Sunday, June 14, 2015


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Sunday Morning
It is early Sunday morning, let’s correct that. It is sunrise on Sunday, except there is no sunrise . . just a gradual change from dark to grey to light. The only ones stirring in the house is my puppy, Wickett, and of course, me, as I tap away on my user friendly Dell Computer. Everyone else is still dreaming away on what will probably be a rainy Sunday.   

We go out and pick up the Sunday paper and read through it. There is an interesting story about a Housing Court Judge in Kansas City. His job is specifically to rule on code enforcement violations. Not a bad idea. I imagine Raytown’s Municipal Judge Tracy Fann wears that hat when she presides over her court. I notice the Star has endorsements for city offices in Kansas City. Their election comes up on June 23rd. It is interesting to see they do not endorse in every race. Can’t say I agree with all their choices.

So I check out the local blogs and newspapers. Not a much going on there. The most interesting bit I read is that the former Mayor was named Raytown’s Man of the Year by the Truman Heartland Foundation. That is kind of odd. It is pretty common knowledge he wanted to run for a third term but chose not to because he could not drum up much support . . . oh well!

Here is a round-up of events taking place in Raytown this week.

New Businesses Expected
in Raytown this Summer
Three new businesses are scheduled to open at 350 Highway and Gregory this summer in Raytown.

AT&T is scheduled to open at 350 Highway and Gregory in late July. Great Clips and Dominos are scheduled for an early August opening. 

“We are pleased that these three organizations are coming to our city.”  said Tom Cole, Raytown’s Economic Development Administrator. “We continue to build the strength of 350 Highway with a good assortment of businesses.”

Dominos has become more than a pizza restaurant. The new store design aims to put pizza front and center with a “Pizza Theater” format that will have pizza-making artists’ hand tossing dough and creating custom-made pies in front of seated guests.  Their menu also offers sandwiches, pastas, chicken wings, desserts and other appetizers.

Great Clips, a Minneapolis-based haircare company is the world’s largest salon brand creating more than 80 million haircuts each year. The salons are locally owned and operated. Great Clips offers many services and are open evenings and weekends.

AT&T's mission is to connect people with their world. Their store will offer the latest in their line of communication equipment and services.

Public Meetings on Sidewalk and Bike Lane Improvements
The City of Raytown will hold two public meetings on Monday, June 15 and Thursday, June 18, 2015, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

 Both meetings provide an opportunity for the public to know about the future plans of public works improvements. The public meetings will be facilitated by the project designers, TREKK Design Group, LLC.

They will have the construction plans at the meetings as well as other charts and pictures depicting the projects.

The June 15 public meeting will be held at the Mid-Continent Library (lower level), 6131 Raytown Road, to share plans for new bike lanes from 51st to 59th street.

The project calls for taking the existing three-lane street and turning it into a two-lane street with dedicated bike lanes on each side where possible.

Traffic signals will be getting pedestrian crosswalks and push buttons. All handicap ramps will be removed and replaced to bring them up to ADA guidelines.

To begin the project, the street will be milled and new asphalt applied.

The June 18 public meeting will be held in the City Hall Council Chambers to share the plans for new sidewalks on 59th Street. The meeting will begin at

The sidewalks go from Central Middle School east to Woodson. The sidewalks will be constructed on the south side of the street.

RPD to Host
Free Safety Fair
The Raytown Police Department will be hosting its fourth annual Safety Fair, an afternoon dedicated to crime prevention and awareness within the community. This event will allow the public to get an up close and personal look at Police Cars, Fire Trucks, Ambulances, and Public Works trucks. There will be activities, hot dogs and giveaways.
Bring your family and friends and join your neighbors for this free, family-friendly event on Saturday, June 27th, 2015 from 11:00 am to 2:00pm at Kenagy Park, 9716 E. 79th Street in Raytown!

6210 Raytown Road in Downtown Raytown
Every Thursday and Saturday, we'll have a wide variety of produce, farm product, hand made artisan crafts, canned goods, ice cream, etc, to offer the freshest and finest in the Kansas City area! At our market, you buy directly from the producer - the person who grew it or made it and can tell you how to best cook, use and enjoy it. Plus, your dollars contribute directly to the local economy and assure the future of a healthy regional food system.

Dessert for Two!
Um, how delicious do those puppies look? From the cookbook Dessert for Two: Small Batch Cookies, Brownies, Pies and Cakes by blogger Christina Lane, these Mini Sour Cream Pound Cakes embrace the latest trend in dessert: downsizing! Instead of cutting out fat or sacrificing flavor, these pound cakes are portion-controlled and feature high-quality ingredients, so that you can enjoy just the right amount of deliciousness. READ MORE

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Anonymous said...

They certainly have needed sidewalks on 59th from Central Middle School to Woodson rd for a long time. The road is lined with narrow ditches and students hug the pavent, Traffic has to veer over when oncoming traffic clears. It is always scary as I must drive up and down there.

Anonymous said...

I feel these bike lanes are really stupid. I NEVER see any bikers out.

Anonymous said...

I see bikers out; just a hand full tho. Probably because of safety issues. There are 3 people that I see on a regular basis; two are obviously over age 50. I admire their strength and endurance . Don't think I could do it at all

Anonymous said...

I think politicians should be limited to two terms. One in office, one in prison.

Angie said...

I think bike paths are a wonderful idea. My neighbor rides his bike all the time. He started when his girls were little. They would load up their bikes and go to Lee's Summit.

He wouldn't have taken his girls on a bike path down 350 Highway. I don't think he'd ride a bike down 350 highway today. Can't they find a safer place to put a bike path? Like down Raytown Road or Blue Ridge? Maybe if more people rode their bikes down Raytown Road or Blue Ridge, the businesses on those streets would get more business. Just saying..........

Anonymous said...

59th has needed sidewalks for many years! I used to walk Hank Dogg at night along there at night. We tried to walk on the dirt/weeds next to the street to stay out of traffic and had several close calls with traffic. The dirt is slick when wet and we were also forced to stay in the street when there was snow present. I am glad that sidewalks will finally be constructed. Now I wonder who will shovel the snow? The property owners should but probably won't.

7:46AM, Could the reason you NEVER see bikers because there are no, bike lanes? It appears that Raytown has a bike club since someone from it has spoken many times at the BOA. There was an older biker who use to come close to Hank Dogg and me on 64th Ter., that Hank Dogg nipped at him. Finally I told him not to come so close! The same biker use to "enjoy" charging past Hank Dogg and I while we were on the sidewalk at Raytown Plaza. Since I have seen other biker in addition to this jerk, obviously there are bikers. Bike lanes are needed for the safety of all!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The rear end car crashes will go up quite a bit because you're taking the left turn lane away.

Anonymous said...

Blue ridge blvd from 59th to 51st is 35 mph unlike the 40 mph on Blue ridge blvd 71st to 75th it has 4 lanes but is a real danger pulling in a driveway turning right or left. But then again it is a major through fare unlike the othe BR blvd..

Anonymous said...

I live on Blue Ridge and see many bike riders. Some commute to work on their bikes. It's too bad that when the city was growing there was no requirement for the "developers" to include sidewalks in the new subdivisions. Living on a street with sidewalks has many advantages. Meeting other Raytowners is just one.

Removing the passing lane, oops, I mean the left turn lane will cause some occasional limited backups but if people don't follow too close and drive as they should, the accident rate should not go up too much. If it does, we will all pay more for our insurance eventually.

Sign me Raytown Newbie.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem. People don't pay attention to driving, so rear end crashes will go up and this will put bicyclists in danger if they are in the area. Unfortunately you can't make people pay attention to the road. They act like driving is a right, not a privilege.

Anonymous said...

I have been amazed at how many times people have used the turn lane to pass other cars. I even saw a car use it to illegally pass a school bus as kids were exiting. I guess people don't realize students often cross in front of the bus as well. Fools are going to be fools no matter what you do to compensate for them

Anonymous said...

After watching the BOA meeting last night,
once again I am amazed how the BOA spends my tax money. Some of them were pretty big headed about how they didn't spend money at the last meeting and just plain stupid last night. I was with Alderman Van Buskirk about helping home owners should be privately funded. He was willing to put up $100.00 of his own money but all I saw from everyone else was silence but sure willing to open their mouths to spend my tax money. What a bunch of idiots.

Anonymous said...

This BOA seems to want to save money, they have shown more resolve to in the past two meetings Ive seen than that last board. All Van Buskirk did was try to speak...thats all he ever hear himself speak. I agree with the BOA that the little money at the home owner program will save thousands more in the long run and generate revenue. For Van Buskirk to say some of the things he did about Habitat for Humanity is classless....shame on him.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like ol' Bill hit a nerve at the meeting last night. I didn't watch the meeting but plan to whenever it is put up on city's website or is it Youtube? Hope it is soon, wouldn't want to have to wait.

Anonymous said...

I watched the BOA meeting re run last night and Alderman VanBuskirk said nothing against Habitat for Humanity. It also looked to me like he was the only one who studied the material for the meeting and went out and talked to people who were involved in some of the issues on the agenda. How this can save thousands of dollars is beyond me, When you buy a house it is your responsibility to properly maintain it after all it is yours.

Anonymous said...

To 7:13
The city is working with Swagit productions now so you should be able to even watch the meetings live from your device

Anonymous said...

I imagine it costs a lot of money to operate repeated codes issues, if you have a program that allows 1,000's of free man hours and a fund which people have to pay back into for minor repairs, I would think it would save tons of money. I personally think it's a great idea and look forward to this helping out with the look of the neighborhoods. I will say some of these comments are very hateful toward people who have a different opinion, calling people "idiots" or making claims that only "one" studied the material. Someone(s) is taking things way to personal and really needs to get a grip on reality.

Anonymous said...

Why does the link for the board of aldermen meeting only go to the Raytown television station? Where is the video of the meeting?

Anonymous said...

Dear 8"54, I for one do not care much for VanBuskirk but he said nothing at the meeting about the matter on repairing homes that was out of line. 15,000 dollars is not much money to be used to repair the numerous homes in Raytown that need help. I for one respect him but he does speak to long on any issue, a real politician.

It is amazing that retired people as well as non retired just do not have money to paint or mow or keep their property clean. I am on fixed income for over 10 years but I do have pride in my property and I will always do my level best to keep my property looking good and I know other people that do the same.

Pat Casady said...

It really doesn’t matter how or why elderly or
poor people get into trouble with their homes
going downhill. What matters and should matter to
each of the Raytown homeowners is that helping these
people fix up their property will bring up the property
values in the neighborhoods they are in.
This is a loan not a handout and free labor to boot.
It’s a win, win situation for this town and its citizens.
I have always thought our city government should help
the taxpayers and not so much the, rich corporations
like they have in the past. Now the city is trying do
something good for the city and bring property
values back up and somebody has to complain about
it. At least the new City Hall is trying to help. The last
eight years was for big business, maybe its time to
start working on Raytown!

Anonymous said...

There are many people with finicial and health issues that are doing their level best to just survive. Everyone needs to pitch in and help others; not judge them. This should be something that just comes natural .

Anonymous said...

You sure can tell that Bill Van Buskirk belongs to the party of "No"

Anonymous said...

I will get out and help but I won't give them money. Today everyone is working to survive, Our mayor said when he was campaigning that he would get churches involved ect. He said nothing about tax dollars. This man is a snake in the grass and I don't trust him as I didn't trust the last one nor Sue Frank.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:23
Have you seen anyone for those paranoid tendencies of yours?

Anonymous said...

I am not part of the discussion before this but I do wonder what on Earth the "paranoia" comment is all about. Apparently, the writer has not cared for the three last mayors. So what? It is an opinion. Not a diagnosis of paranoia. It would make more sense if you wrote warm fuzzy feelings about the last three mayors. But calling someone paranoid because they did not like someone really misses the mark.

Ken Brown KB0ZNR said...

I know that my father would be surprised to see that the little gathering of radio operators, has grown to the numbers its has. We grew up with HAM radio in our house and both of my brothers and I have licenses. Both my mother,Zelma Brown, and father where active in Raytown's different civic gatherings. I was both surprised and proud to read that Dad was recognized by the BOA.