Sunday, July 16, 2017


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The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – July 11, 2017

Janice Masters told the Board she wanted the ordinance amended or revised.  She said the the city’s animal control unit told her they can only perform welfare checks on animals. According to Animal Control personnel, they do not have the authority to remove abused or neglected animals. Based on that information, Mrs. Mastes believes the city should amend or revise the ordinance to protect animals.

The Board passed a resolution approving the appointment of Josh Morales to the Board of Zoning Adjustment.

The Board passed a resolution approving the appointment of Thomas Murray to the Board of Zoning Adjustment.

The Board passed a resolution approving the reappointment of Dee Ann Stock to the Planning & Zoning Commission.

 The Board passed a resolution approving the reappointment of George Mitchell to the Raytown Park Board.

The Board passed a resolution approving the appointment of Jeanette Guenther to the Raytown Park Board.

The Board passed a resolution approving the appointment of Kimberly Montsdeoca to the Raytown Park Board.

The Board heard the first and second readings, and then passed of an ordinance establishing a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of interest and substantial interests for certain municipal officials.  In 1991, the Missouri General Assembly adopted an ethics and personal financial disclosure law, which applied to all municipalities with an annual operating budget in excess of $1 million.  Under the law, municipalities were allowed to adopt their own simplified personal financial disclosure requirements by ordinance (commonly known as “short form” reporting).

The financial disclosure reporting requirements apply to each elected official, the City Administrator (as the Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Purchasing Officer), the Director of Finance (as the Chief Financial Officer), the City Clerk, the full-time General Counsel, the Park Board, and the Parks and Recreation Director.  Each political subdivision desiring to use the “short form” is required to readopt the ordinance authorizing “short form” reporting every two years.  However, in order to avoid the significant consequences of the failure to readopt the ordinance the recommended best practice is to adopt the ordinance annually.

The Board passed an ordinance approving a contract with DEW Farms Services for mowing and nuisance abatement services in an amount not to exceed $36,000.  The City of Raytown accepted a bid from DEW Farms, LLC to provide the City with services for nuisance abatement and mowing related to the city’s code enforcement activities.  Through the contract, DEW Farms, LLC provides abatement of various property maintenance violations such as junk, trash, and debris; brush and branch removal, and mowing of weeds and grass in excess of eight inches in length.

To our Readers:
Last week we published links to the lawsuits between the City of Raytown and Raytown Fire Protection District. This past week the Raytown Times reported on the lawsuit. Bob Phillips of the Times also wrote a short piece condemning the city for a lack of transparency over the lawsuit.

We find Phillip’s commentary interesting because the Times did not publish the text of the lawsuit.

Given the limitations of the pulp print media, we can understand why the Editor of the Times, Randy Battagler, did not publish a written copy of the lawsuits. After all, they are rather lengthy and would have probably cost a lot of money to produce.

What we do not understand, particularly given Bob Phillip’s complaint about a lack of transparency, is why did they not publish a link to the Raytown Report?
We carried the entire text of the lawsuits one full week before they reported on it.

Their readers could have had the benefit of reading the entire text of the lawsuits and been able to form their own opinions about the merits of the arguments being made by the City and Fire District.

In the spirit of transparency, we invite Mr. Phillips and Mr. Battagler to publish a link to the Raytown Report to their readers can learn first-hand what the lawsuits are all about.

We are re-running last week's story for those who may be new to our weekly newsblog report.

Unrealistic Goals
and Broken Promises . . .
. . . have the City Hall and Raytown Fire Protection District facing off in two lawsuits.
The City claims the Fire District has wronged them by holding back payments of certain revenue collected in the 350 Live Development Project (a TIF program commonly recognized as that area anchored by Walmart on 350 Highway).
The Fire District says the City has not followed through on promises it made regarding the timeline of the development and that they have fulfilled their end of the agreement.
The lawsuits have been filed. The two sides are meeting to try to work out their differences before they go to court.
Who is right? Who is wrong? You be the judge. The two lawsuits, one by the City of Raytown against the Fire District and the Fire District’s briefs can be reached by using the following links.

Fire District - Ans & Counter Claim to City Claim Filed 1-27-2017 .pdf
20.8 MB
City of Raytown v. RFPD - Claim Filed 1-27-2017.pdf
90 KB
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Andy Whiteman said...

July 15, 2017 at 7:47 PM, I asked that myself and there are two good reasons:

1) Manpower to assist with moving patients and lifting. I once had to be carried from a 2nd floor on a stretcher chair since there was no other way to get me out. I weighed 150 lbs + the weight of the chair so figure over 200 lbs to carry plus at that time I couldn't couldn't remain still!
2) Fire trucks are also staffed by EMTs and Paramedics! A firetruck may have a much faster response time than an ambulance depending on distance and other calls for service. There were times in Raytown when I called for EMS and the truck arrived several minutes before the ambulance! These few very well could make a difference in saving the patient.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

You know things are bad when even Bob Phillips says that it appears the claims the Fire District have been making for the past 2 years maybe accurate. City hall is running out of places to hide.

Anonymous said...

From the sounds of the lawsuit this on the verge of being criminal. There is no way the Raytown Police Department is going to investigate this, so if not then who? Jackson County Sheriff? Jean Bakers office? Who would it be and how does someone get them involved,

Anonymous said...

The next investigation will probably be from the State Auditors Office, I understand she has already been contacted.

Anonymous said...

Time to call in the Federal B.I. or the Attorney General office to get this mess straightened out. I wouldn't rely on what the Finance Director says. It is clearly a case of CYA at this point.

Anonymous said...

9:21 PM.

There is nothing criminal in the issue regarding the 2 lawsuits. I mean if holding up the taxpayers of much needed community projects and infrastructure repairs in lieu of getting one of the Firetrucks paid for isn't criminal, then nothing is.

Anonymous said...

Joe Creamer wrote an article in the Raytown Times last week concerning Nepotism in the Police Department. Mr. Creamer, prior to writing article, contacted a City Official asking if the Police Department violated the Nepotism Policy and was told no, the P.D. is not in violation. Mr. Creamer still wrote that he has been told (by an anonymous source) the P.D. was in violation.
A current organizational chart is available. The P.D. is not in violation!

It appears that Joe Creamer doesn't really care about the truth.
This is evident in all the articles he has published recently.

Anonymous said...

Joe Creamer told us at a city council meeting a couple of months ago that he has all the documentation to prove what he says. It's in boxes on his garage floor! And no, you can't see them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:21, I am not a lawyer but the allegations made against the City sure look like fraud to me. But, I certainly understand the urgency and desire by City Hall to borrow more money before the bottom drops out. Not sure how you arrived at your claim that the fire department is holding up needed community projects, the City filed the lawsuit against the fire department. If that suit is holding up anything, then I guess to the Board of Aldermen I would say Karma is a cold hard one...

Anonymous said...

Joe Creamer seems to me to want to tear down Raytown instead of trying to help and constructively fix the problems around town

Anonymous said...

I have heard about this box of secrets in Joe Creamer's garage. I wonder if that is where Hillary Clinton's lost emails can be found!

Oh, but that is not all. Check this out.

favoritism: shown by somebody in power to relatives and friends, especially in appointing them to good positions

Let's be honest about this. There are people in the Raytown PD who are related to each other. Do they show favoritism to each other. I really do not know. I do know that if folks related to each other were not working together, this discussion would not be taking place.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone look at these two cases and think for one minute the fire department is the one being unreasonable. The folks are rapidly arriving at the point they are going to have to become transparent with the public. It's not enough to sit up at the front on the room and say theses accusations are unfounded. If they were unfounded then it would have been thrown out of court months ago. Instead we are wasting more money for attorneys in order to try and cover up their lies.

Anonymous said...

This whole Walmart project has been Charlie Foxtrot from Day 1. Enough is enough ladies and gentlemen, it's time for our elected officials to lead and make the hard decisions we elected them to make.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who missed it the State Auditor held an event last week at the go cart track. Very nice lady who seems very concerned about the current situation in Raytown. Hopefully she is able to step in and we can finally know how bad things really are

Anonymous said...

When is the city going to fix the "Worlds of Fun Roller Coaster" on 59th street where the water main broke. Come on City Hall; get off you butts and get it repaired! This slow service is a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

The mess on 59th st is a water company issue. Not the cities. Knowing that Clevenger is involved shouldn't shock anyone that the issue is stalled.

Anonymous said...

8:36 am

I don't know why you bother to tell those people anything. They have been told repeatedly that city hall has nothing to do with super splash, yet they keep going to city council meetings and asking the pool be reopened. They have been told on this blog numerous times that the mess on 59th Street is Clevenger's problem. They know what they know and the truth be damned!

Anonymous said...

The water company should be held accountable for the 59 atreet mess.

GADSDEN said...

Let me see if I have this right. The city filed suit against the fire district on or about 27 Jan 2017.
Now why would the city file against the fire district when it does not seem as if they have ever sat down and tried to figure out a sane way to resolve this problem without a law suit. I would imagine that this is a result of the board with the ok of the Mayor. The taxpayers funds are being used by the fire district and the city of Raytown. Do the taxpayers have a big bulls eye on their backs? Now the board is trying to refinance debt and it can not happen as long as their is a lawsuit under way.

I would think that it could be resolved before the court date of both sides were really concerned about the outcome of a suit.

Please try and resolve.

Anonymous said...

GADSDEN, judging by the date of the filing my guess it that it was a parting shot fired by the former Finance Director/ Interim City Administrator Mark Loughry. Guess he figured he was leaving us so what did he have to loose by suing. This mess is so complicated I highly doubt anyone elected at City Hall could even begin to explain it, so why would you assume they are qualified to make sane decisions regarding resolving it. Like it or not this is only going to be settled in a court of law. I just hope there is a Raytown left when it's over. Unlike the former City Administrator and the former Finance Director we cannot turn tail and run

KMCCLA said...

I really do not know what the big deal about 59th Street really is. From what I saw, and rode on was only a few blocks long, and was not that bad. On the other hand, there are several blocks on 79th Street, from about Elm to Raytown Road is extremely rough and jarring. But you do not see me upset about it. There are several rough roads in the city, why is any one more important than the other? As for 59th, it appears that it is a the Raytown Water Companies problem, and they have enough problems as it is, from what I have heard.

Anonymous said...

Wait till 59th street develops a huge hole and swallows a vehicle. Then there will be finger pointing from the city to Raytown Water Co who is to blame. City hall won't put pressure on Raytown Water Co because they are "buddy buddies. 59th street is a driver's hazard!

I haven't been on 79th street and Elm and I am sure it is bad as you say, but look at ALL the streets in Raytown!! I have seen county and country roads in much better shape and they have less money to work with. Fall is fast approaching and we haven't heard one thing about any street ovelays coming from City Hall. Oh wait, I forgot we can't do any street overlays. Where is all the tax money going? Could it be to the Raytown Police Chair Warmers? Naaaa!

Anonymous said...

Tried to watch the City Council meeting tonight, but it only lasted 22 minutes before it went into executive session for a legal matter. I can only assume it's related to the 39 million dollar elephant in the room, but the fact they cleared the agenda and went into closed session so fast scares me. That never happens unless something is very wrong. Guess only time will tell for sure, lord knows the city won't say a word.

Anonymous said...

Shame ion the Fire District, you are holding up progress. The time has come for you to grow up and drop this stupid mission to prove the TIF Project was a bad deal. Hope you sleep well knowing your ruining our city.

Anonymous said...

To 11:32 pm, If you had your facts straight you would realize that it is not the Fire District ruining anything, this is about fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers, please do your homework before uttering your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

This Sunday marks a historical event for the Downtown Green Space. Other than the annual "candy grab", this is the first time an event has been held at that location.

Sunday, July 23 Ragin Rats Car Show benefiting the Dream-factory 10a-3p on the Green in Downtown Raytown.

Come see lots of cool cars, various vendors, food trucks, and a DUNK TANK (rumor has it that some city officials have volunteered to participate in this event).

Come on downtown its a nice place to visit!

Raytown Rocks

Anonymous said...

8:45 am

Did you post this on Raytown Unleashed on Facebook? If not, you should. A lot of people will see it and maybe attend.

Anonymous said...

Did you even watch the meeting? They tabled the items because the legal review hasn't take place. Some people.

Anonymous said...

Our crime rate is at an all time high. Shootings and police chases are almost a daily occurrence. 3 out of every 4 tax dollars go to the cops. We cannot afford to fund community resources such as Supersplash. The City is in the middle in a very decisive lawsuit with the Fire District which they caused. Depending on who you believe the finances are somewhere between bad and critical. So in other words things are really bad in Raytown and not looking to improve anytime soon. Where is our elected leader through all this you ask? He's on TV giving a proclamation to Vicki Lawerence because she appeared on a mildly offensive program that was set in a southern city known as Raytown. People say Donald Trump doesn't have a clue, well folks neither does our Mayor.

Anonymous said...

10:49 pm - You damn liberals blame everything on Trump. Why don't you take the blame. You're the ones that passed the police sales tax. Now they think they have all the money in the world. Why don't you just crawl in a hole and stay there.

Steve Meyers said...

On a positive note a big shout out to the Parks Dept for all their hard work this spring and summer. The Parks and all the areas they maintain like City Hall, Gregory/Ratyown Rd intersection, and all the medians just look spectacular! Also be sure to put the annual Arts & Music Festival on your event calendar as well. Free family event once again held at Kenagy Park August 26th noon to 7 p.m.

The Parks folks are busy busy these days!

Steve Meyers,
Alderman Ward 4

Anonymous said...

8:26 You mean the tax and spend Republicans that cannot manage money.

The best example is the miss management of the TIF project.