Sunday, July 28, 2013


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Been Out of Town 
I spent the last week peddling my bicycle across Iowa. Paul stepped up and did very good job of handling the Raytown Report while I was gone – and now, he is out of town on vacation.

We will be back on current news of Raytown interest next week. In the meanwhile, we thought it would be appropriate to review the rules we use to manage the blog portion of the Raytown Report.

Greg Walters
Paul Livius
Lately, we have been spending a lot of time on the Blog portion of our page. The main reason is because the traffic there is increasing.

We view that as a healthy sign for both the Raytown Report and the people of Raytown.

The exchange of thoughts and ideas is always good. It broadens our view, makes us think “outside the box” that surrounds us as individuals and, in the long run, forces us to consider options we sometimes to do not come up with on our own.

There is also a dark side to blogs. Particularly those sites, such as ours, that allows individuals to post anonymously.

It allows those of weak character to hide behind their anonymity and take pot shots at those with whom they do not agree.

Often times, those “pot shots” turn personal and ugly.

Paul and I take a very dim view of that activity. So, if you have tried to post a blog that spends more time calling someone a name, or an untrue and questionable accusation, you now know why we did not publish it.

We are not perfect ourselves. On occasion we have had to go back and make corrections or changes to our own stories. This usually happens after someone fires off a blog or a personal email to us pointing out the error in our way.

We appreciate the corrective input and encourage anyone to write us at anytime, either through the blog or directly to

With all of that being said, here is a quick review of the rules Paul and I use in publishing and editing posts we receive from readers.

RULE 1: Name calling, including personal references are not allowed. Your comment will either be edited or simply not published. If you have something to say, say it with some class. Calling someone a name, questioning their intelligence, demeaning them personally only detracts from your point.

If we edit your message – we will put a note to other readers that we did so.

RULE 2: No vulgarity. No curse words. Not words with letters removed and replaced with broken lines.

RULE 3: Be accurate. If you have heard something and want to know whether or not it is true, ask the question. One of your fellow bloggers may know the answer. Blasting away with half-truths is pretty transparent. Don’t go down that road. Research as best you can and then share your thoughts.

For example, recently we have received a number of posts questioning the residency of a member of the Raytown Board of Aldermen. The writer always says that he or she has “heard a rumor” and wants to know if it is true.

Fair enough. But don’t go over the edge by naming names based only on a rumor.

The last two paragraphs show how you can ask the question without disparaging an individual based on a “rumor”.

Finally, some advice for those who want to make more of an impact with what they have to say. Sign your name. If it is worth saying, it is worth saying out loud.

We fully understand why individuals will not sign their names. Some may be in sensitive positions that make it impossible. Some may be afraid of retribution by others. We will not do away with the anonymous aspect of this blog. But we have noticed that those who sign their name, their entire name, get a lot more attention than those signed anonymously

Who Is Paul Livius?
One question we often hear, either personally, or through the blog is “who is Paul Livius.

Obviously Paul Livius is a pen name. But the person behind that pen does exist. Paul has some very valid reasons, just as many of the bloggers who opt to sign off anonymously, for not signing his name.

At that time that he/she decides to go public we will do so with all the appropriate fanfare as such an announcement deserves.

Guest Editorials
As most of our readers know, we do accept guest editorials from time to time. Past contributors include Raytown Water Board member Richard Tush, former Mayor Sue Frank, Charter enthusiast Chris Rathbone, The Salamander, and a countless number of candidates for public office.

There are some very clever people out there who have a message for our community.

Do yourself right and your community a favor by speaking out on the issues in Raytown.

Send us what you would like to say in a guest editorial. We will consider running it on the news portion of our page. We do reserve the right to edit or deny the space. But we will give your message a fair shot.

Send any requests to write at guest editorial to Greg or Paul at

This week we have a guest editorial by Truth Watch.

Property Management BY TRUTH WATCH
Normally we at truth watch reserve our writings to elections and making sure the voters are well informed about those candidates that are asking for your vote.

After several of our supporting staff had repeatedly questioned some statements made by our locally elected officials, we decided it was time we take a look.

During the great Wal-Mart debate several of the members of the Board of Alderman had said the city did not need to be in the property management business.

Now this would be understandable if the city was not already in the property management business with the following properties that are and / or have been being rented since acquisition until they are used for park expansion.

8001 E 66th Street
7826 Raytown Road
9718 E 79th Street

The information can be verified as our staff did through Jackson County and other public records websites.

This has the staff questioning why these same members of the Board of Alderman made their statements.

It could be as simple they did not want to admit to the fact that the city was already in the property management business as they personally do not believe this is an activity the city should be in.

However, why then did some of these same Alderman vote in favor of the city enter into the project of buying homes that would be refurbished and sold as part of a shared neighborhood grant with Grandview and Independence?

It could be that the information has not been passed to them by the city administrator, finance director, parks director and city clerk who all have a shared responsibility to present on a regular base property that is held by the city.

I am sure there are those that will disagree with those at Truth Watch and make the argument that we are now entering the realm of opinion verse the reality of fact and that might be the case so please allow us to explain our position.

Park Director: Being these properties are being held for park expansion he should provide at least an annual updates as to their current condition, status and plans for the upcoming year.

Finance Director:  Being these properties have and / or are being rented he should provide at least an annual update as the rent being collected and corresponding expenses related to managing the properties.

City Clerk: Being these properties are owned by the city of Raytown she should provide a least an annual update that the properties are still properly recorded with the register of deeds office.

City Administrator: Being he should have the daily responsibility of managing the other three department heads he should be making sure at least an annual updates of these properties with the information outline above under each of the individual department head duties is made to the Board of Alderman.

Now for us to cross that line and provide in our opinion the steps that must be taken in this age of transparency if there are not documents to support the basic information we at Truth Watch believe should be made to the Board of Alderman and public. If there is fact to validated information is not being at least updated annually to the Board of Alderman and public that justification for separation with all department heads who have openly demonstrated a dereliction of duties and responsibilities to the Board of Alderman and public.

Next week look for additional residential property owned by the city and our opinion on how all of these residential properties might best serve the citizens of Raytown who after all are the true owners.

Dealing With Your Fitness Haters BY TISH
So you’ve decided to make your health a priority. You work out consistently. You shovel as many healthy foods down a day as you can muster. You feel good. You look good. You treat yourself good. But watch out, Ms. Good. The haters are gonna pop up faster than a zit after a chocolate binge. Whatever do you mean, Tish?! How could… Continue reading

National Night Out Against Crime - August 6th

The Raytown Police Department in conjunction with the National Night Out Against Crime will hold its annual this year on Tuesday night, August 6th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. This year’s event will be held at Kenagy Park in Raytown located at 79th and Raytown Road (enter from the 79th Street parking lot).

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Greg Walters said...

Ragbrai, the Des Moines Register Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa has been going on since 1973. It is a recreational event. However, there are many opportunities to help out local and national causes along the way. (some of which I participated in) When the ride reached the half way mark (Des Moines) the number of riders was estimate at 30,000! That's a lot of money going into local communities that host the meeting towns as it ride crosses the state.

Anonymous said...

Truth watch is so right about our city council. One of them comes up with a catch phrase about being in the property management business and the rest of them start repeating the sound bite. it makes them feel important, clever and and smart.

I would wager dollars against donuts that most of the BOA does not know the city owns the properties listed by Truth Watch.

Keep up the good work guys. People are starting to listen.

Pat Casady said...

Susan D,
In my past thirty seven years of owning property
in Raytown I have donated hundreds of dollars,
spoken to all my customers that would listen about
voting in Raytown. Almost every one of them agreed
with the idea that there needs to be changes.
All my campaigning got me was a smaller bank account,
loss of business and a lesson learned. Most people in
Raytown won’t or don’t care to vote. I have come to
the conclusion that that’s exactly what our elected officials
count on. However this last WalMart deal was a shocker.
People actually stood up to our elected officials. Of
course it was a asinine deal in the first place. I still think
there was some shady dealings going on there.
All told Susan, I’m getting too old and too tired of trying
to help make Raytown as good as it used to be. It will
never happen! There are just too many people that don’t
know what their jobs are in City Hall. What I mean by that
is, they refuse to put the people first. Just look at our streets,
sidewalks, parks even our neighborhoods are dangerous.
City Hall has caused property values to go down and have
let the crime rate rise. I wish you and everybody that still have
it in them to try and talk the people into doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Criminals consider crime to be their "business"; hence, business is being attracted to Raytown. It is a business citizens don't want, but it is in Raytown!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

A previous post asked what I did to get people to vote. Face it, as Pat said, people don't care enough to vote.

One neighbor moved from another country and is a citizen. She voted in every election. Another neighbor was unaware of city elections and then said she was too busy to vote after I told her about the elections. And I even gave her my copy of the Raytown Times which a friend delivered to me!

Hopefully after the last Walmart episode people will be angry enough to vote if they can remember it in 2 years.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I think it would be interesting to find out how much rent the houses that are owned by the Parks Dept./Raytown. Especially since the Former Board President of the Parks Dept. rents the one on Raytown Road. You can bet it is not being rented at market value.

Anonymous said...

Raytown has a great number of elderly that believe in voting however transportation is an issue. Possibly get several individuals to offer to transport to the Jackson county election commissioners office in downtown Independence prior to the election so all may vote at one location and offer several different days and times for transport. Place an ad in a paper or make fliers and of course give Bob Nichols a heads up at the Election Board and ask the best time and days to do so

Anonymous said...

Those with transportation issues should be able to vote absentee however I have heard there are several Republicans running around the capitol in Jefferson City that would like to eliminate absentee voting, but again they (The Republicans) didn't win the office of the Sec of State and I recall the guy who did being in the military understands the need for absentee voting so he just might be able to help Raytown with this problem.

Anonymous said...

The reason I suggested transportation to vote comes from a memory as a child growing up in Raytown.; back in those days machines were set up in people's garages in some precincts, most women didn't work outside of the home and one car per family was the norm. A feisty woman in her 70s by the name of Imogene Shannon was determined that woman get to vote. She would come to our house stay with all the neighbor kids at our house while Mom would take her car with all the neighbor woman to vote. Clearly an example of where there's a will there is a way

Susan D said...

THE VOTE! Good ideas are flowing - keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

First-Tier Suburbs Council

The First Tier Suburbs Council (FTS) represent cities and towns outside of central cities and inside the ring of developing suburbs and rural areas. We share unique challenges and strengths that should be included in national, state and regional policy discussions. We are diverse with respect to size, demographic characteristics, age and history, resources and governmental structure.

From the National League of Cities.

When Bower ran for Mayor the first time his favorite word was transparency.

He likes this phrase, "first tier suburb". He thinks it puts him on the cutting edge of making things happen.

Kind of like his BOA and their repeating sound bites like the city should not be managing property.

Wouldn't it be nice if they would wake up and make the police more responsive, the codes enforcement do something, re-open the recycling center they literally forced to close down.

No, these folks are not about real solutions. They are about making themselves feel good about each other.

Anonymous said...

To 5:13. That is what it is called absentee voting. That is why the comment read offer a couple days and times prior to election and at Jac. City. Elec. in Independence for all precincts and townships in eastern Jackson county are on the registry there thus one could take a car load from all over Raytown

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who cannot find anything in the city budget about the rent for the homes owned by the city?

Sounds like an issue for the state audit!

Anonymous said...

Curiosity has me at the address 8001 e 66 th st that truth watch printed. Since Blue ridge is 8800 this address would have to be west roughly near or at sycamore coordinates , would that not be Would be interesting to go into recorded documents within the Jackson county website and see when and how that came about

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 7/29 9:19p - good points.

I found MARC's old First Suburbs Handbook, published January 2004. At that time, the word 'tier' was omitted but they'd already started talking 'coalition'. Notice how, since the ideas are not original, but cookie-cutter, they're used upon one city after another. That's because the ideas all stem from one place and because as you said, these folks are not about real solutions. They're just puppets whose mommy's probably didn't love them enough so they're still seeking fulfillment and admiration at the expense of everyone else.

Here's that link to MARC's 2004 Suburbs handbook:

The language and logic are always gobbledy-gook.

Susan D said...

Pat Casady: Thank you for your comments. I wrote a lengthly response to you which has not been published but do want you to know I agree with much of what you said and all of what I'd said was directed toward YOU, all bloggers, not YOU Pat Casady. Good ideas are rolling in about voters.

Maybe people who are willing to help increase voter interest and turnout should have our own Raytown resident meeting outside of city hall - someplace comfortable and relaxed, like early evening in the park if it's cool enough. BYO coffee or tea? What does the blog think? Anyone?

Paul Livius said...

To Susan D:

We found one of your comments posted on last week's story. Sometimes writers will post to old stories. This takes the comment to an earlier blog string.

The "re-posted" blog was entered as written under anonymous. We will re-post your blog under your name.

Make certain that your post is entered under the current blog.

Susan D said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Property Management BY TRUTH WATCH

I will finish the quotes of David Bower from Imagine KC Espisode 10 – Transit-Oriented Development.

The interviewer asked how the new transit-oriented development is paid for.. John Copaken, KC Council member responded, that businesses, the city, federal gov't and SALES TAX would pony up for it.

Bower said we're (Raytown) is what's referred to as as first-tier suburb. Look that up and see the definition fits the state of our city. I think not.

Bower said, "The population age in our city is decreasing." and "Those young families are DEMANDING a different mode of transportation." (he means different than automobiles) and "Most of them are seeking homes with one garage for one car."

Moderator interjects, talking about how people, especially young people are driving less (but he doesn't address fewer jobs, increasing unemployment and higher gas prices as huge contributing factors).

Then Bower adds, "We are in the midst of creating a walkable community in Raytown to make sure of that. That you can live downtown, you can shop downtown, you can get your groceries or you can go to the shoe shop. You can get all the crucial elements that young families are looking for without having to get their car out of the garage AND with the commuter rail happening to go right through downtown Raytown, eventually, that's an ideal setting for us."

Who is 'US' Bower? Is that MARC or is that Raytown? Which hat were you wearing that day? Have Raytown's citizens voted for or said that they'd like nothing more than a TRAIN coming right through downtown? Has the public here indicated they don't WANT to use their cars? Our city is 10 square miles for cyring out loud. I can trevass that pretty darned fast in my car and I moved to Raytown because I didn't WANT to live 'downtown'.... understood?

On what planet have young families have DEMANDED buses and trains instead of cars? Have Raytown's citizens been made aware that some will be 'relieved' of their private property in order that MARC's plans for transit and redevelopment succeed instead of adhering to what the city has said THEY want? Do you give a rat's behind what Raytown wants or is it all about your desire to gain admiration and wealth as you sell us out to global governance?

You cannot serve two mistresses !

Truth Watch said...

Thanks for catching our typing error the address on E 66th St is 8801, which is next to Rice Tremonti home.

Pat Casady said...

Does anyone else find it a little funny that Mayor
Bower has stated how Raytown wants a walkable
Community where people can live downtown, shop
Downtown? Where are these “young families” going to live?
When just a few months ago he wanted
to install a huge grocery store in the area where we all
were told would be an area for several stores.
The sad Fact is Raytown has very few shops mostly thanks to
Raytown’s administrations past and present. In the past
new or prospective small businesses were forced out
before they could even start. Now the best they could come
up with is a huge box planted in the middle of town.
Again where is it these young families would live?
I think the people of Raytown deserve better. I think the people
deserve more for their tax dollars. It’s time our leaders started
using our tax dollars to make life better for the taxpayers.
Fix our streets, sidewalks, make our parks and neighborhoods
safe for the good people of Raytown and stop giving away
tax dollars to rich companies that don’t need the money!
If our elected officials want to impress the people, show us how
you won’t hand out thirty thousand dollar a year raises!
Show us how you will stop the million dollar payments for
WalMart debts. Show us how you made WalMart pay their
own way. Then we would be impressed. Show us that good
people can go to a Raytown park and not here gunshots or
have to see graffiti on the shelter houses and listen to loud
booming noise and vulgar language.
Then we would be impressed.

Anonymous said...

One doesn't have to go to the polls to vote! The elderly with no transportation may call the county voter office and an absentee ballot will be mailed. I did that once and received my ballot in a few days.

When I worked at AT&T, my manager, who had a disability and couldn't access the polls. She would go to the poll area and a worker would bring the ballot out to her in the car as a reasonable accommodation under the ADA.

I wondered why the city would be in the property management business then remembered some BOA meetings where the city needed land but not the whole property which included a dilapidated house. It was stated that the house could be rented rather than razed. That is apparently how the city became a landlord.

I have been reading statistics that younger people prefer public transportation. In my opinion, it could have something to do with the price, maintenance and insurance of a car. I have always disliked public transportation because it doesn't go when I want to go and/or where I want to go. I have only one car but still demand a 2 car garage because my car is too wide to fit through a one car garage door. Since I live in a miniature house 1/2 of my garage is storage. In fact when I moved to my new house, Aardvark Moving Company of Blue Springs dumped much of my stuff in the garage and store room so I have been unable to find anything since last October. I have reduced my driving after being forced to retire mainly because every trip in the car means I spend between $100-$200 which I can't afford. Hence, I limit my shopping to every 3 or 4 weeks. Quite simply people may not have the money to spend if they are out driving around.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

As I watched the video of the Q&A session concerning our EMS on Raytown online I found it difficult to ignore Bower & Co. talking with each other in the back of the room for some duration.

A person who attended that meeting said they were talking loudly.

I have heard Bower admonish the citizens prior to a BOA meeting for their negatively-anticipated etiquette, which was way out of line on his part.

Obviously, there is one set of rules for 'his highness' and another for everyone else. And, obviously, he had not come to that meeting to learn.

Anonymous said...

I sure was excited today to run across a stack of those wonderful Raytown printed papers. I just knew my trip out of town last week would leave me without the intelligent intellect from the Ozarks about how good things are in Raytown. I too wish I had a snow globe of the city in front of me that with a few quick shakes would turn everything bright and clean like a fresh winter snow. It would be just pain rude if not to mention the adventure section from the paper’s owner as he reflects upon the past and never takes the time to gasp the fact his rose covered approach to the problems facing the city, that we actually live in, has been plagued with an expedited failures as a direct result of the half-truths within his writings that too many of good hearted citizens take as the word of the gospel and is slowly therefore financially bankrupting our city.

On another good note as even though our city officials are celebrating the closing of our recycling drop off site in Raytown, I am at least able to find a second use for this paper. One thing for sure is, Spot, my faithful companion sure enjoys the paper more than me to the point he just losses control of his body functions when he gets these editorial sections. The only thing that point more a little more pride in his step is when he finds a picture of our great leader of mass destruction David Bower.

Anonymous said...

Greg and Paul,

I wish this rules regarding maturity and against name calling applied to the BOA meetings. Anyone who disagrees with them, they want to trash, if it be citizens or even newly elected aldermen.

Susan D said...

Mayor David Bower, MARC, and Bower's lackeys in City Hall are not 'Sustainable'. Whatever shall we do? We could recycle them (that would be the 'green' thing to do) but alas, our recycling center is gone. Perhaps we could compost them... no, nothing would grow in that! hmmmmmmmmmm

I know! Let's expose them for what they are. Cockroaches hate the light of day and truth is a shining beacon!

What is your best rate to run a new local newspaper with a distribution of, say, one-thousand for starters?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:26
You don’t understand Raytown politics.
Once these everyday people are elected they lose their
minds. All common sense leaves their brains. All of
a sudden they are (in their own minds) smarter that every
other citizen in town. Their arrogant switch flips on and
away they go. They no longer have to listen to the people.
Represent the people? NO WAY! They know what we want
before we even know.
I’m going to quit now before I make myself sick.

Anonymous said...

Actually from what I heard no one in the Merger meeting realized the mayor came in until he spoke out to Barb Schlapia.

Anonymous said...

Greg, I am grateful that there finally is a group out there who are trying to find the truth about what goes on here in Raytown. Please continue to publish Truth Watch it has been very enlightening. Keep it up who ever you,are Great job.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise “NOT” in this week’s printed paper to read that the owner / editor is already figuring the charter will fail.

The question we need to ask him is what did he do in the pass to help pass a charter and give the Raytown he claims he love so home rule…

…that is right nothing. In fact if I recall correctly he became another mouth piece for then Mayor Frank to defeat the charter.

To any citizen who has had enough with the increasing crime in our city need to get ready to get out and vote for the charter and at the same time as this owner / editor to provide them justification for his part in failing to provide us with home rule in the pass, which has our elected officials hands tied and keeps them from increasing fines for criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else stopped in Slick Willies lately?

It seems it is now just an additional watering hole catering to the smokers of Greater Kansas City.

I recall when it opened and offered something more thing drinks to warm up ones soul. Okay, you can still get pizza and/or hot wings, but that folk is it.

Maybe what Raytown needs is a few more bars on wait seems they are on about every street in the downtown area and everyone wonders why we cannot get any family businesses.

Anonymous said...

Rules against name cailing and behaving in a mature nature should definatly be followed on this blog; thank you for posting the rules to remind us

Anonymous said...

I have not read Randys' ramblings this week but here is a sobering thought for you.

To vote against forming a Charter Commission is the same as saying the current BOA and Mayor are doing a wonderful job governing Raytown.

Don't be misled by the naysayers and those who try to mislead to save their own political skins.

All the election next April is about is CREATING a charter commission. The final vote, which is the only one that matters will not take place until six to 12 months later once a Charter Commission is formed.

The April vote on a Raytown Charter is a vote for hope and a lifeline to our city.

Please do not miss this opportunity to make Raytown a better place.

Pat Casady said...

Raytown needs a Charter.
Having said that, the Charter is not the answer to all
of Raytown’s problems. Only one part of the Charter
hopefully will be a recall clause. A Charter is more than
a way to get rid of bad elected officials, if that can even
be done.
I suggest people read the Springfield MO. Charter to get
an idea of what we are in for at the following siet:
I thought it was interesting.

Anonymous said...

To 10:40pm I have never been to Slick Willys; I figure if we don't go there then more bars wont come to Raytown. I have however gone many times to the Shoe repair shop and have sent many people from other areas there. And let's not forget the upholstery store, they do fantastic work and one can get a garage sale 10 dollar chair and turn it into a fabulous new age find. What a way to save money and go green at the same time. Have you every used of dropped into either of these family business's in our downtown area? Some people focus their talks on the bars complaining we have no family business's but yet never give a shout out about these other companies. Anyone reading these blogs will only see that one side of Raytown and figure that's all their is. Want different bussiness's other than bars in Raytown? Well it starts with the community. Show by your actions and words that we truly support what business we have

Anonymous said...

9:14 AM,

You are correct that these other businesses are nice and do provide a much needed service, but do they really provide any kind of a “family friendly” value to the city.

Yes these are not bars, but the reality is how often does the general public need these services?

The solution might be that the shoe store start selling a large variety of shoes and the shoe repair becomes the secondary business after all Raytown doesn't have a true shoe store at this time. Wouldn’t that be more “family friendly”?

We both know the same could be said about a furniture store with the secondary business being furniture repair and upholstery.

I cannot stress enough the service you mentioned is not enough of a draw nor is it a tax base that the shoe store and furniture store would be.

I think the true question we all should be asking is why does Raytown continue to fund an Economic Developer Director that has done nothing to increase our shopping options and tax base.

Oh I am sure some will start screaming at me and name several new businesses like IHOP, but wait…

1.) How long was that deal in the works as well as several of the other new business, which you will find many go back several years.

2.) How many businesses do we loss every day and therefore do we really have a net new higher than our net loss.

3.) How many of those new businesses actually generate sales tax being so many of the new business are service types like doctors’ offices.

My recommendation is city hall should be driving for new business that actually generate sale tax and the Economic Development Director be paid based on a percentage of the actual sales tax the business generates, which would sure have them start doing a lot more to improve our tax base when there pay is only based on commission.

As for the record, I am one of a few citizens that have actually talked to some unique businesses within the Greater Kansas City Area about opening a second location in Raytown. I have since learned that others have even gone to the step of actually talking with the mayor about this and when they have followed up with the business learned no one from the city has contacted them. I am at not surprised as both the businesses that I have spoken with and those that this other citizen have spoken with are not the large box stores that our mayor clearly has demonstrated his desire to bring to Raytown and those same large box store less than “family friendly” values and salaries.

Anonymous said...

The Economic Development Director is bringing in some business - at least someone is. The new Chipotles restaurant and the new Jimmy John's seem to be doing well. They are building a new Dunkin Donuts next to Denny's. The problem, however, is none of these new businesses are close to the downtown area. The Raytown Plaza would be an ideal place for the Dunkin Donuts. Instead of adding to the clutter on 350 Highway, more of these new businesses need to be in our core areas.

Anonymous said...

George Michaud wrote a strange letter to the Raytown Times. He is angry because Walmart pulled out of the development after the BOA approved it.

He has joined Randy Battagler in blaming the move by Walmart on "the small group of people" opposed to Walmart.

Wow! They must be a pretty powerful bunch, or, perhaps Randy and his friends at City hall do not see the writing on the wall.

Their days of ignoring the public with their high-handed ways are over.

The winds of change are blowing and Randy and George do not even feel the breeze!!!

Anonymous said...

To 2:17pm family friendly yes helps stretch the dollar. Ok so You could nt say anything thing but criticism about the bussiness's we have. Forget family friendly you need peoe friendly; Nobody wlll want to put a bussiness's in a town where. O matter what you can't ease the people

Anonymous said...

Why must people complain about the business we have; either doesn't have enough tax base or is in the wrong location; yep that's bussiness's friendly; they are damned if they do damned if they don't ; that's the way to draw them in

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:20,

I think you best check with Sue Frank and find out just how long those deals had been in the work and you might then think again about what the representative at city hall is actually not doing for the city!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:10,

Thank you for your thoughts towards 2:17 PM.

However, I must be missing something as when I read 2:17 comments they offered suggestions to help Raytown and all you did, to use your own word, was offer "criticism" towards that blogger.

I would expect this action from someone tied to city hall as anyone who offers suggestions that the mayor, members of the board of alderman and department heads disagree with is just considered a negative talker and I am sure you wouldn’t have a tie yourself to city hall as they all clam the don’t read this blog because it is too negative.

However, they all know what is on it at any given time, which is odd if they are really not reading it.

The funny thing is over the years I have read about to many things that should be fixed or handled in a more professional way from city hall that is not being done. That is not negative talk, it is “FACT” and it is not criticism, but “COACHING” when positive suggestions are made to not only increase business, but strength ones position within a community.

I true hope you and the rest of the real “NEGATIVE” people of Raytown, would learn to be open to positive “COACHING” that will “MOVE OUR CITY FORWARD”!

Susan Dolan said...

To 9:38p The proof is in the pudding when it comes to how well our city reps & Chamber of Commerce court new business.

Take a look around. What do you see downtown? The actual businesses here who perform services and sell goods we use on a regular basis should be applauded. Many have suffered as much as any of us through this horrid economy and could've sold out but didn't.

We need more like them, NOT franchises like Sonic & Wendy's which stink up the place with their unwholesome fast food - greasy and sugar-laden. We don't need dark, dank bars, tattoo parlors or big box stores.

MARC has decided our tax dollars should go to Hwy 350 because it's to become a "sustainable corridor". MARC's local cohorts in crime, Bower & our Chamber of Commerce, will be doing absolutely nothing to promote our vision which is desireable businesses, scaled to the size of our city in a pleasant & inviting central downtown. It isn't going to happen as long as they're running the show.

It isn't because it can't be done, it's because we haven't stroked their egos with 'grant' money tied to international acclaim.

These are people with a twisted moral compass, following the piper down a ruinous path. Due to their rabid spending spree of our tax dollars, we are going further into the abyss with nothing to show for it except their wanton disregard.

I think it's time we tell our Mayor and Chamber of Commerce to choose - Cut your ties with MARC and work for the City of Raytown or resign.

Bower and our Chamber are serving two masters whose goals are in direct opposition. Due to that, those in whom we have put our trust are not acting in our interests and it shows. As I said at the beginning, look around downtown; what do you see? The proof is in the pudding.

Anonymous said...

Oh good lord! Here we ago again. The city haul defenders have brought out there BIG paint brushes to paint anyone who does not agree with them as negative.

Please spare us the sanctimonious babble. If you have something to say, just say it.

Just because someone does not agree with you does not make them a "negative" monster. It means they have a different point of view.

If you are so narrow minded that you cannot accept that without slapping the word "negative" in everyone's face then I feel sorry for you.

Your world must be one of terror and fear of anyone who dares to disagree.

Anonymous said...

I am not tied to City Hall, just a lifelong resident that supports the tax base by supporting the business's we have be it family owned or corporate. I buy my groceries, vacuums, yard equipment, cars, automotive needs, hair cuts, dental, Drs, glasses, vitamins, veterinarian, prescriptions, donuts, clothing, entertainment etc here in Raytown. If I shop here money stays here and companies stay here. Grant it not everyone will need all these services but they are all needed by some in Raytown whether they add a big tax base or small tax base the family owned bussiness's are just as important as any other. Grant it none of us are happy with city hall , but that is no reason to over shadow a shout out to these companies. Make it about a company not just using the company as a vehicle to complain about city hall after all with all their issues a two page blog on them alone would work. I do not live in fear or terror of anyone who disagrees with me. Nor do I play sides so that was a wrong assumption on both parts. I simply want us to give credit to our merchants we do have. After all isn't it about getting more bussines in Raytown and enjoying those we have? I am not happy with city hall at all and have 12 family members that earn their living in Raytown, many of them company owners from animal care to home improvement and all that in between

Anonymous said...

Iam one of 5 generations who lives in and makes their living here in Raytowni m not part of city hall nor am I happy with their actions. I do want bussiness to thrive and the city to grow. My friends I dare say I have more to lose than anyone if it does not.

PJS said...

Susan Dolan

Sorry Susan – I don’t think the Raytown Area Chamber of Commerce exists to promote YOUR vision. If you check you’ll find the Chambers Mission is to support the business community to enhance the quality of life for its citizens.

In other words Susan – they help support the businesses who are already in the Raytown area. Perhaps you should educate yourself about Chamber of Commerce before you make such an accusation.

Anonymous said...

.... but herein lies the danger. The Bower Boys razed the Babtist Church. Due to the incompetency of Bower Boys and the Chamber, nothing grows on the lot except weeds. Next they declare the land blighted so they can have their way with it via eminent domain. Crooks, inept crooks.

Anonymous said...

Why do some feel the need to label people by their comments as to say race, creed, party , affiliation? I was unaware you must belong to a group to blog here . I do not belong to these groups. Why does there need to be a we against them , them against us mentality judgement on each and everyone's thoughts!

Anonymous said...

I do appreciate the struggles with the economy and our companies sticking it out here in Raytown for years as well.; if it were not for the shoe repair store we would not of been able to repair the soles of my husbands work boots at a fraction of the cost of new , nor repair a clasp on my pocketbook saving my family the cost of new. The wonderful solid made chair that someone discarded to the curb that we took to the upholstery store and spent less than thrift store prices to recover and add stuffing that my children enjoyed reading books in. These stores have been around along time and not only were family friendly to my family without the luxury of disposable cash yet they taught some wonderful family values that is probably why my children now near 40 ; can't see the beauty in something others do not and can make something wonderful of it. Yes these people who do a craft such as these bussiness's were indeed family friendly to mine

PJS said...

8/2 2:03 Anonymous

The Chambers incompetency? (lol) Please read the comment on the Chamber mission statement to learn “what” the chamber does.

Anonymous said...

YEY, lay off the chamber! After all every year
they give our streets a paint job, their kind of striping. They
tear up the green space to. In fact they treat it
like they own it. So as you are driving up Raytown
Road look on both sides at the chamber art.
Trust me if we did what they did we would be
arrested! I guess they never heard of chalk.
I wonder how much the city gets from
the fantastic money maker Summerfest?

Anonymous said...

So true...

I is with a sad heart the I see groups like the Chamber or government officials being paid to increase the number of business in the city, but we keep loosing more then we seem to gain.

I also want to agree with those that want those business to be ones that generate sales tax as thanks to the tax give a ways at city hall we are all paying way too much on our property taxes while several companies are paying nothing.

Anonymous said...

Give the City Administrator a $30,000 a year raise on top of the salary and benefits he was already making. Give the department heads free rein over the budget even though they have personal bankruptcy on their record. Give to the snakes who pretend to know what they are doing then put the screws the police, EMS and the workers in public works, parks and city hall to the point where, guess what? City hall declares the city is broke and need more taxpayer dollars. City hall lives in an imaginary world based on greed, pride and stupidity. Sad sad sad.

Anonymous said...

To Blogger PJS said...

8/2 2:03 Anonymous

The Chambers incompetency? (lol) Please read the comment on the Chamber mission statement to learn “what” the chamber does.

August 2, 2013 at 3:29 PM

Their web news provides vital info akin to take your umbrella today as it may rain.

Their meetings: Butt-sniffing sessions to learn who is doing what - MARC propaganda presentations - Raytown Mayor and 2 BOA members are on membership roster - breakfast/cocktail sessions - a clique - no noteworthy contributions to the issues plaguing the city or local business owners. Bleah!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:37

That is what happens when a city elects someone to be mayor who makes their living off the taxpayers by cities building more and more ball fields using public funds for private business.

Anonymous said...


Don’t let others discourage your post and opinions!

I agree with you the Chamber should be looking at ways to grow business in Raytown as new business help support the existing ones through the cross shopping customers do and remember that it just what our elected officials told us would happen if Wal-Mart came to downtown. So if cross shopping does help the community as a whole, which I would agree it does, why wouldn’t the Chamber be a driving force to increase new business.

However, to understand that one has to keep an open mind and in Raytown that is getting harder and harder for too many to do, which as you know has split our city.

It is time we all work for the better of the future of the city that we all love regardless of which side we are on.

We do need to keep in mind as others have reminded you that the Chamber is to help the business that already here, which they then might want to take note would require an explanation as to why so many business have closed.

Surly this is not from the Chamber getting the word out about the businesses in Raytown and the benefits they bring to our community.

Wait the paid staff with the Chamber focus more time on fundraisers for their salaries then on improving the image of the businesses we already have, which does explain part of the down fall of the shopping opportunities within Raytown.

Anonymous said...

To 10:22 about your comment to 9:10 it would appear from reading that the words were family friendly and the defense was for the bussiness mentioned and that they were needed and family friendly ( re read)

Anonymous said...

To 5:20pm. Dunkin Donuts would be better placed in Raytown Plaza? They are a franchise and would be better on the south side of town rather than a hop skip and a jump from an independently owned Donut shop in Woodson village that would be sudden death like the block buster that moved in right next to the independently owned National Video a great number of years ago on 350

Anonymous said...

When I pull up chamber of commerce I find a Facebook page and a web site that has companies listed contact person address phone numbers and employee count also a section for job openings by local companies and various other sections one can click on and open. The true web site page is chalked full

Susan Dolan said...

I'm not discouraged at all by what 'PJS' had to say about my post but do thank you for you kind words of encouragement.

What I liked about the flashback was that it meant I had struck a nerve - hit square upon a truth.

I have a few words for 'PJS' but they'll have to wait until I have the time to frame them (it's a busy day).

No rush since whoever that is hasn't the fortitude to sign their real name and may as well have hidden behind 'anonymous'.

What a genuine shame more people don't sign their names. Don't fear the bullies; they're just people who cannot function in adult fashion with those outside the cults they hide behind.

Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, they are putting the Dunkin Donuts on 350 in order to catch and bring in the traffic that is westbound on 350 in the morning. While something like that would be "ideal" for the downtown Raytown area, it simply would not carry the traffic. Also, as stated, there is already a shop in Woodson Village.

Anonymous said...

Is the downtown area 63rd st and Raytown Road intersection? Believe that's where it has always been. I see a umb bank a fox drug a pocket park insurance agency upholstery store slick willies shoe repair walnicks and another bank; are we moving theses out to make room for more desirable family friendly bussiness that all will need on a regular basis with a larger tax base?

Anonymous said...

To 11:58a You said bussiness - did you mean businesses?

- and -

-more desirable?
Do you wear shoes, use a bank, insure your home, auto, personal property or life, have prescriptions filled or sit on furniture?

What, exactly, is your definition of 'more desirable' and 'family friendly'? What point are you trying to make?

Anonymous said...

To 2:56 I was asking the question to those who have said the business's weren't family friendly , not used by all and had a smaller tax base. I use these bussiness's alot! But could quite figure out what they were thinking or meant. Oh and thank you for catching my typing error; much appreciated