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The Fog of War, 
its First Victim 
and Truth Watch
Politics has been compared to a bloodless type of warfare in which opponents work hard to build alliances to further their cause. The character and direction of how a community is governed sets in the balance of the makeup of the victors vying for the leadership of that community.

The Fog of War is a term given to the uncertainty of the period of time up to the day of decision. In Raytown’s case, that day of decision will be April 7th.

The first victim of any conflict, particularly in politics, is the truth.  Depending on our own personal beliefs and experiences, we recognize our own version of what we believe to be accurate.

A good example of this would be an argument I have read and heard about during the campaign regarding the Raytown Charter.

It has to do with what should not be a controversial discussion about a residency requirement for the Raytown City Administrator. Consider the following.

Here is the key sentence from the Raytown Code of Ordinances regarding the residency requirement of Raytown’s City Administrator. It has been on the books since 1969 and was last revised in 1994.

FROM THE RAYTOWN CODE OF ORDINANCES (Code 1969, § 2-152; Ord. No. 4014-94, § 1, 7-19-1994)
The person appointed to the office of city administrator shall be at least 25 years of age and shall be a resident of the city at the time of the effective date of such appointment.

FROM THE 2015 RAYTOWN CHARTER (2015 Raytown Charter, Article 5, Section 5.5a)
The City Administrator shall reside in the City or shall establish primary residency in the City within six (6) months of appointment and must maintain primary residency within the City during the entirety of the time in position.**

As the reader can see, the Charter does not change the law that has been on the books (in its present form) since 1994. In fact, the Charter re-enforces the residency requirement because if the Charter is approved by the voters, only the voters will have ability to change it.

So how is it that we have, residentially speaking, an absentee City Administrator?

The record is very clear on how this happened. The Board of Alderman, by a vote of nine to one* set aside the residency requirement for City Administrator Mahesh Sharma when he was hired to the position.

Three years later, Mahesh Sharma went back to the Board for another extension of the requirement.  The last time, the Board gave Sharma a $30,000 salary increase.

Whether or not that action was legal is another question. Can a City Council, without regard to how a law is written, vote to ignore the law? Under the Fourth Class City they did so. Under a Charter form of government ONLY the voters have the authority to change the requirement.

So there you have it. The residency requirement is not as controversial as some would have you believe. It is not a new law. It is not part of some grand conspiracy. It is the same requirement that 38 other Charter cities have in Missouri.

*For the record, two candidates for the Board of Aldermen voted on the residency requirement when Mahesh Sharma was hired as City Administrator. Greg Walters voted to uphold the law as written.  Jim Aziere voted to pay no attention to the residency requirement.  

**The Charter also allows the Board of Aldermen to approve a six-month extension for the City Administrator to move to Raytown if good cause is shown.

The following two guest articles are from Chris Rathbone, candidate for Alderman in Ward 2, and Tommy Estlund, Candidate for the Raytown School Board. All Raytown candidates are invited to send an article to the Raytown Report for publication. Candidate reports will be posted in the order of which they are received. Five candidates have posted on the Raytown Report. They are Greg Walters, Mike McDonough, Pat Ertz, Mary Jane VanBuskirk, Ryan Myers, and Eric Teeman.

Chris Rathbone, Candidate for Alderman
My letter is in response to Ward 2 Alderman/Charter Commissioner Jim Aziere's letter to the editor published in the Raytown Times March 11 issue.

He states his reasons for not signing his name to the Charter Document after the final vote. He complains about the Board of Alderman having too much power. He says it is a "shift" in power from the Mayor and City Administrator to the Board of Alderman. First of all, this mirrors the way our city currently runs. Second, Mr. Aziere actually voted for this to be included in the Charter on August 11.

He also says another reason he refused to sign the Charter is that it takes away the right to hire, fire, and set the salary of the Parks and Rec. director away from the Parks Board and shifts it to the Board of Alderman.  Mr. Aziere also voted for this to be included in the Charter on October 13.

He says he did not sign the Charter because he believed for those reasons listed above, that that this charter is not good for Raytown because a powerful Board of Alderman and a weak Mayor will hinder professional government. Why in the world would he have voted yes on these issues and then speak out against the Charter because of these things? My conclusion is that either he was dead set on sabotaging the Charter from the beginning, or that he never paid any attention at the meetings and the things that were being voted on.

He asks, "Do we really want to place the most power in the hands of the Board of Alderman whose members oftentimes don't have college degrees or experience in government?" I don't know if he is talking about Alderman Steve Mock, businessman Steve Meyers, who is running for Alderman, or me, with the comment about not having a college degree. Well I am sorry that I do not have a degree Mr. Aziere, I was a little busy fighting in Iraq, so I do not yet have a college degree.

I ask this question, do we really want someone who purposely misleads us, or does not pay attention at meetings that he was elected to, to continue to represent us?

For those of you who are unaware, I am running against Mr. Aziere for Alderman in Ward 2. I fully support this Charter and I would appreciate your vote on April 7. We need to get those politicians out of office, who believe they can lie to us and get away with it.

If you have any questions of me I can be reached at 816-730-0385 or at

Tommy Estlund,
Candidate for School Board
Why I’m Running.

The day that I filed to be a candidate for the Raytown School Board, I went to one of our beautiful parks with my wife and four children. It was an unexpectedly beautiful January day, and we wanted to seize that opportunity to be outside, and a part of our community.

When we got to the park, we started chatting with another father who was there. I was still experiencing a natural high from the excitement of running and wanted to connect with another Raytown father. I was even toying with the possibility of saying something like, “So, hey, guess what! I’m running for school board!” when the man said something that temporarily took the wind out of my sails.

“Yeah, we live here now, but we’re moving to Lee’s Summit just as soon as we can.”

Argh! Don’t we hear that all the time? It’s almost as if Raytown is just a stop on everyone’s way to their hoped for final destination.

Here’s the thing: Raytown is way too cool of a place to be just a rest stop on the way to better stomping grounds. Raytown is awesome! From Benetti’s Coffee Experience, which offers some of the best coffee in the KC Metro, to Smith Brothers Hardware, a gem of a store, that offers service and products way better than any of the big box stores.

We have beautiful parks, with fantastic play equipment and great walkable paths. Not to mention that because of our location, we’re close to other attractions like the Kansas City Zoo and Starlight Theater. We could practically hear the excitement from Kauffman Stadium during the 2014 World Series!

One of the things that I love about Raytown is the diversity we have here. I love that we can go to the park and our kids can play with kids who don’t look exactly like them. I love that when we go to school events there are so many different races and ethnicities represented. I love that this community of ours is not all the same.

My point? Raytown is way too good to be a stop on the way to happy living in other suburbs.

But, let’s be honest: we can do better. And this leads me back to why I am running for School Board. Schools are the backbone of a community, and I’ve spent the last fifteen years working as a teacher and alongside teachers to help students and families. I want to help us do two things:

1.) Get the word out on how awesome our community already is. We need better communication between our schools and the community. And . . . 

2.) Get even better. Through fostering policies that improve the inclusiveness of our schools, improve motivation in our students, and support for our faculty and staff. While I clearly think we are as good as other suburbs, there are always ways to improve. While I see that we have wonderful businesses and people already in our community, a focused effort to bring research based, inclusive change to our schools is a way to bring vigor and new life to this community. I see that a change in our schools can help us become a closer knit, more prosperous, and cutting edge city.

My candidacy is my way of saying, “Let’s do this thing. We are Raytown.” or (816) 737-9939

Our Mailbox is Bursting!
Most readers post comments on the blog portion of the Raytown Report. The following essays were too large for that format. One is a letter from one of our writers we have not heard from for quite some time, that master scribe, the Salamander. The other is from Ward 2 Alderman Jason Greene. Alderman Greene's letter was mailed to a large number of Raytowners last week. For those who have not seen the letter, they can check it out here.

The Salamander Returns!


Yes. They most certainly are back.

By "They," your Salamander means The Raytown Charter Cabal.

Every 10 years these "Pollyannas" rise from the ashes to once again persuade voters that Raytown needs to change to a form of government which has a record of waste and inefficiency that would pale the spenders in Washington.

Amazingly, their line of biliousness never changes.

This charter attempt is the fifth in a little over two generations. We are hearing the same sales pitch.

One would think this group would come up with something new.

Not a chance. Every time it is the same verbal garbage and pie-in-the-sky promises.

We are told a move to charter status will give Raytowners an independence never heard of the annals of government.

Can't you just see it now? Our city fathers, literally will be "thumbing their noses" at Jefferson City and anyone else who gets in the way. That is what we are being promised.

A completely absurd concept. Instead of all this independence, a charter city government will impose more regulations than you could imagine. The fact is that there are many, many more statutes governing charter cities than govern 4th class cities such as Raytown.

When one looks at the myriad of laws which apply to Charter cities it explains why a number of towns which once had a charter have discarded this form of government. The charter is an open invitation to circumvent the rules of honest and prudent government.

Just as it has in many charter cities, a charter's implementation can easily lead to uncontrolled spending and horrendous increases in bureaucracy.

When you vote in a charter you have no idea what kind of government you are going to get.

Proof of the ambivalent and basic jabberwocky of the charter writers' intent can be found in a propaganda piece the commission distributed. This is what was written in the brochure's "Executive Summary":

"In order to allow appropriate flexibility, details and specificity have been deliberately avoided."

Translated, this bit of gibberish means, "Once we a get a charter we are going to do just what we want to."

If there is another interpretation of their twisting verbosity your Salamander would like to know what it is.

One could go on for pages but "another day, another column." We will take a further in-depth look at this document which, if implemented will give Raytown the Kansas City kind of government. 

Letter from Alderman Jason Greene
I believe we are entering an exciting time for our community. The elections for Mayor, Aldermen and a City Charter represent an opportunity to decide what we value and want from our city government. I want to expound on the letter I mailed out to make some things clearer that space didn’t permit before.

While running for Alderman in 2013, I had the pleasure to speak with many people about the direction of our city. Some people were concerned that the Public Safety Sales Tax was not being spent as was promised to voters.  In checking into this I found that City Hall claims that nearly all extra police positions promised were filled under the new sales tax; that is true. What we didn’t see in the publications is that nearly an equal number of positions were reduced in the General Fund so in essence tax payers are paying an extra ½ cent for little to nothing. Obviously this little detail was not mentioned to the Citizen Sales Tax Oversight Committee.

Beyond this, I noticed others felt they weren’t being included in the political process and there was a lack of sincere communication and transparency from City Hall.

I really was excited to be elected to the Board of Aldermen and I was ready to work to make a difference, not only for my ward, but the entire city.  But, right after I was elected, the Walmart discussions began. Honestly I was embarrassed by the disrespect, both on and off camera, which was demonstrated toward many members of the public who had concerns about that proposal. 

During and after these debates I witnessed a disturbing pattern whereby those who dared to disagree with this administration were further alienated from the political process. Cronyism became apparent through removals, appointments or lack of appointments to committees and subcommittees. Biased and inconsistent rules were applied to those who were favored or those who were not. Juvenile and unprofessional tactics were employed to prevent board members from discussing things like the Farmer’s Market or even the Raytown High/South High football game, while talking about other events at BOA meetings were acceptable, because of who brought the issue up.
Unfortunately, personal vendettas have caused the police department to be attacked. Also, these employees are being blamed for a retirement plan that was passed by voters in 1966.  Minority members on the board have been virtually powerless to bring up discussions.

I noticed that special and selective meetings were a common practice with the mayor and some aldermen, making one wonder if voting and comments at board meetings had been pre-decided.  Just one example of this was seen with the proposed EMS/FIRE merger presented by the Raytown Fire Department.  A majority of the committee wished to establish dialog to at least hear the proposal, examine the possible benefits and discuss changes to see if it could be something good for Raytown.  However, only one meeting took place before this committee was dissolved by a unilateral action, proving again that not all Aldermen’s vote was equal. This is hardly what most would consider “Open Government”.

Most recently, unfounded rumors and accusations have been launched about the Charter. Even though the Charter process was initiated by a large majority of Raytown voters, it was deemed “not city business”. Clarifications or updates were openly discouraged at Board of Aldermen meetings.  Until recently the city web-site did not even mention the Charter.

As a new Alderman, it has been disheartening to witness this inconsistent and divisive culture that has ultimately hindered our community’s progress. Over the last two years I found myself becoming discouraged by the group-think mentality by some at City Hall, which has prevented the real discussion of any problems or their solutions. Healthy debate makes our town stronger. Being told what to say or think does not.

Given these and many other experiences, I am concerned about anyone running for office in April who wishes to continue this mentality of business as usual, and has stayed silent about this exclusionary leadership style. I believe that every voice, regardless of who it comes from, should be heard in a respectful and collaborative manner in order to create the unifying approach that’s needed to ultimately move our city forward.

For these reasons, I am supporting Michael McDonough for Mayor.

Mr. McDonough has an honest approach to the concerns of a variety of citizens, not just a select few. Mike has maintained a respectful attitude toward the many different perspectives of our community, both publically and privately.

Through 40 years of service to our community, from his previous career with the police department, service on the Charter Commission and numerous charitable endeavors, Mr. McDonough has consistently shown an ability to solve problems and bring people together. In doing so, he expresses a passion for our community. Mike McDonough’s strength is his ability to build bridges and make decisions with only one goal in mind -the people of Raytown. I believe Mr. McDonough has an optimistic vision for this community that looks forward; he has shown the ability to lead through challenges.   

The time is NOW to move forward and put the politics of the past behind us. It will be encouraging to work with newly elected people who can visualize Raytown’s full potential. I hope you will join me in voting for Mike McDonough for Mayor on Tuesday April 7th, 2015. I look forward to his consistent and honest leadership that will include us all.


Jason Greene, Alderman Ward 2

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Marilyn Fleming said...

Having just read a mailing from Pat Ertz for Mayor I have an issue with several things that were listed on that flyer:

#1 Saved Super Splash from closing..... that is $85, 000 that could have been used to make our roads better. They are the worst in the area, and only getting worse. Now that oil and gravel have been used on them, to help save them, they are worse than ever. $85,000 is not much but could certainly have been used better than saving an aged pool that is already losing money. That is a poor use of our tax money.

#2 Helped to establish city drug take back program. The Water District #2 (or rather I should say their customers) paid for the box in the PD lobby, provided flyers and banners, but as far as the take back program, it was done strictly by the Police Department, operated by the PD and volunteers. I don't believe that he volunteered or helped.

#3 The fireworks sales certainly may help non-profit agencies, but what about the citizens that live here? You can barely breathe during the week they are being fired. Even large cities are smart enough to out law them.

And those are only a few of the issues that money has been spent on that is not actually benefiting the entire city. Such as $1M given to a developer to build just one more grocery store and 3 smaller stores.

Anonymous said...

And those are only a few of the issues that money has been spent on that is not actually benefiting the entire city. Such as $1M given to a developer to build just one more grocery store and 3 smaller stores.

The above was posted on the blog. Did the city give 1 million to build Aldi, I-Hop and the other three stores near I-Hop??

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing that Greene wasnt appointed to an actual standing committee for his first year.... I think the first time that has happened, but I may be wrong. I think his letter is speaking about other people's appointments not his. "Gloria" Id just call Jason up and ask him. I think he could have gone into more detail on that in his letter but from what I read it sounded like other people involved.

Anonymous said...

Ive visited this site only twice before, but got Mr. Greene's letter yesterday and felt compelled to write on here. I see a man who cares about our city, I dont see him complaining but just saying that this isnt right. The people at city hall know this isnt either. They have created a lot of division that they complain about and Mr. Greene called them out on it. I find it refreshing and will be watching next weeks meeting to see how they treat this fine man for having expressing his right of free speech.

Pat Casady said...

One thing we have to remember, the “Anonymous”
writers on this site could be elected officials. In other
words the opposition to the people that actually want
Raytown to be a better place to live. They have an
ego trip going that somehow turns their brains off
when it comes to the people and the town.
They seem get a feeling of power, a better
than thou mentality. That’s why when your neighbors
and sometimes your friends get elected into office,
all of a sudden they lose their minds and turn stupid
and forget why they ran in the first place.
Criticism just makes it worse. If you were to point
out to most of our elected officials that they said
two and two is five, they would hold it against you
like you were the stupid one!
We see this at City Hall all the time.
Jason Green is a grown up man! He signs what he
writes, he has taken a chance by standing up and
telling us how City Hall is run. We have a bunch of
yes men and women that can’t or won’t think for
themselves. For them it is easier to just obey
their king, the mayor.

Anonymous said...

I see Ertz is having a fundraiser that starts at 3:00 Wed. afternoon. Seems he should be working at the Water District at that hour. Apparently that is a part-time job that they pay him full-time to do, I would love for one of his cronies on the Water Board to address this with a Public statement, but won't hold my breath. If the job only requires a part time manager why are the users paying for someone full-time? Another example of WASTE.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked to see if the Van BusKirks,
Aziere and Pat Ertz pants are on fire? Shame on all
of them for lying and misleading the people of
Raytown for their own gain and egos!

Anonymous said...

Full time jobs come with vacation time. People are allowed to do what they want with their vacation time. I've been self employed for a very long time and recently went to work for a company that is full time .
There is retirement, medical, and vacation in the employee packet. This is not a new concept

Anna said...

To 7:39am
Go to work for a company that has managers; all of the company's do. Then you will understand ; well maybe; that a full time manager also gets vacation time. There are also 15 min breaks for every 4 hrs worked and an hour lunch break . VTO is also optional.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what it pays. If I have a full time job that means 24/7 , 365 days a year; I simply don't want it!!
When would I ever have time to read the blogs or write on them.?.!?
No thank you! I will just stick to my full time job; it's hourly and pays less than salary jobs but I have a wonderful benefit package.
Besides salary jobs end up in the long run making less per hour than I do; of course with the same benefit package. But then people think they own your entire life .

Susan said...

Really 7:39 ?
Ok you don't want Ertz for Mayor; we get that.
You don't want him to have a fundraiser; okay
You want the water board to make a public statement as to how he can have a fund raiser at 3 pm on Wednesday

Anonymous said...

Both articles by those running were informative. Glad you are giving them the opportunity to do so. This lets us know what is on their minds . Since they know a large audience will view this they may take the time to think out their thoughts.
Now on to the BLOGGER 7:39 about ERTZ . I think 7:39 should go to the fund raiser in person and confront ERTZ and report back to us. That would get a better reaction.

Anonymous said...

Susan you must condone his past and present behavior. Not me. Enough is enough. H needs to go right along with his mentor Bower.

Susan said...

Anonymouse 3:41
No I didn't say I condone his past or present behavior; you assumed that. If you don't want to vote for someone do what other adults do. Promote whom you want to vote for. I'm not voting for Ertz and am not afraid to say so or use my name. I find that Mike is the one I would like to win for Mayor.
I just find it silly to say craziness about either incumbent it shows the person writing it's lack of sense . And says very little about whom they wish to win a vote. But then again this sort of thing takes place in any and every election.

jose meadro said...

I am amazed. Lots of comments attacking Mr. Ertz's candidacy
but not one comment about the Salamander's column.

He made more sense than any other
opinion during this campaign.

Why bother worrying yourself sick about which bureaucrat should be our mayor when the real issue should be stopping a charter from getting voter approval.

Surely someone out there cares enough about Raytown to stand up and tell the truth about what a charter government will do to our city.

Mayors come. Mayors go. Once we get a charter you will find it almost impossible to get rid of this "elephant in the living room."

As for the two candidates for Mayor. I wish we could vote "None of the above."

All we have is a choice between a 42-year "Live off the taxpayer" retired city worker and a man who works for a monopoly.

Not much of a choice, is it?

Anonymous said...

If someone wants answers why don't they go ask the candidates themselves, instead of sitting on their tush and wanting someone else to report to them. Ha! I don't go by any anonymous statements or second hand opinions. And some of these comments are obviously coming from opposing candidate's minions!

Anonymous said...

Vote yes for the charter. It will give the power to the people not the elected officials who think they know better than we do. The reason so many elected officials including Ertz oppose it is because it gives power to the people. I AM VOTINGS YES FOR THE CHARTER. Let's take the city back to those that pay the taxes.

Anonymous said...

Many of the political truths we cling too greatly depend on our own point of view. We are willing to accept, justify, and defend the faults, failings, mistakes, and short comings of those we like and support. On the other hand, for those we do not like, or support we are more often than not more than willing to hold the very same things against them. It is far easier to agree, than it is to disagree with those we like and support, it is far harder to admit when we are forced to agree with someone we do not like, or support. We tend to thing that our point of view and those who hold similar points of view are always right, all goodness and light, pure as the wind blown snow. And for anyone who dares to disagree is not only wrong, but full of darkness and evil. The truth is, no one political philosophy or party has all the correct answers, and to think otherwise if foolhardy at best. In reality we are still but very young, and need to grow up, and look at both sides with equal objectivity, otherwise we are no better than those we accuse.

Beth said...

To anonymous 6:42 pm
I agree people have questions they need to go to the candidate and ask them . Makes more sense.
However your comment about anonymous comments posted; well you forgot to post a name ; surely an oversight.

Anonymous said...

Is Marilyn Fleming not the same Marilyn Fleming who works for the police department.

Are we then surprised at her comments?

Is Marilyn Fleming not the same Marilyn Fleming who voted for the tax break to build a new Wal-Mart, where the police spend more time then out patrolling our streets.

Are we then surprised at her comments?

Is Marilyn Fleming not the same Marilyn Fleming who got the public safety sales tax passed that allowed the police department to increase the number of officers with a rank when it was to increase the number of officers on the street.

Are we then surprised at her comments?

Anonymous said...

"Surely someone out there cares enough about Raytown to stand up and tell the truth about what a charter government will do to our city."

What would this unspoken truth be, exactly? (Maybe you're confusing a city charter with a charter school?) There isn't much to explain because a charter will continue city government as it is — except with greater transparency and local control. Raytowners aren't mentally handicapped, and our city is certainly "of age", so I don't know a reasonable explanation as to why Raytown should continue to be a ward of the state.

Anonymous said...

Anon 240

Your issue with the public safety sales tax resides with our city administrator, you know the one the times referred to as brilliant. Reality is the CITY not the PD misused those funds as they were not funded correctly. Please compare city budgets, this is obvious.

Anonymous said...

Harry Truman did not have a college degree.

Marilyn said...

Anon 9:36 - What did the city spend the sales tax dollars for and how should the money have been spent? We need to know. If there is corruption in City Hall, it's even more reason to get rid of the old guard.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Jason! Im proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I was talking with a friend of mine tonight and we were talking about the candidates for mayor. She asked a very interesting question which I didn't have an answer for. Why after forty years of service with the police department Mr. McDonough never went any further than sergeant over the traffic department? Very good question.

Anonymous said...

Sergeant is a very high i dont quite understand what your saying. The only higher is captain and then chief. If you worked 40 years at a company and ended as a senior manager, would that be considered a disappointment?

Vicky said...

Anon 7:39 -
If someone works 40 years for a company and ends as a senior manager, that indeed would be good. Perhaps those of us not directly affiliated with the police department don't fully understand the hierarchy. I, myself, thought it was like the Army. I thought there were sergeants, lieutenants, then captains and chief. Please explain the correct ranks.

Anonymous said...

Great Question, I had asked Mike McDonough that very question and he said he applied for Captain back in the 90's and Carl Bradley was selected because he had more seniority at the time. He said he hadn't applied since because he loved what he did, being out in the community and working with people.He said part of his job was writing and handling the budget for his department as well as grant writing. He seems like a very honest and sincere guy.

Anonymous said...

Vicky you can go online and learn the ranks within a police department and also the various departments within

Anonymous said...

Pat Ertz, Whitty Whitman, Jim Aziere and the Van BusKirks are
Are Bower clones. They do his will. If you are satisfied with business
As usual then vote for all of them! if your satisfied with the way your
taxes are spent, and being lied to then vote for these people.
If you don’t want a say as to how your city is run and where your tax dollars go
the vote against the charter.

Anonymous said...

This kind of silliness is what we are coming down to between candidates?
Neither has a degree, who cares!
One was a meat cutter then runs a water department both good honest livings, but has been a politician for 8 years not sure that means much to most, maybe a detraction.

The other grew up here, worked and served the public well both on and off the job and retired

Guess the real question then is who will work the hardest to SERVE the voters/ taxpayers

Vicky said...

Anon 9:03 -
Thanks. The only time I've ever had any dealings with the police was last year when my house was broke into. I was scared witless, but the police officer was very kind. He called my son and had him come over to stay with me.

Anonymous said...

To 9:51 p.m. I guess I wonder why Mr. Ertz was a meat cutter for Hy-Vee for 20 some years and never a store manager. The knife cuts both ways. And now he buys and sells water. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Ha you guys are funny!
Yep Ertz was a seafood manager at Hy Vee ; back when the departments were on the split " truly employee owned then"
He is a Dad who now is employed by public water district #2
McDonough was with the Police Department and is now retired
He too is a Dad
Both have worked in and around the Public
You can ask why they never became President or why the paint their house a certain color or why they attend certain churches

Beth said...

I publicly endorse Mike McDonough for Mayor

Anonymous said...

2:26 r a liar. Thousands. Show me the proof. Mike has raised thousands because of his support and who he is. Get your facts straight

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ertz is not pushing his candidacy on his career. He has government experience as Mr. McDonough does not. I endorse Mr. Ertz he has the experience to run the city. Sign me Gloria

Anonymous said...

Mr McDonough has worked with many more administrations than Mr Ertz
Ertz knew nothing about government before he was an Alderman
Not sure how being an 8 year politician gives him a leg up on anyone to tell you the truth
Dave didn't have any experience except for planning and zoning before he ran
So that argument seems pretty lame

Anonymous said...

Mr Ertz is a politician, Mr. McDonough is not enough said.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ertz has the experience to continue down the same path as Bower and his cronies, is this what you want?

Anonymous said...

In a couple weeks we will have a new Mayor; both candidates are good men. Don't often see that in a Mayoral race

Anonymous said...

I have never ever seen Mr. McDonough at a council meeting. Maybe he should attend one at some point and time before the election. Oh maybe when there he was assigned to watch the crowd to make sure things didn't get out of hand or for security, but as far as coming as a concerned citizen NEVER!!! Signed, Gloria

Anonymous said...

9:28 p.m. it is easy enough to find out just go to the election board and ask for a copy of his financial fillings and you will see with your own eyes

Anonymous said...

McDonough probably figured it was a waste of time to go to the meetings since he probably would have been cut short by the Mayor anyway if he tried to voice his opinions or maybe he was home watching it on TV as some do, since these meetings seem to have few other "interested" citizens like Witty, who only show up if there is something on agenda she is told to oppose

Anonymous said...

Two Men Charged in Raytown Robberies
by harperdyon

News from the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office

Jean Peters Baker, Prosecutor

415 E. 12th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64106 ● (816) 881-3555

For immediate release

March 26, 2015

Two men charged in Raytown robberies

Two men connected by Johnson County, Kan., police to an armed robbery and murder there earlier this year have now been charged in connection with two Raytown robberies and an assault, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced today.

Londro Patterson III, 20, of New Century, KS, faces Attempted Robbery 1st Degree, Assault 1st Degree and two counts of Armed Criminal Action.*

In addition, Hakeem Malik, 18, of New Century, KS, faces Robbery 1st Degree.*

According to court records, Patterson’s charges relate to the robbery and assault of a store employee at the Whiskey Barrel liquor store on Raytown Road in January. During that robbery, one employee was shot. Malik’s charges relate to the robbery in late December 2014 of the Kwik Auto Finance business on Blue Ridge Blvd in Raytown.

Both defendants remain in custody in Johnson County, Kan.

For more information, contact:

Michael Mansur

Director of Communications

Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office

Jean Peters Baker, Prosecutor

work: (816) 881-3812

mobile: (816) 674-3954

*Charges are only accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless anduntil the defendant is either found guilty or has pleaded.

Anonymous said...

McDonough has come up through the Beeler days. For that fact alone I will not vote for him. I'm tired of the good ol' boy system that is entrenched in Raytown. And it's time to replace Lynch and do some cleaning out at the police department.