Saturday, April 4, 2015


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Election Results

1537  Yes
1903  No
1513  Pat Ertz
2002  Michael McDonough
176    Joe Creamer
244    Karen Black
225    Greg Walters
447    Jim Aziere
121    Chris Rathbone
276    Steve Guenther
277    Mark Moore
264    Ryan Myers
54      Sterling Brown
373    Mary Jane VanBuskirk
411    Steve Meyers
353    Eric Teeman
248    Barry Park
2907  Kristie Collins Delarber
2596  Amy Beth Tittle
1896  Thomas Granger Estlund

Candidate Forum Video 
Use the following link to view the Candidate Forum co-sponsored by the Raytown Chamber of Commerce and the League of Women Voters held last Tuesday night. The event was attended by over 100 Raytowners who listened to speeches from the two Mayoral candidates and 12 candidates for Alderman.
To view the video use this link CANDIDATE FORUM

Charter / Mayor
Lead Crowded Ballot
The crop of candidates running for office in Raytown this year is impressive. Greg and I have discussed whether or not to make endorsements. Our final decision was to step back. One reason being that we do not agree on who is the best choice in three of the races.

We finally agreed to disagree privately. After all, the candidates have had their chance to take their message to the public. Now it is up to the voters to make their decision.

In the scheme of things, the only endorsement that really counts is the one given by the voters at the polls next Tuesday. We will be watching the results and posting them as quickly as they are released by the Jackson County Election Board. To see where we will be posting the results scroll down to the bottom of this week's Raytown Report.


Meet and Greet Speech
Last Tuesday was the last public meeting in which Raytown candidates had an opportunity tell the public what they had in mind for Raytown’s future. Following is the speech I gave at the forum. If you do not have the time to watch the video – here is a faster way to see what was said.

Good Evening,

My name is Greg Walters. I am running for Alderman in Ward 1.

The Chamber of Commerce and League of Women Voters have asked me to tell “what I would like to achieve in a four year term as Alderman”.

I think it would be fair to say that everyone in this room wants to see Downtown Raytown rejuvenated.  And, I am sure we all want to see Raytown’s economic engine to continue humming along. More than anything else, we want to feel safe and secure in our neighborhoods and homes.

Please know that I will work to make those goals an important part of my agenda in the next four years if elected.
My campaign slogan is “back to basics”. I chose that theme because it is a city’s first responsibility is to maintain the basic services of a city. The infrastructure, our roads, streetlights and sewers may be mundane subjects but when done correctly, they make a city become the place you want to call home.

Many years ago when I was first elected to the Raytown City Council, it was an election year very similar to this one. When the votes were counted, we had a new city council.

We were a bunch of young Aldermen anxious to take on the challenge of running a city. A number of us took it upon ourselves to visit with the Public Works Director. We very bluntly told him to discontinue the use of slurry seal (a mixture of oil and gravel) on city streets.

Today, that substance, though not exactly the same, is another mixture of tar-like substance and gravel. It is called Light Aggregate Seal.

I wonder how many people drove here this evening on the newly asphalted Raytown Road?

That is what a re-furbished street is supposed to look like.

It is smooth.

It does not have cracks.

It adds to the value of the homes that line the street.

Light Aggregate Seal has a place and purpose. It can be used to extend the life of a roadway surface. But if that surface is degraded to the point that it is cracked and falling apart, then the surface needs to replaced . . . not sealed into place.

Another area of basic service that needs attention is streetlights. If Raytown has a streetlight program it is one of the best kept secrets in town.

During my campaign I have walked every street in Ward 1. There are many intersections and lengthy streets in need of proper lighting. I promise you that if elected next Tuesday this city will have a viable street lighting program long before my four year term is completed.

Finally, I want to discuss an issue that is a concern to all of us.

Crime is not a problem exclusive to Raytown. It is rampant throughout the metropolitan area.

Unfortunately, there are many people in this world who believe that if you want, you take.

I wish there was an answer to the problem of crime as simple as changing the method of street overlay or adding streetlights to alleviate the problem – though, I will say a properly lit neighborhood is a known deterrent to the criminal element.

The best step we can take is to become familiar with our neighbors, watch out for each other and certainly not be shy about contacting the police in the event of suspicious activities. I live near one of the city’s parks and therefore I frequently see police patrolling the neighborhoods around the park.

The effect is dramatic. People who break into homes do not like to be around the police. I believe an increased police presence in our neighborhoods would have a good effect in keeping our neighborhoods safe. I would work with the police to make this a practice a reality city wide.

So there you have it . . . It may not be dramatic.

If we have properly maintained streets, more and improved street lighting in our neighborhoods, and more interaction between the police and the people of Raytown we would be a better community.

Finally, I want to say thank you to the Raytown Area Chamber of Commerce and the League of Women Voters for hosting this event tonight.

Thank you for listening.

Thank You Candidates!
The Raytown Report would like to thank the following candidates for sharing information with the public about their campaigns and plans for Raytown.

Pat Ertz, Tommy Estlund, Mike McDonough, Chris Rathbone, Ryan Myers, Mary Jane VanBuskirk, Eric Teeman, Steve Meyers and Greg Walters.

You have done the public a service by running for election in Raytown and for taking the time to expand on your ideas before them on the Raytown Report. Good luck to all of you!

Steve Meyers  
Candidate for Alderman, Ward 4
I am Steve Meyers a longtime Raytown resident and business owner and a candidate to be your Ward 4 Alderman. I firmly believe that an active and vibrant community starts with ongoing positive citizen involvement along with a committed and accountable city government. We are very fortunate in Raytown to have many community anchors in both categories who work together to make a collective difference in the lives and services our city provides its citizens. As your Alderman in Ward 4 I have the ability, experience, and commitment to assist in that valuable process.

As a longtime Raytown resident, and business owner, I join many longtime stakeholders in the continual positive growth and prosperity of our community. I pledge to be an active, positive, and "independent" voice and I will diligently serve with honesty, integrity and respect. I graciously ask for your vote of support and appreciate your longtime commitment to Raytown!

Polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. 
Results from the April 7, 2015 Election will be published beginning at 7:00 p.m.on the Raytown Report.

84    Yes
63    No

50    Pat Ertz
97    Michael McDonough

8      Joe Creamer
20    Karen Black
26    Greg Walters

10    Jim Aziere
8      Chris Rathbone
4      Steve Guenther

9    Mark Moore
5    Ryan Myers
5    Sterling Brown

15    Mary Jane VanBuskirk
17    Steve Meyers

9      Eric Teeman
12    Barry Park

88    Kristie Collins Delarber
108  Amy Beth Tittle
65    Thomas Granger Estlund

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Anonymous said...

I live in Ward 5 and was still uncertain as to who I would vote for alderman. I went to the meet and greet Tuesday night at city hall and came away pretty certain Barry Park was the guy I would support. I still wasn't 100% sure so I did some further checking and this is what I found out. Checking his voting record I discovered he has NEVER and I repeat NEVER voted in a city election. He is asking to represent me as my alderman and has never voted in a city election. I know he is a friend of Michael McDonough's so I have changed my vote for alderman of ward 5 and also mayor

Anonymous said...

I vote the individual . I could care less who is their friend, neighbor etc. if I feel one is best for a position I vote them. It's not picking sides for kickball in elementary school or who knows who . I do not vote a political party either. I vote an individual for each position. If one is my choice for a candidate because of their individual capabilities the n their capabilities don't change because of who they know just as someone does not gain capabilities because of their friends .
I vote the individual person

Anonymous said...

I didn't know it was a qualification to have voted in a certain number of elections to be elected to public office. If you meet the residency requirement, the age, and are a registered voter, I always thought that was all that was required by law. I understand that one of our sitting aldermen DOES NOT meet the city's residency requirement.

Vicky said...

The only requirement to run for office is residency, not voting record. I think what Anon 1:47 was trying to say is that he/she was troubled that the candidate hadn't bothered to vote in any city election, but suddenly has an interest in city politics. I think the writer was curious about the sudden turn around.

Anonymous said...

I spoke with Barry Park this morning and he says he has voted in almost every election. Perhaps, you should check with the Jackson County Election Board before stating that he hasn't voted.

Anonymous said...

Barry voted in "almost" every election? Please define "almost". My records show that he has never voted in a city election, period. But he did vote in one school board election. By the way, the data my comment was based on was from the election authorities.

Beth said...

Go to the PDF form for Missouri Rules for 4Th class cities. I just learned so much more that is so important. I was just reading all the political promotions for and against the Charter and thought rather than hear or read a bunch of electioneering tactics I would go to the state source; certainly worth everyone's time .

Anonymous said...

Bower has issues with two police officers being on the Charter Commission.

However Bower has said nothing about those two VanBuskirk

Anonymous said...

How strange I am looking at the Jackson County Election Board and Barry Park voted in the 2013 election
Not sure why someone can't see it in the official record

Anonymous said...

I love how everyone around town is saying that new faces are running for office and it will bring a new prospective to the city. What a load! Check everyone's background. These candidates all come from the same twisted circle. Then this guy Anon 4:51AM. "I vote for the individual." An individual is subject to the influences of his/her surroundings, and with the age and network of some of these candidates I'd say who they associate with is very relevant. It shows you who the person is really. Not the made up public figure who fabricates generic speak in hopes to win you over. Don't be so naïve to think that who your friends are, or who you affiliate with doesn't show your true character.

Be thorough when you research candidates and vote often.
The Hawk!!!

Anonymous said...

Same twisted circle? Someone must really love the old guard... With all the nonesense that has gone on with the last "group", Ill take my chance with some different blood than the egotistical liars we have now.

Anonymous said...

I know this is lengthy, however, ou need to know what's going on. Joe Creamer came by our house on Sunday. I didn't speak to him directly, but my husband did. I did hear the end of the conversation. It was about as unprofessional and vindictive as I've heard in quite some time. I will paraphrase...."he is a waste of flesh and humanity," this was directed at you.

He also said the only reason a Charter is around is that it is in favor of the police pensions. Don't know what that's all about, the Charter, which I have read twice, doesn't address pensions.

He also ran down Mrs. Black, calling her a newbie that doesn't know what she's doing.

I couldn't be at the meet and greet. Probably just as well because would probably have just showed by butt and got thrown out!

Address this. He is a jerk that needs to go GO AWAY.

Pat Casady said...

Incumbents that say a person running against them has
no experience and don’t know what to do, make me
wonder about just how smart they really are. Weren’t
they once running without any experience? Fact is, now
they have the experience and still haven’t shown they
are any better than anybody else. Oh, they are better
at bending and breaking the rules but surely not better
for the people or this town. That has been proven time
after time.

Andy Whiteman said...

My Raytown Friends,

Are you dissatisfied with your elected officials and/or living in a 4th Class City? Tuesday 4/7 is the day to go to the polls and express your dissatisfaction or satisfaction. If you don't vote, don't complain in the future.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I am concerned about someone who has never taken the time to vote. This a freedom we all enjoy and for someone not to use it but now wants to vote for me on city matters isn't right. First prove to me you are a responsible citizen then run for office.

Anonymous said...

Please vote tomorrow, Please think of the best for Raytown and vote for the future of Raytown.

Anonymous said...


and then remind your neighbor to vote!

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul and Greg, I want to thank you guys for creating and maintaining the Raytown Report. It is a neat little website and I appreciate the the links to current events in Raytown.

Good luck to you Greg. I will be voting for you. I hope you win!

Anonymous said...

This will be a long day for everyone who cares about Raytown. I would also like to thank Paul and Greg for all your hard work on this website. I for one am very thankful we have this to turn to. We had a man come into our donut shop today who told me your website is the only place he could find anything out about the Charter. So Great Job Guys!!! Good Luck Greg!!! I Truly Love how I have always been able to count on you!!! Thanks
Elisa Breitenbach

Anonymous said...

its going on 4pm and I hope that everyone is voting, but the fact is most will not. I know I will be up late to night to see who wins.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that on Election Day someone would decide then to find out something about the charter. Where have they been ; out of town?? A charter booklet was sent out quite sometime ago to each and every home owner / registered voter in Raytown.

Anonymous said...

Roughly 1900 people of Raytown voted against the charter. These are the ones who believed the propaganda from those who did not support the Charter. On the other hand, there where a little over 1500 people who wanted the city not to be a fourth class city. It is pitiful that of a city of roughly 30,000 about 10% showed up to vote.

Anonymous said...

Votes are in; time for bed. Thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Im happy about everything except Aziere and the Charter. Aziere is literally the worst alderman we have and this was a good charter that was defeated because of silly lies. Being said last night was a victory for this community because we have new aldermen as nd mayor.

Marilyn said...

I'm sad Greg lost, but thrilled Creamer did too. That leaves Bill Van Buskirk. We can get rid of him in two years. Oh, and by the way, Randy. You won't be the golden boy in Raytown any more. I hope by the end of next month, your sad excuse for a rag will fold and you will be run out of town.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame all those people who thought the charter should get a yes vote did not go vote.

Jack said...

Hey, Marilyn - I got the tar if you bring the feathers. We can get rid of that liar for good!

Pat Casady said...

Looks like a big step in the right direction.
Congratulations to all the winners except Aziere.
Too bad about the Charter.
I can’t believe the people voted back the backstabbing,
lying, sabotaging, Aziere! What a waste of time he is.
By the way everything I just said is a fact. I hope it gets

Anonymous said...

What a great day for the future of Raytown. Can't wait til the good old boys are out of office and the new Mayor and Board are in. Almost a clean sweep. That should send a message to those who thought being aligned with Bower was a good thing.

Anonymous said...

The one thing that saddens me about the election was the very poor voter turn out. I saw elderly citizens come using wheel chairs, walkers, canes and on portable oxygen. You could tell by looking at them they were in great pain just trying to get in and out of the car. Where were all the young abled bodied voters? They don't care enough to even try to get there to vote. Many Americans have given their lives to make sure we keep these freedoms. How sad many take this for granted. Just my observation, Mary Jane

Anonymous said...


The great thing about the Charter failing is SB 323 is going to pass so in 4 years you can run against Aziere being you own property in WARD 2.

Anonymous said...

I understand Joe Creamer already has found something to do with that extra time he will have each month now that he is off the Board of Alderman.

I further understand he demonstrated this new activity last night, which others are calling “Joe Creamer’s short inappropriate text phrases”.

Those in attendance were unsure if it was the beer being served or just someone who should have grownup years ago.

In any case, the Citizens of Raytown can be thankful that this disrespectful and degrading individual will not be seen by others in Greater Kansas City as how all Raytown Citizens act.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about.... the charter losing and the low voter turnout and really the continued slamming by angry posters of candidates who lost. So please let it go and let's move forward. Some I voted for got in and some not. I wanted the charter but it failed due to apathy.
sign me... Mike Helsel

Beth said...

To 5:48
In total agreement with you. Unfortunately it is getting ugly and nastier and it IS BEING ALLOWED. Now that makes it ugly for the poster and the blog
Very sad and dissapointing

Anonymous said...

Mike Helsel

There is nothing angry about a poster who is telling the truth.

It is sad we have folk like you that don't see the issue with individuals like Joe Creamer.

It is even more sad that we voters who buy into the lies of individuals like Jim Azierer.

I guess you are one of those that watches reruns of Mama's Family and laughs because the show makes fun of Raytown.

Until our citizens change too many will remain on the Board of Alderman that will continue to have the Board of Alderman meetings in local bars than up at city hall.

I'm sure you don't think that happens either or that by telling the truth it is from some angry poster.

Just get off you sofa some night and attend a board meeting than watch where they all go afterward.

We can only hope the NEW board ends this way of doing business

Anonymous said...

Mamas family was a clean show
Thank you Greg for removing that other post

Anonymous said...

I thought Joe got voted out??????
So why worry about that.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when the contract for the city manager expires and has to be renewed?

Anonymous said...

His contract doesn't expire, and there is no yearly evaluation either.

Anonymous said...

His contract is a sham. It based on the action of a City Council that arbitrarily decided it could ignore city ordinances. Their action was illegal. The city council is not above the laws they create. They have to follow them just like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

If the contract for the city manager was illegal, was voted on illegally and all parties knew it would that not make it void?????

Anonymous said...

I think so. But it will depend on the city council to do something about it. This is going to be intersting to watch. Will it be business as usual or did we really bring change to city hall last Tuesday.