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Charter Candidates Stepping Up BY PAUL LIVIUS

When the petition to form a Raytown Charter was first presented to the Raytown Board of Aldermen only eight people had filed petitions to run for the Raytown Charter Commission.

Now, with only about two weeks left until the filing closes for spots on the Commission, the number has grown to 15 candidates.

According to information received from the Raytown City Clerk’s office, those fifteen candidates are: Joe Burton, Janet Emerson, Lisa Emerson, Jason Greene, Mark Moore,Chris  Rathbone, Robbie Tubbs, Susan Thorsen, Jim Aziere, Richard Koop,Sandra Hartwell, Steve Guenther, Greg Walters, Charlotte Melson,Susan Dolan

Candidate Forum Offered on Raytown Report
Candidates who have filed for either the Raytown School Board or the Raytown Charter Commission are invited to send a short biographical essay about your candidacy to the Raytown Report for publication. Please include a photograph with your essay.

Stories can be emailed to


Some interesting observations about the candidates who have filed for the Raytown Charter Commission.

  • If there is a glass ceiling in Raytown politics this group of candidates has shattered it. Over one half of the candidates filed are female. Contrast this fact to the historical reality that all previous charter commissions were definitely boy clubs in gender. 
  • It stands to reason that candidates seeking to serve on the Raytown Charter Commission would be supportive an attempt to move the city forward. Which is why many local observers of City Hall were surprised to see Ward 3 Alderman Charlotte Melson file for a seat on the Charter Commission. The Ward 3 Aldermen had very little good to say about the Charter attempt when petitions to place the issue on the ballot was voted on by the Board of Aldermen. 
  • The same can also be said about Ward 2 Alderman Jim Aziere. Mr. Aziere served on the last Charter Commission. In that election, Aziere turned against the work he and other members of the Charter Commission had spent a full year creating and actively campaigned against its passage. 
  • The latest person to file for the Charter Commission has some interesting thoughts on the subject of term limits. Susan Dolan pointed out that both Kansas City and Lee’s Summit have instituted term limits and wonders if they would be a good fit for Raytown. Mrs. Dolan continued by saying there are pros and cons to term limits. She  pledged to bring the subject of term limits to the table if she is elected to the Raytown Charter Commission.
  • There are still about two weeks left until filing closes. It will be interesting to see who else steps forward in the closing days before the filing deadline arrives in January 21st.


Greg Walters for Raytown Charter Commission BY GREG WALTERS
On April 2, 2014 Raytown voters will decide whether or not to form a Charter Commission.

There have been four attempts to change Raytown’s form of government from a Fourth Class City to that of a Charter City since Raytown was incorporated.

This time it is different in a very important way.

The previous attempts were all initiated by City Hall. In those instances it was the action of the City Council that caused the election.

This Charter Election is taking place because Raytowners just like you and me, empowered themselves by gathering signatures to force the city to hold the election.

Had they not done so, it is almost a certainty that there would not be a Charter question on the April, 2014 municipal ballot.

For those unfamiliar with the Charter Election process, here is how it works.

On April 2nd voters will be asked whether or not create a Charter Commission. At the same election, voters will choose thirteen Raytown citizens to serve on the Charter Commission. Those 13 candidates who receive the most votes will l be sworn into office to write a Charter for the City of Raytown.

Provided, of course, the question of whether or not to form a Charter commission receives voter approval.

Once elected it usually takes up to a year to write and perfect the Charter before presenting it to the voters for final approval.

My name is Greg Walters and I hope to be one of the Charter Commissioners.

Here is what I can bring to the table.

I served 27 years on the Raytown City Council. I also served on one of the past Charter Commissioners. So I like to think that I can bring experience to the Commission.

Part of that experience has been in learning what will and will not work in a complete package eventually placed before the voters.

Compromise is a key word that every Charter candidate should learn. Experience has taught me that we need to spend more time listening to each other and finding the middle ground we can all accept.

That is not to say that I do not have issues that are very important to me.

For instance, I believe very strongly in the following:

  • I am a big believer in the right of people to petition their government and the right to recall politicians that have strayed from their oath of office. Both of which are not allowed under our current Fourth Class City status.
  • As a fourth class city Raytown is what is called a statutory city. Plainly stated, it means that the city can only be governed as allowed by the statutes (laws) of the State of Missouri. The rules under a Charter government empowers the citizens of a community to make changes to laws, even in the face of opposition from their elected officials.
  • I also believe it is very important senior staff members employed by the City of Raytown make Raytown their hometown.  
Most people are surprised to learn that none of the city’s appointed senior staff members live in Raytown. Collectively, this group takes over $300,000 annually out of the city in payroll and benefits. When they go home at the end of the work day to places like Riverside, Raymore, Kansas City (north), Parkville and Basehor, Kansas, they take that money with them.

Raytown remains one of the few communities in the Kansas City area that does not have residency requirements for its upper management.

Because of this simple fact, very few of the tax dollars paid to this select group makes its way back to Raytown in the form of tax revenue from sales by local merchants, grocery stores or housing.   

It is a “no win” situation for the City of Raytown.

It is also a “no win” situation for the rest of us who call Raytown home. That is because the current policy lacks a sense of community. There is not any local pride fostered by those who could help by making Raytown their home.

Please consider casting one of your thirteen votes for Greg Walters to serve on the Raytown Charter Commission on Tuesday, April 2, 2014.

Phone:   816-517-6852


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Peter said...

Greg ; thank you for putting your name in the hat for charter and being the first to give us a background speech

Anonymous said...

Hopefully more will cast their name into the charter vote; so we many have an amble amount to choose from. This should be interesting. Could you please tell us more about the years and candidates of the previous charter attempts. Thanks

Anonymous said...

It seems plain to me that the reason Ms. Melson wants to be on the Charter Commission is two-fold.
1. She only works part-time.
2. She is a pawn for the Mayor, look at how she sabbatoged the recent Fire/EMS proposal.
I will vote against her.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what kind of give-away package city hall is planning for the green space? I have heard stories that it is monstrous.

Includes TIF's and giving the land to the developer!

Is that just a story or reality?

Someone from city hall should let the public know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

7:03 haven't heard any stories yet but would be real curious about the property incentives. Let us know if you find out some solid details. God love this little green space it has certainly been thru a lot waiting for its future.

Anonymous said...

I agree that all of the high paid Raytown Administrators should be required to actually live in the community they govern. I know of a great fixer upper on 67th and Woodson with an open air concept and weathered burnt feel that would be just perfect for them.

Anonymous said...

There is already a 353 tax abatement program in place for the downtown that either existing or new businesses and ask for. as for the details on that you need to talk to city hall.

Anonymous said...

Why would any of our board of alderman want to be on the charter?

I know I will not vote for any alderman it is like asking the fox to guard the hen house.

I didn't trust them on Wal-Mart and sure enough they didn't tell us the truth so they have no business on the charter.

Anonymous said...

If you are waiting for the BOA to share some of the secrets of the negotiations with the developer don't hold your breath.

By now Bower has them scared into being accussed of leaking info to the public.

I would not worry about another Walmart coming in. If the plans are really to build yuppie apartments and condos they will have a hard time filling them up with a walmart across the street.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who posted that they would not support any aldermen on the charter ballot. Do you realize Aldermen Greene and Emerson were original petitioners to the charter ballot? Alderman Greene got in a heated conversation with other Aldermen who were upset about the push for a charter. I suggest you watch the actual meeting or do some homework before you make such remarks. You need to see who is on what side now.

Anonymous said...

Please do not trust any elected official at city hall.
Meaning the mayor and our aldermen. It was clear
that the mayor pushed the thirty thousand plus a
year pay increase and dropped the requirement for
the city administrator to live in Raytown because he
needed someone in that position to back his every
move. How better than to buy it! It’s been a long
time tradition that our aldermen, for the most part,
don’t think for themselves. So with the mayor and
his bought and paid for ca to tell them what and how
to do and vote we the people lose big time.
My suggestion is, any elected official that wants to be
on the charter should not get even one vote!
especially Aziere and Melson!
Let’s make 2014 a great year for Raytown and vote
out and incumbent elected officials and elect some
people that will work for the people for a change!

Anonymous said...

In reading this I see there were 4 previous Charter attempts one which was voted thru ; but the policies were not voted thru? Why weren't the previous charters voted thru by the public do you think ? Was it those who were running on it were not favored? The one charter that was voted thru what happened to those people was it dissolved? Or is it if a policy cannot be agreed upon within a year that comes to vote and is pasted by the public then it dissolves? I'm trying to understand the charter system and what happened to the one Greg was on prior that was voted thru by the public? Who has the final say on a Charter and a Charter policy?

Anonymous said...

Re 1:59 pm isn't that the same that has been in play for a number of years? If that is I'm wondering if one could get several incentives or if one is greater than the other and they must choose from one. I will have to research that because I'm not savvy on any of this

Anonymous said...

Greg.. I did not agree with you on the downtown Walmart issue. But I am absolutely with you on this needing to be changed: "none of the city’s appointed senior staff members live in Raytown."
I was appalled by the arrogant repeated refusal of a most senior city official to relocate and then being handed a huge raise by the mayor... Makes my blood boil. I was a newcomer here last election and gave the mayor permission to place signs in my yard. Guarantee it won't happen again.

Anonymous said...

With or without the apartments it sure smells like Wal-Mart.

Greg Walters said...

As a clarification to the Charter process.

The April Election will decide whether or not to form a Charter Commission. If the voters approve forming the Commission -- the Commission will then write the Charter.

The end product of the Charter Commission's work -- the Charter document -- is either approved or not approved by the voters at another election.

Typically, the voters have approved the formation of the Charter Commission.

However, in Raytown's history, the final work of the Commission, the actual Charter, has never been approved.

Anonymous said...

I:59 pm I was reading the State of Mo. Page on 353 abatement which is most informative. Blue Springs and Liberty has it in place and I know a couple who purchased a home in the Truman Historic District using it a few years back. It virtually did not tax them on any city enity and was only assessed on the land for a number of years. No school, library, etc taxes were paid by them. It is a great incentive to get an area fixed up and moving again; but these people are not actively involved in supported their community by way of taxes.... Strange how it all works

Anonymous said...

6:27 could be you have an allergy; or a nose for things.... Either way you might want to first check it out

Anonymous said...

Thx for the insight on the charter Grag

Pat Casady said...

Here’s the deal on the Charter.
If everything goes as we plan but, somehow it
gets turned down by the people, (the opponents
have the edge from lack of voter turnout) we do
just like our elected officials and keep trying until
it is passed. Even if it takes years to do, it would
be worth it.
I honestly don’t know why some of our leaders are
against a Charter. As I understand it for a recall
on an elected official, they have to have done something
really bad or against their oath of office. Just because
someone doesn’t like an elected official doesn’t mean
they can have a recall. However, I can see why several
of our officials would have something to worry about.
Funny thing, the officials that complain about the Charter
and want to get on the Charter just to sabotage it, are indeed
the one’s that probably need to worry the most.
While I am on this, does anybody have a copy of the
oath of office our elected officials have to take?

Anonymous said...

When things have been tried in the past and have keep the city from moving forward, why are these same things being talked about today.

Pass a charter than come back with those things that have keep Raytown from having a charter.

Anonymous said...

Some say what you don't know can't hurt you. I was told that there is a faction here who believe that and have complained to the editor about my posts because they weren't Raytown-oriented. That excuse is dubious as each post applied to everyone in Raytown, so who would want that information censored?

No man is an island and Raytown doesn't exist in bubble. There are events planned and unfolding at a blazing pace, from both in and outside Raytown, that are having a detrimental impact on every man, woman and child in this city. Few are aware of their carefully crafted, planned implementation and the direct, devastating impact they carry.

A researcher, I bare no intent other than to benefit others with view of what goes on behind the closed doors. A Raytown resident, I have a vested interest in what becomes of this city. I had expected a far different reception given so many, for so long a time, justifiably voice frustration over the secrecy of city government who treats them like ignorant children.

No sympathies are due to anyone except the people here who wanted to benefit from the truth.

Anonymous said...

Pat, you asked the same question, right here, on Jan. 6, 2013. This time why don't you copy it into a file and save it on your computer or at least print it. Below is the response you got last year:

Pat, in answer to your request. Following is the text of the Oath of Office as given on April 19th, 2005.

I, Greg Walters, do solemnly swear that I possess all the qualifications for the Office of Alderman, as prescribed by law; that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the State of Missouri; the provisions of all laws of this State affecting cities of this Class, and the Ordinances of the City of Raytown, Missouri an faithfully demean myself in office.

So help me God.

The thought has occurred to me that, given the Mayor's stance on public acceptance of the Christmas holiday season, ... he may have had the last sentence removed.
January 17, 2013 at 6:56 AM

Anonymous said...

Why stir up all the dirt surrounding a past Charter effort? It's 99% gossip anyway.

How about writing about what you think would be important to be included in a new Charter. This is a great place to bounce those ideas off each other.

If you want to know what's going on or want to be heard all you have to do is to get involved.

Anonymous said...

9:42 It depends on whether you're talking about city hall's idea of moving forward or what a sane person regards as fiscally responsible growth.

Where's all that money coming from that they're spending anyway? I don't see a lot of rich folks in town. City hall seems to think they can tax and spend without end. I think a state audit would reveal we're darn near bankrupt. It sure would be good to know the truth about the finances.

Who helps to write the Charter is very important and that's why we'll elect them.

Anonymous said...

January 5, 2014 at 11:00 AM said: There are some who keep repeating their comments by continually re typing them and re submitting. I sometimes look at the comment count and reopen this blog because I'm thinking oh good another commented or their is another opinion only to find so often it is just a repeat word for word with yet another baited antidote added......

No, that's not true. We don't control how posts become published. Some posts are omitted when received. I complained about my posts not going up. They were added but not until it was too late for people to notice them much and some were duplicated by the editor, not by me..just as a new week was beginning.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Greg for putting all this information about a Charter Commission for Raytown ( past and present attempts) and insight about the voting process and those running for it. This helps old and new Raytowners . You just can never have too much bonefied info

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what you are saying. Please clear it up for us.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mrs. Dolan. Looking into term limits may be a a good idea. Some of those Board members have been up there way too long. Some new blood with new ideas is long overdue.

Greg Walters said...

I received a complaint from a regular reader of their posts not being published. Since I do about half the screening on the posts that come in I was surprised to hear the complaint.

The truth is we rarely delete comments sent to the Raytown Report.

The only ones that do not make copy are those with profanity or ones that defame another individual.

Paul and I have agreed that if someone wants to go toe to toe with another blogger, that is fine. But we expect them to sign their name to do so.

Paul told me that he had found instances of posts ending up in our "spam folder". This was news to me because I was unaware we had such a folder.

He told me where to find it -- and, by golly, there it was!

It had five blogs that were, for reasons that we do not understand, identified as "spam" by the Google gods.

So, from now on, we will be checking the "spam folder" on a regular basis.

If tonight's discovery is any indication, you may see an increase in comments on this page as a result.

Anonymous said...

Greg, great explanation. FYI if an item is marked as spam it will go into that folder. Likewise, you can go into your email settings and unmark that party's email address as spam and have it go to inbox so that you don't have to keep checking that folder.

Anonymous said...

To 2:56 in reference to jan 5 2014 @ 11:00 I read what you re-typed that was their comment; then I went to their original comment and read it. I wanted to see what they were talking about with their words " yet another baited antidote added" and sure enough I found several examples where word for word was typed and then something different was added to the end. How can it be republished and then different things added at the end if not re-done as you re-typed theirs and added your comment below? Jan 3 11:12 and jan 4 3:54 are the most current past ones. It may not be you but someone sure is re typing and added something at the end

Terrance said...

I believe a lot can be learned from the past charter experiences that will help voters with this charter passage and apparently so does Greg for in his Charter Notes he pointed out several important issues which since he has been on the board of alderman for 27 yrs and has served on the past charter commission it would be wrong to say 99% is gossip. I believe Greg gave us a tool to vote for those who could work together so the Charter could move forward. In his schpeel for commissioner he spoke of serving before he could bring experience learning what will and will not work. And most importantly experience had taught we need to spend more time listening to each other and finding a middle ground. By examining what did not work before we can make sure those issues are kept at bay so the Charter can flourish to fruitation . Isn't that what we want anyway? We need to chose a good team of individuals who as Greg mentioned can compromise , listen and are willing to find a middle ground. Asking questions is getting involved. It's like fixing a garbage disposal you've fixed before but didn't stay working except this time instead on repeating the same mistakes your going to read the instructions so you get it right and it's fixed for good, my Dad always said a mistakes only a mistake IF you don't learn something from it. That's involvement; to want to know everything there is to know about it when you really care about something ...... This is to answer 12:53 .......

Anonymous said...

I think a lot if good ideas are bounced off here and that if we weren't involved we wouldn't be so interested. Choosing those we vote for is very important. Don't want to vote for those who will sabotage it either by their hidden agenda, or being someone's puppet, or someone who's always got to be the big kahonna. No huge egos, or people who always got to be right, no one without a true heart for the city, no one who doesn't have a very strong sense of community, someone who can listen to others and accept their thoughts and meet each other half way. If we examine those who have put their hat in the ring then we will know who best to vote for. Gosh this to me is as important as a Presidential election.

Greg Walters said...

A word of explanation.

Blogspot, which is the software provided by Google that we use to run this page, does not show the email address of those who send in comments. I point this out to make sure that everyone knows that if you send in an anonymous post, it truly is anonymous.

It also illustrates that we cannot determine what is spam unless we read through the text of messages before we post.

Now that we have identified the "spam" problem it will be very easy to manage.

Our apologies to anyone who believed their post was arbitrarily blocked from publication.

Incidentally, the last two posts before this one were found in the spam folder!

One of those two posts suggested that someone is "editing" comments after they have arrived at the Raytown Report.

I can assure you that neither Paul or myself do any editing of comments. If there is a controversial post that either of us finds we confer on whether or not to publish it.

There has been occasion where we have changed a vulgar word in an otherwise "clean" post. We only do so to conform to our no profanity rule.

Pat Casady said...

To “Anonymous’ 12:38,
I didn’t remember writing and asking that
last year.
I surly didn’t remember the answer given.
I’m old, deal with it.
However, I’ve got it now, thank you. I’ll
keep it next to my memory pills.

Terrance said...

To Pat; the rest of us were not bothered by your comment so don't worry about the memory pills buddy... You are ok.!! Apparently that other person was thinking they were the only one you were speaking to. There are several "New " people on here, several new neighbors! They may not of been here a year ago or they may be busy with their live and can only get on from time to time. I think we all need to remember that and be good neighbors on here as well. No question is a silly question if someone out there learns something from it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 11;05 cuz if it were just a republish it would be just that and we know the administrator isn't gonna add something to another's post , ; we've seen the republish where it shows up word for word period! And is at the end of one thread and at the beginning of another ...... That was not the case here

I'm Just sayin said...

Hey Pat Cannady their are people out there who love people who use their name so they can research them and be able to gather info on them in an attempt to point out flaws of said person ; which only points out their insecurity and need for power; that coupled with they do not have the security to use their own name just anonymous ! They want to shed light on what goes on behind closed doors but are unwilling to open themselfs up to the same microscopic search. So while they gave you suggestions on what to do so you don't have to ask the same question again and they don't have to research you and give you the exact date time comment etc etc etc again just bear in mind they probably know more about others faults and business than they do about their own. You DONT NEED MEMORY PILLS but they do need to research and read the book " How To Win Freinds and influence People"

Anonymous said...

How many more days till spring? I'm done with this ice! This am was terrible; people need to learn to slow done in inclement weather and put her in low yes you automatics have that as well it's called "1" or "2" and works so much better than Hitting your breaks

Anonymous said...

I just spent 45 minutes on the following and Google errored out when I clicked submit:

Greg, I was wondering about the posts. A few weeks ago I wrote 2 posts that did not appear, but they were there a day or two later. Seemed strange to me. Sometimes there are so many posts that I try to remember the date and time of the last post I read so I don't have to go through all off them. BTY each post I write usually takes over 1/2 hour to write and hopefully do a good job of proof reading.

When you post a post in a delayed manner, they still appear in the order they were written, not the order that you posted, hence may never be seen by the average reader who doesn't start from the beginning each time.

The spam folder is something that I elect not to use in my ISP settings but my spam folder still gets emails that I want to see. I found out that if another person or persons clicks that an email is spam, the ISP considers it to be spam and it goes to everyone's spam folder. This has been a big problem in the past with newsletters going to everyone's spam folder on AOL because one or more people forgot they subscribed and clicked on spam. Kim Komando fought that issue for a long time and put out notices asking people to please unsubscribe and NOT click spam.

I have set up my own spam filter which filters to trash. I found that I was deleting email that I wanted because the filter is very sensitive. If 3 letter of a single number match, the filter picks it up. For example if I filter "" the filter will pick out any 3 letters. Hence it will also filter it would the filter will pick out Raytown (because of own, Ned or anything containing those 3 letters, as well as all .coms. I have to me careful what names or letter I chose to filter. Likewise if I filter 4sale by owner, anything with the number 4 will be filtered.

When emails that I want are filtered it takes me 2 hours to try to figure out what letters are being captured and to go through the filter to delete those sets of letters which may be rtepeated several times. My filter list is so long that I have to do a key word search and each delete can take the serve several minutes to delete because my filter probably contains thousands of entries.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Pat: You're welcome old boy. I'll keep it in a file on my desktop so it'll be handy when you ask for it again next January. hee-hee

Anonymous said...

That 2:56 re typed a persons comment and added their own ending as to reply to it; but if they did it this time with another post then they are most likely the one repeating themselfs and adding a new Quito at the end; probably has become such a habit they didn't even realize it and meant no harm

Mary said...

1:35 must of just got home and checked it out.. To bad they are still hiding behind anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Mary,Mary, quite contrary?

Or was that Mary, Queen of the Scotts?

Seems like anonymous can be spelled many, many different ways!

Mary said...

No my name is Mary Beth; I grew up in Raytown on Blue Ridge Blvd just southwest on Blue Ridge Elementary just east of the cut off; my father was a Dr in town back in the 60s. Today was my first time on the blog. And your name?

Anonymous said...

Now that's something you don't see often. A comment at at 7:03 and a response following at 7:16 . Now that was a quick review of comments before posting. ???? And a speedy response with yet another review of comments before posting; almost like instant messaging or chat but we have been told many review the comments so probably could be a response from that side

Paul Livius said...

Reading that last post was kind of like reading "fun with facts".

My favorite sentence is the one that reads (in part) "we have been told many review the comments".

Clever play on words but not too clever.

"Many" do not review the comments. Either Greg or I review the comments. If we happen to be on line when a comment is posted we review it immediately.

Would you rather we waited a couple of hours?

You must be one of those writers who resents other people giving their opinion!

Rather than intelligently discuss a subject your kind can always be counted on to take the low road and spend all of their effort on attempting to disparage our efforts at the Raytown Report.

Anonymous said...

The last several including Paul's disparage the efforts of this blog.... So enough already! Don't do it or don't allow it to print ! Watt too Many making funny of people's names or singling a writer out for silly waste of time

Anonymous said...

The rules of the blog are in the July 28th thread

Anonymous said...

What does it matter what a persons name is or if they use a pen name like Paul? Are you going to invite them to dinner or stalk them ? Probably not . What does it matter if someone makes fun of your name ? It hurts them more than it does you. What does it matter if someone singles out your comment to insult you ? It doesn't! If rude comments get posted just ignore them. If baited questions are asked of you remember some do not warrant an aknowlegement . Don't waste your time and energy on these.... Just move on to more important things .

Anonymous said...

Rule number 1 is...,,,;; check it out check them out and make sure before you post so your post doesn't go against these and we can get to a great blog as intended

Anonymous said...

To 4:47 am agree that was a speedy response most the time their are one or two in between . Must of just got posted at the same time someone saw it. Don't understand the need for meanness or character assassination by some. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Name calling including personal references; a dim view is taken of that activity. If you have something to say , say it with class. Calling someone a name, questioning their intelligence, demeaning them personally only detracts from your point.
Pot shots.......... Often times pot shots turn personal and ugly

Anonymous said...

January 9, 2014 at 11:03 AM How is is you come off calling people who post as anonymous insecure? How is signing anonymous any different than your handle, I'm Just Sayin'? I doubt that's your given name.

Anonymous said...

To 10:21 in reading this post the subject is people who research and people in an attempt to make fun of them; didn't look like they were singling out every anonymous blogger ; so you and I are good; it didn't apply to us

Anonymous said...

They were talking I believe in reference to people who research and attack those who use their name and yet sign anonymous. This does not apply to other anonymous people who post

Anonymous said...

11:22a & 11:27a I read what you said and it sounds as if there are good anonymous posters and bad anonymous posters depending on whether they've done research and depending on whether they're perceived to have attacked someone. Is that right?

I scrolled back toward the beginning of this week's posts and saw that someone had answered Pat's request for an oath of office and poked fun at him but read no verbal attack... is that what you're talking about?

Someone else, 11:49, talked about disclosing information about what goes on behind closed doors in reference to city that what you're talking about?

I guess I don't see the problem here. Will you do me a favor and direct me to the posts that have been upsetting please? If you will note the date and time of them it will be a big help as I am really trying to understand this. Thanks