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The Olympics are in full swing. In tribute to all the athletes who have dedicated themselves to the hard work of competition we have linked the epic 10,000 meter race won by Steve Jones of Great Britain in the early 1980’s. We have linked to it before on the Raytown Report. Some things are worth seeing over and over and over….
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If you liked the Steve Jones reel, you will love Olympic Sportsmanship

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Park Board Tax
Proposal Receives
Cold Reception 
The Raytown Board of Aldermen was nearly unanimous in their denunciation of plans by the Raytown Park Board to raise the city sales tax by a 1/4 of a cent to pay for renovations at Super Splash.

It also became clear that contrary to reports of increased attendance in 2016 over 2015, that attendance is still at a historic low since the Water Park was opened in the 1980’s.

The lower attendance is not a surprise.

Raytown has changed since the 1980’s when Super Splash was the only water park in the area. Competition from both the private sector and public sector (new pools have since opened in Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, and Independence) has cut deeply into attendance figures at Super Splash.

The aging population of Raytown underscores the reason the number of teens and pre-teens do not use the facility. According to figures from the census bureau the average age of Raytown residents continues to rise. The median age in Raytown is 51. Not really a demographic of those who would spend their free time sliding down a waterslide at a public pool.

Members of the Raytown Board of Aldermen were not shy about with their questions and statements regarding Super Splash.

Jeff Branford, with Pros Consulting and Jeff Bartley from Water’s Edge Aquatic Design presented the results of a Park Board survey that had been sent out to 3,250 households.

486 surveys were completed and returned.  They also held a focus group consisting of 50 Raytown residents.  They discovered 65% of the residents visited the parks in the past year, but only 12% participated in the recreation or sports activities.

They are recommending renovating Super Splash at a cost of $4.75 million.  It would require raising the Park Board sales tax to 3/8 cent.

Alderman Teeman said they are recommending spending $4.75 million on Super Splash when the survey shows the aquatic park only ranks #12 on the survey.  If Super Splash isn’t in the top ten, why should we spend the money?

Alderman Meyers said in the early 2000’s, there were 75,000 people attending Super Splash.  Now, in a good year, there might be 30,000 guests.  Why put more money into Super Splash when attendance is down?

Alderman Black asked what would happen if the sale tax increase didn’t pass.  She was told Super Splash would be closed.

Alderman Emerson said Raytown should not be in the business of owning a business.  Many people want Super Splash closed.  The Raytown Fitness Center will take its place.

Alderman Josh Greene said we need to do a better job of marketing the park system.  Survey results show 29% of the residents did not know what was being offered in our parks.  According to the survey, 65% visited the parks in the last year, but only 17% visited Super Splash.  The future of the Raytown parks does not seem to be Super Splash.  This year cost recovery is about 95%. Cost recovery does not include maintenance of the facility.

Alderman Jason Greene said the big problem he sees is only 485 people responded to the survey.  That’s about 15% of what was sent out.  Was the survey sent out to the people who use Super Splash?  Alderman Greene said Kevin Boji told him there have not been large expenditures at Super Splash this summer.  Alderman Greene went to Super Splash and found large areas closed off.  They weren’t repaired, just closed off.  There are large cracks on the pool decks and concrete is crumbling.  It looks to him like a lot of stuff is being ignored.  Are they doing that to increase the bottom dollars?  Kevin Boji said last year Super Splash spent over $100,000 - $88,000 on the slides alone.  This year, the park board was told to keep expenses to a minimum.  This year they have spent $21,000 on repairs and closed one slide.  Alderman Greene said Super Splash is embarrassing.  Raytown residents are getting hit twice for Super Splash.  First they have to pay sales tax to the park system, then they have to pay the same admittance fee as non-residents. 

Alderman Van Buskirk said we will drive away consumers and businesses if we increase taxes.  We have one of the highest tax rates in the KC area.  He believes it’s the Park Board’s responsibility to manage the parks, but they need to do it within their means.

Alderman Moore said the Park Board wants the Board of Aldermen to issue almost $5,000,000 in bonds over 20 years for improvements to Super Splash and other parks in Raytown.  The Board has been told they will have to raise the sales tax by ¼ cent to pay for the bonds.  The interest cost will be $7-9 million dollars alone.  The sales tax increase won’t be enough to pay off the principal in interest in 20 years.

Alderman Teeman said to date, Super Splash shows a revenue/cost ratio at 110%.  The budget shows $100,000 for painting and sandblasting the pool and tower.  If they were to spend that money, would the ratio still be 110%?  Mr. Boji said no, the ratio would be only 65%.

To review the survey results of the Park Board Survey . . .  (start on page 16)

What we find most disturbing about the discussion is the insistence of Park Board members to ignore the wishes of the people of Raytown. Alderman Teeman is correct in pointing out that aquatic sports and pool improvements rated 12th out of 25 as the choice of Raytowners who participated in the Park Board survey.

The number one choice (according to their own survey!) was an increase in more bicycle and walking trails.

But not one word was mentioned in the report to the Board of Aldermen by the Park Board.

Which is a shame.

Walking trail and bicycle trails are inexpensive to build. They are also low maintenance. One would think it would be a no-brainer to satisfy the desires of the public.

Instead the Park Board is trying to shove an unpopular swimming venue down the public’s throat at the expense of a quarter cent more in sales tax.

Ward 4 Alderman Bill VanBuskirk hit the nail on the head when he reminded all present that Raytown is already has the highest sales tax in the area.If you want to drive businesses and consumers away, increase a tax that is already one of the highest in the metropolitan area.

Ward 2 Alderman Jason Greene made a salient point when he told Board members (and audience) that if he goes to the Lee’s Summit water park (Summit Waves) he has to pay a surcharge because he is not a Lee’s Summit resident. Raytown’s Super Splash charges the same fee for residents and non-residents. His comment about Raytowners being taxed twice for Super Splash is right on the money.

Some have suggested that the reason Raytown Parks does not charge less for Raytown residents is because it will become clear that most people who  use Super Splash are not Raytown residents. A discount for Raytown residents would settle the controversy. If it works in Lee's Summit, it would work in Raytown.

The City and Park Board paid over $50,000 for a survey and guidance on which direction to take Raytown Parks in the future. The original recommendation from the report was to close down the water park. The Park Board has obstinately dug its heels in and insisted the failing pool be kept open.

The Raytown Board of Aldermen have listened to the people and are telling the Park Board “no”.

Our elected officials at City Hall have asked the right questions. It appears they are coming to the correct solution.

QuikTrip Kids Test Kitchen

Eleven children participated in this fun event, serving as taste-testers of a variety of frozen treats – with flavors including Caramel Golden Oreo, Candy Stash/Halloween Candy Twister, Holiday Cookie Shake, Banana Nilla Twister and Brownie Batter. 
Brianna Hightower, 10, and Aleya Dailey, 9

Children ranging in age from 5-12 participated in the QuikTrip Kids Test Kitchen at the new location on east 350 Hwy in Raytown on Wednesday, August 10th. Participants enjoyed sampling QuikTrip’s breakfast pizza, along with taste-testing new frozen treat concepts. Each participant received their own personalized apron and visor, and got a sneak peek of the store before it opened to the public on Thursday, August 11th.

This week’s Attaboy Award goes to the City of Raytown Property Codes Enforcement Department. Last week we published a picture of a field overgrown with weeds and tall grass just east of Blue Ridge Elementary Grade School.

The weeds have been cut! We are certain those folks with allergies are thankful for the mess being cleaned up. Thank you for a job well done.

Now, if you can take care of the miniature junk yard that is located just across the street from the Raytown Chamber of Commerce headquarters (and just one block from City Hall!)
The junk yard is easy to find. The junk cars, some that appear to have been stripped for parts, can be found on the southwest corner of 59th and Raytown Trafficway.

The Paul Livius Report

Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – August 9, 2016
The presentation of the Park Board's Report to the Raytown City Council dominated the meeting, but other business was handled as well during last week's lengthy session of the Board of Aldermen.

Mayor McDonough said Israel Hanke a debater at Raytown High School finished second with his partner in the United States bracket and third in the International bracket of the Public Forum Debate at the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Israel and his partner were undefeated in the preliminary rounds and were victorious in two out of three elimination rounds in the United State bracket before suffering defeat in the third and final elimination rounds,  They defeated teams from California, Texas, Japan, China, Maryland and Pennsylvania; and the lessons learned and skills required in preparation for events and the national tournament assist promising young men like Israel to develop into leaders who will benefit our community and world for years to come. Mayor McDonough urged all citizens to recognize the hard work and commitment of Israel Hanke and congratulate him on his achievement.

Mayor McDonough said Steve Guenther has served in multiple leadership roles in the community and the metropolitan area with his recognized service as Scoutmaster for 14 years, President of the Raytown Main Street Association and recently as the Chair for Charter Commission.  Steve has shown his commitment for our City by serving on various municipal related boards including Raytown Parks and Recreation Strategic Planning Team, the Raytown Board of Zoning Adjustment and Raytown Marketing Committee.  He has shown interest and dedication with other groups that have impacted our community such as working with the Truman Heartland Foundation Community for All Ages, served on the Mid America Regional Council’s Community for All Ages Coalition, the Rock Island Corridor Coalition, Raytown’s Farmers Market and his involvement with the River of Refuge which provides transitional housing for families in need.  Because of Steve’s hard work, dedication, and love for our community, he deserves to be recognized and honored.  The Mayor said the City of Raytown hereby recognizes Steve Guenther as the City of Raytown’s 2016 Missouri Municipal League Civic Leader of the Year.

Chelsea Mock, daughter of former Alderman Steve Mock, went before the Board to request permission to raise money for a tree to plant in front of City Hall in memory of her father.  She was thinking of a Cherry Blossom tree.

Acting City Administrator, Mark Loughry, told the Board they have tendered an offer to a new Economic Development Director.  He also said 7611 Woodson is down and they are cleaning up the block.

The Board passed a resolution approving the purchase of computer equipment and supplies from Dell Marketing not to exceed $19,777.33 for fiscal year 2015-2016.  The Police Department utilizes an IT hardware replacement schedule.  This allows the department to better forecast expenditures and avoid large, single time expenses of hardware replacement.  A storage SAN is scheduled for replacement.  Dell Marketing’s cooperative bid pricing makes a responsible choice for the city’s IT needs.  This project was presented to the Special Sales Tax Oversight Committee on January 19, 2016 and was found to meet the intent of the Capital Sales Tax.

The Board approved a resolution authorizing support for the issuance of $20 million in bonds by the Little Blue Valley Sewer District to make improvements to the incinerator to meet air emission guidelines.  The Little Blue Valley Sewer District (LBVSD or District) has received an Administrative Consent from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to make updates to the existing incineration facilities at the LBVSD treatment plant.  These updates will bring the treatment plant in compliance with EPA emissions standards.  As a part of the Consent which was finalized in February, LBVSD has four years to design and implement the necessary upgrades to bring the air emissions within compliance.  As a result, the District is requesting a resolution of support for the issuance of $20 million in bonds to pay for incinerator updates.  During this time, the facility will continue to operate as normal except for portions of the construction phase.  During those phases, sludge will be hauled to the Johnson County landfill instead of being incinerated.  If the updates are not made, the incinerator will be taken out of service.  This will result in approximately $3 million per year in hauling and disposal fees to a landfill.  Currently the Courtney Ridge landfill is not accepting sludge from LBVSD or Kansas City, Missouri and it must be hauled to Johnson County. The bonds to be issued will be in the amount of $20 million and will be sold publicly. The anticipated debt service is $1.3 million per year and will be paid off in 2036. There will be no change in the 2010 financial forecast with this bond issue through a number of implementations made by LBVSD. These implementations include overtime management practices, attrition, the implementation of new shift schedules that manage overtime and keep the facility running 24/7 to increase plant efficiency through the elimination of cool-down and warm-up operations. In order for the bonds to be issued, 10 of 13 customer agencies must approve the issuance of the bonds through resolution. The District plans to issue the bonds in November if customer approval can be attained by mid-September.

The Board approved a resolution authorizing a professional services agreement with Olsson Associates for the design and construction services of the 83rd Street Bridge in an amount not to exceed $407,071. Per the direction of the Board, staff solicited design proposals for the replacement of the 83rd Street Bridge. One proposal was received for the replacement of the bridge from Olsson Associates. Upon review of the proposal, staff determined that the proposal met or exceeded all requirements of the proposal and awarded the project to Olsson Associates. The design phase of the project will be divided into two phases: Preliminary Design and Final Design/Construction Services. Phase I has been completed and a presentation for the preliminary design findings and recommendations was given on June 21, 2016. The contract is for the Final Design and Construction Services for the selected/recommended improvement alternative which is the two-span full replacement option. Phase II includes all right-of-way work including temporary construction easements, utility coordination, public involvement, progress meetings, environmental considerations, design of the new bridge and associated construction phasing, development of specifications and final cost estimations, and construction submittal review, inspection, and testing. The tentative schedule is as follows: Notice to Proceed (Design) August 9, 2016 Final Design January 20, 2017 Bid Opening February 22, 2017 Notice to Proceed (Construction) March 17, 2017 End Construction September 1, 2017 Public involvement, utility coordination, and project meeting dates and times are to be determined.

The Board passed a resolution approving the expenditure of funds for the Park Master Plan with Pros Consulting, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $29,172.  The Park Master Plan is a planning document to guide future park development for the next 10-15 years. The process includes a comprehensive audit of the City’s park facilities, identifying system weaknesses, evaluating recreation programs and exploring new opportunities to generate additional revenue. The plan has the potential to produce positive economic development and become an integral part of the City of Raytown’s comprehensive plan. The Board of Alderman approved Resolution R-2746-15 on February 12, 2015 authorizing a professional services agreement with PROS Consulting, Inc. for $78,275.00 plus 15% contingency for a total cost of $90,000.00. Total project cost is split over two fiscal years. The fiscal year 2014-2015 budget (Phase I) was $50,000.00. The fiscal year 2015-2016 budget (Phase II) is $40,000.00. Of the fiscal year 2014-2015 $50,000.00 budgeted, only $20,827.63 was spent. PROS Consulting, Inc. has been paid $46,969.73 in total with $26,142.10 of the total in fiscal year 2015-2016. The Park Fund budget will be amended to appropriate $29,172.37 to the fiscal year 2015-2016.

The Board passed a resolution authorizing a market adjustment to the city of Raytown Paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician wage.  Raytown EMS is the lowest paid in the region, of the agencies shown for which data were available.  This fact puts us at a considerable disadvantage both for recruiting and retaining employees, as well as increasing our overtime expenditures, as vacant shifts are mostly covered by full-time employees earning overtime.  While our ideal target was the approximate middle of the field—an 18% increase—this has been determined to be unfeasible at this time.  It was determined in the course of Finance Committee discussions that the 10% increase was much more feasible and sustainable at the present time and into the near future.  We believe the 10% increase will mitigate the staffing problems somewhat, though to a lesser extent.

Alderman Jason Greene said he can’t remember the last time employees received a raise.  He hesitated to vote for the new ambulance because it can’t be staffed.  The EMS wages aren’t competitive.  But he’s not in favor of a 10% raise.  He thinks it needs to be more significant

Alderman Emerson said the Finance Committee decided on 10% due to the budget constraints.  They would like to do more, but the money is just not there.

Alderman Teeman said the Board needs to be very careful with the amount of raises.  Once the raise is given, whether it’s 10% or 15%, it’s done.  When the Board puts together the new budget, they can’t take that money back.  Once they give a raise, it’s given.

Alderman Van Buskirk said he’s not in favor of a 15% raise.  He said he would support a 10% raise.  He said there are a lot of city employees who deserve raises, but the money is just not there.

Alderman Meyers said the city has trouble staffing EMS and had to send more than 300 calls to the KC EMS.  The EMS staff can get paid better working at Hy-Vee.

Mark Loughry told the Board that it is true EMS employees need more money, but the Board has to understand if more money is given to one department, then there is less money for another department or project.

The Board passed an amendment to the resolution increasing the EMS wages 15%.

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Anonymous said...

Super Splash is a gigantic cash drain. When I lived in Raytown, I felt that it should have been closed. I still think that it should be closed or at least repurposed to another use. Only a fool would waste $4.75 million to renovate it!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I wounder if Mark Loughry has what it takes to make sure the current Board of Alderman understand some of the reasons there is NO money to pay EMS what they should are:

1.) 350 Live - Which is just generating enough money to pay the bonds

2.) When the city could have given EMS a raise the money went to one employee ($30,000)

3.) Over funded police department (pension, cars and management that is not out on the streets)

If our elected officials would cut the police budged by 50% we could still have the same service by cleaning out management positions and that would give all the money needed to keep great folks at EMS.

Anonymous said...

Go to Super Splash and hang out there for a day, then tell me you want to keep it open. It's not a good or safe place for children anymore. Same for the most, rest of the Raytown area, I suppose.

Oh well, this town and this county had a good run, but it has become a melting pot of illegal immigrants, generational welfare recipients and crooked millionaires’ and politicians. This has completely destroyed the middle class, which Raytown, in its prime, was all about. Now, our country is 17 Trillion in the hole and sinking even more every day. Not good people, not good at all.

Calandra said...

It's ridiculous to raise taxes for Super Splash... High taxes is what almost stopped me from moving to Raytown as it is...

Anonymous said...

I read in one of the local newspapers that our mayor ( yep the one who made all the promises) said he saw no hurry in filling the vacant in Ward 5 the seat of deceased Steve Mock. Well mayor the residents of Ward 5 deserve equal representation on the board the same as the other wards. So get off your high horse and for once do what is right and off your personal agenda.
Just sign me a longtime resident and not a fan of yours.

Anonymous said...

I for one would rather he take his time and pick a good person than fill it with just anyone. 4:34 don't seem like your making much sense. You got your representation in Teeman for now
Just want anyone to represent you?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:34

Of course Mark knows. So does the Board of Aldermen. So do the people of Raytown. All the money spent to date on Walmart and all the money that will be spent on Walmart in the future is a done deal. No one can change it now. The people got fed up and booted out the Board and Mayor that messed up everything so bad. Sharma is gone. We'll see what the new Board pays the new person. It shouldn't be as much since the new CA will live in town and won't have as far to drive to work.

Anonymous said...

Wait until the first of the year on the EMS money.

My bet is if they are not in the fire stations that money will disappear.

Then they will be back in the same boat.
If you read the Brooking Eagle the money will have to be cut from somewhere else to sustain the raise.
So people what gets cut? Maybe the Fire Department is the way to go?

Any opinion on this topic Doc?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:23

Yes - the money has to come from somewhere else. Mark Loughery already said that last Tuesday night. But Steve Meyers also said if the city didn't give these people more money, who would staff the ambulances? When a person feels they have to leave a job at the city and go to work in an unskilled service industry job in order to feed their families, what does that say about the city? The BOA is working through these problems. With Sharma gone and Loughery there it will get done faster and better than it would have 2 years ago.

Anonymous said...

My oh my! Where to cut waste in Raytown City Government? For starters shut down the money pit they call Super Splash USA. It is losing money hand over fist. The repairs and upgrades they want will run well into six figures. Here is another. Quit publishing the non-informational magazine. It overstates the obvious and does NOTHING to improve Raytown's image or communication with taxpayers. It is a bad hangover from the David Bower days. I remember how city leaders felt it could be self-funded by paid ads. What a joke. It is a tribute to incompetence. One final area of waste is in the police department. Why are city police cars being used by off duty officers at Walmart? Will the city do the same for other businesses in town? I don't think so.

There you go. Three simple steps that will save a lot of money and not force the city to cut back services elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other posters. While I am all for a solid police department, this one operating under Lynch and Bowman is NOT operating in the interest in the City. It is nothing but a good ol' boy system with a top-heavy and over-spending administration. Self serving raises and rank, combined with incompetence and greed has cost this city millions and has added no additional benefits for the citizens. Fancy large SUVs, sports cars and monthly out of town conventions is not stopping or fighting crime in our town.

We need a term limit on the city marshal position to stop this corruption.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder who at city hall made the under-the-table deal to allow WalMart to take the city to the cleaners. My guess is X Mayor Sue frank, X city manager, Curt Wenson and X Finance Director, Dan Estes. I hope whatever anyone of you got was worth selling this town out for.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for my city department to be annexed by KC along with the whole 10 Square miles of Rawtown.

Anonymous said...

Super Splash will still need money to just keep the property up. You cant just abandon it. It will become more of a problem than it already is

Anonymous said...

Can't make you people happy. SUVs are what is made, because the crown Vic is no longer made! They buy Ford from the in city dealership and I don't see a lot of places to have training conventions in Raytown. And they are mandated to have certain training in certain areas every year. If you think you can do it better, apply and put on the badge. Not as easy as you think and being unappreciated doesn't help.

Sign me Sick of the wackos

Anonymous said...

$4.75 million for Super Splash is nuts. The thing needs to be shut down.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Cadillac made police verticals

Yes, I understand the chief has one

Now explain that justification

Anonymous said...

What happens when you dump millions down a bottomless well?
It makes a SuperSplash.
Sorry, slow joke day.

Anonymous said...

Anon August 15, 2016 at 10:23 PM, I would say that your theory is missing one key point. The City has been screwing over the Fire District for years and I don't really think they are on speaking terms. They would be crazy to want EMS right now with the TIF issues hanging out there. Along with all the mismanagement at City hall by both the professional staff and the elected officials. I actually thought to my self "Thank God" last week with Bill Vanbuskirk pointed out the the Fire District was not under the control of the city. I know he was trying to spin it as a negative, but from where I sit the citizens are better off that he is not calling the shots.

Anonymous said...

Well Azieres at it again with his misinformation campaign about the closing of Super Splash
The Park Board that voted for the one year closure to see what was most beneficial for the taxpayers. Aziere said they were the Mayors hand picked board. Lie!
Only two of the nine members were appointed by the present mayor, all the rest were holdovers from previous administration
Aziere for once tell the truth and get your facts straight

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg or Paul
How about an online poll as to keeping super splash open or close it?
Straight up or down vote
Yes keep it open
No-lets close this sucker

Anonymous said...

The city aldermen in Mission by a vote of 6 no and 2 yes voted down a Wal-Mart for the old mission
shopping center that was leveled about 10 years ago. They have brains and guts to go against
the power of Wal-Mart unlike our city actions some 10 years ago.

So far they have a chance. Can you imagine building a Wal-Mart and putting apartments above it
for people to rent? I would be the start of subsidezed housing.

Anonymous said...

If what Randy Battagler wrote in his weekly column about the cost of fixing Super Splash it would be less expensive to have patrons of the pool driven over by city paid chauferred vehicles and their admission paid to the park of their choice!

Anonymous said...

Well your wrong. Go figure. The chief drive a Dodge Charger.

Anonymous said...

Funny you must be getting desperate The Chief drive a 6 year old police car NOT a Cadillac! It doesn't go VERTICAL.

Anonymous said...

Yes,I do have a opinion regarding the EMS merger/pay raise.
I stand in agreement with the Union President Taylor Seedorf on this matter.

The Scribe said...

Why does our chief of police even need a city paid for personal car? The entire
community is less than 10 square miles. It would appear to me that if the chief
needs a ride from his home to somewhere he should have one of the patrol cars
pick him up.

Just think of it,. If the police were really doing their job they would be
in the neighborhoods, not just driving up and down Raytown Road and 63rdr Street.
If the abuse and misuse of city owned vehicles were stopped the city might have
enough money to occasionally --just occasionally - repair some of the chuck-holes
in the street.

Driving a car up and down the street while allegedly on patrol (hidden behind
"Hollywood size" sunglasses doesn't do a lot to prevent crime

Anonymous said...

So you want to tie up an officer playing chauffeur for the chief? That's real smart. You wackos need to put on the badge and do the job if you think you can do it better. They're hiring. You wouldn't last a day.

Anonymous said...

So you want tie up an officer driving the chief around? Real smart. If you think you can do the job better, apply then. They're hiring. You wouldn't last a day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scribe! Man up and go to Headquarters and confront them if you think they are such cowards. Better yet ride up on them in the street and do it. Show us how it's done!

Anonymous said...

The budget for the Police like other budgets in the city is vetted over numerous steps before presentation to the board of alderman. There is a long intense process by city staff to make sure they can prove they need the funds they ask for. Then an initial presentation to the alderman. The board then votes for the budget after their questions are answered by the staff from the initial presentation. So lots of checks and balances from what I have watched over the years. Try learning something of the budget process before you make accusations of anyone misspending our taxes. Our board of aldermen, including Aziere, have the final say so. I trust they are watching our tax dollars. From what I have watched of the meetings, they are, as well as the rest of our elected officials and staff. Not sure Aziere knows what he is reading if at all though with his stupid questions and remarks

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful to the Police I see driving through my neighborhood a couple times a day

Anonymous said...

Lol... love the obvious cops talking tough on here anonymously.......wonder what they are like on the streets with a badge on?

Larry said...

Well there's another letter from Joe Creamer this week. This time from the rehab center. He says he three days sober. Are we going to be subjected to a blow by blow account of his rehab ad nausea? When he's been clean AND sober for a year come and tell us. Otherwise it's just a bunch of words. You lied to us while you were in the city council. How do we know your not lying now.

KMCCLA said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Lol... love the obvious cops talking tough on here anonymously.......wonder what they are like on the streets with a badge on?
August 20, 2016 at 2:30 PM

And yet, you are Anonymous as well, isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black? Or is it you are too scared to tell your name?

Mary Pat said...

I'm not cop/ police person but I am the one who wrote the post about the police in my neighborhood daily. Even tho We have dogs at our home it still gives me comfort to know they are around.. I'm Mary Pat

Frank said...

We were all thinking the same thing about that comment and anonymous poster