Sunday, January 4, 2015


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Charter Commission 
to Hold Public Hearings
Last night the Raytown Charter Commission completed its work on a proposed Charter government for the City of Raytown, Missouri.

The Commission has agreed to hold two public hearings on the final draft of the charter.

The two meeting times are to be held at Raytown City Hall in the City Council Chambers (10000 East 59th Street) on the following dates and time:

FRIDAY:  January 9, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

MONDAY: January 12, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

The meetings are a public forum. The public is invited to attend and add their input to the public record regarding the proposed Charter document. 

To view a draft of the Charter document please use this link: RAYTOWNCHARTER.COM

At last night's City Council meeting 7 of the 10 members of the Board of Aldermen rejected a request by representatives of the Charter Commission to allow them to use a city logo on the Charter's final document.

All previous Charter Commissions in Raytown have printed the city’s logo on its finished product.

Ward 2 Alderman Jason Greene made the motion, which was seconded by Ward 3 Alderman Janet Emerson. Charter Commission Chairman Steve Guenther spoke on behalf of the request for the Charter Commission.

Some Board members said they voted against giving permission to use the logo because it would make it appear the City Council supported the Charter. 

Two of the “no” votes were cast by City Councilmen who also have a seat on the Charter Commission. They are Ward 2 Alderman Jim Aziere and Ward 3 Alderman Charlotte Melson. Aziere has filed for re-election next April. Melson has yet to file.

HOW THEY VOTED:         

VOTING FOR APPROVAL (YES):  Jason Green, Janet Emerson, Josh Greene

VOTING IN OPPOSITION (NO):  Steve Mock, Bill VanBuskirk, Michael Lightfoot, Joe Creamer, Jim Aziere, Charlotte Melson, Pat Ertz.

Charter Meeting 
Draws Large Crowd 
Charter Commissioners were surprised to find about twenty private Raytown citizens in attendance at their meeting last Monday night. The group of was led by former Commission candidate Witty Whitman.

Whitman and a few other questioned why there had not been any coverage of the Charter Commissions decisions in the local newspapers. They also questioned why the working copy of the Raytown Charter had been removed from the website. 

In response, Charter Commission Secretary Lisa Emerson reported minutes and an updated version of the Charter had been provided to the both the Raytown Eagle and the Raytown Times after every meeting. The guests of the meeting were also told Randy Battagler, owner/publisher of the Raytown Times has been in attendance at most meetings.

Other Commissioners told guests of the meeting the Charter Commission cannot force a private newspaper to print a story. It was also pointed out the Raytown Report has carried many stories on the Charter since last April.

Regarding the webpage of the working document being taken off line, Emerson told Commissioners and guests the site was never down – though she did admit the page under discussion was not functioning for a period of time.

Whitman said she had read a story in the Raytown Report which said the page had been taken down. She asked Commissioner Greg Walters if what he had written was true. Walters responded that he “stood by his story” and that yes, it was true.

Also addressing the Commission that night were Larry Edwards and Dave McCaulley.

Commission Divided Over Initiative Petition Powers
Readers will recall that last April there was an election to elect a Charter Commission. Thirteen of the twenty-two candidates were eventually elected to the Commission. Readers will also remember that there was a sharp divide between candidates who wanted to make substantial changes to the Charter, and candidates who wanted to “keep it simple”.

Eight months later the Charter is near completion. One issue remains to be resolved. The powers of initiative petition – or more plainly stated, the right of the people of Raytown to directly affect their government by gathering a petition to bring issues before the Board of Aldermen, and, if need be, directly to the ballot for a decision.

Initiative Petition, along with Referendum and Recall, was the one issue that bound all the candidates together. With the exception of a very few*, all the candidates spoke of empowering the people by giving them the right to petition their government.

The proposed language for the Charter as it regards the right to petition is far from what was promised. The draft contains a list of “prohibitions” -- those items not allowed to be voted on -- under the draft version before the Charter Commission.

Here is the list under the proposed language:

Petitions will not be accepted that . . .
. . . affect the City Budget
. . . affect a capital program
. . . any ordinance relating to the levy of taxes
. . . any ordinance relating to zoning
. . . any ordinance affecting the salary of employees
. . . any ordinance affecting the appropriation of city funds
There is, however, a split on the Commission. Many Commissioners believe strongly in the right to petition and have spoken against creating a document that, in effect, makes a farce of the Initiative Petition process.

An amendment, drafted by the Charter Commission attorney, guarantees the initiative process would be an effective tool. That amendment reads:

“The initiative process shall be available to propose the adoption or termination of taxes and fees.”

The question of how much power the initiative process will grant the people of Raytown is expected to be resolved at the next meeting of the Raytown Charter Commission.

*Charter Commission candidate Witty Whitman campaigned against creating the Charter Commission. There were other candidates who filed but did not campaign or take a position on any issues.

Paul’s Rant!
Walmart, Walmart, 
wherefore art thou Walmart?
There has been a story in Raytown about a Walmart Grocery Store to be built on 63rd Street and Raytown Trafficway. It has had plenty of rumors about it . . . here are a few:

Tenants of the strip mall on the west side of Raytown Trafficway were told their leases would not be renewed to make way for a new Walmart in Downtown Raytown.

Tenants are told the deal is dead. Their leases will be renewed.

Walmart officials had a falling out with the real estate agent – the deal is dead.

Walmart decided to pull the plug – the deal is dead.

I am sure there is more to the list. But, quite frankly, my fingers are getting tired from typing. Fortunately I have enough strength left in them to add one more “rumor” to the list. Except this one is not really a rumor. Greg deserves credit for unearthing this one. His source is good and we believe it to be the official position of Walmart.

There has been a change at the management level at Walmart. The corporate giant has placed a 180 day moratorium on development. The purpose is said to be to re-address priorities in said developments, assuming the one at 63rd Street and Raytown Trafficway is one of them on the table. That does not mean the deal is on. It does not mean the deal is dead.

About all we can say is to stay tuned folks – we’ll keep you informed here at the Raytown Report.

Bragging Rights! BY GREG WALTERS
Jennipher Walters is a co-founder of Fit Bottomed Girls. She is also the publisher of Fit Bottomed Eats and  Fit Bottomed Babies,  which we link to on a weekly basis at the Raytown Reporter.

Many readers know, or, have probably figured out, that Jenn and I are related. She is my daughter-in-law, married to my son, Ryan. She is also soon to have their first baby, which, coincidentally is our first  (Mecee’s and mine) grandchild.  We have a lot to celebrate in the coming months at the Walters household.

Jenn is also an astute businesswoman who has taken a simple thought, an idea for a website promoting healthy living for young women, to the second largest website of that genre in less than ten years. She has also authored a very successful book which received favorable reviews on Good Morning America.

“Her Life Magazine” has featured Jenn this month as its cover story. Find out more about a unique individual who is making her mark not only in Kansas City but also in nation. Use this link . . . . READ MORE
List of Candidates Grows
The list of candidates for City, School Board and Fire District has grown over the Christmas/New Year Holiday. Filing closes for all offices on January 20th.

Pat Ertz
Michael McDonough
Alderman Ward I  
Joe Creamer
Karen Black
Alderman Ward 2 
Jim Aziere  
Chris Rathbone
Steve Guenther
Alderman Ward 3
Lisa Emerson
Mark Moore
Ryan Myers
Alderman Ward 4
Mary Jane VanBuskirk
Steve Meyers
Alderman Ward 5
Barry Park
Eric Teeman
City Collector
Kathie Schutte
Kristie Lynn Collins-Delarber
Amy Beth Tittle
Richard Tush
Willard Ross

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Anonymous said...

Gloria says...This charter commission is like a horse and pony show only much worse.

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Gloria and what does she know???

Anonymous said...

I want to congratulate Greg & Mecee on the soon to be grandchild!!! You both are going to have so much FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

Paul the Wal-Mart effect on Raytown is a strong one. To think Wal-Mart could run people out of business who have been in business for over 20 years in that shopping center is highly disturbing. Wal-Mart is sure transforming Raytown's economy. It's absolutely appalling people had been told to get out by Dec. 1st and then told they can stay for four more years. Wal-Mart SUCKS, it SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF SMALL BUSINESS yet people still support them. Small business is the back bone of every city. When you kick small business to death you hurt your own city. RIP Jet Set and all the small business owners who closed in Raytown because of Wal-Mart. By the way this shopping center kicked not just one but two Beauty Salons out for Wal-Mart. This is not a Rumor. Thanks for this up date to the public Paul.
Elisa Breitenbach

Wilbur said...

Elisa- I would like to buy a shirt and tie. Where in Raytown would you suggest I go to buy them except Walmart? I need to get perfume for my wife's birthday. Where can I get it if I don't go to Walmart?

Please list the small businesses in Raytown that have closed because of Walmart that would be beneficial to the average person.

The Mexican restaurant on 63rd was planning on relocating if they had to move. The beauty salons could have relocated also.

I agree Walmart underpays their employees. But until someone opens a store that can compete, what choice do we have?

Anonymous said...

If Im buying a shirt and tie, why in the hell would I go to Walmart.

So I can be that guy at work that has a Walm,art shirt and tie lol no thanks.

Wilbur said...

Where do you buy your ties?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Charter Commission should consider changing to name of Raytown to Waltown as Walmart becomes the predominate business.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Wilber are you trying to say Wal-Mart did not close small businesses in Raytown? Yes the restaurant was going to move and relocate but they only have so much space to relocate in. Wilbur do you have any idea how much it cost to relocate a business? Maybe we should call the 1101 Beauty Salon and ask them what it cost them to move. Wilbur you have no choice in Raytown thanks to all the TIF's the city officials have given Wal-Mart like they have done in most little towns. I think Greg Walters was the only one who voted against it. I will not shop Wal-Mart if it's the last store on earth because the list of small businesses they have taken out is to large for me to want to list. Sorry I am not trying to be funny.

GADSDEN said...

YES 11:02 I also will not shop Wal-Mart they have driven so many small bushiness out of our small city. I shudder to think what another Wal-Mart grocery would do to the rest of the grocery stores in this city. Wal-Mart is given tax incentives and that would allow them to due damage to the rest of our grocery stores. I would hope that our new mayor would not be a slave to Wal-Mart . I can imagine that Erts loves Wal-Mart as he voted for them

Pat Casady said...

This town has shown time after time they don’t care about
it’s small businesses. At one time not too long ago they even
employed a man that worked to run small businesses out of
I had a list of at least forty small business that were lost to
WalMart. I loaned it to someone and I can’t remember who
or I would be happy, (or sad) to tell you all who they were.
I do remember one of the biggest businesses that left us.
Remember Sam” Bargain Town. They left when the WalMart
on 67th st. came in. along with most businesses in the Raytown
On another note. Mike McDonough was given a retirement party
at City Hall last Wednesday. People showed up from KCMO Police,
KCMO Fire Department along with Secret Service friends of Mike’s.
Likewise many of Raytown’s Police, Firemen and City Employees
came to show their respects for the many years of service to
our community. Mike’s son read a speech he had written for
his dad and I heard there was hardly a dry eye in the place.
Unfortunately I had to get back to work before he read it.
There were many of Mike’s personal friends their too.
But one elected person along with several elected officials
that didn’t take the time to show up was our mayor.
This was the biggest showing of disrespect for our Policemen
and woman that has come out of City Hall and there have
been many instances. Mike has worked for the people of this
town longer than most of our elected officials have lived here.
Given their history, they were probably worshiping at the house
of WalMart and couldn’t take the time to come.
Anyway shame on them!

Anonymous said...

It's about time someone looks into how Raytown EMS is run. I understand that they hve taken one of the ambulances out of service already twice this year, due to manpower shortages. This wouldn't happen if the City would have payed attention to the proposal from Raytown Fire. Looks like we are paying for a service that is not being delivered. But that should be no surprise, the City runs it. Maybe this will change with a new Mayor. p.s. They also took one ambulance out of service at least three times in December.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Gadsden I think it's clear what a Wal-Mart grocery store would do to Raytown. That is why we no longer shop at Wal-Mart or Sam's Club. I truly did not know that much about Wal-Mart until this last war in Raytown broke out. I gave them my word that I would never shop with them again and I have not. Thanks for your blog. Thanks also for supporting local.

Elisa Breitenbach said...

Pat Casady thanks for your info on at least 40 small businesses Wal-Mart took out in Raytown. To think each and every business pays taxes and revenue to the city but the city officials would want to give it away to a big corporation instead. It's sad and disturbing to look back on it all and now years later here we go again. People are closing shops up because of Wal-Mart Again. I also want you to know I was at Mike McDonough's retirement party. I was in a very long line to congratulate him and wish him well. I did not expect to see the Mayor. He did not make it to his own Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. It's a known fact he has been giving the cold shoulder to Mike from the time he announced he was running for Mayor. Friends of the mayor are running around telling people "Who does Mike think he is running for Mayor". Last time I checked anyone who would like to run can as long as they meet the qualifications. Raytown is a little town that has everyone connected in one way or another. We have a few people who feel like they are elitist's. I truly hope the next Mayor will be someone we can talk to, trust and respect. Thanks for your blog Pat!

Anonymous said...

I am really not surprised that seven councilman voted against allowing the Charter folks to use the City logo.They have been against the Charter from the beginning. It is like they fear anything they are not in control of. Their arrogance has created an answer for me. Raytown needs to change.

I have not read the charter. But I am looking forward to reading it. Where can I get a copy of it?

Anonymous said...

If that is correct on the Ambulance then KCFD would have had to provide mutual aid on any calls in Raytown. I remember when people didn't want there Ambulances running calls in Kansas City but iam sure its ok when the KC Ambulances have to run into Raytown...

Anonymous said...

Normally EMS and Fire have mutual aid agreements. I called for an ambulance one time when I lived in Raytown and KCMO responded. I asked where Raytown was and was told that they were unavailable. (I don't recall if on another call or ambulance out of service.) I was unhappy with them because they broke my door closer.

Andy Whiteman

elisa breitenbach said...

Can anyone tell me about the shooting and robbery at The Whiskey Barrel last Friday? It's almost been a week and today is the first day I have been told about it. I was told Mike and his mother Connie both are ok but both had been shot. The store will reopen on Monday. Why are we not talking about this? If you know anything about this CRIME PLEASE LET US KNOW!!! Call the Raytown Police PLEASE!!! Elisa Breitenbach

Jackie said...

I googled the Whiskey Barrel and nothing popped up about a shooting. I went to the website for the local newspaper and found nothing. I did a search on the KC Star's newspaper and still nothing. I drove by the Whiskey Barrel last night and it was closed. I guess the reason no one is talking about it is because no one knows about it.

Anonymous said...

The Raytown Times listed a armed robbery at 6500 Raytown Rd!

Jackie said...

Anonymous said...
The Raytown Times listed a armed robbery at 6500 Raytown Rd!

That's not much to go on. Especially for those people who don't buy liquor.

Anonymous said...

Jackie I find it strange two people have been shot. It's now been a week and no one has anything to say about it. Elisa Breitenbach

Jackie said...

I agree. When the Caylors were murdered, the whole city was upset. Now, two business owners are shot, and there is nothing on tv or the papers. It's sad that we are so used to the violence that it isn't even reported.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand the police isn't giving out information on any crimes happening in Raytown. Why I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I know this would be shocking, but maybe the "Raytown Times" is WRONG. Maybe no one got shot. I know its a hard concept for some of you to understand, that the "media" could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the news about the WalMart Neighborhhod Market hold up in Mission,Kansas? See attached link. What was that that Pat Ertz was saying at the hearings, no crime at these stores???

Anonymous said...

Search engines may take awhile to search all of the data and display it. It is not instantaneous. I have 2 suggestions:

which the Raytown Police Department provides information to. I narrowed the distance search and also get reports from Lees Summit, KCMO, and Independence. Independence seems to have more crime that Raytown but that is just my opinion.
2) The RPD issues a daily report on:
Click follow on the lower right corner of your screen.
Everything is listed by the hundred block of the address and not specific address so as not violate privacy and attract the bad guys but occasionally "Walmart" is named! There are no mention of names but you may occasionally get a press release of a major apprehension with names.

That may be why search engines don't bring up search terms with business names, but if a news source names a business, the search engine may bring it up.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell us about the robbery at the coffee shop? Why are we not being told about these crimes?
Elisa Breitenbach

Anonymous said...

Hey Gloria you never did answer my reply to you, what is the matter no guts.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need an appointed Chief of Police with a police board then things would be done properly. The police only tell us what they want us to know to make them look good.