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BREAKING NEWS . . . City Clerk Outlines Lottery for Ballot Position on Charter Election

City Clerk Teresa Henry has announced the procedure for determining ballot position of Charter Candidates for the April, 2014 municipal election. In a release to Charter Candidates the City Clerk wrote:

The lottery process which will occur on January 22, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall will be as listed below:

Each candidate will draw a numbered token in the order that they have filed their petition.

Each candidate will show their numbered token to the group in attendance and that number will be recorded.

You will be asked to initial a form confirming the number you drew.

You will then proceed to a table which will be set up for you to complete necessary forms.  You will also receive information on required campaign disclosures. 

Each candidate should appear in person at the lottery to draw a number at 8:00 a.m.; however, the candidate may send a person to represent and draw a number for the candidate.  A designated representative must be authorized in writing with the notarized signature of the candidate.  

However, it will be necessary for the candidate to complete any necessary forms and that candidate will need to make an appointment with my office no later than Friday, January 24, 2014.

If you are not present or do not send a representative at 8:00 a.m. on January 22, 2014, your name will be placed at the end of the list of candidates on the ballot.

The Paul Livius Report

Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – January 7, 2014

The Board reappointed Pat Jackson to the Jackson County Board of Equalization.

The Board passed a resolution approving the purchase of salt for treating roads and bridges.Independent Salt Company is the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder at $56.10 per ton and is being recommended for approval. Public Works is concerned thatour current order of salt may not be enough for the entire winter season.

The Board passed a resolution declaring certain property as surplus and authorizing the disposition of such property by auction.Andy Noll said the Board of Aldermen approved the purchase of a replacement bucket truck on January15, 2013.  Public Works received the replacement bucket truck in November2013 and the new bucket truck was placed into service in December of 2013. Public Works hasevaluated the bucket truck and determined that the vehicle is not suited for use in other departments and should be deemed surplus.  The vehicle is to be sold utilizing “Purple Wave”, an online auction service. The City hasutilized the service in the past and is pleased with the revenue generated from surplus items and thefact that the City does not incur a cost to dispose of the items.

The Board passed a resolution approving an annual maintenance agreement with Harris Computer-Global Software.  Chief Lynch told the Board Harris Computer-Global Software is therecords management system and computer aided dispatch system vendor. These systems were installed in 2005 and at the time of implementationincluded 5 years of support. That plan expired in 2010. The support plan is now an annual expense.This support plan is critical to the Department’s function as these systems directly affect how the department responds to calls and investigates crimes.

The Board passed a resolution approving the purchase of equipment and supplies from Voice Products, Inc. Chief Lynch said the City is migrating to the Kansas City radio system. This migration required the purchaseof all new radio equipment that is P-25 capable and compliant. The new Motorola P-25 systemrequires an upgrade of the NICE Voice Logger to record radio and phone traffic to be compatible withthe Kansas City system. NICE Inform is the only search and replay system certified for use with theMotorola P-25 system. Voice Products is the only NICE contracted, certified and trained public safetydealer for sales and support of the NICE line of products in Missouri.

The Board approved an ordinance granting a change in zoning from highway corridor commercial district to highway corridor commercial district and planned zoning overlay district on land located at 8906 E 67th Street, 6609 Kentucky Ave, 6607 Kentucky Ave, 6608 Kentucky Ave, 6612 Kentucky Ave, 8903 E. 66th Street, and 8905 E. 66th Street.   Terry Tuggle on behalf of Wayne Haub and H&H Color Lab, Inc. is seeking approval to rezone property owned by Wayne Haub and H&H Color Lab, Inc. from Highway Corridor Commercial (HC) to Highway Corridor Commercial and Planned District Overlay (HC-P). The properties proposed to be rezoned contain a mix of existing uses which include offices and production facility for H&H Color Lab, parking lot area for H&H Color Lab and single-family homes. In addition to rezoning the properties, the applicant is also seeking to replat the area to be rezoned into one lot and vacate that portion of Kentucky Avenue located within the area to be rezoned. The final plat and right-of-way vacation are also on the Board of Aldermen meeting agenda. In order to have commercial and residential uses on the same lot as is being proposed the property must be rezoned to a Planned District Overlay. 

The rezoning will also enable the applicant to more easily plan for possible expansion of the H&H Color Lab facility in the future. As part of their rezoning application the applicants have submitted a preliminary site development plan of the property to which the rezoning applies. The preliminary site plan identifies the locations of the existing buildings, parking areas and roadways within the area proposed to be rezoned. The preliminary site plan also identifies the front yard, side yard and rear yard setback distances along each of the property lines. As previously mentioned a portion of Kentucky Avenue, beginning 112 feet north of 67th Street, is also proposed to be vacated as a public street. The existing street pavement is proposed to remain in place and is identified as a fire lane on the preliminary site plan. 

The preliminary site plan does not indicate the location for construction of any future building additions or new buildings as the applicant does not yet know the location or size of their future expansion. Rather, they wish to consolidate all of the properties they own into one lot to allow them to more easily develop future expansion plans when needed. Prior to any future expansion, a final site development plan will have to be submitted to the City by the applicant for review and approval. The final site plan will include, among other things, more specific information on the location and size of proposed buildings and / or additions.

The Board approved an ordinance that will vacating a portion of the Right-of-way, legally described as Kentucky Avenue, generally beginning 112 Feet north of 67th Street and extending approximately 288 feet further north. As part of the final plat of H&H Color Lab, Terry Tuggle on behalf of Wayne Haub and H&H Color Lab, Inc. is seeking to have a portion of street right-of-way of Kentucky Avenue located north of 67th Street vacated. The portion of right-of-way proposed to be vacated, as shown on the attached Final Plat of H&H Color Lab, is located beginning 112 feet north of 67th Street, and extends further north approximately 288 feet. The street right-of-way is proposed to be vacated as Wayne Haub& H&H Color Lab own the properties on both sides of this portion of Kentucky Avenue. In addition, Kentucky Avenue is a cul-de-sac and not a through street. Therefore vacating the street only provides access to properties the applicant owns. As indicated on the Final Plat of H&H Color Lab, the 50-foot right-of-way proposed to be vacated is proposed to become a 50 foot wide utility easement and the street pavement itself is proposed to become a fire lane so as to allow continued access to the existing buildings and maintain compliance with the 2012 International Fire Code, which the City and Fire District have adopted. City staff has reviewed the requested vacation and is in support of the request. In addition, notification has been mailed to each utility provider informing them of the proposed right-of-way vacation and utility easement dedication. As of the date of the writing of this staff report no comments have been received from any utility provider.

The Board approved an ordinance to approve the final plat of H&H Color Lab.  Terry Tuggle on behalf of Wayne Haub and H&H Color Lab, Inc. is seeking approval of the Final Plat of H&H Color Lab. The final plat proposes to replat seven lots into three lots. Two of the lots (Lots 2 and 3) front onto 66th Street and each contain an existing single-family home both of which are owned by the applicant. The third lot (Lot 1) is accessed from Kentucky Avenue, north of 67th Street, and contains the H&H Color Lab facility as well as four single-family homes, all of which are owned by the applicant. The final plat is proposed as the applicant is seeking to consolidate the multiple properties they own so that they can more easily develop future expansion plans when needed. To allow both the H&H Color Lab facility and the four single-family homes to be located on the same lot, Lot 1 must also be rezoned as a Planned District Overlay. Therefore the applicant has submitted a rezoning application, which is also in the Board of Aldermen meeting agenda. In order to approve this Final Plat, the rezoning application must also be approved. The final plat also proposes to vacate a portion of Kentucky Avenue located north of 67th Street. This proposed vacation is another agenda item on the Board of Aldermen meeting agenda as a separate ordinance must be approved to vacate the right-of-way.

The Board approved an ordinance to approve the contract with Kansas City Area Transportation Authority for Bus Service in Raytown.  Daniel O’Connor, with KCATA, told the Board the current hours of operation for the KCATA are from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM; and 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday with one bus. The proposed agreement would maintain that level of service at a cost of $55,723. This is an increase of $6,607 from the prior year’s contract.  This is due to an extra 16 miles per day.  The bus runs at capacity, which is 42 riders daily.  There were a total of 9,829 riders of the service in the past 12 months.

Charter Effort Clears Hurdles as Filing Deadline Approaches
I remember watching a movie called "Major League". The Catcher for the Cleveland Indians had crashed a small dinner party and had been introduced to the guests. One of the women at the party, when told that the uninvited guest was a Major League Baseball player, commented that she didn’t know that Cleveland had a team.

To which the Catcher for the Indians replied, “Oh yes. We have uniforms and everything!”

That flash of movie trivia comes to mind when I think of the effort to create a Charter for the City of Raytown.

Aside from the articles in the Raytown Report, the other news sources in Raytown, the Raytown Times and the Brooking Eagle News, have given scant coverage of the upcoming Charter election. No stories explaining the process to the public. No stories telling the public how to file for election.

City Hall’s position seems to be one of ignore the Charter effort. Information, though readily given if asked, does not even rate as much attention as the opening of a donut store on 350 Highway on the city‘s website!

Even the city’s slick 16 page newsletter buried the Charter Election on page 15 in a very short article about the issue. The Mayor completely ignored the Charter effort in the letter to the public. Instead he concentrated on the accomplishments of his administration.
It seems the deck is stacked against the reformers in Raytown.

Despite all of the above the Charter process is moving forward.

The current situation is this. Fifteen people have filed for to serve on Raytown Charter Commission. We have also heard that a number of people picked up petition forms from the City Clerk’s office last week.

So, you can expect 17 to 20 candidates on the ballot for voters to choose from to make up the 13 member Charter Commission.

It is accurate to view these events as a healthy sign for the campaign and a good indication of interest in the community.

For the future of our city let’s hope that assessment is correct.

Filing for Charter Commission Closes January 21st
Filing for the Raytown City Charter closes on Tuesday, January 21st at 5:00 p.m. Anyone interested in running for a seat on the Raytown Charter Commission can obtain petition forms from the Raytown City Clerk at Raytown City Hall (10000 East 59th Street). To qualify for a spot on the ballot potential candidates must have petitions signed by at least 36 registered voters residing within the city limits of Raytown, Missouri.

Economic Development
On Monday December 30, 2013, the Economic Development Administrator sent "Termination of Abatement" notification to the Jackson County Assessor's Office to conclude the Chapter 353 Tax Abatements previously granted to GE Environmental and AHG, Inc. (Center 63 Shopping Center).

The GE Environmental abatement was terminated as a condition of abatement on the property at 8800 East 63rd Street was to maintain a minimum employment threshold on site of no fewer than 165 employees. As GE has relocated to Overland Park, Kansas, this is not feasible, thus voiding the incentive.

The AHG, LLC (Center 63 Shopping Center abatement was terminated as Article III, Section 3.01 (c) of the original agreement states "the Owner agrees that it will provide the City a written annual report by July 31st of each year. The annual report shall include, but not be limited to, the following: a listing of tenants, the number of full-time and part-time jobs for each tenant, the length of time each tenant has been occupying its respective space, a listing of any/all vacancies, and the length of time each space has been vacant."

To date, the City has not received the aforementioned report in 2011, 2012 or 2013.

Additionally, the Board of Aldermen approved the 353 Tax Abatement based on the promise of two new tenants occupying over 30,000 sq. ft. at the extreme south end of the property. While Save-A-Lot Grocery initially occupied half of the space, the remaining space has yet to be occupied and Save-A-Lot closed due to corporate restructuring.

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Candidate Forum Offered 
on Raytown Report
Candidates who have filed for either the Raytown School Board or the Raytown Charter Commission are invited to send a short biographical essay about your candidacy to the Raytown Report for publication. Please include a photograph with your essay.

Stories can be emailed to


Why a Charter form of government is needed in Raytown and why I wish to serve on its commission.
My name is Jason Greene, I am an educator and coach from Raytown, and recently last April I was honored to be elected as Alderman, representing Ward II. 

As one of the original petitioners who sought signatures to put the charter question on the upcoming April 8th, 2014 ballot, I strongly believe that our city is in desperate need of a city constitution or Charter, in which our community would be empowered at the local level.

Some may ask “Why is a Charter form of government necessary?” or “How would a Charter government be a positive influence in Raytown?” Charter forms of government enable citizens of a community to have more of an influence over the structure of government and the policies its City Hall employs.

In doing such, citizens would have more of a voice in promoting efficiency and what their community values at the local level. The alternative would be to allow the State Legislature to continue to make many of these decisions, allowing such would be surrendering local autonomy.

Most other major communities have seen the value of establishing a Charter form of government.  However, the City of Raytown is one of the largest cities in the state of Missouri that doesn’t have a charter.

I believe the citizens of our community wish to pursue a greater voice in the determination of municipal affairs and ultimately implement even more fiscal responsibility, local control and freedom. I believe it’s time for Raytown to have “Home Rule”.
If I am honored to be elected to serve on the Charter writing commission, I will take a diplomatic approach toward the process, involving the voices and concerns of our community members.  In advocating for greater local autonomy, I will support measures that empower the citizens of our community; measures such as the ability to recall elected local officials and have local petitions with legal weight. I believe these types of measures are cornerstones toward a citizen empowered local government and unfortunately,we are currently without such.

I encourage anyone interested in sharing concerns or learning more about some of the positions I hold in regards to a Charter form of government, to contact me at my email below.  I appreciate any input or suggestions on how you would like to see your local government operate.

In Liberty,

Jason Greene

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Anonymous said...

Yes good to hear more are picking up apps for the Charter! Very happy to hear this

Anonymous said...

Greg it is not showing the 2 nd one in the series of essay

Greg Walters said...

This week's post was accidentally uploaded before it was completed. Please check back later this evening for the Paul Livius Report and a second essay on another Charter Candidate.

Anonymous said...

I believe Jason did a fabulous job on his charter essay and thank him for taking the time and energy to make a great presentation. I look forward to others doing the same

Pat Casady said...

At the close of last week’s blog there was a lot
of talk, pro and con about “Anonymous” writers.
This is how I look at “Anonymous” writers. First
I don’t take them serious. Second, they could be
from anywhere in the state or country just trying
to cause trouble. Especially the anonymous writers
that seem to think it is OK to put down other writers
and hide behind anonymous.
If an “Anonymous” writer has something constructive
and truthful to say about Raytown then I will read
and consider what they write. I understand there
are people that work for the city and the school
district that would rather keep their names to themselves
for fear of retaliation from the powers that be.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering why it took the city so long to terminate the 353 abatement on Center63? Dr. Markley of the Raytown School District was concerned over the lost a big chunk of tax revenue. Other taxing authorities lost revenue as well. If this cancellation had been done earlier, there would have been less loss of revenue. Is there a claw back to recover revenue back to 2011 or will the city be responsible for dilatory action?

Andy Whiteman

Gadsden said...

Jason, you are the man. Thank you for your essay.

Susan Dolan said...

The house at 67 and Woodson which caught fire in May 2013, was demolished today.

Peter said...

To Pat... Very well said!!! And I could not agree more with you on all accounts

Anonymous said...

After 8 months the insurance company finally finished their investigation of damages and contents and deemed the house on 67 st a total lost and leveled it. My heart goes out to the owners ; a lost of irreplaceable items such as photos and the care they put into their home. It is hard for the neighbors to see but harder on the family. Blessed they did not loose anyone in the fire and glad it was not drug out any further for them

Anonymous said...

Pat, I have always agreed with you about anonymous writers. You said they could be from anywhere in the country. The plain truth is they could be from anywhere in the world!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of any more people filing for the Charter Commission. I am glad to hear that we are going to hvae a choice on who serves on the Charter.

Anonymous said...

Since the Charter idea was brought forward by the people this time, why would they want politicians that already hold public office to be on the Commission?
I don't think that the Commission members should be anyone that is already holding office. Too much chance for those members to take directions from City Hall instead of following the will of the people as they gather information from the people and write the Charter by the ideas of the people

Anonymous said...

I have an interesting observation, tonight while my family was at the finest pizza restaurant in the world Funhouse Pizza. While there we sat next to the new Fire Chief and his family. He was extremely patient while my wife grilled him about the failed merger with EMS and I was impressed with how much he seems to care for Raytown. This is where I get to my observation, I have never seen the City Administrator when we eat out. I guess maybe that's because he doesn't want to live here and raise his family. The charter should insist the city administrator lives in Raytown. I cannot believe my hard earned taxes go to fund people who think they are too good to live here.

Raytona Beach Bum

Anonymous said...

January 16, 2014 at 6:44 PM

It is you who decides who is on the Charter Commission by voting on April 8th, 2014.

Anonymous said...

I agree with that earlier post about city councilman running for the charter. My goodness! They are the reason we have problems. I don't think they are too interested in changing anything to make things better in raytown.

Anonymous said...

Paparazzi with the exception of being camera happy also invade public officials while they go about their private life's . How polite of the fire department official and his family to allow this invasion while they were attempting a family dinner in their hometown. Many would go to a different town to enjoy some family time .

M.B. said...

To 6:44 pm. I don't discredit people who already hold public office. They are the people of Raytown who have stepped forward for Raytown and put their life's out for scrutiny. Many are highly educated individuals who want to make a difference. Not all are "puppets" . Point being Greg too was an elected official when he was on the charter commission . One who be well advised to consider the person and their abilities rather than only their affiliations. There are truly many good people that have put themselves in the ring for the charter commission vote. God speed to all of them . And God speed to each and everyone of the voters

Anonymous said...

There are 2 aldermen I will be voting for to be on the charter commission. I believe they are trying to make things better for us. Its just tough when they have 8 others always voting against them. The other 2 were on the last charter try, and are a big part of the reason it didnt pass. Those 2 would never get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Be looking for some big surprises in the last few days of filing for the charter commission. Remember a Charter will only be as good as though who write it and right now I don't see 13 candidates on the list that I would vote for.

Anonymous said...

Matt Mace is a true public servant. He welcomes interaction with the public. We have too many at city hall who run and hide from the public when tough questions are asked. Mr. Mace lives in Raytown and proud of his city. We could use more like him at Raytown City Hall.

Anonymous said...

I see about six candidates I think I can vote for in April. The rest I really do not know well enough to make a decision. I appreciate this blog donating space to candidates who want to tell us about themselves.

Raytown Resident said...

Anon 6:44: You asked that since the Charter idea was brought forward by the people this time, why would they want politicians that already hold public office to be on the Commission? Anyone who is a resident of Raytown has the right to request a petition to be on the ballot for the Charter Committee. If that person can obtain the prerequisite number of signatures, he/she gets to run.
That being said, we can only hope the good people of Raytown recognize the aldermen that are the propblems and not vote for them.

Anonymous said...

I have read this blog for quite sometime but today will be the last. I am finally going to state my feelings. All I have read on here is negative remarks about the city, city officals ect. Most of it coming from Mr. Walters and Mr. Casady. I am a firm believer of having good schools which Raytown does not have any longer. What drew us to Raytown over 40 years ago was the rateing of the schools. I don't blame the teachers the blame lays on the shoulders of the school board and Dr. Markley. He wants a bond issue put on the ballot to do building improvements. This sounds like the KC school district and look where they are. If anyone has ever gone to the schools especially the high schools you wil see more kids in the office than in the class rooms. The school needs to get some ba--s and send home these kids that show up with pants around their ankles and girls that show up with there bellies showing. It would be wonderful to see our test scores go up, oh I have been told they are up but, not where they need to be, not even close. We have some wonderful careing teachers but the building adminstrators and Dr. Markey have alot to be desired. I can and will not vote for a bond issue. First show me something positive the school board has done and I may reconsider but it will take alot for me to change my mind. Second we have alot of affordable housing here in Raytown. But young couples will not move here when our schools are in the shape they are in. Young couples will not move here when the codes department has let the city become so trashy. They need to get off their backside and start cracking down on these home owners and business owners to clean up their property. Business will not move here they want a clean city which it use to be 40 some years ago. So basically I am saying we will never move forward until our schools improve, and the city cleans up. Farmers market won't do it, making the city senior friendly won't do it, and a Charter won't do it. Lets see some action to bring back Raytown. And ceertainly being negative all the time won't bring it back it just brings people down and they get the attitude of why should I even try.

Anonymous said...

Great Essay Jason! I remember when you can to my house trying to get the charter question on the ballot! I look forward to voting for you in April. To the comment about "not supporting anyone on the current city council for charter." I don't think you understand who exactly on that city council you should be mad at. I think Greene and Emerson have been solid so far.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that the old guard is going to show up in mass on the last day to file for the Charter Commission.

So interesting! the ones that have caused the problem are coming back to fix the problem?!?

Anonymous said...

Don't count your chickens before they are hatched. There are a hand full of days left for those who wish to put their hat in the vote for charter Commision; until that time it is anyone's guess. Remember that it is up to the vote of the people in April whom is on that commission .

Need To Know said...

To 9:33a Our schools are in deep doo-doo because our city's children are being taught Common Core Curriculum which teaches them only to follow, not to lead or think for themselves. They are the up and coming generation of dumbed-down workers for the collective. This curriculum was never mandated, it was chosen for the grant money it promised to the greedy school district (which is still asking for more). Our Superintendant of Schools is responsible for this and should be held accountable.

Paul Livius said...

Heard on the street. Three new filings today for the Charter Commission.

Alderman Bill VanBuskirk and his wife, Mary Jane VanBuskirk. Also, Ted Bowman.

Monday's a holiday for all the government people so don't look for much more activity until Tuesday.

Filing deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

Paul Livius said...

Another soon to file candidate for the Raytown Charter Commission has been confirmed. Former Ambulance/Paramedic Director Matt Cushman has let known his intentions to file for the Charter Commission next Tuesday.

Concerned Parent said...

There is an excellent article in the National article by Kathleen Porter -Magee and Sol Stern dated April 13 ,2013 it is titled "The Truth About Common Core"

Anonymous said...

On Tuesday we will then know for fact just who and how many of the mass of the guard have indeed filled for the Charter Commision. Until then it would be anyone's guess. It is like waiting to open a present to see what is actually inside.

Anonymous said...

January 18, 2014 at 9:02 AM

It is like waiting to open a present - or pandora's box.

Anonymous said...

To 7:54 .... I guess we will have to wait and see; until then it is like your cup is half full OR half empty!!! At any rate it gives more to chose from to cast our vote for the 13 of our choice.