Sunday, January 19, 2014


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At the close of filing at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 21, 2014, there were 22 candidates filed for the Raytown Charter Commission. 

This list has the candidates in the order as they will appear on the April 8th ballot.

Jim Aziere
Witty Wittman
Charlotte Melson
Richard Koop
Susan Thorsen
Jerome Barnes
Mary Jane Van Buskirk
Janet Emerson
Robbie Tubbs
Michael McDonough
Jason Greene
Greg Walters
Susan Dolan
Matthew Cushman
David McCauley
Chris Rathbone
Sandra A. Hartwell
Ted Bowman
Lisa Emerson
Joe Burton
Mark Moore
Steve Guenther

Late Filings Swell Charter Candidate List
A number of last minute filings for the Raytown Charter Commission have increased the number of verified candidates for the Raytown Charter to 19. 

Unconfirmed reports of additional candidates planning to file before next Tuesday’s deadline would place the number of candidates well over 20.

Filing on Friday was Ted Bowman. Mr. Bowman is a Captain in the Raytown Police Department. He is married to former Mayor Sue Frank.

Another candidate announced his intention to file for the Commission on Friday as well. He is former Raytown Paramedic Director Matt Cushman.


Well, well, well! Despite what appeared to be a news blackout by the local print media of anything to do with the Charter, interest appears to be peaking with a rush of new candidates filing just before the deadline.

This last week has seen the number of candidates grow to nineteen.

And there is still a full day left to file. (City Hall is closed Monday for what, no doubt, the Mayor would refer to as “the holiday”)

Look for more candidates on Tuesday. They are unconfirmed at this point – that is why they did not make the list above – but we are certain there will additional filings on Tuesday.

Just as interesting is “who” is filing.

Four members of the Raytown Board Aldermen have filed for a spot on the Charter Commission. Just as every other registered voter, they are within their rights to do so.

But it also shows the depth of the disconnect between some members of the Board and the public.

In the eyes of more than just a few, the Raytown Board of Aldermen is a part of the problem. It is doubtful those Aldermen will be viewed as a solution to anything.

All in all, the events leading up to the filing deadline next Tuesday has shown one thing very clearly. There are many people who care deeply about Raytown. There is little doubt they want to make some changes.

All in all, it is a good sign of community coming together for the betterment of the community.

We wondered what people thought of all the candidates who are on the Board of Alderman running for the Charter Commission. Keep in mind, state law clearly allows any registered voter can file for the Charter Commission.

Our question is . . . Do you support elected current office holders in the City of Raytown filing for the Raytown Charter Commission?

To vote on this poll go to the top right corner of this page.


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Why I Want to Serve on 
the Charter Commission
Hello, my name is Sandy Hartwell. Here are some of my credentials and why I want to serve on the Raytown Charter Commission.

Raytown resident since 1965
Former Alderman 2003-2007
Current member, Raytown Planning and Zoning Commission
Current member Jackson County, Missouri Committeewoman
Retired business owner, The Frame and Easel
Homeowner, three children, one grandson

It is important to remember that the Charter Election next April is the first of a two part process. The April election only creates a Charter Commission. The voters will choose thirteen candidates to serve on the Commission.  Those thirteen elected Commissioners will have no more than one year to write a Charter for the City of Raytown. The voters will then vote whether or not to accept the finished Charter.

Here are some questions you need to ask before you vote to approve the formation of a Charter Commission next April.

1.  Why a Charter?
2.  What are the changes if we become a Charter City?
3.  How will the Charter change the daily operations at City Hall?
4.  How will this affect my family and what will it do for us?
5.  How will this change the business between city and the state?

If I’m elected to the Charter Commission my mission is provide you with those answers so that you will have the knowledge to make an informed vote when the Charter is brought back before the voters.

This is the fifth time Raytown voters will be voting on a Charter. All of the previous attempts, like this one, were successful until the final product was placed before the voters.

In each of those cases the finished Charter failed.

As a resident of Raytown since 1965, I can tell you the above questions were not answered adequately in past Charter attempts.

The last time there was so much arguing between the Commission and City Hall the voters were turned off by the bickering and just said “no”. If the City and the Commission can’t get along we may as well leave it as it is.  That’s what I heard over and over again.

It’s time the get out of the Dark Ages and do what is necessary to make Raytown the best it can be. The Charter Commission and the City must work together to make this a successful effort.

So here is what I ask of you.

Attend the charter meetings or, if you cannot attend and have questions about the process and what is going on, please give me a call. I will personally return your call. If I don’t have an answer for you I will find out and call you back.
If it sounds like I’m campaigning, well you are right, I am.  This city needs a Charter and has needed one for many years.  Whether I am elected to the Commission or not I will be working hard to see that we pass a Charter for Raytown and its people.

Sandy Hartwell
Telephone:     816-353-4431

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Terrance said...

I support any Raytown registered voter the right to put their name in the hat for the Charter Commison and apparently so does state law. Of the 19 Raytown Residents that have applied. I see a hand full I would vote for and a hand full I would not vote for. I m choosing my vote according to the persons capabilities and personality not any affiliation or lack there of. I applaud all those who have stepped forward .

Anonymous said...

I looked at the poll and voted that it should depend on the candidate. Alderman Jason Greene and Janet Emerson are part of the solution not the problem.

Gadsden said...

Very good reasoning for 3:46

Terrence said...

Very much agree with 3:46 ; it depends on the candidate ! And if we must single out the alderman then those are the two that will get my vote!

Pat Casady said...

I feel that any elected official running to
be on the Charter is OK. However I also
feel that any elected official running and voted
against the peoples wishes, for the WalMart
grocery store shouldn’t be awarded the
peoples vote. Again just my feelings.
Let’s face it, at least three running crossed over
to the dark side and voted against the people.
To those of you that can vote and really want
a Charter, please remember it was Jim Aziere
that was on the last Charter Board.
His mission, as was with several others
was only to sabotage the proceedings.
He clearly does not want a Charter!
Be very careful about which elected official
you want on the Charter Board.

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that the VanBuskirks have filed for the charter commission. They appear to be very negitive people and I don't think that is what we need on this commission. I'd probably have a hard time voting for a charter that they put their stamp of approval on.

Anonymous said...

Depends on the person. Alderpeople should bot be lumped into a group known as "bad" because there are some very good alderpeople who donate their time as a community service an do a really good job. True they receive pay but, the pittance they receive isn't enough to truly compensate them for all the time they donate to the position which is why I consider it to be community service.

If I could still vote in Raytown, there are some Alderpeople I would vote for and others I wouldn't vote for. It is my understanding that Charter Commissioners are NOT paid so they are donating even more of their precious time.

Consideration should be given to the candidates record and goals, not what office they hold or have held.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

PS. I hope everyone enjoys "the holiday." It is another totally useless, wasted day for me.

There are too many holidays especially Monday holidays creating a paid long weekend. If the city would cancel Monday holidays, workers would be more productive since it is not a paid day off that they have to catch up on Tuesday and there would also be budgetary savings. Only holidays that occur on their proper day should be observed. The Monday holidays should be cancelled or moved back to their proper day so as not to create the disruption of a 3 day weekend.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I don't find the Van Buskirk's to be negative people at all. they really have a heart for the city and want to see it move forward. I would support them. Can't say that about all the candidates. Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

I, too would question whether the VanBuskirks are the right choice for the charter. They might not be perceived as negitive, but they are always pushing this extreme agenda that just doesn't fit Raytown. I believe that I shall vote for someone other than them.

Anonymous said...

To 5:57

So the Van Buskirk's who publicially complain about voters at the Walmart meetings and ignore the vast will of the people, have a heart for the city? But not all the candidates have a heart for the city? Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Martin Luther King Jr had some very wise advice for our lifes

Anonymous said...

It's not how nice the people are, it is their voting record and their agenda. This is not a popularity contest.

Anonymous said...

Average (median) City Administrator's salaries:

Per website Simply Hired is $55,000. in Missouri

Per website is $60,000. nationwide

Anonymous said...

There may be a 353 plan in place for Downtown Raytown. It still requires a majority of the BOA to approve it for it to go into effect.

Here is some free advice for the BOA.

Remove from the plan any mention of city government buildings. Raytown has not grown in area in over 40 years. Its population leveled out at around 30,000 25 years ago.

Making it a part of the plan is just a ploy by the developer to show they can put tenants in buildings.

Next, require the developer to name who will be renting the retail space they build.

Have them back it with a performance bond.

Then, and not before then, will be the time to sit down and start negotiating.

Anonymous said...

The 353 downtown might still require a vote by the BOA, but the way they have given the 353 to everyone else they have set the city up for a law suit if they don't give it to anyone that ask for it.

The best action is to remove the 353 downtown zone and have codes enforce city ordinances on those property owners who don't have the respect for the rest of us to keep their property up without expecting us all to pay for up keep with higher taxes and less public services.

To think one of the people to get special treatment was a former Alderman and one of the others is very active in the Chamber in either case it is just bad business for Raytown and the property owners that keep their property up without receiving tax breaks to do it.

Anonymous said...

I just looked at the Charter Commission list and I can't ONE no not ONE I will vote for. And I will vote aganist a charter.

Anonymous said...

Went by City Hall today and noticed that the Christmas lights are still up. It's okay guys, Christmas was a month ago. You can take down the Mayor's holiday lights now.

Please don't leave them up until next year's December 25th holiday. Looks too, too tacky!

By the way. Does anyone know why all that is on the government channel is static. That really does not fit my image of professionalism that we expect Raytown City Hall.

Chris Rathbone said...

Witty Wittman gave a speech at the BOA meeting tonight. She opened it with a somewhat inaccurate history about past charter attempts, and why (in her opinion) they have all failed. She also had some demands of others running for charter.

Honestly, I didn't think that all of her ideas were necessarily bad ones, but here is where she lost me...

She said she would urge everyone she knows to vote NO to elect a charter commission, however, she still wants everyone to go ahead and vote for her for charter commission board member.

I could be wrong, but the way I see this is that she is against a charter, but if the voters say they want one, then she wants to be on the board to try and sabotage it. I find that to be in very poor taste.

It is well within her rights, and the people of Raytown have the right to vote however they want. But I will call out anyone running for the charter committee who is actually against the charter.

A lot of good people have put a lot of time and effort in getting this question before the voters of Raytown, and I am against any candidate who would try and stop something that the voters agreed would be good for Raytown, if this passes.

Gadsden said...

time 7:14 You are very ill informed I do not think that you know all the people on the list.

To say that you will vote against the charter without knowing anything about what may be a very good charter is being very narrow minded.

Anonymous said...

That last post is very enlightening about Witty wittman's comments at the city council meeeting last night.

From what she said there is no doubt that her candidacy is one of trying to stop a charter effort from within the system. Unfortunately there appears to be a number of candidates with that intention.

I recognize five candidates who I believe have a twisted agenda aimed at stopping the charter before it begins. Sad to say, three of them are also on the city council.

You have until April 8th to learn about the candidates before the election. Please make good use of that time.

Pat Casady said...

The plan is coming clearer and clearer.
Jim Aziere and Mrs. Whittman were on the last
Charter Board. Both voted FOR each line in the
Charter. Then when it came time for the people
to vote in the Charter they both along with
a couple others bashed the Charter and
badmouthed everything about it.
I have papers that date back to 2004 and I have
tried to find the one about the Charter Board
and who was on it. I haven’t found it yet,
there are a lot of weekly papers to go through.
I have seen some papers that have statements
and promises made by our leaders that have
never come to light. ( I didn’t want to call them
lies.) However, it is hard to believe how gullible
we are.

Anonymous said...

I remember Witty Wittman serving on the last charter. She didn't have clue about what a charter could really do for Raytown. In the end she became nothing but a mouthpiece for city hall constantly spreading bad information for Wenson and his cronies. I suggest that we vote for NEW FACES and give these people a chance to see if the charter can finally become a reality. I'm voting YES for a CHARTER and NO on people like Witty and Azier!!!

Anonymous said...

Did everybody else feel Bill van Buskirk's handshake at the end of 5:57AM? Never going to wash that hand.

Chris Rathbone said...

I can tell you this, Myself, Jason Greene,Janet Emerson, Robbie Tubbs, Mark Moore, Joe Burton, Susan Thorsen, and Lisa Emerson, all helped circulate petitions to get this charter question on the ballot. I can't speak for them as to what they do or dont want to see on the Charter, but I do know they all want this to succeed.

There are a few others I have spoken with that have filed that I think would also be really good on the charter committee, and more that I haven't had a chance to speak with yet. I think we all have a lot of checking up to do.

Anonymous said...

I really wish those 353 tax abatements would go bye bye. Those people who recieve them get by Scott free and the rest of us make up their difference; and then most of them are the ones who cry about taxes or anything going up in cost. I believe on this exact blog awhile back Mr Walters had a schpeel about it called hogs to the trough

Anonymous said...

Slate building already Chris? Shame on you. There were more people than your close circle of friends who supported and, yes, circulated petitions for the Charter.\

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rathbone, listen to Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post Chris. This was informative and honest on your part . While naming a few a few you did not eliminate others but said you had not spoke with them. And indeed you are right we must diligently check everything out. Hopefully more will step up and put an essay on this blog

Anonymous said...

at 8:14

Chris is obviously referring to the original petitioners of the charter, so yes he is correct.

Chris Rathbone said...

9:13, I prefer Thriller, but thanks anyway.

8:14, Shoot, that's not even close to being a full slate. When I get mine put together, you'll know. I already know of at least 3 or 4 others I am definitely going to vote for, and with all the late entries, I would be surprised if there aren't more than 13 I like before election time.

That is a good problem to have.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how the lottery for charter commission came out for ballot positioning yesterday?

Anonymous said...

To 9:13 before you get all bent up re read rathbones post. Attack comprehion, ,,,,

Anonymous said...

Raytown Charter Commission? By the looks of the candidates list it should be called the Raytown Personal Agenda Commission, or better yet, the Raytown Vendetta Commission.

Anonymous said...

4:53 It's pretty clear what's going on here as one hopeful guilds his lily and attempts to sway public opinion to his own means while you are his wing-man.

This individual has published no essay/bio about himself yet
talks of checking it all out.

He singles-out some who 'helped' circulate petitions when, by law, each candidate was required to personally circulate their own petition. What's up with that?

We have our own minds, our own opinions, and this individual is shooting himself in the foot so I say give him more rope. He's just hanging himself.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Raytown Supports Local

19 hours ago

Warning to all WalMart opponents! Look for Sue Franks lawsuit to end. Looks like WalMart and the Mayor just needed to call in Flaherty & Collins Properties to not only get TIF money but the land gifted to them to build a Walmart 40,000 square foot grocery store with 212 apartments on top of it to rent and a 500 space garage. The board of Aldermans general consensus is that this is the best option for this spot. Today Sue Frank told me she liked the mixed use of the land. To me it's to mixed up to wrap my mind around, that anyone could be excited about gifting the heart of Raytown away to anyone.
Greg this is from our facebook page. I wanted you to see it.
Elisa Breitenbach

Anonymous said...


Rathbone was obviously talking about those getting signatures for themselves....try reading, its nice.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody hear if more put their name in for commissioner of the charter? Only a few have out in an essay so I figure they are all waiting till the end; sure hope not

Peter said...

So all the Raytown Residents money that was raised for the lawsuit is just a joke?? They lost their money and are still getting a Walmart??? Is that what we are hearing???? It seems like more than the Mayor are playing the people here . This is just unbelievable!! Am I understanding Elisa post from Raytown supports local correct?????? Just crazy! I cannot imagine we need a Walmart , and apartment building and a large parking lot, I've been against the 353 abatement because the rest of us foot the bill for it and now to have land gifted , geez people need to just stop with the " give me " attitude ! I'm I understanding this right?? I sure hope not..,, just insane

Peter said...

The best thing in the green space would be a hobby lobby. The projects the scouts make, students science projects, room moms ideas, woman knitting/crocheting, scrape booking, sewing, frame woodworking, leather tooling. This would be a boost for all our citizens and get creative juices flowing. Besides Hobby a Lobby is great to their employees and are closed on Sunday, don't attract crime. I get my woodworking items there and take my neighbor whom makes curtains. We have to drive clear to the falls in Independence and it is so congested in that area. The powers that be would do better courting Hobby Lobby to come to our town. I'm just so disappointed to even think of this other plan. This is very sad

Anonymous said...

Mr. R. got what he wanted. His name in type. Many, many times.

Still does not change a thing. There were more people involved with kicking off the charter effort than he names on his list and he knows it.

Shame on you Mr. R. for twisting the truth.

Greg Walters said...

One blogger asked if there was a list of the Charter candidates as they will appear on the ballot.

The list posted at the top of this week's Raytown Report has the updated order as it will appear on the April 8th ballot.

Anonymous said...

12:46 That land should never be given away or sold - it should be a lease only.

3 WalMarts, all which sell groceries about 5 miles apart. One, mid-town with apartments above will be a RODENT and ROACH MOTEL with produce, bread, and bakery items in the ground-floor grocery. 500 car garage & delivery trucks + car lane reductions - TRAFFIC CONGESTION. Crime comes with the WalMart name no matter where it is and the only reason they have webcams outside is to protect their property. If you're being mugged in their lots, they will not come to your aid or call the police - this is a fact. Let this go through and we'll lose some of our current grocers - less freedom of choice. With the 353 abatement, the city will want more taxes too and if we turn it down at the polls, they'll add it to our property taxes. This is a very bad bill of goods.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Peter you are right about the "give me" attitude! We gave money to the lawsuit. Some of our friends even gave us money for the lawsuit to give to Sue. I sat down with Sue to try and understand why she and others want to support this disturbing deal. She told me she did not have a problem with the "Gifting" of the land. She feels like we have "Won" because of the mixed use of the land. That is much to mixed up for me to understand. The Mayor & Walmart have worked hard together. Now Downtown Raytown will be "Gifted" with 353 abatements for all of us to foot the bill. Yes Peter you are understanding this right as "Wrong" as it is. They think they have won.

Anonymous said...

I don’t believe in name calling on this site.
BUT, I can’t believe the “IDIOTS” at City
Hall have once again gone against the people
and went to bed with WalMart. It’s a damn
shame the election isn’t sooner to get rid of
at least half the uncaring, head nodding
worthless people, that make up our city
leaders. You know our underhanded mayor
never let this go. He was probably meeting
with WalMart right after they pulled out
to come up with this plan. If you all think the
apartments above the store will be upper
class dwellings you have another think coming!
Welcome to Walmarttown MO.

Pat Casady said...

I wonder, just how much money it
takes to sellout the people of Raytown?

Anonymous said...

A Hobby Lobby would be nice for the Green Space as would many other businesses. The plain truth is this is not an ideal area for a big business because it is not a highly trafficked area such as 350 HWY, 40 HWYm Raytown Rd., or Metcalf. To put it bluntly, anyone going to that location must go out of their way to get to it. Any business opening there is doomed to failure unless it is a smaller business not depending on volume.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Missouri Constitution. Article VI, Local Government, Section 19 "Any city of over 5,000 inhabitants or any incorporated city as may be provided by law may frame and adopt a charter for it's own Government."

This tells you that the 4th class city government was formed for towns of less than 5,000 people which we used to be but we are not now and have not been for many, many, many years and we are incorporated. In a fourth class city the city has to ask the state for permission to do certain things that effect the everyday business of the city. In Article VI, Section 19a it says basicly that the city has the right to make it's own laws and does not have to ask the state if they want to make changes in the way they do business. As an example, I hear, the city would like to increase the court fees for Raytown. As it stands now we still have to ask the state for permission to do that. Don't you think that the city should be able to make that decision for itself? We are a pretty big city to have to always ask DADDY for permission.

Raytown is the largest city of it's size in the state that does not have a charter. You talk to other cities and they can't understand why we are so far behind.

Fear is a bad thing because it keeps you from moving forward.
The charter can be a good thing if it's kept simple, If it is, things will not change for you as a citizen. But if you want more control over the city you should see that the commission puts in this charter Initiative, Referendum and recall. These 3 things wouuld give you as a citizen the right to recall an elected offical without waiting for the next election which as a 4th class city you do not have that right now. Most of you on here complain about those elected officals and how they have or are betraying you in some way or another. With those 3 items you would be able to do something about it if you choose too. That is really all we need now. Later you would have the right to bring something forward to be considered if you wanted too.

Please don't make up your minds now about the charter until you know what is going to be in it. Don't let some people who don't know what they are talking about
make that decision for you.

Think for yourself please.

Gadsden said...

How soon before Apple Mart and the Store are put out of business?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to not vote for Ted Bowen as he is a direct link to Sue Frank

Anonymous said...

Sad to see the Witty person just didn't remove her name for the charter commission.

Why would you want to serve on something you don't want.

Anonymous said...

One of the strongest arguments for a Charter is the ridiculous give away of land and tax revenue by the city.

A well written charter could put some solid checks and balances in place to prevent elected officials from going rogue and selling out the interest of the public on development schemes that make no sense.

Four of the candidates running for the Charter Commission are also on the Board of Aldermen.

It will be interesting to see which way they go on upcoming deals concerning the Green Space in Downtown Raytown.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I find it disappointing to see once again that Whitty is being used to distroy the chance of a charter. It looks like Bower has his snitch in place if she wins a place on the commission and it's the same snitch Franks had too. To bad she doesn't understand that most of us don't take her seriously. Remember how she ranted over the budget at the council meeting and then she came back and said she was sorry a month later. She is the one not to vote for!!!!

Anonymous said...

What great news that we are going to get a Wal-Mart in our downtown area!

This is really going to draw in the finest people from the metro area.

It is very pleasant to hear that the lady who sales insurance in the downtown area is supporting this advancement for our city.

Once this great business gets opened I hope the city can find another 30,000 dollars a year for the outstanding work that out of town city administrator is doing to advance our city for those that actually live in the city.

Maybe by the time it opens we can even rename the city Wal-Mart Village in honor of the great things that company has done for our city.

Susan Dolan said...

Please, can we refer to our town square as 'the town square' instead of that trumped-up reference, green space? It is so much more, or should be, than just a space that happens to be green (thanks to weeds growing there).

OUR TOWN SQUARE is the place we go to patronize local shops, built on OUR city-owned land which support the tax base. We were never so stupid as to allow anyone, not anyone or any group, to give that precious land, central to our city away as if it weren't the heart of our town.

OUR TOWN SQUARE was constructed with OUR money, not with grant money that had strings attached so that the government had leverage to impose their will on us.

OUR TOWN SQUARE - the butcher, the soap maker, the baker, the shoe repair shop, the herb shop, the insurance salesman, the coffee shop, the alterations shop, the upholsterer, the hardware shop, the restaurant and so on are run by people we know, some are people who already run businesses here now. They aren't going to sell us out, demand TIFS or Abatements, drive semi trucks through our streets in the dead of night. Should they decide to go out of business, someone else will lease their shop space. There would NEVER be a huge, abandoned building in OUR TOWN SQUARE because there was never one built there.

OUR TOWN SQUARE was built as we could afford it, maybe only a storefront or two at at time because that is how sane and responsible people do things. Still, it was done and it was self-supporting.

It's OUR TOWN SQUARE, not just some dumb green space for a city hall who doesn't live here to give away as if it's worthless to an out-of-town developer who will slap up some buildings, call it a day and move on while we pay for the damage done for 25 or more years.

OUR TOWN SQUARE should reflect the historic character of our city and should be a beautiful shady gathering place for us, our children and their children's children... movies and music, Christmas tree in the Square, a lovely fountain, dining/coffee al fresco......not Walmart, not wall-to-wall concrete, not 4 story buildings.

OUR TOWN SQUARE - so so much more than a WalMart, cookie-cutter apartments, a parking garage and a new city hall we don't need.

Anonymous said...

Gee Doughboy has got her pants in a knot again!!! No one said there is going to be a WalMart grocery store in the vacant lot. That is how she operates goes off half cocked before she knows all the facts. She just likes to shoot off her mouth just like Pat Casady. Get the facts before you blow off next time.

Elisa Breitenbach Owner Of DOUGHBOYS said...

Anonymous Jan 26th @ 7:41 Why do you not use your name like Pat Casady and I do? Why do you feel the need to hide behind "Anonymous"? Why do you think it has been a big secret about Sue Frank dropping her lawsuit? Both papers know but have not reported on it. Is that not Raytown news worthy? It sure was to me. In Raytown you need to be in what I think of as a click to get the real Raytown news. When I was talking to someone from the click I mentioned how I could not understand how they (the click crowd) were ok with a WALMART going in with all the apartments and potential problems with it, all because it's mixed use land space. This person looked down and said but it's a smaller WALMART. Then looked up and smiled. Last time around with all of this Tom Cole and Randy both confirmed to me it was a walmart. Randy and Tom then teamed up in Randys paper stating on the record the "WALMART" was only a rumor. The true facts are that paper work had already been signed before they printed that in the paper. The people of Raytown deserve to know the truth. I do not understand why it's so easy for some to look you in the eye and go on record and lie. The "TRUTH" always comes out sooner or later. I stand by what I say. I am a small business owner who is not ashamed of who I am.