Sunday, August 7, 2016


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Election Notes . . . 
Last Tuesday’s Election did not disappoint as five candidates for the Democratic Primary surged with a flurry of activity by all candidates before the August 2nd Primary. When the smoke had cleared, it was Jerome Barnes who received the most votes to move on to the November 8th General Election.

Mr. Barnes will face Bill VanBuskirk who was unopposed in the Republican Primary.

The total number of votes, influenced by the crowded field of candidates, brought out a high number of voters, for a total of 4,951 votes cast.

Unofficial results from the Missouri Secretary of State office are shown below.                           
State Representative - District 28
Jim Aziere              946       30.814%
Josh Greene           202         6.580%
Jerome Barnes       1,212    39.479%
Pat Riehle               128         4.169%
Diane Krizek            582      18.958%
William E. (Bill) Van Buskirk         1,881     100.000%

Some interesting footnotes to last Tuesday’s election . . .
GREG TOLD ME he arrived at his poll to vote (Mid-Continent Public Library) early Tuesday morning. An old acquaintance of his was leaving the poll as he arrived. He told Greg the election judges made him remove his cap before voting. The reason given was the wording on the cap. It read, “Make America Great Again”.

Which most people will recognize as Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. It caused me to wonder . . . Trump was not on the ballot. So why should the cap be removed?

Many candidates give their poll workers t-shirts to wear at the polls. A good example would be the successful campaign of the Democratic (District 28) winner Jerome Barnes. I cannot help but wonder if his workers were required to remove their t-shirts before casting their vote!

This is one rule the Jackson County Election Board may want to take another look at before the November General Election.
WE ALSO RECEIVED a report of candidate Josh Greene’s yard signs being removed from yards on the morning of the election. Witnesses say a heavy set man who was dressed rather slovenly was seen removing the signs. One of the homeowners affected thought they may have picked up an image of the individual on their home security camera. We told the homeowner we would link the video if he wants it published. We have not received a response as of publication time.
A LITTLE BROU-HA-HA has erupted over a letter sent by Raytown Parks and Recreation Board member Chris Rathbone.  Rathbone penned a letter to voters in Ward 2 urging them to “not vote” for Jim Aziere in the August 2nd Democratic Primary.

One of the most upset individuals in Raytown over the letter is Randy Battagler, owner of the Raytown Times. He is also a personal friend of the Ward 2 Alderman.

In an editorial last week Battagler attacked Rathbone for sending the letter, calling it dirty politics. He even claimed that Rathbone had not written the letter.

Battagler wrote, “I wonder who wrote it for him since I know him well and doubt that he could write such a letter.”

We know Chris Rathbone too. And, we can assure you he is smart and eloquent enough to have written the letter.

We have seen a copy of the letter and can also assure our readers that Mr. Rathbone had his facts straight. In other words, there was nothing  “dirty” about him writing a letter outlining Mr. Aziere’s record.
We wonder if the letter was effective.

The precinct reports for the August 2nd election should be out in a couple of weeks. Greg and I will be checking those results . . . particularly the results from the precincts in Ward 2. Aziere should have done well in his home ward. If he did not, the credit would rightfully go to Rathbone for Aziere’s second place finish in the Primary Election.

Check This Out!!!
One of my neighbors and I ran into each other at the Raytown Farmer’s Market this weekend. After doing a little shopping at the market we decided to check out the new “Smoothie Bar” located in the Raytown Plaza next door to Body Wise

The Smoothie Bar is named 40/40/20 SMOOTHIE SHOP. It is owned and operated by Efrem Williams and his wife, Jill Parrish. They are also the owners of Body Wise Solutions. Both of them are licensed Personal Trainers and licensed Massage Therapists.

Opening a Smoothie Bar next door to their training facility made sense. The stylish décor relaxes you the minute you step into the comfortable surroundings of the Smoothie Bar.

But you do not have to be a body fitness type to enjoy what they have to offer.

They specialize in Salads, Gourmet Cupcakes , and, of course Smoothies.

Mindy and I tried out the Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie. Our verdict . . . . “Delicious, filling, rich tasting, high in protein, yet low in fat and calories”.

So if you want a treat that is as good for you as it tastes, check out the 40/40/20 Smoothie Bar at the Raytown Plaza.

Efrem told us he is open every day (except Sundays) from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Recognition is due the Raytown Parks and Recreations folks for repairing the parking lot light at the main shelter house at Coleman Park. It’s nice to know you are listening. Many thanks!

We also want to give a shout out to the Raytown Farmer’s Market this week.
The Raytown Farmer’s Market is unique to the area. All the produce at the market is organically grown and free of gmo enhancements. The peak of the growing season is upon us. So take advantage of the Market which is open on Thursday afternoons and Saturday across from the Green Space located at 62nd and Raytown Road. Use this link to visit the Raytown Farmer’s Market website: RAYTOWN FARMERS MARKET

Raytown Code enforcement has a lot on their plate, but we wonder if they are missing some of the eyesores people pass to as their drive to the new Downtown Raytown streetscape.

The business located at 59th and Raytown Trafficway, just north of the new streetscape, looks like a junk yard. Half-cannibalized vehicles in various states of disrepair are parked on a lot overgrown with weeds. To make matters worse, it is located directly across from the Raytown Chamber of Commerce headquarters!

The western entrance to the new city streetscape is 63rd Street. The large open field just east of Blue Ridge Elementary has been cut once (yes, just once!) this summer. Anyone who owns a yard knows how tough the city can be on homeowners who do not cut their grass. Those same rules are supposed to apply to large property owners.

That’s our two cents worth this week. What do you think? Please take the time to let us know by visiting the blog portion of our website.

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Anonymous said...

In analyzing Joe Creamer's rants on his letters to a certain news source over and over again, and their great detail, one has to wonder how much he is getting from City Hall through the freedom of information act?
I would presume that means staff time and that means tax dollars! I hope they are charging him appropriately for the staff time.Oh, if one knows Joe, one knows that he cannot write that intelligently so I imagine he has help from other sources

Chris Rathbone said...

Paul and Greg,
Thank you for your kind words but I do not deserve any credit for Jerome Barnes victory. I simply sent out a letter so that voters could make an informed decision. He ran a great campaign and got the voters to show up for him. Jerome Barnes, his family, and team deserve all the credit.

Peter said...

No election board can change a Missouri General Assembly ruling of statues. Electionerring within a polling place is quite clear in chapter 115 of the said book. Election officials are sworn to uphold the laws within the book of election offenses.
A t-shirt with political campaigning would be asked to be turned inside out. A cap that represents a political party would be asked to be removed. This has been a law forever.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh poor Aziere and his boyfriend Randy. They thought with enough lies they could win. Kudos to Mr. Rathbone for exposing the truth. Shame on Randy to say that about Mr. Rathbone! This kid served his nation! The only thing Randy every served was another plate of BS to this town!

Anonymous said...

Another great new place to check out is breakfast and lunch lovers. In center 63, where the old pizza place used to be and next door to las chills. Great b@g open m-s 6:30-2:30 nod Sunday 7;30 TO 2:30. We all need to support this local business. Homemade and better than the big biscuit......please give them a try, they opened last Thursday.

Anonymous said...

I too watched the election closely and here is an observation I have made. We have a Republican majority in Jefferson City if Barnes is elected he will be a freshman rep. learning the ropes with no experience. On the other side of the coin Van Buskirk has eight years of government experience and is knowledgeable and ready to go to work working for Raytown getting tings done. I am not willing to waste two years waiting for someone to learn how government works in Jefferson City I want someone who will hit the ground running and for me that is Van Buskirk. Written by a well informed citizen and by the way I vote for the man not a party.

Paul Livius said...


Regarding my story about the Trump hat. I would agree with your story about having to remove electioneering clothing for issues and people on the ballot. Last Tuesday did not have presidential candidates on the ballot. Given that fact, the enforcement was a little over the top. I am curious, I know a lot of our readers are regular voters. Can any of them remember seeing anyone turn a campaign shirt inside out at a poll so they could vote? What do the election officials do if it is the only article of clothing a voter is wearing (I mean from the waist up!)?

I would really be curious to know.

I also wonder about the interpretation and enforcement of section 115. I know many voters carry in material given to them by campaign workers. Wouldn't that fall under the rule as regards electioneering?

I will check up Section 115 of Missouri State Statutes and comment on it later.

Anonymous said...


You have been mislead.

I openly had on my Kennedy for President t-shirt, a remake form 1960.

I actually had it on to have the confrontation with the under trained election workers.

I am please they didn't say anything.

They did start to say I needed a photo id, but one of the other workers said "NO" we don't need photo ids.

Over the years I have seen these great minds think folks cannot take sample ballots or had written reminders with them into the build, which is not the case. They just cannot have viable for others.

I have seen the workers take down signs saying they are viable from the building, but the law says cannot be within 25 feet of the door. Yes, they were forced to put the signs back up.

Until we standup to those who work to withhold our VOTE America will continue to degrade.

Anonymous said...

Turning a T shirt inside out accomplishes nothing because it still can be read! Removal of the T shirt should be required even if the person must go home. I certainly think it would be inappropriate for a lady to reverse her T shirt while in public.

Unless times have changed, when I lived in Raytown tall grass and weeds (or anything for that matter) was NOT enforced unless someone made a complaint. Codes didn't have staff time to patrol. There were times one of my neighbors called Jim Aziere because her call to codes was useless. I suggest that the junk cars and tall grass be reported to Codes!

I have known Joe for many years and have found him to be very intelligent. He can certainly is able to write in an articulate manner.

Andy Whiteman

Mary Pat said...

Dear Paul
As Peter said a politiical party And yes the hat is promoting a Political party. All literature is placed In a trash receptical or in ones purse etc because it too is a form of electioneering and that has to stay 25 ft from a polling place. A lot of people have never educated themselves on such matters as state election laws and offenses. You can go to mo. Gov or any election board within the state of mo. To recieve a copy

Mary Pat said...

Yes in 38 yrs working as a Deputy in eastern Jackson county I be seen many people go to the restroom to turn their shirt inside out. I've been from Grandview to Levasy Mo. In the elections . A politician will educate his electioneering staff as well. The special Deputies who drive from poll to poll to check up on the judges will enforce said laws and if a person is not in compliance and refuses to comply even after being showed the various laws in the book then local police may be called in. There are laws on those who do exit polling and challengers as well. There are laws that govern the entire election process. It's so much more than just go vote put ballot in box and then it's counted . I am fortunate to have been raised in a politically active and informative family . Walking door to door with my mother as a wee child to electioneering outside of polling places at 13 to becoming fully active in all the aspects during college years. This is a great platform to further educate our community of the entire election process.

Anonymous said...

You can sure tell the ones who vote every once in awhile or aren't very observant

Anonymous said...

I have heard Van Buskirk speak many times the last being at the candidate form at city hall the end of July. Mr. Van Buskirk gave thought to the questions being asked before giving an answer untrue of Mr. Barnes giving quick answers never really thinking through the question or the answer he should give. Again I say Van Buskirk is the real man for the job. To bad Nick you can't think for yourself you vote party I vote for the man who can do the job.

Anonymous said...

In the freedom of information act do they charge the normal Joe of the community for asked information ? Just wondering

Anonymous said...

Make America Great Again is not a party slogan any more than Hope and Change was party slogan 8 years ago. They are or were both campaign slogans for particular candidates. The election officials were wrong to have the man remove his hat because the candidate the slogan refers to was not on the ballot. One of the election judges was over-reacting, or it could have just been an overzealous election judge who does not care for Donald Trump. I wonder if the same judge would have insisted a person wearing a Hillary hat would have asked that it be removed?

Anonymous said...

I am glad you published the pictures of the junk cars and overgrown lots. Now the city knows there is a problem to address! No more excuses. Clean up the mess!

Anonymous said...

After reviewing the agenda for tonight's Board of Alderman meeting I see the EMS workers are getting a 10% salary adjustment. This equates to $29,000 a year. They could have had a raise a long time ago if the BOA hadn't given Sharma a 30k raise, or bought an ambulance that can not be staffed. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Your key word was the under trained . And there lies one problem. No they can not take literature into the poll unless in a purse or pocket for help with their vote . Look it up on mo. Gov. Or call the election board . Yes you had under trained judges as you said . I hope people will not be doing things in the presidential election to as you said have a confrontation otherwise it could tie up the lines to vote

Anonymous said...

You are right they are campaign slogans for a political party!! Think you answered your own question campaign slogans, political party, campaign literature all have a common denominator . Call the Missouri Assembly and voice your concern and get it changed in law

Anonymous said...

Or directly seen thru a window into a polling place is what I understood. Why don't we find out for sure by going to the law book or calling the jceb at 816 325 4600. We can debate this till the cows come home but I think a point was made earlier to check it out and formally educate ourselfs. Seems a good thing to do

Anonymous said...

I think you would be great working as a judge at the polls protecting our votes .

Anonymous said...

6:27 AM, The last time I made a FOIA request from the city, the charge was 10¢ per page. I asked a simple question and was told I had to get over 160 pages even though the issue was only on one or two pages. Since I am a paper person, I am unaware if there is a charge to furnish the document electronically.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I think the officials at the election board need called and let them decide on the "HAT" issue.

It could be they have election works that services are no longer needed.

I recall four years ago stopping by a poll and speaking with a candidate a lady came out as mad has everything as she was trying to get someone to come out to the car so her elderly mother who was disable could vote.

I said they have o allow this as it is part of the law. She said she tried to tell that to one of the male election workers who had a judge button on and he said "NO" and that he was in change and that was how it was going to be.

I asked for them to wait and I would speak to whoever else was in charge. The other on sight judge agree they had to come to to car and said give them about 5 minutes and they would be out, which they did.

I didn't say anything more, but reported this to the election board so they could either retrain or clean out the bad workers.

By not reporting to the election board the problem will never really be fixed.

Anonymous said...

Seems former Economic Development Director Tom Cole will be coming back on board soon. Tom was highly respected and productive but chose to pursue some private sector opportunities which lead to his decision to part ways with the City. No doubt he will be up to speed in no time. I also hear he will be assisting with the media and public information releases as well. Sounds like a reduction of salary and benefits and that full time PIO position being dissolved was a pretty intelligent decision by the new administration now that Tom will be providing both services.

Anonymous said...

12:30 PM, I am surprised that the official refused to come to the car to take a vote for an elderly, disabled person! When I worked for AT&T in Lees Summit, my manager had a disability that involved ability to walk. She told me that a poll worker always came to her car to take her vote.

Since I am disabled, I have voted absentee since before I left Raytown. I vote from my desk at home taking several days to think out my decision before I cast my votes and mail it back.

Andy Whiteman

Chris Rathbone said...

A few years ago I was electioneering at first baptist. I had placed a sign near some others that were more than the required distance away from the entrance. One of the poll workers told me I had to remove the signs because they could be seen from inside the building if you looked carefully. I politely asked him to show me the regulation and would remove the sign if I was in the wrong. He had the election judges come out and speak to me and I politely asked them to show me the reg. After about a half hour of them looking through their books and making phone calls they informed me that technically I was correct and did not have to remove my sign, but they would have to stop voting and rearrange the booths so that people could not see them while they were voting.

I told them that I would move my sign, but I did not like being told I was wrong when I was not. I suggested that in the future they set up the booths differently so that this would not be a problem. To this day, they still set up the voting booths the same way inside.

Anonymous said...

I dress normally, show my voter registration card and my driver's license, and I vote. No drama. Why is life so hard for so many?

Anonymous said...

Another night of watching the members of the BOA make fools of them selves. When one alderman made the remark how since coming on the board they have saved the city money I never laughed so hard. Him and the rest of the disgraceful six have cost the city money and LOTS of it. Paying for the lawyer to defend them on the charges against them for breaking the sunshine law was no small bill. So maybe before you start tooting your horn stop and think you didn't save the city any money you cost us a ton. Alderman Teeman what you had to say about the raises given to the EMS and the percentage was right on target but then you didn't stand behind it, come on man either have the guts to stand behind what you say or shut your mouth. I agree with Alderman Aziere the departments do need to be looked at closely to see how they are spending money especially the police the mayors buddy gets a huge chunk of taxpayers money and I too feel they get way to much and it is wasted hardly ever seen any police on the streets not sure how that department is run but something needs to be done. Do I have the answers no but it needs to be changed somehow maybe a new chief at election time would be a great starting point then the mayor could put him on one of his boards like all of his other lawyer and police friends. It's time for a change.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This blog was edited to remove vulgar language.

Anonymous said...

I hope code enforcement goes under Tom Cole as Tom Cole is the only one ever tied to city hall that public spoke out that not enforcing codes was hurting bringing new businesses to town.

Anonymous said...

Okay Joe Cremer at 7:47

This newer board is very objective as compared to yours who just wasted salary on whatever the City Manager could think of, if it be waste or unneeded salaries. I wonder what the legal fees are for the TIF dispute with Fire are, all because our professional city staff cant file reports? Or how many MILLIONS in the hole we are for the Walmart.

My suggestion is to stop your name calling and get big boy pants on.

Anonymous said...

Some have nothing better to do than attempt to create drama I guess.

Anonymous said...

To Anon August 9, 2016 at 7:27 AM, Where in the world did you come up with the $29,000.00 a year figure? Randy's comic book or did you just make it up? I ask this because if you look to the approved and published 2016 budget you can see that your number makes absolutely zero sense. Payroll for full-time- $501,555, overtime $40,500, part-time $ 22,500, employee benefits (vacation time, sick time, pension,) $244,293. An across the board adjustment would apply to all of these figures; if someones pay goes up so does the amount they receive for working overtime, so does the amount they are paid while on vacation, so does the amount that is paid to their pension. If you total all of these costs up it equals $808,848, A 10% adjustment would have an $80,884 impact on the budget and the 15% that was actually approved is an increase of $121,327 not $29,000. Along the lines of things that make you wonder if anyone if paying attention; during Tuesday nights council meeting it was said by the Director of EMS that Raytown is the only city in the metro area that has an EMS service that is not part of a fire department. He did say that all of Johnson County, KS has a separate EMS service, but that comprises 11 cities the service covers. If Raytown is the only community where the EMS folks only perform one role, meaning not EMS and Fire, how can you compare what Raytown employees make to those serve two functions. It is reasonable to me that if an employee is expected to do the work that was previously completed by two employees in an effort to make a company more efficient the employee should receive at least a portion of the combined savings, in order to compensate them for the increase in duties. Raytown EMS has not had their role expanded and while their calls are up for this year, I doubt you will hear them offer to lower their pay next year if the call number decreases. This was another example of poor management by the professional staff of the City and the Board we elect to oversee them.

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:47 AM for all his BS Aziere was there to vote for ALL the budget. I would think he would have known what was in it. Do YOU even know what was in it? Probably not or you would know all City departments have to show why they need the money they need, then Mahesh had to approve what went forward then the Board approved it. The Mayor doesn't have a vote.
I see cops all over the place so not sure you know what you are talking about. Sounds like a complainer with no solutions... or as I calls them....whiners !!

Anonymous said...

So Raytown Rag Randy has a "Breaking Story" on the front page of his paper and states that former Economic Development Director Tom Cole is headed back to Raytown, but this time to take the Public Information Officer position that was dissolved by the Administration awhile back. Say what??? It was announced LOUD & CLEAR by Current Interim City Administrator Mark Loughry at the City Council meeting this past Tuesday that Cole is returning to once again head up the Economic Development Department. Randy was in attendance while not taking numerous smoke breaks or leaving at 9:00 with a several important agenda items still to discuss.While Tom will be assisting with the minimal duties and helping with some of the PIO tasks, his main thrust as I understandstand will be Economic Development. A simple phone call to Tom as any professional journalist would and should do would have provided Randy and more importantly his readership the accurate information they deserve.

Anonymous said...


Its obvious who you are. And who made that complaint to the state Creamer? Your friend at the Raytown Times, all for political purposes. Havent you embarassed yourself enough? How funny you are trying to stay relevant.

Anonymous said...

Is this Joe Creamer?

Uneducated opinion... check

Apparently used vulgar language... check

Referred to the "disgraceful seven" without any real understanding... check

Oh Hi Mr. Creamer

For future reference, please do us a favor and leave this town. We don't need any more of your idiocy here. I saw the death threat that you made on Facebook to a certain alderman. You are a disgraceful person, yet you have to feel like you matter. It's truly pitiful.

Also, let's defend Jim Aziere who not only voted for the same thing that you are complaining that Teeman voted for (but let's praise that worthless husk of skin), but was obviously talking in favor of an additional sales tax to prop up SUPER TRASH water park. Sure, yeah. That makes COMPLETE sense. Go back to your cave troll!

Anonymous said...

Joe wrote a few weeks ago that he believes people are driving by his house and watching him.

This seemed to make him feel more complete and wanted

Why not share love upon his hate and we all can drive down 66th St and when we get to Rose Ln honk and wave at the house on the NE corner.

Anonymous said...

So this week Joe Creamer pulls out his best Flip Wilson imitation and says "The Weed and The Devil Made Me Do It" in his weekly irrelevant letter in Raytown Times. So Joe are you stating that while an elected official you participated in an illegal activity (marijuana usage) according to the penal codes of both City and State laws?? GENIUS.... Hey bud I've been through a divorce and I pulled my big boy pants up and took it like a man like a lot of men have. Your public whining and excuses are a clear sign of weak character and obvious attempt to deflect many of your poor decisions and embarrassing public actions that you have participated in over the years.. Own em Joe...Be a Man...

Anonymous said...

When you hire back employees who have left for other opportunities, you are basically hiring back a person who has shown no loyalty, no commitment or any interest in an organization other than a paycheck.

It is sickening to see the city do this and even more sickening that the Mayor and BOA has allowed this to occur.

Anonymous said...

Interesting writing this week from good old Joe Creamer.

Seems he has decide to let everyone know he has a drug addiction.

I don't know about everyone else, but based on his writings I think we all figured that out.

Anonymous said...

What a crock you have posted! Our Police, EMS and Fire Dept. are the best in KC area. If you have evidence to otherwise put it out there for all to see. You, Aziere and Joe Creamer are full of hot air. All blow and no show

Anonymous said...

When you can make more at Market Grille as a waiter or waitress than at Raytown EMS as a paramedic, thats a problem. The fact that loyalty should keep someone in a position where one starts at under 9 dollars an hour is absurd. Instead this board showed loyalty to underpaid employees who have stuck around and SHOWED LOYALTY. You are a joke! Take your crap analysis and go join Joe Creamer and Jim Aziere on the "everyone but us is wrong" train.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes people leave not for lack of commitment but because they wish to try something new and maybe due to a lack of commitment by the team they had been on. Tom is a talented energetic man
Looks like the City is getting two for one with him being Economic Development AND Public Information Officer where they were once two jobs. I say good move Mayor

Anonymous said...

Raytown EMS is NOT the best in KC!!!

I base this on facts

1.) Paying people $9 doesn't keep or attract the BEST people

2.) Leaving the city with 1 or NO ambulance because they cannot staff them

3.) Deciding to wait on a 2nd Raytown ambulance when 2 KC units were already on sight and could transfer someone

Care to make any other statements that FACTS do not support!