Sunday, June 5, 2016


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The Raytown Fire Protection District will hold a public meeting on the status of the 350 Live (Walmart) TIF and its implications for Raytown’s future. The Mayor and Raytown Board of Aldermen have been invited to this  public meeting.
The Fire District wishes to extend an invitation to any Raytowner who wishes to attend the meeting.

This meeting is a public forum. Questions and discussion from the public is encouraged and will be allowed.

7:00 PM
Monday, June 6, 2016
Raytown Fire District Headquarters
6020 Raytown Trafficway

A Contrast of Style
Last week Mayor McDonough convened a work session of the Raytown Board of Aldermen to discuss the Raytown 350 Live (Walmart) TIF.
The “public notice” was posted inside City Hall. So, if you happened to be by City Hall the week of the meeting between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday through Thursday (remember, there was a holiday sandwiched in there when City Hall was closed) then you might have stumbled upon the notice. Or, unlikely as it seems, you may have come across it while surfing the web.
When Paul learned of the meeting, he suggested  we should go ahead and post it on the Raytown Report because we knew most people were unaware of the meeting.
We have also posted the Fire District’s announcement of their public meeting, which covers the same topic on Monday, June 6th.
The big difference is that the Fire Department gave a month’s notice in a very informative press release. City Hall did the bare minimum in its announcement. By doing so a general feeling of distrust of city hall by the public was re-enforced. 
We were surprised to learn the meeting was not televised. The newly upgraded video system at City Hall allows for remote recording of meetings from permanently mounted cameras in the Council Chambers. 
Who knows? Someday they may look at a calendar and realize we are living in the 21st Century. The marvels of this technical age far surpass those of the 20th Century. The city has the tools in place to use. Why they do not use those tools is a mystery.
Contrast the city’s actions to those of the Fire District.
TELEVISING: The Fire District does not have the same capabilities of the city when it comes to televising. However, they are reaching out to a local website, Raytown On Line, to see if they will tape the meeting and re-broadcast it on their website.
PUBLIC COMMENT: At the beginning of the meeting Mayor McDonough made a point of telling those in the audience that they would not be allowed to discuss the topic with member of the Board of Aldermen during the meeting.
The Fire District has promised their meeting to be an open forum in which anyone can pose questions or make comments.
INVITATION TO ATTEND: The Fire District invited the Mayor and Board of Aldermen to attend the meeting. The City made not such attempt to include other governing bodies that collect the tax for the Raytown 350 Live TIF to attend their meeting.
Still, some members of the Fire Board did attend the meeting at City Hall, as did Fire Chief Matt Mace.
There is no doubt the City and Fire District are in a contentious situation over the collecting of sales tax from the 350 Live (Walmart) TIF. The only way for a resolution to those differences to be found will be when the two governing bodies sit down to discuss their differences.
In defense of the Board of Aldermen, some members have attempted to start a dialogue with the Fire District. For their efforts they were unfairly vilified by the Raytown Times with false accusations and threats. Our hat it is off to those members who tried to work towards a solution between the two governing bodies.
We have been watching this tug of war since it began last fall. The Fire District has literally bent over backwards to move forward on the issue. The City’s roll can best be described as one of delay tactics in its refusal to be open with the sharing of public information.
The Fire District has begun an initiative petition to requests a State Audit of the City. Given the resistance they have received from City Hall, it may be their only way to bring closure to the discussion.

The Paul Livius Report Wednesday, June 1, the Mayor, Board of Aldermen, and interested citizens met at City Hall to hear about the Walmart TIF program.  Mayor McDonough said it was only a work session, therefore no questions or comments from the audience would be allowed.  He also said the notice of the meeting was posted on the city’s website on May 27.
Chris Williams, an attorney, gave a brief timetable of the TIF’s.  In March, 2005, the Board of Aldermen approved the TIF district.  It was to be the Walmart Phase I.  Relocating Herndon Center to a facility across the highway was Phase II.  The cost was to be $10 million.  In October, 2006, the Board approved the combination of Phase III and Phase IV.  It also increased the cost to relocate Herndon Center to $18 million.
In 2007, the Board approved a Community Improvement District and added 7/8 cent sales tax to the Walmart area.  The Fire District and the City signed an agreement to have the Fire District waive the tax revenue from the TIF and instead use the sales tax dollars to pay down the TIF bonds. The Board approved a 1/8 cent sales tax for the Transportation Development District in the Walmart area. Also in 2007, the City issued $39.9 million in TIF bonds.
Walmart opened in September, 2009.
After Mr. Williams’ presentation, Mayor McDonough asked if the Aldermen had any questions or comments.
Alderman Aziere said the fire district and the city staff were competent and could work out an agreement on their own.
Alderman Meyers said the Board was trying to project a positive image for Raytown.  He said giving misleading statements to the television stations and writing letters full of fabrications and falsehoods would not accomplish that goal.
Several aldermen had questions about the financial aspects of the TIF bonds.  Unfortunately, City Finance Director Mark Loughry, was unable to attend. So those questions remain unanswered.
Mayor McDonough asked city attorney Joe Willerth to contact the fire district and try to resolve the issue.

Pond Scum
We noticed a flurry of blogs about the sad condition of the fishing pond at Kenagy Park and, like many of you, wondered what it was all about. One of our regular readers sent pictures of algae growth in the ponds. The pictures, which were taken just one week ago, pretty much tell the story.
We know Raytown Parks has an aeration system for the pond. Hopefully they will have it up and running soon. The algae growth shown in the pictures, left unchecked, would probably allow a person to walk across the pond by the end of summer!
One blogger suggested Parks and Rec folks were trying to drive home their need for a sales tax increase. We don’t know if this is true.
We hope not.
From our point of view, a more effective way to show the need to raise sales tax would be shut down Super Splash to save money.

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Anonymous said...

See you tomorrow night at Fire Station #1, Can't wait for the truth be told. Kudos to the Ditrict for not keeping us in the dark.

Anonymous said...

The fire district is playing on public sympathy

Anonymous said...

WTH! Not at cityhall with cameras for broadcasting, The Finance Director unable to make it, No pubic announcement from cityhall regarding the meeting.

Does it ever end with these well paid idiots at cityhall?

They ask for more money, we give them more money and they squander it away.

Like I tell me kids, if you don't work for a dollar, you don't understand the value of a dollar. Too many of these desk jockeys have been sponging off of tax payer dollars for too long.

Anonymous said...

I agree 7:03

Kudos to them and the FEW elected councilmen that try and keep things honest.

VERY disappointed in our mayor who I happened to vote for because of some positive things I read. I hope I didnt make a mistake, he seems to be influenced by the wrong people or just lacks leadership.

Anonymous said...

He (the mayor) said he was great at conflict resolution I think he opened his mouth a little to wide. I do think he got just what he wanted and deserved the disgraceful 7. From what I read on facebook the mayor Matt Mace and the disgraceful 7 are going to get investigated by the attorney general. Just waiting to see what happens when that is done.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You read it on Facebook. Then we know it must be true.

Anonymous said...

Must be the lack of honorable Joe Creamer. Seriously this guy thinks these people are disgraceful. I thought you said they were under investigation in your you say they will be under investigation. I bet if people dig up on you Im sure there is alot ro find.

For one Im happy that several aldermen met with the fire chief, sounds like they were doing the City manager's job to me.

Vicky said...

Isn't it obvious? Joe Creamer is still hurting because he came in a distant third in the race (way behind Greg Walters). No one likes Jim Aziere. They are sick to death of his stories of what he used to do. The guy can't figure out what to do now, so he has the city staff blow in his ear. Randy prints what the city staff tells him to print. Never mind that 9/10 of what he prints is wrong. That's why the mayor and BOA, except for Aziere and Van Buskirk, can't stand the guy. Now comes the chance for the BOA to get the real facts about what the fire department wants. They go and ask questions. They don't invite the three obstructionists. Hence, all the jealousy. Boo-hoo. The three stooges need to grow up!

Anonymous said...

Joe you just don't give up. You sucked. You lost. Now you gotta try discrediting the Mayor and the BOA because you and your coherts lost.Get out of the way and let these people move us forward

Anonymous said...

Last time u checked the fire chief is an appointed position and not subject to sunshine requirements. So you might tell Joe or who ever posted it on Facebook that statements like that just make them look dumb

Anonymous said...

A big thank you to all who attended the meeting at the Fire District last night. Especially the 5 Aldermen who are actually trying to help find a solution to the problem, they truly are public servants. Also thank you to the Aldermen who didn't attend, just stay where you are with you head stuck in the sand like there are no problems. You are obviously part of the problem not the solution. Chief Mace you did a great job of pointing out what the City doesn't seem to be able to grasp.

Please stop by Fire Station #1 and sign the petition requesting an audit by the State to get the finances at City Hall straightened out.

Anonymous said...

I attended the meeting last night as well. Mr. Mace did an excellent job of showing the reality of the Walmart TIF. The hard part to take is the simple fact that it is failing. Despite the assurances of some from city hall, the income from tax dollars generated in the 350 Live (Walmart) TIF District at not keeping pace with the money due on bonds. There has been some real shady tactics, particularly in the area of honest reporting by past and present city officials on how the project is progressing. The worst part is the window of opportunity to develop more of the targeted 350 Live properties under the TIF, particularly the area just east of the old YMCA, is past.

The simple truth is Walmart cannot create enough sales tax revenue to pay what is due from the bond debt in the years to come. The addition of a fast food restaurant will not even begin to dent what is coming due. As was stated last night, a second Walmart could not create the revenue stream needed to pay off the debt looming on the horizon.

There are two solutions. The first, and most important, is an audit by the State Auditor to get to the bottom of who is responsible. There are six cases of missing documents that were picked up by the City of Raytown from the Campos Law Firm. Find those records or at least find who took them, and you can start to find out who is responsible for this mess.

The second part would be to find a way out of a TIF Agreement that could bankrupt the city.

All the false assurances from City Hall will not make the reality of the failure of the 350 Live TIF go away.

I agree with the earlier post. My hat is off to those five Aldermen who attended the meeting. Also to those former aldermen who attended. They all deserve to be recognized. They are brave enough and smart enough to know something has to be done.

Thank you to: Karen Black, Jason Greene, Mark Moore, Janet Emerson and Steve Meyers. Also to those former elected officials who attended when the TIF was created, Sandy Hartwell, Barb Schlapia, Greg Walters and former Mayor Sue Frank.

Please, please, go by Fire Station Number One at 6020 Raytown Trafficway and sign the petition for a state audit. An independent audit of what has been going on is the only solution.

Anonymous said...

Okay after trying to follow this I have several thoughts and Im going to write a lot.

Was the Fire meeting recorded? I tried looking for the city one but it looks like the mayor dropped the ball again on that. Secondly, I see a list of names, was the mayor not in attendance? If not then he is giving another example why this job may be too big for him.

I didnt go to this Fire meeting but from what I gather, there is missing reports or incorrect information, the city staff over the years seemed to have mismanaged this TIF and the payments will hit us hard soon costing either increased taxes or a cut in services. If Im wrong someone please tell me. This is a very serious problem, I applaud Chief Mace and the aldermen who care enough to try and clean up this mess.

As for those clowns from the paper, Aziere, Creamer, and Battagler. I sometimes pick it up when im at the apple market, it is a funny little paper, not professional at all, but I get it anyway, maybe as a form of entertainment, sometimes I ask myself why, maybe its like looking at a car accident, I dont know. The point is Ive read time and time again articles from Randy, Aziere and Creamer where it is just basically name-calling and complaining about most of this Board of Aldermen, the Fire district, basically anyone who isnt them or from the old Council.

All three are an embarrassment to themselves and they dont see it.

Clown Number 1: The only thing Creamer can say is that these folks are disgraceful, I ask for what? Meeting with the Fire Chief? To fix a problem that he and his clown friend Aziere voted for? I read the aldermen's response months ago in the paper of what happened. Im fine with that. Creamer and Aziere are trying to get the eyes off them by these tactics. In addition he initially exposed himself as said clown when he went to the news. It was obvious his attempt at relevancy backfired on him.

Clown Number 2: Jim Aziere writing checks his butt cant cash. This guy thinks he is in Washington DC, he thinks he is a professional politician by acting like one. Instead of being trying to be a mentor to a new board he has been an enabler of poor staff members to cover his lies. Ive never met the guy, but I followed some of the Charter meetings, watched him on a couple videos of meetings online and read his incoherent hypocritical articles in the paper and its amazing how many folks keep this guy in office. People in Raytown need to wake up and kick this clown to the curb.

Clown Number 3: The Raytown Times with Battagler is about as bad as Aziere. The fact that he lets these guys write his paper every week tells you he is either lazy or he wants to BE the news. Instead of reporting the news he reports his version of events which interesting enough contradict previous editions and opinions he has had in his paper. His problem with Chief Mace and this new Council is really a problem with himself as they are exposing this staff for not being as professional and competent as he has always suggest. I suggest he should read the Raytown Brooking Eagle to see real reporting in a professional manner. This actual journalism bases articles on facts and data, not just consistent rumors or hearsay proposed by the author.

This town has had its fair share of struggles lately, usually it takes a fresh set of eyes to address problems that have persisted too long.

Now to be positive, I am encouraged by several of the more recently elected aldermen, Im encouraged by Chief Mace as well. These folks seem to have this town's best interest at heart even if it means being attacked by the has-been's of this town, all because these has-been's lacked oversight and didnt take their responsibility as an elected official seriously. If only the mayor could get on board and be a leader and do what he was elected to do which is to be a voice for the people not his staff.

I can write more but Ive wasted enough time and thought into putting down my observations, now off to the apple market to get some more coffee.

Anonymous said...

The crossroad of advancing ones political career are upon three of our Alderman.

One would believe they would also be the first working towards bring the truth and resolution to the ongoing issue of the 350 live project (Wal-Mart).

As reported on this blog, last night all three decided not to attend the public informational meeting presented by the Fire District. A meeting that's time and date had been announced for several weeks.

Bill VanBuskirk and Jim Aziere were both questioning why there were even issues at the city's meeting on this same matter the week before. The Fire Distinct was present, but not allowed to speak and none of the Alderman would ask any of those representatives any questions, which is allowed in a work session.

If these two Alderman will not ask questions and attend public meetings to learn why others believe there are issues is it any wonder why they don't understand the any problems the city is facing.
Better questions for these two is what do you have to hide and / or are your reasons for not caring about the betterment of the city you are elected to represent.

The third member of this group, Josh Greene, stated at the city meeting he believes the lawyers should handle that matter. Maybe if he would have attended the Fire District's meeting he would have learned the issue is the city's lawyer has not been quite as responsive to the Fire District as he would like the Board of Alderman to believe.

Thankfully Raytown has other Alderman who at the city's meeting asked if a few Board of Alderman members and a few members from the Fire District could seat down and work out something that benefits everyone and brings closure to the issues.

It is open minded elected officials who want to address issues not hide from them or believe the one with the law degree and does not live in the city that should be running for State Representative as they have demonstrated the need and desire to do what is right for those they represent verse what we have seen from Jim Aziere, Josh Greene and Bill VanBuskirk.

Thankfully we have three other candidates to vote for.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:13
The meeting at the fire station was not shown on the city's channel, nor the city's website. It wasn't the city's meeting. It was the fire district's meeting. Raytown Online was there, taped the meeting, and said they will post it to their website. Look for it there soon.

Anonymous said...

The Raytown 350 Live TIF is highly disturbing. Like many TIF's this one sucks the life out of the community because it's placed on the community's back. I am not sure how many business's owners had to close their doors to let Walmart go in but those business's did pay taxes to our city. As a business owner I find it absolutely appalling this TIF was done with Block and Co. Anyone who has ever done any business with Block and Co know about his cut throat ways and his greed. His contracts are like signing a contract with the devil. My husband and I both went to the Fire District's public meeting last night. Our donut shop and the people we serve mean the world to us. The fear and the anger this is creating turns our insides to mush. We both hate TIF's and what they do to community's, families and business's. It looks as if a few people are enjoy having the city look like it's at war on the inside. This look makes Raytown not very appealing to outsiders. I am truly thankful for what we have here. It's my hope this gets worked out of the media soon. Raytown is a beautiful community with beautiful people I hold dear that include many of our officials. Block and Co are nothing but nightmares to do business with. I feel sure Raytown understands this now.
Elisa Breitenbach

Anonymous said...

Block is not the only problem. Remember, he was invited here. The current Mayor did not invite him. But Mayor McDonough's refusal to address the failure of the 350 TIf and his attempt to sugarcoat the situation, makes him a big part of the problem because he offers no solution.

Many had hoped for better. Many are disappointed.

Anonymous said...

The donut shop should move to the downtown area! That would be a tremendous testament to the resillience of local biz and a step toward the future for downtown!

Anonymous said...

Elisa, I am courious to hear what you and your husband think after attending the meeting. You have for a long time now been a voice of reason against the politics as usual known as the Raytown way of government. Does the fire deptpartment have a convincing case or is the mayor telling the truth when he says there is nothing wrong here? I wanted to attend but ended up working a double and couldn't make it. I hate to hear all this and do not know who to believe. I do not want to believe the mayor and Steve Mock have been changed so much by politics that they are willing to lie to cover for others, but on the other hand if the fire departments claims are not true they would not be hanging around for the last 6 months. Not to mention Channel 41 would not have aired that the city is on the brink of failure if there was not aleast some truth behind it. I do think Joe Creamer was telling the truth when he told the reporter the school district was really tough in thier negotiations. What Joe obviously never learned is the most important rule in negotiating is knowing when to say no, it appears he should have when he was an aldermen.

Janet Stevens

Anonymous said...

IF the fire department has so much evidence that the city did them wrong why and I say again why don't they just file a law suit against the city and put this mess in the rear view mirror?

elisa breitenbach said...

The City is not on the brink of failure! It is costing the city an additional million plus per year for this Block promoted tiff. The 350 tiff is not any worse than some other tiffs in other cities. But it was a poorly written and badly negotiated document. Past administration and aldermen did the City a great disservice in passing this tiff.

Matts presentation did a great job in bringing out some of the most obvious short comings in the tiff document. There is no doubt how poor the tiff is doing. But all of the problems presented came about on a previous watch. After listening to the presentation I am not sure exactly what the Fire District wants. They say they want to work together to fix the problem. But then they say they want out of the tiff. I do not blame them for wanting out of this tiff. But I question if the Aldermen have the power to remove them.

Marjain Breitenbach

Anonymous said...

Janet Stevens my husband posted a comment before we left work today. I feel both the RFD and the Mayor are both telling it like they see it. I don't feel like we are on the brink of failure but this Block and Co TIF truly hurt us. I also feel stories like TV 41 truly hurt us too. I have never been told a lie by our Mayor we have now. I can't make the same statements about Steve Mock. The last Mayor and Steve Mock both lied to me about Walmart having meetings with them along with paper work that was signed for Walmart to go in our downtown. I can only imagine what another Walmart would have done to Raytown if the last Mayor and Steve Mock would have got it in. The only two that came out ahead with this TIF was David Block and the Raytown School District.
Elisa Breitenbach

Anonymous said...

Something real interesting this morning at the new Fitness Center operated by the School District.

A large group of people were being shown around the center and my wife was told that they were
from the park dept. It does seem strange that they would be involved in the center.

While we are talking about the park dept. I wonder how soon it will be that the board will be asking the board of alderman and the mayor to give them more money to make up the short fall which will happen again this year.

All these good things to think about, but it is just money after all. Most politicians have never really worked for a living with out using tax money that some other poor slob has had to pay to the tax man.

Any one have an idea about the park dept??

Anonymous said...

The Donut shop could move where c&c starters was cause it's up for sale. That would be a great business there in downtown. Plus they would own it and not just rent space. What a great idea

Anonymous said...

Come on Mr. Mayor, since you can not get together with the Fire Chief we will probably now have a
$100,000.00 audit to pay and lord knows that the city can not afford that.

Please put your big boy pants on and try and iron out the problems.

Anonymous said...

The current Board of Alderman approved an 80k in kind matching allocation of funds in the spring of 2015 to the Parks Dept for the purpose of keeping Super Splash open for the 2015 Season. The backstory behind this vote was quite interesting. The Parks Board had actually voted to not re-open Super Splash. After many season of revenue loss into the millions of dollars, they finally did what their fiduciary duty called for towards the tax paying citizen's and pulled the pool plug. Tough vote and sad day but responsibile direction was called for. But wait Mayor Bower with assistance from Mayoral candidate Pat Ertz and parks and pool supporter and Alderman candidate Jim Aziere put a political marketing campaign and Super Splash rescue proposal together courtesy of 80k of additional Raytown tax payer revenue and fellow parting Council member voting support... Sounds like "Underdog" to the rescue..So one would think as one of "last shining moments" that Board would own their decision to throw a life preserver to the revenue draining attraction in Raytown also known as Super Splash and proudly vote their approval of the 80k revenue allocation. But wait... They actually passed on that golden voting and Raytown Times photo op and forced the brand new board with 4 new members as well as new Mayor to uphold their desperate campaign maneuver disguised as a civic shining effort. While the new board fulfilled that previous commitment since the attraction hirings, pool preparation and maintence procedures were well under way and opening was less than a month away, many new Alderman chastised the previous board for this obvious attempt to not "own" their decision and vote. They also made it very clear that similar future actions resulting in allocation of City funds towards that attraction which consistently has lost revenue in the last 7 years would not even be remotely considered in the future especially since their own Parks Board voted to close it prior to 2015 opening... Raytown Politics courtesy of Bower, Ertz, and Aziere at it's finest right there folks!!!!

Anonymous said...

C & C would also be a better location once the commuter rail comes to town.

Once it comes property around it will go up in price

Anonymous said...

OK, we’ve had years of bickering but we’re truly at a fork in the road. Take the current path and we’ll likely fall deeper into metro-wide irrelevance. Take an alternative path that crafts a serious plan to improve this community deep into the future.

Several years ago the National Civic League assisted with the “Reaching for Tomorrow” campaign. As with anything else around here, people got focused on fighting about little things, like the logo. We need to focus on LARGE SCALE IMPACTS, COSTS TO IMPROVE and HOW TO FUND THEM.

The list of items needs to be comprehensive including Streets, Lighting, Parks, Redevelopment, Community Aesthetics (code enforcement), Pride of Ownership and very specific items like a true community center, worthwhile city events (not just a cute baby contest or three trees lit up at Christmas) and the overall quality of our schools as they seem to rank third form the bottom each year in metro comparisons behind KCMO and Hickman Mills.

Communities thrive when business, education, quality of workforce and clean nice neighborhoods exist.

It’s time for the business owners to fully engage both their opinions and their finances to this place. I see the Main Street Group is having a fundraiser. In any other community in this metro, each member of that organization would simply pony up a few thousand bucks in the name of betterment. If our businesses can’t afford it, guess what…they probably struggle with their long term existence as well.

Regardless, we’re on the brink of community wide failure and it’s now or never to repair and advance RAYTOWN. So, instead of just complaining in this micro forum, let’s all meet (in person), develop a well-thought “wish list” and deliver it to the Mayor and Council.

Anonymous said...

June 8, 2016 at 8:57 AM

It is uneducated comments like yours that have Raytown in the mess it is in today.

Clearly you need to come out of your house and attend public meetings.

Only people who I know that think this way are the three foolish Alderman that help create the coverup.

Anonymous said...


It won't matter if the fire chief and the mayor get together. We're getting an audit regardless. The information the fire chief gave out shows there is a high likely hood of fraud with the money spent on the Walmart TIF. Someone needs to be held accountable. It won't be the current mayor and it won't be seven of the ten current aldermen.

Anonymous said...


How many of those business you speak of are getting a 353 tax break?

I don't get one to paint my house.

I don't get one to put a new front on my house.

I don't get one to fix up the inside and outside of my house.

Do the homework and look at who is taking advantage of Raytown taxpayers. It is more than Block and those great minds at city hall

Anonymous said...

Of course there was fraud involved to accept a one-sided agreement with Walmart that gave away millions of tax payer dollars with nothing to show for it, but a mountain of debt. Will it ever be proven? No way, no how. The thieves are much to sneaky for that. It was all done under the table. We can thank past city administrators and department heads (Finance for one) for the mess the city is in with regards to the 350 TIF.

Anonymous said...

So you think an audit will hold Bower who is no where around accountable? No the new Mayor and alderman and taxpayers are the ones who will live with this and pay for the audit

Anonymous said...

C & C would also be a better location once the commuter rail comes to town.

Once it comes property around it will go up in price WHERE WOULD YOU PARK ???

June 9, 2016 at 8:33 AM

Come on the commuter rail system will be so llong down the road that most of us will not even see it.

One million a mile who has that money other than uncle sam and he is 20 trillion in debt right now.

Vicky said...

Hey Paul - you said the Raytown Online would be posting a video of the meeting at the fire station. Do you know when it'll be there? It's Friday already and there's nothing. Unless is the wrong address? Help us out here. Even city hall posts their videos the next day!

Paul Livius said...

We have not heard from Raytown Online as to when they will be posting their video of the meeting. However, Greg did speak with the Fire District this afternoon. They also taped the meeting and plan to have it on their website by next Monday or Tuesday. We will link to either of the two broadcasts no later than next Tuesday.