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Divided Board Agrees to Place Charter on Ballot BY GREG WALTERS
It is finally official. The voters in Raytown will decide on April 8, 2014 whether or not to form a Charter Commission. At the same election they will elect 13 members to serve as Commissioners.But to hear the comments at last Tuesday night’s meeting you cannot help but wonder if Board members are open minded to anything coming from a Charter Commission.
Ward 1 Alderman Joe Creamer, Ward 3 Alderman Charlotte Melson were extremely critical of past efforts to pass a Charter. 
At one point in the meeting Mayor Pro-tem Bill VanBuskirk (who was chairing the meeting in the absence of Mayor Bower) had to remind Creamer that the purpose of discussion was to set a date and not to discuss the merits of a Charter.
Creamer had just finished a monologue full of conspiracy theories and accusations of hidden agendas aimed at those citizens who had passed the Charter petition in their neighborhoods.
Melson bemoaned the fact that there had already been four attempts at changing the structure of city government. She neglected to say those attempts have been spread out over the 50 plus year history of the city.
Alderman Jason Greene and Alderman Josh Greene gave some positive nods toward moving forward on letting the people decide the question next April. As did Ward 3 Alderman Janet Emerson.
BOA Lives In Its Own World
It seems that some members of the Board cannot hear the people over the sound of their own speeches.
Let’s help them out. 
When you hold zoning hearings that are so crowded with Raytowners against what you are doing that they are turned away because there is not even any room left to stand in a meeting room that is rated to hold 240 people.
  • When the most visible politician, a former Mayor who helped many of you get elected, urges you not to take the road you have chosen.
  • When people that were appointed by the City to spearhead plans for growth in the community are stripped of their positions and ridiculed by elected officials during public meetings.
  • When Board members speaking glowingly of articles in the Kansas City Business Journal about what a great job they are doing but cannot hear the people from their own wards telling them otherwise.
  • When private citizens dig deep into their own pockets to legally undo your errors through the court system.
Then guys and gals on the Board of Aldermen -- you are in trouble plenty. 
Last Tuesday’s meeting was a classic example of your deafness to the public. The people who signed those petitions want change. They do not want the status quo.
In case you are wondering. The current Board of Aldermen and Mayor are the status quo.
Some of you say you are fearful of what they may bring.
Keep in mind that what you have shown them in the past year is what many of them fear of a government that will not listen.
In many ways, you have backed the public into a corner. You will not listen.
The result? They are finding ways to make you listen.

The Paul Livius Report

Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – July 16, 2013

The Board passed a resolution authorizing the agreement with Linaweaver Construction for the White Oak West Line A - sanitary sewer improvement project.  The project will utilize the last of the State Revolving Loan Funds for the construction of the project.  State Revolving Loan Funds, $3,285,970.00, have been reserved for the project, but have not been allocated in the current fiscal year budget.  All remaining State Revolving Loan Funds are requested to be transferred at this time as additional expenses for construction inspection will be incurred with the project.  A budget amendment is necessary to transfer $3,285,970.00 and to authorize expenses in the amount of $3,091,952.00 for the construction of the project.

The Board passed a resolution approving the work performed by Miller Paving & Construction for the Blue Ridge sidewalk project.  There has been a delay in closing this project as a result of Miller Paving & Construction filing for bankruptcy near the end of this project.  The City and Missouri Department of Transportation had to be sure that the claims from unpaid subcontractors and suppliers have been paid.  The delay was necessary to complete negotiations with the Miller Paving & Construction bonding company.  MoDOT has given their final project acceptance.

The Board passed a resolution approving Change Order no. 2 with A & A Concrete Company for the 2013 Concrete Repair Project.  The city added extra concrete work to be done at the Police Department entrance to replace the brick pavers with concrete, as well as to replace some failed sections of concrete curb and sidewalks.  As the contractor was removing failed sections of concrete in the neighborhoods, it was found that the sanitary sewer trench settlement was causing voids under the concrete.  In order to fix this problem, longer sections of sidewalk were needed to be removed to get back to solid ground.

The Board passed an ordinance amending the previously approved site development plan for the zoning overlay district in accordance with the provisions of the zoning regulations.  Willow Bend Villas is seeking approval of their application to amend the previously approved site development plan for a 6.67-acre tract of land.  The property is located at the southeast corner of Blue Ridge Boulevard and 51st Street.  The site development plan is for a senior residential development to be constructed on the property.  The senior residential development, which would be known as Willow Bend Villas,     would consist of 10 four-unit buildings providing a total of 40 units.  A clubhouse building is also proposed to be constructed near the northwest corner of the property.  The plan that was previously approved for the property was for 50 residential dwelling units that would consist of a mix of single-family detached homes and townhomes.  Because the property is zoned as a Planned Zoning Overlay District the applicant is required to submit the site development plan for review and approval by the Board of Aldermen.

The Board passed an ordinance to approve the sixth amended development plan submitted by the Raytown Municipal Redevelopment Corporation, establishing a declaration that the Redevelopment area described within the sixth amended development plan is a blighted area in need of development and redevelopment, and authorizing certain tax abatements within the redevelopment area.  Marvin & Michelle Russell have submitted an application seeking tax abatement on improvements to a property they own at 6020 Blue Ridge Boulevard.  As described in their application, the improvements to the building and property are to be made and are to include improvements to the basement, improvements to the stucco on the exterior of the building, HVAC improvements, improvements to the electrical system, construction of a parking lot, construction of an outdoor seating area, and landscaping improvements.

The Board passed an ordinance to approve the Charter Commission election in April, 2014.  Alderman Creamer asked Alderman Jason Green what the motivation behind this was.  Alderman Green said he couldn’t speak for a group of people who hadn’t even been elected yet, but he liked the idea that Raytown can set their own Home Rule.  He said a charter empowers the citizens in the city’s decision making.  Alderman Melson said she was concerned about the cost.  Alderman Aziere said City Charters are good.  He pointed out most cities the size of Raytown have charters.  Just because Raytown has a bad history with charter commissions doesn’t mean the charter is bad.  The problem with bad charters is bad charter authors.  He said that’s what happened the last time.  He said he supports the charter now, like he did the last time.  Alderman Creamer asked again what the motivation was behind the charter.  He said the citizens turned in their petitions without talking with the Board of Aldermen first.  The last time, the Board talked about a charter for a year before putting it up for vote.  This time it happened after some aldermen disagreed with the Board’s vote.  He said this can be a costly process.  The last time, one charter member who was also an Alderman, ran up over $40,000 in legal bills alone.  He said he supports the charter form of government.  He will not, however, support the way this was brought forward and does not support the motivation.  After the ordinance passed, Alderman Creamer left the room.

The Board passed a resolution establishing a process for the nomination of candidates for the Charter Commission.  The election will be held in April, 2014.  At the last Municipal election, there were 1751 votes cast.  Two percent of 1751 is 36; therefore, the minimum number of voters required to sign a nominating petition is 36.  Copies of the petitions may be obtained from the City Clerk and must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on January 21, 2014.  At 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 22, 2014, a lottery will be held for all candidates for the charter commission who submitted a valid petition.  The candidates will be placed on the ballot based on the number drawn in the lottery, with the candidate receiving the lowest number in the lottery appearing first on the ballot.

The Board failed to pass an ordinance rescinding ordinance No 5453-13 which granted a change in zoning from neighborhood commercial and Town square overlay district to neighborhood commercial and planned Zoning overlay district on land located at 6200 Blue Ridge Boulevard, 10016 E. 63rd Street & 10028 E. 63rd Street. 

The Board passed several ordinances concerning building codes.  John Benson told the Board the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC) is proposed to replace the 2006 IRC, which was previously adopted by the city.  The IRC governs detached one and two-family dwellings and townhouses that are not more than three stories above grade in height and have their own separate means of egress.  Buildings that are accessory to these dwellings and townhouses such as garages and sheds are also regulated by the Residential Code.  The 2012 IRC was used for the analysis of each of the technical codes presented to the Board of Alderman for adoption.  These ordinances are:

  • Construction of all buildings and structures.
  • Repair, alteration or change of occupancy and the addition or relocation of existing buildings
  • Repair, installation or repair of mechanical systems
  • Repair, installation or repair of plumbing systems
  • Repair, installation or repair electrical conductors or optical fiber cables
  • Repair, installation or repair of energy efficient buildings
  • Repair, installation or repair of fuel gas systems
  • Updating the codes regulating the hazards from fire and explosion from the storage and/or use of hazard materials

The Salamander Returns!
The City wants to build a new airport. Kansas City, that is. To hear them at 12th and Oak tell it, "We have to build a new airport in order to stay a major league city."

Apparently having two or three professional ball teams which know how to lose more than they know how to win doesn't cut it when you are angling to be a complete major league city.

Daily we are bombarded with quotations about how badly KC needs a new airport. "Airlines are, right now, circling MCI, waiting to move in dozens of flights once the new airport is built."

"The new facility will have restaurants galore." Just savor the thought. We will be able to drive 30-40 miles, pay $15.00-$20.00 just to park and enjoy a gourmet meal.

"The airport project will cost taxpayers very little. It is going to be built with money spent by out-of-towners."

"The present airport, all of 35 years old, is sagging, crumbling and will surely fall to the ground in a heap of slag if not replaced."

All to which your Salamander says, "Hog Wash."

There is nothing wrong with MCI. It is one of the most convenient airports in the United States. The only more convenient to flyers and travelers which your Salamander has ever seen is MacArthur Airport on Long Island, New York.

MCI is a true gem. It definitely should not be torn down.

The parallel of the MCI question and what had occurred in Raytown. Wal-Mart is amazing.

In neither community do the city fathers show indication of listening to the will of the people.

KC wants to shove a new airport down residents' throats. Raytown tried to do the same thing with Wal-Mart.

In KC, the major proponents are, in most cases, not even residents of the community. In Raytown, the major vocal support for the Wal-Mart grocery came from non-residents.

At meetings in Raytown the people attending were almost unanimous in their opposition. In Kansas City hardly anyone has voiced favor of the airport project.

The attitude of KC City Council makes no sense.

If a majority does not want the new airport and its resultant tax increases the idea should be discarded.

The same goes for Raytown and the council's love affair with a big box store.

All to which your Salamander will say:

"A pox on both your houses for refusing to keep your oath to represent your people.”

“Gentlemen. Try showing a little class -- just for a change."


Gluten Free: Healthier or Just a Fad? BY ERIN
Last week, I mentioned the fact that I’m like a human garbage disposal. I’ve got no dietary restrictions to speak of, which is a little strange when it seems like everyone is eliminating gluten or meat or lactose or some allergen. The biggest buzzword of the moment seems to be “gluten-free,” and with all of the… Continue reading

National Night Out Against Crime - August 6th

The Raytown Police Department in conjunction with the National Night Out Against Crime will hold its annual this year on Tuesday night, August 6th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. This year’s event will be held at Kenagy Park in Raytown located at 79th and Raytown Road (enter from the 79th Street parking lot.


Andy Whiteman said...

Reposted from last chain:
Obviously the $60,000 person is unneeded and Raytown was better off without her services.

Andy Whiteman

July 20, 2013 at 12:38 PM

Anonymous said...

Detroit has gone bankrupt. Reckless spending and a corrupt, unaccountable government doomed a great city and if we don't become more politically aware, we could easily follow suit. This isn't gloom and doom. It's a heads-up - Bower has sold us out but all we hear is 'everything's okay'; sure it is. Go back to the table and drink another glass of Bower kool-aid.

Anonymous said...

Go to policymic. Com ; Richard Mathews has a very good article titled Detroits decline after 40 yrs of Federal Policy.... Very informative! Looks like a lot of the finicially decline has come from decades of ignoring the finaces. Nothing that just happened with one Mayor in office

Andy Whiteman said...

I nominate Bower for Mayor of Detroit!
Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

All I can say is watch out!
When the board is elected for the Charter watch out
for plants. These are people the city wants to be
elected to foil any good ideas the other board members
might have. This is what happened to the last charter
attempt. I’m looking at my past Raytown Posts and Times
to find out who he naysayers were and I will tell you
when I find them. Some may surprise you…….maybe not.
It wouldn’t be unthinkable that Joe Creamer and Melson
would run.
Either way there will need to good reporting on each
meeting. Good records of what everybody says and
suggests then when they start to put the charter down
they can be quoted and their true colors shown.
Last time we had at least four sabotage the long process.

Anonymous said...

Andy, Would really make the people of Detroit have to deal with a jerk like bower they have enough trouble as it is. There must be a place farther away to send him say Anartica not many people down their for him to screw over. We could all donate for the plane ticket I'm sure there would be no problem raising that money.


Andy Whiteman said...

From my memory of the last Charter election, someone sure sabotaged it as well as incurring a large attorney's bill. Hopefully at least one attorney will fun for the commission and work probono. There needs to be someone on the commission who knows what they are doing, at least from a legal standpoint.

I question why the election is being delayed until April when very few people will vote in a city election? This commission needs to get to work ASAP!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Andy, they could have worded the petitions for the charter commission election to be held in 90 days. They decided they wanted this done right, so opted not to force a fast election. I'm beginning to wonder if they should have forced the issue in 90 days. It would keep city hall from messing this up.

Anonymous said...

A Charter isn't necessarily going to be 'the answer' for Raytown though it will, if correctly written, provide some protections currently not in place. What you don't get is that our problem is MARC and all its' 'partners'. Yeah, THAT MARC, the one our Mayor works with. MARC is a non-governmental agency, a non-profit even. MARKC's Executive Director is David Warm, who works with CitiNet (aka CityNet) who takes their orders from ICLEI (aka L21, aka Local Agenda 21). The ICLEI logo is found on the CitiNet web. MARC doesn't work with government - neither does ICLEI. What they do is subvert government and our constitution in order to de-industrialize our country, destroy our businesses, take our property and herd us into living in new-age 'projects' called sustainable housing.... and our Mayor is part of this.

THAT is why our Legislature has bills before the Governor to stop Agenda21 and all facets of it.

Doesn't it seem at all weird that at this time, when our country, state and city are belly-up economically, that there are billions of $$$ for MARC to be mandating the HUGE reconstructions they're pulling off all over?

Where's all that $$$ coming from anyway and who is going to pay off what the Grants don't cover? Why is our Mayor (via MARC) spending all that $$$ on developing 350 Hwy when there's not money available to erect some decent retail space in Downtown Raytown?

Did you know that 18 (or was is 19) counties in our state are a "Region" and that they are to become part of a "MegaRegion" that extends northeast into the Great Lakes? The whole country is going to become, not States but, a set of 10 MegaRegions. Kennedy warned us, Bush bragged about it, we're living it, it's the New World Order according to the United Nations Whole Earth Charter. More kool-aid anyone?

Susan Dolan said...

Several cities have Charters (Independence is one of those). The Commission Members may want to use Charters of other Cities as guidelines and ask a, hopefully, Pro-Bono, attorney to red-line their work. The attorney should be a Constitutional attorney.

In addition, prior to utilizing anything from another Charter, members may be wise to use the web to investigate how other Charter cities are doing politically and economically and whether they've had to make numerous amendments to their Charter since it was written as well as the nature of those amendments.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

The EMS Merger meeting will be this Tuesday at 7:00 pm at city hall in the chambers. It is time to get to get the facts. Is a merger in Raytowns best interest? The EMS has outstanding response times. The Fire District has gone from mutual aid to automaic aid with the change in the 911 calls. Will this also slow down our ambulance response times!

Anonymous said...

Special elections are even harder than city elections to get oeoe out to vote

Anonymous said...

Come Pat, The person who foiled the last charter we had was your good 'ole buddy SUE FRANK!!!! You sure have a short and selective memory.

Anonymous said...

Aldermen Creamer, Melson, VanBuskirk:

Don't concern yourselves with the cost of the Charter Commission. It'll be a mere drop in the bucket compared to what you're dropping on Hwy 350. Yes, it's been anticipated you'll defend that expense with the word 'Grants' but you and I both know tax incentives will be handed out like Cracker Jack toys and THAT will increase the tax burden on the citizens of Raytown.

Don't concern yourselves with the "motive" behind why we want a Charter either. You've demonstrated that you're so far out of touch and will arrogantly ignore what we say.... I DO believe this is the first thing that the citizens have said in some time that has picqued your interest. Good luck and good riddance.

Anonymous said...

This is an honest question, although I wish to remain anonymous.

What is the Charter thing all about anyway? I can recall when it came up last time, and it was defeated. I can remember that there where "problems" with how or something or other it was written. But to the tell the truth, I have no idea what this Charter thing is all about. Raytown has been an incorporated city for over fifty some odd years now, what is the difference one way or the other? I really do not know, or to tell the truth -- care, at least at this point. I have lived here all my life, and my father has been here since 1952, and I do not even think he knows what is going on with this Carter deal. I guess to make it short and sweet, what is in it for me (and my family)?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we have some private businesses that would like to pickup the cost to keep Fire and EMT from being one service.

We should see a nice savings and what is all this negative talk about response time. Fire still beats EMS so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Think of the saving just on all the management that will not be needed.

Anonymous said...

10:41 that is incorrect.
With the new dispatching service there is a lag time from when EMS gets dispatched to when fire gets dispatched. This time ranges from one minute to possibly three minutes. It depends on how fast the call is transferred and how busy kcfd dispatch is. It is not a perfect system but it is what we have to deal with. But to be honest EMS beats Fire trucks to the scene or at least it is a 50/50 split. But it is still a team effort and both services need each other to make it work and provide the best care.
Capt Doc Summers

Marjain said...

The key is should. When Kansas City took over the Mast ambulance service the response times went up. It is my understanding the response times are still worse than before they were combined. After it was completed the projected savings did not come through and more money was requested from the taxpayers.

Pat Casady said...

To “Anonymous” 6:06,
Sue didn’t want the charter that is no secret but,
she wasn’t on the Charter Board.
I seem to remember there were over thirteen
people that the city administration wanted to
be on the charter board but, only four made it.
That really peeved Curt Wenson and the rest
at City Hall.
I still haven’t found my old papers but, I think the
saboteurs were Jim Aziere, Whitty Whittman,
Mrs. Truesdale and one that slips my mind but,
I will find out who. These people, if I got their
names right, voted “for” each and every line.
Then when the Charter went to be voted in by the
people they each bad mouthed it. They were plants
working for City Hall to sabotage the charter.
By the way, my memory is good but, you might have
yours checked. I can remember my name so I proudly
sign what I write.

Anonymous said...

Alderman Creamer, did you write this? After your 7/16/13 insistence that there was some dark 'motive' behind the desire for a Charter, I wouldn't be surprised if you'd written anonymously, "What is the Charter thing all about anyway? I can recall when it came up last time, and it was defeated. I can remember that there where "problems" with how or something or other it was written. But to the tell the truth, I have no idea what this Charter thing is all about. Raytown has been an incorporated city for over fifty some odd years now, what is the difference one way or the other? I really do not know, or to tell the truth -- care, at least at this point. I have lived here all my life, and my father has been here since 1952, and I do not even think he knows what is going on with this Carter deal. I guess to make it short and sweet, what is in it for me (and my family)? "

May I suggest you may want to do your own research on City Charter on your PC or use the library's computer. That way you can read from a variety of sources instead of possibly getting a biased or ill-informed opinion.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's what we want a for profit agency deciding the quality of medical care citizens receive. Ask Independence how that works.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about a charter is it allows for home rule.

One of best examples of how it would benefit us if we had home rule is allowing us to change the fines for things like stealing from $500 maximum to $1,000 like the surrounding communities.

Currently we have to get approval from the MO State Senate and House of Representatives to increase the fine and in this last session the Speaker of the House would not allow Representative McDonald to bring it forward.

The criminals like areas like ours that have a lower fine being if they do get caught there is less of an impact to them.

Susan Dolan said...

Lots of cities councils are pushing to merge FD and EMS & it's a union-based drive. Unions want their members doing the EMS + the fire-fighting. Typically, the ambulance isn't called 'til after the fire truck shows up. It's also been documented that in the case of heart attack, the extra noise and crowds resultant of the fire trucks actually induces additional stress on the heart attack victim. Raytown's EMS is extraordinary & we should keep them 'as-is'.

Don't cow-tow to the old song and dance that this move will save the city money. There are many other places where expenses can be cut without jeopardizing the lives of our citizenry.

Sell those $1,000 chairs, stop work on Hwy 350, don't take on the Brownfields development in Leeds, ah - the list is SO long!

Our belts are tight. Our City continues to spend, spend, spend. We don't have to pay with our lives and health for what our ruinous Mayor and his boot-lickers have taken on without our vote.

Let THEM eat cake.

Anonymous said...

We CAN privatize the EMS. Those who want the service can contract for it. Those who don't can call a cab for a lift to the hospital.

The response time with a cab would probably be no longer than that of combined FD + EMS.

Hey - it's worked in other cities!

Anonymous said...

From Raytown wants a neighborhood comments:

Robin 06/28/2013 10:55pm
I would like to learn more about the benefits of a Neighborhood Market and what happens next.

Al Maddox 07/17/2013 7:55pm
We have many benefits new taxes, $950K for property, new jobes. more downtown traffic, and a anchor store to build around.

Jean 06/30/2013 12:51am
Is this still possible?

Al Maddox 07/17/2013 7:59pm
All things are possible and we haven't heard a final NO.
Keep your fingers crossed because it ain't over till its over.

With the BOA comments from the last board meeting and addition of the comments from this site it is very plain Walmart left because of the potential law-suit.

The letter did not give a reason just they wanted there money back. According to city hall they do not know the official reason why Walmart left.

On his Bentonville trip (I'm sure expense reimbursement was submitted and Raytown tax dollars paid for)did David Bower tell them okay its gotten a little sticky - when you COME BACK for the property after this silly legal stuff is over we need to up the property price just a little so I can look good to the Raytown minions. Those little PIA's will think I am wonderful and praise my abilities to all the world. Since I got $300k more for the deal.

How does Al Maddox know this dollar amount (I guess it could have been a type-o OR maybe he is spreading lies - you know telling people what they want to hear)

From the same website

To educate and find the correct answer to the questions that the citizens of Raytown want to know about. These answers will not be half truths or rumor. We will go to the source and get you a truthful and complete answer. Use this web-site to ask questions and we will answer you on line, the Raytown Times, City web-site and Facebook page.

Good luck getting THE TRUTH from Raytown City Hall.

Mr. Maddox should verify with the city that they are willing to put the truth in writing on the various sites indicated.

Raytown City Hall should advertise for a new attorney. When an alderman ask if the lawsuit would delay development of the property and his answer was no.

Really! - I know lots of developers that are interested is putting money into a property that is legation, they zoning of the property is unknown because of the legation.

Since the attorney is indicating not a problem I assume the city will be submitting an RFP and property for sale notice with in the next 60 days.

No reason to delay this BOA is much to prideful to listen to the people of the community. They have already indicated they are not changing the zoning.

The BOA needs to accept the Raytown Community has loss all trust and faith in their ability to do the right thing for Raytown.


Anonymous said...

Oh come Pat pull your head out.. You have lost all memory. Sue DID want ther charter the problem was the people she wanted on the charter didn't get on. That pissed her off then she turned coat and didn't want it. Come on tell the truth or shut it up!!!!

Susan Dolan said...

To Al Maddox:

WRONG m'boy!

The lawsuit was a mere gleam in the eye of the plaintiff at the time Wally World withdrew their offer. You've got the cart before the horse.

Raytown P&Z never approved W-World's plans; it was full of holes, Bower was trying to pull a Pelosi "You'll have to wait until after it's passed to see what's in it."

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone even listen to anything that Al Maddox has to say he has not lived in Raytown for more than 20 years. He needs to keep his nose out of Raytown.

Anonymous said...

July 23. 7:48AM
You need to add to your list of those who worked against the Charter the last time. Some of the worst were Curt Winston,even though he wanted the charter, and Joanne Graham,the City Attorney, but mostly Joanne. She allowed the lie that she and other Dept. Heads would lose their jobs if the charter past. She knew she nor anyone else would lose their jobs just because of the charter. A charter cannot change a contract that is already in place. She and Curt knew people would feel sorry her and other Dept. heads who were under contract with the city and that would kill the charter if they left the lie out there. That was not the only lie that was left to hang in the air. It is true however, that the charter commission did not tell people the truth either but it was her job to keep the truth clear to all. All that needed to be said was one contract cannot change another until that contract expires.

Anonymous said...

Capt. Summers,

Are you sure that we now have a dispatch problem of a lag time?

I only ask you to double check as prior to the switch we had nothing but issues with Raytown dispatch to the point we got a scanner and timed how long it took from the time we called and the time the call went out over the air. Let me just say less than impressive.

I have said things to elected official about this issue and the issue with the unfriendly Raytown dispatchers, but as you know we are all still dealing with the same unhappy people answering the phones in Raytown.

Sorry until Lynch does something about his dispatchers and how they interact with the public they will continue to get an "F" with those that have experienced their hate towards the world they are paid to serve.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many elected officials and department heads will be at the “National Night Out Against Crime”.

I am sure they will use the excuse that they have a Board of Alderman meeting that night, but the meeting doesn’t start until 7:00 and the event starts at 5:30. In respect to travel time and getting ready for the meeting that still allows them the first hour they could attend this public event that is being sponsored if I read correctly by our police department.

With the lack of support this event has had from our elected officials and department heads in the past it is no wonder we have issues in our city that these folks keep wanting to ignore. However keep in mind we also have department heads that spend more time looking for an excuse than inter-acting with the public for example: My daughter needs to complete high school before I can move to your city or the market is down and I could not sale my home now. I am sure this same department head has had several more excuses like I have been offered a job in another city so I need a raise or will have to work for them, but or officials never took the time to remind this person that could mean you will have to move and you already have had too many reasons that cannot happen.

However this is Raytown so we just give a $30,000 raise and thank this person. We should have thanked them for giving notice and ask if they would be clearing their office out by the end of the week!

Anonymous said...

It is nice to work for the city of Raytown where one gets a check and doesn't have to do anything to earn it.

Pat Casady said...

To “Anonymous” 3:54,
I’m not going to argue with someone that is too afraid
sign what they write.
My head is out and in the clear however it is clear to me
yours is in a dark nasty place.

Anonymous said...

To 9pm.. I'm glad you brought up the night against crime event making people aware of this great event sponsored by our police department and giving the time as well. I read mention of travel time but not where the event will be held. Some use every positive event as an Excuse to point to negative and totally miss the concept of the positive event that they used as.a tool for their motive. Hope to see you there at the event; it is for us citizens and let's remember the purpose of it so we allow ourselfs to get something out of it as intended and not be caught up in the anticipation of who will and will not be there

Anonymous said...

You are correct there is no reason our elected official and department heads do not show up at the “National Night Out Against Crime”.

I also find it funny this is the same group of people who went around town a few years ago and said for our “Public Safety” we best vote for the “Public Safety Sales Tax” once the election was over these same people have not been seen out and about talking about the increase in crime and what is being done to provide for our “Public Safety”. They remind me of a bunch of snakes that crawl out from under the rocks on a nice sunny day to take drop out of sight again until they need something more.

If you ask any of our elected officials or department heads they will tell you we do not have an increase in crime in Raytown even though we all know the police keep a patrol car down at Wal-Mart and a wife of one of the Majors sent out a letter this past spring talking about 400 arrests a year from Wal-Mart. Raytown still has several unsolved murders. However, based on the condition the Mayor and the rest of the Board of Alderman have allowed the city to fall into from their lack of code enforcement it comes as no surprise the increase crime we all are facing.

Maybe if the Mayor would spend more time in the city he too would see the problems first hand, but that would mean no trips to see his good friends at the Wal-Mart corporate offices or no trips to seat on the board of the “New World Order” MARC and force both of these groups upon use at our expense.

Anonymous said...

I don't have to double check...Because I deal with it every third day for 24 hours at a time.
Its not the dispatchers fault it is the way the new system operates.
I liked the Raytown Dispatchers and I think James Bradford does a great job with the system Raytown has.
97% of the guys running the calls wanted to stay in that system.

Capt Doc Summers

Susan Dolan said...

If you REALLY want to understand why things are so INSANE, in Raytown and the rest of our country, take 15 minutes to watch this video. The link is below. Just highlight the internet address, copy it, then paste it into your browser's address bar.

Remaking the U.S. Landscape. Do Green energy plans take aim at suburbs?


Susan Dolan said...

I just read in Raytown Online how it is our EMS calls are being handled right now and it chilled me to the bone !!!!

"How does dispatching actually work for Raytown now?

911 calls go to a MARC (Mid-America Regional Council) center where they are routed to the appropriate agency automatically."

Why are our city's EMS services going through MARC, a non-profit agency which has a document working relationship with the United Nations ICLEI and Agenda 21 (also known as THE NEW WORLD ORDER)?

In what year was THAT set up? Who was Mayor during that year? Raytown citizens need to know.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the pair of Elementary School Girls Get Publishing Deal for Their Little Book of Rules?

It is nice to see that children understand that rules need to be followed.

It would be nicer to see elected official follow the rules of the city know to us grownups as ordinances.

Until then we can at least hope this book will become required reading for our elected official and department heads, which will lead them to treat the general public with some respect.

For more on the story:

Anonymous said...

From the city's website:

Core Service Values
The Board of Aldermen adopted a Core Service Values resolution during the January 3, 2007 Board of Aldermen meeting to communicate to the public the values and expectations under which all city employees operate.

Those core values:

Customers drive our priorities and the services we provide

We provide a safe, welcoming environment

We communicate promptly, respectfully and accurately
We value and support competent, well-trained and empathetic staff

We encourage creative problem solving, teamwork and efficient use of resources

We expect integrity, respect for diversity and a commitment to customer service

Why did the city official write this and post it on their website if they are not going to follow these simple rules!

Anonymous said...

Tonight while shopping at a later hour at Hy-Vee it was nice to see the off-duty police officer who was working security take the time to help speed up the check out line by sacking the groceries.

What a great idea and a wonderful way to interact with the public!

Anonymous said...

Kiddos to the little gis for getting their book of rules back and then published and agreed; each and everyone of us should read it and learn or relearn. The off duty policeman working security are so nice and helpful and inter act well with the publi

Anonymous said...

What an idea!

Roeland Park, KS elected officials ask the citizens for ideas on the budget.

I am sure something we will not see in Raytown as we would first have to admit we have a budget problem.

Anonymous said...

I say sell the "EMPTY LOT" for a $1.00. Then the city would be rid of it. Maybe Jeanette Gentry or her son would like to buy since Google fiber is coming to town.

Pat Casady said...

I read in the Raytown Times that Alderman Creamer called
the charter a “Gotcha project” aimed at forcing aldermen
who favored the downtown rezoning out of office.”
As usual our elected official has misunderstood. However,
in a small part in would let the people get rid of bad aldermen
or elected officials that DON’T want to work for the people
and or lie to them. Sometimes the guilty are the loudest.
I guess it didn’t take long for Josh Green to line up with the
above. Too bad I had great respect for the new alderman but, as
it turns out, he is no different than all the others.
I guess we can all dream of someday having a city government
that will do what the people want.

Anonymous said...

You mean we have a city in the metro area that elected official decided to include the general public before taking any action on budget impacts.

What a crazy idea why would the city official want to listen to those they serve?

Andy Whiteman said...

July 24, 2013 at 1:56 AM, Your statement is partly wrong. There are many low paid city workers who work hard for their checks. I am speaking of Police, EMS. office employees as well as public works, code enforcement, etc. Remember who works 12 hours shifts to plow your streets in the winter and who responds when you call 911 for help! True there are a few who do little or nothing.

11:14 PM. I once asked an officer whey he was sacking groceries. It was not to speed up the line. He said it was so he wouldn't be standing in one place doing nothing. I completely understand. I would rather be active than standing still. Standing still is very painful on the leg muscles. Besides since the officer is off duty the issue is between him and Hy-Vee and doesn't involve the city at all!

Andy Whiteman

Susan Dolan said...

I think the 'city' should sell the empty lot to Raytown citizens for $1. - Wait a minute - we already own it, don't we! On 2nd thought, why don't we just tell the Mayor, P&Z, Aldermen, et al "Paws Off" and we'll do the job ourselves. After all, when Raytown (which IS an historic community) was first being settled that's how things got done.

The money to raze the Babtist church came via Grant via Cleaver via ARRA? That's Stimulus funds, in case you didn't know.

There may have been strings attached to that money but since none of us had anything to do with that (and are basically treated by non-persons anyway) let those who WERE involved and signed on the dotted line deal with it.

I really think we need to get back to basics and stop allowing ourselves to be railroaded into things we don't want. They need to take their boots off our necks.

Last I checked, we're still a Republic, have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights.

Off topic: So glad Google is coming in... scuttlebutt has it they work very closely with the NSA. Oh Boy!

Susan Dolan said...

Remaking the U.S. Landscape.
Do Green energy plans take aim at suburbs?

Anonymous said...

To 1:38 A.M. Rowland Park is certainly in a dither as all the new budget talks have come about because as stated Walmart is relocating down the road and they will be losing the revenue from that store ; so they are planning ahead for that lost and finding ways to do without Walmarts revenue; a lot of people are just opting for higher taxes on their property

Anonymous said...

to 7/25 6:56 AM
SOLD ! ! !

But wait Like Ms. Dolan indicated we already own it.

PS - I understood from the beginning. Goggle coming to Raytown was necessary for them (not so much a WIN for Raytown as the BOA and city manager wanted us to believe)

DUH! All things SE of KCMO go thru Raytown - They wanted LSMO - we just happened to be in the middle

Who do I make the check payable to for the Green Space?

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Can you explain what the difference is between the fire chief and the fire marshall? I know Raytown has both and this seems like a duplication of services.

Anonymous said...

AEROTROPOLIS - is what is planned to turn our airport into. Do a search on 'aerotropolis kansas city'

That is why they want to plow our current airport under.

You'll see it will contain a Free Trade Zone. Free trade zones operate under the legal jurisdiction and pay scale of the country who owns them. Who will own ours - China?

ROCK ISLAND RAILROAD coming through Kansas City? Yes, said David Bower. You can watch the footage of him saying it at wn-dot-com. Once there, just search on 'Imagine KC Episode 10'. Bower talks beginning at 18 minutes into the 28 minute piece.

Anonymous said...

To 1:56 A. M . I'm sure we would all agree whole heartily with Andy's response to your comment; and to add to that Im sure we all know just where we would be without all those people Andy mentioned and how often they are overlooked or taken for grant it.,.... On that note I would like to thank all those employees of the city

Anonymous said...

To 4:30 pm Wikipedia reads Fire Marshall may carry a weapon wear a badge make arrest pertaining to arson and related offenses can execute bldg and fire code inspections, do fire code investigations and enforce laws concerning flammable materials. Fire chief is a commanding officer supervises, recruits, trains and does administrative duties..... Almost seems like the difference between a paramedic and an e.m.t.,,,,, Wikipedia is a wealth of information at our finger tips

Anonymous said...

I do believe those policeman who work at HyVee are working off duty. They are paid by HyVee. Just as in years past when McDonalds on 83rd and Fun House had off duty police work on Friday and Saturday nights.

Susan Dolan said...

Anonymous 4:25p 7/25 Green Space "Who do I make the check payable to for the Green Space?"

No check necessary - We own the land and the ARRA (Stimulus Funds) Grant money was money robbed from the (broke) Federal Reserve so THAT was our money too - they added it to the National debt, didn't they. Bottom line is all that Grant money is Cleaver, Bower, MARC requested money. WE never requested it. We didn't sign-off on it. Further, grants aren't loans.

Net $ due to the City from the citizens of Raytown for the empty lot, ZERO ! Not one worthless dollar, not one thin dime.

I believe we should also be proactive and tell City Hall that we don't want a bloomin' passenger rail road coming through town either!

I don't want to be told I have to walk, bike, take a bus or a railcar - on its' schedule versus mine - to get where I want to go.

I don't want to have to stand in the heat, rain and snow, like cattle, to wait for "public conveyance" to take me where MARC and DOT decided I may or may not go.

I don't want to live with the noise and pollution of a train.

Someone shot into the window of a bus yesterday. Drivers have been beaten and stabbed. Bus, train - makes no difference. And what is an elderly citizen to do? Hop on their bike and peddle down to the train station?

I'll keep my car, thank you. I already take my elderly neighbor to the doctor when he needs help & like you, I'm not getting any younger.

MARC/DOT can keep their train!
After all, they have NO legal standing to impose their changes on Raytown.

Susan Dolan said...

July 25 11:18p did the research and kudos to you.

More of us should do that. Salamander talked about the airport and many wonder at why our Mayor has demonstrated so little interest in our interests.

The internet is the world's largest encyclopedia and while it is still available (net neutrality), it allows you to connect the dots.

What is planned for the airport is called an 'aerotropolis'.

Since Raytown is part of Jackson County, expand your research to learn what is in store for us from a top-down approach - IT IS RELEVANT. It is the only way to get information that explains what a "closed door session" Mayor is up to.

If you encounter a government agency's acronym, Director, or Coordinator that's unfamiliar, research it! Keep looking upward until you get to the SOURCE.

Sometimes is works to enter just the individuals/acryonym name and agency name to see if they're a member of that agency.

After all, 'manure' runs downhill.

Anonymous said...

We must not sacrifice the rule of law on the altar of political expediency.

Anonymous said...

I have school tonight so I cant roll out the information requested in reference our fire chief and our Fire Marshal.
I will tell you that Matt Mace does not carry a sidearm.

And Wikipedia is a joke
I lose points on any paper I reference to Wikipedia.
The instructors do not recognize it as a legitimate source.
I will try to answer questions on Sunday so if you have any others please ask.
Captain Doc Summers

Susan Dolan said...

“That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Declaration of Independence

Anonymous said...

I agree Creamer seems to not get it, but enjoys school yard antics. I was sad to see Josh Greene not stand with his brother Jason Greene and Janet Emerson in getting rid of the awful zoning for good. At least we know two of the new aldermen will stand up and do what is right.

Anonymous said...

I did not know that the board of Alderman had a choice regarding the Charter. I was understanding that it was a done deal before it went to the board. Is that correct or not? on RAYTOWN'S LEADING NEWS SOURCE

Greg Walters said...

The Raytown Board does not have a choice on whether or not the voters will approve a charter. That question was decided when enough petitions were presented to the city to call for a Charter Election.

The city (in this case) does have the ability to set "when" that election will take place.

They have set the date for the Charter election on April 8, 2013.

At that time voters will choose whether or not to form a Charter Commission. Voters will also elect a 13 member Charter Commission to write a Charter.

Up to a year later, their final product will be presented to the voters for a final decision.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Andy Whiteman said...

Pat, The city government doing what the people want will be only a dream until the people wake up and turn out in mass to vote. With less than 20% of the people voting what is to be expected? Andy Whiteman on RAYTOWN'S LEADING NEWS SOURCE

NOTE: This comment was edited by the Raytown Report.

Susan D said...

Anonymous Andy Whiteman said...

"Pat, The city government doing what the people want will be only a dream until the people wake up and turn out in mass to vote. With less than 20% of the people voting what is to be expected?"

So.... what are YOU doing to improve voter turnout. Talking about the problem in this venue is okay but it's more than likely the case that the contributors here already vote.

The problem has been stated ad nauseum. We KNOW, we GET IT, we UNDERSTAND!

Instead of beating that dead horse with a stick, let's contribute to a solution (which is the desired outcome). Perhaps, the combined brain power of those who participate in this blog, this great think tank, could gnaw on ways to entice, transport, educate, or drag :-) voters to the next election.

Maybe it's as simple as bait or educate. Stuff for their kids or knowledge of how 30 minutes of their time may help their property retain value and/or will help to ensure they keep their liberty may be enticing.

What do you think? Do YOU have any constructive ideas?

Susan Dolan said...

Captain Doc Summers
July 26, 2013 at 4:16 PM
"Wikipedia is a joke."

Wikipedia is a resource, not a source. It should not appear in a citing.

Research means "re-search" to obtain a verifiable, documented source.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia is a Source indeed! I cannot imagine using it as a reference in a High school course of study little alone a College course; my Grandkids even know that. That is why it was used as a source " an example". One can site State of Mo. Chapter 321, Rules for Mo. Fire Protection Districts, or research The Raytown Fire Progection District on the duties of Fire Marshall. It is an idea of where to research. And then there is comprehension; the word is May carry not Does carry on the Wikipedia site. I will not print what the Fire Protection District list as duties for something before was quoted from that page and upset a Capt. Hopefully now we are all in the understanding that Wikipedia is a source

KMCCLA said...

Wikipedia is merely a "tool" and can be a good resource, but because of the "openness" it is often subject to abuse and bias. I can spend hours on there, just reading, following links to whom knows where. However, I would never consider it to be a "legitimate" source, on the other hand, the sources sited -- often are legitimate. There have been studies that have shown -- for the most part -- that Wikipedia is just as accurate as a legitimate printed (or online now days) encyclopedia, and often is more current and up to date. However, once again, it goes back to the openness, and the fact that everyone can edit, makes it subject to bias, and abuse.

As for Fire Chief and Fire Marshal -- from my understanding as a fire buff -- the fire chief is the "head" of the fire department. In some cases like the KCFD, he is role mostly bureaucratic, while in other departments it is more of a command role. The fire marshal, on the other hand, is the one who enforces the fire codes, does investigations.

Anonymous said...

To kMCCLA. My comments of 6:18 and 11:19 and yours about the duties of fire Marshall mirror tha of Raytown Fire District. It doesn't matter who said what.... It is what it is

Susan Dolan said...

KMCCLA 7/28 12:19a re: Widipedia
You said it better than had I - thank you!

Susan Dolan said...

To Property Management BY TRUTH WATCH

I will finish the quotes of David Bower from Imagine KC Espisode 10 – Transit-Oriented Development.

The interviewer asked how the new transit-oriented development is paid for.. John Copaken, KC Council member responded, that businesses, the city, federal gov't and SALES TAX would pony up for it.

Bower said we're (Raytown) is what's referred to as as first-tier suburb. Look that up and see the definition fits the state of our city. I think not.

Bower said, "The population age in our city is decreasing." and "Those young families are DEMANDING a different mode of transportation." (he means different than automobiles) and "Most of them are seeking homes with one garage for one car."

Moderator interjects, talking about how people, especially young people are driving less (but he doesn't address fewer jobs, increasing unemployment and higher gas prices as huge contributing factors).

Then Bower adds, "We are in the midst of creating a walkable community in Raytown to make sure of that. That you can live downtown, you can shop downtown, you can get your groceries or you can go to the shoe shop. You can get all the crucial elements that young families are looking for without having to get their car out of the garage AND with the commuter rail happening to go right through downtown Raytown, eventually, that's an ideal setting for us."

Who is 'US' Bower? Is that MARC or is that Raytown? Which hat were you wearing that day? Have Raytown's citizens voted for or said that they'd like nothing more than a TRAIN coming right through downtown? Has the public here indicated they don't WANT to use their cars? Our city is 10 square miles for cyring out loud. I can trevass that pretty darned fast in my car and I moved to Raytown because I didn't WANT to live 'downtown'.... understood?

On what planet have young families have DEMANDED buses and trains instead of cars? Have Raytown's citizens been made aware that some will be 'relieved' of their private property in order that MARC's plans for transit and redevelopment succeed instead of adhering to what the city has said THEY want? Do you give a rat's behind what Raytown wants or is it all about your desire to gain admiration and wealth as you sell us out to global governance?

You cannot serve two mistresses !