Sunday, June 22, 2014


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“When a thing has been said and said well, have no scruple. Take it and copy it.” Anatole France, (1844 – 1924) French author

Typically, this space is used for commentary about what is happening in the local political arena. Paul has our back with his twice monthly report of last Tuesday’s City Council meeting.  So this week we are going to step away from the norm and share a column we found by Jonah Goldberg, Editor at Large of National Review Online.   
We found it enlightening. We hope you do as well.

The Naked Self-Interest of 
the Bureaucratic Class by Jonah Goldberg 
For understandable reasons, the IRS scandal has largely focused on the political question of whether the White House deliberately targeted opponents. To date there's no evidence that it did. That's good for the president, but it may not be good for the country, because if the administration didn't target opponents, that would mean the IRS has become corrupt all on its own. 

In 1939, Bruno Rizzi, a largely forgotten communist intellectual, wrote a hugely controversial book, "The Bureaucratization of the World." Rizzi argued that the Soviet Union wasn't communist. Rather, it represented a new kind of system, what Rizzi called "bureaucratic collectivism." What the Soviets had done was get rid of the capitalist and aristocratic ruling classes and replace them with a new, equally self-interested ruling class: bureaucrats.  READ MORE

The Paul Livius Report
 Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – June 17, 2014

City Clerk Teresa Henry administered the Oath to new Police Officer Lonnie Wood.
Robbie Tubbs said to the Board Brenda Gustafson told them in March she would post the Board of Aldermen meetings on You-Tube and Ms. Tubbs said this isn’t being done on a timely manner.  She said it has been taking, on average, a week to post the meetings, except for the June 3 meeting.  She said that meeting hadn’t been posted, and it had been two weeks.  She reminded the board there are a lot of people who can’t come to the meetings and who can’t afford Comcast cable.  She asked that the meetings be posted in a timely manner.
Charles Spangler told the Board his neighbor has trashy property.  He said the Codes Department and Police Department have done a great job helping the neighbors get the property cleaned up.  One problem that remains, he said, is his neighbor burning leaves and trash.  Mr. Spangler said he has discovered Raytown has no ordinance against outdoor burning. 

He asked the Board to pass an ordinance prohibiting outdoor burning.  Otherwise, he and his neighbors will burn their leaves this fall.  He said the upside of that is there will be no leaves to clog the storm sewers.
Kevin Boji gave the Board the annual report for the Parks and Recreation department.  For more information, to go starting on page 3.
Andy Noll came before the Board concerning the resolution to renovate the City Hall board room.  He said he and his staff had not completed the rebid process to address the concerns of the Board from the last meeting.  He asked the Board table the resolution until the next meeting.
The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance to grant a conditional use permit to park and store business vehicles consisting of trucks, trailers.  On the parking lot surfaces the owners will use the buildings to perform mechanical work and maintenance of vehicles, store building materials and supplies, rent the house and office building to a tenant; and rent one of the buildings for a similar uses at 8506 Westridge Road.  Andy Noll told the Board the applicant was seeking to allow the following uses on the property:

1. Park / store business vehicles consisting of trucks, trailers, etc. on the parking lot surfaces.

2. Use buildings to perform mechanical work and maintenance of vehicles.

3. Store building materials and supplies.

4. Rent the house / office building to a tenant.

5. Rent one of the buildings for a similar use as described above.

Mr. Noll said the Planning & Zoning Commission voted 8 in favor and 1 against the recommendation to approve the conditional use permit subject to the following conditions, which are also stipulated in the Ordinance:

A. The maximum number of vehicles stored outside on the property shall not exceed twelve.

B. A six foot high privacy fence constructed of wood vinyl is to be constructed between the existing geodesic building and the storage buildings and the side and rear property lines located to the west of that fence.
The property is zoned Medium Density Residential, which does not allow the uses listed above as a permitted use.  Therefore, in order for the partnership led by Mr. Bamesberger to use the property for the intended uses approval of this conditional use permit application is required.
During the public hearing, Michael Driskel asked that the six foot privacy fence be installed around the whole property, not just on the west side.  He asked if there was a deadline to having the fence installed. He asked if “trucks and trailers” also meant “tractors and trailers.”  He wanted to know if there would be any restrictions as to the hours of operations.  He reminded the Board this is in the middle of a residential area.
Raymond Fowler said when it rains, water runs downhill from the property and collects in neighboring years.  The trucks will be parked on dirt, and if they leak, they will pollute the groundwater.  He asked that the area where vehicles are to be parked have asphalt or concrete.
Chester Williams said there are swamps in the backyards surrounding this property because of the water run-off.
Cheryl Martin said she has been to City Hall several times with photos to complain about the water run-off.  She has water in her basement because of it.
Andy Noll told the Board the hours of operations would be decided by City ordinance.  The same holds true for the type of trucks able to park there legally, and for how long.
Kevin Foster, one of the Partners buying the property, told the Board Planning and Zoning gave them a list of 17 points to be completed before the use permit would be issued.
The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance approving an Intergovernmental agreement with the US Department of Interior for the installation of National Historical Trail signs for the Santa Fe, Oregon and California trails.  Andy Noll told the Board The Santa Fe Trail Association has secured a grant for the purchase of 24 historic trail signs that comply with the National Park Service standards.  The signs will be 36” wide and 48” tall and placed along Blue Ridge Boulevard.  The City of Raytown will be responsible to supply all the hardware and labor to install the signs.  The Staff estimates that each sign will cost $60 to install exclusive of labor.  Labor is not included in the cost as staff can fit the work into the daily work schedule if there is no deadline for the installation of the signs.  The total cost for the installation of the signs is estimated to be $1,440.00.

Raytown Amateur
Radio Club Field Day
The Raytown Amateur Radio Club invite you to the National Field Day for Amateur Radio  at Liberty Memorial, 100 West 26th Street, Kansas City, Missouri June 28th and 29th from from 7:00 a.m. on Saturday to 5:00 PM on Sunday. This is the National Field Day for Amateur Radio people. Throughout the country, ham radio operators will be setting up radio stations in unusual locations and making contact with others as a display of their emergency communications capabilities.

In the past year alone, ham radio’s people have made headlines with their work in the wildfires, floods,

storms, tornadoes and other crises. The hams provide emergency communications for many government and civic organizations in disasters. In addition, they provide supplemental communications when normal systems are rendered inoperable or overloaded. Like most communities, Raytown doesn’t expect a major emergency. But they happen, and losing communications quickly can turn an emergency into a real disaster.

This year will not be your usual Field Day!

This year, the Raytown Amateur Radio Club, together with the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial, will be operating a Special ARRL Field Day in conjunction with the Memorial of the Great War.

Field Day has always been an opportunity for Ham Radio to put its best foot forward, but this added opportunity allows us to give recognition and respect to our forefathers who served and sacrificed in this major conflict, while also showing our respect and gratitude to all the men and women who have, and continue to serve our nation at home and abroad.

Please watch for this and other related events at We will be inviting the press to drop by, and will have brochures, information packets and other materials made available through the ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio, explaining our work.

For more information please visit


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Anonymous said...

I have been up to the Farmers Market twice and both times very disappointed. If this is going to be the norm then I will go to the Lee's Summit Market much nicer.

Anonymous said...

If anyone knows Mr. Spangler please tell him to contact the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in the State of Missouri. They will explain the law to the codes department at City Hall so that the city will have a thorough understanding of their responsibility to enforce the no burning of trash, leaves, etc. that his neighbor is doing.

If the city is acting like they cannot enforce this prohibition, shame on them. The law is very clear.

Another suggestion would be to call the Raytown Fire Department. They take their job very seriously and will come out and put the fire out.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Fire Department enforce "no burning ordinances" since there is danger that the fire may spread and ignite a structure(s)? I suggest calling RFD.

Andy Whiteman

Maria said...

Greg, I knew from reading your blog that you had ideas that are different from normal people, but I never would have guessed that you are a communist. you are either a communist or a member of the tea-party.

Terrence said...

To 7:40pm
I am sure the L.S.MO. Farmers market is much nicer since it is well established market with yes experience and yrs accumulation of venders as well.
Downtown KC is even larger ; if you are looking for established markets.
Raytown Farmers Market has had 1 Thursday and 1 Saturday .
I wasn't a success over night were you?
I commend the Raytown Farmers Market for undertaking the effort and am reasonable enough to realize vendors will not fall from the sky to them the first year.

Anonymous said...

Maria, You don't even have a clue what the Tea Party is. Certainly not communist. Do a little research before you talk about something you certainly know nothing about.

Maria said...

Anon 4:21. I didn't say the tea-party is communist. I said Greg had ideas that are different from normal people. I know the tea-party isn't communist. But they do need medication to help with their paranoia. How do I know you are paranoid? You're afraid to sign your name. I'm not.

Lillian said...

Thanks Terrance. It's so nice to see someone posting a kind thought, instead of all the sniping and back biting. The people putting together the Raytown Farmers' Market. have worked very hard to organize it. They also have had to contend with a LOT of rain. Somebody started a farmers' market in North Kansas City, and it took 4 years before they had more than a handful of vendors. You are absolutely right when you say it takes time to get established. I believe later in the summer, we will see a vast difference in our farmers' market.

Mary Beth said...

To 4:21pm
Reread Maria's comment.
I see the word either and the word or
Looks like you are the one who does not know what you are talking about

Greg Walters said...


I have been called many things. Sometimes they are nice things, sometimes less than nice. You are the first to call me "not normal".

Be that as it may. I can see you have missed the meaning of the article penned by Mr. Goldberg.

It is not about the Tea Party.

It is not about Communists.

It is a about bureaucrats and how they can be corrupted by the power they hold in administering our governments.

Let me sum it up for you . . . two examples given about what the article is about:

1. The Veterans Affairs scandal can be boiled down to the fact that VA employees are the agency's most important constituency. The Phoenix VA health-care system created secret waiting lists where patients languished and even died, while the administrator paid out almost $10 million in bonuses to VA employees over the last three years.

2. For understandable reasons, the IRS scandal has largely focused on the political question of whether the White House deliberately targeted opponents. To date there's no evidence that it did. That's good for the president, but it may not be good for the country, because if the administration didn't target opponents, that would mean the IRS has become corrupt all on its own.

In other words, power currupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I suggest you re-read Mr. Goldberg's article. It has many more examples of bureaucratic agencies that have committed very questionable acts.

I wish it were not true, but Mr. Goldberg is correct on his conclusions about how an unfettered bureaucracy can be the most ruthless of opponents to Democracy and those who hold it dear to them.

Anonymous said...

{you are either a communist or a member of the tea-party.} What a statement the above is. I just can not wrap my self around the idea that someone would say that you are one or the other. The tea=party member is a person that respects the rule of law, wants smaller government and so much more nothing that is against the US Constitution which our current administration seems hell bent on destroying. Maybe you should study a little about Joseph Stalin during the 40's and 50's, he was not a very nice man. Gregg is no communist that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

the no burn ordinance is a city rule. send a cop and make homeowner put it out. We have no authority to enforce the rule.

KMCCLA said...

I tire of hearing those who are anti-tea party, saying that they (the tea party) are some how un-American, simply because they disagree with the direction the country is being taken. Most are not "paranoid", but rather do not like the taxes that are being paid going to are socialist in nature, and the uncontrollable spending done by the government. Most believe that the US Construction is "set in stone" and is not a so called "living breathing document" that needs to be interrupted in today's environment. There are members of the tea party on both sides of the aisle, both Democrat, and Republican, and frankly are fed up with both of them, and the petty political bias that is now prevalent. I take high offence, and take it as a personal insult when people have such a narrow-minded point of view, and are unwilling to ever look at the other sides point of view.

One thing I learned long ago.

Many of the political truths we cling too greatly depend on our own point of view. We are willing to accept, justify, and defend the faults, failings, mistakes, and short comings of those we like and support. On the other hand, for those we do not like, or support we are more often than not more than willing to hold the very same things against them. It is far easier to agree, than it is to disagree with those we like and support, it is far harder to admit when we are forced to agree with someone we do not like, or support. We tend to thing that our point of view and those who hold similar points of view are always right, all goodness and light, pure as the wind blown snow. And for anyone who dares to disagree is not only wrong, but full of darkness and evil. The truth is, no one political philosophy or party has all the correct answers, and to think otherwise if foolhardy at best. In reality we are still but very young, and need to grow up, and look at both sides with equal objectivity, otherwise we are no better than those we accuse.

Maria said...

To KMCCLA - I think (I hope) you mean US Constitution, not US Construction.

Anonymous said...

There are some real interesting comments this week. If you do not think the Fire Department will not put out an open fire in Raytown I suggest you put your theory to the test. Light one up and see what happens!

Pat Casady said...

I was curious about the Tea Party Patriots and why someone would
call Greg a member of it. So I looked it up on the internet
and found this.
This is from the TEA Party site:
“Tea Party Patriots stands for every American, and is home
to millions who have come together to pursue the American
Dream and to keep that Dream alive for their children and
Now, I don’t know about the rest of you but, this doesn’t
sound like a bad thing.
Using the words communist and Tea Party as being the same
is just wrong. Tea Party is for the constitution, communist
being against the constitution as in the present administration.
You need to point that finger quite a bit further east to use
that word.
I have been in this town for about forty years and I’ve known Greg
Walters for about twenty of those years and in all those years
I have never known Greg to not want the very best for Raytown
and it’s people.
Greg having ideas different from “normal people” if you are
calling “normal people” the current leaders then you are right.
That is not only a good thing that is a great thing.
By the way that article should have made you upset with the
Federal Government not Greg. Greg only pointed out how corrupt
D.C. has become.

Lillian said...

If someone burns trash or leaves in their yard and someone calls the Raytown Fire Department, they will absolutely come and put the fire out quickly and efficiently. They will continue to do so as long as the homeowner lights fires. The problem lies in the fact that neither the police nor the fire department can stop someone from trying to burn leaves and trash. That's why the request was made to enact an ordinance to prohibit outdoor burning.

Peter said...

Raytown Farmers Market
I for one will support our local first.
Then if I cannot find an item in need I will get it elsewhere.
Until our Local is established is no reason to slight them but all the more reason to support them
If we want local we should show our support
We are community and in this together.
In a year or two with our local support , interest, and appreciation our market will grow, thrive and become a mainstay.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Robbie Tubbs but I want to thank her for reminding the City Council that when they make promises they should keep them.

I hope one of Councilmen will have the decency of responding at the next meeting. The "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" routine at city hall is getting real old.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone go to the trouble of raking leaves then burn them?
Especially when mowing them is quicker and nourishes the soil.
Why would anyone put their leaves in the sewer system?
Especially when they can make a good base to add dirt to for a flower/ vegtable garden.
Maybe some need to be educated on this much like Mr. Spanglers neighbor.
But for Mr Spangler to suggest doing the same solves nothing .
I wonder if the neighbor is even using a firepit or chimney much like what Westlakes and Sutherlands sells in their Raytown stores.;;; although I think they are meant for small twigs not trash or leaves which would emit fumes and smoke.

Greg Walters said...

A long time ago when I had a seat on the Raytown City Council, an ordinance was brought forth which explicitly banned open burning in Raytown. The reason we brought the ordinance was to bring the city's Code of Ordinance up to date with rules used by the Raytown Fire District.

That law is still on the books.

I have personally witnessed the Fire Department putting out fires that were in violation of the open burning ordinance. I do not know if the city has issued any citations for opening burning. But I am certain the City Council approved the bill and made it law.

Any public official who suggests they cannot enforce this law (open burning prohibition) is dodging their responsibility.

I agree it would be a lot a quicker to mow the leaves or even bag them. But then some people are pretty ingenious when it comes to increasing their work!

Anonymous said...

5:34 PM, I wondered that too. Obviously some people are morons. I have lived in areas where it was common practice to burn leaves and trash. It seems to me to be much easier to mow leaves rather than to gather them to burn. Bagging them in addition to the work is costly because one must pay for bags and a recycle company to haul them off so the company may sell your leaves for a profit! I think they should pay for the leaves they haul off! I have my leaves mowed. The people who do my mowing think I am kidding until I explain the reason for mowing leaves.
It was on the news that a small fiefdom near here had a city ordinance that negative public comments at council meetings were forbidden. Only positive or neutral comments were allowed. A citizen took it to the ACLU and a judge has ruled against the city. I am surprised that Raytown hasn't tried that yet.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


Can you tell me what the firework ordinances are for the City of Raytown? The PIO doesn't seem to have a clue and doesn't post much useful information unless its 3 weeks late and a tax dollar short.

Anonymous said...

No fireworks that shoot into the air.

Greg Walters said...

By city ordinance the only time fireworks may be shot off in Raytown is on the Fourth of July. Bottle rockets and Roman Candles are illegal and may not be sold or shot off in Raytown.

I am pretty sure City Council is aware of the ordinance. A good number of them were on the Board when the ordinance was passed many years ago.

Anonymous said...

Tanks and UN... Oh my

I don't think either belong in our charter or even should be brought up by members of the charter commission.

No wonder everyone in Greater Kansas City makes fun of the citizens of Raytown

Anonymous said...

5:19 pm must be new to the area.
Hope they enjoy their 4th of July fireworks with family and friends

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between a burn ban and no open burning. In Raytown you cannot light a pile of leaves on fire, but you can have an outdoor fireplace and burn wood in it. The fire department has a guide that explains the difference. As they told me, if it's something you would burn inside in a fireplace, you can burn it in an approved outdoor fireplace. If the neighbor is burning trash then the fire department will put it out. But, if your like me with a crazy busy body of a neighbor who calls 911 every time the wife and I sit out back and enjoy a fire and a glass of wine. As soon as we do we know it's only a matter of time till the fire truck pulls up sees we are legal and minding our own business and they leave.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the Chart Commission needs to add a piece to the charter that candidates not only meet any other requirements but also pass the MMPI test.

For those that don't know the MMPI is most commonly used by mental health professionals to assess and diagnose mental illness.

This may help keep those tank and UN watchers off other elected bodies.

Anonymous said...

Many moons ago the the great white father said that no one shall burn leaves in his yard ever again.

You would have to pay wampum to great father if you did.

I seems like there has been a lot of discussion during the last few days about the burning of leaves. Surely there are more important things afoot that effect us more deeply.

Lillian said...

Anon 12:41

You and I have more important things to think about than someone burning trash or leaves in their yards. Then again, we don't live next to someone who is openly burning. Importance is in the eye of the beholder.

Mary Beth said...

To 12:41 am
I believe the talk about leaves started after what Was written about a man inquiring at a Council Mtg.
It has to do with The City of Raytown ordinances and the citizens of the city.

Anonymous said...

Should we too call the fire department when we smell that burning leave smell up at the skate park.

Or are we like CO and that smell is fine

Hank The Historian said...

It was bound to come.

Some member of the American INDIAN (known also as the Native American Tribes) is going to court to force our beloved and Super Bowl Bound boys to drop the name Chiefs.

It is claimed by the proponent of this venture that the word chiefs is
degrading, insulting, and also causes blinding headaches.

Since aspirin is answeer to only part of the charges I have come up with an even better rationale for having the name changed.

Anyone familiar with Indian History is aware the chief was not the head of the tribe. He was, in most cases a figurehead. The real leader of the tribe was the Medicine Man

For the most part the figurehead chief was a worn out warrior at best and a typical No. 2 man.

NUMBER ONE MAN WAS THE MEDICINE MAN. He was also known as the
"Shamaan" -- the wise one.

Now, we all know decisions in any large firm and small ones, for that matter, are made by No. l. No. 2 may do the "mouthing" but only a naive person would, in the tribal days, have considered the chief to be No. l.

Confused? Don't be. All I am saying is that No. 2 (the chief) is an inferior position. The read number one man in the many tribes which rode the prairie in the west -- and some parts of the east --was the Medicine Man.

All of which leads me to the question.

Would the complaining parties who say use of the name Chief is an insult complain if the team changed its name to the "Medicine

Pat Casady said...

If that be the case then I guess we won’t be able
to use, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Chief Justice, Commander
In Chief or any other Chief we can think of.
It’s time everybody grows up. Yes, the Native Americans
were shafted out of their homeland and yes African
Americans were once slaves, both part of our darker history
but that’s just what it is history. If you look hard enough into
anybody’s past I’m sure we have all been treated badly by
someone. Chief’s, Redskins and so on don’t mean the same
thing they used to.
One group of people gets in trouble for using a word that is
common language to another group of people.
What’s next? All the bird lovers, animal lovers, meat Packers
Colts, Bears, Dolphins and the people of Texas start up?
In the words of the Eagles “Get Over It!”

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Hank The Historian, Understood, now who is leader of this country? It has been stated elsewhere that Dictator O'Bummer has a handler. Also who is the real leader of Raytown?

Andy Whiteman