Saturday, April 26, 2014


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Raytown Main Street Association would like to announce that it is postponing the opening of Raytown Farmers’ Market until Thursday, May 29.  In order to ensure a quality market we have decided to move the date to allow more growing time since many of our vendors do not have sufficient cool weather crops to bring to market.

We would also like to announce our new Community tents. These will allow for multiple small farmers to share a space under one tent for a nominal fee. We have listened to feedback from smaller farmers and have taken their input into consideration.  We hope to see many more applications for these spots. They are available on a first come first serve basis.

We are always looking for more vendors, volunteers and entertainers, to fill the market season schedule.  We hope the extra time will allow those interested to contact us at

Thank you for your support of the Raytown Farmers Market as we continue to grow.

A Week of 
First Events
Two significant events are taking place this week in Raytown.

On Tuesday, April 29th at 6:30 p.m. the newly elected Raytown Charter Commission will be sworn into office at Raytown City Hall. This first meeting is expected to be a short one. Aside from the swearing in ceremony, officers will be chosen by the Commissioners. The only other item of business is to set the following meeting time and place.

The event is open to the public. 

On Thursday, May 1st, Raytown’s Farmers Market will open up for business in Downtown Raytown. A wide variety of vendors will offer the freshest and finest locally grown produce, meat, farm products, handmade artisan crafts, canned goods, baked goods and more!

For more information, click on the Farmers Market ad to the right side of the page.

To Reach Out or Not to Reach Out . . .
THAT is the Question
Someone wrote to the blog portion of our website that it must be a “slow news week” in Raytown. Outside of a couple of bank robberies that took place mid-week, it would be an honest statement.

But there were some fireworks of a different sort being lit up in preparation of next Tuesday’s swearing in of victorious candidates for the Raytown Charter Commission.
More precisely, an exchange of letters between Charter Commissioner Elect (and Ward 3 Alderman) Charlotte Melson and Greg Walters was the tip of an iceberg of a debate that has the interest of more than just a few in Raytown.

At the heart of the debate is whether or not to televise meetings of the Raytown Charter Commission.

So rather than re-hash what was said, why not just print the letters?

Incidentally, the two letters had a pretty wide audience. Walters copied the message to a list of local politicians and city officials from a previous email from City Clerk Teresa Henry. Melson followed suit.

Paul and I talked it over and thought, why not share the messages with the rest of Raytown.
So without any further ado, here are the letters.



While I understand that you want to have the meeting televised, I would suggest contacting Michael Downing who has an interest in and the capabilities of taping the charter meetings and then placing it on a website(s) where it can be viewed by those who would like to see it.  That way there would be no cost to the city for use of the equipment, staff to set up and run or any additional costs that might be incurred. Additionally, when the meeting minutes are posted they can include details on how to access the meeting tape.  Also, these are public meetings thus anyone can come and view them live and in person.  At the charter meeting it can be discussed what other media venues the tapings, minutes and financial reports could be distributed and accessed by the residents of Raytown.

Charlotte Melson



Thank you for your reply.

I agree that it is a good idea to record the meetings and make them available to the public via You Tube. But let’s take a moment to reflect on whether or not that is enough.

This weekend or any time next week, particularly in the evening, I would suggest you take a trip up to the Raytown Library. You will see a large number of computer terminals being used by people who do not have the luxury of a personal computer to use at home. If you check with the librarian you will also find that there is generally a waiting list to use the terminals.

My point in this is that not everyone can easily access YouTube on the computer to watch a recording of a public meeting.

Unfortunately, that is not the only group of Raytowners who would be ignored by broadcasting only on You Tube.

A generation of Raytowners, our senior citizens, are not all computer savvy. However they all do know how to use  a television. That is why it is important that we broadcast the Charter Commission meetings on the same channel that your City Council Meetings are broadcast. We could also re-broadcast the meetings on the same schedule that your City Council Meetings are re-broadcast.

Perhaps as a member of the Raytown Board of Aldermen you can add your voice to the request for broadcasting of the Charter Commission Meetings. As of this date I have not received a response from City Clerk Teresa Henry in my offer to make the broadcasting of the meetings a reality. No doubt, your voice, as a member of the Board of Aldermen, would be helpful.

As for the cost of the broadcasts  . . .  not to worry. The equipment is already paid for. I have personally observed and helped set up the video equipment in less than five minutes. It would be fair to say the cost is minimal.

I am sure you agree that we, as publicly elected officials, have much more to gain by reaching out to a broader audience than to limit the lines of communication to only those who own personal computers.

Greg Walters

Paul’s Rant!

Do you ever have a situation where you want to scream “time out!” After reading the exchange of letters between Greg and Charlotte Melson, I am having one of those moments.

The debate is whether or not to televise Raytown Charter meetings. I gave this a couple of minutes of serious reflection and believe I have found a simple solution.

First of all, you have to cut through the nonsense of Charlotte Melson’s wringing her hands over her perception of the “cost” of televising the meetings.

The honest answer . . . there is none. Consider the following:
  • The equipment is already paid for – no additional cost to the city there.
  • The personnel who run the equipment, city employees are paid whether or not they run the equipment – no additional cost there.
  • Most Charter Commission meetings will be held in the evening – which could be a problem if it were not for the fact that six city personnel, four alderman (Greene, Emerson, Aziere and Melson) and two policemen (Bowman and McDonough) are on the Commission. So security of the equipment is not an issue.
So there you have it – problem solved, crisis averted!

Now, let’s get down to the real debate. Since we have exposed the bogus argument over cost to be fraudulent, what is the REAL debate?

It all comes down to whether or not you want have the meetings televised.

I think Greg’s point that we should reach out in every way possible is a valid argument. Hopefully, the other Charter members will find common ground and agree.

Those that do not see it that way should be honest about the situation. They really do not want the public to know what is going on.
We already have too much of that attitude at City Hall.

Let’s see if the Charter Commission will take a different path in their decision.

Johnny Prep’s 
Chicken Cobbler Recipe
As promised, today we unveil one of Johnny Prep’s fabulous recipes from The Magic of Cooking with Really Good Broth.

While all of his recipes turned out fantabulous, his home-style chicken potpie with carrot cobbler topping made for one of those single-dish, comfort meals we all adore.
I had planned on taste-testing quite a few of Johnny’s recipes, so I first made his Rich Chicken Broth (the recipe is in his book) and saved what I didn’t use for later. (By the way, broth can be frozen for up to three months.) READ MORE

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think we forget we are living in the 21st Century. We have the technology to broadcast our public meetings on the internet and television. I think most charter members will want to do just that. Why would they not?

Anonymous said...

Why is the Raytown City Council being asked about this since the charter commission is an independent entity? The council does their work and the charter commission does theirs. Don't muddy the waters.

Anonymous said...

The way I read it the City is not being asked anything. It looks like a debate between Melson and Walters. Walters wants to televise the meetings every way that it can be done.Melson wants to put it on YouTube. End of story.

Anonymous said...

i agree with those charter members who wan to open lines of communication with the public. The charter commission has a job. Part of that job is to listen to what the pubic wants. Why would anyone be against that? If it doesn't cost much if anything at all, then they should televise the meetings, publish the minutes, put the events on you tube.

They should do it all.

Anonymous said...

I remember the last meeting of the Charter Commission. They televised ALL of them. If the meeting was held outside of City Hall michael Downing would film it and give the tape to the city to replay.

If the meeting was held at city hall the city used its equipment and broadcast the meeting live.

Seems like a lot of fuss over very little.

Anonymous said...

There should be no debate on whether or not the
Charter Commission meetings are televised. Just as
the taxpayers paid for the equipment to televise
the Board of Aldermen meetings, they should be able
to see the commission meetings as well. Taxpayers
paid and the taxpayers should watch.
Remember this commission was though up by taxpayers.
NOT the Board of Aldermen. Leave them out of it.
They have messed up this town enough. As I recall it
was the administration that really messed up the last
Charter. Too bad the likes of Melson and Aziere made it
Onto the commission.

Anonymous said...

It seems current and past aldermen are trying to run the show on the charter commission. What they fail to grasp is that the commission is a separate entity and that the city council has no business getting in their business.

The commissions will make decisions, as a group, about the videos. All the rest of this is premature. Ignore it.

Raytown Oldie said...

I wish people would quit picking on Elisa Breitenbach. Apparently there are some closet bullies who like to submit their comments anonymously.

They do not even have the courage to sign their names. Their comments are nothing but a complaint about someone who has invested in Raytown by choosing to make a living here.

Elisa and her husband own Doughboys located at 63rd and Woodson Road. They make the most heavenly pastries I have ever had the pleasure to eat. I know that if you want to enjoy their food you best get their early because the frequently sell out before noon.

So what do the cowards do? They attack her anonymously because she was opposed to Walmart coming into Downtown Raytown.

Those guys who are attacking her annonymously should get over it. She won. They lost.

If they were smart they would figure out that people like Elisa win because they are not afraid to sign their name, stand up and be counted.

Pat Casady said...

I would like to wish most of the Charter Commission members
that will be sworn in tonight all the best. They have a hard way
to go. First off they will have to contend with the several members
that will take their orders from the mayor and his friends.
Second is there will be thirteen different personalities tying to
get "fifteen" points across. If they have to elect a leader they would do
themselves proud NOT to elect Aziere or Melson.
To Elisa Breitenbach:
I have long been disliked by many administrations and several
Times have been told to move out of Raytown, mostly by gutless
“Anonymous” writers. I used to let them get under my skin but
then I realized something. They were afraid of the truth.
They were happy to covered with stuff and kept in the dark by
some elected leaders that clearly were out of touch with the people.
It’s funny how the leaders change but the stuff remains the same.
Hang in there Elisa, you received over a thousand signatures
of people that think the same way. Realize this….many elected
officials hardly get that many votes.
As for the people that use your feelings for the good of Raytown
as an excuse to not buy from you…’s their loss!
I’ve been in Raytown for almost forty years and have been
boycotted by the school district and City Hall but, I’m still here.

Anonymous said...

Raytown deserves the government they get. Too many are either too stupid or too lazy to vote; those who do vote elect 3rd class individuals to run the city.

Raytown voters just love those taxes. As a result, you've got less money in your pocket.

Raytown will only improve when citizens are willing to campaign for our local government positions. Don't believe anyone who tells you you can't do it - you can and you need to. You are good enough and you are smart enough. Many on our city council don't live here so they have nothing to lose as a result of the very poor decisions they make.

Our current city administration has bankrupt our city - that is a fact. Let's replace them in the coming election with local people who will do the right thing for Raytown because they live here and really care about our city.

Make that decision to run for office, let it be known early and announce that you want help with your campaign. There are people here willing to help - you just need to ask. Let's get rid of the corruption and dead wood.

Terrence said...

I'm confused; I don't see where the Walmart deal which is in the past and Elisa has to do with this thread of the blog????

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:42 - Who are you kidding? There have been several people step up and run for office. Either the city council or the charter committee. And there were loads of people jumping up and down hollering, "I'll help." When push come to shove, however, the help dried up and blew away. The candidates were left hanging and trying to do all the work themselves. After the election, all those who promised to help reappeared and said it was so sad and too bad. The only way a new candidate is going to get any help is if they buy it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many parents are aware that some teachers are being hired through Teach For America and have no teaching degree. Some have no degree at all and no prior teaching experience. The school district does not disclose this information to the parents.

Anonymous said...

4/29 at 12:26,

Is that like electing alderman that don't understand the MO laws?

Anonymous said...

TFA has been around for two decades and gets its recruits for college grads. It is not in Raytown School District but is in Kansas City

Pat Casady said...

First off, there are NOT “many” elected officials that don’t
live here. I have only heard of one, Joe Creamer. Second,
state facts and names if you want any creditability.
This city is not bankrupt. Again show us facts.
However the waste, tax give away’s
and property given away’s have to stop.
If this administration thinks it’s OK to give away the green
area owned by taxpayers, then each alderman, mayor and city
administrator should buy that property with their own
money and give it to the devious developer they seem to want
to do business with. The taxpayers deserve better.
Every elected official should put Raytown and the people first!
Not their friends, not developers. The people that elected them
and expected representation from them should come first.
I will agree with you two points. Raytown needs some good people
to step up and run for any elected position. And the people need
to get out and vote!

Anonymous said...

Lets just say I know for a fact that Raytown has hired TFA "grads"!

Anonymous said...

Well put Pat

Elisa Breitenbach Owner of DOUGHBOYS said...

Hello Bloggers it's good to know you are thinking of me. I am thankful for the good people of Raytown. Life at my shop is good. I truly don't feel like I am being picked on or boycotted. I have always enjoyed people. It's officials who lie that I have always had a problem with. The Walmart deal had no winners. The Walmart deal just showed the true character of some Raytown City officials. I also feel you may still get a Walmart with these developers they want to give the Green Space to for FREE. They will also get a TIF so everyone in Raytown can pay to build it. The last election showed the city officials that Raytown don't care to take the time to vote much. Pat is right people do need to vote ALWAYS!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy May Day

Anonymous said...

Hey, Greg, weren't you at the swearing in ceremony for the charter commission? Why haven't you posted a report? The other website is ignoring it all together. I'm wondering if maybe it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

Yes they had a swearing in ceremony and all were there except for Hartwell. Hope to see a U tube video on it since it was recorded.

Greg Walters said...

I was at the Charter meeting and will have a report. Look for it to be published this Sunday.

I will give you this much of hint of what was apparent to me.

There are some members of the Commission who seem to have one goal in mind. That goal is to see if they can push through a charter that changes nothing at City Hall.

Hopefully they will not be in the majority.

Anonymous said...

That comment about watching the charter meeting points to a problem. Those of us who use this blog have computers. So we can go watch on u-tube. What about those who do not?

Sounds kinds of like another era when someone proclaimed that the masses were hungry and a certain monarch's response was "let them eat cake"!

City hall has the ability to broadcast meetings on television. Something nearly 100% of the homes in America have. So why not use it. Unless, of course, you do not think "those people" should be allowed to view the meetings!

The city council can have their meetings re-broadcast. Why not rebroadcast the charter meetings?

Anonymous said...

I don't have comcast, time warner or google. I have regular digital tv. KCPT is a local tv channel maybe we could use that so no one would be left out

Anonymous said...

You are so right about Comcast being the only television service that televises public meetings. But there is hope on the horizon. Google offers public television service too. And it is available on U-Verse. Other cities like Lee's Summit and Grandview have public access channels on different providers.

Why not raytown?

Because the Mayor and City Council does not want to do it.

Be realistic. It is not a question of money. Remember when they gave the City administrator a $30,000 pay increase? All the other city employees had seen their salaries frozen. But they wanted to give the City Administrator the $30 grand, so they did.

They could expand the city's broadcast capabilities. But the simple fact is they do not want to. So it does not get done.

My grandfather has cable tv by Comcast. He watches the city council meetings regularly. He does not have a computer and refuses to use a cell phone. But he does know how to use his television and watches it a lot.

I think they should put the charter meetings on t.v. so people like my grandfather can see what is going on.

Anonymous said...

I went to the you tube site but could not find the charter meeting. Does anyone have a link we can use?

Anonymous said...

The meetings should be on kcpt for those without any cable and on you tube and on the cable channels. No one group should be left out

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So, how many of the other two dozen + KC area municipalities' Govt. meetings are broadcast by KCPT?

Zero. Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

To Get A Grip.

Why is that you are opposed to the meetings being played back on the Government channel?

I think the more people know about how the Charter Commission wants to make the city better is a good idea.

The only ones who would be opposed to progressive changes are those who are nice and cozy with the way things are. So tell us. What is your agenda. Protect the status quo. Not what I sound like a winner of a plan.

Anonymous said...

I have 3 TVs but no cable as many of us do not have. With cell phones you have computer access and you can get netflicks and get DVD of sitcoms from the library so why spend all my retirement too early . My generation did not grow up with all that so we don't miss it and now at a retirement income can't afford it. I guess if you judge having the meetings on tv cable you don't cover everyone and if you do just you tube you don't cover everyone. If people want to see it they themselfs will find a way to do it. You can dicker all day long over how you feel will work best for others and it still won't cover everyone

Anonymous said...

To 9:08 pm
Don't know if you read the blogger you are refering to as Get A Grip post; but nowhere is it said about not being televised on a goverment channel. I read it as to be a stab at a previous blogger wanting kcpt to display the meetings.

Anonymous said...

To Annoymous 9:08pm
Why are you so opposed to other people as you are to Get a Grip?? What's on your agenda for calling them out on something they didn't say?? I sure hope you are not one of the charter Commision members cause you can't follow written word it sure makes one wonder if you could follow a conversation and not get side tracked