Sunday, November 20, 2016


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Interim City Administrator 
Mark Loughry Resigns
Raytown, MO ─ On Friday afternoon November 18, 2016, Mark Loughry – Interim City Administrator and City Finance Director, submitted his resignation effective December 22, 2016.

Mr. Loughry has accepted a position equivalent to that of County Administrator for Leavenworth, Kansas. In a letter to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, Loughry wrote he had accepted the position in Leavenworth County because it was closer to his home and afforded him more time to spend with his family.

In December 2006 the newly built National World War I Museum opened to international acclaim. Ten years and more than 2 million visitors later, the Museum celebrates the 10-year anniversary. One of the world’s great museums, this Kansas City-area funded and national icon is saying “Thank you.”

Between Tuesday, Dec. 6 – Sunday, Dec. 11 the Museum offers free admission to the general public and an array of activities. To learn more about the programs offered during this unique week of celebration use the following link.

Qui, moi! (who, me!)
Using the words of my wife’s ancestral tongue sprang to mind when I read Joe Creamer’s latest letter to the editor in the Raytown Times.

His ramblings have become a staple of the Times. The editorial page has now contains the combined thoughts of Randy Battagler at the top of the page, his out of town writer, Bob Phillips, filling in the central section of the paper, and now, finally, Joe Creamer blasting away in the letters to the editor column.

In last week’s column he wrote “I have asked friends and readers to quit reading that blog because it upsets them know the accusations are not true”.

Since the Raytown Report is the only blog in Raytown that publishes on a continual basis, it did not take long for Paul and I to figure out our little news blog was the target of Joe Creamer’s attack.

Creamer’s state is one we at the Raytown Report believe to be unfounded, unfair and untrue.

I wondered if there was any way in which Creamer’s dismissive language and tone held any truth. So I went back to Paul and my editorials last week. Here is what I found.

Paul and I co-wrote an editorial A short column by Paul informing the public that the Board of Aldermen meeting had been moved from Tuesday to Monday night.

A short column by Paul telling how Raytown’s Public Information Officer, Tom Cole, is asking for Thanksgiving stories for the city’s website.

An article I wrote reviewing the election results of this year’s extraordinary Presidential race.
I also wrote a column of “shorts” which included:

A story about street overlay being postponed until next Spring.

A story recognizing Alderman Jason Greene for his position that the City Administrator should be required to live in Raytown.

A story about the proper disposal of leaves in our neighborhoods.
And, a story about Joe Creamer’s accusations of waste in the police department.

I do not think any of the above is depressing. We at the Raytown Report call it “news”.

As Paul told me after reading over this week’s column (he edits all of my work before it is published) . . . he said, “Don’t take these attacks too personally, consider the source”.

Mr. Creamer has certainly shown he can talk the talk. Perhaps it is time he walked the walk.

Creamer has brought up some controversial topics in his letters. The one thing missing is any substantive proof of what he says.

Yes, I am aware Creamer spoke at Board of Aldermen meeting in which he waived around a copy of a letter he received through the Freedom of Information Act to show the proof of his accusations. I guess that counts as good showmanship. But I do not think he shared the letter with anyone.

Another suggestion would be to quit painting with such a broad brush. If you have specifics of corruption at Raytown City Hall, step up, show the proof in a professional and public manner. Then, and only then, do you have something worth talking about. The best way for you to make your point is to show publicly what is wrong at City Hall.

It was once said, “the devil is in the details”. That is where you need to go if you want people to believe you.

The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting
November 14, 2016
The Board passed an ordinance amending the benefit program of covered city of Raytown employees participating in the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (lagers). Currently the City provides a pension benefit for all employees through the state-run LAGERS program. The current plan is funded 100% by the City and provides a benefit roughly equivalent to 1.25% of the average annual wage over the last five years in the system times the number of years of service. This plan is near the bottom level of programs offered and is not competitive in the metro area. After reviewing the other options in the LAGERS program the Employee Benefit Committee asked LAGERS to perform an actuary comparison between the current plan and the L-12, L-14 and L-6 programs assuming mandatory participation. Based on the current budget the cost of each proposal compared to the current plan is detailed below. After further review and feedback provided during the discussion in the department meetings, the Benefit Committee is recommending the City change the current LAGERS program. In reviewing the increased cost to the City and understanding that there will likely be a system wide increase for the City, the Finance Director is recommending a change to L-12 participatory. This will require all employees to participate in their retirement program and significantly increase both future and current earned benefits without a significant increase to the City. This is the second reading of the ordinance which is occurring after there has been a 45-day review process.

The Board passed an ordinance approving the final plat of Cassell Homestead.  Raytown Church of Christ, located at 6000 Blue Ridge Blvd, and Wanda Mullins, 5902 Blue Ridge Blvd, are seeking approval of a final plat for three lots located at 6000 Blue Ridge Blvd (Lot 3), 5914 Blue Ridge Blvd (Lot 2), and 5902 Blue Ridge Blvd (Lot 1). The final plat proposes to separate the property at 5914 Blue Ridge into a separate lot, which is currently a part of the lot at 6000 Blue Ridge Blvd. Ms. Mullins is seeking to privately own the house at 5914 Blue Ridge. The sanitary sewer line that serves the house at Lot 2 runs under the parking lot of the church at Lot 3, and connects to the City main to the west of the church. As such, the final plat indicates the dedication of a blanket access easement on Lot 3 for repair of the sewer line that serves Lot 2, should it ever be necessary. Furthermore, during plat review it came to the City’s attention that the public Right-of-Way for the property at 5902 Blue Ridge Blvd (Lot 1) had never been dedicated to the City when it was originally platted; the property line extended out into the streets at both Blue Ridge Blvd and 59th St; in order to correct this, the final plat will dedicate that public right-of-way back to the City. It is this dedication of public improvements that requires a final plat, otherwise this application would have only required a lot split through staff review.

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Anonymous said...

I was expecting to see a "Breaking News Headline" today. Have you heard the Acting City Administrator, Finance director has resigned?

Editor's note: This comment has not been confirmed.

Anonymous said...

confirmed on City's web site
so will he repay the $10k the city had to pay to get out of the search for the new CA - remember the contracted for $30k to find someone. Then they did the "a Candidate doesn't have to live here dance" because the plan was to give him the job. So it cast the cost $10k to break the contract.

No great loss - we can and deserve better management.

Raytown First said...

In light of all the spending at city hall and the fact the position of city administrator oversees so very little in Raytown it is time we eliminate the position.

Keeping in mind the people spoke in April of 2015 and made it clear they wanted to keep us a 4th class city.

Under MO laws a 4th class city doesn't need a city administrator.

If I recall the position pays over $100,000 a year, which figures to around $50 an hour.

I recall earlier this year EMS was needing pay increases and what was given was nothing to brag about and short term funded.

This would solve the long term and proper EMS funding.

Anonymous said...

So Joe Creamer complains and says "things are untrue accusations"... funny that he is the king of gossip and make believe in the papers, and that says a lot. Wouldnt you think one of his "friends" would tell him to take a hike already?

Anonymous said...

Joe's "friends" are his drinking buddies and are just as drunk and delusional as he is. They are a sad group of men who are little and bitter.

Anonymous said...

Something as sad as men who are little and bitter is women who are large and bitter.

Anonymous said...

Well Mark left the city again. Wonder if the city will hire him back...Again?

Anonymous said...


I sure hope so. He's the best Finance Director the city has had in a long time!

Anonymous said...

I for one believe Joe Creamer if not true don't you think there would be law suite from Sue Frank. Jim Lynch and Ted Bowman and the mayor. Come on people pull your head out and get real.

Anonymous said...

So, does someone sue someone who is obviously emotionally disturbed?

Anonymous said...

That Jeremy guy seemed to know what was going on. He left to be a manger in Kansas right? I wonder if he wants to come back and save us...

Anonymous said...

Jeremy? Jeremy who?

Anonymous said...

Why would any of these people bother to spend the money on a law suit against someone who is obviously a puppet of a group of people steered by Aziere, Randy Battagler and others, probably stoked in the background by former mayor Bower
The poor man obviously has problems

Anonymous said...

Of course he has problems. He spent how many weeks telling us all about his drug and alcohol addiction? The guy could crawl into a bottle and stay there forever and no one would notice because no one cares. I got an idea. Why doesn't he move to where ever Clay Chastain moved to? They deserve each other!

Andy Whiteman said...

A Thanksgiving ecard for my Raytown friends:
Please cut and paste URL to browser.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

After months of relentless confessional weekly Debbie Downer diary stories of former Alderman Joe Creamer's climb out of the addiction ditch (his spin), this past week Raytown Rag Randy gives Joe editorial privilege to take his readers down Creamer's past medical issues in his teen and high school years. Enough Joe....Have some personal pride and don't assume Raytown is sitting at the edge of their seats awaiting your next personal addiction or medical disclosure story. HIPPA rules are in place to prohibit people from gaining personal access to your medical history. PLEASE don't abuse and shame the people that fought hard to pass that important legislation. Some things need to stay within your close family and friends circle!! If fellow Amigo Randy won't protect you in what has become apparently clear at this point a sad and desperate strategy and outreach to gain future sympathy votes, maybe your family or close friends will. All that is PERFECTLY CLEAR in your continual recount of your addiction and behavior is you NEVER took into account the oath that you would serve your constituents interests to "The Best of Your Ability". In all your deep soul searching writings I have NEVER read that you acknowledge you failed them and your responsibility to them. People have deep struggles and challenges and you certainly had a tough and difficult divorce that actually took you out of residing in your obligated Ward and no doubt lead to seek refuge in drugs and alcohol. The reason I bring this forward Joe is after what 2 TERMS on the Board along with 18 year sitting Alderman Jim Aziere you both "Suddenly" are alarmed and asking for payroll, pension, and other documents for the police department thru Sunshine Law requests. Maybe if you weren't unfocused and partying so much during that tenure you would have done your due diligence and elected responsibility at that time and been a leader amongst the group and tackled the concerns you seem to "now have" with an April Election looming....Interesting... Things that make you go Hmmmmm...

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the information on "payroll, pension, and other documents for the police department" requires a Sunshine Law request for we the citizens to learn all the inside information.
It is concerning to me that an Alderman for the city has to file such requests

All this information should be right out there for all to see.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... INDEED!

Anonymous said...

Well, Jim.....
I had asked for some information from City Hall. Mahesh Sharma said if anyone wanted information from HIS staff, they could just go through official channels and file the FOI paperwork. I guess that's one of the things Mark didn't get around to fixing.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if an "Alderman" was "focused" on his responsibilities and reviewing the annual budget and departmental expenses, they would have total access to the all the material that is suddenly surfacing. Seems to me the current Board and staff undertook a long overdue and extensive review process this past budget. Beckons the question. Hey Joe and Jim Aziere.. You just now coming out of the fog????

Andy Whiteman said...

In my opinion, releasing information only through a FOI request is a way to keep information away from the public and to raise city revenue! I asked a question at BOA public comments and then Mayor Bower told me to file a FOI request. I followed his instruction and the document cost me over $16!!!!! Over 160 pages to answer a simple question????????? I did not find the answer in the document that cost over $16 nor did I have time to read every word. I believe the logic is that the average person will not file a FOI request due to both the time involved and cost; therefore, the information is NEVER made public.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Yes amazing but stupid
The budget is available to everyone and easy to get by many means including the City website
I would think a former alderman would know that but then again it's easier to use to have staffs time and maybe he does not remember since he was usually high

Anonymous said...

Hey there guy It's not about whether an alderman was a drunk and asleep at the switch. Or whether he is still a regrettable soul. Or whether you have an intense hatred for him.

It's about why the pension, overtime and salary information for the city employees should be hidden from view by each and every Raytown citizen. WITHOUT going through freedom of information bullcrap.

And please stop reading that newspaper and all the tales of woe former alderman Creamer spews. Then you can stop posting your weekly reports of the drivel. Most will appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

ok folks. Jim Aziere is really, really fond of telling us how he has been on the BOA for 28 years now. If Joe Creamer wants past information on spending in the police department, or any other department, for that matter, why doesn't he just ask Jim? The residents of Raytown been looking at the website and minutes and budgets for years and years. All Jim has to do is go back through his 28 years of budgets, agendas, and minutes. He should have several years' worth on his computer. So, as far as I'm concerned, the ball's in Jim's corner. Time for him to step up and back the words he printed in Randy's Rag a couple of weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like the old refrain...

"This is need to know, only"

"And you don't need to know"