Sunday, October 9, 2016


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Raytown South Middle School's Elizia Garcia proving she can keep up with the guys  


Board Amends
Residency Requirement
The Board of Aldermen has amended the residency requirement for a City Administrator of  Raytown. The amendment leaves the requirement in place, but allows the Board of Aldermen to set aside the residency requirement if they so choose.

Some Board members expressed the concern that if they found the best candidate for the position who only lacked one requirement . . . they feel they should be able to hire the individual.

The requirement they were referring to would be the residency requirement.

This is the point where Board members and many in the public disagree.

The “best candidate” would have the most important requirement needed for a successful city administrator. He (or she) would want to become part of the community.

The decisions a City Administrator would reach with the Board of Aldermen would affect their home and personal life. The position they fill is important. To understand the impact on the community of their work, they need to live here to experience the results.

That is the reason why the vast majority of communities that rely upon professional leaders have the residency requirement.

As it stands right now, the city has an interim City Administrator filling the position.

He lives in Basehor, Kansas. Basehor is a 45 minute commute (that’s 1.5 hours round trip!) from Raytown.

He lives in Basehor, Kansas because when he was hired as City Administrator he moved his family and home to Basehor.

Paul’s Rant

The Mahesh Sharma Myth and Darts

It has always amazed me how current office holders are held up as the best and brightest in the area. Once they are out of office, the glow fades and people begin to speak more openly (and honestly) about those who once held a leadership position in the community.

Last week’s meeting of the Board of Aldermen holds the above observation to be true.

Ward 3 Alderman Mark Moore spoke of the former City Administrator when he said “promises were not kept”. Ward 1 Alderman Josh Greene mentioned there were “bad feelings about the last City Administrator.”

No one will argue, the observations are accurate on both counts.

But the real problem was not just with the City Administrator. The Board properly shares part of the blame. Recent events show this last statement to be true.

The Board recently approved a change in the law as requires liquor-by-the-drink ordinances. Previous ordinances created a 300’ buffer between schools, churches and such establishments. Regardless of where you stand on the issue . . . the fact is the change in the ordinance from 300’ to 100’ was brought about because one of Mahesh Sharma’s department heads, Brenda Gustafson, incorrectly approved by-the-drink liquor license to a restaurant directly across the street from Raytown High School in direct violation of city ordinances.

This happened under Sharma’s watch. It was his responsibility to over-see the day to day operation of the city. In this instance, his failure was complete. That failure on Sharma’s part kicked open the door to those who will do anything in the name of raising more tax revenue.

It was Sharma’s failure to follow the rules that created the situation. Some on the Board felt compelled to allow the change in zoning law because the business had changed hands since the license was originally issued.

DARTS . . .

Zoning laws are in place to maintain order in how a community is developed commercially and residentially.

In a perfect world, single family residential areas are surrounded by multi-family dwellings.

Multi-family dwellings are a buffer between the single family areas and commercial office areas.

Those outer ring areas of zoning are supposed to encompass retail and commercial areas. The reason is to help control traffic flow, but most importantly, to maintain a quality of life for those who are the true backbone of any city, the people who make a city their home.

The Board recently approved zoning changes that placed a heavy commercial retail operation in the middle of a residential neighborhood on 63rd Street. The zoning application had been turned down three times by previous Boards.

The action was not a great leap forward for Raytown. It is a leap backwards.

It leaves a zoning map that shows as much order as would be attained by throwing darts at a map of the City of Raytown as regards zoning applications.

The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – October 4, 2016

Mayor Michael McDonough said October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, except for skin cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer.  The chance of developing invasive breast cancer at some time in a woman’s life is about 1 in 8 and depending on the exact stage of cancer the survival rate is between 93 and 100 percent.  More than 200,000 new cases of invasive female breast cancer will be diagnosed in 2016 and more than 40,000 will die from the disease.  Death rates from breast cancer have been declining, and this change is believed to be the result of earlier detection and improved treatment.  Mammography is recognized as the single most effective method of detecting breast changes that may be cancer long before physical symptoms can be seen or felt.  He said he recognizes the month of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month throughout the City of Raytown and encourage all Raytown residents, to join in activities that will help Americans understand what they can do to prevent and control breast cancer.

Police Chief Jim Lynch presented REAP with a check in the amount of $9,363, which are the proceeds from the 13th annual golf tournament.

The Board moved to a study group about the residency requirement for the City Administrator.  Alderman Josh Greene said if the candidate is moving to the area from outside the metro, he would expect that person to move into Raytown.  If, however, that person already lives in the area, he sees no reason to uproot the whole family.  He understands there were bad feelings about the last City Administrator, but he was not properly managed by the former Board of Aldermen.  This Board will give the City Administrator the direction and guidance needed.  Alderman Mark Moore said the last City Administrator made a lot of promises that weren’t kept.  Alderman Moore pointed out he was on the charter committee and there were several members who were adamant about the CA living in town.  There was more than just the question of residency at issue there.  The Board needs to hire a person who is honest and has the integrity to do what he/she agrees to do.  Alderman Steve Meyers said the Board doesn’t run the city on a day-to-day basis.  The leadership team of the City Administrator and the Department Heads run the city.  The Board owes it to the residents to find the best person for the job.  He doesn’t think it matters where they live.  Alderman Meyers made a motion to modify the ordinance requiring the City Administrator to live in Raytown to read that the Board has the discretion to waive that requirement if a majority of the Board chooses to do so.  The Board passed the motion.

Albert L. Walters
1931 – 2016
 On Friday, September 30, 2016, my father, Albert L. Walters passed away at his home in Raytown. Many people have personally contacted me in the last week to offer their condolences. I deeply appreciate their sign of respect and caring for my father.

Albert Walters was a unique individual, the likes of which I will never know again. As a parent, he and my mother did an excellent job of raising their four children. He provided and cared deeply for us and his wife, Una Marie, whom we lost in 1999..

He had an extremely strong work ethic and was the consummate businessman. At the age of 85 he was stilling going to the office every day.

Al believed strongly that we all have a responsibility to give back to the community we call home. He often put his words into action. When funding was needed by the Raytown Girls Softball League for a proper score board, he took the need to Jackson County and gained funding for the project. As a Board member of the Cave Spring Park Association he personally spearheaded efforts to bring improvements to the Park that are use on a regular basis today in the form of a community shelter house.

Albert Walters was also active in local politics. He was elected to the Raytown Charter Commission in 1996. He also participated in local campaigns over the years for various candidates.

Albert Walters was deeply religious man. He was a major supporter and played an integral part in bringing the Society of St. Pius X to the Kansas City area. He was also a member of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta, one of the oldest orders of chivalry in the world.

Al will be remembered for this sharp wit, rye sense of humor, and ability to tell a great story. We miss him greatly.

Al was buried with full military honors at Mount Olivet Cemetery (he was a veteran of the Korean War) where he was interred next to the love of his wife, Una. No doubt, they are together today in heaven.

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Anonymous said...

Will never forget Al, he was truly one of a kind and will be missed greatly by all that knew him. Smart, quick witted, and sometimes painfully truthful. RIP Al.

Anonymous said...

The new City Administrator need to LIVE IN RAYTOWN. I can't believe this is even being debated. Wake up, if there is no buy-in to the community you will get nothing better that you had before. This really isn't rocket science.

Anonymous said...

My deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your family Greg in your time of loss of your father. Al certainly cared deeply about the community he called home and his contributions and his longtime efforts were greatly appreciated!!!

Steve Meyers

Andy Whiteman said...

Greg, My condolences to you and your family.

The City Administrator should be required to live in Raytown so that he/she may experience what it is like to live in Raytown and hopefully make a change for better better quality of life. Unless he/she suffers along with Raytown residents, he/she will have no clue what it is like to live in Raytown. He/she needs to experience 24/7 chip and seal, pot holes, code violations, snow removal (or lack thereof), etc.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy thanks for painting such a wonderfully inaccurate picture of Raytown
Thanks for your thoughts. You're someone that abandoned our city to move elsewhere so not sure your input like that is needed

Anonymous said...

Andy was just repeating the same stuff "Raytowners" blog about on here

Raytown Newbie said...

Hello Fellow Raytowners and Andy,

I guess if someone advocates for our highly paid employees to live here in Raytown, then they should live here too. I'm not thinking Mr. Walters is going to require that but.... it's his blog. After all some of the more lively comments on this blog have come from non residents.

We received the Raytown city newsletter and saw a couple of interesting items. An important one to me is the change in the Clean-Up Coupon Program. We now can get 4 coupons per household per year. Hopefully that will help with us getting rid of trash and yard waste to help keep our city clean. I see too that now the program will include "some" household hazardous waste as well. I need to stop by the city and see just what that includes.
Another thing that caught my eye is the write up on the Streetscape. It is described as: "the first of many phases to revitalize the Downtown area". The next phase is slated to be major improvements to Blue Ridge Blvd between 59th and 63rd.

Hey there... what happened to the plan to add sidewalks to 59th by the junior high? Is that scheduled for construction? And what about the paving on Blue Ridge Blvd from 59th to the north city limits?

One other useful thing I saw in the newsletter is the emails of our Aldermen and mayor. I am going to start copying my comments and those of others so I can forward them to the city officials. I hope others will use their emails to let the city people know what we think.

Okay then. Time to get out and enjoy this great autumn day.

Regards Raytowners, RN

Anonymous said...

Saw the new Dollar General on Blue Ridge Blvd; looks good with that brick makes it blend in better with the brick churches and houses on the Blvd . Wish CVS had the brick as well

Anonymous said...

This city needs more sidewalks and better streets. But instead we get out-of-town city administrators, slurry covered pot hole streets, an over budgeted Police Department ran by a good ol boy system including the current Mayor and a Board of Aldemen that has micro manages everything to death and patting themselves on the back for what great work they do for the community, while breaking sunshine laws left and right.

The new city motto should be "Raytown, a great and affordable place to live...NOT!"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Joe, or one of his cronies. If they weren’t so high and/or drunk, maybe they know what was happening around town. There’s a lot of good things about Raytown. New businesses are opening up all the time. More people are moving into town. In my neighborhood alone, two of the three vacant houses have been bought and the people have moved in. We have a Finance director who knows how to balance a budget. We have a mayor who is NOT a bully. We have a Board of Aldermen who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and fix the problems left over by the previous BOA. (Probably because they’re sober.) Things are looking up in town.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand where so many at city hall get thier sense of entitlement. First was the complete mismanagement of the Walmart project, city hall completely dismissed all of the claims made by the fire district claiming the fire district did not have the correct understanding of the development tool. Then for 6 months the fire district demonstrated time after time that they not only have expert level understanding, but that the city had failed at every step of the way to comply with state reporting and accounting statutes. Then it as found that the city had been decieving the public on how the public safety sales tax proceeds were being spent. Then followed by the park/sewer tax switch a roo, where the public was sold a sewer improvement tax only to have city hall use 100% of the proceeds to prop up the cancer known as Super Splash. As soon as that news dies down we learn Raytown EMS has an ambulance shut down 1/3 of the time anc thier employees are 30% below the metro average. Add to this the news story of a women who died because EMS refused to allow a KCFD ambulance to take her to the hospital. Then we learn the we are gong to lose the Freddie's development because Block and Co doesn't want to provide a road which is clearly outlined in the develpment ageement and the City rolls over and let them off the hook. Thats just the 10 months of 2016, there is soooo much more. City Hall needs to come down of thier high horse and realize how poor of a job they are really doing. Too bad the aldermen have to live in Raytown, maybe if they too didnt have to we could get the best person for the job.

Andy Whiteman said...

2:56PM, I normally don't respond to anonymous posts but I want to make it clear that I did not abandon Raytown. Quite frankly, since I am not rich I could not afford to live in Raytown any more. Also the climate is so miserable I was having health issues. That is why I call Missouri the State of Misery. I was forced to move to Raytown in 1999 for a job which ended in 2003. It took me until 2012 to find a house, remodel, pack and move. I suffered 13 years. Why should I have stayed?
7:38PM, I am not repeating others. I may be repeating what I have said many times on this blog as well as addressed to the BOA.

BTW At least I can afford to heat and cool my house now and my fingers aren't turning purple and hurting from the bitter Raytown winters.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Well much of what you listed was not while the current board was sitting or should I say was in place way before they arrived on the scene

Betty said...

The Walmart debacle, the mismanagement, and misinformation about the park/sewer tax, the underpaid employees, the lack of mandatory reporting. All of these are the examples of what the current BOA has had to fix because of the prior Board’s ineptitude. Thank goodness the admittedly drunk and high alderman is gone, along with the aldermen who chose to turn a blind eye. This Board has done a great job of starting to repair so much damage done to Raytown in the past. I believe they can turn our town around and make it great again.

Anonymous said...

atI believe the current mayor thought he could manage the BOA and has found out he can't. He and the chief found out this board is a whole lot different . I don't like how Alderman Teeman keeps saying it is such a little amount in raises he certainly doesn't understand how the system works. Someone needs to educate him. I don't believe that Chief Lynch has ever been told no when it came to getting what he wanted for the police department and the mayor is certainly trying to get alderman to change their minds. Stick to your guns alderman.
the mayor is not there for the police department of his buddy he is there for the residents, he needs to realize this and pretty darn fast. This was concern of a lot of residents when he was running and he has done nothing to dispel our feeling about this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:34 PM

Thanks for outlining most of the previous issues that the previous Board, Mayor & City Admimistrator either created or failed to address. Well this Board has shown it will not hesitate to tackle difficult issues and are being very responsobile stewards to the taxpayers. While Creamer points fingers from the AA bleachers, he must have been so drunk or stoned that he can't remember he created, instigated, or ignored these areas of concern now being addressed by the current board and administration.

Raytown Newbie said...

Note to Andy:

I did not realize you were not a "Raytowner" when I first started reading this blog. In fact, I only recently figured it out. I am sorry your experience here was so bad. The pain must have gone deep for you to keep the wound open for so long.
I am curious where you moved to that is so swell. I also wonder what your interest is in continuing to follow the fortunes of a place you so clearly detest.
Maybe you need a hobby. I hope that some day you can put your Raytown life behind you and go on with your life.

BTW.... Even though I seem to grouch quite a bit, I have for the most part enjoyed living here in Raytown. I plan to be here for many more years.

All the best to you, Andy.


Anonymous said...

Unlike the former Mayor, this one let's the board as representatives of the people make decisions
He has no vote
A Mayor is supposed to make suggestions to his board as he is the representative of all the people
If you look around at all the improvements and upcoming projects I would say all of them are working hard to make a difference
8:07- that is the checks and balances they have now
It seems to me you are trying to cause dissent where none exists so your agenda against this newer group can continue
Hmmmm wonder if your name is Joe

Betty said...

I've heard several people opine that Joe Creamer is pointing so many fingers at the current BOA because he wants to run again. That is certainly his right. For anyone who is as aghast as I at that thought, I want to let you know I've kept all the letters he wrote to the Raytown Rag. You know - the ones where he admitted he was drunk and high while serving on the Board. If he chooses to run, I'll make copies for anyone who wishes to share it with the voters. He can't dispute his own words.

Raytown Newbie said...

Fellow Raytowners,

I have nothing to add to the conversation about Mr. Creamer. If he is under the spell of drugs and alcohol, he has my sympathy. I think it is somewhat pathetic for folks to continue to belittle and demean someone from Raytown's previous administration. Pretty darn personal. IMHO, that is.

But, I am supporting the YES on 4 proposition. That's the one that would prohibit taxing authorities in Missouri for levying a sales tax on services. That includes many things even a haircut. So please vote YES on 4.

Also, I am wondering if a yes vote on the proposed tobacco tax will result in more money for the schools or will it allow the bureaucrats to just creatively shift money around to keep the school funding level and give them more to spend on their favorite things. I believe that is what has happened with the gambling money here in Missouri... both Lottery and riverboats.
Please enlighten me if you know more.

Anyway, have a good weekend. RN

Betty said...

I would agree with Raytown Newbie about poor Joe having his own demons if he had simply done a mea culpa and left it at that. Everyone makes mistakes and it would have been chalked up to that. But NO - he couldn't do that. He has to publish all the letters accusing everyone from the police chief to the city hall janitor of spying on him and points out all the problems he and his co-aldermen created while he/they were on the Board. Then he has the audacity to make it sound like the current Board was responsible. The man is an agitating troublemaker.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I along with R.N. And Many others are over hearing about Joe. It is more than obvious that someone is obsessed with bringing up his name in every blog. No one is biting on it. Rather as R.N. Said so eloquently... It is pretty pathetic and personal to continue to demean a past alderman. Must be a Very Personal Thing for this person to continue on and on about Joe. Raytown Newbie aka R.N. Hit that nail on the head

Anonymous said...

Joe Creamer deserves every bit of bad press and blog time he gets. He has continued with Raytown Rag Randy 's blessings to spew venom, untruths, and basic paranoid behavior for weeks on end now. He was crushed in the last Alderman election by Karen Black and is on a re-election campaign that even Columbo could sniff out. He refuses to take responsibility for the rampant "behind closed door" activities that were rampant in the Bower/Sharma administration and now calls "Sunshine Law" fouls nearly every week. What a HYPOCRITE....

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree .. maybe he likes men and creamer is his secret admire

Anonymous said...

Kinda like you ^