Friday, July 29, 2016


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Five Candidates
One Choice
It is time to decide.
State Representative Tom McDonald has left a parting gift to Raytown.

That gift is a united Raytown (28th) District. The united 28th District ends a period of time in which Raytown has been carved up into as many as five legislative districts at one time. The situation weakened the voice for Raytown in Jefferson City because no single state legislator truly considered Raytown their home district.

The new 28th District is an opportunity for Raytown. Six candidates have filed to serve Raytown in the State Legislature. Ward 4 Alderman Bill VanBuskirk is the lone candidate in the Republican Primary. He will face one of five candidates who have filed for the Democratic spot in the November general election.

All of the candidates call Raytown their home. All have deep roots in the community. All have shown previous commitment to public service within the City, be it through volunteer service or through the holding of public office.

We believe all but one of the candidates would serve Raytown well.

The one exception, because of choices he has made at the outset of this contest, will not be an effective voice in Jefferson City.

The one exception is Jim Aziere.

Mr. Aziere has done something very uncommon in this contest. He jumped parties when he filed for the open seat of the 28th District.

This is not Mr. Aziere’s first attempt to run for a seat on the Missouri State Legislature. He ran as the Republican against Democrat Terry Young shortly after the turn of the century. He ran again against Democrat Tom McDonald in 2008. In both cases he lost.

Jim Aziere’s Republican roots run deep. He also served on the Jackson County Republican Committee.

It appears his plan is to trade high name recognition over party affiliation.

Electing Jim Aziere as Raytown’s representative in the State Legislature is a fool’s errand . . . one that will cost the city in the long run.

Here is the reason why.

The Missouri House of Representatives is dominated by Republicans. The number of “safe” seats they hold is truly overwhelming.

That does not mean a Democrat cannot become active and effective in those waters. Tom McDonald (who is unable to run due to term limits) has been an effective voice for Raytown in Jefferson City.

But will a candidate who was twice defeated as a Republican for the same area seat, and once held a seat on the Jackson County Republican Committee, function as a Democrat in the House?

He will have earned the animosity of Republican House members for abandoning the party. They will not be forgiving.

Democrats will understandably question his authenticity and loyalty.

It is for that reason that we urge voters to choose any of the four Democratic candidates listed below as their choice in the Democratic Primary next Tuesday. 

Currently serving his second term on the Raytown School Board.

Currently serving his first term on the Raytown City Council.

Former Raytown City Councilman.

Owner/Publisher of the Raytown Brooking Eagle.

Currently serving on the Raytown City Council.

Paul’s Rant!
I have read and re-read Greg’s editorial. His twist on his endorsement is an interesting one. He does not endorse any particular candidates. Instead he urges people to NOT vote for one candidate in particular.
His view may be unorthodox . . . usually such editorials endorse candidates . . . but his reasoning is sound.

Jim Aziere will have trouble building bridges in the wake of his campaign. He has effectively burned his bridges behind him.
What I find fascinating about Aziere’s campaign is the pitch he has used as he took his campaign door to door.
He tells voters he is running as a Democrat because (surprise!) the Republican Party is for right to work!
Here’s a news flash for Mr. Aziere. The Republican Party endorsed Right to Work when he ran in his two previous attempts to be elected to the State Legislature. You would think he could come up with a better story to sell his campaign!

There is little doubt the Republican Party will hold the majority of the seats in the Missouri House of Representatives after the November election. The Republican leadership will be less than forgiving toward Mr. Aziere should he be elected.

That reality does not bode well for the City of Raytown. Voters would be wise to choose any one of the other candidates running for the job.
There are four other candidates running in the Democratic Primary for the privilege to represent us in Jefferson City. I have seen the yard signs and am aware of the hours many of them have dedicated to reaching out to voters.
On August 2nd, take the time to show one of those candidates you believe in their message by casting your vote in the Democratic or Republican Primary.

Raytown police set
aside parking lot for
safe Craigslist exchanges
Raytown police have become the latest area department to offer a safe place to make exchanges after online transactions on sites such as Craigslist.

Police announced Wednesday that the south side of the back parking lot at their headquarters, 10000 E. 59th St., is a “safe trade zone.” The department says the lot is well lit and available for use 24 hours a day.

“The area is not monitored or staffed by officers, and we encourage everyone to still be cautious when meeting any person that they do not know,” Raytown police said in announcing the area. “If a person is unwilling to meet you at the police department to conduct a transaction, that should make you highly suspicious of their intentions.” READ MORE 

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Anonymous said...

City hall has never changed since I have lived here. Squander tax payers money, and Thelay off joe bob down at the street department who makes $12 and hour and replaces him with a 50$ an hour educated "professional" who can find their head from a hole in the ground. On top of that you have a PD that is extremely top heavy with a good-ol-boy system that includes the current Mayor. In the Meanwhile, crime goes up and our neighborhoods and streets fall apart.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Mr. Rathbone for sending out a letter that shows Jim Aziere for what he is a lazy, arrogant and poor decision making liar. Him and friends at the paper created a lot of problems in this town and havent showed any leadership in the 11 years ive lived here. My understanding is Aziere has some independence folks helping his campaign, I wonder why they would get involved? Maybe to get influence over raytown and using a weak minded individual would be helpful to those ends. I have my preference but any of the other 4 democrats would look out for raytown a lot more than lying Aziere.

Anonymous said...

So did Joe Bob really get laid off or are you just running your mouth?

Anonymous said...

I have friends that live all over and would help me out if I asked . But what Iam curious about us what kind of influence of Raytown you could be talking about

Anonymous said...

Influence that would supersede Independence's interest over Raytown's. I strongly hope that voters consider any of the other 4 in the democrat primary. Barnes, Greene, Kriesek and Riehle are leaps and bounds over Aziere.

Anonymous said...

Aziere actually hired a lee's summit business to do his campaigning. Looks at the committee reports. Green has gotten all of his money from Judge Fann and her associates, what's he promised them? Barnes has a bunch of money from Mike Sanders, huh?
Riehle has tried to run before unsuccessfully as well and he can talk a great talk but that's as far as it goes. Guess that only leaves one person to vote for in my mind. She is dedicated, hard working and committed to this City, Diane Krizek.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Chris Rathbone did not defeat Jim Aziere in the Ward 3 Alderman race in April 2015. Taking on Slick Jimmy as a novice campaigner is no easy task. I predict that if Aziere does not win in his St.Rep attempt he may resign his Alderman seat. He is basically irrelevant anymore and I hear he rarely attends any city events or committee mtgs he should be attending. Hey Jim. Check out and let someone like Chris Rathbone represent your constituents with care, concern, and energy all of which you seem to no longer possess.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't vote for Krizek no experience none at all.

Daniel Thode said...

For what it's worth...

While I don't live in Raytown anymore, most of my family does, and it will always be "home." I agree wholeheartedly with Greg that Raytown Is in a unique position to effectively have city representation, not district representation in Jeff City. Tomorrow's Democratic Primary for the State House is incredibly important for shaping our City's future. That is why I am addressing this blog today.

It is easy to say why not to vote for someone. One candidate has no history as an elected official. Another has so much history, he/she won't know which side of the aisle to stand. A third candidate has proven unable to make child support payments on time (if at all). Given the right forum, it is easy to express why NOT to vote for a candidate. In this era, where "politics" trumps "public service" many find it difficult to advocate for someone directly and not by exception.

I have known 3 of the candidates for years. In a different political climate, maybe my vote would be different. But, having worked in both the US and State Capitol buildings, this is what I know. The Republican Party has a Super Majority. Our Representative will have an incredibly difficult time getting any sponsored initiatives through Committee let alone through the Floor. He or she will be a part of very few victorious votes. He or she will attend a very small caucus which can be very lonely at times. Those are the facts. It could be very easy to sit back and collect a nice supplemental check for the next 2-8 years.

To combat that, Raytown needs an energetic and resilient voice. It needs a self-proclaimed policy wonk capable of getting creative at the negotiation table - one who can leverage his/her intricate knowledge of the legislative process to push our agenda across. We must have some one that exudes passion about his/her positions, yet a talented enough wordsmith and communicator to befriend and partner with the opposition.

There is no perfect candidate this year. There rarely is. But, knowing a majority of the candidates as I do, the clear-cut best choice is JOSH GREEN.

Josh doesn't know how to rest. He works tirelessly for the people of Raytown AFTER working to the point of exhaustion to pay his mortgage. I can vouch for him that he will never rest on his laurels and will always push to move the bar forward. At this time and in this political climate, Josh Green is the right choice.

-One man's opinion

Anonymous said...

For all of you that get on this site and complain about one thing or another - get off your duffs today and go VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I normally don't ready Raytown Times, but a friend dropped by and told me I had to read the attack on Jim Lynch and his spending habits.

I must say that I was surprised it was a letter to the editor from Joe Creamer.

I must admit it does support my own questions and concerns with spending by Jim Lynch and his department.

I think the most shocking was no place does Joe Creamer take any responsibility and I although he wants us to ask questions of Lynch should we be asking a former Alderman who now see an issue with things that go back the years he served on the board of alderman (2007-20013).

If things have happened that Joe wrote about why didn't he take action when he was on the Board.

Yes, the city marshal is elected, but the budget is set by the Alderman, which even calls out when he states many changes happend under former mayor Frank's administration.

Why by the grace of God did Joe Creamer not fix things at that time.

That is right folks what Joe failed to tell you is he FAILED and as the April 2013 showed him Raytown is tired of FAILED actions and FAILED promises.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jerome Barnes a true Democrat!!!

Mr Barnes had the highest votes in both Eastern Jackson County and Kansas City, MO for State Representative of the 28th District.

Raytown is lucky to have someone like him step up and lead our district.

Anonymous said...

I can't say Mr. Barnes is a leader. I don't think the man knocked on one door. His son put out all the signs I think he just sat back on his laurels. I do want a leader someone with common sense and good work ethics I will back and vote for Mr. Van Buskirk

Anonymous said...

Creamer was on the city council from 07 to 15. The main things he takes no responsibility for the Tif he supported and the poor performance and pay of the City Administrator he ignored. He is just trying to cover his tracks and complain while the new group cleans up his mess.

Anonymous said...

I saw Mr. Barnes knocking on doors and walking door to door on many occassions since the time he filed. He is a hard worker and deserves the victory he earned by hard work. Yes. His family supports him and works with him in his campaign. What is wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

If you want more tax give a ways then Sam Brownback vote Bill Vanbuskirt.

Bill Banbuskirt has never seen a business that he didn't want to give them a handout.

Drive around Raytown, look for the Block & Co signs and yes you will see David Block's best friend to business campaign signs.

Pay back for helping Block & Co save thousands and thousands of dollars in 2011.

Anna said...

I guess no one wants Jim Aziere, whether he's Democrat or Republican. His lies have caught up with him!

Anonymous said...

If I am going to vote I want someone with experience. Mr. Barnes has none oh I know he has been on the school board but again I ask what has he done? I want a rep who will work for the city and knows government. Mr. Barnes doesn't. I know the Democrats want a fellow Democrat in Jefferson City it appears they really don't care about Raytown and getting the best qualified person as long as they have a D behind it.

Anonymous said...

If you thought the factual piece was scathing about Aziere that came out in the mail, just wait till you see what is about to surface about Joe Creamer. I know the folks have tried to take the high road concerning that blabbering wanna be, but when it is week in week out and the attacks question people's integrity and character enough is enough. Wouldn't you think before you start casting stones you better not have boulders in your closet... This isn't going to be pretty... But Creamer has no one to blame but himself and his little cast of Amigos.. Fasten your seat belts folks....

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to explain to Joe that he needs to take his ball and go home. I stopped going to Adams because I was tired of being trapped listening to his ramblings and complaining. It now appears he is suffering from paranoia and if delusional, oh my god a fire truck drives passed his house and it's because they are out to get him. For those of you who do not know Joe lives right off Blue Ridge Blvd, so about 5,000 cars a day pass by there the odds are that a couple of those are bound to be Fire Trucks. Next he will complain the Flynns trash truck passed his house because he is trashy.

Raytown Newbie said...

Only met Mr. Creamer once.

My daughter's car was out of warranty and suffered a water pump failure that was going to cost over a thousand to repair. Creamer went to bat for her and got it repaired for no charge even though it was not covered by her warranty.

I get the dislike for someone's political failings but it seems like the attacks on here for him and others sometimes goes too far.


Anonymous said...

Now the the primary election is over will Republican Jim Aziere endorse Bill VanBuskirt.

We all know it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks and I don't see Aziere changing his ways.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree.

Anonymous said...

I dont care for him not because of his politics but because of his lack of character.

Anonymous said...

Raytown police have become a disgrace to our home.
I don't feel they take their jobs seriously or with pride to make Raytown the "safe"community that we were always known for. The police have folded over the years to protecting themselves instead of the Raytown community who has not left and love this town. But the lack
Of human respect, compassion, has been lost ! I get the officers are tired of the bullxxxx!
Drop your pre dissuposed attitudes & listen to the long time home owners who are loosing their neighborhoods to
Prostitution, Drugs, violence, assault!
Call Raytown PD. Nothing happens��

Anonymous said...

What a crock of crap you have posted!
Our Police, EMS and Fire Dept. are the best in KC area. If you have evidence to otherwise put it out there for all to see. You, Aziere and Joe Creamer are full of hot air. All blow and no show