Sunday, October 30, 2016


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Raytown Times
Showcases Citizen Group
The Raytown Times has taken the unusual step of imbedding themselves into a story.

To understand exactly what has happened is a lesson in local politics.

Two years ago next April former Ward 1 Alderman Joe Creamer was unseated in his bid for re-election to the Raytown City Council. He actually ran third in a three way race in which current Alderman Karen Black pushed past former Ward 1 Alderman Greg Walters by 19 votes to win the election. Creamer was 68 votes back of the winner.

Since that time, Creamer has taken to writing a long series of letters to the Raytown Times. Without going into detail, let’s just say that Joe definitely has an axe to grind against anyone currently involved in the local city government. With one exception, Ward 2 Alderman Jim Aziere. Creamer does not drag Aziere into his pool of accusations against the current Mayor, Chief of Police, or the other nine members of the Board of Aldermen. He tends to paint with a very broad brush in his accusations. But it would be fair to say that for the most part, he does not approve of much of anything the current elected officials have done.

Now comes the Raytown Times with a story about a new “citizen group” calling themselves the Citizen Oversight Committee. They appear to be friends of Aziere and Creamer. One member quoted in the story is Ryan Myers. Myers ran (unsuccessfully) for Alderman against Ward 3 Alderman Mark Moore in the 2015 election. Myers, at the time, was Jim Aziere’s Assistant Swim Coach. Two other members named in the article are Rudolph Pieters, who lives in Ward 2 and Frank Hunt who lives in Ward 1. Little is known about Pieters, but is known that Hunt has political aspirations of his own as regards a seat on the City Council.

The article in the Times places a lot of credence on accusations by the Citizens Oversight Committee against the Police Department. According to the Committee, the Police Department overdrew its salary account by over $400,000 last year. They base their findings on information gathered through the Freedom of Information Act.

The Times also carried a lead story accompanying the Citizen Group story, taking shots at the city over its annual budget.

Those articles were backed up by a column from the Times out of town columnist, Bob Phillips, who makes his home in the Ozarks. He chastised members of the City Council for holding private meetings with the Raytown Fire Department. Despite Phillips' claim, there were no charges brought against any Board members from either the State Attorney General’s office or from the City of Raytown.

Normally, local Raytown politics takes a back seat to the national election during a presidential year. It is obvious that such is not the case this year. From what we have learned at the Raytown Report, it is a pretty sure bet this Citizen Oversight Committee is shopping for candidates for all positions up for election next April.

This could prove to be an exciting year in local Raytown politics.

Cubs vs. Indians 
 . . . Our Predictions
Even amongst the best of friends there can be disagreements. Such is the case this year on the Raytown Report. Here is the situation. As I write this there is a spirited contest going on between two very good baseball teams over who will be crowned world champions.

The last two years was easy to predict. Both Paul and I are Kansas City born and raised. We had to go with the Royals. They came close in 2014. In 2015 they proved they were a team of destiny. In case any one of our readers forget, the Royals are still World Champions until either the Cubs or the Indians win four games.

Second to the Royals, Paul is a Cubs fan. He says this is their year. He is unbending in his belief that the Cubbies will finally take home the World Championship since they last did so 71 years ago when the Cubs defeated the Detroit Tigers in a world series noted for its lack of talent because the best athletes were fighting in Europe and the Pacific in the final days of World War 2.

As Paul told me the other night, “Greg, this is the year the Cubs will finally break the infamous Billy Goat Curse. The Curse of the Billy Goat was placed on the Cubbies by Billy Goat Tavern owner William Sianis. Because the odor of his pet goat, Murphy, was bothering other fans, Sianis was asked to leave Wrigley Field, the Cubs' home ballpark, during game four of the 1945 World Series. Outraged, Sianis allegedly declared, "Them Cubs, they ain't gonna win no more," which has been interpreted to mean that either the Cubs would never win another National League pennant or else that they would never again win a World Series.

Some say the curse was broken when the Cubs won the National League Pennant. I beg to differ. To borrow the words of Hillary Clinton, the Curse of the Billy Goat, is the “gold standard” of curses. It was not placed on the team for a game, or a series. It was placed on them for the World Championship.

This is where Paul and I split on our view of the Cubs chances. He says the curse is broken and of no consequence.

I beg to differ . . . and, I take curses seriously.

As my father once told me, “If you can bless someone it only stands to reason that you can curse someone.”

So, in my humble view, the Cubs have a burden that I believe is beyond their ability to correct.

Even Paul agrees the Cleveland Indians are undoubtedly the best American League team in 2016. Add to that a curse that has stood for 71 years and . . . well, let’s just say it is hopeless.

In turn I will agree the Cubs are a good team. As I type this story they are leading the Indians in a game reminiscent of the Kansas City Royals in 1985. In both instances, both the Royals and (now) the Cubs have their back against the wall. They are down three games to one. If they lose, the series is over. If they win, they go on to game six.

Paul’s prediction, the Cubs in seven.

My prediction, the Tribe in six.

Just you watch!

NOTE TO MY READERS:  As I publish this story the Cubs have taken a 3 -1 lead in game four.

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Anonymous said...

His name is Ryan Myers... not Meyers!

Anonymous said...

The last time the Indians won the series the Republican candidate won the White House. GO INDIANS GO

Ryan Myers said...


As much as I appreciate the free publicity, given that I'm a potential candidate in the next municipal election, I need clear up a couple of inaccuracies from your post.

First, while I did coach for Jim, that was in 2008 and not in 2015 during my campaign for Ward 3 Alderman. I get the whole "guilty by association" rhetoric, but fortunately I am able to make an educated stance on a topic when given factual evidence without being swayed by others.

Second, as a previous poster pointed out, my last name is Myers, not Meyers. Common mistake, I know. Even KCTV 5 got it wrong. But I'm really trying not to associate myself with those already on the Board with the same name.

Happy Halloween, and Go Cubs Go!
Ryan Meyers/Myers

Anonymous said...

Yes Indians

Anonymous said...

9:45 AM

Are you sure?

1948 Independence's own home town boy was elected President

Go Harry Truman!

They first won in 1920 when Warren Harding was elected President.

Harding was a Republican who was succeeded by Republican Calvin Coolidge.

Calvin Coolidge was succeeded with Republican who's name will forever be recalled with the darkest days of America.

Yes, it was under the Republican misleadership of Herbert Hoover that the stock market crashed leaving countless Americans in ruins.

So go ahead and think that a Republican victory is good for this or any Nation.

Anonymous said...

This Republican is voting for Judy Baker and I hope others will join me.

I have been seeing our parties candidates ads and did some fact checking this guy lies more than Chris Koster.

I don't care for Obama Care, but I cannot and will not stand for lies.

When I checked Judy Baker was in the MO House until 2009, and Obama Care was signed into law in 2010.

She is running for State Treasurer, which manages our states investments and people property until the correct owner can be found.

Neither has anything to do with making laws or expanding Obama Care.

If our candidate lies about her how can we trust him in returning our property to us!

Betty said...

So - let me get this straight. Joe Creamer - a loser from Ward 1 has teamed up with Ryan Myers - a loser from Ward 3 to throw accusations at City Hall. Sounds like a bunch of losers with sour grapes. What other losers are on this committee?

Anonymous said...

Its a no vote for Judy Baker at this household. Eric is my man. I haven't seen anything about Judy that's make me want to vote for her.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the 3 Amigos (Aziere, Raytown Rag Randy, Creamer) have expanded their membership base Betty. Previous qualifications as you pointed out appears to be you must be a LOSER... Since it appears this group is now accepting and broadening their recruiting, it appears now they are accepting members who are IRRELEVANT... Lord knows there are a few of these candidates seeking relevancy...

Anonymous said...

I am I the only one in shock after seeing the Republican's commercial stating that politicians in for more than 20 years are not needed.

I just want to say "Thank you" for agreeing that Roy Blunt has been in to long.

This is almost as good as statements by Todd Akins.

Anonymous said...


From what I read in the Times I would say so is Jim Aziere.

This is no surprise Jim likes to create issues

The thing that bothers me about Joe Creamer and Jim Aziere is the fact they were on the board when the accusations they are making started.

Why did they not say something at that time?

Why as a current Alderman is Jim Aziere not requiring documentation from the department heads?

Betty said...

Anonymous 10:31

Two weeks ago, Jim Aziere admitted he had been on the Board 18 years and had done nothing. That's why one of the Aldermen called Jim a cricket.

Anonymous said...

I understand Bill VanBuskirk is going around town telling folks that the eight years on the Board of Alderman have given him an understanding of how government works.

What Bill fails to you is how his votes on the Board of Alderman have cost you countless amounts of money.

Looked the other way while the police department spent over 400,000 in on year on overtime.

This overspending has been reported in the Raytown Times and KCTV5.

Voted in 2011 to allow Block and Co to amend the agreement on development for phase three of the 350 Live Project.

This allowed Block and Co to have the property status changed to agricultural saving them in property taxes.

Voted to support the current city budget that resulted in outcries across the city in over spend because of the defect it creates.

Raytown cannot afford anymore "Tax and Spend" elected officials

Anonymous said...


You posted there are losers who are throwing accusations at city hall.

Didn't those same folks that you call losers and KCTV5 actually have the proof about the excessively high overtime that was unique to Raytown.

Does not proof make it fact?

The true losers are the property owners in Raytown that will pay higher taxes and receive less city services by the mismanagement of funds at city hall.

Betty said...

I know KCTV 5 reported what Joe Creamer told them. I also know there has been no follow up on any reports. Could it be the TV station did a little digging and found there is not a lot of facts to continue reporting on this non-issue?

I know Randy reported in the Raytown Rag what Joe Creamer told him. I don't know anyone foolish enough to believe what they read in that paper. There has only been rumors and innuendos, not proof.

I know Joe Creamer was on the BOA when the vote was taken to give the TIF to Walmart. I know Joe Creamer was on the BOA when we started losing city services because the TIF payments were (and still are) sucking the city dry.

I know Joe Creamer was on the BOA when he was smoking marijuana and getting drunk. I know Joe Creamer is a loser.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Betty

Paul Livius said...

We removed a comment making broad accusations about Ryan Myers. If the author would like to re-submit and sign his/her name, we will publish it. After all, both Mr. Myers and Mr. Meyers sign their posts.

Anonymous said...


With all this he said / she said and needing proof, I would like to see the Board of Alderman pass the Betty Ordinance.

Sorry, not after you, but Betty Ford.

As you have indicated we have had one of our former Alderman come out and admit about his problem will on the Board.

under the ordinance:

Item 1 prior to the start of any public meeting all elected officials and department heads would be taken down stair and tested with the breath analyzer and the result read to the public at the start of the meeting.

Item 2 GPS will be turned on on all city owned vehicles regardless of the department.

Subsection A: At the start of the first Board of Alderman meeting each month any department that has a vehicle out of city limits during non-in serve hours will give a detailed report as to the justification to the board.

Subsection B: At the start of the second Board of Alderman meeting each month any department that has a vehicle that is not in service and is parked with in a block of any known business that serves alcoholic on an ongoing base will have that employee and/or elected official ban for future use of after hour usage of any city owned vehicle.

Item 3 The vehicles reported in service will be verified by the city administrator to validate that the employee assigned to the city vehicle was actually on the clock for those same hours. Anyone evolved in miss reporting of usage is subject to disciplinary to include termination. Any elected official will have the information reported to the local news media.

It is time we end the abuse and it is time for responsible government

Anonymous said...

Nov 1 10:48pm

You forgot the part of the meeting where the Board of Aldermen report to the citizens why they can't get anything done because of following all your inane rules. When the rest of the city gets around to reading your blog, they, too, will get a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

8:29 It is always nice to known when one of the alderman or spouse is reading the blog.

10:48 I think that is a great start to cleaning up our city.

I might add a residence requirement for all employees that take home a city vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ryan Myers your "guilt by association" is really reflected by the friends you keep who have other intentions that are not Raytown.

Anonymous said...

At one of the last meeting two aldermen spoke in public on the record that the city has no money
to spend on minor things like 40,000 for the final coat of tar so the street scape project would
look real pretty for the mayor. Then I read where our mayor says that just because we have passed
a new city budget that is larger than ever it means that the city has plenty of money.

The mayor has a giant retirement check every month thanks to a rich retirement plan from the
Raytown Police Dept.

I think that maybe the mayor has a hard time understand that the city still has a giant bill to pay
and that is the Wal-Mart TIF or in other words to pay for the Wal-Mart building.

Anonymous said...

The mayor earned his retirement and it's not lucrative. Get a clue and quit being anti-police unless you're willing to do the job.

Anonymous said...

I found it humorous to read in Jim Aziere's ramblings in Raytown Times last week that one of the conditions of being in this newly formulated "oversight committee" (cough cough) you cannot be a current elected official. Well DUH... You ALL LOST in the April 2015 Election!!!!

This is Scary said...

I was shocked the only endorsement Alderman Van Buskirk listed was from MO Right to Life.

If that was not shocking enough I noticed an article floating around from a fellow "Right to Life" Republican that will never have me supporting another Republican

Clink on this "This is Scary" to read the article

Anonymous said...

He appointed the first Budget Committee to help work at reducing the budget
He appointed the Marketing Committee to work on moving Raytown forward in its marketability in the metro area
He works with the staff to make financially healthy decisions to bring forward to the Board of Alderman and as a team to think outside the box to move things forward and gets the big picture
Oh, didn't he earn that pension fair and square with all his years of service to our community
I think he understands very well!!
Go Mr. Mayor

Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed most of the vitriol and hateful statements come from the left side of the aisle? I wonder why that is.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed all the misinformation and lies come from the right side of the aisle? Wonder why that is?

Anonymous said...

There is hate, vitriol, misinformation, and lies all around. That is why we have the candidates that reflect what we have become as a society. A nation of liars puts forth lying candidates. Otherwise, they would not be tolerated.

I'm With Jesus said...

I was laughing so hard I hurt all over.

Anyone who thinks the left is the problem this election cycle clearly has not listened to anything Trump has said.

It has been bad enough over the years the "Pro-Life" lies, while doing nothing to support the life of the child once it is born.

Now the proof that there are no true "Christians" in the Republican party for there is no place in the new testament that talks about "Christ" treating others the way the Republicans are treating everyone.

One thing that is clear is the Republicans want to turn the clock back:

• Remove the 19th Amendment - No not back far enough
• Remove the 13th Amendment - Still not even close enough
• Bring back the "Witch Trials" - Now you have it!

Not sure how that is going to "Make America Great Again" we were not even a country at that point in time.

I guess it is more of the "White Man" making the rules and keep their women in check.

A time when the "White Man" started pushing the "True (Native) Americas" off their own land.

All in the name of the "Good Lord"

Clear not much has changed in the mind set of these fine human beings in the past 400 years!

Anonymous said...

9:38 AM

You forgot several key points about today's Republican Party.

They say they only believe in two things "God" and "Guns"

I cannot find a story one in the Bible that talks about "God" in human form "Jesus" ever using any weapon.

I must not have the right translation.

When it comes to their guns they fear someone is going to take them from them and start quoting the 2nd Amendment. However, they quickly forget the part about the part "A well regulated Militia". Maybe it is more the lack of education they have from being home schooled that they don't understand that part.

This brings up other Amendments that you also didn't mention that they want to throw all or part of out like the 1st Amendment.

They some how think it only was meant for their religion and believes to the point they have jumped behind their candidate and want specific members of specific religions to wear a symbol so they can call them out on the street.

This is not the first time we have seen this in the history or the world and we know over 6 million people had to die because of their religion. Doesn't seem very christian to go back down that path.

However, let us focus on religion turning on religion here in America. For those home schooled that don't know or those good Christians (Protestantism) that don't want to recall your own ugly not so distant path might be interested in the attacks in the 1920 on members of the Catholic Church.

If that was not proof of the hate Christians have for Christians look at the 1960 Presidential election when many non-Catholic Christian churches were claiming the end of American if a Chocoholic would be elected President.

We need to take two steps backwards and praise God that he had the blessed this Nation with leaders like Jefferson who saw the dangers of not accepting everyone's religion.

Anonymous said...

I think you are correct. After all, members of the Westboro Baptist Church have repeatedly and proudly proclaimed themselves Republicans.

Luke 23:34 said...

As I look at the Trump supports that stand behind his hate for others I cannot forget the words of Christ in Luke 23:34

Matthew 22:36-40 said...

It is apparent that a lot of folks that call themselves christian, must truly hate themselves for the way they treat others.

However many of us have been blessed not not only be able to read, but also understand the word of the Lord.

For the Lord through is son made it very clear in the book of Matthew.

KMCCLA said...

I am going to make another point. Some have tried to make the point that one side is making hateful comments about the other side. The truth is BOTH sides are guilty of such things. The only problem is, since you support your side, you do not see what your side is saying is wrong. Many of the political truths we cling too, greatly depend on our own point of view. We are willing to accept, justify, and defend the faults, failings, mistakes, and shortcomings of those we like and support. On the other hand, for those we do not lie or support, we are willing to hold those very same things against them. It is far easier to agree, than it is too disagree with those we support, it is harder still to admit we agree with someone we do not like or support. We have the tendency to think that our way is always goodness and light, clean and pure and the wind driven snow. And, anyone who dares disagree with us, is not only all darkness and evil, but somehow compared to Hitler. The truth is -- whether you want to believe it or not, neither party holds all the correct answerers. To think that one side is worse, or more mean spirited, or hateful than the other is fool hardy at best. In short, in the political realm, both sides are filled with hypocrisy. Also, keep in mind, when you point an accusing finger at the other side, to point out their faults, take a minute and look at the three fingers pointing back at yourself. I myself -- I am a political agnostic, I see the faults on both sides, and am willing to admit my own bias.