Sunday, November 1, 2015


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. . . BREAKING NEWS . . .
Ex-police officer pleads guilty to stealing evidence

A former Raytown police officer has pleaded guilty to stealing from the department's evidence room.

Justin Pool pleaded Thursday to three felony and two misdemeanor counts of theft. As part of his plea, he admitted he stole drugs and jewelry from the evidence room. READ MORE

Greg's Notes
It is not unusual for participants of the Raytown Report Blog to help choose the direction of the discussion on the front page. This past week is a good example. Paul and I chose to focus our lead story on the World Series.

Yet the most discussed item on the blog this week was the Republican Presidential Debate on CNBC. So for those who would like to see the debate we are providing a link to it. I watched the replay on Satuday morning. The debate was a train wreck. The biggest news item out of the event is how poorly CNBC ran the show. In the end the real winners were the Republican candidates.

But don’t take my word for it. Here is a link to the debate. You will not be disappointed.

The link will take you to the CNBC site. For shorter versions with just the highlights I would suggest reviewing them on FOX or CNN. Both of which had plenty to say about the debate. One of the candidates, Ben Carson, said it best when he opined “it doesn’t really matter that much, most folks were probably watching the World Series.”

I know I was.

Speaking of
the World Series
One of our sources at City Hall told us of a friend who went to New York to watch the games. Kansas City has a reputation for treating guests to our area with respect. So I was shocked to learn what was happening to KC folk who traveled to the Big Apple to be part of the World Series.

This individual (who was wearing a Royals jersey) said he was walking down the aisle when a New York fan, who was with what appeared to be a five year old child, made a nasty remark so profane that we will not print it here, except to say the first part “Hey KC, why don’t you . . . !” When the Mets fell apart in  the eighth inning, New York fans started pouring beer from an upper deck section down on the a Kansas City family section!

I don’t know if anyone should be surprised. One Mets pitcher was actually bragging on national television how he thew a pitch at Alcedes Escobar's head to "send a message".

Throwing 100 mile per hour pitches at opposing player's heads and dumping beer on families of the players is not the way a professional team or people behave.

The Royals have three games left to teach the Mets not to laugh too soon. I hope they do it in a style befitting the champions they are.

Paul’s Rant!
It has been a little over six months since the current Board of Aldermen and a new Mayor were sworn in to lead our city. It is appropriate that we review what they have done and are planning to do in the near future.

STREET OVERLAY: The City Council did listen to the people on street overlay. The big question is, will the replacement be better than the tar and gravel used during the Bower administration. Time will tell. We will be checking back in the spring to see how it weathers a Midwestern winter.

STREET LIGHTS: Despite the fact the city had $50,000 set aside for street lighting last year, not one light was installed! It is a failure to respond to the taxpayers needs by any measuring stick.

DOWNTOWN IMPROVEMENTS: Apparently the city is going to revamp the Downtown area. The project is partially funded by a federal grant and is long overdue. Coupled with the new bridge on 63rd Street and private money improvements in the Raytown Plaza, it may be the start of something good.

The taxpayers are making a huge investment in the area. With that in mind they should take a hard look at doing away with the tax incentives set in place by the previous administration. The taxpayers are already paying for the public improvements. They should not be expected to underwrite private developers as well.

It is time the city learned from the mistakes made when it gave away huge tax breaks for businesses located in the 350 Live highway tax incentive district. Most reader will recognize this area as where Walmart and IHOP are located.
BIKE PATHS ON BLUE RIDGE BOULEVARD: There have been plans in place to create bicycle trails north of 59th Street on Blue Ridge Boulevard. There is already a sidewalk along Blue Ridge Boulevard on both sides. Why not join the bike lane with the sidewalk? Anyone who wants see how attractive this type of combination bike and pedestrian trail can be should visit the Little Blue Valley Parkway north of Interstate 70 in Independence.

SUPERSPLASH USA: Though not officially closed yet, the Park Board will have to eventually come to the conclusion that Super Splash loses too much money to keep open. The Board of Aldermen has already telegraphed its punch on this issue. Funds have not been set aside to bail out the Parks and Recreation in 2016.

PARK / STORM SEWER TAX COMMITTEE: Mayor McDonough has appointed a seven member committee to review and make recommendation to the City Council on a split of this sales tax approved in 2010 by Raytown Voters. For the past five years the tax has been going exclusively to the Parks Department. This committee should reverse that trend and create a 50/50 split of the tax revenue. Anything less would be breaking faith with the taxpayers. If they ever want taxpayers to believe promises made in any tax campaign again they had better start keeping old promises first.

OPEN, PUBLIC MEETINGS: Greg has been trying to find out when the special Park/Storm Sewer Tax Committee will be conducting its meetings. There is not any mention of the time on the city’s website, and the public officials we have touched base with on it (three of the city’s Board of Aldermen) have not shared the information. The Committee is not a private committee. It is a public committee and the meetings, under Missouri State Statutes are to be held publicly. There is no wiggle room on this one. Let’s hope this City Council is not headed down the path taken by the last administration.

PARK SALES TAX: Word has reached the Raytown Report that the Parks Department is considering another sales tax increase this coming year. It is also known that the Raytown Fire District has been considering either another property tax or sales tax increase as well. Raytown already has one of the highest sales taxes in the area. The property tax, when coupled with the Fire, Park and School District taxes places Raytown’s property tax in the top 5% of property taxes. The representatives running our government should keep this in mind when considering cranking up the tax rates in Raytown.

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A Proud Grandpa . . .
Introducing my granddaughter, nearly eight months old and on the verge of walking! Gwendolyn Walters is extremely inquisitive in manner and actions. A lot of folks told me that I am going to enjoy being a grandpa. I am beginning to learn how right they are.

 Greg and Gwendolyn Walters


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Anonymous said...

LET'S GO ROYALS, Tonight is the night.

Anonymous said...

So from what I have seen there has never been anything this new bunch has done that appears to even come close to holding meetings outside of the public eye. Refreshing huh? I do have to wonder though why this blog has to immediately go to wondering if the new group will make sure the new committee will have public meetings? Why would they not? If they wanted to avoid doing that then they would not have bothered to let anyone know that a committee was formed. For that matter if they just picked the committee I would doubt that a time for the first meeting to be held has even been decided yet. Just saying

Travis said...

Anon 9:12 -
The reason some of the bloggers claim they think the new administration will not have public meetings is because they didn't when they were on the Board. They are full of sour grapes and want to poison everything and everyone around them. I'm not sure why Greg and Paul even let this nonsense get published.

Anonymous said...

Okay. I will bite at the bait. It would seem to me the simple solution is to publish when the meeting or meetings will be held. They have been talking about how to split the sales tax between parks and storm sewers since August. The committee was appointed over two weeks ago. I guess I can guy into them not meeting yet. But to claim they don't have an aidea of when they will meet is quite a stretch.

Yet no meeting schedule has been published. Smells a little fishy to me.

Remember when the previous mayor and city council said they had not met about Walmart. There was correspondence between Bower and the law firm representing Walmart two months before it became clear they had been meeting.

I don't know much about sour grapes. I just don't want tot see this bunch go down that same path. The longer they wait to make public their schedule the more it seems like they are headed down the old slippery slope to secret meetings. All they have to do to clear up any confusion is tell the public when they will be meeting.Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

I see the voters in Independence and Oak Grove slammed the door shut on some sales tax increases. Looks like the people are beginniung to see the light. I wonder if their governments will get the message. Live within your budgets. Just like the taxpayers do.

Anonymous said...

Your cup is either half empty or half full. No one can change that but you.
I'm glad the past is over and I choose not to go there. A bad past can only hold you down if you let it.

Anonymous said...

Learn from your mistakes. Or, like the last post, pretend the past has nothing to teach. Beware of advice that is so touchy feely it makes you cringe.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with 9:17am and 2:49 pm.

Greg Walters said...

Ward 1 Alderman Karen Black told us via email the special committee formed by Mayor McDonough to make recommendations on the disbursement of the sales tax approved by voters in 2010 is tentatively set to meet on November 12th or 19th. Ballot language specifically called for a split of sales tax revenue between parks and storm sewer improvements. Despite the ballot language, sales tax revenue for the past five years has gone exclusively to Raytown Parks and Recreation. The meeting is open to the public. Participation by the public through comments will be up to the Chairman and members of the committee. City ordinances require a five day notification of all public meetings of the Raytown City Council and its Committees. We will publish the official date, time and place of the meeting as soon as we learn of it.

Steve Meyers said...

A correction would be in order Greg on your comment that a "Split" of Sales Tax Revenue was specifically stated on the ballot language when the Sales Tax verbiage was amended to include "Storm Water Control" by vote of the BOA on April 28, 2010. There was no exact amount or % identified as to the revenue split appropriations even though each entity were clearly identified on the ballot as recipients of the 1/8 cent Sales Tax Collections. A couple of recent examples of similar Parks/Storm Water ballot measures passed by other communities had specific revenue split % stated on the ballot language and were presented at previous BOA & Parks Board discussions as a possible template for temporary and possible future solutions to the revenue distribution quandary. I have complete confidence that the Sales Tax Committee will forward a fair and viable solution to an issue that no doubt should have had some ongoing oversight and at least annual discussions during the budget process. My thanks to the talented individuals assisting in this process.