Sunday, October 2, 2016


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Steve Mock Memorial Tree
and Monument Dedication 
October 18, 2016, 6:30 PM, Raytown City Hall

The City of Raytown will host a dedication ceremony  to commemorate the life and civic leadership of Alderman Steve Mock who passed away earlier this summer.

The ceremony will occur with the Mock family and City leaders on the east lawn of Raytown City Hall near the staff entrance to the building.

Short Agenda Planned for Tuesday Night’s Board of Aldermen Meeting BY PAUL LIVIUS

The Raytown Board of Aldermen will meet in both a public session and a closed session this Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

The public session will be a work session for the Board to discuss residency requirements for the position of City Administrator.

The city has not published an agenda for the closed session.

Due to personal emergencies we will be publishing this abbreviated version of the Raytown Report this week.

Our readers are invited to continue their public discussion of issues, both local, and in view of the upcoming Presidential Election, items of interest covering the general election to be held on November 8th.

We will be monitoring the page on a regular basis to keep your posts updated in a timely manner.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Our regular publishing schedule will be back on line next weekend.
Paul Livius

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Anonymous said...

Our Alderman seem to be having a lot of closed meetings.

Makes one question if they are truly covering only topics that are allowed at closed sessions.

Anonymous said...

That is a pretty uninformed statement I would say
At least they are notifying the public of them
Still cleaning up issues from prior administration no doubt
Many government and charity groups have them fairly often when discussing legal and personnel issues

Anonymous said...

Charity groups for the most part do not fall under the Sunshine Law.

Clearly another uneducated individual tied to city hall.

Keep in mind too many of us know how the past administration was trying to get around the Sunshine Law.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem with the BOA are the two remaining Alderman from the days of David Bower.

These two go around town and spreed hate or talk about stuff at a BOA meeting that the BOA has no authority to change.

They both need to learn respect or resign

Anonymous said...

Yes you are correct many boa go into closed meetings in Missouri. Google it and you will find over 100. According to 610.022 of the Mo. Sunshine Law they may do this after informing the public so many days in advance.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that the Board of aldermen are looking to drop the residency requirement for the city administrator? Seems to be a bit off of what many campaigned about during the last election. The next thing they will do is pay a new city administrator $130,000.00 per year or more

Anonymous said...

May as drop the residency requirements for the city administrator. I doubt there is even a requirement to live in state as the current acting city administrator resides in Kansas.

Why don't they just out source the city administrator job to China for all the go it does by not living in the community, which you are suppose to set the path for?

The demographics of Raytown is changing and not for the better as I can see it. Raytown is more and more looking like something you see off of troost or prospect. Loan and smoke shops, cheap dollar stores, section 8 multi-unit housing. The Police patrol is almost non existent as most of PD budgets goes to support a top heavy, fat happy administration and not the blue on the street.

It has become an embarrassment to even mention to others that you live in Raytown.

If I don't like it here, why don't I leave? Great ideal! Take my 50% lost in home value and get out while the getting is good. Ha! lol (sadly)

Anonymous said...

My understanding was that the last CA was paid closer to 200k with benefits, 120k or 130k would be much better.

Anonymous said...

$130,000 was was the last CA's salary, not including benefits. That was his straight salary.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about this but a different subject, what happened to the law that prohibits mud from being tracked all over city streets from construction sites, residential driveways, and where they are replacing water and sewer lines. Not only is it slick when it rains, plus mud is everywhere, and it gets tracked all over the place, even into your house if you are not careful. How about it codes department? Please step up and be pro active about this make the contractors do their duty and get it cleaned up!

Anonymous said...

Trump will make America as great as Bower made Raytown.

Anonymous said...

I think you ought to do one of your polls on here to see who thinks the city should change the residence requirement for the city administrator position

Anonymous said...

Where is mud all over the streets, I have not seen this?

I don't disagree it should be cleaned up, but all over implies every place in town and I don't think that could be correct.

Our city is land locked and not much land to build on anymore.

Driveways are expense and not everyone cares to have a fancy new drive

Utility replacement as in the case of water and sewer lines is too limited to a set area every year as unlike the thinking at city hall there actually is only limited amount of money for replacement

Anonymous said...

October 6, 2016 at 4:18 PM

Nope...I know for a fact his salary was in the 150's...look it up as I did.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should listen to the tape of the last meeting of the board of aldermen. Maybe by
listening to the total audio you will have a better view of some of the problems facing this
city. Listen before you tear into things. The city has problems that we had better become
aware of.

Anonymous said...

10/7 @ 12:38

If we have problems why is the Mayor not bring them up to the public being he is the top elected official at the city level.

Keeping in mind if doesn't we have 9 remaining Alderman that owe the truth to the people of their ward.

KMCCLA said...

The Raytown Amateur Radio Club, will be hosting a Special Event Amateur Radio event WW1USA, at the National WW 1 Museum at Liberty Memorial. Operations will begin at 10:00 PM Saturday, and run until 5:00 PM Sunday. The event is free, and will be held outside. All are welcome to attend, and see history and what KØGQ does for the community.

Anonymous said...

The mud being tracked around on the city streets has nothing to do with Raytown being landlocked. Ultimately either the general contractor, water departments, public works, or someone must be held accountable. I can be more specific on some of the locations. The new Dollar General store at 51st and Blue Ridge Blvd, Water line replacement projects that Public Water Supply District Number 2 is currently working on in the south end of Raytown just south of 350 Highway, Storm Sewer replacement project north east of the Post Office on 63rd Street. Even the new Quiktrip on 350 at one point they were tracking mud all over the highway before its completion. And the Dollar store on 63rd Street at Arlington while construction was going on there was mud being tracked everywhere. Here is what I am getting at: It is a hazard, can cause cars to slide, pedestrians to slip and fall, and it gets all over things. It should have been figured into the bidding on these jobs for controlling/cleanup as there are laws about tracking mud into roadways. If it is a private residential driveway with gravel at the entrance, buy another load of gravel.

Anonymous said...

Another thing connected with the roadways in Raytown is the stupid chip seal stuff. In the news recently people in Overland Park Kansas were complaining about tracking the tar into their homes and onto their driveways from the crap getting on their tires and shoes, plus the loose gravel and dust which create possible sliding conditions for vehicles and motorcycles. If they would just go back to resurfacing the roads properly it would be better for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
10/7 @ 12:38

The mayor will never bring up the issue of the city being close to being broke.
The city is fighting for a decent images can you imagine what it would be if
it happened as you say.

Anonymous said...

So Overland Park has the same chip and seal problem on streets? Interesting

Anonymous said...

The practice of tearing up top layer (milling) and then overlaying with asphalt for roads that are not broke down underneath cost 8X more than chip seal for same distance of road resurfaced. That is why essentially every metro community have gravitated to chip seal to stretch out the road resurface timelines. Eventually a road will have to be milled and overlaid but not every 8/10 year interval period.