Sunday, December 29, 2013


They are the fantastic photos taken just at the right moment and at the right place. Here are many you will recognize and the truth about their origins.

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The Salamander Returns!

EXCEPTIONAL: (adjective) having or showing intelligence or ability well above average

City Hall honchos recently published a Fall/Winter Newsletter.

It wasn’t just a newsletter. It was a 16 page fluff piece which extolled the efficiency and general excellence of City Hall operations.

This exercise of meaningless verbiage was an attempt to bring residents up-to-date on where our tax dollars go.

This type of expenditure is apparently standard in most cities of the country. So Raytown is only following the common trend of senseless bragging.

However, on page 3 there is a report of a citizen’s committee rating of all city departments.
Every single department and everything the departments do was rated “E”.

The “E”, we are told, stands for “Exceptional”.

All this writer will say is this: “Get real, people of City Hall. This rating is ridiculous. It borders on being sarcastic".

Does anyone in reader-land actually believe that every single solitary facet of a city the size of Raytown and its operations are so smoothly running and so good they should be “E”? And “E” stands for Exceptional!

In light of last summer’s fiasco over City Hall’s Neighborhood Market scheme, and the ensuing lawsuit in which the City is now embroiled, I would think the rating should be “F” for an old term from my generation, FUBAR! You youngsters can ask a WWII or Korean veteran for a definition. Believe me, it would be a more accurate rating.

Or how about the mess that is Super Splash. The pool, by City Hall’s own accounting, has lost hundreds of thousands dollars in recent years. City Hall’s response has been to . . .  
  • Fire all of its employees and bring in a so-called “professional company” to straighten out things . . . AND THEN
  • Fire the “professional company” to hire its own people to run things.
Talk about going full circle. Since the two moves by the City are contrary to each other, it would be hard to rate both of them as “E” for Exceptional.

Want a real taste of “Exceptional” Raytown City Hall style? Turn in a residential or commercial code violation. You will see the city’s exceptional gears grind to a stop.

If the ratings are accurate, one can only assume that our City Hall and its denizens have reached a quintessence of perfection seldom, if ever, achieved in the history of bureaucracy.

The report with all of its “E’s” reminds your correspondent of a talk he once gave to a group of school children.

They asked what grade I made in school. I told them, “I made a “D”. Then I explained in that in my case “D” stood for “Dandy”!

The report card is also interesting for one other reason:

According to the accompanying statement this report of Exceptional Achievement was issued by a Committee appointed by Mayor Bower in January of 2013. In light of this hard-to-digest fairy tale, your Salamander can only wonder . . . 

“. . . if the report had contained a few “D’s” or, God forbid, an “F”, for any department or one of its functions do you really believe our Mayor would ever re-appoint any of the current members of the rating committee?”

The Salamander welcomes Raytown’s newest newspaper, the Raytown Brooking Eagle. Welcome to the party. We now have a choice of three excellent weekly news reports:  The Raytown Report, the Raytown Times and the Raytown Brooking Eagle.

April Election Ballot Getting Crowded
Earlier this week I decided to write a short informational story about the upcoming elections scheduled for early April, 2014. The ballot, which at one time, had only one issue for voters to decide has grown to a ballot of many issues:

RAYTOWN CHARTER ELECTION: Voters are asked whether or not to form a Charter Commission – and – elect a thirteen member Commission should voters approve the formation of the Commission.

So far, fourteen candidates have filed for the Raytown Charter Commission. The closing date for filing for the Commission is January 21, 2014.

RAYTOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT: Three members will be elected to serve on the Raytown School Board. The current School Board has also placed a property tax levy issue on the ballot. Supporters say it is not an increase, which is true, but in reality, the property tax levy could be lowered if the increase is not approved.

CITY OF RAYTOWN: The Board of Aldermen unanimously approved an extension of two sales tax questions for the voters to decide next April. Critics have complained that the taxes are not set to expire for two years and that the tax questions are premature.

I really enjoyed The Salamander’s thoughts this week. His words have inspired me to share some of my own thoughts.

The Raytown School District has, through its actions, established a responsible and professional sense of decorum in how it handles matters of public interest.

On the other hand, the City of Raytown continues to act like a petulant child, a child that either through neglect or design is simply not conducting itself professionally.

Case in point:

This week we received not one, but two press releases from the Raytown School District regarding candidate filing for seats on the Raytown School Board. The releases, which are also published on the School District’s website, go into detail about who has filed and given contact information for the candidates.

More importantly, the release detailed the closing date for filing so that other potential candidates can determine whether or not to test the waters.
By comparison, the City of Raytown, has published nothing on its website about the upcoming Charter Election.

In light of the fact that the filing deadline is only about three weeks away you would think the city might break down and publish some information about it. After all, isn’t that what a news source is supposed to do? I wonder what the high paid Public Relation Officer has been doing lately if not dispensing information on the website.

Scroll through the city’s website. Nearly all of its so called “news stories” look back, not forward.

We all know a new Dunkin’ Donuts has opened. We know that those big trucks treating our streets for ice and snow are our Public Works crew at work. 

But you cannot learn the following.

Where to file for the Charter Election.
(answer: Raytown City Hall, Office of the City Clerk)

When the filing for the Charter Election closes.
(answer: Tuesday, January 21, 2014)

How many and who has filed for the Charter Commission.
(answer: 14*)

It is well known that many of our elected officials are not happy with the prospect of a Charter Commission being formed.Ward 1 Alderman Joe Creamer even voted against allowing voters to vote on the issue! He did so even though Missouri State Law mandates that since it was an initiative petition effort, the voters must vote on the matter.

That does not make it right for the city to have a virtual blackout on news about the upcoming Charter Election. After all, we pay a lot in taxes to support the website and the newsletter recently mailed to Raytowners from City Hall. That news should include upcoming elections and filing deadline information.

Maybe the Salamander has it right. All you can expect from City Hall is fluff about what a fantastic job they are doing.

*I have since learned that two new filings recently took place. Steve Guenther and Greg Walters filed last week.

Candidate Forum Offered on Raytown Report
Candidates who have filed for either the Raytown School Board or the Raytown Charter Commission are invited to send a short biographical essay about your candidacy to the Raytown Report for publication. Please include a photograph with your essay.

Stories can be emailed to


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Anonymous said...

12/29 7:43p "To Does anyone know why the house that burnt almost a year ago on 67th street is still standing? Very disgraceful not to mention a safety hazard."

You're wrong. That house caught fire 5/13/13... a little over just 7 months ago. It is not a hazard as the openings are boarded-up. Fortunately no one died in the fire. Investigations and insurance settlements take time so relax and let it go.

Pat Casady said...

Paul & Greg,
It should come as no surprise that the mayor’s
appointed group gave City Hall all “E’s”.
In fact the sign, Raytown City Hall should have
one more word added. Clubhouse!
I have suggested in the past that you post the
question, “How do we think City Hall is doing?”
I know our local newspaper wouldn’t be interested
in doing such a thing for fear of upsetting City Hall.

By the way I went to the Raytown Mo. Site to try to find
the proposed plan for the “Green space.”
I clicked on each of the following and got a notice that stated’
“404: page cannot be found”
The site is 3.78 acres and is currently green space.
You can find the RFP by clicking here.
Also available are the Downtown Survey, the Downtown Appraisal,
the Downtown TIF Redevelopment Plan, the Raytown Blight Study,
the RMRC Development Plan, the CBD Design Standards Zoning Ordinance,
the Neighborhood Commercial Zoning Ordinance and a Raytown Zoning Map.
I don’t know if it was my computer of the city removed them but,
The picture in the paper isn’t clear enough to see really what is
Going on.

Anonymous said...

Seven months to repair a fire damaged house is acceptable?!?

I bet you would not find it acceptable if it was in your neighborhood.

While you are relaxing and letting it go you may want to re-think what is acceptable.

In seven months all that has been done is for the windows to be boarded up! No this is not accpetable. It is so, so sad.

Andy Whiteman said...

December 29, 2013 at 7:43 PM & December 30, 2013 at 7:48 AM,
This is common practice in Raytown! Lightening struck a power transformer on 65th St. and burned the house down. After a year, I called codes and was told that the house could not be razed because insurance was denying the claim and the owner couldn't afford to do it. I pointed out it was a safety hazard and suggested that a fence be required. A fence was but up, but it took a total of 2 years to raze the house.

Andy Whiteman

Paul Livius said...



Start on page 14.

Anonymous said...

It depends on the insurance company, I guess. My neighbor's house caught fire. The insurance company had the house gutted (water in the finished basement) and it took 4 months to complete the work and get the family back into the house. As far as the house on 67th, was it an accident or was it arson?

Andy Whiteman said...

Salamander, The worst part is who paid for the propaganda? It was sent out as a newsletter at taxpayer expense obviously due to the upcoming April election. What a waste of taxpayer's money!!!!

I would rate the socialist fascist fief of Raytown a grade of "DF" for dismal failure.

Amdy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

10:42 AM, It also depends if the insurance company can find a reason not to pay the claim. I was told that the house on 65th St had combustibles inside which voided the insurance policy.

I suggest those with complaints call Codes and ask why the nuisance has not been abated?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

12/30 @ 7:44a As a matter of fact, that house is in my neighborhood. I see it every day. So was another house which burned down over a year earlier, very near Woodson & Vermont. It took a very long time but the latter home has been rebuilt.

I'm sure the family who lived at 67 & Woodson will do all they can, as soon as they can after receiving their insurance money. Their house was well looked after; in fact. they had just re-painted it before the fire happened.

7:44q, instead of being a squawking big-bird, self-righteous alarmist why don't you find out what the law says about the situation and let us know what is really acceptable instead of what you feel is unacceptable and get back to us with verifiable facts instead.

12/30 10:42 I appears the fire started in the garage and spread across the roof. Regarding your question: Since that is your curiosity and if the answer is to be had you can get it yourself instead of posing it here. Please share what you learn here so we can all benefit from your effort.

Anonymous said...

December 30, 2013 at 7:48 AM

You're sure big on what is acceptable and unacceptable. Obviously, you're a self-appointed judge of right and wrong. Pray tell, what is your judgement of our city officials redevelopment plan? I await your response with baited breath.

Anonymous said...

Both houses you speak of are in my daughters neighborhood. The one on Vermont at Woodson took forever to tear down and level the empty lot. The owner was in the hospital for over 11 months. It broke our hearts to see it like that but at least now it is a vacant lot

Anonymous said...

Both houses that burned are at either end if where my daughter lives. The one on Vermont near Woodson took a very long time to tear down as the owner was in the hospital for close to a year. It is now a vacant lot

Pat Casady said...

Thanks Paul.
After looking at the pictures I have deduced that
all plans are made to put most businesses on 63rd.
down to Blue Ridge out of business. There is no
room for big truck deliveries for any business up
the alley. Along with back in parking on Blue Ridge
this city has pretty much killed off the rest of the
small businesses in the downtown green area.
However, I am not going to worry too much about
this plan because I really don’t see how it can work.
We’ve been told that the apartments will be upscale.
This means high rent. Truth be told that won’t happen.
People aren’t exactly standing in line to move to a high
taxing city that doesn’t do what it promises.
Raytown’s problem is if our leaders would have kept
their promises and fixed the streets correctly, if they
had used the safety tax to hire more police and equipment,
if they hadn’t lied about the Neighborhood Mart deal, if they
didn’t give away so much tax income, if they would have
truly jumped on codes violators and cleaned up the
neighborhoods as should have been done, the list goes
on and on. This would be the beautiful small town
we all loved in the past.
Before anybody jumps on me, I still love this town.
It’s just heartbreaking to see what has happened to it.

Anonymous said...

Not every Raytown home received the Raytown newsletter must of been a special mailing to you few to see your unpresidented response. Wonder how many and what areas were chosen? My family has 25 residents scattered through out Raytown and not a one of us received it. Can those who are the research gyros ck with the post office and such to give us some more knowledge

Anonymous said...

i never received the newsletter
but did view it online.

a true fluff piece - was this a line item in the budget - how much did goggle pay for the full page ad?

Please not the "report card" was for 2012 - submitted in January 2013 - It took a whole year before they shared this information.

The "report card" is for finance of 2012 - not city service provided

what a crock!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:48 -

Do you work for City Hall? It sounds like it. If someone asks a question at City Hall that they don't like, the folks up there turn purple, jump up and down, and start calling everybody around them crude names. Case in point - Ward I alderman when the grass roots effort turned in the petitions for the charter. How many different shads of purple did he turn that night? You sound just like him.

Anonymous said...

The City Hall web referred me to THE DAILY RECORD but when I searched for it on the internet I got a whole bunch of site referrals. If anyone one this blog knows the web address where I should go to, please put it up here. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I read 11;48 comment and then 1:29 comment ; 1:29 You really did not comprehend the other now did ya??? You had something to say then say it you don't have to hide behind an attack on someone....

No intro needed said...

Sounds like 1:29 wanted to talk bout ward 1 and the color purple but didn't know if they needed an intro first

Anonymous said...

I wondered about that full page Google ad as well. I know that Comcast or one of its predecessors gave the city or Raytown the ability to broadcast city council meetings for free. They donated the equipment and the hook up to make it possible for us to watch our city government in action.

I wonder what Google is bringing to the table to get a free full page ad in the city's newsletter.

Also wonder if Comcast or AT&T got the same opportunity given to them.

Anonymous said...

I see the City has put out a full coloe newsletter. How much did that cost? Along with new carpeting at City Hall. Glad someone is living high on the hog.
Happy New Year.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Pat Casady I agree with all you have said. I would also like to thank Susan Dolan for her post on Dec. 26, 2013 at 2:53 PM, regarding how Lawton, Mo. cleaned house on their City Hall. It's beautiful to know the Mayor & the City Administrator resigned shortly following the state auditors completion of research on site within the city, but before the results of the state audit could be presented to the citizens. What a great gift for Lawton, Missouri. Happy New Year everyone. We may have no idea what the future holds. All any of us can do is our best each day and hope & pray we have all done enough. Here is to our new chapter in 2014, with High Hopes For All. xox

Anonymous said...

I got the "Comic Book" in the mail the other day form the City of "Dumptown" The grade the City gave it's self was a "E" for Excellence??

Our mayor and aldermen don't really have a clue how to do their jobs do they????

Anonymous said...

From my view, the house on 67th is NOT boarded up correctly and is a safety hazard especially for the kids walking back and forth to Robinson. Also, the house burnt in March of last year not May. I seriously doubt if the house was located in Johnson Co. it would still be standing.

Anonymous said...

MARCH (not May) FIRE

Video Title: "Raytown Fire House Fire at 67th and Woodson"

Video Caption: " Published on May 3, 2013, House Fire at 67th and Woodson in Raytown on 5/3/2013."


Anonymous said...

er, that was MAY (not March) fire - 67 & Woodson

sometimes it doesn't pay to multitask.... sorry for the error

Anonymous said...

If you are having a problem driving in this storm or the previous storm, then you need to learn how to drive. You do have to adjust the way you drive. Take off slower and god forbid, slow down a bit.

Peter said...

Happy New Year! May this be a year of understanding , acceptance, and love of all family and fellowship with others. Let your light shine on all of the earth. Make your legacy great and never limit who you show compassion and understanding to

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the City getting the snow removed from our main streets but...... when is enough enough?? Last night we got about 2 inches or so and they began plowing in the middle of the night and just moments ago( just before noon) another plow came by basically scrapping bare pavement. Next "storm" I promise to count but it seems like the plows have been by at least 15 times. I know Blue Ridge Blvd is an emergency route but I left the house at 6 this morning and the streets were easily passable then. Maybe we should save some snow removal budget for the heavy snows that usually come later in the winter?

Anonymous said...

5:28p "From my view, the house on 67th is NOT boarded up correctly and is a safety hazard..."

Alrighty then! What are YOU going to do about it?

Peter said...

Wondered how long it would take someone to complain about the snow and the road crew. Sounds like you must live on the ridge and that's a snow route; good thing! I had a friend travel Raytown rd last night and said it was bad till they got north on the blvd ( blue ridge) also had a friend travel Raytown road via Grandview to work this a.m. And said it was ruff. Guess it would matter what routes you take. Have a super day and stay warm

Anonymous said...

12:05p I wonder how well a sprayed-on resurfacing holds up to beet juice marinade and repeated direct contact with a plow blade. Spray a little of this, then a little of that and then scrape like crazy - good show! But then, what do I know. I'm just paying for this idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Talk about damned if you do and damned if you don't!
There is no pleasing some people.

Anonymous said...

Pat, Get off the damn safety sales tax and hiring more policemen. It's not the city preventing the police department from hiring more police it's the department won't hire any more. Get the facts straight or shut up your mouth. Tired of listening to you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Agree with 7:36am whole heartidly

Anonymous said...

Some are on here so much and so many different times complaining about paying for this or that. Makes you wonder do they work to support themselfs? And if so are they cheating their employer or clientele by spending so much time on the Internet ?? Just a thought I'm sure many others have noticed as well

Anonymous said...

7:36a It seems that way, but also serves as evidence that Raytownians pay attention to and care a great deal about their city. A city, corrupt top to bottom is due fierce scrutiny. Subject to the excesses of a self-serving, unscrupulous governing body and fallen into a state of disrepair, the city has little semblance of its former self and its' people are justifiably ill at ease. There is something terribly wrong about the current administration of our city government and few can put a finger on it.

It is no small wonder that we cannot afford unbridled acceptance and understanding (Peter). Our trust has been abused. Those who have studied know that 'turn the other cheek' does not mean to allow yourself to be subject to further abuse. It means to turn away from the abuser and that is what has happened.

Some wish to wax poetic while others bury their heads in the sand; detached, they enjoy the fruits of freedom but are either unwilling or incapable of contributing to its' continuation. It is the duty of the people to remain vigilant and that is why the city is under the well-deserved microscope.

Anonymous said...

We have a Raytown board meeting next Tuesday and I think more is on the possible agenda than snow removal.

The one proposal that is liked by the board and the mayor is the one for over 200 apartments to be built on the green space. Also if I read right they expect the land to be given to them if they build. I imagine that they also want tax abatement and anything else they can get.

I would like to know how many hundreds of apartments already make up the city? How do they think that people want to move downtown in a high rent district. How many people will be able to afford a high rent area.The article stated that the whole board and the mayor were just thrilled with the proposal. Good Lord what is next?

Maybe someone from the city could answer about the number of rental units in Raytown??

Anonymous said...

The Safety Sale Tax is important because it speaks to the credibility of city hall. Plain and simple. They promised more police personnel and delivered less. They lied.

What is worse is that the Chief of Police sits by and neither condemns or even comments!

It was his department that pushed the proposal. His department should stand by what they promised the voters.

Hiding behind the "they made me do it" excuse says so much about the character of those involved.

Anonymous said...

Who is it that you are talking about when you say they are hiding behind the" they made me do it" ???? Curious who your allegations are anout

Peter said...

To 11:12 am sorry if my New Years wish offended you; it was based on the bible and is truly my wish for all

Anonymous said...

Thank you Elisa and Thank you Peter for the heartfelt and sincere wish for a Happy New Year to all on the Raytown Report Blog; wishing the best to you and yours as well

Anonymous said...

12:22p The Flaherty plan with the 200+ apartments is a classic ICLEI 'sustainable, multi-use, public-private development' - retail below/living space above... replicating the most basic European planning.

Our redistricted and rezoned, Jackson County is primed for intermodal development conducive to free trade versus free enterprise. That is why the zoning will never be changed back. The high-rent apartments aren't for us; all the developer cares about is how much he can make off the project and 'luxury' costs more. We don't need & can't afford luxury apartments or a grocery store downtown. But once the devil-may-care developer is done and has pocketed their money, they move on and due to the public-private partnership involved in the development, Raytown will no longer own the land it rests on so the development and the land it is on are for sale to anyone, in any country ( two 7 minute videos here explain what a PPP is ) and since the non-profit involved in the development is non-governmental, they are free to sell the whole shabang.

Foreign buyers CAN afford the high rent and the land. We lose the property tax revenue AND the land.

Public-private partnerships require involvement of a non-profit, non-govenmental agency such as MARC or our Economic Development Corporation which can take advantage of a TIF, 353 Tax Abatement in partnership with a developer.

This is called a land grab and it is happening all over our country.

This arrangement is so lucrative to to the parties involved that some US cities are declaring occupied homes, current on mortgage payments but with upside down mortgages blighted and taken for 'redevelopment'.

Remember this well, the public in a public-private partnership has absolutely nothing to do with you and me and if you don't watch those 2 short videos you'll never get it.

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:12 am two bloggers send well wishes for the holidays but you single out one; this is sure getting obvious.

Anonymous said...

To Peter ; a year of love, understanding and acceptance if all family? Apparently not everyone has family or their family is city hall. And fellowship with others??? Apparently some don't think that means us bloggers. What were you thinking? Some took this as a fueled comment

Anonymous said...

9:00 AM,

you are correct!

Our elected "City Marshal" has stated he cannot find anyone so he has not hired anyone.

Our elected "Board of Alderman" said with the current budget that five officers had been in the budget and not hired in over several years the police must not need the officers.

The question should now be to our elected "City Marshal" in how the money for those five officers had been being spent over those years the money was in the budget and no officers where hired.

Just one more example of why we need a "State Audit"!

Andy Whiteman said...

I saw on the news yesterday that Chicago and Pennsylvania have pilot projects of using beet juice because salt stops working at 20 degrees. It was said that the combination of sugar in the beet juice along with the salt will work to a lower temperature. I hope it works and is not wasted beet juice. Sounds like a sticky mess to me.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The main streets on the 2nd where in fairly good shape.

The side streets was another story.

I hope we see better with the weather they are calling for today.

Paul said...


You seem to always sing the song of praise for our folks at city hall.

Therefore, with your expert skills what is your take about the home on 67th that is one of the topics this week.

May personal take is enough is enough and the city needs to move forward in getting that mess cleaned up.

Anonymous said...

9:36 'they cheating their employer or clientele by spending so much time on the Internet ?? Just a thought I'm sure many others have noticed as well'

What a stupid premise. If you have the time to be here, don't bother trying to fuel dissent against others who do too. What makes you so sure others would possibly agree with your contorted viewpoint? I don't!

12:19p Again? Really? Hard to find agreement but you keep seeking...

Anonymous said...

To 9:00 am I don't remember exactly
Which blog it was on but sometime back it showed where that tax money had been used on some safety program and vehicle. I'm sure it can be researched but I just remember seeing it here and checking it out sometime back

Peter said...

Dear Paul ; you have me confused with another blogger for I defiantly do not sing the praises of City Hall or the current administration. I've been in Raytown over 60 years and personally have seen a lot of variance in administrations , etc. and then there is the President, and the lack of believing in a higher power / ie / God, Jehovia, Yawea, etc, not happy what so ever with the doings of the world at present

Anonymous said...

Peter fm 11:12

What I said stands. It is no small wonder that we cannot afford unbridled acceptance and understanding (Peter). Our trust has been abused. Those who have studied know that 'turn the other cheek' does not mean to allow yourself to be subject to further abuse. It means to turn away from the abuser and that is what has happened.

Some wish to wax poetic .....

Jesus warned to beware of serpents. Remember the burning bush. Where did their unbridled acceptance land the people of the USSR?

Anonymous said...

It sure sounds like 11:12 am has some deep seeded loathing for their family and that Peter hit a nerve. That one entire paragraph is dripping in it. I feel very sorry for them and am sad for them as it must be even harder at this time of year. Odd how even tho we do not know one another we can feel the pain if a stranger by what they write

Peter said...

Dear Paul as I said before you must have me confused with another blogger as I do not sing a song of praise for city hall. I wondered what I could of written that would have you make that assumption . I have gone back several blog threads to read what I could of written that was in reference to a song of praise for city hall administration or there of and could not find any. As a 60 yr resident of Raytown and one who has owned a bussiness and works in Raytown for the past 48 yrs I can assure I do not sing a song of praise for city hall; I do hope this clears up your querry

Anonymous said...

MARCH (not May) FIRE

Video Title: "Raytown Fire House Fire at 67th and Woodson"

Video Caption: " Published on May 3, 2013, House Fire at 67th and Woodson in Raytown on 5/3/2013."


Burrrrrrrrrrrrr! said...

Looks like a lot of people are going to be staying in on this Sunday morn ; but if you must get out bundle up ...... Baby it's cold outside!

Anonymous said...

There are Numerous examples of acceptance. Understanding, love , and fellowship in the new and Old Testament . It is how each of us want it to work in our lives and our interpretation.

Anonymous said...

7:31p fm 11:12 Okay, one more time for the dunce in the corner. The post was in reference to city government, not family. If I feel pain at all, it's that you lack reading comprehension.

Anonymous said...

There are some who keep repeating their comments by continually re typing them and re submitting. I sometimes look at the comment count and reopen this blog because I'm thinking oh good another commented or their is another opinion only to find so often it is just a repeat word for word with yet another baited antidote added......

Anonymous said...

To all ; please go back one blog thread and read Papa Panov's special Christmas Day ..... It applies to every day and every one! And was placed on this blog site from the administrator for each and every single reader and blogger

Anonymous said...


You have not answered Paul's question about the house on 67th.


Anonymous said...

My homeowners insurance policy is renewed in feb of each yr so as I recieves my paperwork I read the part where in the event of lost I am provided up to 1 year lodging. Wow! I'm wondering if one yr of lodging is cheaper than settling right away and diplenishing them of the money they are drawing interest off of. Guess this gives them a yrs time to squabble about damages incurred

Anonymous said...

Now that stating the exact date a house fire started next it would be wise to go to the insurance claims process and by laws for the state of Missouri and educate on the process and legal time if any a claim must be settled then go to state , county and finally city in that order for one trumps the other so to speak and see what laws are in effect .. This can all be done from the Internet and would have documented law numbers you can return to us with:

Raytown Resident said...

Well - it's 6:00 Sunday night and my street still hasn't been plowed. I shoveled 3" of snow off my driveway this afternoon. It hasn't snowed for about 8 hours now. Any idea what the hold up is?

Peter said...

Dear Mary ; so very sorry but my suggestion is on 2:04 pm but I forgot to add my name. Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

To 10:47 ; Peters comment was about FAMILY; that would be the one that prompted your comments....

Stop while you are ahead and or walk away from the abuser said...

11:12 10:47 you are taking someone's New Years wish for family and attacking their words for perceived city hall.... Why do you ride the words of others? Make your own comment about something not related to but using the same words without attacking , reprinting your words, calling people dunce and demeaning others for their comprehension. Geez ....

Lessons said...

I get it 11:12 / 10:47 is giving us a lesson how to walk away from the a user in order to get their message out and bring it home

Anonymous said...

To Michael from LaToya ; someone is being too cute as kids will be. I guess spending too much time inside due to weather conditions;;;; thxs Big Bro

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:54 ; yo what Peter said stands too! His News years wish and his saying ; so your miscomprehension would be answered; dang don't b actin all thug .. K

Anonymous said...


Maybe you have answered the question as to why the city still has not been out and worked on clearing the side streets...

....Baby it is cold outside!

I sure wouldn't want any of our public works department folks to catch a cold as I am sure when they accepted the job they never knew they would have to work outside in the winter.