Sunday, June 19, 2016


Storm Water Blues
Cindy and Pat Morales are second generation Raytowners. They have made their home in Raytown and are raising their family here. Pat owns and operates a private Raytown business.
All is well in the Morales household except for one thing. The city has allowed a commercial property owner that adjoins their home on the east side, to literally dump storm water into their back yard.
Cindy Morales checked the City Code of Ordinances and found the following section.
Sec. 50-16. - Control of stormwater drainage.
All development shall control any storm water drainage that is created as the result of any development of the property according to adopted city standards currently maintained by the community development and public affairs director.
This section of the city’s code is very clear. It means the owner of a covered surface, like a parking lot, has the responsibility to keep the storm water from flooding property owners downstream of the paved surface. The most common way to meet this requirement is to retain the water on the surface so that it is metered out of (for instance) a parking lot into the storm sewer to carry of the water without harming adjoining properties.

It is why you see large commercial curbs on parking lots, concrete retention basins, or grass covered swales built to hold storm water runoff in heavy rains.

In the Morales situation the city allowed the property owner to pave the area up to Morales property without any way of stopping the storm water from flooding into the Morales back yard during heavy rains.

“Before they did the improvements they had some curbs in place to keep the water off our property,” said Cindy Morales.

“When they repaired their parking lot, city engineers did not require the property owner next door to build adequate curbing to divert the water to the storm drainage ditch between our properties,” she continued, “so now all of the storm water drains directly into our back yard.”

Mrs. Morales has not received an adequate answer from city officials as to why the city’s code of ordinances is being ignored by the engineers in the Public Works Department.
“I mean,” she said, “certainly they have to know that water runs downhill. By allowing the property to owner to the east of us to make changes to his property that floods our property, does not make sense.”

To make matters worse, a large sinkhole has developed in the newly paved surface. The Morales’s are concerned the resulting underground flooding will further undermine their property.

Cindy and Pat Morales are the victims of bureaucratic red tape. They did not ask their neighbor to remove curbs that kept water from flooding their back yard. In the winter time, the curbs also offered a degree of safety from snow plows dumping snow on their chain link fence that divides the property.

The city ordinance is very clear in a resolution to the problem. From our point of view the city should enforce the ordinance and have the property owner put curbs on property to divert storm water runoff from flooding the Morales property.

State House Race Heats Up
The five way race to become the Democratic candidate for the 28th District representing the Raytown area is starting to heat up.

We have heard, but not been able to substantiate, allegations of misinformation being spread by one candidate who is taking credit for projects in the Raytown area that are, quite frankly, very hard to qualify.

That being said, it is appropriate that we straighten out what we do know to be true.
The most visible candidate we are aware of is Jerome Barnes. He has a smattering of signs dotting Raytown neighborhoods. No doubt his door to door campaign is paying off.
Barnes is currently serving his second term on the Raytown School Board.

There is some confusion over the status of one candidate. Ward 2 Alderman Jim Aziere is making his third attempt to be elected to the Missouri House of Representatives. The big difference this time is that he is running as a Democrat. Aziere has run twice before as a Republican. He also served as a Jackson County Republican Committeeman.

Former Raytown Alderman Pat Riehle is also making his third attempt for the open seat on the State Legislature. In his first attempt he was removed from the ballot for not making a timely filing of required reports. He was defeated by Tom McDonald (who cannot run for re-election due to term limits) two years ago. Like Barnes, Riehle has been seen campaigning in Raytown precincts.

Diane Krizek and Josh Greene round out the list of candidates. Both are running ads in the local newspapers.

On the Republican side, Ward 4 Alderman Bill VanBuskirk, who does not have an opponent in the Republican primary, has been seen campaigning door to door in area Raytown neighborhoods.

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Anonymous said...

Your request sounds way over the top. I don't think it is Mr. Mace's fire truck to give away.

Anonymous said...

I recently heard that Denny's in Raytown was adopting a no smoking policy. It would be nice if the Aldermen would finally champion a no smoking ordinance for all businesses in town. There'a lot of grumbing about the number of smoke shops and cheap cigarette stores, but the lack of a smoking ordinance is a de facto invitation for those kind of shops as the city clearly has no issue with smoking. The vast majority of our neighboring cities have made public health a priority and consequently don't see a surge in smoke shops like Raytown.

Heck, there's even a smoking section at Super Splash! Are there any other smoking sections in any other city owned properties?

Anonymous said...

The Mayor and the Board of Aldermen for the City of Raytown will be presenting a Proclamation regarding the Raytown Amateur Radio at the City Council Meeting at 7:00 PM, Tuesday, June 21st at Raytown City Hall, 10000 East 59th Street in Raytown, Missouri.

This recognition is important for several reasons. First, it recognizes that the Raytown Amateur Radio Club has been incorporated since February 1991, and had been in existence in Raytown for a considerable time before that.

Next, this proclamation recognizes that since 1991, the Raytown Amateur Radio Club has been part of the Emergency Management Plan for the City of Raytown, and that the upcoming ARRL Field Day is a demonstration of our emergency communications capability.

Most importantly, this proclamation will recognize Abigail Brown - KE0HVX, one of our Youth Members of the Raytown Amateur Radio Club. Abigail is a Third Generation Member of our organization! Her father, Ken Brown - KB0ZNR is and has been a long time member of the Raytown Amateur Radio Club, and Abigail's Grandfather, John Brown Jr. W0MPM (SK)* was one of our Founding Members. (*The call, W0MPM is presently held by Abigail's Uncle, John Brown III of Virginia.)

I invite and encourage all Members of the Community to attend this City Council Meeting where this proclamation will be presented. This is something all of us can be proud of!

73 We hope to see you there!

Randy Schulze - KD?HKD
Raytown Amateur Radio Club

Fred said...

Raytown's refusal to go smoke free is why I go to Lee's Summit or Kansas City if I want to eat out or meet friends to watch the game. Why choke on second hand smoke if I don't have to. I wonder how much in sales tax dollars the city is losing from people like me who go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Well if you would frequent restaurants in Raytown you would find out almost all of them are now smoke-free the only place you smoke where you eat are the bars. The government can stay out of their business and let the customers and free market take care of it

Anonymous said...

Applebee's and Fun house are two smoke free in Raytown that I frequent

Anonymous said...

I think even the Chiefs and Royals have banned smoking. No, Raytown remains the one city where you can light up anywhere you want.

And people say we are not first in anything!

Anonymous said...

The government can stay out of their business and let the customers and free market take care of it

The above is also my feeling less government is the best.

Why should we be like all the other robots.

Anonymous said...

Aziere is another one that wants to make us a robot and follow all the others.

KMCCLA said...

First of all I am a non-smoker, and never have smoked, however, I feel it is up to the establishment's owner if they want to allow smoking or not. Just because someone wants to smoke, does not make them a second class citizen. While I may not want to sit around it, who am I to deny it to someone else. Am I any more -- or less -- important than the next person? The answer is no. If you do not want to be around it, than it is simple, do not go to that establishment. But, it is the one who owns and operates the establishment, who should make the decision whether or not to allow smoking. It is their business, not yours. They are the ones who put in the long hours, money, and hard work, and no one has the right to tell them how to run it, (health codes not with standing). I do not smoke, never have, never will, but it is not my place to tell someone they cannot -- unless it is MY property or in something I own.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when I would have stood by you and agreed with your sentiment about smoking. Probably because I used to smoke. After I quit smoking I regained my sense of smell. Burned cigarettes, cigars, even most pipe tobacco smells bad. It clings to your clothes, hair and burns my eyes. You can have your right to light up. But you will not find me sitting near you in restaurant. I agree with the earlier writer. Please don't make me share your bad habit by making me breathe the air your pollute.

Anonymous said...

Smoking is predominantly an activity partaken by the undeducated. What does the City's refusal to pass a smoking ordinance (like nearly everywhere else in region and country) say about our community?

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't any signs Jerome Barnes posted as of or prior to this post be in violation of Raytown Municipal code? I thought there was a 30-day window prior to election rule. Maybe he's the most "visible" because he is the only one in violation of the law?

Anonymous said...

I don't think any body makes any body breath their bad smoke habits; I think it's a choice of our own. If we don't smoke and don't want to be around it then we are free to go to smoke free establishments . If we smoke we are free to go to smoking establishments

Anonymous said...

Why should the city council pass a no smoking ordnance? What is the purpose of it, are we going to
get another federal grant? You can go any place in Raytown and not be bothered pro or con with smoking.
Maybe there is even a bar that is non smoking, come on people get a life, there are more important issues around us.

Anonymous said...

Undeducated? Please explain

Stop The Lies said...

If someone is so up on the law they need to be running for alderman in Ward 4 were we have one that needs to go in April of 2017.

Until that point in time if you know their is a city ordinance that prohibits political signs then you need to provide the general public with the actual ordinance number.

May I wish you good luck in your search as "Yard sign", "Political Sign", "Election Sign" and "Campaign Sign" provide no supporting information.

Grow-up and check your facts before spreading lies.

Anonymous said...

For those that might not have read Randy's paper this week you need to as he has finally disclosed that as long as three people tell him the same thing it makes it true until he is presented with the facts.

I suggest a calling campaign to Randy about the following as maybe than he will understand the truth:

1.) The current city administrator has destroyed Raytown
2.) Raytown is a 4th class city and therefore is not required to have a city administrator.
3.) Super-splash and the parks director are sucking Raytown dry by providing more than 80% of their services for non-residence.

I am sure we can all join in with many many more things this man cannot get right.

(816) 769-7789

Daniel Thode said...

I do know there is a city ordinance. It is 50-490 (p)(1)(a). It allows for temporary event signs to be placed at the initiation of the event as determined by the final certification of the candidates which is usually in late May for August elections.

Hope that clears it up!

Anonymous said...

Daniel Thode,

I thank you and it seems there is no issue is there?

The signs could have gone up as early as late March?

Signs for temporary events. Signs for a temporary event as defined in this article must comply with the following:


Duration. The sign may be placed upon initiation of the temporary event, and must be removed within ten working days of the termination of the event. Initiation and termination of particular events shall be interpreted as follows:


Election. Initiation upon the last day of qualification of candidates or certification of a ballot question and termination upon the completion of the election.

Oddly I do believe the courts have called this out and it is actually a violation of the 1st amendment. Not that Raytown would care being the don't enforce code violations or ordinances on residence for their own city administrator.

Anonymous said...

IMMEDIATE PUBLIC SERVICE RELEASE: If anyone out there is maybe a neighbor or possible friend of FORMER City Council member Joe Creamer please CHECK on him immediately! While there have been ongoing apparent signs of DENIAL, IRRELEVNCY, and no longer in the POPULAR GROUP in Jr. High, he is no doubt suffering from excessive heat exposure. What else could explain his glaring meltdown in his latest rant & attempt to get back invited to the BOY/GIRL mixer at Super Splash. While checking on him would you kindly explain that while he thinks he has a keen "understanding" of how the Council process works while under ex Mayor Bowers tyrant thumb, he truly must not have accepted and understand he finished DEAD LAST in the 3 person Alderman election in April 2015. His record of non leadership and "campaign contributors favors" along with blaring disregard for residency requirements along with other community profile issues finally caught up with his ability to convince his constituents that he was the best person to represent their needs & issues. It's really plain and simple. His mention of the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market and his alliance and "questionable" meetings with Bower's troops and marching orders sealed his and others fates who supported that project amongst large community outrage. Only reason Aziere didn't get caught up in the election fray was he in his usual flip flop fashion voted no once he saw it would pass irregardless of his vote, even though he had supported the project in closed quarters and committed to vote yes if it needed his vote. Hmmmm... Sounds like a "SECRET" mtg to me...

Anonymous said...

Greg and Paul,

I think you need to start up a code violation section again.

I have seen more and more violations and nothing being done.

We now have people who are worked up over political signs, which are nothing compared to the desegregation of the overall family friendly living quality.

Grass and over growth making a safe haven for rats and other unwanted rodents.

Cars parked all over the yards.

new gravel and brush piles.

home and other buildings needing painted.

trailers with trash and/or yard waste.

However, I am sure we have several former and current alderman that will tell us what a fine job the professionals at city hall are doing.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 9:33 pm
I don't read the Raytown Times as many do not also. Further more my time is too precious to waste reading that paper or making a call to him to argue my position

Anonymous said...

Greg, If you really want to do some investigating work find out why the police department is writing the procedure manual for all the departments at city hall. I would think city hall or their attorney would be doing that. The police department has plenty of work keeping crime down and the citizens safe. Could it be the mayor and police department has never cut the cord. They need to work together yes, but not by writing a manual for city hall. Something smell rotten here

Anonymous said...

The way Randy print what he believes to be truth has me wondering if we should all get hold of REO and see if they would do a special remake a of "heard it from a friend"

Something like "I heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend and being I never check my facts if must be true"

"I aak myself why I, I never validate if some lied, but keep in mind I am not the most ethical reporter around"

"I stir up trouble, make my city look like someone a bunch of back wood fellows just to sell a few more lies"

Anonymous said...

Actually, the park director wanted to close Super Splash but was overturned by the BoA.

Anonymous said...

For the person asking about the reference to uneducated smokers...just Google "smokers uneducated" and hundreds of articles correlating a lack of education and poverty with the majority of smokers. Over half of smokers have a GED or less than a High School degree. Numbers and math, don't lie.

Raytown Newbie said...

Greetings Fellow Raytowners,

Many years ago we decided that having a family boat would be a fun thing and so we spent several thousand on a nice runabout with a 200hp motor. That sucker would fly and no problem pulling the skiers.

It didn't take long before we understood clearly what is meant by the old saw:

A boat is a hole in the water into which you pour money

I think Supersplash is Raytown's "boat"

It's high time that dinosaur went the way of the Lake Jacomo waterslide. You all do remember that don't you?

Anyway, Have a great day.

Regards, RN

Anonymous said...

I believe it asked about undeducated ; after reading both the initial post and the reply

Anonymous said...

You mean he was overturned by the Park Board not the Board of Aldermen

Fred said...

I thought Kevin Boji and the Park Board voted to close Super Splash and Jim Aziere threw four kinds of fits because Super Splash is the jewel of Raytown and there wouldn't be any money to keep the parks open without the revenue from Super Splash. Aziere got enough of the other BOA members to go along with him to keep the money pit open.

Facts Speak said...

If I recall Super splash would have closed two years ago, but the than Board of Alderman took close to $200,000 from other funds and give it to the parks department so that it could stay open one more year.

That year would have been 2014

What is important about 2014 other than the Greene brothers and Emerson that was the same Board of Alderman and Mayor that let Block off the hook in 2011.

Seems that 2011 board will go down in the history of our city as the most costly and wasteful of all boards.

Yes, folks that includes Randy's new weekly reporter Joe (claimer) Creamer, a man that doesn't understand fact from fiction or the impact of poor financial decisions.

Anonymous said...

Even though the Park Board had finally cut the cord to the revenue bleeding "attraction" known as Super Splash, 3 Alderman who were running for City Elected positions in the spring of 2015 used 80k of taxpayer revenue as a push piece marketing lure stating they "saved" Super Splash. Those 3?? Creamer, Aziere, and Ertz . Throw in Bully Bower who then twisted the arms of the departing Aldermen and you have the kind of stuff that should have made this effort eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize!!!

Anonymous said...

June 23, 2016 at 1:40 PM

The Park Board wanted to keep it open, a majority of the BOA voted to subsidize it with Aziere doing what he normally does.....lie.

Anonymous said...

Not enough money for street repair, sure hope they do no bail out super splash again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous June 23 10:23 AM I have been told that Jim Lynch tells his good friend the Mayor what to do since taking office and of course we all have known for a long time that Ted Bowman has been running the police department. The mayor said if he got elected he wanted to bring Raytown back to what it once was. He is doing that back to the Beeler days.

Raytown Newbie said...

Hi Raytowners,

Just had to Google "average IQ of smokers"

So I picked up the smoking habit in my teens and dropped it in my 30s. I'm pretty sure I was dumber when I was a teenager.

Never been to Supersplash but that's a hoot to think there's a smoking area there.

Have a Nice day.


Daniel Thode said...

There doesn't seem to be a violation, but to clarify, the initiation occurs at the certification which is in May not when the window for declaring a candidacy closes which is in March. As for the First Amendment question, I can't speak to that. There are safety and administrative initiatives that likely trump sadly.