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MOVIE MOMENT: Angels in the Outfield is a 1994 remake of the 1951 film of the same name. Unlike the original, which focused on the Pittsburgh Pirates as the team in heavenly need, the 1994 remake focuses on the California Angels, who did not exist when the original film was released in 1951. The Walt Disney Company, which distributed the film, was a minority owner of the California Angels.

If you have not seen this movie, do so. It is a rare treat. Use the following link:

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RAYTOWN, Mo. —The Raytown and Independence Police Departments are issuing a warning to residents about suspects posing as water company employees in order to gain access to homes and steal from them. These warnings come just one day after a similar case in Overland Park.

Overland Park police issued a warning about a man posing as a water department employee who stole items from people's homes.            

Raytown Police say two separate instances of theft involving a man impersonating a water company employee were reported Thursday afternoon.

Police say the two incidents occurred only minutes apart and it’s possible that the suspects are the same man.

In both cases, a man claiming to be from the local water company told residents their water needed to be turned off under the sink.

One resident allowed the man inside their home. The resident told police the man appeared to be turning off water valves throughout the residence. The man then left, promising to return to turn the water back on. The man claiming to represent the water company never returned, and the resident soon realized property had been stolen.

Victims describe the suspect as being a white male between 40 and 50 years old. He’s between 5’9” and 6’2” tall with a thin build and brown hair. He was wearing a ball cap, jeans and possibly a denim shirt. The man was seen getting into a dark green Ford Taurus.

In Independence, a man posed as a contract employee for the Independence Water Department and gained access to two homes stealing money and credit cards. In a third incident the homeowner refused to let the suspect in. In each case the man told the resident he needed to check the plumbing inside the house.

Independence Police say victims describe the suspect as a white male, approximately 6'0" tall, around 50 years of age and say he may be missing his front teeth. In two of the incidents the suspect wore a ball cap and told one of the victims his name was Roy. He left the scene in a dark green/teal 2000's model Ford Taurus. The victims in each case were elderly.

Authorities advise residents to ask for proper identification before allowing someone inside your home to do any kind of repair or utility work. Residents should look for company identification, uniforms bearing the company name and work vehicles with company logos and markings. If in doubt, contact the utility company in question before allowing an individual into your home.

I saw this sign in Raytown on my way home last night. Figured it would not hurt to lend a hand. 

Ask you neighbors and friends if they have lost, or know of someone who lost their pet. 

The sign tells what to do after that.

I hope the owner and pet are re-united . . . Greg


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sandy Hartwell is a former Ward 4 Raytown Alderman. She currently serves on the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

10909 East 81st Terrace
Many studies show the relationship between vacant, ill-kept properties and their relation to increased crime statistics.   
Apparently no one at Raytown City Hall has read any of those studies.

In its place some city personnel have created excuses to not do their job. Trying to find a solution to neighborhood problems becomes a frustrating experience. You begin to wonder if anyone at City Hall cares about anything within our neighborhoods.  

The complacent response and outright avoidance of the subject by upper management feeds this “nothing can be done because . . .” attitude.

There is a house at 10909 East 81st Terrace. The adjoining pictures show the level of decay of the structure. It has been vacant since 2009. A tree has fallen on the house. The damage to the roof has not been repaired. The house is frequently broken into by local youths. There is $5,319.00 owed in back taxes on the property. It is owned by a bank.

No one maintains the house.

Because the neighbors knew I had served on the Board of Aldermen they asked me to help get the city to clean up the property.

In June of this year I asked Ward 4 Alderman Pat Ertz for help. He asked the codes department to go look at the property. It took them three weeks to get the front yard mowed.

Mr. Ertz deserves credit for getting the weeds cut the first time. However, it became clear to me that after that, I was on my own in dealing with city hall with this problem.

I went back to City Hall with pictures to show that the job had not been finished. The back yard had not been cut.

I spoke with Codes Department Head John Benson and one of his staff members named Ray. I showed them the pictures. They told me they could not go into the backyard because it would be considered trespassing. Mr. Benson did say they would re-post the property again. “Re-post” means to put a notice on the door of the violation.

I told the Codes Department people the neighbors were getting tired of living next to this place and having to deal with the problems that come along with vacant property. The noxious weeds and vacant building have become a habitat for snakes and other varmints or, as my desktop computer defines varmint, “a person or an animal regarded as troublesome, unpleasant, or despicable”.

Another four weeks passed. Nothing was done.

I wondered how many cities used “trespassing” as an excuse not to enforce municipal codes. So I checked a few of them. Blue Springs and Grandview regularly cut overgrown lawns in both the FRONT and BACK yards  . . .  even if the gates are closed.

If you are going into the house you would need a signed warrant from a judge. However, codes officials routinely go onto gated property without a warrant. 

Representatives from Blue Springs and Grandview codes enforcement departments told me they believe the ordinances on the books are there for a reason and that is for security, safety and health as well as the economic impact on neighborhoods.

I have not received an explanation from anyone at Raytown City Hall as to why code violations of this nature cannot be addressed properly as they are in Blue Springs and Grandview.

Here is a journal of what has transpired since August 1, 2013.

Back Yard of House
AUGUST 1:  On my way to a Planning and Zoning Meeting I noticed the front doors of the house were opened. I called the police to have them “check it out”. 

At the meeting I told Mr. Benson about calling the police and he said he would “check it out”.  A week later I had a meeting with Mayor David Bower and John Benson over another matter and I asked John if anything had been done about the property. Again, Mr. Benson said he would “check it out”.

AUGUST 16: I called City Hall again to ask if they were ever going to do anything with this property.  Mr. Benson called back and said they had a work order for that day or sometime the following week.
AUGUST 24:I called City Hall and left a very angry message because over two weeks had gone by since the weeds were supposed to be cut.

AUGUST 28: I finally received a return call from by August 24th message. This call was from Code Enforcement staff member Ray.  

This was the same staff member who was there when I turned in pictures of the property two months earlier. All he wanted to do was get angry with me because I did not buy into his excuses for not enforcing city ordinances.

AUGUST 29:  The Codes Enforcement Department re-posts the property again (this is the third re-posting for those who are keeping track).

AUGUST 30: Mr. Greg Walters called and told me that he had been contacted by Ward 5 Alderman Steve Mock – with regards to a post that had run on the Raytown Report Blog. Mr. Mock said he wanted to help – so I took him up on his offer – thank you Mr. Mock.

A neighbor of mine asked why it takes so long to get someone to come out and do this work. A Code Enforcement Officer told her that the contractor who does the weed cutting is an out of town contractor who can only it make it to Raytown twice a week. I asked his boss, Mr. Benson, if this was true. Benson told me the contractor was a Raytown business.

SEPTEMBER 13: Mr. Benson told me there was another work order for today. September 13th came and went. The weeds were not cut.

Mr. Benson also told me the house has now been posted as a dangerous building because of the damage from the tree that is still laying in the back yard.

SEPTEMBER 16: At some point someone finally came and cut the weeds in the back yard. But they did not cut the weeds or remove the dead tree which fills half the back yard. In other words the job was half done.

It has not always been this way in Raytown. There was a time, not long ago, when city code enforcement officers were proactive in their jobs. They believed in taking on problems and finding solutions. Sad to say, what we have now is a situation where the name of the game seems to be to stall and make excuses.

Now they do as little as they can get by with unless they are literally forced to do their jobs.

I recently read that the city’s Economic Development Director, Tom Cole, spoke at a  Chamber of Commerce Meeting and told business owners to at least upgrade the e exteriors of their properties because the Developers look at that.  If that is true for commercial properties shouldn’t the same reasoning be used for residential properties?

I want to thank Greg Walters, Alderman Steve Mock, Alderman Pat Ertz and Economic Development Administrator Tom Cole for their help.

I am hopeful that the new attention to our problem at 10909 East 81st Terrace will be resolved. I would love nothing more than to be able to write a story about what a wonderful job they did in cleaning up the vacant mess in our neighborhood.

I can assure you that unless the problem is handled properly by the city I will not quit until it is done.

The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – September 17, 2013

The Board passed an ordinance to establish the annual property tax levy rate for the City’s General Operating fund.  Mark Loughry told the Board there will not be an increase in the levy rate this year.  The City has received its notice of 2013 Assessed Valuation from the County.  Finance has recalculated the levy rates using the formula supplied by the State Auditor's Office.  These calculations indicated the City could levy a rate of $0.3694 per $100.00 assessed valuation for general city operations and a rate of $0.1845 per $100.00 assessed valuation for park operations.  The 2013 proposed rates represent no increase over 2012.  According to City Data the average home value for Raytown is approximately $124,000.00.  The total taxes collected for the City and Parks on an average home would be $130.50.

The preliminary Adjusted Assessed Valuation:

  • Real Estate values decreased by $1,145,948.00 or 0.48% from last year's amounts for a 2013 value of $235,134,418.00;
  • Personal property value decreased by $1,895,654.00 or 3.29% from last year's amounts for a 2013 value of $55,767,305.00;
  • State assessed utilities values had a 2013 value of $8,082,094.00;
  • Total adjusted assessed values decreased by $2,795,166.00 or .95% for a 2013 total value of $290,549,876.00.

Based on the assessed valuation and the proposed mill levy staff is projecting that approximately $1,073,291.00 will be generated for the General Fund and approximately $536,065.00 will be generated for the Park Fund.

The Board passed an ordinance to amend and restate the Police Officers’ Retirement Fund Pension Plan.  The City sponsors a pension plan for the benefit of commissioned officers of the Raytown Police Department.  A special committee of the Board of Aldermen has recommended that police officer members commence participation in the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (LAGERS) effective January 1, 2014, and that the Police Pension Plan be frozen effective December 31, 2013.  In order to facilitate that change, the Board of Trustees of the Pension Plan is recommending that the Pension Plan be restated and amended as provided in the proposed City of Raytown Police Officers’ Retirement Fund Pension.

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance to consider a Conditional Use Permit for property located at 9400 E. 53rd Place.  Neal Clevenger is seeking approval of a Conditional Use Permit application that proposes to operate a storage / wholesale business at 9400 E. 53rd Place.  There are two buildings on the property.  A church is located in the other building on the property.  The building where the proposed use is to be located would be leased to the applicant, Melvin Surratt, upon approval of the Permit application, while the church would continue to lease and be located in the other building on the property.  There will be drums stored on the property from the car wash business.  When there are 50 or so drums accumulated, they will be loaded on a truck and sent for recycling.

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance to consider a Conditional Use Permit seeking to construct three monument signs for the Gregory Heights Subdivision.  Frank Hunt representing the Gregory Heights Home Owners Association was seeking a conditional use permit to construct three monument signs for the Gregory Heights Subdivision.  Each of the properties has single-family homes on them and are proposed to continue to be used as single-family homes.


Oh, The Things People Say!

I pulled together these quotes, most of which was from Tuesday night’s Budget Hearing at Raytown City Hall – thought you all might find them interesting. My thoughts are in bold type -- Paul Livius

“It’s easy to sit around and be critical of what we do and how we spend our money.  I challenge those who want to cause taxpayers to spend more of our money by causing audits to be done in addition to what the Board already does to talk to the Finance Director and see how money is spent.”

Mayor David Bower - September, 2013.

The Mayor and most of the Board still don’t get it. Let’s look at the last time they said “trust me”. Remember the Walmart fiasco for Downtown Raytown? The Mayor, in particular, and his Board of Aldermen, collectively denied they knew what store was planned for the Downtown. The truth became evident when letters from attorneys representing Walmart referenced meetings with the Mayor three months before the facts became public knowledge. And he wonders why people would question his word, integrity or intentions.

Speaking of an audit – we have not heard anything from anyone regarding a state audit in over two months. Does the Mayor have more information he is holding back – like he did when the YMCA pulled out of Raytown – or is he just grand-standing? I think it is the latter.

“This is a balanced budget and the city is solvent.  Reserve funds have been put away according to the law.”

Alderman Pat Ertz – September, 2013.

What on Earth is Mr. Ertz talking about? There is no “law” that stipulates that a city must have a set “reserve”. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good idea to have a reserve fund (if that is what he is talking about – his statement is pretty ambiguous!) – but the “according to law” part makes no sense at all. The Alderman from Ward 4 should be more concise. His statement is about as profound as saying “water is wet”.

“We chose to loan the money to Aldi’s because if we put it in the bank, we’d get ½ of 1% interest.  This way, we are guaranteed to get 8% interest on our money.  That is a fiscally sound decision.”

Mayor David Bower - March, 2011.

“Aldi’s is on track to repay the loan, but the city won’t get the full 8% interest.” 

Finance Director Mark Loughry – September, 2013.

These comments speak for themselves. An explanation from Mr. Loughry would be appropriate. I wonder if the Mayor will ask for one publicly given what he said in 2011. After all, he would be following his own advice as given in his first quote above!

By the way, the money the Mayor is speaking about is from a settlement with wireless telephone providers. That money reflects Raytowner’s tax dollars. From my point of view, it would have made more sense to spend the money on decent street overlay instead of the chip and seal program the city is using on residential streets.

The Spices of Life: An Easy Way to Freshen Up Your Meals BY KAREN
What would life be like without spices? Imagine diving into a big ol’ slice of Grandma’s apple pie only to find no cinnamon, nutmeg or allspice. Why bother? Just eat an apple. What about a simmering pot of marinara, sans basil, marjoram, oregano, thyme and rosemary? Oh, yum, boiled tomatoes.

Life, at least at mealtime, would be so bland, blasé and boring without spices. Like the Mona Lisa with no enigmatic smile or the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted white. Talk about Dullsville! Thank goodness for Penzeys Spices, a retail chain that carries more than 250 spices, rubs and seasonings, we don’t have to suffer that fate. READ MORE

The Raytown Arts and Music Festival will hold its Second Annual event this weekend at Kenagy Park.

The Festival begins at 11:oo a.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m.

Come out and visit the artists, enjoy the music of four live bands and has some good old fashioned fun this weekend.

Their is no admission charge to this event.

For more information use this link RAYTOWN ARTS FESTIVAL

Edgewood Manor Announces Senior 5K "Walk of Life" BY PAM CARNEY 
Edgewood Manor Rehab and Wellness Center has announced its inaugural Senior 5K "Walk of Life". 
The Walk for Life is a fabulous event planned for all KC area Seniors – a 5K just for THEM!  There are many 5Ks around the metro area, but not many (if any) are specifically geared for seniors.  Encourage senior wellness by exercise, getting out in the sunshine and socializing with them!  
The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 28th, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and will kick off at Edgewood Manor Rehab and Wellness Center located at 11900 Jessica Lane. This is a FREE event.

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Anonymous said...

Article-Spices of Life: The article would've been better if it had touted, maybe, the health benefits of herbs/spices and, definitely, if it had not been a plug for a spice shop in Overland Park, KS. SHOP LOCAL!

Anonymous said...

I find it very disturbing that these bank owned properties sit vacant for years, blight the areas, add crime, no taxes are paid. There is a house vacant on Blue Ridge for 3 yrs now the city had issued court appearances to the owner who had filled bankruptcy . Why do not banks do a quick sale to recoup some of the funds before a house needs just bulldozed down? How long does it take the county to also put a property up for back taxes? These banks don't seem to care

Anonymous said...

There are so many of these abandoned homes here. The banks are letting the cities go out the expense of mowing with never a thought to pay back the cities but instead are letting properties deteriorate hoping they become blighted so the city can take over and be held holding the bag

Anonymous said...

Sandy, What should be simple has become very complex! Besides being a nuisance, it looks like a fire and safety hazard! Jim Aziere was frequently called by one of my neighbors for this type of issue. You might ask him how he got the codes department to enforce codes.

Why can't the bank be contacted and cited for codes violations? With unpaid taxes, there should be a tax sale if anyone wants that dump.

I remember when Raytown passed a vacant properties registration so Codes would have someone to contact. Why isn't this enforced? When I moved leaving my house vacant for about 6 months, I registered as required and also asked a neighbor to contact me if she noticed anything awry.

Susan, Please see the previous week's postings.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I heard from a reliable source, that the Raytown FPD has had their fuel costs more than double since the KCFD has taken over. Not long ago, P-52 (used to be RFPD E-2) was dispatched to an accident on MO 350 in the curves (westbound, I assume it was just east of Westridge). However, when they went down to turn around and come back up the hill, P-43 (KCFD just outside Knobtown), was in house. At first I kind of liked the idea of the KCFD doing the dispatch. The dispatchers are fire fighters (not firemen, a fireman is someone who stokes a fire), and have more and perhaps better experience. However, re-numbering the rigs, for some reason leaves a bad taste in my mouth (although I understand way it was done). I also heard that the KCFD was perhaps looking at taking over the RFPD (again which I doubt). Being a fire buff, I have been around several fire departments, and fire fighters. However, this situation for some reason simply gives me a bad taste in my mouth. I cannot put my finger on it, but I find something "troubling" about the situation. Perhaps Capt. "Doc" can provide more insight on the situation.

Anonymous said...

Andy I too wonder why these banks are not made accountable for these blighted homes they leave for ruin in many towns causing havoc for citizens and city officials to deal with

Anonymous said...

If the evil bankers own the property then they are responsible for it. City Hall has the legal tools to collect on that responsibility.

Please don't throw up your hands and act like there is nothing that can be done.

I wonder how many of those same banks do business with the City of Raytown. hmmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

If Kansas City takes over our fire department look for fire station number 2 to be shuttered. There is no way kcfd would keep two fire stations less than a mile apart open.

Anonymous said...

Please check your facts before you post, spreading untruths just causes problems for everyone. If you are interested in RFPD fuel usage, all you have to do is go to Station #1 and ask to see the facts. They keep track of fuel for every vehicle for every month. As far as KCFD taking over Raytown Fire, it's not even being discussed. Please get your facts straight brfore you comment.

Anonymous said...

Well folks, now you see the Bower administration at
work! Codes will come after some of the people all the time
but, enter a bank into the picture and its hands off.
Codes are laws and if somebody or a bank breaks the
law then it is time to fine them until they fix the problem.
It can’t get much simpler than that.
It shouldn’t be up to the taxpayers to pay for cutting the
grass or cleaning up deserted properties. The owners should
pay and in most cases be heavily fined to cover the cost.
If Raytown is in as bad financial problems as they say
this would be a great opportunity to collect some fines
and get neighborhoods cleaned up too. Either way it’s
time for city hall and the codes department to do their
jobs! Quit making excuses and go to work! Earn their
pay checks or get rid of them and find people that will
do the jobs!

Pat Casady said...

While it is true I actually don’t know how the Fire
Department works or what goes on after dark but,
I have talked to some very good sources on the subject.
I don’t claim to know everything. It would be nice to
here from somebody in the department to let us all
know the real story instead of leaving us to listen to
rumors and maybe some elaborated stories.
Do those in the department want KC to take over?
If so why?
My questions are, If the fuel costs are going up as
said earlier, is KC helping with the cost? Or is it off
set by KC coming into Raytown to help out on some

Anonymous said...

We need to keep our EMS. Why when a call is made for an ambulance does the fire department show up? I didn't call in a fire I neeeded medical emergency help. I now know why the fire department logs so many calls and most of them unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to get sucked into a conversation that will have no end.
I will answer specific questions if I have approval from the command staff.

KCFD will not and is not taking over the Raytown Fire Department.
We will not shutter station two.

Yes our fuel costs have gone up.
Incorrect most of the dispatchers for kc are from the former MAST. some are light duty fireman.

The KCFD station on 350 was a temporary station in the long term station plan. The rock quarry has already offered to buy it so they can expand the business.


Anonymous said...

To 6:48am I know for a fact Citibank owns the notes on several of them . Don't think we are throwing up are hands but feel the city, County and state are taking a direct hit on this. And as you know the chain of command is state , county then city. We should all be asking questions to our state representative about this; if we really want something done you bypass the middle man

Anonymous said...

So where are all these crazy answers to the Raytown Fire Department coming from.

1.) Mr. Magic 8 Ball
2.) Smoke of the Gods - Wait only legal in CA and CO with a doctors approval.

Or is it just the Raytown normal head in a smelly dark place

Anonymous said...

12:35 PM, It took my 6 years to buy my house. During that time I dealt with a few REOs (bank owned property). It is worse than fighting city hall if you understand my meaning. Usually there is no individual contact with authority to do anything. If an offer if made, the buyer must wait for the bank to have a meeting and then maybe they will have an answer in weeks or months. The banks don't want to reduce the price and "lose money." Fortunately I discovered the Short Sale process and sold my Raytown house in 6 months for less than 2/3 of assessed value.

10:13 PM, as I stated above the city may call or write the bank, but no one is responsible for that particular property. A legal notice will probably gather dust. I was told by, I believe Beth Linn, that it is almost impossible to take a bank to court.

When I lived in Raytown, the neighbors house sat vacant for years (not months) with tall grass and weeds front and back! It was years before the bank even turned it over to a Realtor for sale. Others stated that it was such a hazmat situation (unclean and moldy) that I was afraid to enter it for a showing.

The plain fact is the banks are very slow to put the property up for sale if they ever do. There are many vacant homes that aren't listed with Realtors but are up for auction. To find auction homes "customers" must pay for an online subscription to receive listings. Then showings are limited only to certain specific days or hours and not available on demand. The house is sold "as is where is" so there is not chance to demand repairs. The auction then requires a deposit to bid and full payment is due immediately. Hence the auctions are limited to mainly investors and excludes normal home buyers.

I spoke with an investor about buying my house in Raytown. She stated that people don't want to buy in Raytown. I already knew that. I found the following issues with a sale in Raytown:
1) Taxes are outrageous due to the school district.
2) Poor street maintenance.
3) Condition of other properties.
4) Some parts of Raytown are a hood, overridden with crime, and minors at large.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

To 3:49 looks like even reliable sources goof up ; the fuel talk RFD

Pat Casady said...

To Anonymous 9:20,
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Greg, I noticed you are advertising a yes vote on Jackson County Question 1. Isn't that the thing that would raise our sales tax to pay for medical research? If so, please explain why I should pay more sales tax so some corporation can make more money on research. If they want research, let them pay for it themselves. Leave me out of it!

Anonymous said...

To Andy glad Im not the only one who knows about these bank owned properties and the delima s that is why I suggest writing to our state representatives ; rather than throwing our hands up in ignorance and just wanting to blame the city for anything and everything and saying it will never get done. Fighting these banks and notices gathering dust and no one claiming the property needs to end. These banks are difficult as you said! But the State needs to take a stand and maybe instead of just complaining on a blog we all should write our state reps

Anonymous said...

To 7:36 am read my and Andy's comments about the banks

Anonymous said...

I read Sandy's account and know of other situations that are similar. The problem is here in Raytown. In Grandview and Blue Springs they have the problem -- but they do something about it.

It is like this. The other cities pass the same laws that we have. The big difference is that they enforce them.

Quit making excuses for the inexcusable!

Anonymous said...

Again let's all write to our state representatives to stop the dragging of the banks to do anything with THEIR blighted crime and rodent infested properties that line our cities

Anonymous said...

Facts about Walmart:

Anonymous said...

I noticed an advertisement for a yes vote on Jackson County Question 1. Isn't that the thing that would raise our sales tax to pay for medical research? If so, please explain why I should pay more sales tax so some corporation can make more money on research. If they want research, let them pay for it themselves. Leave me out of it!

Anonymous said...

"With three new members on the Board we can hope for some change for the better."

Hope and change are not very popular buzzwords any longer.

Let's try involvement and informed discourse instead shall we?

Pat Casady said...

Actually we got three new aldermen but one of the
Green brothers has already gone to the dark side.
He voted against changing the zoning back to the
muti-structure design passed long before the W-M
Neighborhood store was even on the table.
If there is one thing I have grown to expect, it is
that everyday people like you and me, that become
elected officials, take a pill that somehow turn them into
the exact opposite person they were when running.
Some even turn into liars. Either way the people lose
and as of late lose a lot of money too.
While it would appear there are a couple of elected
officials that seem to care about the people, most
have thrown Raytown away.
Neighborhood safety, codes, streets, parks and how
the taxpayers money SHOULD be spent and used,
should have been number one, not big business and
bad deals. Every decision our officials make should first
question, what will this do to and for the people?
How much will this act cost the taxpayers?
Then it should be explained to the people before it
is put into use. Closed door meetings should be against
the law when it comes to spending, giving away or
wasting taxpayer money. The people should have
a true voice as to how their tax dollars are spent.
Most of all our elected should do their jobs and
represent the people that elected them. They were
elected to do as the people want, not what they think they want.

Anonymous said...

If the codes we have on the books are not going to be enforced THEN NOW is the time to revisit the codes and get rid of the ones we no longer are going to enforce. WOW we probably won't hae any codes at all.

Anonymous said...

If you think it's bad here now, just wait a little bit longer when the 'sustainable' development b.s. is done. City Hall's deaf ear to us is also part and parcel to the 'Agenda'. I have tried to warn you but you have refused to take interest, ask questions or otherwise self-educate. I say that because if you had, you'd already have answers to nearly all your concerns - not that you'd be happy with them but at least you'd know why things are as they are and what you could do to make a difference. FD & EMS consolidation, dilapidated properties, codes, downtown development (WM).... all stemming from the same cause. Cause & effect. You remember the Wizard of Oz? What it taught was that if you really want to know how things work, you've got to look BEHIND the curtain. Nothing now is as it seems on it's face, therefore, you cannot expect things to be as they were or as they should. A cancer has infiltrated our government, from the Executive Office down to City Hall and you're not going to hear about it on the 5:00 news because they don't advertise this. The 'this' I speak of is done behind closed doors (just like the ones you've complained about). There's not a lot of time left before we're too far gone either. Before you can tame this medusa you need to know who, what, when, where and why it exists and functions. Other cities have citizens who have opened their minds to learn about it and as a result, banded together and have stopped it cold in its' tracks, saving themselves and all they hold dear from its' death grip. I wish Raytown had that same caliber of citizenry; open-minded enough to learn and bold enough to trust in their united strength. Let me know when you're ready to look behind the curtain.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that your dire warnings of doom are dressed in such broad terms that no one really understands what you are talking about?

Try some specifics. You will get more attention. People need to know how they are personally affected in a real way.

For instance, the story by Sandy Hartwell is full of details showing a continuing saga of neglect and an indefensible attitude at City Hall when it comes to property code enforcement.

It details how others cities tackle the same problems successfully.

Will exposing the situation help Sandy and her neighbors.

I think so.

There are many other similar situations in Raytown. All it takes is for people to stand up and say no, we are not going to accept this type or governing anymore.

If city hall will not respond in a positive way to our pleas then go to the ballot box and replace the ones who are not representing you.

Convince a neighbor to go to the polls with you.

Ever consider running for public office?

You are as qualified as the ones we have at city hall now.

Channel your energies in those directions and you can become part of the solution.

Anonymous said...

Loved you Paul's Rant article on what people say.

It looks like Alderman Ertz and Mayor Bower have foot in mouth disease!

Do they think they are clever when they make profound statements that are, when looked at closely, not really profound, just a lot of noise?

Keep pointing out the double-speak and they will quit mouthing it.

Act like it is not there and they will continue to spew it out.

Anonymous said...

The Raytown Arts and Music Festival is this Saturday at Kenagy Park from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Why hasn't the Raytown Report carried any stories on it?

Greg Walters said...

The Raytown Report is happy to carry stories about community events.

We have one simple rule regarding our policy.

We have to be asked.

That is why you have seen in recent weeks stories about the Rice Tremonti Order No. 11 Re-enactment and the Edgewood Manor Senior 5K "Walk of Life".

Basically, all any organization has to do is ask.

Since you did ask. We have added a short article and link to the Raytown Arts and Music Festival.

Pat Casady said...

To “ANONYMOUS” 9:46,
Your letter is exactly why “Anonymous” are so hard
To believe. You warn us about what is happening and
I thank you for that. But then you say, “Let me know
When you are ready to look behind the curtain.”
It’s hard to let you know when we don’t know who
you are! Which “Anonymous” are you? Why should we
believe you? Without stating your name you take away
from your creditability.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 7:00,
They will keep spewing it out because they think we are stupid.
In a way I guess they are right, we voted them in, and then re-elected them to do even more to us!

Susan Dolan said...

I attended the Raytown EMS open house last week and walked away with the following understanding. Raytown EMS charges service recipients a fee for their services and are they are subsidized by Raytown taxpayers. They provide advanced life support and have 2 ambulances at-the-ready 24/7 with a 3rd older ambulance as backup. They also provice the community with training classes. If taken over by KCFD, we stand to suffer reduced availability and quality of service but would still be taxed for subsidy to the emergency service we do receive. Since so much has been said of Raytown's aging population and since there has been no public outcry over the taxes we pay for their outstanding service the 'consolidation' is ludicrous and poses a serious threat of endangerment to those in need of our EMS' services. Yes, I've heard it said we'd save money (which is questionable and hasn't been proven in black and white). Look, let's save money where it isn't going to make a life & death difference. How about scrapping the unused KCATA bus service we're subsidizing to the tune of $70K+ for starts. That wouldn't KILL anyone. This is OUR EMS and we need to make a loud noise over this instead of leaving it up to City Hall who, by the way, has not shown any good sense of concern for our well-being in the recent past. At least contact your Alderman on this one if you haven't already.

Need To Know said...

Pat: I have written tomes on the subject to this audience under my own name without so much as an apparent inkling of interest or aptitude on the subject in response from anyone except Andy. Many here have asserted why they don't sign their names to their posts and I took note. I know for a fact that economic development at City Hall reads this blog and have no doubt that several councilmen, the Chamber of commerce and most likely Bower read here too. The subject matter I refer to now is the same as in the recent past. I have connected many dots for you all and with a bit more time, I will offer to meet to share more with those who are concerned enough to learn more. In the interim, I will post bits for you to digest. Here's one: MARC = Metro Area Regional Council (regional is the keyword). Put this link in your address bar, go to the site and learn:

Susan Dolan said...

Correction: I said, "Since so much has been said of Raytown's aging population and since there has been no public outcry over the taxes we pay for their outstanding service the 'consolidation' is ludicrous and poses a serious threat of endangerment to those in need of our EMS' services. " What I had meant to say was Raytown has not complained about subsidizing our EMS so it seems apparent that the 'real' issue isn't saving money. I suggest there's another agenda at issue that we're not being told. Further, the loss or dilution of the high level of EMS we have, jeopardizes the very lives of those in our community; lives that are surely worth more than what we politely refer to now as money.

Peter said...

To Pat; it's not just anonymous that are hard to believe; it's what people say : not the pen name they use. If you want to respond to it then put the time stamp as you did before or comment on what you discovered once you checked into what anonymous or whoever makes the comment; again it's about what they say Not the pen name they use

Peter said...

Did some research on these bank owned properties and spoke with an attorney friend; 6:48 you are correct the banks are Evil! They never file proof of claim or move to lift an automatic stay but the bank never takes back property and it sits vacant. BOA and it predecessor Countrywide don't complete the foreclosure on properties they feel they cannot recoup their money on and tie up property for years. Some even refute short sales. A great article for all to read is " the latest foreclosure horror Zombie Titles" by Michelle Conlin. . Still I believe we need to write to our state reps so we can end these plays on people's life's, our city's and courts. Do read the article and you will better understand what I am talking about

Anonymous said...

That sure is a nice house for some young trouble teens to make a hang out.

It also could provide a nice lab for some business person to cook their products.

Maybe the city just needs to take it down so trouble teens and other criminal minded people cannot use it for illegal means.

Anonymous said...


Who is putting out the KCFD is taking over the EMS?

I think you best check your facts!

If it is the EMS employees then city hall needs to show them to the door as we don't need city employees who like to make up stories.

Anonymous said...

No New Taxes!

This Nov get out and vote as we don't need any new sales tax for medical research.

Thank You - Florida said...

starting July 1st smoking devices are now illegal in Florida. Anyone found in possession of a pipe two times (even if it has never been used) becomes a third degree felon. In Florida, this means you are permanently banned from voting.

Specifically the bill bans:
(a) Metal, wooden, acrylic, glass, stone, plastic, or ceramic pipes, with or without screens, permanent screens, hashish heads, or punctured metal bowls
(b) Water pipes.
(c) Carburetion tubes and devices.
(d) Chamber pipes.
(e) Carburetor pipes.
(f) Electric pipes.
(g) Air-driven pipes.
(h) Chillums.
(i) Bongs.
(j) Ice pipes or chillers.

From the final report:
Establishes the following five drug paraphernalia crimes:
1. use or possession of drug paraphernalia
2. manufacture or delivery of drug paraphernalia
3. delivery of drug paraphernalia to a minor
4. transportation of drug paraphernalia
5. advertisement of drug paraphernalia

Anonymous said...

For more info about a ban on sale of drug paraphernalia

Check this out:,2975087

Yes, Alderman Van Buskirk, we the people can put a stop to the trash being sold in our Nation and we need to start to clean up MO and there is no place better than Raytown.

Pat Casady said...

You can believe what you want, it’s America.
I take little credence in what Anonymous’ write.
That’s just the way I am. I look at it like if I met
you on the street and I say hello my name is Pat
and you said my name is Anonymous. I still don’t
know who you are. If an anonymous writer wants
to lie and use another name and he or she found
out to be lying, then nothing they have written
can be believed. Again that’s just the way I am.
Before you get all over me for this, I do understand
why some have to be anonymous for fear of
people like Anonymous 10:24, who have forgotten
a little thing like freedom of speech.
As for KCMO taking over our Fire Department and EMT’s.
I don’t believe that is the case. As I understand it, and
I could be wrong, it is the dispatching of the two and
the fear that Raytown’s F.D. and EMS could be sent deep
into KCMO and leave Raytown without as good of coverage.

Susan Dolan said...


I said, "I attended the Raytown EMS open house last week and walked away with the following understanding."

10:24 Go buy a dictionary. An understanding is a personal interpretation, not subject to indictment from anyone, especially someone like yourself who wants to run straight for the noose.

Pat Casady - thanks for restating the crux of the EMS issue. That is why I do post here.

My comments regarding SAVING MONEY VERSUS SAVING LIVES stand.

Before City Hall starts messing with what we have that works, I'd like to hear the real nuts and bolts about why they feel the need to integrate anything we've developed and paid for ourselves, in any way, into what KC wants. I believe it is unwarranted and counter to our City's best interests. As both Mayor and Board Member of MARC (who does the bidding of the UN) David Bower should prove the consummate expert on the matter.

Oh and, 10:24, that's whats called an opinion and just like an understanding, I'm entitled to it without justification to you.

Anonymous said...

TO ANONYMOUS 10:54 PM You wrote: "For more info about a ban on sale of drug paraphernalia
Check this out:" [link omitted] "Yes, Alderman Van Buskirk, we the people can put a stop to the trash being sold in our Nation and we need to start to clean up MO and there is no place better than Raytown."

This issue has broader ramifications. Due to pressures from people who condemned cigarette smokers for 'polluting' the air, eCigarettes have come into being. These smokeless cigarettes emit ONLY water vapor into the air. These devices would fall under these paraphenalia classifications.

Cigarette smokers who respect that others are bothered by their smoke and those who wish to quit smoking cigarettes without going cold turkey are embracing their use.

It's the same old song and dance, the public behaves responsibly and respectfully on their own WITHOUT government intervention but you're not satisfied. Lefties are all about more big government, a nanny telling us what to do under every possible circumstance with prescribed penalties for failure to follow directions, i.e. (tyranny).

Bang your chest, grab your megaphone and cheer Van Buskirk on from the sidelines all you want but the fact remains; PARAPHENALIA IS NOT DRUGS. Spoons, syringes and matches are the paraphenalia of heroin addicts so I suppose you'd want those outlawed too. Of course, people have smoked pot using an empty beer or pop can so those would also have to come off the shelf of all the stores and out of the many local bars.

Drugs, not paraphenalia, should be issue but the U.S. has been fighting the War on Drugs (what an expensive joke on us that has been) for decades without results. In fact, it has been said that our own government has been involved in the drug trafficking for some time.

Prohibition didn't stop people from drinking booze. They just went underground and continued to drink; meanwhile the mafia got rich by providing product.

This seems a nice neat little distraction from the ills that live within the walls of our City Hall that won't make a nickels' worth of difference in the offing. If people really want to do drugs, all they really need is the drugs.

Now, let's talk about City Hall welcoming in a tattoo parlor where people go to deface their bodies......

Clean up Raytown - my ass.

Anonymous said...

It's easier for MARC and Raytown to collectively declare an area blighted and ripe for their sustainable development if property maintenance codes aren't enforced

Peter said...

To need to know; I too have read your post under your real name and anonymous and have taken it to heart a d checked up on it. Some are more hung up on who wrote what than what the content is. A bigot is a bigot still and apparently loses out on alot of knowledge that way. . As you and I know they did not repo d to either so maybe their credibility in knoedge is questionable. You my friend keep up the good work! Some can hear but not listen and some can read but not comprehend.

Peter said...

To Pat in reference to my reply of 9:25 if you re read it you will see I was not getting all over you but saying anyone's Content can be or not be credible and then I answered your question as how to let the writer know you had looked behind the curtain. Indeed I did not get all over you and I understand you may have been having a bad day and that distorted your comprehension of the written word

Susan Dolan said...

Hey 10:24, I'm back!
Fire District proposes taking over Raytown’s EMS service (ambulance)
Posted by Michael Downing in City Government, Raytown EMS, Raytown Fire Department
"The President of the Raytown Fire Protection District (Robert Palmer) submitted a proposal to Mayor Bower on April 13th, 2013. The proposal advocates the transfer of the City of Raytown’s Emergancy Medical Services to the Fire District and includes pages of support data. This document has not been available to the public until recently and was posted on the Fire District’s blog June 11th at 5:25 pm. A local resident who was requesting the document was referred by the City to the Fire District. The Fire District refused release until recently, citing that the document was still under review by the District’s lawyer to decide if it fell under the Sunshine laws."
(Proposal avail. at link below in PDF format)

Now 10:24 - be off with you!

Anonymous said...

Once again you have it wrong about the EMS issue

Trust me on this one.
The citizens will not suffer any more loss than they already do when both units are on calls.
KCFD ambulances respond mutual aid into Raytown as well as AMR and John Knox Village, Lees Summit. They have all responded to Raytown and Sometimes expect that to be reciprocal. On top of that the Fire department has a bakers dozen Paramedics on the job and will always be responding. Im sure I know who you talked to and im sorry you got shined on by a bitter city employee. I have a count and better than half over at EMS want the merger. Some are already training for it or to leave and pursue better opportunities. Some are waiting because we will provide the training.

There is always the chance that fire units will be sent into the city of kcfd and surrounding areas. I have been sent to Sunrise Beach the fire department responded to the House of Loyds fire in Grandview. I was on the company that responded to 42nd a Clary with our thermal imaging camera to the fire that claimed the life of Battalion Chief John Teveten. Could the Ambulances be sent into KC? YES everyday and anytime. I never see anybody crying when Raytown Calls a request for Mutual Aid Ambulance and we get a Dynamic Unit from Prospect Corridor or we get a Lees Summit Unit from Lakewood station. I never hear a peep when we get help from AMR from Independence. You want to put all these restrictions on the use of EMS but nobody complained when they were sent to New Orleans? You have to be careful about saying you wont send help when requested by outside agency because the next time they may do it to you.
Capt Doc Summers

Anonymous said...

Can people please just state an opinion, interpretation, the. Sign a name without each and every word be dissected to start an argument complete with immature name calling , labeling and bullying? Really people?

Peter said...

Peter is my pen name

Anonymous said...

When I read posting on this blog and / or comments in other papers as well as at the local hangouts from people who want to serve on the Charter Commission that are talk about things, but cannot provide supporting documentation to backup what they are saying tells me and should tell others that we don't need them on the Charter Commission and if they do make it than we need to not support the Charter as I fear what crazy bull we will find within it.

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago while traveling north on blueridge a KCFD truck was heading East on 67th from the James A Reed area it arrived at the apartment complex on Laurel 1 minute prior to the RFD... Less lights and traffic I presume. All the same I would want to be taken care of ASAP no matter which department it is

Need To Know said...


I read "the latest foreclosure horror Zombie Titles" as you'd suggested and found it to be perversely stunning. Especially in the instance where even the local land bank refused to help.

In all the mortgage loan rebundling that occurs it is not uncommon that banks are unable to determine who actually owns a specific mortgage note. Some mortgage lenders such as BOA, JP Morgan Chase and GMAC (who now is Ally) have been legally forced to halt foreclosures in 23 states because they can't prove they hold the notes. Foreclosure notices are being issued in error. No note, no legal foreclosure, so protect yourself even if you've never missed a single payment.

How? You just need to write a letter to your mortgage bank and servicer demanding to see your mortgage note. Only the original mortgage note with your signature is proof that you owe the debt and that they're legally entitled to collect it from you. Article and Demand letter are here:

Susan Dolan said...

Wal-Mart Cutting Orders as Unsold Merchandise Piles Up
While Walmart blames their lack of sales on the fact that they don't have enough employees to stock the shelves, a Bloomberg analyst states that Walmart's inventory is way above their goal and is due largely to missed sales. It's been a year since Walmart met its' sales goal.
Bottom line, people are spending their money elsewhere and apparently, people don't want to work there either.
Story @

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:20 "That sure is a nice house for some young trouble teens to make a hang out. It also could provide a nice lab for some business person to cook their products. Maybe the city just needs to take it down so trouble teens and other criminal minded people cannot use it for illegal means."

It's obvious you didn't read the suggested article ...horror of Zombie Titles (above) or you'd also know that the expense of demolition could backfire upon an innocent homeowner. Please read that article.

Clearly, the responsibility for this issue rests squarely upon the shoulders of Codes. They need to do their homework, find the rightful owner and hold them responsible. Else, they be discharged for non-performance.

I believe the greatest threat those properties pose are gas explosions as well as rodent and snake infestation.

You seem to have issues with teens. It seems to me that most the teens here are nice young people in spite of probably being bored to tears. Were I a teen reading what you wrote, I'd be upset. Would you want to live in a community where people referred to you as one of "those brain dead, closed-minded old people"?

Pat Casady said...

I don’t want to put restrictions on anything.
I am all for our Fire Department and EMS. I believe
we, Raytown, have some of the best Police, Fire and
EMT’s in the five state area. As I have asked in the
past, if our service people are sent into other areas
when needed does KC and others help Raytown
when needed. You answered that and I thank you.
What I did say was the following:
“As for KCMO taking over our Fire Department and EMT’s.
I don’t believe that is the case. As I understand it, and
I could be wrong, it is the dispatching of the two and
the fear that Raytown’s F.D. and EMS could be sent deep
into KCMO and leave Raytown without as good of coverage.”
If you will notice I said “the fear,” this is what some of my
customers have expressed. I tell them the powers that be
would never leave us unprotected, it won’t happen.
They just don’t want KC to take over any part of Raytown’s
Services. They fear what would go next?
To Peter and Doc,
I am not a good writer. Sometimes I don’t get across what
I mean and it comes out wrong. I’m not having a bad day
or any other excuse other than that.

Friends of Raytown Fire Dept said...

Anyone wanting the facts about EMS / Raytown Fire Department combine.

Should contact EMS / Raytown Fire Department direct.

It is sad we have people on this blog and others running around town and making comments that KC Fire Department is going to take over EMS.

To believe things on this blog we need the truth otherwise everything starts to come into question.

Again KC Fire Dept is not taking over the Raytown Fire Dept nor Raytown EMS.

Anonymous said...

To 12:18 am I would agree that it's not that we have bad teens in our city most are very active in school, church, music, an extra curicar sports and some caring for younger siblings. There are some 20s 30s and 40s that have been greatly in loved in drug activity. I would suggest if an older person does not feel teens are doing as they should then befriend one a d turn those sour grapes into something great! Older and wiser then leave a great legacy while helping your community and filling idle time.

Peter said...

While there truly is so very much to study on the banks and the foreclosure exodus our country is experiences I do know the codes enforcement have their work cut out for them. Article Ls upon article is in print about this from those in the field directly effected. All should research this for it opens the eyes to what is taking place in our world

Anonymous said...

To 9:12 a.m. What is not sad....No one is RUNNING AROUND TOWN saying anything of the kind. NO ONE said that they were stating facts.

That being the the case, you're guilty of your own complaint in that you have not spoken the truth about the "people on this blog". I know a good stick removal service if you want that out.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Susan Dolan I was at the EMS open house also. They only had 2 city officials show up to it but many of the Raytown people came. It was moving to see how humble they live. How everything they have is what they pay for. They don't play with taxpayers money. They are very frugal and wise with money and they have the best equipment money can buy. The sad thing is some have gone to other places and others are looking around the metro because they don't truly know what the future holds for them in Raytown. I could go on and on but I will make this short. It's not KCFD taking over. It looks like it's Robert Palmar and the union trying to take over our EMS. Then to add to the problems we have long standing firemen who are looking other places. We are talking about some of our very finest.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 9/26 - 9:43p
You said, "When I read posting on this blog and / or comments in other papers as well as at the local hangouts from people who want to serve on the Charter Commission that are talk about things, but cannot provide supporting documentation to backup what they are saying tells me and should tell others that we don't need them on the Charter Commission and if they do make it than we need to not support the Charter as I fear what crazy bull we will find within it.

Boy, here's the pot calling the kettle black!
Can YOU provide any supporting documentation about what you've said about those people because if not, how can we tell that what you've said is not just crazy bull? If, according to your criteria, you can't or won't provide documentation then we cannot trust anything you've said either. Door swings both ways.

Susan Dolan said...

I get it. Since that initial post wherein I mistakenly said KCFD instead of RFD, I have thanked Pat C. for his correction and posted a link to the letter for the proposal of RFD's takeover of our EMS. This matter is stinky and messy and I believe it warrants further investigation. Things like this never happen without a reason. Raytown has historical importance and that identity that many are proud of should be respected meaning OUR local gov't, OUR EMS, OUR FD. We developed them and deserve to keep them unto ourselves. With 3 ambulances, it seems our EMS can adequately serve our 10 square miles IF they're not being called away by auto response into KC. Conversely, it seems that if KCFD needs more vehicles or personnel they should handle it out of their budget. Listen, I've got the videos of our EMS with the committe led by Melson at city hall and though it will take hours, I'll review before sticking my foot back in the gator's jaw.

Peter said...

To 3:39 pm ; the writer stated people were making comments. The writer also said around town, this blog and other blogs. And that if it is not truth it is questionable and that KCFD is not taking over our EMS. Now I don't know anyone person who can be all over town hearing what everyone says so not I or you can say for fact that the writer has not heard this in various places so it really isn't fair to call them a liar. And the word was comments not facts. And after doing some research back to the beginning of this EMS thing there were indeed several local blogs who spewed those words,

Peter said...

To 5:49 pm it is forever part of the political/ public arena that one becomes subject too when they put themselfs out there for public office or on TV. Why would we expect any less that they be watched and listened too then checked out! We as an American people have do e this to each and every President, Senator, or any one person running for public office. We as the public are not scrutinized the same as they are; the difference being we are only in charge of our own future whereas a public official is in charge of effecting many people's future

Anonymous said...

Anyone and everyone who seeks public attention and keeps putting their name out there is subject to being analized be it public official. Or just citizen. People will do indepth searches and go back forever . Some things the statue of limitations has run out and now are public. My point is everyone is subject to this so remember so as you judge; you too will be judged!

Anonymous said...

Once again you get the facts wrong.

They staff two ambulances.
the third ambulance is a reserve in case of breakdown.

In all Honesty you should really quit posting until you have your facts correct.

You want to talk I am at fire station. Come up ill show you around and answer your questions.
I work on A-shift station one ask for Doc

Capt. Doc Summers

Susan Dolan said...

Recently there was conversation about signing up for Google Fiber in Raytown. Tom Cole talks about the city's development, he said that right now Google is pulling fiber through those lines they've laid and that it would be about 60 days before Google proceeds with additional activity. He also said those interested could advance signup at Google's site and that he believed the advance fee was something like $10. Tom also said that if Google didn't get enough interested parties within an area for them to establish a "fiberhood", that area would not get their service. He indicates that even if no one in Raytown used their service, there would at least be a trunk line running through town which would provide Google service to Lees Summit.

Susan Dolan said...

No Doc!

I did not say 3 active ambulances. I did not say 2 active and 1 standby. I did not say 1 active and 2 standby. I SAID 3 ambulances. Our EMS has 3 ambulances; that is a fact. In all honesty Doc, your contortion is unwarranted and if you cannot contain yourself, you should quit posting. I have no fight to pick with you, nor interest in meeting you.

Anonymous said...

A bit of clarification, on September 22, 2013 at 3:49 PM, I wrote about the fuel costs going up -- what I was looking for was variation of that of what I had heard. I also stated -- "However, re-numbering the rigs, for some reason leaves a bad taste in my mouth (although I understand way it was done). I also heard that the KCFD was perhaps looking at taking over the RFPD (again which I doubt)." Key word here -- WHICH I DOUBT. Again, looking at the fuel costs, I was asking if that was true or not, I never claimed that it was a fact. (And was asking Capt. "Doc" for some input on this. As for the bit about the KCFD taking over, I have no doubt it could never happen. For one thing it is the Raytown, Fire Protection District -- we elect the fire board members, and it is not a "city department" (that is why I NEVER refer to it as the Raytown FD). As for EMS being taken over by the RFPD, I gain have no issues, quite often the fire department (little d not big D), provide this service. I have the up most admiration and respect for fire fighters. However -- I still do not like the "KCFD" numbers on "our" rigs. I fully understand why it was done, but I still do not like it.

Anonymous said...

9:55 PM KCFD #s on "our" rigs. Reminded me of when KCFD took over MAST, plastering KCFD on the back of all the ambulances. Just a matter of time? Here's the video:

Anonymous said...

That would be like saying the Fire Department has six Vehicles and can cover ten square miles.
You provided misleading information yet again.
I would suggest you refrain from commenting on Fire/EMS related issues until you have all correct information.
I was inviting you to visit station and I would be happy to answer the questions. If you are not willing to research the facts and get them correct.
If I were you I would restrict my responses to Wal-Mart and various other causes.
Capt. Doc Summers

Anonymous said...

Susan, In my view, there have always been 2 "in service" ambulances. The 3rd ambulance is a back and not in service. It doesn't count because it is not in service and will only be brought into service if one of the 2 breaks down or is receiving maintenance. It is normal for emergency providers to have back up units in back up not being used.

Andy Whiteman

Susan Dolan said...

Andy 12:23

Yup, I knew that from the get. I stated only that REMS had 3 ambo. For all those who still care to take issue with that:

REMS has 2 ambo in active service (1 backup) and I believe that if not called to service outside the city, they could surely cover our 10 square miles.

Doc: Are you saying RFPD has 6 vehicles and that they couldn't cover 10 sq. miles? See how ridiculous it becomes when your own logic is applied to what you say?

Anything you might have to say to me in response to questions can surely be said here.

I have a few questions for you today-

1) May 13, 2013 Robert Palmer, President, RFPD wrote a letter to Bower stating his opinion that REMS should be consolidated into RFPD. He stated, "Consolidation of similar public services is always worth consideration. It makes even more sense during these challenging economic times. The most effective consolidations are THOSE WHICH CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED WITH THE LEAST LEGISLATIVE RISK AND THE MOST POTENTIAL REWARD.

What's the Legislative Risk, Doc?

2) Page 14 of Palmer's Proposal diagrams current and post consolidation responses to a 911 call and they are identical. A fire rig and an ambulance is utilitized in both scenarios regardless of whether the call is life-threatening or non-life-threatening. Since the same units are dispatched, regardless of the nature of the 911 call (and since the proposal states that the City would continue to pay for the operation and maintenance of the ambulances) [correct me here if I'm mistaken] where do the proposed $260,000+ savings per year come into play?

3) Palmer Proposal, page 12: "For purposes of this report integration opportunities will be described under the most common or likely scenarios; however, with each scenario, A NUMBER OF POTENTIAL PERMUTATIONS MAY IMPACT OPERATION OF THE SYSTEM.

Doc, would you care to address those permuations and the potential impacts?

4) Under this proposal, would REMS employees be required to join the RFPD's Union in order to work as it seems apparent they would?

You see, I am willing to research the facts and do believe a public forum such as this benefits not only myself but all other participants who may be interested as well., Would you not agree?

Anonymous said...

Cannot imagine while one would dicker about what they said and then not want to accept the invite to the fire station to get all the facts; makes one wonder if they are more set on just spewing words other than getting facts. Knowledge is a terrible thing to waste and to refuse it was extremely childish and put the person in a questionable light

Susan said...

Correction Doc:

Question #2 should have said: 2) Page 14 of Palmer's Proposal diagrams current and post consolidation responses to a 911 call and they are identical. AN AMBULANCE (strike the words A FIRE RIG AND AN AMBULANCE) is utilitized in both scenarios regardless of whether the call is life-threatening or non-life-threatening.

Anonymous said...

Maybe speak with Mr Palmer and didn't they have an open house about the consolidation ? Would that not of been for the interested public? Why then such nasty attitude and demands on ones terms? Soundsore like two kids trying to out Witt and battle it out rather than actually wanting knowledge and that knowledge being accepted! The knowledge has been freely given in various public venues. Please stop the " everyone has a conspiracy" thought process

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Bledsoe.
"Please keep in mind that this proposal is information being
presented from the RFPD to the City of Raytown. I’m not saying that any
of the information is one sided or biased, but please be mindful of any
proposals origin."

"I want to urge the citizens of Raytown not to take this matter lightly. This is a serious matter and the Raytown citizens need to be aware of the implications of either outcome. Including what it means to the tax
payers money and the potential changes in services being provided."

"You can find news paper articles that go back almost 30 years that show
the RFPD have made the same type proposals."
Jeremy L. Bledsoe, Sr.

Capt. Summers has presented himself as an authority on the issue so let him answer questions where all can benefit from his knowledge.

Anonymous said...

9:00 pm - Maybe speaking with Mr. Palmer isn't such a good idea since he is the person who made the proposal to the city in the first place. If the savings to the city is really there and the change would affect nothing else, why wouldn't this have from from the city instead of RFPD?

Anonymous said...

Mr Palmer could show his proposal and explain where he was having that on. So if you feel he would be bias and the city is bias and Doc is bias then you 'be got no one else you personally will believe then there is nothing for you to do but move on

Anonymous said...

Oh 6:20, for you that may be true, however, when the same concept is repeatedly rejected over a period of 30 years (as Mr. Bledsoe stated) and then, despite that, once again appears it does give one pause. I do not recall anyone accusing Palmer, the City or Doc of bias. In this age of overuse of the word transparency accompanied by so many decisions of import being made behind closed doors, it would be refreshing if one who represents themselves as an unbiased authority on a matter were to permit the wider audience to benefit from their knowledge where, and to their benefit, their words cannot be misquoted.

Anonymous said...

Oh you are too funny! Go round and round and in essence say the same thing you are disagreeing with

Anonymous said...

It was refreshing to see Jason Greene's remarks about the Parks budget and Super Splash. That is leadership there, other folks up there need to take alesson from that now.