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The Paul Livius Report BY PAUL LIVIUS

Mayor Bower gave Larry Mock the Business Person of the Year award.  Afterwards, the Mayor said there have been a lot of accusations and frustrations in the city lately.  The YMCA was closed, which was disheartening to a lot of people.  Losing the YMCA brought up the topic of a community center.  This has been talked about for a number of years.  The city needs to re-engage the citizens in a positive effort as we move forward with economic development and other issues in our city.  He went on to say it’s important for the citizens to know they can trust their elected representatives.  The Board members deserve respect and Mayor Bower is establishing a committee called “City Visioning”.  This committee will be similar to the Reach for Tomorrow committee and needs to have 5 to 6 citizens.  If a citizen is someone who complains, they should stay home and complain.  If a citizen wants to make improvements to Raytown, he encourages them to step up.

Mahesh Sharma reported that after the City’s recent adoption of updated construction codes, the Development & Public Affairs Department was notified this week that its ISO rating improved from a classification 5 to a classification 4.  The ISO rating is one aspect used by various property and casualty insurance companies in establishing insurance rates for private property.  This improved rating will help to lower insurance rates for residents and business owners in the City of Raytown.

Kevin Boji gave the Board the annual Park Board report.  He said the Park Board has 5 divisions: Park Operations, Aquatics, Recreation, BMX, and Administration.  They maintain 10 properties, 176 acres, 7 neighborhood parks, Super Splash, the BMX track, and the Rice Tremonti home with 9 full time employees.   

            Sales Tax                    $200,000
            Fees                             $501,000
            Property Tax             $564,000
            Capital Expense        $496,000
            Super Splash             $454,000
            Personnel                   $651,000
            BMX Track                $  27,000
            Park Sales Tax          $  19,000
            Maintenance              $  22,000
            Supplies                      $  33,000
            Contract Services      $  94,000
            Miscellaneous            $  68,000

Mayor Bower said it is time to establish the committees and Board Liaison positions.  They are:
·         Legislative-Michael Lightfoot, Chairman, with Bill Van Buskirk, Josh Greene, Jim Aziere, and Pat Ertz.
·         Human Relations Liaison- Janet Emerson
·         Community Foundation Liaison- Jim Aziere
·         Planning and Zoning representative –Michael Lightfoot
·         Park Board-Pat Ertz
·         Council of Aging-Steve Mock
·         Raytown Redevelopment Corporation-Pat Ertz and Charlotte Melson
·         Sales Tax Review Committee-Bill Van Buskirk
·         Police Pension Board- Bill Van Buskirk
·         Park Board Liaison-Josh Greene
·         TIF Commission-Pat Ertz
·         Neighborhood Council-Michael Lightfoot and Steve Mock
·         Police Pension Review Committee-Pat Ertz

The Board accepted a Community grant from Walmart in the amount of $1,000 for the purposes of providing car seats to Raytown citizens in need as well as funds to support the Raytown EMS  child safety seat inspection and awareness programs.

The Board passed an ordinance adopting the 2012 edition of the International Energy Conservation Code, establishing the minimum regulations for energy efficient buildings for all buildings and structures within the city.  These codes address energy conservation requirements for all aspects of energy uses in both commercial and residential construction, including heating and ventilating, lighting, water heating, and power usage for appliances and building systems.  It is founded on principles intended to establish provisions consistent with the scope of an energy conservation code that adequately conserves energy; provisions that do not unnecessarily increase construction costs; provisions that do not restrict the use of new materials, products or methods of construction; and provisions that do not give preferential treatment to particular types or classes of materials, products or methods of construction.

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance to submit at the General Municipal Election to be held April 8, 2014 the question of whether the city shall impose a sales tax in the amount of one-half (1/2) cent for the funding of transportation purposes.  Mahesh Sharma told the Board this sales tax was first approved by the voters in November, 2006 with a 10-year sunset. The city would have to raise the property tax rate 3.3 cents to replace the revenue.  In 2012, the Transportation Sales Tax generated approximately $1,036,000.00 in revenue and funded just over $1,000,000.00 in Transportation related projects. 

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance to submit at the General Municipal Election to be held April 8, 2014 the question of whether the city shall impose a sales tax in the amount  the amount of three-eighths (3/8) cent for the purpose of funding Capital Improvements.  This sales tax was first approved by the voters in November, 2006 with a 10-year sunset.  In 2012, the Capital Sales Tax generated approximately $815,000.00 in revenue and funded just over $1,400,000.00 in Capital related projects.  The city would have to raise the property tax rate 4.9 cents to replace the revenue.  Renewal of the existing sales tax will provide funding for Capital expenditures for City Departments.

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance adopting the city code relating to the regulation of pawn shops and short-term loan establishments within the City of Raytown.  The City currently regulates pawn shops and businesses offering short-term loans (i.e. payday loan and title loan business) through the conditional use permit regulations contained in the City’s Zoning Ordinance.  This ordinance proposes to amend the city code by establishing regulations governing the operation and location of these businesses in Raytown.   This would require a pawn shop and short-term loan business to obtain an annual permit from the city.  In addition, this ordinance proposes to establish distance separation requirements that would not allow a new pawn shop or short-term loan business to locate within:
• 2,640 feet of the boundary of the City of Raytown:
• 2,640 feet of any other property on which another pawn shop or short-term loan establishment is located;
• 300 feet of any property legally used as a public park, school, church, or residence.
The distance separation requirements would not apply to existing pawn shop or short-term loan business currently operating within the city .  The annual permit requirement, however, would apply to all existing and new pawn shops or short-term loan businesses.
The proposed ordinance also seeks to limit the number of pawn shop and short-term loan establishments within the city limits to no more than 1 per 5,000 population based on the last census.  Based upon the current population of Raytown this would limit the maximum number to 6.  There are currently 9 short-term loan businesses and pawn shops in Raytown.  Therefore no additional pawn shops or short-term loan businesses would be allowed to open in Raytown until that number was reduced.  At such time that number would be reduced, any new pawn shops, or short-term loan businesses would be subject to the distance separation requirements stipulated in the ordinance.  Mr. Benson told the Board that change of ownership is not a new business, unless the original business ceased to operate.  He said this will also limit the distance for tattoo parlors.  Mr. Van Buskirk said he also doesn’t like the discount smoke shops.  He went in one the other day and found a whole display case of drug paraphernalia being sold.

Truth Watch 

Sometimes the best is saved for last and in this case it is the property the city owns at 8506 Westridge Road.

Since 3/21/2008 this property has officially been registered as being owned by the city all at the cost of $175,000.

The question remains is why did the city need this property that is clearly located in a residential neighborhood.  Officials from city hall have confirmed that the city is currently using the garages on the property to store items for public works.

This issue of ownership of residential property also brings up the age old question of why do the department heads not go ahead and move into Raytown.  This reduces the number of miles that would have to be traveled especially when you consider some live as far as Baser, KS, which you would think these same people would want to spend more time with their families.

Our recommendation is that the city should bring the residence on this property up to code and make it the city provide housing for the city administrator.  This quickly brings the great excuses and debates of why the current administrator is unable to reside in Raytown to an end. 

There should be no excuse that this residence is not in a neighborhood fit for someone in the position of city administrator considering Teetering Rock Golf Course in just across the street and the following elected officials live within blocks of property:

Mayor David Bower
Alderman Mock
Alderman Van Buskirt
Municipal Judge Fran
Fire Board Director Robert Palmer

This leaves the three properties that we reported last week and the fact that none of the non-elected department heads live within Raytown city limits.  We therefore question if at least three of these should too be required to live within the city and provide them housing using those location.  I am sure there would be great debate and excuses as why this would not be the best use of these properties.

For anyone that lives adjacent to Kenagy Park will tell you if it is not the noise at all hours or the smell of a leaf like substance being burned, it is trash blowing across the parking lot all of which remains unaddressed by the city and parks department make it clear that the Park Director should be required to reside in the home at 9718 E 79th Street as not closest to were those issues are the worst in that park.  Maybe with the Park Director also being impacted night and day by these actives will something be done for all the neighbors?
We are opened minded with our suggestion as to which of the remaining department heads should be the lucky two selected to live in one of the two remain properties.

Here are some thoughts we did have and we would love to get you take on who of our the department heads should be required to live in these four city owned residence:

City Clerk in the hopes it makes her be a little more friendly to the general public when she actual is neighbors with those she services.

Director of EMS in the event of an actual medical event he is readily available to provide additional support as needed.

Director of Public Works in the event of another great snow storm expiring first had the hazard the residences have faced while wondering where the snow plows are.

Director of Development and Public Affairs would get a first had experience of the talk around town of how the city needs to be pro-active in addressing the increase number of code violations.

Finance Director would better understand the finance burden the city has place upon already stretched dollars that the citizens of Raytown have for life necessities.

Economic Development Administrator would better understand the lack of shopping options that force the citizens of Raytown to spend their tax dollars in other cities.

City Attorney would better understand the tax burden fiscal from his predecessor as a result of the 350 Wal-Mart deals and how the citizen of Raytown can never afford a mess like it again.

City elections maybe over a year and a half away, but there is no time like the present to contact you Alderman and ask them why not more transparency and expiations about all the property the city owns and how the properties are being used.


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Anonymous said...

If Mr. Benson or anyone observes "drug paraphernalia" being sold, I suggest contacting RPD to investigate. Just because one store sells "drug paraphernalia" doesn't mean that all discount smoke shops will do this. Can't judge a book by its cover.

True I have read of incidents with the City Clerk over specific issues but why is it thought she is unfriendly? I have never heard an unfriendly word from her during our conversations. She always was very professional.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I like the idea about having our City Administrator living in that house on Westrigde, but I am sure he would come up with some excuse why he could not or should not live in Raytown.

The more I think about it our City Administrator is about as pro-Raytown as Gov. George Wallace was about ending segregation.

Tom Rigot Sr said...

"recent adoption of updated construction codes, the Development & Public Affairs Department was notified this week that its ISO rating improved from a classification 5 to a classification 4. The ISO rating is one aspect used by various property and casualty insurance companies in establishing insurance rates for private property"

With my 28 years as an insurance agent in the Raytown area I read this comment with a small grin on my face. The new lower ISO rating is a good news/bad news kind of thing. While improving the ISO rating is always a good thing it does not always translate to lower home insurance premiums. When I began my career Raytown's ISO rate was a 6, a year or so later it was lowered to a 5. That lowered home premiums in Raytown slighly but had no impact on auto rates at all. ISO ratings are somewhat tiered and going to a 5 brought Raytown to the next lowest tier. The next tier would happen at an ISO 3 rating. That by the way is the current rating for Kansas City MO. So many things go into the ISO rating consideration, how many multi storied commercial/residential buidings, the predominant construction material in use, how many single/multi family dwelling's in a one square mile area, what type of fire apparatus is available for fire suppresion as well as how many full time fire fighters for the number of dwellings so on and so on. Again, the improved ISO rating is a good thing but will most likely have no little or no impact on residential/commercial property insurance rates.

Anonymous said...

To truth watch. I can see why the other properties are owned due to there proximity to parks and historical property; this property the garages housing public works not a bad price for garages and throw in a house ugly as it may be when market moves sell property make investment and build garages for public works. What I don't understand isn't that property in K.C. ? Your comment on making the city administrator live there and how it is suitable because of the others mention live blocks away. Did those mentioned have the freedom to choose their homes? My taste is different from yours and visa versa so I would not think to force that on you it would be almost Nazi. As to the non ected department heads and having them live in the city chosen homes thAt they own sounds alot like Sustainable housing that other bloggers have WARNED about.. The reasoning you gave sounds alot like Hate.. The City Attorney to be made to suffer from their Predicessors faults so they can learn? The public works to wonder where the plows are? Leaving their town real early driving thru nasty roads to get to Raytown and clear more terrie roads " Emergency Snow Routes first" and struggling with Mother Nature except it is his fault. ... And your comments about how one after the other should be Controlled by the City and have to deal with all the bad nasty things you only feel are necessary to describe Raytown. And to think it took you an extra week to come up with one other property. The way it sounds it did not take " Truth Watch " long to come up with all the hate, control theories, read the constitution

Anonymous said...

If the police chief and fire chief have to live in Raytown why not the EMS chief? The city administrator is a no brainer...of course. The house on Westridge was purchased FTP avoid a lawsuit from a shady developer after the zoning refused to allow him to build on it. Once again we are paying for the mistakes of the city.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation, Tom. When I read Paul's post, I was confused and didn't understand how it effected me. Now I do. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes I think truth watch has the right idea; tell people what house they will LIVE in and that is their HOME cause after all WE OWN THEM!! Anyone Who works in a city position is OWNED by the city right?. I work for the school district that's where I make "My LIVING " so they own me right? So Who Owns you?

Anonymous said...

We hold these TRUTHS to be self evident; that All men are created equal

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tom for your input. Your knowledge is very helpful in the historical insurance ratings and present ratings of Raytown. So many variables. And anyone can tell you anything but a professional such as you knows and lives insurance.

Anonymous said...

After reading truth watch I now understand the bloggers comments of sustainable living and our freedoms taken away. Thought that blogger was just I stilling fear and that people couldn't believe that way; you warned us and their they are

Anonymous said...

It has been over fifty years ago since John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address and those words within it that our Nation shall never forget “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

Those words must have struck the heart of a then six year old boy named David for as we all now know has yet to find a tax he doesn’t wanted enacted on the Citizens of Raytown.

Forcing us to continue to “Do for our city” and “Not ask what our city do you you”!

Anonymous said...

The Mayor calls his plan to form an elite group of citizens to help the city move forward "City Visioning".

I call it more of the same.

He bemoans the reality that many people have lost faith in their elected officials in Raytown.

He tells us that If a citizen is someone who complains, they should stay home and complain. If a citizen wants to make improvements to Raytown, he encourages them to step up.

Quite a mouthful. No "I am sorry we have caused you to lose faith".

Just a continued whine (ironically) "complaining" about anyone who does not agree with him.

David, if things are so wonderful in Raytown why should you form this group?

If people are no allowed to say how they believe things can be improved -- how will you hear their message?

Anonymous said...

Andy while most of us see a friendly person in the city clerk some do not. There was that instance with the Doughnut lady. Some people feel if they do not receive something in the manner they wish from another that the person is to be forever labeled and forever chastised personally and publically

Anonymous said...

Truth Watch,

Thank you for telling it like it is in Raytown.

I am shocked that some find hate in the truths you included this week about the things that should be changed and if our department heads lived here that it might change them.

Too long those a city hall (non-elected) have been running our city and people still don't get the issue of then why these same people at city hall need to live in our city.

It is also sad that they don't even know where our city starts and ends....

...Makes we think it must be those same department heads that don't know anything about who they work for.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City has required all city employees to live in their city for years.

It is just part of life and something that goes with the job.

If our department heads don't want to live in Raytown that is their choice and they can move on otherwise it is time to live in the hell you have help make.

Susan Dolan said...

I am the blogger who has been warning you about 'sustainable' and ICLEI/UN Agenda21. I am glad to see that some of you are awakening to the truth of what I was sharing with you.

This issue is of immense importance as it relates directly to each and every one of you and since this is a free society (albeit gravely endangered) I will resume my posts in order that those who value their freedom can have the opportunity to learn how those freedoms are being taken away, one City Council meeting at a time.

Next: a post on the Mayor's upcoming "visioning" session. Be back soon.

Anonymous said...

So we gave the City Administrator $30,000 a year raise when the city is hurting for money.

Sounds like we need to take $60,000 a year from him.

Yes that is $30,000 for the raise and the $30,000 cut that should have been imposed and not a raise.

Susan Dolan said...

What possible logic is there in the City accepting $1K from Walmart, especially after what we've been through with them? I see no conventional wisdom in it whatsoever.

What's done on 350Hwy is done and it is costing us to police their thieves,in lost tax revenues and local business sales.

We, 'the city, vs. Bower 'the city', made it perfectly clear we want nothing more to do with them. This pitiful token gesture won't make make us forget any of what's transpired.

Anonymous said...

TRUTH WATCH, you said, "there is no time like the present to contact you Alderman and ask them why not more transparency and expiations about all the property the city owns and how the properties are being used."

Isn't that what you were going to bring to light? Sorry Pal, but your revelations fell short - flat as a pancake. In addition, your pronouncements on who should live where were disturbing, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Van Buskirk said he also doesn’t like the discount smoke shops. He went in one the other day and found a whole display case of drug paraphernalia being sold.

What place does this sort of comment from a city official have within a city meeting? Is is proper for Van Buskirk to smear 'on the record' a local business? Is he a patron of that business or was he dropping off copies of the Raytown Times? It seems that comment should evoke questions from local business owners - what if he had said he 'didn't like' YOUR business and it went on the public record? I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E

Anonymous said...

The city tell us citizens what we can and cannot do with our property so why not tell the city administrator it is time to move into Raytown or find a new job.

Best of luck with finding a job as a city administrator with a city that doesn't make you live in the city.

Susan Dolan said...

There are at least two things it seems that the new Charter Commission should be certain to include in the new City Charter. 1) All City Officials' primary residence must be within the city limits of Raytown, Missouri, and 2) there should be in-ambiguous language protecting the property rights of all those who own homes within city limits.

Anonymous said...

I see several bloggers comments that the words are off don't know if that is how the speak the English language or if words are importing wrong to this blog

Anonymous said...

Drug paraphernalia sold in our Raytown stores! Please you should be ashamed and outlawed! What message is this sending and better yet what behavior is this promoting ? Drugs and crime go hand and hand look at Independence and the issues with such. Nip it in the bud send them packing ASAP . We do not need or want those promoting such in our town. Poor Business owner? You got to be kidding me! Would you say poor pimp or poor child pornography trafficer, poor srs, poor robber

Anonymous said...

To 9:18 I trust you reported this and got the names of others who also heard this and documented the time and date badge number s and names of said EMT s because after all when we really care we want to be totally proactive and save those people we are most concerned about which is our public. Since you heard word for word the call come in it can be traced even if you do not have the exact time. I trust you did that first before getting on a blog to report it

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I want to thank Alderman Van Buskirk I question what type of business several of our local smoke shops are really in.

Selling to your point everything from as their signs say to liquor, wine, beer and adult magazines, items know in the law enforce word as drug paraphernalia (glass pipes and bongs).

Don't forget these fine retail outlets also sell soda and candy to minors.

Next time instead of knocking Alderman Van Buskirk, you should be asking why other Alderman are not speaking up against business that allow minors in their stores when they decide to deal in adults business and sell very questionable products like the glass pipes and bongs.

Anonymous said...

I remember Reaching for Tomorrow and the importance of stake holders in a community. A stake holder, as described by Reaching for Tomorrow is someone who makes and calls Raytown home.

It is disheartening to read posts from people who belittle those who want all of the leadership team in Raytown, that includes to be the department heads, to be stake holders in Raytown.

To read their posts you would think they are ashamed of their home!

Make Raytown a better place. Then make it important enough to make it your home.

The City Council has the authority and the power to make this happen. It will take determination. It will take pride in our community.

Are they up to the task?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of residency. Aren't our elected officials suppose to live in the jurisdiction they represent. There is a lot of ugly talk about one alderman who is not living in his ward. Does anyone know more about this?

Anonymous said...

To. 2:35. The business smeared themselves by displaying and selling those drug tools and I would hope it would envoke questions on the business owners part; questioning themselves why they would sell that! The alderman didn't mention the name of the local business but have them a public notice much like a warning to criminals... Are you really that colored in your hate of city officials or are you one if the druggie patrons in other words what's your stake in this

Anonymous said...

To. 6:47 he calls this plan to move the city forward city visioning ; if things are so good why would this group be needed......really? Move forward , evolution, not being stagnet

Anonymous said...

You all so funny! That blogger even gave examples of others choosing their homes. Don't know how you all missed that . It wasn't about they should or shouldn't live in your town; it was about telling them exactly what house they would be required to live in and yes that is taking freedoms away and as Ms Susan said sustainable living and freedoms being taken away. Truth watch was showing all that nazi Icle 21 stuff. Who told you what house you had to live in? Now re read it slowly

Anonymous said...

Truth Watch coined this name first on here as a blogger April 13 2010 giving information about people running for office by pulling up their property records via the county and viewing the same as any of us can do. That blog also made reference to using the term Truth Watch because it was a catching p r a s h not a phrase. They are just a blogger like all of us . And some of us know their name and all about their live and struggles and because of that we know why they write things like they do. When you know where someone came from it makes it easier to understand their mindset

Anonymous said...

To 8:19 about Truth watch .... I had to read those over and 5:53 and 2:5? Made reference to the disturbing almost communistic required living in chosen homes... Your truth watch went off target , better luck next time you write.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor's litmus test for being a part of his "city visioning" is that you may not see fault in anything he does or has done.

Like misleading the public on a Downtown Walmart Grocery Store application. Or breaking the city's promise of more police for support of a public safety sales tax.

Or holding back information about the YMCA closing down from the public because YMCA officials asked him to.

He wants to form the committee because he is running out of Aldermen to carry his water.

By the way. The City Manager of Lee's Summit lives in Lee's Summit. Unlike our city administrator, he did not refuse to move to the town that pays him over six figures in salary.

One final question. I've seen this pop up on this blog a number of times.

Is one of our Aldermen not living in the ward they represent? If true, it is high time to stop talking about it behind closed doors and let the public know.

Anonymous said...

8506 westridge has had an interesting life it had been listed as an Oxford house for men and a town and country landscape , history is always interesting

Anonymous said...

To all our Raytown citizens and to those who work in Raytown. School will open Monday August 19: please be careful to watch for our students walking, riding bikes and waiting for the bus

Anonymous said...

It seems some are really upset with the idea of using the homes owned by the city as residence for the same department heads that will not move here. One has it within their contract, but keeps talking the members of the Board of Alderman into removing it. One other has moved, but didn’t make Raytown his home and since his move every year there is a downward side in the outward image of his department.

As for those that want to think we should be like Lee Summit fine, let us have department heads that keep our city services up like those of Lee Summit.

However just from driving around Lee Summit and Kansas City it is clear our appearance overall currently matches that of Kansas City a city that requires all city employees to live in the city.

Anonymous said...

To 9:01 PM, yes I called city hall yesterday and asked to speak with the city administrator. I was informed by a woman he was out of the office and asked if she could help. I told her my complaint and was then transferred to a second woman who was pleasant enough. She took down my information and said they would investigate what had happened. When I asked if I could be contacted with the results of their investigation she informed me it is the policy of the city not to disclose personnel actions.

Anonymous said...

8:09 AM I agree with your statement about how the city clerk was perceived as unfriendly. Being friendly is not required of any city official. What is required is professionalism. The city clerk and I had a disagreement over a mailing procedure. I suggested a a lower cost alternative that saved the city $$. All I can say is she conducted herself in a professional manner. We had a disagreement but I wouldn't call that unfriendly.

I certainly hope that the person who observed the slow EMT response reported it. The date, type of call, and approximate time is enough. A supervisor can sure check the time log, patient chart, and outcome. Action should be taken. If that EMT's break was interrupted he/she is in the wrong line of work. When I was an EMT we responded 24/7 from home or wherever we were without complaint and we were unpaid!

I think it is stupid to provide a house for any city official. That is the official's (CA's) responsibility. At the time his living in Raytown was waived, I informed the BOA that many companies provide a moving allowance for management. That is what should be done.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know anything about the Raytown Community Alliance Legal Defense Fund?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 9:50

You said, "Don't forget these fine retail outlets also sell soda and candy to minors." According to your logic, now we'll have to close the grocery stores, quick shops and big boxes, and gas stations... who sell soda and candy to minors. What a nanny-state fan you are! You'd probably be more happy living in New York.

re: Van Buskirk's rumor I wanted to see for myself what all the flap was about so went to Discount Smoke Shop where saw a very prominent display at the counter for 2 brands of e-cigarettes and no 'drug paraphanalia' at all. Maybe Van Buskirk was just seeing what he wanted to see.

Anonymous said...

A group calling itself the “Raytown Community Alliance Legal Defense Fund” has been formed to fight the rezoning of the “Green Space” to facilitate the building of a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Grocery Store. According to an post on the website DowntownRaytown, the group has raised $35,300 of a targeted $100,000 and has a stated goal of filing a lawsuit for lack of due process. For the original post go to (July 15th edition)

Anonymous said...

If I were to become the new dictator of Raytown I’d have
A few ideas I’d like to try.
The City Administrator would have to move to Raytown or
give up half his pay. After all Raytown taxpayers think our
town is good enough for us and it is our tax dollars that he
finds in his check.
Next sell off all city owned property that isn’t necessary to
run the city.
Next get rid of half our aldermen!
Next, take the money from the selling of properties and hire
the best business lawyer and get out of the WalMart contract
has cost Raytown’s taxpayers millions of dollars.
I’d actually use our past tax increases for what the people
were promised they’d be used for, safety and street overlays.
Lastly, for now, I would enforce the codes. This lack of obeying
the law has turned this town into a trashy neighborhood. The kind
nobody wants to live around and it shows.
Sorry, one more thing. Every decision my new dictatorship
would make, would be done only if it made life better for the
people of Raytown. It’s time they got a little something for all
the taxes they have been paying.

Anonymous said...

A smoke shop as the name indicates is in the primary business of selling cigarettes. Many of these types of businesses also in the secondary business of selling liquor and cereal malted beverages from the same location, which is why it is considered the secondary business.

Now that the primary and secondary part of these types of business is established several decide to get into the sale anything business, which as many of these in Raytown have done include items know as drug paraphilia and if those in Raytown question if that is not the intent well just look at some of the tee-shirts that have a very pro-marijuana message and it doesn’t take too long to gather the associated message the business is trying to send. Many have adult magazines out in public sight. Yes, some sale soda, candy and other treats.

The problem is in the following: The law states selling no one can purchases cigarettes that are under the age of 18 and no one under the age of 21 can purchases liquor or cereal malted beverages. One must be 18 to purchases adult magazines.

So if the law has been clearly defined and the business owner has clearly decided the primary and secondary type of business they are operating why would any blogger on this or any blog want on supervised kids, those without a parent or guardian who is of age themselves to purchase at least the product from the primary business type, to be in the store. If the child is out with friends and under 18 let them get their soda and candy at a grocery store or even gas station, but they don’t need to be in the smoke shops!

Anonymous said...

To Anon 10:33

You said "I remember Reaching for Tomorrow and the importance of stake holders in a community. A stake holder, as described by Reaching for Tomorrow is someone who makes and calls Raytown home."

You are wrong. Reaching for Tomorrow was a committee formed to close the deal on the Walmart 350 Highway project and sell the taxpayers on the idea. Don't believe me? When was the committee formed? When was it disbanded? It was formed about 6 months before the City elections where David Bower was elected the first time. It was disbanded when the TIF bonds were signed. This new committee Bully Bower wants is just more of the same. He still wants the Walmart Grocery store and he doesn't want a charter. If he can get a group of good ole boys to sell it to John Q. Public, that's what he's going to do. He fooled me once. He won't fool me again.

Anonymous said...

What I cannot understand is why people are not angry at Walmart for pulling out. They had won their zoning battle. The City Council voted 6 yes to 3 no with one abstention. There was no lawsuit to stop them. The city did not get served until almost three weeks later. It is also important to remember that Walmart is not part of the injunction asked for by former Mayor Sue Frank.

All the city has to do to avoid any court costs, etc., is return the zoning on the green space back to what it was before Walmart won its application fight.

The fact that nobody is angry at Walmart for pulling out underscores the reality that most people did not want them in the first place.

By the way, I see Randy Battagler is on the attack every other week battle plan.

Did the Mayor tell you to use that tactic Randy?

I would not be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Randy Battagler really should consider getting a professional diagnosis. It must be hard to write while having to listen to all those voices inside his head talking at the same time.... Look, the man obviously has some issues. Has anyone really ever seen this guy or is he just David Bower's nom de plume? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Help me out here. I was just reading the BOA Goal Setting Session of 6/9/09 where repeated mention was made about the Babtist Church (tear it down, demolish it). Question is this - was that building structurally sound? If it was sound, was any consideration ever given to converting it into shops or a condo? Seems to me that re-purposing an historic building in an historic community would be a given.

On another note, same document, I also read of beautification/landscape more than once. So now we've got our pretty little median at 70th and Raytown Road with the monument, placard, knockout roses and a dead tree. Ya' think someone from the city could maybe, sock in a live tree and water it? After all, that probably cost an arm and a leg.

Has anyone else noticed that our new City of Raytown monuments omitted the word 'Historic' as in Historic Raytown Established 1848. It might have been nice if the city had asked John Q. Public to submit suggestions before having them made... just sayin'.

See you in the funny papers!

Anonymous said...

Dear 8/15 8:52a You wrote, "why would any blogger on this or any blog want on supervised kids, those without a parent or guardian who is of age themselves to purchase at least the product from the primary business type, to be in the store. If the child is out with friends and under 18 let them get their soda and candy at a grocery store or even gas station, but they don’t need to be in the smoke shops!" That's a ludicrous statement you made! No one said ANYTHING about wanting children to cross the threshold of a smoke shop, a bar, or a tattoo parlor. It is a parent's job to teach and their children about where they may and may not be allowed to go and to mete out justice to them if they misbehave. Don't misquote me and please step down off your soapbox.

Anonymous said...

VISIONING and the 9th Plank of the Communist Manifesto

9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.

We call it the Planning Reorganization act of 1949 , zoning (Title 17 1910-1990) and Super Corporate Farms, as well as Executive orders 11647, 11731 (ten regions) and Public "law" 89-136.

Anonymous said...

I have actually seen and spoken with Randy Battagler! He is a real person not a nom de plume. I have observed him at BOA meetings taking notes and also pictures. I was shocked at all of the phone calls he received and had to leave the meeting to take the call. How he could write an accurate report of the meeting while outside on a phone call was beyond me.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

To 8:01 am. So after your driving around our Raytown overall appearance matches that of Kansas City a city that requires its city officials to live in the city ? So our town doesn't look any different from one that city officials live in. You showing it makes no difference?

Anonymous said...

To 12:41 a m did you go into the exact same shop as van Burskirk? Didn't think he mentioned which one. You must not live in Raytown if you think there is only only one. You must not have raised kids either to be so passive about this. Are you saying the grocery store and such have drug paraphernalia so we must close them because they sell candy and soda that into e children in? Well go ahead be for drug items for sale in our town and have no idea how this can effect kids; you must use those items and clearly never raised children because anyone who has knows how it is to love and protect them and want the best for them from the get go that never ends and in addition to other children

Anonymous said...

To 7:39 I had read about The Raytown Community Alliance Legal Defense fund back in July ; but no where does it say or can I find where those funds are kept and unders whose name and is it drawing interest off the good people of Raytowns hard earned money? Other towns in the state of Mo. Have started legal funds about Walmart and are Transparent on said funds. However there retainer of Attorney has only been five thousand with the entire cost being 25 thousand. They even name their Attorney again it is very Transparent on their part. Maybe who ever has the money and has contacted their Attorney should question him or her why such a high price when towns much larger than ours are getting the job done for one fourth of the money Raytown Community Alliance legal defense fund is.

Anonymous said...

I just went to check out the Raytown Community Alliance Legal Defense Fund web page, and here is what I took away after reading it. It's a bunch of whinners and beggers. You guys are nothing more than a bunch of sore loosers.

Susan Dolan said...

RESPECT - NO ONE DESERVES IT. David Bower seems to think he and his City and Council lackeys (there are a couple of exceptions) deserve our respect. He's practically demanding it! Well, demand away. That won't make it happen because YOU HAVEN'T EARNED OUR TRUST OR RESPECT and you have a long road back to get to that point.

In their 2s, children learn that throwing hissy-fits doesn't work to get their way. All during their developing years, well-reared young adults learn that in order to become trusted, they must behave responsibly and tell the truth.

Absent that important life skill, they lie and manipulate their way through life and the net result, the bottom line, is an immature, dysfunctional, untrustworthy human being who 'wants' to be respected and throws hissy-fits when he/she is not.

Respect cannot be demanded; respect is not 'deserved'. It flows naturally to those who have demonstrated over time that they are worthy of it. RESPECT IS EARNED and ya'll haven't earned it.

Anonymous said...


A Charter is a good thing, but putting a requirement in that all city officials must live in the city will cause it once again to not pass.

Please look at the reasons we have not passed a Charter

Do you want a Charter or not?

Anonymous said...

The military is a part of the government and they tell people where they will live.

Do you have a problem with our military?

Anonymous said...

8/15 10:33,

All I can say is really?

So if the kids go into these stores and bars without parents you are okay with that as their parents should have told them not to go in the store.

Really you did everything your parents told you!

What is next you are going to tell us it is okay for these same kids to buy the smokes or beer if the store thinks it is okay to sell it to them.

Maybe it is okay if that business down at Noland Road and 350 lets kids go in. Is that okay too.

You are sending very mixed message of what is and is not okay.

By the way, I hope you as a parent taught you child to buy their pants based on their waist size and not the largest waist size they could find as my family and the rest of Raytown doesn't need to know what type and color of underware they are have on today.

Susan Dolan said...

1:03pm - Yes, however, if it is not extremely well-crafted it may leave us in worse shape than we're in now. The devil is in the details and the Committee will have to be very mindful of overlooked loopholes that can be used to take advantage.

I suggested that residency requirement due to the tremendous amount of conversation on that topic within this blog. I still believe it's a good idea.

I do find it hard to believe that residency requirement was the reason the previous attempts to succeed with a Charter failed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous August 16, 2013 at 8:13 AM
Here is what I took away from reading your post. You are nothing more than a slanderous coward hiding behind an anonymous post. Thanks? for sharing your venomous, non-factual thoughts.

Anonymous said...

To 4:46p I have not told anyone what is or is not okay to do. The fact of the matter is that we have too many telling too many others what they may and may not do. Life is full of pitfalls and one has to exercise good judgement/make good choices in order to avoid them. What I did say is that good parenting provides a child with the guidance needed to make good choices for themselves. As to the underwear.... that's none of your business.

Anonymous said...


You are correct the underwear is none of anyone else business

So as 4:46 said please teach your kids to buy pants that fit and maybe even a belt would help not only with the pants not staying up, but with making sure they know right from wrong.

Anonymous said...

To. 8:13 am and 9:43 pm. Are you by chance the same person with multiple personalities? This is too funny

Anonymous said...

Looks as if no one else has been able to shed light on the funds of The Raytown Community Legal Defense Fund other than " they" are still accepting money and the amount "they" have collected. Who is the treasurer? The Raytown Alliance surely should make it transparent of the interest gained and the name of the Attorney where the people s money is going. What's the secret?

Anonymous said...

So we have some guy from India as our City Administrator, who is not required to live in the city, but the two former City Administrators were.

Sounds like reverse discrimination.

Anonymous said...

Discrimination knows no race sex or creed : there is just one discrimination

Anonymous said...

What is being built on 350 near Denny's and the Gran-Prix place?

Anonymous said...

It strikes me as odd that the neighborhood watch people do not realize harassment when they see it and they continue to support a neigbor who appears to lack in the area of humanity on many levels. Is there a limit to the number of complaints that can be filed by one person against another. I have lived in upscale neighborhoods in Kansas with Neighborhood associations, and never experienced what my daughter is experiencing. Soon I suspect a harrassment charge will be filed as I have referred my daughter to a lawyer. My daughter is targeted and it is clear.

Anonymous said...

The Raytown Times is NOT a community newspaper in the broadest sense of the terms. In is a failing, radically right wing missive, started by a gentleman who failed in a previous effort to produce the much same thing, (with pure profit in mind as well) and incidentally, left a lot of good community members and subscribers twisting in the wind stuck with unfulfilled your uncompensated subscription fees, as well as paid up advertising

Now we have this same person, abusing, cajoling, insulting, berating and haranguing the local public that he needs to be supported, and DEMANDS that 3,000+ local residents pony up $30.00 a year for his miserable neocon rag.

Got news for that publisher. There are plentiful supplies of adult diapers available in stores today, and one can be certain enough oversize nipples to fit over the top of common beverage containers, while commiserating about "falling" and breaking a rib, a common happening when someone has ingested copious quantities of the nations favorite drug. Ethyl alcohol, in its may commercial forms.

Got news for that publisher. No one asked us to establish a base of operation in Raytown, and no one is obligated to give us handouts, TIFF's Subsidies, and crooked property tax kickbacks which drain and ruin the local economy

Raytown has enough on its plate to fund, rather than support, (under extreme duress), and extremely unreadable and unlikeable propaganda machine.

As to neediness, this person has no place, at any time, and for any reason without limitation, to DEMAND that the public support him, carte blanche, especially with the extremely pinched and assumptive perspective that guides his own social thinking and political commentary, if one would even lower themselves to dignify the phrase.

Ludicrous! You sir made you own bed, no one asked you, and the public does not OWE you for this fantasmagorical, ugly and bigoted ongoing series of diatribes against the public at large, who are, believe it or not, pretty quick on the uptake.

Who gives a blazing damn about your personal (boo-hoo)foibles? Since when is it the established style for other editorial writers in other incredibly worthy local community papers (Look to Lee's Summit and Independence), and burden the public with all this pap.

Until you stick to reporting on a concise, not personal, AND non biased bases, you are doomed to follow your mostly unread print runs into the recycling bin, for much, much greater prospects elsewhere!

Shame, sir, Shame