Saturday, March 11, 2017


Bits and Pieces 
BONNAYE MIMS woke up last week to find nearly all of her yard signs had been stolen from her supporters' yards in Ward 5.

Coincidentally, the Kansas City area suffered through a strong late winter storm with tornados and shear force winds wreaking havoc in the metropolitan area. Some have suggested her missing signs were the victim of those strong winds.

We asked Bonnaye about the strong wind theory.

Her response, “Oh yes, those were very strong winds. Why, they were so strong in Ward 5 that not only did they blow my signs away, it (the wind) pulled the wire frames that were buried 18” in the ground with them!"

“I came upon a couple young men pulling my signs,” she said. “I have a good description of the make and model of the vehicles they were driving.”

Not one to leave business unfinished. Ms. Mims has turned the information over to the Raytown Police Department to investigate.

SPEAKING OF MISSING YARD SIGNS: Mims was not the only candidate who lost signs to the wind. Ward Four incumbent Bill VanBuskirk also lost some signs. However, he said the wind was not strong enough to pull his wire frames from the ground.

RAYTOWN TIMES owner Randy Battagler had some interesting words about the upcoming city election. He urged his readers to turn out in force on election day and “drain the swamp” at city hall.

His use of such hyperbole is disappointing. If anything, Mayor Michael McDonough and the Board of Aldermen have been a breath of fresh air following the heavy handed tactics of the Bower/Sharma Administration.

There will always be disagreement in the politics of running any government.
Mr. Battagler has every right to speak his mind. But wrapping his message in baseless rhetoric has no merit. Besides, there are no swamps in Raytown to drain.

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX . . . Police work can be strenuous. Like firemen and paramedics, it takes continuous physical training to stay in shape. All emergency providers also learn how to operate and use equipment required in their job. These tools and skills are needed to help those in need and to subdue those who may harm themselves or others.

The Raytown Police Department want the city to build a facility they can train in. The plans are not set in concrete, and there is sure to be more discussion before anything is built.

I wondered how the local Fire Department and Ambulance personnel handle the need for training.

Fire Department officials told me they use the fire truck garage to practice how to handle the injured, work with heavy hoses under intense pressure and so forth. They simply move the fire trucks out onto the driveway to make room. I imagine ambulance crews use a similar plan. They too, have a large parking facility for their ambulances.

The Raytown District Fire Station is located under a quarter of a mile from the police headquarters. The ambulance headquarter is only a little further down the road.

Why not use those facilities for the police training?

Fire Department officials told me that they have invited the police to come and train with them. In fact, Fire Chief Matt Mace told me the (Fire) Department has given pass keys to some police officers to use their exercise facilities during their (police) off hours.

The idea certainly deserves consideration, especially if it will solve the P.D.’s dilemma and saves taxpayer's money.

In a city we often hear is strapped for funds, the cooperation Fire Chief Mace is suggesting is refreshing.

 Paul’s Rant! BY PAUL LIVIUS 
Creamer restarts letter writing campaign 
One week after writing a farewell letter to the readers of the Raytown Times former Alderman Joe Creamer has restarted his letter campaign.

Greg and I wondered how to best handle this turn of events. Last week we wrote a story saying he was done. Greg thought maybe we should write a retraction.

I said, “No, our source was Creamer’s pen. We only reported what he wrote.”

Greg agreed to the logic of my thought. So we agreed to treat this as a news story.

Joe Creamer’s attack continued this week with a regurgitation of his accusations against City Hall. His attack on the Mayor and Board of Aldermen was clearly ratcheted up a couple of notches.

What I found most disturbing is Creamer’s unkind (and untrue) accusations against my co-editor and friend, Greg Walters.

Greg and I have known each other for 16 years. He is a good man and I am well aware of his record of service as an elected official. It is impressive. Here is a short list of some of the accomplishments.

TELEVISING CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS: I wonder how many people know that Raytown was the first city in the KC Metro area to televise City Council meetings. A large cable television company was negotiating an exclusive contract to provide cable television service to Raytown.

Two young Aldermen, Greg Walters and Garth Bare, had a plan. They insisted the cable television company provide free hook-up for the city to broadcast public meetings from city hall.

Not only did the cable television company provide the free hookup to broadcast – they threw in state of the art cameras as well. Not bad for a couple of freshman Alderman. Wouldn’t you agree, Joe?

RECYCLING CENTER: Greg brought recycling to Raytown in the mid 1990’s. When it was threatened to be pulled from the budget in 2001 he organized a fund-raising effort that brought in $10,000 to save the service. The recycling center remained in Raytown until Greg left office in 2009. Within a year, former Mayor David Bower had the recycling center closed down permanently.

NON-PARTISAN ELECTIONS: One of the first bills Greg sponsored changed the city’s elections to non-partisan events. Until he brought this landmark legislation, Raytown city elections were partisan elections. Candidates had to file as either a Republican or a Democrat (third parties were shut out of the process).

SOLICITING ORDINANCE: Many area cities are plagued with people asking for money and handouts on street corners. Have you ever noticed it is not a problem in Raytown? Greg sponsored some clever legislation that required those seeking hand outs on street corners to register with the Police Department for a “free” permit to do so. Not surprisingly, most of those folks opted to move on to other cities to ply their trade.

FRANCHISE TAX ON WATER: Greg successfully sponsored legislation that eliminated the franchise tax on water. Go check your water bill. The city still collects a sales tax. But the 8% franchise tax is no longer collected.

CITY STICKER TAX: Greg co-sponsored legislation that eliminated a city sticker license for cars in Raytown. It was not long before other cities followed suit and eliminated their city sticker licenses as well.

WALMART: Greg was the only vote on the Raytown Board of Aldermen to vote against the 350 Live (Walmart) TIF package. He warned Board members the package created too much of a debt burden on the city budget.

So, there ya’ go, Joe. You can write all day that Greg never did anything for the community. But the facts, and I have only touched on a few of them here, show you to be very wrong.

I do have a question for you . . . do you really believe your letters in the Raytown Times are a positive contribution to the community?


The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting March 7, 2017

The Board passed an ordinance granting a conditional use permit subject to certain conditions to allow a vehicle repair and general establishment at 8832 E. 350 Highway.  Edward Golden, on behalf of Green 350 Hwy Properties, LLC, is seeking a conditional use permit to operate a vehicle repair and general establishment at 8832 E 350 Highway, which is zoned Highway Corridor Commercial (HC).  The previous use of the property was a gun store.  The applicant plans to use the establishment for auto repair, small parts painting and plating.  Raytown Code of Ordinances defines vehicle repair, general as “an establishment primarily engaged in painting of or bodywork to motor vehicles or heavy equipment.  Typical uses include paint and body shops.” The applicant agrees all vehicles to be repaired or painted throughout the course of business will be stored indoors at all times while on the property.  Vehicles that are completely repaired, painted, and operable may be parked outside.

The Board passed an ordinance amending Chapter 50 (zoning) of the code of ordinances for the purpose of updating zoning definitions in the zoning ordinances.  As part of an ongoing review by city staff of the zoning ordinance (Chapter 50) of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Raytown, staff has revised the definitions section of the ordinance in order for it to more closely match the land use table, zoning districts and overlays, and for the general purposes of greater clarity and understanding.  Outside of the group homes definition, which was added by staff and approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission in December and January, respectively, no new definitions have been added to the ordinance.
The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance approving the Ninth Amended Development Plan submitted by the Raytown Municipal Redevelopment Corporation, establishing a declaration that the redevelopment area described within the Ninth Amended Development Plan is a blighted area in need of development and redevelopment, and authorizing certain tax abatements within the redevelopment area described within the Ninth Amended Development Plan.  Wanda Mullins is seeking approval of a Chapter 353 Tax Abatement application for renovations to the property for use as a bakery.  Chapter 353 Tax Abatement is an economic incentive that by state law allows for full or partial tax relief for those willing to redevelop property within blighted areas. The intent of the Raytown Municipal Redevelopment Corporation (RMRC) is to strengthen the economic viability of the Downtown Raytown area by providing an innovative financial incentive for improving the exterior appearance, interior and structural conditions of its buildings. The RMRC Board of Directors has recommended approval of the application for Chapter 353 tax abatement at Level A “Market Stabilizing” for the property located at 5902 Blue Ridge Blvd. The abatement level is 10 years of tax abatement at 100% (on the improvement value), or for the cost of the improvements, whichever occurs first.

The submitted application indicates the type of improvements proposed and the estimated costs will include:
• Interior Finish: $12,000 • Detention Pond: $16,000 • Parking Lot: $31,000 • HVAC: $9,989 • Hot Water Tank: $700 • Equipment: $4,500 • Total: $74,189

Spring Soup & Crafts

8801 E. 66th Street

 Raytown, MO 

March 18th & 19th

11:00 am - 4:00 pm


Come enjoy great company, a variety of homemade soups, cornbread, pie and drink for $7.00.  All proceeds go the continued upkeep of the Rice-Tremonti Home.  You will also be able to browse through the booths of many local, talented crafters who will have items available for purchase.


Anonymous said...

Greg you guys left out Azieres full-page rant full of misinformation and half truths again about many things. His rant was a direct attack on the integrity of this board of alderman and the mayor that we have now
What an embarrassment Aziere and Creamer are to this community. And even though it is freedom of speech shame on an editor that would allow so much trash in his newspaper

Anonymous said...

Ok I am confused, I have heard frist hand Alderman Aziere and Alderman Van Buskirk refer to the Fire Department and the Chief as a rogue bunch of hot heads. So when I read that they have a productive cooperative relationship with the police, or open their facility at a moments notice when City hall is evacuated because of unsafe air quality, or even helping an alderwoman who is injured, it does not sound like the actions of a bunch of rogue hot heads. To be completely honest I already knew that though, I have only met the fire chief once two years ago. I had accidentally locked my 1 year old son in my car which was running in the parking lot at Los Compos. He was eating with his family and came outside to check on me because I was freaking out. He calmly called for a tow company and reminded me that my son was in no danger and was almost asleep. It was then we he told me who he was and continued to stay with me till the tow company arrived and unlocked my car. He was anything but hot headed, it was at that point I decided for myself who to believe. Signed, Jennifer Ramos

Anonymous said...

Do you even know what they want to use the building for? How about you know all they plan on using it for before you criticize.

Anonymous said...

It became very clear why Jim Aziere wrote his article and why Randy Battagler published it. Both men said in their articles and editorial. No body likes them. The BOA members won't let Randy go after meetings with them to the bar. They have work sessions a coupe of times a month. That forces Randy to work too much. The BOA doesn't like Jim Aziere. He said so in the last sentence of his article. Perhaps it's because he tries to impress people by spouting erroneous facts. Or maybe, its because of the complaints that he won't answer residents' emails.

Whatever it is, it's clear both men have very thin skin. Boo-hoo. Poor little babies. The only way they know of to get even is to spread lies.

Anonymous said...

After reading Jennifer's post I spoke with Alderman Van Buskirk and asked if he made that comment about the fire department. His answer was he NEVER said such a thing although he did say he can't speak for Alderman Aziere. I do know Jennifer if you want the truth call Mr. Van Buskirk he would be happy to speak with you as he did with me. Go directly to the person to get the truth don't spread gossip if it is not founded facts.

Anonymous said...

They need it for extended evidence storage. From what I read they are asking for a very small area of it for a place to train physically inside that facility. Even if they don't have that training facility part they will still need the same size building for the evidence storage.

Anonymous said...

March 12-18 is National Sunshine Week. A week to RECOGNIZE the media & publications that strive to put out fact based information and also remind the public servants and officials to conduct themselves in open and transparent legal boundaries. So thank you to MOST of the BOA and Mayor along with the other crucial City Boards and Commissions who strive to achieve these sworn covenants. Also hat tipped to Greg Walters and Paul Livius for their reliable, truthful, and well researched information they share with the Raytown Report readership.

Steve Meyers said...

It is my understanding that back in the late 2000's the old Phillips Mulch dome on Westridge housed PD Evidence. When it was sold proceeds amounting to over 100k were placed into the General Fund with the mutual understanding that if there was ever a project that would surface to build an updated PD evidence room, these "escrowed" funds could be utilized along with budgeted PD funds to erect a replacement evidence room. Not sure why Alderman Aziere chose not to disclose any of this additional shared work session information in a recent guest article he wrote for the Raytown Times. Only thing I can come up with he was once again filling out his swim team roster instead of paying attention!

And by the way there was NO vote taken on the building of this proposed structure at the Work Session as alluded to by Alderman Aziere in that same article. There was not even an affirmative action decision by the council members in attendance to move the project forward to the Agenda of a future City Council meeting and VOTE. A point of clarification and public education might help here. See there are NEVER any Votes taken at work sessions on items that MUST appear on the Agenda and before the public at City Council meetings. There was a directive given though to be bring back more detailed and final construction bids and costs for further analysis. I think they call those discussion items!!!

Just thought with the amount of uncertainty on this blog and Randy Battagler's burdensome schedule and inability to cover the Work Session meetings these days, that some additional facted base information might be helpful on this proposed expenditure.

Have a Great Upcoming Week!

Steve Meyers,
Alderman Ward 4

Anonymous said...

Yeah Randy doesn't know that along with freedom of the press comes journalistic responsibility

Anonymous said...

OK let me get this straight. The city was using a building in the south part of Raytown to store evidence in. The police used it for training purposes. The city sold the builidng for $100,000. Now they want to build a new building to store evidence in and for the police to train in. Why not find one of the vacant buildings in Raytown and buy it instead. There is a lot of properties that are vacant that will go for a lot less than $100k. The police were aldready driving to the south part of town to train. Maybe one of the vacant buildings in the downtown like the old FOP headquarters or the old Walnicks. The money saved could be used on fixing up our streeets.

Andy Whiteman said...

6:16PM has logical, great ideas and should run for Alderman or Mayor in the next election!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Andy 616 doesn't have it quite right still.

Anonymous said...

Then by all means you should set him or her straight. Is there a better way to solve the problem than throwing $100,000 at building a storage facility /workout area. Raytown is a city of 30,000 people. Shouldn't their interests rate as well?

Anonymous said...

To Amon. March 12, 2017 at 6:16 PM

Good call. Building it is one thing, then PD will want $100,000 worth of gym equipment, $100,000 worth of showers, gym locker room and furniture.

Then heating, cooling, cleaning, repairs, etc. will costs another 2-300,000 over 10 years. All of this costs to hold onto someone's bicycle that got recovered?

Anonymous said...

Hey are the cops to good to use the fitness center operated by the school system. It is a great facility they have pools and all kind of exercise equipment. Open to Raytown residents and school system residents.

Don Millum said...

7:18 pm -

You obviously don’t know what’s going on. The RPD aren’t looking to exercise to get physically fit. They’re looking to do exercises to prepare for when they have to carry your sorry self out of a dangerous situation. Wake up and pay attention before you post your inane comments.

Anonymous said...

To anon, March 12, 2017 at 10:09 PM

Good question, shouldn't all of Raytown be considered? How about a community event/fitness center in the green space? Charge citizens a fair monthly rate to the facility to exercise and use the revenue to provide a facility for PD. Sounds like a win/win to me.

Anonymous said...

Not all Police officers are Raytown residents and City Employees are not School District Employees.

Anonymous said...

March 13, 2:33 PM

You bring up some fair consideration points. I would predict if it was the previous board prior to 2015 transformation it would fly under the spending radar. This council group has shown a consistent practice of analyzing expenditures and not business as usual Bower lead directives.

Anonymous said...

9:43 I would hope that our police offers are not school district emplloyees.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or do the pictures that appear in the Raytown Times that Randy actually takes look they were taken by a Polaroid?? And he had Bob Phillips trolling for subscriptions this week. Please...Dump the other 2 Amigos Creamer and Aziere,and he might have a publication that isn't packed full of Fake News and someone may advertise or buy a subscription.

Anonymous said...


what does that have to do with anything.

Why should the tax payers keep paying for the same thing.

There needs to be better use of our money or we will become the next KCMO

Anonymous said...

Just read this weeks edition of the ramblings of sobriety and I actually think her is getting crazier. So now without knowing any of the facts related to a lawsuit he thinks certain aldermen shouldn't be allowed to vote on any settlement because it's a conflict of interest because memebers of The fire department helped put out signs. That is ridiculous, does that also mean that alderman the fire union endorsed shouldn't be allowed to vote? Or what about sitting aldermen on the fire district loud City Hall to move in to the building last summer when I had to evacuate? What does that also mean about the alderman who voted to file this ridiculous lawsuit? Should they be allowed to vote on a settlement at the fire department is done something nice for them the last year? What if it turns out the city has been dead wrong this whole time and the fire department is right??? Maybe, that will be covered in next weeks copy of how the anvil turns...

Don Millum said...

Joe Creamer said he is officially putting the city on notice. He will legally challenge votes by the aldermen. Will he come back next week and say that yes, he said he was putting the city on notice, but he really didn't mean the "city". And, he really didn't mean "notice". Oh, and he really didn't mean "challenge"?

This guy belongs in Washington with all the other clowns.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that Ryan Myers, until 3 weeks ago, stated on his facebook page that he lived in Kansas City. After someone told him that he needed to change that, he did to Raytown. He is running for an alderman position and is not proud that he lives in Raytown - or does he?

Anonymous said...

Ryan Myers has been quoted as saying he doesn't know Jim Azier and they are NOT part of the same group that is telling alternate facts to the good citizens of Raytown.

However, last night he was quoted in front of a crowed of Raytown citizens that Raytown citizens are upset that Super Splash is closed.

He says he has heard it all over Ward 3 while going door to door, well the only other person in Raytown that makes claims like this without any proof is Jim Azier.

If Ryan would do fact checking outside of talking everything Azier has to say as the word of the Lord, he would know that 75% - 80% of those who have been using Super Splash over the past several years are residence of KCMO.

If that is not the truth the Director of Raytown's Parks needs to be let go for misleading the public and the park board.

My money is the Director of Raytown's Parks has the proof, which is something Mr Azier has yet to provide on anything.

Anonymous said...

Making Raytown Hate

The Jim Azier plan

Andy Whiteman said...

12:49PM, Where does someone really live? When posting on social media someone may post Kansas City rather than Raytown because most people nationwide never heard of Raytown! Last night I found myself stating that I used to live in Kansas City because I knew the person to whom I was speaking has no clue where Raytown is.
Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The exact numbers:

Only 17% of Raytown Citizens utilize Super Splash according to the 90k Comprehensive Park Study and Survey disclosed last fall.
Raytown Citizens responding to the survey list of park projects and requested priorities listed Super Spalsh as #12.
For a 8 Year stretch 2007-2015 Super Splash lost 1.7 Million Dollars.
If not for scraping the 100000 worth of budgeted and scheduled maintenance projects on Super Splash last season it would have lost money once again.
Maybe that is why The Parks Board decided to not open for 2017 Season and explore future options. Notice how I said Parks Board??

Things Jim "Alternate Facts" Aziere isn't explaining to people as he campaigns for his wish list of candidates!!!