last approximately 3 weeks.  Once Verizon completes their install, Motorola will begin the installation of our radio equipment here.

Dave McCaully went before the Board to tell them he has a business in the Raytown Plaza.  He said the lawsuit brought by the former mayor was disturbing.  He thought she would have been upset and would have called it a waste of money and city resources if this had happened when she was mayor.  He believes it shows a lack of respect for small businesses that he thinks would have been protected by the Neighborhood Market.  The businesses in the Raytown Plaza need an anchor business.

Chris Rathbone thanked the city for their help on the charter process.  He said Mr. Sharma and Ms. Henry were very helpful.

  • The Board reappointed Terry Landers to the Raytown Park Board.
  • The Board reappointed Mark Seittmann to the Raytown Park Board.
  • The Board reappointed Michele Sipes to the Raytown Park Board.
The Board passed a resolution amending the Fiscal Year 2012-2013 budget related to funds received from the United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement agency.  In 2008, the Raytown Police Department originated an investigation into the manufacture of a controlled substance.  Federal authorities were brought into the investigation at an early point in the investigation.  Search warrants were served as part of the investigation, and controlled substances and US currency derived from criminal activity were seized.  Cash, in the amount of $64,100.00 was seized and it was proposed that Raytown receive 80% of these proceeds.  Raytown was awarded $51,219.86 for the purchase of police equipment.
The Board passed a  resolution approving an organization Resolution with UMB Bank.  With Senior Accountant Briana Burrichter’s departure from the City, it is necessary to name a replacement; which is Christy Hessenius.  The authority granted by this resolution empowers the agents to manage the City’s investment activity and authorize other banking business items as required.

The Board approved an agreement with Ferralgas for propane.  Public works staff has researched the use of propane as an automotive fuel and has presented the findings of the research to the board of aldermen.  The board of aldermen directed Public Works to continue with the implementation of utilizing propane as an alternative automotive fuel.  Implementation of the propane requires the installation of a propane refueling station at Public Works and the installation of propane equipment on vehicles.  Public Works compared the cost of purchasing a refueling station against the increased cost per gallon of propane if we utilized a supplier refueling station.  The comparison resulted in at least a 10 year break-even point between the cost of the two alternatives and this did not include maintenance of a purchased refueling station.  The suppliers add about $0.20 per gallon of propane for the utilization of the propane refueling station and will provide maintenance of the station.  As staff gains experience with the refueling station and the maintenance, we will reevaluate if purchasing a refueling station is justified.

The Board approved a resolution approving Change Order no. 1 to the agreement with A & A Concrete Company for the 2013 concrete repair project.  Additions to the project include trip hazards around City Hall, voids underneath the sidewalks and curbs, and increased concrete replacement within the project locations.  There were trip hazards around City Hall due to deteriorated concrete and settlement.  Large voids were discovered as the contractor was removing failed sections of concrete in the previously identified project area.  The voids were found to be the result of settlement of a sanitary sewer trench.  Finally, increased quantities of curb and sidewalk replacement were needed to complete the identified areas.

The Board passed an ordinance granting a conditional use permit.  Gary Shafer with Shafer Computer Services, on behalf of Gary Egger Trustee for Stella Properties Inc., is seeking approval of a Conditional Use Permit application to construct an off premise advertising sign at 6632 Raytown Road.  The proposed sign is to be a monument sign with a sign face on each side of the sign and would be located at the intersection of Raytown Road and 66th Terrace.

The Board passed an ordinance granting a Conditional use permit to operate a tattoo business on property in the neighborhood commercial district on property located at 6147 Blue Ridge Boulevard.

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance amending the previously approved site development plan for a planned zoning overlay district in accordance with the provisions of the comprehensive zoning regulations.  Willow Bend Villas is seeking approval of their application to amend the previously approved site development plan for a 6.67-acre tract of land.  The property is located at the southeast corner of Blue Ridge Boulevard and 51st Street.  The site development plan is for a senior residential development to be constructed on the property.  The senior residential development, which would be known as Willow Bend Villas,  would consist of 10 four-unit buildings providing a total of 40 units.  A clubhouse building is also proposed to be constructed near the northwest corner of the property.  The plan that was previously approved for the  property was for 50 residential dwelling units that would consist of a mix of single-family detached homes and townhomes.  Because the property is zoned as a Planned Zoning Overlay District the applicant is required to submit the site development plan for review and approval by the Board of Aldermen.

Charles Featherstone told the Board he lives on the west side of the project.  The developer has 5 properties.  Three of them are HUD Section 236 Properties.  He asked if this will be a low income housing project.  If so, that will erode the value of the surrounding properties.  He also asked if Raytown is giving tax incentives for this project.  He also said there is not enough water pressure to accommodate the extra usage from 40 households.

Katherine Nelson told the Board she was concerned because of the storm water drainage.  There is no storm water sewer on this project.

Gwen Thomas said if this project is approved, the property owners need to be responsible for the residential properties when the storm water drainage backs up and damages their properties.

Mayor Bower asked Donna Ellis, the Representative from Willow Bend Villas, about some of the residents’ concerns.  She said she has spoken with the Raytown Water company and was told there was sufficient water supply and pressure to accommodate this project.  She also said there will be storm water detention, referred to as “the pond”.  It will be dry 95% of the time.  There might be water in it during heavy rains.  It will be large enough to hold the rains from a 100-year storm.

Alderman Emerson said many seniors today are raising their grandchildren.  She asked if children will be allowed to live there.  Ms. Ellis said no, the state and federal tax incentives are for a facility for residents 55 years old and older.  Grandchildren may visit, of course, but not live there.  She also said the only tax incentives will come from the State and Federal governments and none from Raytown.

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance to approve the sixth amended development plan submitted by the Raytown Municipal Redevelopment Corporation, establishing a declaration that the Redevelopment area described within the sixth amended development plan is a blighted area in need of development and redevelopment, and authorizing certain tax abatements within the redevelopment area.  Marvin & Michelle Russell have submitted an application seeking tax abatement on improvements to a property they own at 6020 Blue Ridge Boulevard.  As described in their application, the improvements to the building and property are to be made and are to include improvements to the basement, improvements to the stucco on the exterior of the building, HVAC improvements, improvements to the electrical system, construction of a parking lot, construction of an outdoor seating area, and landscaping improvements.

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance calling for an election in the city of Raytown, Missouri and placing on the ballot the Question of whether a charter commission shall be chosen to frame a Charter for the city of Raytown, Missouri and the names or groups of names of electors of the city who are candidates for the commission.  Alderman Lightfoot asked what it will cost for the election.  Ms. Henry said the last municipal election cost $38,000.  Alderman Lightfoot asked how the election will be funded.  Mr. Sharma said he will put it in the budget in October and it will come out of the General Fund.  Alderman Ertz asked what the wording will be on the ballot and how much the commission will be allowed to spend.  Mr. Sharma told the Board Missouri law says the commission can spend what is reasonable.  He thinks the Board will set the budget and determine what responsible costs are to be.  Alderman Melson asked who will track and report expenditures.  Alderman Ertz said some commissioners resigned from the last commission.  He asked who would determine the replacements.  Alderman Van Buskirk said the commission will appoint the replacements.  He told the Board the State law says the commission will decide what are necessary and responsible expenditures.  There will be attorney fees, recorders for the meeting minutes, sub committees, printing costs, and other expenditures.  Mayor Bower asked when the election will be help.  Ms. Henry said she recommends April, 2014.  Alderman Van Buskirk said that was too soon.  Mayor Bower pointed out this is just the first reading.  Ms. Henry said she is looking for the Board to set a date and approve the wording on the ballot.  Mayor Bower asked if the election could take place in November, 2014 Ms. Henry said it could, but the Jackson County Election Board is recommending April rather than November.  If the Board sets the date in November, the petitioners could sue for an earlier date.  Most judges will agree the election can be in April, 2014.  The petition turned into the Election Board calls for an election at the next city or municipal election.  She said the next municipal election is in November.  The proposed wording on the ballot will be “If the majority of the electors voting on the question “Shall a Commission be chosen to frame a Charter?” vote in the affirmative, the thirteen (13) candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall constitute the Commission to frame said Charter.”

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance establishing a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of interest and substantial interests for municipal officials in Raytown.  Ms. Henry told the Board in 1991, the Missouri General Assembly adopted an ethics and personal financial disclosure law, which applied to all municipalities with an annual operating budget in excess of $1 million.  Under the law, municipalities were allowed to adopt their own simplified personal financial disclosure requirements by ordinance.  The financial disclosure reporting requirements apply to each elected official, the city administrator, the director of finance, the city clerk, the full-time general counsel, the park board, and the parks and recreation director.  She said this is the annual ordinance submitted each July.

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance rescinding ordinance No 5453-13 which granted a change in zoning from neighborhood commercial and Town square overlay district to neighborhood commercial and planned Zoning overlay district on land located at 6200 Blue Ridge Boulevard, 10016 E. 63rd Street & 10028 E. 63rd Street.  Alderman Emerson said she brought this motion because Walmart is no longer interested in purchasing this property.  She believes the zoning should revert to the plan approved by the residents for the Downtown project.  Alderman Ertz said it is the only property with these design standards and he sees no reason to revert.  He thinks it sends a bad message to developers if the city rescinds zoning.  Mayor Bower said Walmart spent over $100,000 and sees no reason for another developer to recreate the design.  Alderman Ertz said it goes to credibility.  What if Walmart decides to go forward and we rescind the zoning?  That would tell Walmart we don’t want them on that property.  Alderman Van Buskirk said if we hope to have any kind of anchor development, we need to leave the zoning in place.  Alderman Mock said no developer will ever come to Raytown if they have to start all over on zoning.  Alderman Jason Green said he agreed with Alderman Emerson.  The property should go back to the original site plan set by the community.  Alderman Josh Green asked if the Board has the authority to send this issue back to Planning and Zoning.  He was told yes.  He also asked if there was currently a plan for Downtown.  He was told the plan was adopted in 2002 that sets the vision for downtown.  Mayor Bower said in his little mind he can’t find a reason to go backwards.  Alderman Melson said she agreed with most of the Board.  She said in the future she would appreciate more detail about the proposed ordinances the Board is receiving.  Mayor Bower said this was brought up at the 11th hour of the last meeting.  He didn’t find any real explanation for this in the Board’s packet.  In the future, proposed ordinances should provide reasoning to the other Board members.  He said it was very disrespectful not to.

John Benson proposed several ordinances to the Board concerning building codes.  He told the Board the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC) is proposed to replace the 2006 IRC, which was previously adopted by the city.  The IRC governs detached one and two-family dwellings and townhouses that are not more than three stories above grade in height and have their own separate means of egress.  Buildings that are accessory to these dwellings and townhouses such as garages and sheds are also regulated by the Residential Code.  The 2012 IRC was used for the analysis of each of the technical codes presented to the Board of Alderman for adoption.  These ordinances are:

  • Construction of all buildings and structures.
  • Repair, alteration or change of occupancy and the addition or relocation of existing buildings
  • Repair, installation or repair of mechanical systems
  • Repair, installation or repair of plumbing systems
  • Repair, installation or repair electrical conductors or optical fiber cables
  • Repair, installation or repair of energy efficient buildings
  • Repair, installation or repair of fuel gas systems
  • Updating the codes regulating the hazards from fire and explosion from the storage and/or use of hazard materials 
For more information on the updated codes, please go to

Mayor David Bower was flexing his political muscle last Tuesday night. Some think he went a little too far.

In closing comments he made disparaging remarks about fellow elected officials who dared to disagree with him. Without naming names he said that anyone who brings an item for discussion without telling him at least a week in advance is being disrespectful.

That is an interesting choice of words.

Two weeks ago Mayor Bower blind-sided the Board of Aldermen and the public when he had City Administrator, Mahesh Sharma, read into the record announcing that Walmart was withdrawing from pursuit of a Neighborhood Market in Downtown Raytown.

The letter was dated June 14th. It was made public four days later at 7:00 p.m. in the evening.

In fairness, it is possible that the letter did not arrive at City Hall until 6:55 p.m. But since it was delivered by a private delivery service it is highly unlikely.

Bower’s remarks were in response to a motion made by Ward 3 Alderman Janet Emerson in which she asked that the zoning for the Green Space be returned to a multi-use status.

In our opinion, the matter is quite simple.

Mrs. Emerson was correct in bringing up the subject in a timely manner. Her presentation was short, to the point and logical. Two weeks earlier the city received a letter stating that Walmart had decided not to locate in Downtown Raytown. Why keep the zoning if the applicant was leaving?

The Mayor’s reaction is not because she made a motion. Motion's are made by members of the Board at every meeting. It was the subject matter she brought up that riled his honor.

It appears there is an epidemic of sorts spreading at Raytown City Hall. It started last week when Alderman Joe Creamer made false accusations against former Mayor Sue Frank. Creamer had written a letter accusing the former Mayor of trying to block the demolition of the old First Baptist Church. Mrs. Frank was, in fact, the guest of honor who took the first ceremonial hit on the building with the sledge hammer shown in the picture on the left.

Now the Mayor reduces himself to making unkind public remarks about another elected official during a public meeting.

Keep up the good work Mrs. Emerson. It is your job to bring ideas forward. It will not always please some of your seatmates, but is a necessary part of governing.

As for Mayor Bower and Alderman Creamer – we hope you both recover from Foot In Mouth Disease soon.

Fix Our Broken Parks! BY GREG WALTERS
Raytown is blessed with many small parks that are extremely functional and used by many on a day to day basis.

That being said, it would also be accurate to say that Raytown’s parks are plagued with the same anti-social behavior found in municipal parks across America. These problems manifest themselves in many ways. Graffiti, vulgar behavior, and criminal acts of vandalism of public property are all too common in Raytown Parks.

When a situation becomes so bad that people stay away from parks because they fear for their safety or are uncomfortable in public places, then there is a problem.

At such a point, the body governing the parks can make one of two decisions. They can recognize the problem and do something about it – or – they can ignore the problem and hope that it will go away.

One decision is proactive. The other is not.

In the last two months there have been two incidences of gun play at Colman Park located at 59th Street and Raytown Road. Witnesses to the two events have come forward at both the Raytown Board of Aldermen meetings and the Raytown Park Board meetings asking the Park Board and City to look into the problem.

Both of those events are also the subject of a formal complaint filed with the Raytown Police Department by Mr. Jim DeLong.

This Fourth of July Holiday Week another incident took place. The picture at left is what remains of an outdoor port-a-potty at Coleman Park. On Tuesday night (July 3rd), nearby residents were awakened at approximately 11:30 p.m. by the sound of an loud explosion that shook neighboring houses. Fireworks experts estimate the damage was caused by the equivalent of a half-stick of dynamite.

The explosion took place after the park was closed for the evening.

Simple Solutions

ENFORCE PARK RULES: Raytown Park has rules. Some of which are routinely ignored by both the Police and Park Department. According to those rules, amplified music is not allowed in the parks, neither is the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Enforcement is non-existent.

PARKING: It is not unusual to see cars double and even triple parked along Lane Street during league softball games. Even though there are plenty of empty spaces just to the north of the ball field. It is amazing that people find it too difficult to walk half a block to play a game in which they run. But they do.

Neighbors of Colman Park along Lane Street have witnessed fire trucks and ambulances slowing down to maneuver through the maze of vehicles haphazardly parked on Lane Street.

GATE THE PARK AFTER CLOSING: Neighbors of Colman Park tell of illicit sexual activity when the park is closed. The problem is that the operating hours of the park are routinely ignored by people who drive into the park from 11:00 p.m to 7:00 a.m. The activity that takes place is not only illegal, it is also a health hazard.

SOLUTIONS ARE NEEDED, NOT EXCUSES: Active enforcement of park rules of the aforementioned by city and park officials would go a long way in reversing the downward spiral at Colman Park.

A simple solution, recently suggested at a Raytown Park Board meeting, would be to gate the park when its closed.  By gating the park after it is closed the amount of illicit activity will decrease. This would free up our police to increase patrols in the rest of the City.

It would be a win/win situation for all concerned.

The gunfire, the wanton destruction of public property, the fear that neighborhood people have of visiting their own park is all well documented. The ball is now in the court of the Park Board and City Council.

They have two choices. Find solutions – or ignore the problem.

A Tour of New Jersey BY ERIN
Moving to New Jersey a few years ago was quite an adjustment. Coming from the crunchy super-healthy atmosphere of Northern California to the East Coast was interesting. The NorCal weather basically begs you to be outside and active; East Coast, not so much. In Cali, there was an insane variety of healthy restaurants. The East Coast has… Continue reading

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Anonymous said...

"Mayor Bower said in his little mind he can’t find a reason to go backwards."
Was the above quote from Mayor Bower or an editorial comment? In particular I refer to the words, "little mind."

Andy Whiteman

Paul Livius said...

Yes. The Mayor used those words. It may have been an attempt at being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

I hear so much disappointment against bower and I feel the same but the only way we are going to be able to get rid of bower and anyone else on the BOA who thinks they can blow us off is to have a charter. That charter must have referendum and recall. As a 4th class city we are we can't do anything, only the BOA can ask for a someone to be removed. I do not know why anyone would want to be restricted by not having a charter. We are the only city in this area that does not have a charter even tht county has a charter.

Anonymous said...

5:40 PM, First off to change leadership or even to have a charter, the voters must get off their duffs and VOTE! Less than 20% vote in local Raytown elections and there will be no change until the people care enough to vote.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

I guess the mayor and some of his buddies on the
Board have forgotten, THEY WORK FOR US! Each
Elected official works for the people NOT THE MAYOR!
Bringing up an issue without first letting the mayor know
in advance is of no consequence and it is not disrespectful.
it is called doing their jobs.
Anyway, it’s about time our elected officials worked for
the people instead of big business. I can’t thank the
board members enough that voted against the WM grocery store.
I know it wasn’t the vote that stopped it but, it was that vote
that showed us they were trying to back the people. I hope they
don’t ever bend down from pressure from anyone.

Anonymous said...

Many of the folks who started the charter petition advocated for the ability to recall and have petitions with teeth, hopefully they get elected to the commission.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Great News would you like the State Auditor to audit the City of Raytown? Now you can. Just drop by DOUGHBOYS we have copies of the petition for you to sign or better yet copies you can take and work with your friends and family. This should not take long. The only thing is we need everyone who signs it to be Raytown voters only. Call us if you have any questions at 358-0840 or 977-5542

Anonymous said...

I've been telling you about ICLEI / Agenda21 and how it is very much alive in Raytown and Kansas City. Mayor Bower serves on the board of MARC. MARC in an ICLEI MPO (municipal planning organization – google it!) and is the non-governmental agency through which the New World Order edicts come in this neck of the woods. MARC has plans established to have us done in by 2040. Raytown doesn't have much time left to stop these actions in our city.

The cat is now out of the bag and on the AP. It's exactly the same game but it's been gussied-up by saying the recommendation is coming from a new source. What's hair-raising is that they ARE now out of the closet, becoming more bold and brash with their intent.

Today's headline: RESTRUCTURE US government to make “huge” green changes in America, study proposes – by George Russell, Published Tuesday July 9, 2013
“The study also calls for installing sustainability in the “culture of government” and recommends that the U.S. look for inspiration to a number of “national sustainable development strategies” adopted under the United Nation’s controversial Agenda 21, a highly detailed blueprint for reworking the global economy and environment that was reaffirmed at last year’s Rio + 20 summit on sustainable development.”

“One of the major impediments, the study says, is created by America’s “basic framework of government, established by law,” which is “one of separated and dispersed authority,” in which “government agencies at all levels -- federal, state, local, tribal and even international -- can only do what they have been authorized to do by their governing authorities -- namely, Congress, state legislatures, etc.”-- not to mention the U.S. Constitution. “

Among the overall priorities of the reorganized government focus on sustainability would be “connections among energy, food and water”; “diverse and healthy ecosystems”; “enhancing resilience of communities to extreme events” and “human health and well-being.
Their focus would be on meeting “sustainability challenges” in a broad and overlapping number of areas ranging from “natural resource domains (air, fresh water, coastal oceans, land, forests, soil, etc.), built environments (urban infrastructure such as drinking water and waste water systems, transportation systems, energy systems), and the social aspects of complex human systems (such as public health, economic prosperity, and the like).”
In other words, matters that touch upon just about everything in the U.S. -- perhaps the ultimate in government mission creep.”
The article states that the US has not adopted Agenda21 strategies. However, while the US did not sign the Kyoto agreement, ICLEI has infiltrated Missouri clear through and right down to the Raytown city government level. Smartgrowth and other sustainability programs actively underway here are touted as being the brainchildren of MARC to make them more palatable and to deflect the wariness of the average citizen. .

Read the article for yourself here:

Also take a read on, “Key Obama Climate Change Exchange Being Swayed by Top U.N. Officials”:

From the ICLEI website, Scroll down to Our Powerful Network. The last sentence in the l5th bullit under that heading takes you to the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement:

Mayor Bower signed us up for this via ICLEI:

His name appears on the list of participating Mayors:

Read about the Earth Charter:

Susan Dolan said...

Agreed - get them out to vote! The problem has been identified, now let's move on to the solution portion of the show.... how to get them to the polls.

Free coffee, free cocoa, free face-painting or balloons that say "my parent voted" for the kids, anyone else with ideas????

Anonymous said...

State audit; now that's bringing it on! No matter what the findings it will cost the city of Raytown between 40 to 60 thousand, that ought to show

Susan Dolan said...

HOW D.C. is stopping WALMART

"Walmart says it will cancel its plans to build three new stores in D.C. if local lawmakers approve a bill that would force the retailer to pay its employees at least $12.50 an hour.

Alex Barron, a regional general manager for Walmart U.S., writes in an op-ed published in the Washington Post Tuesday that the company feels the D.C. Council's proposed "living wage" legislation “would clearly inject unforeseen costs into the equation that will create an uneven playing field and challenge the fiscal health of our planned D.C. stores.”

Walmart currently has three other new stores under construction in the area, and Barron says those stores will also be jeopardized if the bill passes.

The bill is backed by worker advocates and unions that say employees of big-box stores should earn a "living wage." It applies only to stores doing business in spaces of 75,000 feet or more."

Raytown should put THAT in our Charter!

Full story here:

Anonymous said...

Will it really cost $40 to $60 thousand or is someone just typing nonsense?

Wouldn't it matter as the size, the scope of the audit? Are you looking for an audit of the entire city or just certain departments?

Are you auditing the Police? The City Administrator's office?

Lots of questions need to be answered. Shooting from the hip does not answer a single one of them.

Anonymous said...

The chief petitioner, person requesting forms name is of public knowledge and they must list concerns to be audited. Then on petition state law requires state auditor to provide estimated cost to be stated on the face of the petition. Hope that answers some of your questions

Anonymous said...

A state audit could SAVE the city many times more than the cost of an audit. Think about that!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused... so if I go to Doughboys to sign the audit petition, will I see a completed list of concerns (as submitted) to be audited and the estimated cost of the audit on the face of the petition?

Why wasn't there at least an interested citizen's meeting (outside of city hall) to discuss the audit's list of concerns in order that no stone is left unturned?

Susan Dolan said...

Paul Livius Report 7/2/13, "For more information on the updated codes, please go to"

Paul, that is a 266 page Adobe pdf file. Seriously?

Anonymous said...

While Mayor Bowers time is limited in Raytown ; the citizens will be paying off an state audit cost in the form of higher taxes for a long time. How is this going to help Mom and Pop business and attract more business and residents? The cost will leave behind a burden much like an empty Walmart building. We are all strapped finicially enough. Can we get back to a revitization of downtown plan be glad Walmart is not here, know Bower is on his way out and move on?

Anonymous said...

Key word is could; but what is definate is the cost of such audit reguardless of the outcome;

Anonymous said...

The person requesting state audit forms known as chief petitioner does not have to be resident also their name is of public knowledge. The state auditor upon reading listed concerns asseses a price range comparable to other cities in same size, citizens, and concerns and by law that must be listed on petition . The cost can go up depending on the number of man hours actually needed. The city is responsible for payment of such audit; that is why it can only be signed by Raytown residents because signing they agree to the cost and deem it necessary to put such cost on the city and ultimately the community. Only a small percentage of signatures need to be on the petition to activate it; ruffle 15 per cent of the total votes in the last gubanatorial election.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to read that Raytown is moving ahead on the propane fuel for their vehicles. The zeal to do what is environmentally correct is good.

According to Paul's report it will take ten years for the project to break even.

I wonder why they do not take the same attitude towards recycling. They closed down our recycling center after choking off access by the public to only twice a month.

They said that not enough people were using it. I wonder why!

If they had a recyling center that was open every day like Lee's Summit, Independence, Kansas City, blue Spring and Grandview do they would have plenty of use.

and they would not have to wait ten years for it to pay off.

Anonymous said...

GO AHEAD with the audit and when your city services are cut, all I have to say then is sit down shut up asshole it's your fault!!!!

Anonymous said...

If the city council and mayor wonder why people would want an audit by the State of Missouri of Raytown they need only look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Let’s see, why do people want an audit of Raytown’s City Hall?
First, it could be the mistrust our city leaders have made us form
about them. Then it could be the curiosity of how many millions
of taxpayer dollars the WalMart on 350hwy. has cost them.
Then it could be that the last two tax increases that were passed
as “Safety tax and street overlay tax” have been used in other way’s.
Maybe it could be the way our city leaders lied to us about the
proposed WalMart grocery store and the underhanded way they
kept it secret for so long.
Maybe it’s because the way our mayor conducts himself in meetings
trying to show the rest who is boss.
Maybe, it’s because an audit is the only way the people can bring
to light what is happing in Raytown. We certainly can’t get any
straight answers from most of our elected people, and the PR
lady is a joke!
Mr. Mayor, you can only have respect if you earn it! So far you
haven’t come close.

Anonymous said...

To 7:20 a. m. The mayor and city council will be gone and voted out in no time; the residents will be strapped with a audit cost to pay off for much longer. Sounds personal your comment. They will be voted out; why put this burden of cost on the citizens just to get even with the mayor and council. It's like cutting your foot off to save your ear. The fight is over and we won! Walmart is not on the green space, a Charter is in the works, and Bower will be out along with many council members. Move on with a new fight; one that doesn't burden the residents. Spearhead a clean up movement or entice Mom and Pop business to come to Raytown

Paul Livius said...

Susan Dolan:

To view the information about the code updates, start on page 199. I should have put that in my report. Sorry for the oversight.


Anonymous said...

To 7:13 why not start a petition to see how many Raytown residents would utilize recycling center in Raytown and how many days per week they have enough waste to warrant going to recycle then scope out an area in a general location to service residents needs then check with state to see what help they have to offer with the bends. I know I would use it and many others as well. Let us know when that petition is ready and we will all back you

Anonymous said...

To 7:18 the person starting the state audit petition does not reside in Raytown so their city services nor their taxes to pay off the cost will be effected. It's like gambling with someone else's money... Just doesn't matter

Marjain said...

The City has proposed an organizational anaylsis of the police department that will cost 84,000 dollars. It is to be paid for by a cut to the overtime of the commissioned officers. 40 to 60thousand dollars for good open government is money well spent. We did just give the City Manager a 30,000 thousand dollar raise. How long will we be strapped with this expendature?

Anonymous said...

To Marjain; do you own property in Raytown, do you have a vehicle registered in Raytown ; do you reside in Raytown? I believe you run a business in Raytown which you rent a building for; you will not be strapped with this cost.....,. See 8:20 am comment; I think this applies.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Anonymous I would dearly love to take credit for the state audit petition. I was just one of many who called and sent a packet to Honorable Thomas A. Schweich about the City of Raytown. The credit for the state audit goes to my dear friend Bruce Bruch. The Auditor is who drafted the petition. Many people have already signed it. Also many people are working it. It will be up to the State Auditor to determine the scope of the audit after he conducts a performance audit. We have been looking for a home close to our Donut Shop. I am not into gambling with my money or anyone else's money. We believe in good open accountable government. It looks like we have a lot of people that feel the same way we do and because of that I want to move back to Raytown.

Anonymous said...

To July 11, 7:18,
You must be on the council -or if not- you should run! You'd fit right in with most of the alderman, calling the public they are supposed to represent and be accountable to "a--holes".
So I'm supposed to sit down and shut up because they might cut City Services like, oh let's see, Recycling?, or they might Overlay our streets with Gravel instead of asphalt?, they might give our Dispatching to Kansas City?, or provide no evening or weekend Animal Control?, they might provide no Property maintenance enforcement?, they might cut Cops?, or provide a crappy city Web-site?,they might even consider giving away our Ambulance service?, or might not provide adequate Street lights?, or not provide Sidewalks to our schools? or cut out Bike lanes from our streets? They might even decide to pay an Administrator more than the Governor and not require him to live here!
Or worse, Bower and his Bunch might start telling us half-truths or even Lies...OMG!
Oh wait, these 'services' have already been cut, and the lies and half-truths are self evident. What am I thinking???
To everyone else reading this; It's our right as tax payers to know and understand where and how OUR money is being handled! I'll be down to the doughnut shop to sign the petition. It's Your Money, you should to.

Anonymous said...

My oh my ; why are people being so nasty to one another? Certainly is uncalled for. Lets please keep our anger and bitterness in check while expressing our opinions. These are adults replying

Anonymous said...

Don't live in Raytown yet? So what's stopping you? It is gambling with others money when it doesn't effect your pocket book

Anonymous said...

People; how long is a Mayor in office? How long are alderman in office? When is the next vote? Do you really think that these people will be re elected? Are you hoping certain actions will boot them out sooner? What exactly is your ultimate goal?

Anonymous said...

If you need animal control on a holiday you place your call thru the non emergeny police dispatch and they will reach an Animal control employee on call. I had to do that on Memorial Day and the young man left his celebration north of the river to come to me; he also personally called me to let me know he received my call and how long it would take for him to arrive. Kiddos to Our Animal Control!

Anonymous said...

As one who is on the roads in Raytown for over 3 hrs in the early mornings hours I so appreciate the bike lanes as so many bike to work now a days and although not every street has new lighting; I do appreciate and notice the new street lights that have been put in

Paul Livius said...

Anon 8:19

The Mayor and Alderman each have four year terms. The Aldermen are elected in alternating years. In April of this year, we had an election for five Aldermen seats. In two years, we will have an election for the other five Aldermen seats, as well as for the Mayor.

Anonymous said...

The city of Raytown hasn't had a state audit since either 1981 or 1982. Don't you think it's about time? I personally believe that the state should audit them, at least, every 10 years. When you look at the cost and average it out over 30 plus years it's really rather inexpensive. I KNOW that they will find some things that will definitely save the city money in the future.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Anonymous 7-11-11:44. We are not in Raytown yet because we have a home in the Truman neighborhood that we bought condemned. We spent 3 years of our life working on it before we moved into it. It's hard to find a house that we will enjoy as much as the one we already live in. Our friends in Raytown want to have this state audit and we support them wanting good government open and accountable to the people. This is not gambling. This is more like an insurance policy for the people of Raytown to understand it's city government and where tax dollars are ending up at. Most of us understand freedom is not free and government is not always accountable. Good things are worth waiting for along with fighting for.

Anonymous said...

I have not had the experience of getting the police to call animal control on the weekends as you have. I have called several times and been told they don't work on weekends and it will just have to wait until monday. One weekend I did get a call back and the animal control person and was told "I'm at the Ball game and I'm not coming period call on Monday". I asked if they weren't on call "yes but I'm not leaving the game"
We uses to have someone on the weekends from animal control but that was discontinued when bower came on as mayor. So I'm happy for you but don't expect it to happen everytime you call.

Anonymous said...

It is not effecting your pocket book; do something in your town that effects your taxes; oh wait you have already done that; but it was to stop adding more taxes

KMCCLA said...

Anonymous 1:53, I would not just place this on Bower. Some years ago (I cannot remember how many, but before he was mayor) I called the police for animal control. I had a opossum in trash can, and wanted animal control to come and get it. I was told that it was not big deal, and that they would not even call them out. I was told (like you) they do not work on weekends, that was that. However, I do have a query, what exactly is animal control for? A lose dog running down the street? A opossum or a coon stuck in a trash can? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

To 1:53 pm wow I just can't believe you would not of gotten that persons name marched up there and reported their brash and irresponsible behavior then when something could of been done about it ! While I do time owed either I don't believe he is the excuse for any bad behavior of others; we are responsible for our own actions. Sorry for your bad experience and that you have allowed it to bitter you to my good experience with animal control; I guess that's where that old saying comes from " taking the good with the bad"

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment. How does the code enforcement officer refusing to leave a baseball game while on duty to do his job any different than a policeman refusing to leave his vehicle to invesitagate the paint ball shooting at Colman Park?

Anonymous said...

Place a cap full of ammonia in your trash cans and those pesky opossums and raccoons who are plentiful in Eaytown will not bother with your trash. Those opossums are scary to me; one was nesting under a neighbors shed

Anonymous said...

All this talk about the police not dispatching animal control and / or animal control having some reason they cannot show is just another reason we need a state audit.

The state audit can identify if we are paying animal control officers to be on call on the weekend and if yes and they don't come in, but still got paid then we will get an answer as to why they are still working for the city and why the city didn't take action on this action. They same would be true for dispatchers who want to decide when to dispatch.

Yes and state audit is a good way to clean up the waste at city hall that our elected officials openly call "Professionals", but clearly are the farthest thing from it!

Anonymous said...

Have not been to super splash this season yet; is there anything new? Suggestions on the best day and time for a grandma to take 4 Grandkids? We have made it to the gran prix on Blue Ridge and it was great!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at this event.

AIA Chapter Events > Social Events:
August 7, 2013
, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
, Populous

August Cocktails & Conversations

Architect as Civic Leader

Your community needs you. As an architect you are uniquely qualified to serve your community. How do we know? You possess the skill set of being a problem solver.

During our next Cocktails and Conversations we will talk to five elected officials who also happen to be architects. They will be answering questions from how they got into public service to issues facing their municipalities today. This informative panel will be moderated by Kevin Collison, Development Reporter for The Kansas City Star. The panelists include:

David Bower – Mayor of Raytown
Joel Marquardt – Mayor of Roeland Park
Carrie Rezac – Leawood City Council
Ron Shaffer – Mayor of Prairie Village
Jim Walters – KCK/Wyandotte County Unified Gov. Board of Commissioners

Thank you to Populous for generously hosting this event in their grandstand space.

This event is sure to be a full house so make sure you register today.

Anonymous said...

Would a State audit divulge payments from special interest groups to those in city government (including the Mayor, council members and appointees?