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Steve Mock died Wednesday, July 6, 2016, at St. Lukes Hospital Plaza. Visitation will be from 5PM to 7PM, Monday, July 11, and the funeral at 10:30AM, Tuesday, July 12. Both will be held at First Baptist Church of Raytown, 10500 E. 350 Highway, Raytown, Mo. Steve was born Dec. 2, 1955, in Kansas City, Mo. He was a lifelong resident of Raytown and a graduate of Raytown High School, class of 1974. - READ MORE

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From Greg’s Notebook
Short notes on news affecting Raytown

The Freddie’s Real Estate Restaurant Group released a statement last week announcing they are shutting down construction of the project for a Freddie’s Restaurant at 350 Highway and Raytown Road.

We have obtained copy of the statement which was distributed to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen last week from a Freddie’s Real Estate spokesman.

“Good to hear from you!

Our real estate group and Block’s real estate group could not close the deal on the property.

We are looking at another property in the area. I will let you know when we have questions on this new property."

Mayor McDonough told the Raytown Report the city is working with Freddie’s Real Estate Restaurant Group to resolve problems with the development.

Last week’s Raytown Times opinion page “Randy’s Reflections” closed with some comments that were just . . . tell you what, read them yourself and be the judge. Mr. Battagler wrote:

“Personally, I think it is our former city administrator’s religious beliefs having sway at city hall. You see, Mahesh is a native of India where there is a strong belief in Karma, which is akin to our Golden Rule. They believe that if you do bad things to a good person that it will come back against you. They did truly bad things to Mahesh, so now we will all pay the price for the ignorance of some of our aldermen.

All I can do is ask God to forgive those who did wrong and bless our city.”
Randy, you certainly have shown that you can talk the talk. Don’t you think it is time you walked the walk.

Time to stand up tall and tell everyone what . . . “bad things” . . . “they” . . . did to Mahesh.
Was it the time the former Mayor and City Council gave Sharma a $30,000 pay increase when the all the rest of the city employees had their pay frozen? Or was it the time they allowed him to renege on his promise to move to Raytown? Not once, but three times.

Have a little faith, Mr. Battagler. There are some dedicated men and women running our city now. Look for better days ahead.

AT LEFT: Sandy Hartwell and Mary Jane VanBuskirk along with close to 100 participants at Let Our Light Shine Fundraiser. 
My wife and I attended the Let Our Light Shine Fundraiser Friday night. The sponsor, Raytown Main Street Association, hosted the event with a goal of raising money to purchase LED Christmas lights for Downtown Raytown. We did some checking and found the event raised over $6,000. It was the Main Street Association’s first major fundraiser and from all indications, a success.

Not bad for a town cursed with “bad Karma”.

Perhaps Mr. Battagler has confused past Boards with the current Board of Aldermen. It was the previous Board of Aldermen, under the leadership of former Mayor David Bower, who sat on the grant funding for six years to rebuild Downtown Raytown.

It is the current Board of Aldermen who took the initiative to get it the job done.But don't take my word for it. Take A drive and check out the new Downtown Raytown. It is nearing the end of construction and is pretty impressive.

The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – July 5, 2016
After the Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor McDonough asked for a moment of silence for Steve Mock.

Mayor McDonough said Raytown High School Speech and Debate coach Mark Harris recently received his seventh Diamond Award from the National Speech and Debate Association.  The NSDA awards Diamond recognition each year and has only recognized 17 seven Diamond winners since 1925.  To achieve this award, the recipient must actively coach for 35 years or more and have students accumulate over 100,000 competition points.  Mr. Harris’s students have earned over 243,000 points and during Mr. Harris’s 35 years of coaching, over 100 students have participated in 34 national tournaments, 11 students have been named Competitive All-Americans and 18 students have earned Academic All-American honors.  In 2002, Mr. Harris’s students won the National Congress Championship and his student Sean Steward won National Champion in the Congress House.  Historically Mr. Harris ranks 9th overall among speech and debate coaches based on his years of experience and accumulated points.  Mr. Harris received his award at the National Speech and Debate Tournament during the Donus D. Roberts Diamond Assembly in Salt Lake City, Utah in June of this year.  The Mayor applauds the accomplishments of Mark Harris and urges every resident to take time to commend and thank him for his hard work and dedication.

Jeanette Gentry ask the Board to not vote for the Three Diamond Project.  She said we don’t need $500 apartments.  We need $1,100 and $1,200 apartments.  We have Cerner coming in soon.  We need people with enough incomes who can bring a new vitality to our community.

Barbara Lakeler said she drives on 55th Street every day in order to get to work.  She is opposed to the Three Diamond project.  She doesn’t think 55th Street is equipped to handle the increased traffic.  She quoted the code ordinance “No residential care facility may be located with 1,200 feet of another residential care facility from property line to property line.”  Temple Heights is 1/10 of a mile so it won’t qualify due to the zoning requirements.

The Board tabled a resolution until July 19 supporting an application submitted to the Missouri Housing and Development Corporation by 3 Diamond Development for a proposed development of Diamond Senior Apartments near the intersection of 55th Street and Blue Ridge Cutoff.  The proposal is for a 60 unit senior community.  This will be 10 single story six-plex buildings, with a community center, gazebo, nature area, and walking trail.  There will be two bedroom units, approximately 800 sq. ft. each.  Ray Haydaripoor said he was not prepared to give any recommendations until he has received the development plans and site plants.

Alderman Steve Meyers said he wants to table the item until the Board can research the zoning issues and review the development plants.  Alderman Eric Teeman asked if this only supports the application for tax credits.  He wanted to know if the item will come back to the Board.  Mr. Haydaripoor said it will come back to the Board after the site plans have been received.  Alderman Meyers said this will allow 3 Diamond to seek financing on their application and the Board is not committed to approving the project.  Alderman Jim Aziere asked if 3 Diamond had purchased the land.  Mr. Haydaripoor said there is an option on the property.  Alderman Van Buskirk said he thinks this would look good and be an improvement to the area.  He was in favor of moving forward with the project.  Alderman Karen Black said the Board needs to look into the zoning ordinances.  She asked if the staff had looked into it.  Mr. Haydaripoor said if there is a code that prohibits 3 Diamond from going forward with the project, they can apply for a code variance from the Planning and Zoning Board, not from the Board of Aldermen.  Alderman Black said she was in favor of tabling the project.  Joe Willerth said the applicant doesn’t anticipate site plans being available until early next year.  The deadline to apply for tax credits is in September.  If the Board chooses to table this item, it must have a date certain before September, or they will kill the project.

Mayor McDonough pointed out the approval only goes into the packet the applicant uses for funding.  It has nothing to do with the actual construction of the project.  Alderman Josh Greene said if something in the application changes, this comes back to the Board.  If there is a code issue, it comes back to the Board.  But, if nothing changes and all code issues are resolved, the Board won’t see this again.  He has the same reservations as Alderman Black and Meyers.  The Board already knows there are traffic issues.  He agrees this should be tabled.  Alderman Van Buskirk said he wants them to be able to go forward with the funding.  He believes this will help them, but the lack of the Board’s support won’t hurt them.

The Board passed a resolution approving the purchase of a 7400 series International dump truck from Summit Truck Group in an amount not to exceed $77,607.  The current dump truck owned by the city is 18 years old.  Maintenance costs have become excessive due to the age of the vehicle.  Maintenance expenses to date have been $108,260.00.  The Public Works Department staff obtained quotes from the KCMO cooperative purchasing agreement with American Equipment Company.

Purchase price of the vehicle would be $77,607.  The bed, hydraulics, and salt spreader are an additional $55,997.00.  Total cost $133,064.00.  The budget includes funds for this purchase in the amount of $150,000.00.  This vehicle is not eligible for a fleet leasing program, due to its size.  While it may be eligible for a lease/purchase method of acquisition, the amount of the purchase is less than the amounts for a lease/purchase.  Approval is requested for purchase of an International Harvester Dump Truck from Summit Truck Group using the Mid-America Public Purchasing Contract (MACPP).  The truck would not be disposed of, but would be re-purposed as a tank truck for the pre-treatment of streets during snow and ice removal.  Cost for the re-purpose is estimated at $10,000.00 to $15,000.00.

The Board passed a resolution approving the purchase of a dump truck body and equipment from American Equipment Company in an amount not to exceed $55,997.00.  These tie in with the previous resolution.

The Board passed a resolution appointing Mark Loughry as the Interim City Administrator, effective July 5, 2016, and setting forth the duties, roles, and responsibilities of the interim city administrator.

The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance establishing a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of interest and substantial interests for certain municipal officials in the city of Raytown.  In 1991, the Missouri General Assembly adopted an ethics and personal financial disclosure law, which applied to all municipalities with an annual operating budget in excess of $1 million.

Under the law, municipalities were allowed to adopt their own simplified personal financial disclosure requirements by ordinance (commonly known as “short form” reporting).  The financial disclosure reporting requirements apply to each elected official, the City Administrator (as the Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Purchasing Officer), the Director of Finance (as the Chief Financial Officer), the City Clerk, the full-time General Counsel, the Park Board, and the Parks and Recreation Director.  Each political subdivision desiring to use the “short form” is required to readopt the ordinance authorizing “short form” reporting every two years.  However, in order to avoid the significant consequences of the failure to readopt the ordinance the recommended best practice is to adopt the ordinance annually.  The ordinance must be adopted by September 15 and a copy must be provided to the Missouri Ethics Commission.

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Raytown Newbie said...

What! No Freddy's???

So I have to keep driving to Lees Summit for my frozen custard fix.

Too bad after all that's been done at that location.

BTW..... I hope the light goes back up at 75th and 350. That is a way dangerous intersection for folks trying to make the entry onto 350 from 75th. It's all about the curve and the hill.

Considering a couple of million dollar spends the city has recently made.... two new fire trucks? winner winner!! Downtown streetscape? Ummm, not so sure.

Have a great week fellow Raytowners.


Anonymous said...

Raytown Newbie:

What are you talking about when you wrote:

Considering a couple of million dollar spends the city has recently made.... two new fire trucks? winner winner!! Downtown streetscape? Ummm, not so sure.

The fire trucks were purchased by the Raytown Fire Protection District and they actually respond to calls for service.

I do understand were you may be confused by some of the misleading information in a local printed paper that often has to print corrects.

I would like to point out the city has spent funds on a third ambulance for EMS that may or may not be full staffed, which was made clear by Action 41 when they made a lady on a 4th ambulance before transferring you to a hospital.

The question is why did we need to purchase a third ambulance when the city cannot staff the two they already have.

Anonymous said...

Poor randy....has nothing else to type but this. Well if bad things are holding employees receiving taxpayers money accountable, then what are good things? Him and his friends should just hit the road.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the new emt grads will be considered for additional ambulance services

Anonymous said...

The light at 75th is a MoDot thing not the City

Raytown Newbie said...

Good morning fellow Raytowners....

We the taxpaying citizens of Raytown have recently paid for two new fire engines costing about a million dollars and we have also paid something over a million dollars for a "streetscape" project in the recently "saved" downtown.

I commented yesterday that I approved (winner winner) of the fire truck purchases but I wasn't quite so sure that spending a million on the "streetscape" was a good deal. Not totaling slamming it, mind you, just not so sure we couldn't have done more good with that million... such as sidewalks near schools and properly paving roads that need it.

An anonymous poster nitpicked that it wasn't the "city" that bought the fire trucks but the fire protection district. Okay, my bad. But the point is just a technicality
because the money all comes from the same source... we the taxpayers.

BTW... do all cities do things this way? Why is there a separate entity to deal with "fire protection"? Why isn't this part of the city government like the police. And while I'm at it why is the parks department set up apart from the city as well. Seems like a needless waste of duplicated overhead. How did this all get this way?
I think it should all be consolidated back into city government.

Hope that clears things up.

Be well,


Raytown Newbie said...


Who said it was a City thing???

Marilyn said...

Raytown Newbie -
Your question about why we have a Fire District instead of a Fire Department is a fair question. I’ll wager 98% of the citizens of Raytown do not know the difference. The reason is because Raytown is a 4th class city. If we had a charter, we could incorporate the Fire District into city government and have a Fire Department. As it stands, the Fire District is required by State law to remain separate.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Streetscape Project was assisted by a fairly hefty grant amount if my memory is serving me well.

Raytown Newbie said...

Thank you Marilyn. I suspect your 98% figure is good. Well, really bad but you know.
Knowing this, I'm thinking the Fire District was not in favor of the charter. Why upset the nice autonomous applecart?


Anonymous said...

Raytown Newbie,
Do you really want to ruin the Fire District by having it come under City control ?

Marilyn said...

I really don't know if the Fire District employees were for or against the charter. I never heard any of them expressing an opinion.

Old fart said...

Oh I think there is still a large number of us "old Farts" that have been in Raytown for well over 60 years that are well aware of the difference. Heck a large group of us were here before it legally became Raytown.

Anonymous said...

Charter / No Charter

Based on the way city hall runs things and spends money like it grows on trees would you want them managing other service to our community like fire protection or utilities like water.

Examples of mismanagement all all around us:
Code violations not being enforced
Questionable deals with real-estate developers
Unlit streets
Streets not being maintained
Super Splash being opened for usage of 75% non-residences
EMS understaffed
Police cars used for private security
Best pension plan in the United States

Have I missed any of the complaints heard around town or printed on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Just heard on channel 4 news about a incident at super splash. A lady that had a
large quantity of effects in her SUV and it was broken into and all stolen. She
was a pregnant lady that had every;thing in her car for the trip to the hospital.
She was from Indep. Hope they have good insurance.

Anonymous said...

Seems Republican cough cough I mean Democratic candidate for State Rep Jim Aziere has 2 different campaign treasurers according to his 2 different yard signs spotted around Raytown. Problem is MO Ethics Commission says you can only have 1 per Election cycle. Seems Aziere is utilizing old campaign signs... That's a serious violation.. Where is Joe Creamer screaming to the Attorney General when you need him...

Anonymous said...

Point of clarification on yard sign treasurers. You MAY use old yard signs with a previous treasurers name on them, as long as they were the treasurer when the signs were purchased. I would never support Jim but he is legal on this issue. It's actually funny seeing the word Democrat on his signs. Everyone knows its a joke.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Aziere. Politicking at Mock's funeral visitation

Anonymous said...

I have been a Republican for years and it is a well known fact to everyone that knows me.

I was surprised the other day when a came home from a day of fishing without the wife to find a Aziere "DemocRAT" yard sign in the yard.

I asked my wife what was up with that and learned Jim Aziere had been to the house gave her some line about being able to vote for him even though he was running as a "DemocRAT" and being we supported him in past could he again put a yard sign in our yard.

I can tell you that sign is in the trash were all those "D Rats" belong.

I just know my house is NOT voting for any "DemocRAT" and I hope the rest of my fellow Republicans take down his signs from their yards.

Yes, we did support Jim in the past, but that was when he ran as a Republican.

I know election day I will be voting Republican as we cannot have some Obama loving Eric Greitens be our next governor.

Only thing worse than Eric is Josh Hawley who wants to be AG and works for terrorist.

Luckly we can vote for Catherine Hanaway & Kurt Schaefer

While I am on my rampage, I just want to say thank you to "Van Buskirkt". I have not meet you, but understand you are the only Republican running for state rep that is not afraid to be a "true" Republican unlike Aziere.

Anonymous said...

If you want a good chuckle look at Mr. Aziere's latest campaign finance report. It isn't even filled out correctly, I don't know if he did it or his treasurer but he signed it. Wow and he wants to represent us in Jefferson City and he can't follow simple instructions. Not for me.

Anonymous said...

Pittman Elementary School certainly needs sidewalks. Pittman road is narrow with no sidwalks for students to walk going to and from school.

It is a shame that the Raytown school district, ciyt of Raytown and Kansas City does nothing to make it safer for the children.

I guess it will take children being hit by traffic for something to be done.

Oh well. I guess if department heads don't live in Raytown, what do they care if a child gets run over because of unsafe streets with no sidewalks.

Anonymous said...

I sure would like to know what those folks with an Aziere sign in their yard are thinking.

I mean look how long he has been on the board of alderman and think about how great our city was the year he first got elected and look at our city now.

I spoke with a couple of folks that severed with him on the board and they cannot believe the flip flop on issues always voting for what is best for Jim Aziere and not the citizens.

I was told by several around town that he has been head of committees, but never shows for the meetings.

I just don't want someone like this representing Raytown in Jefferson City can you see the new sitcom I mean Mom's Family did enough damage to our image, which is nothing toJim Aziere's stunts.

Martin said...

Anon 3:36 -

You can thank Jerome Barnes, in part, for the lack of sidewalks around our schools. He voted to purchase the YMCA building. The Y executives told the Raytown residents they decided to close the facility because it needed hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs. Ask Mr. Barnes where the school district got that money. Why aren't they spending that money on those things that will make the students safer? The test scores are very poor. Why didn't they spend that money on books? I'm voting for Josh Greene.

Anonymous said...

I really do not know what you are going on about. Jerome Barnes is an honest and unselfish a man you can find. Blaming him for what the majority of the School Board does is way below the belt. Your time would be better spent talking up your candidate rather than trashing the others.

Anonymous said...

Where is this Pittman Elementary school you are talking about?? There is not one in the Raytown school district that I see. There is one Raytown school on Pittman Road and it is Raytown Middle School. There are sidewalks on the west side of the street leading to the only neighborhood to the south of the school. Could you be talking about another school ?

Anonymous said...

I do realize the weather of lately has been either unbearably hot or raining thus making it difficult for you to continue your door to door campaigning and bashing of others but it is very obvious on here where most these comments are coming from.

Anonymous said...


That is not how government works.

I am guessing you are a graduate of Raytown High School and had Jim Aziere as a teacher as that is the only thing that explains your thinking on how government works.

Anonymous said...

Pittman was the name of the school when I went there. It was on Pittman road which is Raytown Schools but located in Kansas City.

Anonymous said...


School districts provide education

Cities provide infrastructure and public safety

Therefore members of any school district would not be finding funds to build sidewalks, with the exception of sidewalks on school district property.

The city has promised side walks from city limit to city limit on 59th street. Not sure when that is going to start, but it is a good example of who pays for sidewalks.

Now being you are supporting one of the three Alderman (city elected individuals) I would recomend you call him and ask about the funding for a side walk on Pitman, but keep in mind most of Pitman is in KCMO.

More important than that is checking the facts that Raytown has no money based on actions by the 2011 Board of Alderman and will by 2020 be spending 1/3 of its money to pay off the bonds for the Wal-Mart TIF on 350 thanks to letting David Block of Block & Co off the hook.

The current Board of Alderman is spending money like they have money to give away a great example is buying a 3rd ambulance when they cannot staff the 2 they have today.

All this is fact if you would attend Board of Alderman meetings, read meeting minutes, read this blog, watch action 41 news, and review their own budget reports.

I end this with the following question:

Is any of those that served as Alderman the right folks for Jefferson City or are there really only two candidates to choice from Jerome Barnes or Diane Krizek?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jim Aziere for destroying our neighborhood!

I got a call last night that Dollar General is moving forward on building next to Blue Ridge Elementary.

Doubt me call city hall and speak with Andy in building inspections.

Jane said...

It's a middle school and used to be a jr. High school. Has sidewalks on the west side of street. That is the school that borders the Cementary at 53rd and 47th st where the church occupies much land. Yes it's got sidewalks

Anonymous said...

There are sidewalks on Pittman rd

Anonymous said...

Dear blogger

Bashing and Facts are not one in the same.

If someone feels they are being bashed, they need to ask themselves is it for their actions that are not acceptable in the society.

If that is the case then they shouldn't be doing them and need to accept they are the one in the wrong not the person bring up "FACTS".

This includes:

How they treat those of the opposite sex
How they act in public Vs private
How they follow through on promises
How what they say can be validated as truth or a lie
How they flip/flop on issues

All of which are basic social skills they should have learned as a child, but based on their actions they clearly didn't have a proper childhood.

It also helps to narrow down, which candidates shouldn't be supported!

Anonymous said...

There already are sidewalks on Pittman Rd. It is the middle school on 59 th that has forever needed them

Anonymous said...

I think it was. Peter on the previous blog that said it best about gossip, bashing , truths. And those whom are spreading them. Maybe he will reprint it on this blog. How about it Peter?

Anonymous said...

ADDRESSES WITHHELD . . . Besides being some of the worst maintained properties in Raytown and off a street well known by law enforcement for being a trouble spot. These are all owned by . . . NAME WITHHELD, . . . which as religious organization has them not paying any property taxes. That right these are apartments not a house of worship and people wonder why churches should pay taxes. I think this explains it.


Anonymous said...

Not sure who brought up that issue of churches getting in to areas of business other than religion, but it is a good point.

I myself have questioned for years why Raytown First Baptist is not paying property tax on the Rock and Gym after all they are open to the public and compete with other business.

I know earlier this year when it was on the news about the person driving that moving truck into the building that had police protection, but they don't pay taxes for it.

Seems like they are taking advantage of those of us who pay taxes, which is not good for our community.

I think we need to elect people who will change this and put everyone on the same playing field.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the last election supposed to have been a mandate for change? Where's the leadership we allegedly voted for? Freddy's is apparently changing locations or something...WHO at the city is managing the well-being of these projects to assure a successful entry to our community? For that matter, WHO is drumming up our next new business or redevelopment?

Anonymous said...


STOP and read...

The mayor and other elected city officials have said that Freddy's was unable to work with Block & Co.

Those of us who have lived in the city for several years and still have a functioning mind recall this was the same issue Walmart had with Block & Co.

That lead to the great mess the city is now in under the David Bower administration. Which will have 1/3 of the city budget in just a few more years paying of the greatest TIF mess MO has ever seen.

Now being we are on the subject of Block & Co and the TIF we all also need to note that in 2011 Alderman Aziere and Van Buskirt voted to let Block & Co off the hock.

It gets better folks Aziere and Van Buskirt both think they have what it takes to lead Raytown in Jefferson City.

STOP and think ....

Before voting Aug 2nd as Raytown does have an individual with a common sense approach who is not making secret closed door deals with Block and Co, which is why we all need to vote for Jerome Barns.

Anonymous said...

The first admendment is where your answer lies . No Politician voted in will change that

Anonymous said...

Block owns the parcel and did not agree on the sale price with Freddy's

Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice the President of France has not qualms about calling what is happening in his country Islamic Terrorism.

Anonymous said...


For the love of God, what are you talking about?

Where did the 1st amendment come from?

Anonymous said...

7/14 @ 8:29

The text of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution is the following:

” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Does this help you understand, or are you waiting for Obama to be appointed to the Supreme Court!

Anonymous said...

While on the subject of amendments to the Constitution let us not forget what the 2nd amendment actually says:

” A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

This means all those that think they have a right to own a gun also have a DUTY to be "A well regulated Militia", which means get physically fit and train as any person in the military would or clearly you are not following the intent of this amendment.

Raytown Newbie said...

Hi All

Had a conversation with a local that seems to know more than me and he informed me that even if the charter would have passed.... The Fire Protection District would have remained an autonomous entity.

Wonder if Marilyn would comment on that.


Anonymous said...

I'm not apologizing for the fact I can't vote for Barnes. He has zero experience in government. I need a proven leader and the Democrats have not given me in District 28. # Ifyouwantmyvotegivemea goodcandidate

Anonymous said...

You better go back and re read 8:29 for it talks about Block & Co

Anonymous said...

Don't know what you are referring to ; what does this have to do with my comment about Blkck and the Freddy's deal???

Anonymous said...

If you will research how and when the separation of Chuch and state started with reference to paying taxes you will see it stems from the first Admendment and from there fueled what you have now. Research it ; it is very interesting and educational too

Anonymous said...

Now now no need to get your panties in a wad . That is unecessary, calm down take a breath and re read 8:29 comment . And no I didn't vote for Obama the first of secound time and as far as he or anyone else being elected to the Supreme Court has me baffled how that could ever Chavez a constitution; you sure got us wondering with that comment for certain

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous July 12th @ 9:19AM
After reading your post I just want to tell you if you call Mr. Van Buskirk at his home he would be more than happy
to come and visit with you. I am a friend of his and he is doing campaigning by himself plus he took a few days off when Steve Mock was so critically ill.
His number is in the phone book or you can call city hall and get the number.

Anonymous said...

Dear church separation folks

Best do your home work tax free for churches is NOT protected under the constitutions.

If it was church across this nation who have been caught playing politics wouldn't have lost their 501.C.3 status.

Also and more important is the is a local, within the metro, Catholic Church that about 20 - 30 years ago was told by the IRS close your bowling alley to the public or start paying taxes.

Yes, the closed the bowling alley.

Get your facts right before taking advantage of us business owners who actually pay taxes.

The Facts Set You Free said...

Dear Constitutional Authority,

Click on the title of my post and check out the link may the God use it to fill your mind with the truth.

It points out your misguided understand of not only the law, but facts.

I understand that too may like you in Raytown read Randy's paper and therefore are lost as to the law and facts.

I highly recommend you find a new news source!

Anonymous said...

Did Randy's paper ever say anything about church and state taxes? Don't read that paper.; so don't know and don't care. Guess some people just have to throw digs anywhere they can cause its their personality and how they communicate

Anonymous said...

The topic was separation of church and state. And where that all started

Anonymous said...

National humanities
This is where you will find the answer to the beginnig of separation of church and state. No bitter remarks on my part no degrading remarks no name calling just a opportunity to learn some history. Have a wonderful day

Mary Pat said...

Thank you that was interesting to read . Puts it in a light one can understand. Interesting how this came about a d what is a X is not protected under this act