Sunday, September 28, 2014


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Brewer and Shipley
Brewer and 
Shipley Concert
 An estimated 1,500 Raytowner’s turned out for the annual Raytown Arts and Music Festival held at Kenagy Park this past Saturday. Headlining the free concert was the American folk rock duo, Brewer and  Shipley.

Originally from the Raytown area, Mike Brewer and Tom Shipley entertained the crowd by reminiscing about memories of Raytown while entertaining with songs that put them on the national stage from the 1960’s and 1970’s. Included in their performance were many of their popular hits like “One Toke Over the Line”, “Tarkio Road” and “Shake Off the Demon”.

The Raytown Arts and Music Festival also highlighted works by local artists who sold art in a vendor area surrounding the concert venue.

Greg's Ramblings
Paul is off this week. So, in place of his “Paul’s Rant” column I thought I would share a couple of photos from my recent trip to Paso Robles, California and, of course share my insight into what is happening on the local political scene.

First the trip.

Paso Robles is located about 30 miles west of the Central Coast of California, roughly halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The area is currently suffering from a three year drought, which, strangely enough, has been somewhat of a boon to the local industry, which is producing grapes for wine.

Stressed grapes make for a better wine. The soil, which is less than perfect for the crops we grow here in the Midwest, the hot weather – temperatures in the 100+ degree range and the drought make for a mixed curse and blessing. The result is excellent grapes for wine.

Just as interesting is the unique nature that is Central California – as is evidenced by the following pictures: 

The locals call it a fish boil. Seismic activity in the Pacific causes water temperatures to rise at the bottom of the ocean. Schools of fish swim to the top of the water for cooler temperatures. Flocks of birds feast on the fish as they reach the top. Sea Gulls and Pelicans make up most of what you see in the picture.

The Hearst Castle, home to Randolph Hearst took over twenty years to build. The newspaper mogul entertained  news makers of the day to visit his estate. Over dinner he would pair liberals across from conservatives to hear the different viewpoints on issues of the day. He would then retire for the evening to create his political commentary for the next day's newspapers. In case you were wondering, Patty Hearst still frequents the Castle, as do many members of the family, and live in the residence section of the estate. One of three swimming pools (the other two are outdoor pools) is pictured above.

Rolling hills with stands of Oak Trees are typical between the Coast and Paso Robles. Three years of drought -- with temperatures frequently over 100 degrees inland (60's and 70's along the coast) have left the landscape arid and dry. Extremely low humidity makes the high temperatures feel almost comfortable by Midwest standards.

Greg’s Rant (with apologies to Paul Livius)
Paul has taken a well deserved break this week so it falls to me to throw in my two cents worth on local issues.

The hot topic in town is undoubtedly the non-anouncement of a Walmart Grocery Store planned for the old Sav A Lot location behind Wendy’s at 63rd and Raytown Trafficway.

City Hall has been mum on what is going on, but our sources are certain what is whispered about now will become reality in the near future.

What I find so interesting is some of the commentary from other news sources. One local writer (Rand Battagler) wrote “it’s probably just a rumor started to rile up the city.”  He went on to say “someone let the cat out of the bag prematurely.”

Riling up city hall? Letting the cat out of the bag? A gunman at the top of a grassy knoll?

Sounds like conspiracy theory stuff, doesn’t it?

I don’t think many people will have trouble with a Walmart Store at the 63rd and Raytown Trafficway location. The zoning is proper. It will fill a space that has been vacant for far too long. It will help the local economy. Most importantly, it will leave the door open to develop the Green Space in Downtown Raytown with something along the lines of what city planners have been working towards.

The only problem (and this is yet to be seen) would be if the Board of Aldermen and Mayor go crazy giving out tax incentives to make this happen.

Let’s hope they do not choose that path.

How to Eat 
Healthy on a Budget
Trying to eat healthy on a budget? Who isn’t these days, right? I mean, as much as we do love Whole Foods (oh, the free cheese samples!), the ol’ “Whole Paycheck” joke is kinda right on (as is this funny video). And healthy eating does have a rep for being pricey. But don’t let that be a reason to reach for the cheaper processed foods or hit the drive-thru. If you’re smart about it, you can totally eat healthy on a budget. And maybe — even quite likely — save money on choosing the healthy stuff versus the less-than-healthy stuff. READ MORE

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Anonymous said...

There are only a couple aldermen up there I trust, being said if WalMart asks for tax breaks like the mess city hall got us in with years back on the 350 tax revenue black hole, I will go nuts. Other than that Im fine with it, if this goes through it further shows that those who stood up against walmart controlling our entire downtown with that foolish attempt last year were even further completely in the wrong as they have no vision for our city. I hope folks remember how many of those aldermen who supported it had such a poor attitude toward the community during the process, and I hope they remember in April. And if our "esteemed" mayor decides to run again, Ill let him know just how I feel about his shady attitude toward that process.

Anonymous said...

in response to Just curious - the ones that do not make $30,000 are year. We are talking full time right? Not a part timer that works 20 hours a week?, by Kelly.

Anonymous said...

I think the ones who opposed the Walmart in the Green Space showed incredible vision for a better Raytown. Not all, but most of the BOA did exhibit a very callous attitude to those who did not agree with them. I especially remember Joe Creamer, the Mayor, Bill VanBuskirk and Pat Ertz exhibiting bad form.

I have no problem with them putting their grocery store in an area already zoned for that type of business.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would have put a Walmart Grocery there instead of Sav-A-Lot because I used to shop at one of the Walmart Groceries on Metcalf since Walmart has some items the local Raytown stores don't carry. I don't like the traditional Walmart due to long lines and being a high crime area. Also one of my credit cards gives me 3% cash back at grocery stores. Another gives 2% and the third gives me 5% 3 months of the year. I wouldn't get these cash back bonuses at Walmart. I suggested that location on this blog during the Walmart/Green Space debate.

Hopefully since that center already has a TIF, the BOA won't be foolish and approve a TIF for only one business in the center.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

BTW: Greg, with those waves, I expected to see you on a surf board, not sandals.


Anonymous said...

What I cannot understand is all the secrecy at City Hall. When Walmart walked away from its plans to build in the Green Space David Bower took a trip to visit with someone in Bentonville. Bentonville is the home of Walmart's headquarters. So it is probably safe to assume something is going on. Why keep it like it was some kind of a state secret? Makes no sense to me.

Kelly said...

Randy reported last week that no one in City Hall seems to know what is going on about the Walmart store going in on 63rd Street. I'd bet dollars to donuts that they do know. They just can't tell what they know. (Insider trading, and all that jazz). If I worked at City Hall and Randy asked me a question, I guarantee you I would say I didn't know. Releasing unauthorized information to the press is not worth losing my job over. Especially for that rag.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:02,
What’s not to understand?
David Bower is in bed with WalMart.
He is going to show the people that didn’t want
A WalMart grocery store planted in our green space
that he’s the head man in Raytown.
The thing is, if there are plans for this store
to go in, then why all the secrecy?
I can only think of as few reasons,
One, to hide another big tax deal.
Two, city hall is afraid of what the people will say,
remember elections are coming.
Three, something underhanded may be going
Looking at past dealings with our elected people
not telling us what was or is going on, how can we
trust any of them.

Anonymous said...

1) Get the charter passed that limits this city hall nonesense.
2)Vote out these Aldermen that have such poor attitude toward the community.
3)If the Mayor runs again, make sure he is sent home forever.

Time for new blood up there!

Anonymous said...

I remember very well when the council meetings were held and nearly each alderman would start the meeting with a lie. They would say that they had NOT made a decision about Wal-Mart when during the last meeting when they voted they had no problem voting in favor of the Wal-Mart. It is really very easy for the majority of the board to lie some of them like Creamer and Aziere and Van Buskirk or masters of the lie and that may include the Mayor.

To them the citizens of Raytown are just something to put up with, after all they sit on the board so they must be better.

They make me sick.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why don't all of you loud mouths get off your back side and do something for the city. It is really easy to sit back and flap your lips and do nothing. Love my city, Gloria

Anonymous said...

Well Gloria, there is not much that can be done at this time. People should support the charter commission and keep up with what the Mayor is doing as long as it is not secret all the time. Other than that we have to wait for election time.

Do you have any ideas on how to get off of our back side?

Tell us what you would suggest.

Anonymous said...

Well Randy's rag sheet made a statement that maybe something was afoot with the grocery store at Woodson. Well Randy you were right they just did something to the signs.

You sure do a lot to promote stores that the mayor would like to put out of business.

Keep up the good work Randy.

Anonymous said...

Give Randy a break. He has to answer to people just like the rest of us. If the Mayor tells him to throw a red herring out there to take attention off of the new Walmart Grocery Store come to 63rd and Raytown Trafficway, he is simply following his instructions.

I hope there were not any deals made on tax abatements to Walmart on this store. The city cannnot afford to give away any more tax money.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the city that suffers. The tax abatements take money from our schools. Some woman talked to the alderman and complained about how bad the schools are. That's because there is less tax dollars to fund them. The mayor doesn't care - his kids are grown and out is school. The CA doesn't care because his kids go to school in some other town.

Anonymous said...

Please forgive those city hall for they know
not what they are doing.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

I found out why WALMART needed so much room. They are going to have a gas station. In with WALMART bye to locals. This is not a rumor I only wish it was.

Anonymous said...

Check with your elected official...I know there were some type of incentives done for Sav-A-Lot when they moved into Center 63 including the purchase of the cold cases for food. You can bet that id it's Wal-Mart they are getting something special too.

Kelly said...

Elisa, you said "bye to locals". I'm guessing you meant the local gas stations. I know of the Hy-Vee and Quick Trip gas stations. There is a Phillips station. What local gas station am I missing? I could go there instead of the others.


elisa breitenbach said...

Kelly I was talking about all of the shops that will need to relocate. Raytown is small what place will they go to? It takes a lot of money to relocate and redo everything. Will they stay in Raytown? Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone believe that city hall current occupants are unaware that a Walmart Grocery Store is planned for 63rd and Raytown Trafficway. Nothing against the store. What bothers me is the culture of silence surrounding any kind of major development in Raytown. It does not work that way in other cities. Why Raytown?

Don't know about you, but I promise I will vote against everyone one of those at city hall who participate in the kind of politics that hides the truth from the people.

That includes lying by omission.

It also includes those who mistakenly believe they are not allowed to speak of city business to the public. They should sit down with the city attorney and have a serious talk. They will find there is no law forbidding them from discussing city business with the public.

Kelly said...

Elisa - you are correct. Apple Market has closed down for a week for remodeling. If Walmart opens a neighborhood grocery store at 63rd and Raytown Road, will they be able to make enough money to pay that off? The last thing we need in Raytown is another grocery store. The economic director is lazy. He looks for the easy way to fill empty store fronts. Why can't they put a fitness center in that place? How about a shoe store? There are a lot of businesses we don't have in Raytown. BTW - your donuts are the best in Raytown.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

One of my friends came in the donut shop today with a Raytown Times. She knows we do not hand it out because we will not pass out propaganda for city hall. What Randy Battagler and his friends call rumors are what I call secrets they try to keep hidden or concealed from the public. I feel the public has a right to know what is going on in our city. Some may want to turn Raytown into RAYMART. Some politician's want a chicken in every pot, But ours want a WALMART on every corner. Some of us have a different vision for Raytown. Randy's Reflections today in the paper was truly funny to read.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Thanks Kelly!

Anonymous said...

A business will stand or fail on its own merits. A fine example is Ridgeway Donuts up the blvd... they have no end to competition and a Walmart within a few hundred feet and they sell out every day. Let's stop w all the negative vibes and welcome businesses into town

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason the city is acting like, "Oh, is there a Walmart Grocery Store coming to town?"

It is unfortunate that the Mayor and City Council think it is best not to inform the people of Raytown of major developments coming to the city.

I hope it is not because they want to line the pockets of Walmart with tax abatements. The earlier post is correct. A good business will stand or fall on its own merits.

Being handed tax dollars to set up shop in a city is not standing on its own merits.

Anonymous said...

A business will stand or fail on its own merits. A fine example is Ridgeway Donuts up the blvd... they have no end to competition and a Walmart within a few hundred feet and they sell out every day. Let's stop w all the negative vibes and welcome businesses into town

I am sorry 5:06 but Wal-Mart is not a big donut seller. You sound like you are in the Mayors pocket or else you do not understand business in this days of rough competition. The business that get tax abatement when they come to town and leave the other competitors at a disadvantage. It would be sad to see one our our existing grocery stores close up because of too many competitors so close to each other.

Walt-mart already has a big advantage on the 350 location. I just wonder how many pockets are being lined. I can not imagine any one really thinking that we need 3 Wal-Marts in a 5 mile area. Talk about overkill.

I just wonder when Wal-Mart will decide that the 350 location is now not that profitable and abandon it and leave Raytown high and dry with money still owed.

It seems like only the Mayor and the City Manager know all the ins and outs.

Anonymous said...


It might be nice for those businesses, but it is the businesses that have to decide to come to Raytown no one can force them.

It should also be noted that the other business need to make sure they maintain their properties.

Okay...nice to dream, but when we wake up we are still in Raytown.

Pat Casady said...

It is very hard to keep any legal business out of a
town. I believe, a town can pass ordinances against
a certain type or a certain number of businesses
it will let in but even at that, it is hard.
You have to ask yourself, if you were a small retail
business, would you want to try and open a store
with a Walmart in Raytown on the south side and
a Walmart to the north less than six miles apart and
downtown Raytown in the middle? Most would say
no. Mr. Chris Payne is a great exception to the rule.
He has helped this town bring in more businesses than
any “Economic Developer.” Of course Mr. Payne is a
businessman. He understands what it takes to bring
in potential business owners.
He also did it without the ability to give huge tax
breaks. You also have to hand it to the small business
owners that have to fight the unrealistic codes department.
There have been several small business that have
wanted to open in Raytown only to be run out of town
by costly code demands, that have nothing to do with
normal sewer, gas, water and electrical codes.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I sent is a post saying basically the same thing but it wasn't posted. Now I don't have to email it to Greg. Certain businesses such as bars, liquor dispensers, and tattoo are limited for obvious reasons.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised about another Walmart in Downtown Raytown. It is part of their business model to have one about every five miles in densely populated areas. Remember Raytown was the location of the first Walmart Store in the area on 67th Street and Blue Ridge.

As for the donut analogy, all it did was make me think of the delicious donuts at Doughboys. Remember when Dunkin' Donuts opened on 350 Highway? City Hall and its ever decreasing circle of supporters acted like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I think it was the Raytown Times and that other blog actually made front page stories of the opening of the franchise giant. Don't blame the owners of those Raytown news sources. I am sure they were just "following orders."

Doughboys is proof that cream rises to the top in business and customer service.

Greg Walters said...

Posting pictures from the Royals Game -- why not! Send us your pictures in anything showing your support of the Kansas City Royals and we will put them up on the Raytown Report. After all, it only happens once every 29 years!

Send your photos to:

Anonymous said...

Watched the Council meeting last night. What a joke! The City Administrator gives this glowing report about all the progress in Raytown. He left out an explanation as to why residential streets are not maintained.

Hhis so called progress has left the city broke. Next time you wonder why Raytown does not use asphalt on its streets like every other city in the area, go drive by the monument to city hall's stupidity on 350 Highway.

Then drive by HyVee, Sutherland Lumber, the vacant Sav A Lot, House of Pancakes, Aldi's, Benetti's Coffee, and many more businesses to see where your tax dollars were NOT collected.

When you give a away your tax base to corporate America someone has to pay in reduced services.

That is why your streets are paved in slurry seal instead of asphalt. It is why potholes are not repaired.

Mahesh Sharma, David Bower, Joe Creamer, Charlotte Melson, Michael Lightfoot, Pat Ertz and Jim Aziere may call his tax giveaways progress.

I call them a failure.

Anonymous said...

The Raytown NAPA will be moving soon. It will be relocating next door to the Westlake's. Unknown when, because they are waiting on the permits and License, but it is expected to be by mid to late October. This store is also being consolidated with the one that was on Independence Ave.

Kelly said...

Will the NAPA store be moving next door to the Westlake in Raytown, or on Independence Avenue?

Anonymous said...

I watched the meeting too. The mess at city city hall is hopeless. I actually watched Alderman Melson gush about all the wonderful upgrades at city hall. All it did was remind me of the terrible job the city did upgrading my street. I live in southbrooke estates. All the gravel and tar they put on my street only served to freeze in place the uneven surface and cracks of the road. It looks terrible. It feels like you are driving on a country road. It is so bad of a surface that bicyclists avoid the street.

Kelly said...

Hey Randy - the Royals have to win 4 out of 7 games to advance to the World Series. I guess you were blinded by your Reflections. Perhaps you should stick to watching the little kids play Pop Warner and leave the writing to folks who know what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

What happened in 1985?

Royals won the major league baseball pennant.... and ..... it was the first series that had a best of seven game format for the National and American League. Thank you, Kelly.

I hope Randy reads it.

Maybe you should send a letter to the editor to explain this bit of 29 year old triva to him! on RAYTOWN'S LEADING NEWS SOURCE