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MOVIE MUSIC: Sunshine is a 2007 British science fiction adventure thriller film directed by Danny Boyle. The film was adapted from a screenplay written by Alex Garland about the crew of a spacecraft on a dangerous mission to the Sun. In 2057, with the Earth in peril from the dying Sun, the crew is sent on a mission to reignite the star with a nuclear bomb with the mass of Manhattan. This is the signature soundtrack from the movie. Turn it up and enjoy!

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It is Time to Move On BY GREG WALTERS
Mayor David Bower is sitting in a unique position. His City is embroiled in a lawsuit over the zoning of property in which the applicant has removed himself from consideration.
Just in case you are not up to speed to the ongoing Walmart debacle at Raytown City Hall. Here is where things are:
Walmart has officially withdrawn its application to open a Neighborhood Market in Downtown Raytown.
The City has been served legal notification of a request for a Declaratory Judgment from the Jackson County Circuit Court to return the property known as the Green Space back to a Town Square Overlay development.
The Board of Aldermen voted down a proposal by Ward 3 Alderman Janet Emerson (by a vote of 8 to 2) to change the zoning for the Green Space.
The Mayor and Board should accept the reality of the situation they find themselves in.
The simple fact is that circumstances have handed them a stunning defeat. To fight on at this point is an unproductive use of city time and resources.

They are fighting a battle that has already been lost.

The sentiment of the public in Raytown has not changed. Except for a few individuals with vested interests in the Neighborhood Market development, support for the Walmart development remains extremely low.

It is not easy to accept defeat. But sometimes it is better to cut losses than to fight for a cause that cannot be won.

For the good of the community, the Mayor and Board should swallow their pride. Return the zoning of the Green Space back to its original status and move forward.

The city’s image has been bruised and battered this past summer. Our elected officials would make better use of their time in becoming more responsive to constituent needs.

City officials should recognize the reality of their situation and let the healing begin.

The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – August 20, 2013

Police Chief Jim Lynch introduced Police Office Ronald Davis, and the city clerk administered the oath.

Mahesh Sharma reported the Community Blood Center blood drive will be held at Raytown EMS in the training room, 10020 E. 66th Terrace on Wednesday, August 28th from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.  To make an appointment online go to and use sponsor code raytownems.  We can also contact Kim at 816-737-6030.

Economic Development Director, Tom Cole, gave the Aldermen the annual economic development update.  (I will report on that separately.)

The following appointments and reappointments were made on the consent agenda:

  • Deeann Stock was reappointed to the Planning & Zoning Commission.
  • Mary Phyl Dwight was reappointed to the Planning & Zoning Commission.
  • Sandra Hartwell was reappointed to the Planning & Zoning Commission.
  • Pat Riehle was reappointed to the Board of Zoning Adjustment.
  • James Cook was appointed to the Board of Zoning Adjustment.
  • Christine White was appointed to the Board of Zoning Adjustment.
The Board passed an ordinance to submit at the General Municipal Election to be held April 8, 2014 the question of whether the city shall impose a sales tax in the amount of one-half (1/2) cent for the funding of transportation purposes.  Mark Loughry told the Board this sales tax was first approved by the voters in November, 2006 with a 10-year sunset.  The city would have to raise the property tax rate 3.3 cents to replace the revenue.  In 2012, the Transportation Sales Tax generated approximately $1,036,000.00 in revenue and funded just over $1,000,000.00 in Transportation related projects.  Alderman Van Buskirk said it is very important to get the information to the voters.  The voters must know the negative impact if this tax is not renewed.

The Board passed an ordinance to submit at the General Municipal Election to be held April 8, 2014 the question of whether the city shall impose a sales tax in the amount  the amount of three-eighths (3/8) cent for the purpose of funding Capital Improvements.  This sales tax was first approved by the voters in November, 2006 with a 10-year sunset.  In 2012, the Capital Sales Tax generated approximately $815,000.00 in revenue and funded just over $1,400,000.00 in Capital related projects.  The city would have to raise the property tax rate 4.9 cents to replace the revenue.  Renewal of the existing sales tax will provide funding for Capital expenditures for City Departments.

The passed an ordinance adopting the city code relating to the regulation of pawn shops and short-term loan establishments within the City of Raytown.  The City currently regulates pawn shops and businesses offering short-term loans (i.e. payday loan and title loan business) through the conditional use permit regulations contained in the City’s Zoning Ordinance.  This ordinance proposes to amend the city code by establishing regulations governing the operation and location of these businesses in Raytown.  This would require a pawn shop and short-term loan business to obtain an annual permit from the city.  In addition, this ordinance proposes to establish distance separation requirements that would not allow a new pawn shop or short-term loan business to locate within:
  • 2,640 feet of the boundary of the City of Raytown:
  • 2,640 feet of any other property on which another pawn shop or short-term loan establishment is located;
  • 300 feet of any property legally used as a public park, school, church, or residence.
The distance separation requirements would not apply to existing pawn shop or short-term loan business currently operating within the city.  The annual permit requirement, however, would apply to all existing and new pawn shops or short-term loan businesses.
The proposed ordinance also seeks to limit the number of pawn shop and short-term loan establishments within the city limits to no more than 1 per 5,000 population based on the last census.  Based upon the current population of Raytown this would limit the maximum number to 6.  There are currently 9 short-term loan businesses and pawn shops in Raytown.  Therefore no additional pawn shops or short-term loan businesses would be allowed to open in Raytown until that number was reduced.  At such time that number would be reduced, any new pawn shops, or short-term loan businesses would be subject to the distance separation requirements stipulated in the ordinance.  Mr. Benson told the Board that change of ownership is not a new business, unless the original business ceased to operate.  He said this will also limit the distance for tattoo parlors. 

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance to expand an existing business.  Arash Kamali, on behalf of AAK Inv., LLC, is seeking approval of a Conditional Use Permit application to expand an existing “Pre-Owned Automotive Sales” business onto property located at 7409 Raytown Road.  The existing auto sales business is located on an adjoining property located to the south at 10004 East Highway 350.  A Conditional Use Permit application for the existing auto sales business, known as Vantage Motors, was approved in 2010 for the period of 10 years.  The applicant recently purchased the property at 7409 Raytown Road with the intent to expand his existing auto sales business onto the property.

The Board passed an ordinance authorizing the issuance of Sewerage System Refunding Revenue bonds.  Mark Loughry told the Board that on June 4, 2013, the Board of Aldermen passed a resolution declaring the City’s intent to issue bonds to refund the outstanding Series 2005B Sewerage System Revenue Bonds.  The purpose of the refunding is to realize interest cost savings.  In June, the present value interest cost savings was estimated at $340,000.00, net of transaction costs.  Since that time, municipal bond interest rates have increased substantially.  The current estimated net present value interest cost savings is now estimated at $123,000.00.  While this savings is considerably less than originally identified, it still exceeds the minimum savings threshold recommended by the City’s financial advisor and by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).  He asked the Board to suspend the rules and hear the second reading and pass the ordinance.

Ward 4 Alderman Bill Van Buskirk said it is very critical for the voters to understand the necessity of renewing the Transportation sales tax.  It is a fair enough statement that most would agree with.

But how that money is being spent is something that many people may question. A good  chunk of the revenue goes to pay off bonds for the Walmart Store on 350 Highway. Some place that amount at close to 20% of the sales tax collected city wide.
Another chunk of the money goes to pay for a so-called bus Area Transportation Bus Service that serves Raytown. But nearly every time I have seen the bus it is driving around darn near empty.

The Transportation Tax also pays for the extremely unpopular slurry seal the city is using to repair residential streets in place of asphalt.

Like I said, the Ward 4 Alderman has a good point about the need for the sales tax. But that is really not the issue.

Maybe he could get some of his buddies on the Board to find better ways to spend it. 

Edgewood Manor Announces Senior 5K "Walk of Life" BY PAM CARNEY

Edgewood Manor Rehab and Wellness Center has announced its inaugural Senior 5K "Walk of Life". 

The Walk for Life is a fabulous event planned for all KC area Seniors – a 5K just for THEM!  There are many 5Ks around the metro area, but not many (if any) are specifically geared for seniors.  Encourage senior wellness by exercise, getting out in the sunshine and socializing with them!  

The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 28th, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and will kick off at Edgewood Manor Rehab and Wellness Center located at 11900 Jessica Lane. This is a FREE event.

All caregivers and professionals in aging are more than welcome as well!  I believe the most valuable thing you can give someone is your time, so please, show your support of Kansas City’s senior population, represent your company at the same time and join the Seniors as they tell about their Walk of Life and what paths they chose throughout their lifetime.  A great event for already active seniors, and a fun activity for seniors possibly in facilities, because if your particular senior cannot walk, grab your favorite senior and walk them! (in their wheelchair – which are allowed)

Sponsors and donations greatly appreciated and will be recognized in future flyer distributions and at event.  Volunteers will be needed as well!  Please contact me asap if there is anything  you or your business can contribute for this event!
For more information contact Pam Carney at


Rice Tremonti Order No. 11 Re-enactment
Saturday, September 14, 2013
10:30 AM - 9:00 PM

This is the official 150th anniversary recognition of the military order that de-populated Jackson and neighboring Missouri counties in the fall of 1863 during the bitter conflict of the Civil War. Civil War re-enactors from the entire region will be on hand to re-create the scene immortalized in artist George Caleb Bingham's painting "Martial Law," which illustrates the implementation of General Order No. 11 by Union Gen. Thomas Ewing. Bring a lawn chair and experience the drama. Following the re-enactment, the Rice-Tremonti Home, one of the few surviving Jackson County homes of that episode will be open for tours.

For more information visit:



Salsa for Dummies BY SUSAN

Not long ago, I wrote of the mad love I have for my CSA. Though I adore the giant bags of fresh, delicious produce from a farm right down the street, …
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Anonymous said...

Too bad we only had 4 aldermen not support Christine White. The cronyism is thick at city hall.

Susan Dolan said...

I meant to comment on this last week. Greg, I appreciated the post and intend to get some chia.

Here's an excellent video that explains how statins cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies - as you said. It's 8 minutesa and 31 seconds long.

I was prescribed statins about a year ago and the side effects were horrible. My Dr. wouldn't help me - she just prescribed a different statin. So I quit the statins, bought a B.P. cuff, and fired the Dr. (she said I had to stay on statins for life). Diet, flax, supplements and exercise got me back on course.

Susan Dolan said...


Oops - forgot to give you the link to the video. Here you go:

Anonymous said...

Excellent editorial! My sentiments exactly. It is high time City Hall started recognizing that the people in Raytown are just as important as the corporations that would have us pay them to set up a store in our town.

Pat Casady said...

Can somebody PLEASE tell me why the good
people of Raytown keep falling for the stuff that
keeps coming out of City Hall? It’s bad enough
we had to put up with all the lies about the WM
Neighborhood Market grocery store but now they
want to slide in another way to pay for their mistakes
of the past. The 350 hwy WalMart! Why don’t people
remember the street overlay tax? That was to
overlay our streets with asphalt, not chip and seal.
Why can’t the people remember the safety tax?
Another hidden agenda for the money. We were
told all money collected would go towards more
officers and equipment and none would go in the
general fund. Another untruth! Then we here how
bad of shape Raytown is financially, even to the point
of freezing employee wages, and the City Administrator
receives a thirty thousand plus a year raise! I used to
try and give City Hall the benefit of the doubt but,
I have no doubt now. They think the people of Raytown
are stupid and will fall for anything they say. Please
don’t make them right! Vote no on any new tax increase!

Anonymous said...

Would someone explain to me if the city has enough money for the following that we need to renew the taxes they are asking about:

1.) $30,000 for a single persons pay increase plus the additional taxes (social security and medicare) on this money the city has to pay.

2.) Money for the administrative assistant for the same single person who got $30,000 raise.

3.) Money for the public relations person who defined the raise of $30,000 for this one person and who forced the news to listen to her statements because she didn't like a business owner's statement about the large box store trying to come downtown.

4.) Money for the best pension fund in the world for our police department. Who even makes 100% of their salary at retirement and these folks will end up getting 125%.

5.) Money for how many police officers to seat up at city hall and not on the streets doing jobs that are questionable and if needed could be done by less expensive non-commission individuals.

It is clear we do not need to re-new these taxes.

Anonymous said...

Susan, Thanks for posting. I took the time to watch the video which is something I usually don't have time for.
Andy Whiteman

Susan Dolan said...

Andy, glad you took a few minutes to view the video. I'm guessing you're referring to the video by Dr. Osborne.

The crimes committed upon us come from everywhere - big pharma, big gov't, you name it. I honestly believe those who idolize money and power and sacrifice their own species to get it are clinically mad.

Anonymous said...

From reading the posts here it is very clear their is no budget crisis at city hall. Too bad the folks at city hall do not take as good of care of the city as they do themselves. I know a lot of people. But I do not know ANYONE who has received at $30,000 raise this past year. Pension funds that pay 100%! Unbelieveable!!!

Anonymous said...

I just wish the city would back off of the Walmart zoning of the Green Space so we can move ahead in Raytown. They have wasted sooooo much of their time. i wish they made as much effort in taking care of our streets.

KMCCLA said...

Independence/Eastern Jackson County Emergency Preparedness will be holding a CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) Class on the last two weekends of September (9/20,21,27,28). The class will be free, (in the past they have charged $25), and the class size is unlimited. If you are interested in helping out the community in case of an emergency, you can sign up, and find more infomation at the website --

This is great way to help out your fellow citizens.


Anonymous said...

What is with Public Works and fixing the traffic lights in Raytown.

I got out early Saturday and 63 and Raytown Trafficway was out.

Sunday I noticed 67th and Blue Ridge Blvd was out.

Could it be taking so long to get these things fixed being the head of pubic works doesn't live in Raytown.

I wonder how many accidents happened thanks to the head of public works not making sure his weekend help was get thing these things fixed.

Looks like more waste and tax savings

Pat Casady said...

I don’t know for a fact but, I doubt very seriously
the police pension is 100% of their wages. I know for
a few of you anonymous writers on
this site don’t like our police Dept. for some reason
or another but I know Raytown’s police are some of
the best in the area and, some of the worst paid
too. Most city employees don’t even make what
the City Administrator received in his thirty
thousand a year raise. Likewise Raytown has some
of the best city employees, our street workers try
to keep the streets safe and clean. The garage
mechanics keep costs down by staying on top of
Raytown’s equipment. I could go on and on.
These are people you won’t read about in the local
paper. The only thing you will hear about them is
when our elected officials tell us they are the
reason for Raytown’s financial problems.
NONE of these people including the police received
a huge wage increase. In fact I believe their wages
were locked for three years. They did finally get
a small percent raise, not even the cost of living
index kind of raise. I don’t know how the Police
Department is run. But, I do know quite a few
officers and I have the deepest confidence and
respect for them. If they are lucky enough to
receive 100% of their wages on retirement then
good for them! Because in most cases it still isn’t

Anonymous said...

We do not receive 100%. Not even close. 50% unless you stay 30 or more years then you get 60%! Know your facts before trying to make statements.

Anonymous said...

Pat, Face it. Nothing in Raytown will change until the people are sick and tired of being sheepole and get out to vote in numbers larger than 20% of registered voters! After this Walmart fiasco hopefully enough will be outraged to get out and vote. Hopefully some of these citizens will run for office. I think Greg would make an excellent Mayor.

Susan, a former Army officer once told me about the new world order with concentration camps in the USA. He was asked to be commandant of one and refused because it violated the Constitution. People think he is a mental case but he is not and internet media pretty much confirm what he said. There was a Camp FEMA video I posted on my website sometime ago.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I challenge anyone in the private sector to prove they get 60% of their salary after working 30 years!

No wonder these cities are broke.

It is just a matter of time before you start funding two police forces. One that works and one that is retired!

Susan Dolan said...

Andy, you're right about the FEMA camps. They're all over the U.S. and they've got millions of plastic coffins stored in stacks in them. Anyone can do an internet search on fema camps & fema camps map to learn more. While you're at it do a search on Georgia guidestones and Protocols of Zion.

2:35 You're in instigator who seems to like throwing accusations around but you didn't substantiate what you said with facts. The private sector shouldn't have to prove retirement income percentages to you.

You're the accuser. Do you have any facts to back up what you say or are you just blowing smoke?

Anonymous said...

April's elections are going to be loaded with tax questions.

Seems that the Raytown School District is getting into the act

Keep in mind we all need to ask why they need more money when they got 4.3 million from KCMO and are to get more than 1 million every year from the money on the TIF project down by Swope Park.

As Nancey Reagan said, "Just Say No"

Anonymous said...

To 10:18 pm as for the light at 67th and Blue Ridge Blvd; there was a horrific wreak early Sunday morn at 1 am that not only involved the light polls but the service station as well; that is why there was crime tape up for a short while and it was on the Sunday news as well. Power went out briefly to those down as far as 75 th st and the ridge; luckily it was all fixed by 5 am on Monday morning when I went to work ; haven't heard how the driver is tho. And the lights at 63rd has to do with the transformer box which they have been working on daily and the police have been there with them as early as 5:45 am.

Anonymous said...

2:35 I certainly agree with Susan ; no one has to prove a thing to you however maybe you should educate yourself; many do pay 60 percent and many have an emoter match. You sound like someone who has never worked for a company or has never ventured out of your own. And to think anyone has to prove their income to you is a solutley insane

Susan Dolan said...

TAKING LIBERTY is a comprehensive look at the lower 48 states showing, region by region, how the Environmental Movement is rapidly abolishing Private Property in America.

In this context, private property means land. Keep in mind though that other private property rights are also endangered, such as intellectual property.

Mike Helsel said...

As I drove thru downtown yesterday, I felt a great sense of pride at how the citizens got together and saved the downtown. It is truly worthy of saving. Good Job.

Anonymous said...

Cradle to grave benefits are going the way of the Dodo Bird. This is especially true on the pension end.

The reason is that funding for them has become an impossibility for many entities, including cities and companies.

Why do you think the BOA is even looking at pensions in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with the comment about pride in how the people of Raytown came together to block the big box store in Downtown Raytown.

The store would have been shoe-pegged into the Green Space with poor access for delivery vehicles. The ridiculous plan to turn Blue Ridge Blvd. into one way lanes with a chicken lane in the middle would have been a blight on our Downtown.

It may fit somewhere else in Raytown. There certainly are enough empty buildings to choose from. I've always thought the old Sav A Lot location would be an excellent place for a Neighborhood Market.

I read somewhere that some folks want to open up a city market - farmers market on the Green Space.

Sounds like a winner to me.

Anonymous said...

I see the League of Women Voters has come out against the half cent sales tax on the November ballot.

Good for them.

Pat Casady said...

I getting to the point that I think that some
“Anonymous” writers, by what they
write aren’t smart enough,… to sign their own
names. People in America work towards a goal.
The goal is retirement. American workers contribute
to pension funds as do their employers. This is to
keep good people working for them and to
give them a reason to stay working. Some of us
rely on Social Security another fund American
workers contribute to.
How can anybody with a brain not want someone
that has worked all their lives, put in thirty or
more years serving the community, paying into
a pension fund, think a pension is a bad thing?
This town is NOT in financial trouble because of
a pension fund! This town is in financial trouble
because of our elected officials bad decisions!
If you want to complain about people getting
something for nothing try our Federal Government
handing out free health care and Social Security
benefits to illegal aliens that don’t contribute a single
dime to the fund! Get mad at people that drive
to the grocery store in their Lincoln Navigator,
talking on their free cell phone and buying groceries
with food stamps that YOU pay for!
But don’t be jealous because
some hard working American receives what they
deserve and has paid into for all their working lives.
If you are like me and don’t have a chance of
receiving a pension, then you like me chose the
wrong profession.

Susan Dolan said...

To 6:55a: I suggested the farmer's market this past spring. It would have been SO EASY to allow people to bring in their pop-up tents and tables a day or two a week and sell their goods.

The next thing I heard was that instead of City Hall making a public announcement that they were welcoming locals to sell in OUR lot at 63rd and Blue Ridge - $ fee per table and sales tax on profits - but NOOOOOOOO.

They couldn't keep it easy, quick, simple; it is lost somewhere in some red-taped committee.


Anonymous said...

Well said Pat!!! Many of us have paid into a pension plan and many of us have been self employed as well. I do both because I must take responsibility for my own future and plan for that day called retirement which keeps getting pushed further out I might add but at least I am taking responsibility for my health care and pension plan. I like you cannot imagine how anyone would begrudge someone who has served many years paying into a pension plan not to get it. Apparently they are not aware of working in the public forces and doing such a thing. And I sign anonymous because I am sorry to say we have one who likes to publi ally terrorize certain others who do not share their thought and opi ions; you Andy and Susan are lucky enough to not be their targets so please understand why we do not sign our name

Susan Dolan said...

To 4:46: Living in a state of fear is not really living, is it? You didn't say to what degree you'd been terrorized.

I sign my posts in order to provide additional credibility to what I say.

I do not fear bullies (anyone who terrorizes another is nothing but a bully) because they are just people who never grew up. As such, they should be given absolutely zero regard. As to terroristic threats, those are imprisonable whether from a city official or private citizen.

I live in this city and due to the fact that I see so very few signed posts here I have come to the conclusion that there are a lot of citizens who live in fear of what each other think. I have issues with the cliques here (any there are many). Group-think is the basis of cults and membership requires only a weak mind.

Try stepping outside the mold, be your own person, think for yourself and step up like an adult to say what you think. As the public outcry over the Walmart deal demonstrated, when you come forward you will often be pleasantly surprised to find there are scores of others who find their inner strength and do the same. That, my friend, is when treachery and deceit find themselves in big trouble.

Anonymous said...


Don't forget the churches that provide food and housing to those illegals and the business that keep hiring them.

I understand we have a business here in Raytown that is known to be part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

I just check my pension plan and let me say. If I watch it really close I might be able to draw about 5% of my current salary.

Sorry, but the real world just is not a nice place.

On another note my 401K with this same company I will be able to take closer to 40% of my current salary.

NOTE: The company puts in abut 2% a year of my salary for the pension plan.

The 401K is funded by 6% of my salary from me and 4% max match from the company.

I would say to anyone who is getting 60% and not having to match any part is darn lucky and I bet you won't find many with life that good.

Greg Walters said...

I have to chuckle when I read that people cannot understand why most who post on these pages do not sign their name.

I can relate as to why some will not sign their name.

It is pretty well known that I deplore the lax view of code enforcement by City Hall. I consider the Mayor's advice for neighbors to work out their differences over uncut lawns, trash and debris, etc. one on one without city interference to be a recipe for disaster.

Let me tell you what it has gained me in return.

A couple of years ago I ran for a position on the Jackson County Legislature.

During the campaign the City of Raytown removed over 30 yard signs from my supporter's yards.

When I inquired at City Hall about the signs I was told they were ALL too close to the curb!

Give me a break! I have been running campaigns for over a quarter of century in Raytown. I know the law inside out as it relates to yard signs.

Trust me when I say the signs were well back of the city right of way.

The Public Works Director told me that some of his people may have gotten carried away. He told me where I could pick up the signs.

I went directly to the Public Works Garage to retrieve my signs.

I was told they had just been hauled off to the dump!

My, my! The codes department and the public workds certainly became amazingly efficient . . . didn't they?

Two years ago I ran a fireworks stand for my Church.

One of the Parishioners donated the use of a large electronic sign directing potential customers to the fireworks stand.

Code enforcement officers raised a ruckus because the sign was not allowed by city code. So I moved it to the Kansas City side of the street -- where there was no problem at all.

This past couple of weeks I have driven by that same sign, sitting on the city right of way inviting people to tweet on Twitter the Raytown Police Department's new web-based page.

Do you think the law was changed?

No, it has not.

But it does illustrate that there is an element at City Hall that is vindictive and unforgiving if you disagree with them.

The Mayor recently made committee appointments for members of the BOA. Ward 2 Alderman Jason Greene received the fewest appointments of all the BOA. Greene has been an outspoken critic of city hall policies. Do you think it was merely a coincidence that he was left off more committees than any other Board member?

Remember the plight of former Board of Zoning Committee member Steve Gunther.

He publicly disagreed with the Mayor over Walmart.

He was then publicly removed from the BZA by the Mayor.

Another coincidence?

That is the reason (I believe) why many people do not sign their name to their blogs. They are sincerely afraid that someone from City Hall, somehow, will find a way to seek retribution.

As the very real incidents outlined above show. They have good reason to be concerned.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I should of clarified the person that has seemed retribution by publicly brashing those who do not agree with them is in no way affiliated with city hall whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

An adult steps up and takes care of them selfs ; you never know what another lives till you walk in their shoes now do you. Trust that those who sign anonymous have a good reason to do so just as those who sign their names. We can make assumptions on both sides of that coin , but it is not up to us it is up to the person who post. With that being said let's read the post and not get so hung up on if they sign a name or not. Oh and let's not publicly chastise them if they do not do as we do

Anonymous said...

To 9:00 pm isn't it funny how each company is different. Some get nothing, some get lots and then their is yours in the middle. As Pat said maybe some choose the wrong profession. We all knew what we were getting when we chose our profession. It was are free choice so we have no one to blame but ourselfs if we are not happy with our choice

Susan Dolan said...

... just curious Greg, did you pursue remedy for willful destruction of private property when your election signs were trashed by Public Works?

After Bower publically told Steve Gunther "Don't screw this up for me," and then removed him from BZA I expected to hear something of a public outcry but there was nothing.

I'd just begun learning of Raytown's local politics at that time. Bower's choice of words made me wonder what was really in it for him and Gunther's firing made me wonder about that even more. Bower (not Raytown) had a lot at stake w/Walmart. Bower's affiliations had him putting the fix in for them at our expense. Gunther's removal on the back of Bower's threat should have been enough to incite the ire of the people of this city.

You gave a couple of good examples of how the City strong-arms people.

I don't know which bothers me more; the fact that it happens or the fact that they're allowed to get away with it. Do they put horse heads in people's beds too?

I noticed Alderman Greene had been made an example of when I read Bower's new appointments; it was all too obvious. How sad that we have to put up with the 'Bower Administration' until he's voted out next time.

I have been outspoken but do respect others' right to self-protection. Still the gate swings both ways and what is tolerated here should not be.

Greg Walters said...

I did consider taking some public action over the destruction of yard signs but decided against it.

The main reasons being that I was in the middle of a political campaign and simply did not have the time -- and -- the damage (cost wise) was about $100 in material.

Small claims stuff -- if you have ever been that route, is time consuming (though often successful) but not worth the money and effort to pursue.

Besides, that is politics -- I've come to expect dirty tricks from opponents.

About all you can do is rise above it and move on.

Last weekend I was called by a woman who has literally been begging the city to help clean up an abandoned house in her neighborhood for over two years.

A tree has collapsed on the house. The back yard has not been mowed this year. The house has been broken into and vandalized many times. It is a dangerous and attractive nuisance for area teens and children.

The excuses she has received from city hall for not doing anything are so off the wall (we can't see the back yard!) -- try going to the adjoining property owner -- I am sure they will let you have a peek.

The Mayor and at least one of her Aldermen is aware of the problem but nothing is done.

The refusal to respond by the city (in my opinion) borders on criminal neglect.

That is just the tip of the iceberg of examples -- it does not take much looking to find other current examples.

The bottom line is this. We pay a lot in taxes in this town. Our basic services should not be ignored.

Too often, they are.

Pat Casady said...

All right, I guess I owe some Anonymous signers
an apology. I was aiming at the Anonymous writers
that seem to shoot bogus facts and untrue statements
and then don’t have the guts to back up what they say
with signing what they write. I understand if a writer
works for the city, it’s too bad small minded people
on some kind power trip want to make it hard on
others that want to speak their minds.
I too have been shunned by City Hall and the School District.
Neither of which use my business even though I could
save them and the taxpayers a lot of money.
However, I will always say what I mean and mean what I
write. I will never knowingly lie and I try to look up
facts before I write anything. Beside the fact, I’m too old
to care what City Hall thinks about me and stupid enough
to fight back if they try something.
As for not doing business with our city and school district,
as Greg said “that’s politics.” I knew going in that sometimes
the truth does hurt. I have been fortunate to do
business with Lee’s Summit, Independence, Blue Springs,
Grandview and Kansas City. I also have a great customer base in
Raytown with wonderful people that trust our work.
That’s why I have been here for almost forty years.
Longer than some if not most elected officials.
Remember, the truth will set you free! It’s just too bad
There are people………and elected officials, out there
that can’t handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

There is a vast difference in living in fear and being cautious. Signing or not signing does not determine anything. It is an individuals choice and each has their own reasons..Agreed bullies are people who never grew up and zero reguardl is given to them. However reguard for ones self and safety is 1st. Some have come to the conclusion that people fear what others think so that is why they do not sign; to the contrary. Group thinking is indeed labeling , as stated cult practice. Try stepping outside the mold, be your own person and allow others the same. Stepping up and speaking out like an adult. Well this is bigger than a Walmart outcry and takes more courage. Have you ever stood up against crime in a federal court or gone into witness protection? Have you ever tried getting away from an abusive spouse? Using your name on anything you can be reacted down.. When people don't sign trust they know what they are doing and don't badger them because they don't believe as you do

Anonymous said...

If you don't like people signing anonymous please talk to the blog administrator and demand he change that ASAP . He has given people a choice. They should not be bullied, labeled or demeaned because of it; doesn't that take a very small mind? You all can put em down with or without a name signed.... Proof is in the pudding

Anonymous said...

People on this blog never could under stand why I said that Raytown is a Socialist, Fascist, Fife. Now maybe they understand that it is the city government.

Glad that I am no longer there wasting my time at BOA meetings where no attention is paid to public comments.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Had to chuckle about the bloggers who labeled the anonymous post as Fearing city hall and telling them to think on their own that group think is cult ......... Maybe they were trying to give the example of what it is....... Too funny!

Susan Dolan said...

I read that Jackson County will be assessing another 1% (pretty sure it was sales) tax to pay for MARC's TOD - Transit Oriented Development - costs. It this rate it won't be long 'til we top 10%.

In order to go ahead with MARC's TIGER, I understand they'll need to get right-of-way to the Rock Island Line and they way they get that is to get City Hall to change the zoning/the land use. (just like they did for Walmart). From the aerial maps MARC published it looks as if they'll be declaring some homes blighted. It's difficult to grasp all this but I'm trying.

Tax abatements are very interesting too. I've learned that TIF and 353 abatements are popular with 'progressives' because they have absolutely no provision for voter approval.

Incidentally, as you read and hear of future development, listen for the words 'corridor' and 'core'. Under the Wildlands plan, a core is where people will be allowed to live. A corridor is what links the cores together. Humans are to be allowed little to no activity outside those two areas. Did you notice on the Walmart plans how Blue Ridge was to effectively be narrowed from 4 lanes to 2? That's referred to as 'calming' traffic. Enjoy your ability and freedom to drive when and where you want to while you can. Soon, you'll find it's too expensive with tolls to pay on the interstate, additional taxes based on the number of miles you drive, and the cost of gas off the charts. That's the reason for the rail, bike lanes and walking trails. Soon, those will be your options for getting around to where you're allowed to go from where you're allowed to live.

Think that sounds crazy? Think that could never happen here? Prior to 2008, I would have agreed with you.

Anonymous said...

to 10_38a FYI: I have left two abusive spouses which took great courage. As a result, I suffered great material loss but salvaged my life.

I have represented myself in a court of law twice and won both times.

At 45, I returned to school and graduated with honors and a new vocation.

I do know where courage lives.

12:33 What I SAID was "Group-think is the basis of cults."

My post drew a lot of response. It seems there are more than a few who've paid a price for speaking out against our city gov't and that is a sad testimony. As I had said - living in fear is not really living. It makes me feel as if we're fish in a barrel and City Hall is holding the .22 Shhhh - don't tell anyone I said that.

From just another anonymous resident.

Anonymous said...

I keep telling you it is not city hall that is my terrorist and have given many examples sad you are hung up on that

Anonymous said...

I don't know if "fear" is the right word. I think that many people do not want to have the inconvenience of the limelight on them. Which is understandable.

The sad truth is that many do not see government as helpful. Which is a shame because it is not supposed to be that way.

When you call City Hall for help, be it the police, codes enforcement, animal control, or any other service you expect solutions. Too many times they only receive excuses.

Keep your chin up. As the apathy of the majority builds the importance of people unified, as many who post on this blog apparently are, becomes more and more important.

There will be elections with an opportunity for change in April. It will be followed the following April by another election to choose a mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Stay tuned in. Your time is coming.

Anonymous said...

Saying that, "The sad truth is that many do not see government as helpful." is giving the situation here a soft glove treatment.

Raytown's government is not our local gov't anymore. It is being run on the mandates of a non-gov't organization (the UN) by local non-government facilitators (MARC) and their implants at the local gov't level.

They have a sense of urgency. Their plans must be put into place quickly because people (in OTHER cities) have been smart enough to educate themselves about what's being done to them and stop it.

This city's citizens, unwilling to pull their heads out of the sand and look into the big picture, is letting City Hall get away with selling the farm.

Waiting for another election, and another election is handing these criminals the time they need to do the deed while our current elected officials grant the permission without citizenry having any say in the matter.

Who smokes pot and 71st and wherever, who plays rap music too loud, who acts like a maniac in the park, who parks in their yard are the concerns of what seems to be the majority (that and having the latest iPhone). They are 'amusements' that will prove to be unfathomably expensive by comparison in hindsight.

The 'development' measures taken by our City are textbook Agenda21. This is a 'red' state being driven by far left 'blue' ideology. Mere common sense regarding the level of planned spending alone, in the face of an unprecedented national deficit, unemployment, GDP, and other entitlement recipient numbers is jaw dropping.

In addition to the level of spending, there's how it's being spent that runs the meter to the red line.

Just keep letting our MARC/Marx Mayor keep threatening and belittling, telling you to shut up and behave while he runs his end-game. There is no economic recovery ahead. There is no redevelopment of downtown Raytown ahead except to become a train depot for MARC's Tiger enhanced with a big box something, a few small shops with people living upstairs, row-houses and apartments. Traffic won't be driven toward downtown - it will all be concentrated on Hwy 350.

Current Raytown residents' taxes will escalate to make up for the abatements being given to developers and to pick up the difference that "our" Train service costs to build and maintain. Local businesses will be taxed out of existence.

Don't like what my paintbrush paints? Me neither, but then it isn't my paintbrush it's Bower's and MARC's.

Sorry for this interruption to your regularly scheduled programming. Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

I really do not see the victory dance at city hall that you imagine. They lost bigtime with their plans for Downtown Raytown. The light rail has run into the reality of the railroad that owns the tracks.

Those guys wrote the book on how to maintain wealth and power.

The one world dreamers come and go. Don't give them credit for accomplishments they have yet to reach.

Anonymous said...

"I keep telling you it is not city hall that is my terrorist and have given many examples sad you are hung up on that
August 30, 2013 at 6:57 PM"

To whom do you address this post? I do not recall anyone saying city hall was YOUR terrorist.

Susan Dolan said...

I really enjoyed the SUNSHINE audio.

Here is one of my favorite pieces of relaxation music. I hope you like it.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that the Mayor is discriminating against Alderman Jason Greene and as a constituent of his Ward, I take strong issue with that. Further, Bower didn't have the common courtesy or political apptitude to respond to Alderman Jason Greene's question as to why other Aldermen served on more than one committee while he was limited to just one. I believe Bower's lack of response spoke loudly; it was personal.

It wasn't long ago that the City hired personnel to protect against and deal with discrimination issues on behalf of the City. How's that working out for us?

I agree, Bower is wasting young talent. Moreover, he is limiting the voice of the people. Instead of fostering a healthy exchange of ideas Bower immobilizes and shuts out those who don't suck-up to his way of thinking and that is deplorable.

The developments Bower fosters that are still to come in and around Raytown also exemplify his way of 'doing business'. For a fact, the expansive and expensive work on 350 Hwy was rubber stamped under a 353 abatement which required absolutely NO Raytown voter approval.

We're all incurring injury at the hands of his totalitarian regime.