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To view the March 4th meeting of the Raytown Board of Aldermen:

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Got my notice and signed up for Google Fiber today. I noticed something unusual however and what one might call unfair.

This is how Google Fiber works in terms of the sign ups. Likely you know most of this. Google chops up the area into sections they call "Fiberhoods". Raytown is divided into 12 of these. When the day comes (that day in Raytown is today) people will have a certain amount of time to sign up for service. There needs to be a certain number of sign ups in a fiberhood for them to do installations. Once that date is past that's it. You can't get service until sometime in the future and that sometime could be several years.

Now check this out.

Then check out this

This is the map for Kansas City and it shows the next three areas for installation and how much time those areas have to get the required amount of sign ups. Notice in Northern KC they have until May and June to get the required number of sign ups. In Raytown it's April 11th. So North Kansas City has 2 and 3 months to get the required number of sign ups for their Fiberhoods but Raytown has a mere 4 weeks. Many fiberhoods in the South KC area have been allowing sign ups for several months now such as Bridlespur (area 1) and Stayton Meadows (area 8). They share our April 11th deadline but they started sign a while back and now need less than 10 more sign ups. Meanwhile Village Gardens (area 55) as well as other Raytown areas only started allowing sign ups today. In short Raytown has been given a much shorter period of time to get the required amount of sign ups. We don't get the sign ups we don't get Google Fiber in Raytown. As it stands now it's going to be difficult to get that required number of sign ups because Raytown is basically being given a shorter amount of time to get them than other areas. Not exactly a level playing field.

So, What Else is on 
the April 8th Election Ballot?
All of the attention in the local news media has been focused on the April 8th Charter Election.

So, while the candidates are sorting things out, forming alliances and beginning the serious business of campaigning, we thought it would be appropriate to check out the other issues on the ballot.

The City of Raytown has two sales tax questions on the April Ballot. Each is for a half cent sales tax for a total just shy of 1%.

City Hall is fond of saying that these taxes are not an increase, just a continuation of a tax.

Fact is, both sales taxes have sunset clauses. That means that at the end of a give amount of time, both sales taxes are scheduled to end.

If the sales tax fails, it will actually lower the sales tax you pay on your groceries, utilities, literally all merchandise you may purchase in Raytown.

Something else the City has been less than forthcoming with is that the two sales tax “renewals” are not necessary at this time.


Because the current sales taxes are not set to expire for over two years.

The Raytown School District is proposing is proposing a property tax increase on the April 8th Ballot. Like their counterparts at City Hall, the School District is also fond of saying there will be no tax increase if the property tax levy increase is approved.

What they are not telling you is that if the Property Tax proposal fails, you will see your property tax levy be reduced.

A quick check of the public record (as provided by Jackson County, Missouri) shows the following tax levies for area school districts. Of the 12 school districts listed, the Raytown School District is rated as the third highest property tax in the area.

The difference between the highest tax school district (Center School District at $6.8830 per $100 valuation) and the Raytown School District is ($6.3200 per $100 valuation) is only .58 cents per hundred dollars valuation.

The chart below was obtained from the Jackson County, Missouri website:

Before the April 8th Election the Raytown Report will re-visit the three tax increase proposals with the arguments pro and con on whether or not voters should approve them. 

Paul Livius
The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – March 4, 2014
The Board approved the appointment of Charles O’Neal to the Council on Aging.

The Board approved a resolution authorizing the purchase of MW810 Mobile data terminals for police department vehicles from Motorola.  They were told the Police Department utilizes an IT hardware replacement schedule, which includes the mobile computers in the police car fleet. This allows the department to better forecast expenditures and avoid large, single time expenses of hardware replacement. Six Motorola MW810 mobile in-car computers are scheduled for replacement this year.  This computer has proven itself tobe a durable and reliable solution to the Police Department’s mobile computing needs.

The Board approved additional funds throughChange order no. 1 with Linaweaver Construction, Inc. for the White Oak Westsanitary sewer improvement project.This change order will add 3 line items for extra work needed to repair existingfacilities within the project limits of the White Oak West sanitary sewer project.

·         New line item is to repair 2 existing parallel corrugated metal 84" diameter storm sewerpipes that this sanitary sewer project is crossing underneath. It was discovered that the metalfloor has rusted away in both, and needs to be fixed. This will cost $120.00 per foot to construct the concrete invert along the bottom of both 81” diameter metal pipes = $13,920.00.

·         New line item is to remove and replace 2 existing curb inlet concrete throats to allow forbetter collection of storm water runoff. This will cost $750.00 per curb inlet throat to be removed and replaced = $1,500.00.

·         New line item is to leave in place the existing 5' diameter manhole WOW765 and to coredrill a hole for the new sanitary sewer main pipe, instead of removing and replacing the entire structure.

By Kristen
I Never Knew Tea 
Could Be Like This!
I guess it’s obvious that I like tea. Iced tea has always been a favorite (unsweet, though, por favor!), and since I’ve cut way down on coffee, hot tea (like ginger) has become a daily treat. But last month, just before my birthday, I had my eyes opened to a whole new world of tea.

My husband and I were killing time in the mall while waiting for my cell phone to be repaired, and we found ourselves walking toward a Teavana READ MORE




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Anonymous said...

From my understanding, Raytown School District has a ton of fat at the top. I wish people were more concerned about the nonesense and down right waste Markely has put through during his tenure. I will not be supporting this bond as I feel already existing dollars arent spent well with kids and teachers.

Anonymous said...

All you tax advocates will be happy to know that the sales tax increases do not stop in April. I read in the KC Star this morning that Kansas City is looking at another 1% in sales tax for a huge taxing district to pay for their trolley trains. That district would also have property tax increases for anyone living within half a mile of the train tracks!

As for me, I will be voting NO on any tax increase.

I appreciate you guys exposing the double talk from our city and school officials on these tax increases.

Anonymous said...

I've watching this debate and think I know what the problem is.

If they Board did not vote they most certainly should have. The development or the Green Space should be conducted in a formal manner. The Mayor mouthing some nonsense about moving forward and arbitrarily deciding to push the issue back to another date is sloppy statesmanship.

The Board members should insist they go on the record. The Mayor should be asking for someone to make a motion.

I can't tell where someone stands on something unless they take a vote. Certainly the members of the BOA want people to know where they stand on important issues!

Anonymous said...

Well, I checked the city's website and they still have not added Jim Aziere's name to the list, nor have they corrected the misspelling of Janet Emerson's name. What level of incompetence have they sunk to?

Anonymous said...

This development effort is exactly like the WalMart deal; done behind closed doors with an undesireable developer to bring in another grocery store (the 13th in town) + what will surely become section 8 housing. Crime and traffic congestion will increase, property taxes will increase and property values will go down even more.

The city is already running a 7.5 MILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT due to the Lagers Pension Fund mismanagement.
Everyone seems to be ignoring that elephant in the room.

We can't spend or build our way out of our deficit. City hall needs to balance the budget first. They made the mess, they need to clean it up. I repeat - we cannot spend or build out way out of our deficit.

Local plans, locally approved, locally financed, built by local builders, housing local TAX GENERATING businesses ...that's responsible.

My feet have plod this earth well over 60 years and I don't do drugs. What makes sense and what doesn't is readily apparent to the average citizen and what city hall is up to makes no sense. I want to see this bullroar stopped.

Anonymous said...

Went to Aldi this afternoon and found the parking lot in terrible shape. It looks like the city fell down on the job on any standards that they might have. Sections of it need to be replaced. Also Aldi could do a service to the community by picking up trash and cigarette butts that litter the ground.

The prices were good on their merchandise.

Come on Aldi b a good corporate neighbor,

Anonymous said...

This winter has really taken its toll on the roads and parking lots. Saw on the news about the massive pot hole work in the works

Anonymous said...

Greg Walters, your editorial this week begins: So, while the candidates are sorting things out, forming alliances and beginning the serious business of campaigning.....

Last week you talked about political factions - this week you're referring to them as alliances. WOT?

Need To Know said...

To Need to know,
Watch the meeting and tell me where 1) the recieved an actual proposal and 2) where they voted to approve of anything. The only thing the city council did was say they would like to recieve a proposal from this group. When people such as yourself take positions on things that haven't happened yet, it really demonstrates your ignorance.

From March 10, 2014 at 8:52 AM


To 8:52A March 10, 2014

Raytown Times 12/25/13 "The board UNANIMOUSLY AGREED that they liked the concept presented by Flaherty."


"AFTER CONSIDERABLE DISCUSSION THE BOARD AGREED ON THE FLAHERTY & COLLINS PLAN. Aldermen said that plan "would give Raytown the WOW factor" that was sought: saying that people all over the metro would be talking about the great new development beinG built in downtown Raytown."

"The city officials will now just wait and see what might be economically sound for the city as well as the developer."

This refers to the board in entirety, not just some of the board. Further, the board instructed staff to work with this developer, excluding all other possibilities and without due diligence. The board agreed on the F&C plan, excluding all others. All that was left was (ignoring the city's $75,000,000., yup that's seventy-five million dollar deficit) to juggle the figures to please the BOA, Mayor and developer, the taxpayers be damned.

Paul Livius said...

A couple of questions on the blog this week deserve an answer. One was addressed to me, the other to Greg.

In answer to Andy's question, I will continue to report on the Board meetings in written form even though we are linking to the you tube for those who wish to watch the entire meeting.

Greg Walters said...

A writer asked about my referring to faction politics as endangering the Charter process. Then, a week later, referring to candidates forming alliances.

It is a fair question.

The faction statement refers to those two groups who, through their actions, are either (1) opposed to the Charter, or (2), not opposed to a Charter but do not want to write anything into it.

Fortunately, these two groups, with their narrow vision and inability to look to the future and ways to improve Raytown, are a minority of the candidates running.

The building or forming of alliances is part of the political process whereby individual candidates seek out new ideas during their campaigns.

They may help each other in focusing that message. They have a a proactive message with progressive goals.

The faction candidates have one goal. Keep the Charter from happening or at least turn it into an ineffectual document that really changes nothing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you need to know, first you cite that trustworthy Raytown Times, second you state that the board decided to investigate the flannery idea. You do realuze they still have to get an actual proposal to discuss. Again, you seem to be against something before its even proposed. I will reserve judgement until I hear the meetings, the discussion, proposal, and votes on such proposal, like any rational person would do.

Pat Casady said...

I have been involved, by location, in dealing with developers
and City Hall about our downtown “green area” development.
I can tell you that I don’t trust either faction. Please remember
we have had developers come and go and all they have done
is take taxpayer money for doing nothing. City Hall has never
made them guarantee any part of their agreement. They just
hand over taxpayer dollars time after time.
Each new developer they got in bed with was worse than the
the one before. Now they are considering doing business
with an even more devious tax stealing predator.
Instead of giving away tax dollars and or taxpayer property,
why not just put the property up for sale. No help, no tax
deals and no taxpayers property give away. Sell it in lots
or one piece.
Raytown has been marked as an easy touch for bad
developers. They know they can come in, get a chunk
of cash and leave without any problem.
Every time we as a town lose hometown businesses
for fear of a company coming in getting tax deals and forcing
small businesses out.

Need To Know said...

True 4:25 I have issues with the F&C Plan receiving accolades when presented in response to the city's request for proposal. F&C has a well-documented, poor-at-best track record and they are not local or even in-state. The city has not addressed the existing deficit before proceeding to add to it, which is fiscally irresponsible.

There was no rebuttal by any city council representative to the Raytown Times article; ergo, it is safe to surmise it was factual in all aspects. Your claim that no plan was presented and that the BOA didn't universally approve it is a fallicy, a flaw in the logical structure of your argument which renders it invalid.

That was revealed in December... now, 2-1/2 months later have you heard any meetings, discussion, etc? NO. Walmart was a done deal when finally revealed and surely would have gone through had Walmart themselves not withdrawn, despite the protests of hundreds of citizens.

A 'rational' individual learns from history. Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result is a definition of insanity. Your 'rational' posture of languishing and extending blind trust to a fiscally and developmentally irresponsible city government body is insane.

Raytown needs to be vigilant or lie victim - the vigilance of the citizens will be the salvation of our city. We're the boss. They work for us, I don't condone letting the tail wag the dog, and this administration has more than amply proven themselves untrustworthy.

Anonymous said...

Paul, Thank you for the time and effort you put forth reporting on the BOA meetings.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Agree with you 4:25

Need To Know said...


The State of Missouri abuses its own eminent domain law.

"The situation is especially bad in Missouri, which is among the worst abusers of eminent domain in America. In just the one year following the Kelo decision, the state used or threatened to use eminent domain against more than 600 property owners for the benefit of private developers. All across the state, powerful companies are persuading cities to take away the homes and businesses in which people have invested their time, their money and their dreams, and transform them into shopping centers that pay high sales taxes to city governments. Missouri, in fact, has some of the nation's most anti-property rights laws. One, called the "TIF Act," allows large charter cities like St. Louis or Kansas City to use eminent domain against land that bureaucrats consider "blighted," and to give it away to developers..."

"...Residents of non-chartered cities are left even more vulnerable to eminent domain than their counterparts in chartered cities. Residents of charter cities at least have the ability to vote on a ballot initiative to prohibit eminent domain abuse. Residents in non-chartered cities are not allowed to do this."

Full article here >

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the editorial Bryan:

In my opinion Google is accessing profitability setting up fiberhoods. From the map there also appears to be sub fiberhoods. In other words, unless they can expect to operate at a profit, Google won't service a particular area. This is good business management. Why service an area at a loss? I am sure they look at stats for the area such as average income, credit score, vacancies, unemployment, cable customers, forclosures, etc.

NKC is a more elite area while Raytown is more or less an impoverished hood. Hence the short sign up time. Google apparently doesn't want to handle Raytown but will market NKC, where people have money, more aggressively.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

So large charter cities can use imminent domain but small cities with a charter can vote against it per " need to know" comment???? A point was attempted to be made on "needs to knows" previous debate with a blogger whom did not agree with them ; however was it indeed the point they wanted to make ?

Pat Casady said...

To, Need to know.
The Castle Coalition was who helped me several
years back when we were being threatened with
losing our property. They are good people to know
if your city is trying to take away your property.
They gave me a list of lawyers that would fight
for property owners whose property was being
stolen by a city.
I might still have several booklets they sent me
if anybody is interested.

Need To Know said...

CORRECTION: The city deficit due to the pension fund abuse is 7-1/2 million dollars (previously stated as 75 million dollars). I apologize for the misinformation.

It remains that a $7,500,000. in pension funds is missing, that there has been no accountability and that the city continues in their plans keep on spending.

Need To Know said...

Okay 3/12 10am First, re-read the post.

Raytown can prohibit eminent domain in our Charter as it is formed so that we don't to suffer the delay and expense of a separate ballot initiative that some other cities have to endure because they had overlooked it. It is fortunate for us that our Charter will soon be formed and that important matters such as this will be attended to, protecting Raytown's citizens property rights.

Anonymous said...

The eminent domain discussion is very interesting in light of the charter question coming up on April 8th.

I really doubt the be happy people will even wan to discuss the question. Learn what the candidates for the charter are saying as they stake out their positions. As for those who do not even attempt to publicize what they think in the local press, ignore them as they have you.


Terrence said...

Why are some so argumentive and verbally belittling of others ? This blog is not a battle zone.

Anonymous said...

9:21AM, This blog is much tamer than in the past since Greg finally established rules and enforces them. I appreciate Greg's effort in implementing these rules.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

To march 10 at 4:49am ; I am sure glad I don't live in Kansas City or within a mile of the trolley track if indeed that tax goes into place

Anonymous said...

Google Fiber is expensive. I'm not going to sign up for it until I know if the city will broadcast the city council meetings on Google. I watch the meetings on Comcast. Why switch if I don't get everything I alredady have? I keep asking and all I get is "I hope so." or "I would think so." How come nobody knows for sure?

Anonymous said...

To need to know; reread post and re read 10 am post I says the exact same

GADSDEN said...

Mr 9:22 PM, May I ask whom is it that does not deserve your vote. I did not read where you mention any names.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Terrence. Look, if it's not PC enough for you why do you return only to complain about that? There are some very important issues under discussion here, and it seems that the general consensus is that we agree to disagree - a psychologically sound and mature approach.

3/13 10:32am Hold your horses, cause your turn's coming too. While city hall is bragging up the Katy trail for bicycles and a walking path coming through the middle of Raytown along the Rock Island line, remember that's just cheese to bait the mice. What they really intend to do with that is to put in a train depot and run a nice little diesel engine railcar that runs from Lees Summit, through the middle of town and on up to the sports complex. That, my friend will not only bring diesel pollution and a division of the city upon us, but it really goes nowhere and with it, they'll be taking land on both sides and we'll be paying dearly for it....TAXES GALORE.

Did you really listen to Bower's 2014 State of the City Address? (it is on youtube). At about 20 minutes into the speech he states that the people of Raytown have said we don't want to drive cars. I didn't say that. Did you say that?

I guess he figures he's going to take our cars from us and that everything we need and want, will be found along that rail between I70 and Lees Summit. Don't know about you my friend buy Davey Bower's gonna get my car at about the same time he's gonna get my guns.

Anonymous said...

The green space... the Mayor and his stuck on another grocery store band of incompentents need to just back off the whole ordeal.

We need streets in great condition that don't tear up our cars.

We need sidewalks throughout the city so we and the little kids can walk from point A to point B with out slogging through mud and worry about being mowed down.

We need underground water drainage and street curbs throughout the city.

We need a balanced city budget.

Keep the green space mowed, that's all you need to do. We'll do what WE want to do with it when you're long gone and the financial bleeding your administration has caused us has stopped. We've seen your work and we don't like it. Gotta say though, that bike path that runs a block or two in front of city hall and those new street lights up there are mighty spiffy though. Those phallic city monuments are what, freudian reminders of our mayor's tyrannical leadership?

If it weren't so painfully expensive, wasteful and contemptuous of the local small businesses, including our local grocers, and the electorate as a whole.... no, nevermind, it could never be funny after all.

Anonymous said...

There will be 3 Saturdays in a row starting march 22 at various community centers to discuss Google fiber the last being in Raytown. There is also a website for Google that explains the highspeed broadband internet with its gigs it's and the various tv options.

Anonymous said...

Google fiber is suppose to be faster internet and if you choose you can get their tv Experianced as well. More like when Jones Intercable came to town billions of years ago. Same hype then as now . DSL,DTTV,Comcast,ATT u verse

Anonymous said...

I cannot speak for the one the one wrote they do not deserve your vote but what I read sounded like those that do not bother to show you their position on anything deserve nothing in return. Which would include your vote.

So I guess that if you have candidates who do not even care to speak up for their candidacy. Scratch them off the list of who to vote for.

Terrence said...

5:18 pm just repeating the guidelines that were posted in July blog by the administrator as a constructive reminder so that as people express their opinions they can still do so in a non argumentive / belittling demeanor .

Anonymous said...

3/13@ 1:24; you won't have to do goggle you can save your money and watch the meeting via live or read the minutes later or you tube. Google and Comcast do not fit into my budget what so ever

Anonymous said...

A psychologically sound and mature approach is not to be argumentive and belittling of others as it does take from ones comments

Anonymous said...

To march 9th 8:47 pm which KC mo. Taxes were suppose to end in April? And what about KC Mo school taxes that you are refering to???

Need To Know said...

Minutes posted on youtube can be reached via ANY browser using any isp. You don't have to use google's internet service at all - that's misinformation. Although (interestingly) google did just recently buy out youtube.

Anonymous said...

Yes you do not need to subscribe to google to reach you tube for the board meetings. You can still reach you tube via your internet via PC , I phone, library, etc,

Anonymous said...

9:20 pm no misinformation by the previous blogger about having to purchase google fiber to view you tube for board meetings. No misinformation what so ever on having to purchase comcast or google fiber to view you tube board meetings ; no contraction or apology needed from the blogger or their comment; we read it in its complete text and were very able to comprehend the text and scope of the comment.

Anonymous said...

To march 13 @ 1:24 pm . I just recieved a brochure about the cost of Google gigabit & tv in the mail and agree alittle high for my budget. I don't have Comcast either. From my understanding the board meetings will be posted on you tube as well. I have watched the past board meeting on you tube and incurred no cost in doing so. If it were at a cost Im sure It would have been mentioned as we were redirecting to view the meeting at the beginning of this weekly blog. As Paul assured us he too will continue to post the highlights of meetings. This should cover us nicely

Terrence said...

Hey need to know; about you tube and google; well the conversation on both bloggers was about having to PURCHASE google to view meetings and the high cost of those. A lot of us use google for searches etc. but they were talking about having to Buy a package to do so. Hope that helps with your confusion of their comments

Anonymous said...

NO MORE PROPERTY TAXES - kids had a more solid education in the old one-room schoolhouse than they're getting at the hands of our school board. Our school board marxists are dumbing our children down with that common core curriculum they're teaching. Federalism doesn't belong in our classrooms. Why do they think we'd contribute to the ruination of our children's futures?

NO MORE SALES TAXES - We haven't seen a return on investment for our tax dollars in decades. Men and women all over this city are working 2 jobs to say afloat; they love this city and their neighbors. We deserve better, are fed up and are ready to take up the reins again. The parasitic blood-suckers in city hall had better get ready to move on.

Matthew Cushman said...

Look this week for my biography and position paper on the Charter and why I want you to vote for me for this commission. I am eager to have a discussion with those that are eager to move Raytown forward. In the mean time, feel free to email me at, or you can find me on facebook. Thanks so much.

Matthew Cushman

Anonymous said...

Terrence, why are you so argumentive and verbally belittling of others ? This blog is not a battle zone.

Terrence said...

Looking forward to it Matthew! Thxs for posting that.
And to the blogger about google fiber cost; I too received the literature in the mail yesterday. Would be interested to go to the community center on one of the dates to hear about it so I'm more informed. Wondering if others are contemplating the same?

Dave Wehner said...

I have lived in Raytown all my life, I worked here as a firefighter/EMT for 22 plus years.
I am retired now and I am very upset with what has happened to the fire service and what they are doing to the citizens of this community.
1. we the citizens pay our fire taxes to the county for fire protection for Raytown and yet they are running calls for Kansas City fire.
I ran into some of the guys the other day and found out our firefighters are running calls clear down into the plaza! I was shocked to hear they run calls for KC. all over the metro area.
leaving our town unprotected.
whose brilliant idea was that? must have come from the fire board because the men aren't happy about it! also I found out that the board has asked the men to take a 5% pay cut to keep their jobs, ok where has all the money gone too? I guess the fire board has spent it foolishly.
now because of the larger call volume the guys are running for KC fire we the tax payers are paying for more fuel for the trucks and maintenance. KC fire isn't. so is this the reason the men who don't get paid that well had to take a pay cut?
I feel we need to get a new fire board whose interest is in what's best for the citizens. thank goodness the city still has the ambulance service! we may loose our house from a fire but at least we still have the best ambulance service around.