Sunday, August 4, 2013


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EDITOR'S NOTE: The author of the Truth Watch column has asked for another week to put the finishing touches on his story. Watch this space next week for Part 2 of "Property Management" by Truth Watch.

Sales Tax Questions to Appear on April Ballot?

In an unexpected move Mayor David Bower has allowed a proposed ordinance setting the date for two sales tax elections on April 8, 2014.

The two sales tax questions are a renewal of a one-half cent sales tax for Transportation and a 3/8 cent sales tax for Capital Improvements.

The move by Bower comes as a surprise because the sales taxes do not expire until November of 2016. That places the question before the voters over two years before the taxes expire.

No explanation was given in the agenda packet distributed by City Hall as to why the question was being submitted to the voters so early.

One group that is not too pleased with placing the sales tax questions on the ballot on April 8th are proponents of the formation of a Charter Commission.

“This will only muddy the waters and confuse voters,” said Sandy Hartwell, a former member of the Raytown Board of Aldermen who plans to run for the Charter Commission. 

Hartwell pointed out that the city will be holding municipal elections in April of 2015, more than one and one-half years before the two sales taxes expire.

“It would make more sense, and save the city money, to hold the tax question elections in 2015,” said Hartwell. “It makes one wonder if the Mayor and some of the Board of Aldermen are purposely trying to undermine the Charter process.”

She may have a point.

Sources inside of City Hall tell the Raytown Report that more than half of the Board of Aldermen plan to file for seats on the Raytown Charter Commission. Some of those possible candidates have made it clear they do not support any significant changes in the way Raytown is governed.

The bill placing the ballot question on the April 8, 2014 ballot will receive its first reading on Tuesday night’s agenda (August 6th). The second reading is scheduled for Tuesday, August 20th – at which time the Board of Aldermen is expected to vote on the question.

Board Should Reject Ultra-Early Ballot Questions BY GREG WALTERS

The two sales taxes were originally approved by Raytown voters in November of 2006. The taxes are set to expire November of 2016.  That is over two and one half years after an April 2014 election. City elections are already scheduled for April of 2015.

Former Ward 4 Raytown Alderman Sandy Hartwell explained it best.

She told the Raytown Report, “Since the 2015 ballot has more ballot items (the School and Fire Districts are also scheduled to hold elections at that time), the city’s share per ballot item is a fraction of the cost compared to 2014 election.”

According to City Clerk Teresa Henry, the Jackson County Election Board has advised the City of Raytown to hold the Charter Election on April 8, 2014. State Statutes are very clear of the timeline required to hold a Charter Election once petitions have been received from the public.

However, the City’s hands are not tied to holding the sales tax elections to any particular ballot. The city would save more money if they held the tax elections in November of 2014 during national mid-term elections or April, 2015 during regular local elections.

In other words, from an economic point of view, and they are always bemoaning that they have no money at city hall, it makes absolutely no sense to hold the sales tax renewal elections when the Charter question goes before the people.

The Board of Aldermen should reject the ultra-early ballot dates for renewal of the two sales taxes for a number of reasons.

  1. It costs the city more money to hold the election at that time.
  2. The Charter question should be allowed to stand or fall on its own merits.
  3. Placing the sales tax questions on the ballot at the same time as the Charter question may hurt both renewal of the taxes and the Charter question chances of approval.

Quit Playing Games With Important Issues BY PAUL LIVIUS
Fresh off a humiliating defeat by the public Raytown’s Mayor and Board of Aldermen appear to be poised to spit in the face of the public again.


Do these guys and gals have a political death wish or what?

It is no secret that some members of the Board are less than pleased with efforts by the public to form a Charter Commission to find better ways to govern Raytown.

But their hands are tied on that issue. State law requires them to hold a Charter Election because the public legally petitioned the City to form a Charter Commission.

So the powers that be at City Hall have shifted gears. If they have to hold an election to form something they do not want, they will find other ways to defeat the measure at the polls.

The first salvo was fired last week when the City’s unofficial mouthpiece, the Raytown Times, was loaded with editorials bemoaning the Charter effort.

You can see the gears slowly turning in their heads.

Throw some tax increases onto the ballot at the same time. That ought to bring out some no votes.

The BOA knows very well they do not “have to” do this.

On the other hand, maybe they are trying to commit political suicide.

Combining Ambulance Service with Fire Department

A lot of the conversation on this blog and other news sources has been focused on the merits of a Charter vs. Fourth Class City government.

Which is interesting because that discussion has already been settled. Next April the voters in Raytown will decide whether or not to form a Charter Commission. End of story.

The real story taking place at Raytown City Hall is a debate on the merits of combining the city ambulance service with the Raytown Fire District.

The plan has pros and cons – and City Hall seems to be actively trying to keep a damper on public debate of the issue. Last Tuesday Ward 3 Alderman Charlotte Melson convened a meeting to discuss the matter. As Chairwoman, she tried her best to stifle open debate from members of the Fire District. Why is not known. But it was very clear from reports of the meeting that her attempts were unsuccessful.

At one point a frustrated Fire Department representative complained that the Melson was trying to make the City and Fire Department pass notes to each other like school children.

It is hard tell which way the Board is leaning. Even the Mayor, who is usually in the forefront of such issues seems to have backed away from taking an official stand.

Here are the two predominant arguments we have been able to gleam from conversations with Aldermen and Fire Department representatives at the meeting.

Proponents of the merger point out that combining the two services would save on the cost of manpower. Most, if not all, Fire Department personnel have taken training qualifying them to serve on an ambulance. By combining the two services, manpower costs would definitely be lowered. How much is debatable.

It is also true that there is concern because of an agreement between the Raytown Fire Department and the Kansas City Fire Department over what is called “Automatic Aid”.

All emergency services practice what is called “mutual aid”. It a set of guidelines by which one department can call on another in an emergency situation for help.

Conversely, “automatic aid” has to do with a recent change of dispatching services to the Raytown Fire Department. Calls used to be received and dispatched through the Raytown Police Department. Under the new agreement, calls are dispatched through the Kansas City Fire Department.

Opponents to the merger claim that Raytown is making more calls to Kansas City than Kansas City to Raytown. Such calls are said to have slowed down response times in Raytown – which has traditionally been very quick within the city. The “automatic aid” agreement (it is alleged) has cut into Raytown’s response time.

The merger has other complications as well. If completed, the Fire Department will be in charge of the day to day operation of all emergency ambulance services. However, the city will still hold the license and handle all billing procedures.

It is an interesting debate that makes the outcome difficult to determine. A firm date for the next meeting between Fire Department officials and Raytown City officials has yet to be set. 

We will post the time and place once it is made public.

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Anonymous said...

What I don’t understand is, why is the city wanting to continue any of these special taxes.

I mean the elected officials last June / July demonstrated we had a surplus of money flowing in when they were able to give our city administrator a $30,000 raise. Keep I mind with the matching taxes the city has to pay that was much more than the amount we are aware of.

We also have to ask why we need these special taxes when we have so much money that fund the best pension plan anywhere for our police department.

I am sure the Wal-Mart on 350 Highway is bring in so much sales tax we are within a few years of having those bonds paid off.

Anonymous said...

More out of control teens on the news, when are we as a society going to hold the parents accountable!

Anonymous said...

To everyone that says Raytown has nothing positive going on look again at the number of special taxes we have.

Now that is a truly proud moment!

Anonymous said...

Now for actual positive things going on in Raytown.

Join the police and many others at Kenagy Park this Tuesday night.

Get there early and enjoy a free hot dog will supplies last!

Anonymous said...

Walmart does not bring our city one penny in sales tax revenue. It ALL goes to pay the debt of the so-called economic development district on 350 Highway.

That is Mayor Bower's 30 year gift to the city of Raytown. Nearly 20% of our sales tax dollars never to make it to city hall.

Call city hall and ask them for a breakdown of where the sales tax money from walmart goes. You will get your eyes oopened.

Pat Casady said...

Come on people. You knew this was coming.
City Hall wants no part of a Charter. They will pull every
dirty trick they can to sabotage or get it voted down before
it can get started. You can’t really blame them. They
don’t want the citizens of Raytown to be in their way.
Bower putting a tax increase on the same ballot shows
they don’t want it. It could take the empire out of City
Hall’s hands.
I just hope the people will remember the past tax increases,
first the safety tax, this money, we were told, would all
go toward new equipment and hire more officers. None
of the money would go into the general fund to be spent
any way the city wanted to spend it. Guess what in made it’s
way into the general fund. Then we had the “Street overlay tax”
I really don’t have to explain this one, just drive on our streets!
My point is this, they know people don’t want any more taxing
and they are banking that the few people that do vote will
vote a sweeping “NO” on everything in the ballot.
Those of us that think Raytown needs a Charter need to inform
the people on what is going to happen and why it is happing.
If the people want a Charter they will need to know to NOT
vote for any aldermen that are against it in the first place.
The people need to ask the people running for the charter
Commission what their stand is on it and keep records as to
what they say. Because in the end they are there only to sabotage
the project.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to a neighbor the other day. She complained that when she called the police the dispatcher has old her she will not send the police to investigate unless my neighbor will sign a complaint.

What on earth is this? Do you have to join a debating squad to get the police to respond to a complaint in this town. This is so twisted and messed up. I hope Jim Lynch reads this so he can have a talk with his dispatchers.

No wonder people in Raytown are upset with the RPD.

When you call to ask for help you should not have to debate a dispatcher on whether or not she will place the call for help.

Anonymous said...

No hot dogs for me, thank you anyway.

Doesn't really matter. I don't get back home from work to Raytown until about 6:30. Can anyone explain to me why they start these events so earlyin the day? It would seem to make more sense to wait until it cools down a little in the evenign and everyone can attend.

Don't understand the "positive" comment.

I think the Raytown Report is a blessing for Raytown. It is the only source we have for honest news of city hall.

Keep up the good works guys.

Anonymous said...

The reason these events are held so early is because the out of town department heads are expected to attend and they live too far away to go home and then come back. It's more convenient for them to have the events start early so they can put in a appearance then go home.

Anonymous said...

Greg, I both live and work in Raytown. I am an LPN working at one of the larger residential care facilities in Raytown, a job which I have had for the past six years. I know first hand how hard some of the emts and firefighters work and how hard some do not. I also know that Raytown only has two ambulances and we ofter see Kansas City (MAST) when Raytown is out of ambulances. I for one don't believe the average citizen knows how often there is not an ambulance around when you need one. We are constantly being told we have to wait when we call for a transport. I work nights mind you so I rarely send patients for non-emergent reasons.

As far as the merger goes, I can tell you as a provider and a citizen I could not care less who shows up as long as they do when I need them to. The fire department has fine personnel and I have seen them give as good or better care than some of the emts. I watched the video and it seems the city and fire agree it will save a lot of money and that is always a good thing. We have all asked the emts and fire about it and it seems the only reason they can come up with against it is "they dont want it". Oh sure the emts all raise various concerns that are vague at best, but I have yet to hear a real reason against.
I guess what I am saying is if it is the same as we are already getting and even a 1.00 cheaper, then I am for it. If the only reason you are against it is for personal reasons, I say too bad for you and I wish you success in moving on. Paula J. LPN

Anonymous said...

If you really want to help fight crime in Raytown, if you're really against it, go to tonight's City Hall meeting instead!

That's where it's all stemming from, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

The police can not sign a complaint for most crimes. If you want something done, you actually have to be willing to be involved and prosecute. And yes, your neighbor then has a right to face their accuser. Check the constitution and get involved if you want something done, instead of complaining about the police.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break, No dept. heads ever attend these things like "crime night out" or for that matter anything else they are not required to attend. They run for their lives to get out of Raytown when the clock says 5:00pm. Our police officers are out there all of the time and yes, that's their jobs but shouldn't we support them on these speacial times? We also have a citizens group I seen out at different times a day and evening. It is my understanding that they work with the police dept. when they need help on accidents etc. I'll bet they will be there as well. Let's all support all of them who try to keep our city safe for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I do not think my neighbor wanted to see anyone arrested for playing music too loud. Just wanted someone with authority to go by and ask them to be considerate of others.

The police would do themselves a big favor with their battered image if they would take that approach.

Instead you get dispatchers setting down conditions for the p.d. to even show up!

Bet they don't tell that to the good folks at Walmart.

Come on Pollyanna. Don't you think there is room for some improvement in Raytown?

Anonymous said...

Before we think about renewing taxes, we need to luck at what positions we can cut and / or combine at city hall.

I really don't think we need all those department heads to start with.

Next we all know half of the police department all have desk jobs that could be done by less expensive non-commission personnel. With the pension plan being a costly mess this too would be a great place to cut.

Come on David Bower you are the one that ran and said it is time to run the city like a business and any profitable business is going to cut the waste and the first place they all start is those employees that are dead wood.

Anonymous said...

To Paula j good for you; nice to see someone in the field speak up! Thank you for the job you do; I know it is not an easy one and takes a very special person ; thanks for being that special person

Anonymous said...

To. 8:37 I'm sure we could all use improvement! "Polyanna" as you labeled the blogger; was just expressing their thought just like you ; however with one exception

Anonymous said...

To 7:55p The Raytown citizen's group you mentioned that is supposed to be preventing crime is a real Barney Fife joke. Two years ago while 3 neighbors were robbed, they had the audacity to brag about their efficiency.

During that time, I called Raytown PD while home alone one evening after hearing something unusual in my back yard. They came right away and checked it out to my satisfaction.

If you really care about protection, form a Neighborhood Watch. Knowing your neighbors and watching out for each other is a huge improvement over relying on the local Barney Fife wanna-be members of the local citizen's group.

Greg Walters said...

Paula J:

We were just trying to put out the word on the possible merger. No other newspaper or blog has even mentioned the story. After discussing the events of the last meeting with Aldermen and Fire officials who were present and listening to their take on the merger we published the story you read.

Editorially, we have not taken a position on the merger. To us, it is a work in process. We hope the BOA, Mayor Fire District, Firemen and Paramedics come up with a solution that both cuts costs and improvements service in Raytown.

From our discussion with the above mentioned folks -- they still have a way to go to make that happen.

Anonymous said...


"No other newspaper or blog has even mentioned the story."

I saw a video of the whole meeting on a local blog.

Anonymous said...

The police do a fairly good job of responding -- most times. The complaints filed by Jim DeLong and witnessed by other individuals, show that there have been times when the police fall short in their response.

The major complaint I hear from people is about the dispatchers. There seems to be a tendency to be argumentative with people who are calling for assistance.

It is not a dispatcher's job to debate or lecture when called upon for assistance.

They should remember that the folks calling are trying to do the right thing. They are not trying to solve the problem themselves. They are not calling on the people in authority for help.

Fall short on that end of the service and you run a real chance of people giving up on help from the police and trying to solve the problems themselves.

That is a recipe for disaster.

Anonymous said...

citizens solving the problems themselves? A grand idea! Do I hear 9mm, shot gun? Just ask the guy on 59th street who shot the guy stealing his pick up truck. Good for him!!

Pat Casady said...

I don’t really understand why it is that some of the
people on this site seem to rag on the Police, Fire
and EMT units of Raytown. We have a great Police Dept.
that is shorthanded and tied down by City Hall. Raytown
has some of the best Firemen and women along with
the EMT’s in the area. But it seems that almost every
time things are going bad in this town people take it
out on these services.
Every problem this town has is a direct result of City Hall.
Any town USA elects everyday people like you and I,
and they proceed to tell professional people how and
what they should do and how they should do their jobs.
Police, Firemen and EMT’s are trained professionals
how in the Hell can some person with no training tell
these people how they should
run their departments and do their jobs?
If you have a complaint for any of these services, I suggest
you talk the department heads of each and keep our so called
elected representatives out of it. You will get better results and find
that these are some pretty helpful and knowledgeable
professional people. I have talked to many or our service
professionals and I can tell you every one of them could
make more money somewhere else but they like our town
they have chosen Raytown to work, protect and try to
better. I would like to see any one of our elected officials
do even half the things these people have to deal with
every day. Another thing, not a single one of these people that put
their lives on the line, supply emergency medical help or
protect our property received a thirty thousand dollar a
year raise!
I’ll get off my soapbox now.

Anonymous said...


What are you talking about?

Let’s keep in mind the following the police department is ran by an individual that is elected. He is also certified as a law enforcement officer who under the state statue couldn't hold the office let allow run for it.

Therefore why would he not be qualified for managing the day to day function of the police department?

With this in mind should he then not be held accountable for the dispatchers and their attitudes towards those that call them requesting services?

Have you attended a fire board meeting and / or spoken with members of the fire board? These are elected officials, but you might be surprised to learn that one is actually a retired fire fighter. I would think this would give him the back ground and experience to understand the day to day needs in maintaining a successful fire department. By the way the fire department is under the Raytown Fire District, which is not operated by the mess we find leading city hall. They are however as is the school district and any other taxing entity the release on property taxes impacted by bad decisions like the Wal-Mart on 350 Highway.

That leaves the only department that you mention being EMS. While I am sure we all question what elected individual at city hall has the insight in managing EMS based on their back ground, we all must thank them for promoting this last time within.

I mean if the guy that was promoted to running the day to day operations was not qualified to do so why was he working for us in the first place. Should are government employees be the best we can find and with that being the case be the type of people who are qualified to move up within the department they are in after all Bower and many of the Alderman remind us of the Professionals we have so we should expect nothing less.

As for speaking with the department heads might I wish you the best of luck as we have yet to have any department head in the last six years that has been over codes and done anything? Drive down any street and the number of violations is on a growing increase while enforcement is near none existence or should I say only appears enforced when someone starts screaming about an issue in their neighborhood and even those cases are questionable if you get out and start talking with the neighbors. Yes, the very same people who have spoken with the department head for code and got a response we are either working on it or the issue was taken care of only for the neighbor to look out there window and still see the mess.

The one thing we can agree on is we have problems at city hall and until the department heads pay is reduced to reflect their inability to manage the departments they run we will continue to have problems.

Now I will get off my soapbox.

Anonymous said...

Here Yea August 6, 2013 at 8:21 AM !!! .... and I agree that City Hall has left them short-handed and tied down. Except for 2 truly & consistently conservative (sane) Aldermen, Emerson & Jason Greene, our people 'On The Hill' need to take their crazy pills and get in touch with reality because they're bringing the house down (and not in a good way).

Anonymous said...

To Pat Im In agreement with you ; our Police , Fire, Emts are great . They put their lives in DANGER for us on a daily basis . They are RESPONSiBLE for each and ever one of us. What a heavy burden a d SELFLESS Cts they perform........ How many of those complaining can say the same about thief jobs or lives; we speak up

Anonymous said...

National night out against crime a d only a hand full of Local Towns are putting on events; Glad Our Town is one of them!

Anonymous said...


I think for the most part we have good people working in police, fire and EMS departments.

However, we all know that no business is without a few bad apples, but do we know if any bad apples in Raytown are being moved on.

If not anyone that knows about these bad apples are part of the problem.

Again not saying we have any now, but I can tell you we did have a few years ago and the PD not sure what happen to the guy, just glad he is not part of our department anymore. He never wanted to listen to anyone and always thought those who had the police called out were actually the bad guys. Good one as I don't know many bad guys that call the cops.

I don't know who in town has not heard the issues with the past director, and I am sure based on what has been said we are best he was moved on.

The point is yes most are doing a good job, but you can never say that they all are.

Anonymous said...

Watched the BOA meeting tonight. Most interesting discussion about the SuperSplash Pool. I didn't know it was so successful.

Apparently it is losing money hand over fist. Guess those professionals they hired in to turn it into a profit making machine dropped the ball.

I don't know whether this BOA is just plain unlucky or plainly naive.

Some folks I know built a pool specifically so they would not have to go to Super Splash to go swimming.

The place has problems but as long as the park board and BOA continue to act like there are not problems look for it to continue to be a black hole sucking away tax dollars from things like street repair and police protection.

Anonymous said...


I've never been there and it's so poorly publicized, I never knew where it was until last weekend when traveling as a passenger, I saw an off-street sign for it. I guess it was its' entrance. Is this place supposed to be a secret?

A new neighbor mentioned she'd taken her toddler there once but that the $9.00 admission was too expensive for them to go very often. My jaw dropped when she talked of the price --- that's absurdly high and is probably a good part of why it is operating a such a loss.

Anonymous said...

Did any of you participate in the National night out against crime?

Pat Casady said...

OK, as for my past much too long and not quite to
the point note, I will try again to get my point
across. I meant the Board of Aldermen. And
yes we have three new aldermen one of which
has already gone to the dark side.
I just think if a person has a problem, instead of going
before the BOA they should try the department heads
(if they can be found…codes etc.)
they should know their department better than the rest.
I know our Police Chief is an elected official but, I think
a person should at least try to talk to the department
head first.
We all know who really has or wants to have total
control over this town and all the people in it, along with
everything that goes on within.
Let’s face it, with our genius’s giving one person a huge raise
in pay and none of the rest of the department heads or
any other city employee receiving a big raise. There has to be
some feelings of why try. I’m just happy most if not all
other employees do try to help us.
Before anybody suggests tar and feathering me, NO
I didn’t think everybody should have gotten a thirty thousand
dollar a year raise.
I didn’t and don’t think it should have been done at all.

Anonymous said...

I was at the National Night Out Against Crime. There was a nice crowd. The temperature was a little warm, but not as bad as the year before. The food this year was presently welcomed by all.

There were several groups represented, but the thing that stood out was the sign about the parks department, but no one was at the event an there was not any handouts on the table assigned to them.

After reading the posting about the Board of Alderman meeting and the issue with Super Splash and piece several weeks ago from Jim Delong it is clear our once wonderful park system is head down hill fast.

Maybe it is just me, but if our current Park Director continues to take our parks in this direction it is time he is moved on and can spend more time at his home North of the river.

Anonymous said...

Is Raytown a dying suburb?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Raise taxes...Give big raises to those who already make too much money and choose not live in Raytown. Give more money to Department Heads, who choose not to live in Raytown. Give more money to PD to buy expensive Suvs, go to so many siminars out of town that they are rarely in their offices. Even have a captain who's wife (the X mayor) is filing a lawsuit against the city. yeah!!! A great 'professional' organization to be sure...NOT!!! City hall will screw over whoever, whenever and for whatever they can. Taxpayers beware. The biggest ripoff is town is Cityhall and PD.

Anonymous said...

This is addressed to the City Administrator and Out of town Department heads who thank they know more than the citizens of Raytown. You all are nothing but a bunch of crooks who steal from Raytown to advance your own personal agendas. You care nothing about Raytown other than a paycheck for doing nothing and pretending to know it all. Give the City Administrator a $30000 a year raise who lies and refuses to live in Raytown. Hire a Finance Director who was fired from his last job for being deceitful and a another department director who can't even manage his own personal finances without filing bankruptcy. To support all of this stupidity you steal from the Police, EMS, Park department and other low paid city employees. Then when that is not enough you come after the citizens of Raytown for more money to support your greed and thievery. Enough is enough and ALL of you - including the Mayor - should be put in jail, or at least put out of office and kicked out of Raytown. What a disgrace you are to our city!

Shame, shame, shame. I am sickened by all of you.

Anonymous said...

It sure as hell ain't the "black hole" that WM350 is. What a bogus smoke screen for all you Bentonville lovers. Follow the sewerline that ends in Arkansas, thee you will find the liquid gold that has been flushed down the toilet, and worse yet, added to before soon by the grocery store THAT IS GOING TO BE BUILT, REGARDLESS ON THE TAXPAYERS DIME, INFRACTURE OUTLINED AND NOT OUTLINED out side the the Overlay, quick as you can say Bernie Madoff, as long as you want to keep stooging for the untrained and inept "leaders" that you keep on insisting on voting in, without any type of qualifications, and with all new crushing taxes, bond issues, special levies, condemnations, and virtual scrapping of public services.

Anonymous said...

To 10:33 Super Splash it was originally Raytown Beach when I was a kid then Raytown Swim Club when my kids were little and when my Grandkids were little it became Super Splash. Years ago a billboard at Raytown rd and Blue ridge was about it. There are permanent sign markers for it ; one being at 59th and Blue Ridge. Every year I receive a letter in with my sewer or water bill in April or May that tells about summer Library, Movies at the park, Kenagy fishing derby and Super Splash early group tickets, swimming lessons and times, and discount family night after a certain time. If you live in Raytown and receive these bills you will get the notice and these fliers have also been in City Hall, The Raytown Library Branch, and inside the Water Co. I always save it to my frig for the Grandkids in the event their parents my sons and daughters end up just throwing them out and only saving the bill part. I understand how busy parents can miss seeing alot of things.

Anonymous said...

To 10:09 AM. I made it to the night against crime @ 6:30pm and it was soooo packed had to park in the adjoining neighborhood with several other cars. ALL the tables were filled with people and groups couldn't see a table assigned for the park dept. since all were filled . The library group had hand outs but most of them were helping with the hot dogs and other group members helped with the chips some with the lemonade . The dog catchers were there, the sewer line workers, the fire dept, , The EMS, Police, I thought the man who was doing the raffle had a park board shirt on. The rescue dogs were interesting. Then if you went to the south end of the parking lot a map was set up and you could check out , learn and visit with each person at various entities . I liked the tour of the mobile command unit and saw the man actively manning dispatch from there. L.SPD bomb squad put on a demo . Oh and even Citizen Patrol were at a table........ What a CROWD!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the clearification

Anonymous said...


Detroit MI was the prototype for what Bower/ICLEI/MARC/HUD/DOT/EPA/Chamber of Commerce/APA/Agenda21/United Nations are doing to us and countless other cities across America.

Appeal to vanity calling vile programs 'Smart' Growth, etc. Form NGO's (MARC, Sierra Club, etc.) and enlist existing NGO's (Chamber of Commerce, etc) to lobby and infiltrate gov't from the Federal down to the local level. Stage false flag about climate change, hold pre-staged consensus meetings and tell cities (falsely) what they said they want then tell them what they need (at staggering expense during America's worst economy since the 1929 depression). Have NGOs back up these stupid plans that have been PROVEN not to work. Have Mayor(s) implant city gov't with his own economic development and planning/zoning 'czars' and councilmen. Change zoning, change codes from national to international(UN). Get Federal grants to start construction WITHOUT any city vote on any of it. Select developers behind closed doors and give them huge tax and codes incentives. Erode the tax base - Destroy property values - then, Raise utility prices, Raise taxes, Require homeowners and businesses to adhere to new building codes at a cost they can't possibly afford so that you can fine them out of their property. Declare their properties blighted & take them by eminent domain (called a land-grab) at far below their true worth. Move the new homeless into your new cramped 'sustainable' projects with high rents, strip them of their freedoms and make them work for you in return for an unsustainable pittance of a wage.

Raytown, welcome to Detroit! You're closer than you know and you're still narrowly focusing on the symptoms rather than the cause.

Withdraw Raytown from ICLEI and Agenda21.

Anonymous said...

I was happy to see Aldermen Emerson, VanBuskirk and Jason Greene at the Night Out event. Last year I dont remember seeing a one.

Anonymous said...

What on earth has all this crypto babble conspiracy got to do with Raytown. You are in the wrong place. Try learning something about a few of the organizations you name, disparate as they are to each other and to Raytown. Another "smokescreen" thrown up by Bentonville to further confuse an already addled, but angry Raytown populace, with subliminal Militia undertones. Throwing out a bunch of disconneted disinformation gets you on a par and more with the late R.M. Nixon, of no blessed memory, neocon of the extreme, destroyer of community. Bring issues you think are in conflict with local mismanagement of our tiny disadvantaged and poorly educated electorate, Be concise, and objective instead of wasting anyone's time with aftermaths of a bad crystak meth session with 120 proof rotgut corn likker.

Stay on point. This is Raytown, not the Mafia capital of the midwest. We have enough problems to deal with here at ground level rather than someone and somewhere else's "black helicopter" fantasies.

Anonymous said...

No explanation was given at the BOA meeting as to why such an early renewal date on the sales taxes either.

My guess is that they are doing so because they are afraid it will not pass adn want to bring the sales tax increases up again at a later time if that happens.

I agree that the BOA does not seem to be in step with any sort of plan for a Charter.

They act like they fear the idea.

Anonymous said...

Alderman Mock was also at the event this year. Thanks guys for caring about Raytown!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget all the good taxpaying citizens who showed up as well. Their taxes paid for the governmental people in attendance.

Anonymous said...

2 of the 3 Fire Board Members were present and 1 of Public Water Board Directors

Anonymous said...

To 11:50 am Does it just get to you that much that we as a community got together in celebration and unity of The 33rd National Night Out Against Crime? Yes we all pay taxes on our homes, cars, gas, groceries, income.etc No one had to be there no one paid anyone to be there ; we all come of our own free will.. I'm glad to have a job I pay taxes on a home I pay taxes on etc. And Im GLADTHere Are So Many That Know the SPIRITof Community

Anonymous said...

To 11:50. I believe it has ready been said about the crowds of people who came out to night out against crime but thank you for mentioning it again. Thank you to all the tax paying citizens who came out to show your unity as a community and get to know your neighbors..... Together we can

Anonymous said...

We should also thank the one department head that attended.

Director of Public Works.

Susan Dolan said...

Missouri has a budget surplus of over $400 million and some politicians and special interests want to spend that money in Jefferson City instead of returning it to taxpayers.

There are only 32 days to let our Legislators know we'd like them to override Gov. Nixon's veto of the bill which would lower taxes by the first time in over 100 years.

Please go to and where you can read about how this issue and send a letter in support of it.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Had our esteemed public workds director not been at the day in whcih we all banded together to fight crime in Raytown I do not know what we would have done!

Check More Sources said...


Stop watching those commercials on TV and reading the hype.

There is no surplus of money unless you are willing to start cutting programs.

From conversations with some state Reps MO is already looking at several hospitals closing in rural MO within the year if funding is not found.

What services do you use, your family or your friends that you would cut?

Public Education
Food Stamps
Foster Care
Road Repair and other infrastructure

What is next you are going to tell us because of some commercials or website that Raytown has a surplus of money.

Anonymous said...

A reminder to 2:27AM You do have a short memory of last years Night Out Event. Alderman Mock was there got sick and rushed to the hospital via ambulance. So before you start putting people down get your facts straight. Hate it when people open their mouth and don't know what they are talking about!!!!

Anonymous said...

There were a lot of people at the Crime Watch Event. Can't blame BOA members for not being there. They had a meeting that night and some of them do not get home until after 6:00.

The two that I noticed were not there was the city's Public Information Officer. You would think she would have been a this public event.

the other was the Park Board Director. I was there for the entire event adn did not see him.

A friend of mine reminded me that Mr. Boji lives in Riverside. That's a long way to drvie to go home.

He used to live in Harrisonville but moved to Riverside. You think he would have thought of moving to Raytown but he chose Riverside instead.

I am sure he has a good reason.

Anonymous said...

I think we should have more Crime Watch nights. Maybe one a month. We could rotae them from park to park on Saturday nights.

That way the police would be on hand and you would not have to listen to dispatchers make excuses for not sending them when people call for help.

Anonymous said...

To. 8:53. You are way too funny. And ever so obvious. Do not let your hatred consume you. Your mockery of others joining and enjoying an evening is not healthy for you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan Dolan for pointing this out to all on here . I am sure most haven't given the commercial on T V about this a second thought. And thank you for such a concise post with so much info

Anonymous said...

To. 12:18 although Im sure that was not your meaning.... The National Night Out Against Crime which was started 33 years ago was indeed started to get the people of the community actively involved in support of the departments within ones Town to join a community effort against crime. Check it out on the web. That being said maybe in an effort not to steal your thunder; you could spear head this event and please don't forget to publicise so we may all join and make Raytown a true example of National Night Out Against Crime

Anonymous said...

To. 12:14 .... Not following your point? ? ? The BOA mtg starts at 7 pm and if as you said they would not get home till 6pm that would not give even time to let a puppy out to go potty for it would be a round trip endeavor. Hmmm. OR we're you wondering about the choice to move from Harrisonville to Riverside for I think that would depend on the individual but Im sure we could all guess umm maybe better chances for sports for a child in school or maybe an ailing Parent one needs to be near , etc.. Or better yet since you know where people live just drop them a note or visit. Personally I would choose Harrisoville but I had a friend that lived in Fairfax and lived it ( next to Riverside)

Anonymous said...

To 12:15 I would not expect the Public information officer to be at the National night out against crime( not crime watch) for the information was already posted. Maybe you meant Greg or that Randy or Micheal cause they are usually at events but as you said the BOA had a meeting the same night and since it is a National thing the days conflicted but still since it started at 5:30 and the BOA at 7, that would give them all enough time to put in an appearance ; there was a great crowd anyway don't ya think. Oh hey Riverside is just 12 mins away in traffic ; just a hop skip and jump from the OLD airport, by Fairfax . Knew a couple years ago that lived there and would visit their relative in Raytown that lived next to me, now Harrisonville is alot further had grandson play soccer there

Anonymous said...


Thanks for letting us all know about the lies about getting our money back from Jefferson City.

It seems those commercials on TV only tell the what they want us to hear, but reading through the full HB 253 and amendments we both know there truth and the actual tax increase that is coming to all of us.

Anonymous said...

Pat I read your first comment word for word and you said city hall was elected people like any one of us and that the department heads were professionals in their fields: I really don't think you were the one who should have to reintegrate ; some people read but don't C o m p r e h e n d what is read

Anonymous said...

Why do some of our police officers live outside of Raytown? Shouldn't they too live in the city they patrol?

Anonymous said...

The point is that BOA members had a meeting scheduled long before the National Night Out was announced. Some of the BOA work at jobs that are not in Raytown or have hours that take them up to almost meeting time. For instance, Alderman Joe Creamer works at a Toyota dealership. I would not be surprised to learn that he sometimes works up until 7:00 p.m. when they close down during the week. Maybe that is why he was absent from the last meeting of the BOA.

The point is that those who work later than 6:00 p.m. are husltling hard to get to the meeting on time.

The park director may live only 15 minutes away (during rush hour must take longer!)but his office shuts down tight as a drum at 5:00 p.m. The Fight against Crime has been public knowledge for months.

He could have and should have planned his schedule to be in attendance. After all, it was hosted at one of the parks he is in charge of.

Anonymous said...

Higher taxes are coming...

Call your State Rep and tell them not to override the Gov veto of HB 253

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:32AM

Creamer has missed or left early for alot of meetings. You bring the point up that he wasn't there or at the Night Out event because he has a job? Welcome to America pal, we all have jobs! If you are on the BOA you need to attempt to make these events, if you cant, maybe you shouldt be on the board.

Anonymous said...

A reminder to 10:27 AM.... who said I was putting people down? I just mentioned I didn't remember seeing aldermen at last years Night Out. Apparently you are reading too much into comments and should relax.

Anonymous said...

To 9:32 in total agreement there as said before those that work in Raytown could of made a 10 minute appearance since it started at 5:30

Anonymous said...

To 8:58 as with many other Police Departments it is not mandatory where they live; note some do still have this practice. It would be convenient to all those whom work in Raytown to live in Raytown for the simple convenience of time travel and everyday knowledge of the towns people however some as one of our bussiness owners even mentioned before that she could not find a home in Raytown she could love as much as the one in Independence. Our worlds have changed from the 1970 s and many live elsewhere even to take care of an ailing parent or children from a divorce who will not be further disrupted from a school district; lots of variables

Anonymous said...

To August 11, 2013 at 1:16 PM

I could hardly write this. I was hard to see through my tears after reading your post.

Your hypothesis about ailing parents and children of broken homes was just that and nothing more; you do have a great imagination.

It was 1 night out of 365. Most I know people plan ahead and make changes to accommodate in order to attend events that directly correlate to their professional lives.

Anonymous said...

To August 8, 2013 at 10:15 AM

Just curious. That was quite the surly little rant! Who are you talking to and what is your problem with freedom of speech?

Susan Dolan said...

To Check More Sources - August 10, 2013 at 9:28 AM
Unlike yourself, I not telling anyone what to do. What I said was, “Please go to and where you can read about how this issue and send a letter in support of it. “
The word “can” means 1. to be able to; have the ability, power, or skill to: She can solve the problem easily, I'm sure. 2. to know how to: He can play chess, although he's not particularly good at it. to have the power or means to: A dictator can impose his will on the people. 4. to have the right or qualifications to: He can change whatever he wishes in the script.

Since you reference but do not quote with whom it was you enjoyed your 'converstations', it is my humble opinion that your statements are clearly hearsay and merit no regard. How odd that you call yourself 'Check More Sources' but don't reference them and that you cannot form complete sentences. My sympathies.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Do the citizens if Raytown want to see an increase in there property value? Lets start by setting laws snd regulations thst encourage income producing families to come to the area. Why woukd they do that if their childten cant gi to sleep at a halfway decent time because of idiots that bring down the neighborjood with loud cursing music? Thats a place I want my kid to grow up for sure.