Monday, July 24, 2017


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Apologies . . .
Yes. We know we are a day late with this week’s publication of the Raytown Report.

Blame it on the weather gods!

The 70 mile winds that blew through Raytown Saturday night must have unhinged some electrical wires somewhere, because at 10:30 that evening the power went out and it was not until late the next day before it would return.

Please accept this abbreviated version of the Raytown Report.
Look for us next week with a more robust edition.

“Urban Legend” . . . circulating an untrue story . . . a bizarre untrue story that circulates in a society through being presented as something that actually happened . . . usually on a topic to which most people can relate.

Two weeks ago in his Raytown Report, Paul Livius wrote,

"Janice Masters told the Board she wanted the ordinance amended or revised.  She said the city’s animal control unit told her they can only perform welfare checks on animals.

According to Animal Control personnel, they do not have the authority to remove abused or neglected animals. Based on that information, Ms. Masters believes the city should amend or revise the ordinance to protect animals."

We wondered about the veracity of the comments, so we checked with those folks who manage the Animal Control Department to get the inside skinny on the story. Here is the reply:

The Animal Control question.  "Our officers absolutely have the ability to remove an animal from a property if it appears to be abused or neglected.  I am not familiar with the specific case the individual spoke about in public comments.

A few weeks ago, an individual called about two dogs who were “grossly neglected, dying in the heat and without food and water.” 

Animal Control visited the home, checked on the dogs and did not find any of the issues suggested by the complainant.  More and more individuals called with the same concerns as they had apparently been made aware of the allegations online.

I went to the residence in question and asked to see the dogs.  I played with them for about ten minutes, they were extremely cool to the touch and had access to plenty of shade, food and water.  The dogs were cooler than I was from driving over there.

After the visit, I called the complainant and asked if I could stop by her home to share what I had seen…she said she had not been home all day.  I’m not certain how someone can be incredibly concerned about animals they have not seen…but so be it.”

The Paul Livius Report
Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting
July 17, 2017

John Ivy told the Board he is treasurer with the Citizens for Progress.  He urged KCMO residents to vote for the Transportation Tax.  He said some of the money could be used for the Rock Island Trail.
The Board heard the first and second readings of an ordinance granting a conditional use permit  to allow advertising signs to be placed at 10000 East US 350 Highway and 10019 West US 350 Highway (IHOP and Freddy’s) located in the highway corridor commercial district. This was submitted by Greg Waldo on behalf of Freddy’s Land, LLC.

The Board tabled several resolutions concerning amendments to the Raytown Personnel Manual relating to working hours, violence in the workplace,  substance abuse, city employee on call policy, police department on call policy, take home city owned vehicles policy, time clock policy, and tuition reimbursement policy.

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Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for the annual trash collection day promised to me by my alderman. Guess it is not as important as continuing education scholarships for city employees!

Anonymous said...

News update, the city is broke so don't hold your breath for the clean up day. The Walmart TIF fiasco is bad and going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. I wouldn't expect much from the city for the next 15 or so years

Anonymous said...

The City of Raytown is posting that they are hiring Legal services/Attorney. It's about time, the one they have now was a friend of Bowers and should have been replaced a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Talk about being a day late and a dollar short...."The City of Raytown is currently seeking Request for Qualifications for Legal Services. Please provide an original and three (3) copies of the completed Request for Qualifications"

Andy Whiteman said...

Sounds like a lot of taxpayer $$$$$$$$$$$$$ will go to the attorneys! Too bad this fiasco couldn't have been prevented.

Anonymous said...

the city already provides for household waste items disposal. the city provides coupons for household waste items, $5 each ($25 value), so pay your $5 and take care of it. the city-wide cleanup is too expensive, a traffic nightmare, and is abused by non-residents.

Anonymous said...

I saw the fire on blue ridge this morning. The policemen wanted to get in to help the people inside, but the smoke was so thick I couldn't see how they could. It reminds me of how dangerous the police and firemen jobs are. Bless them

Anonymous said...

Just saw the interview with one of the Raytown battalion chief fireman. His name is Ty Helphrey.

A search of the Jackson County records shows he lives in a 180K house in Grain Valley.

Something wrong here folks.

If you work for KCMO... you will live there. We should require the same.

Anonymous said...

You say the Battalion Chief lives in $180k house. What does that have to do with anything at all? That’s not so expensive compared to some houses I’ve seen. Does his wife work? Did a rich uncle die and leave him a fortune? Did he win the lottery? That’s right – you don’t know. Why are you so quick to judge other people? Could it be you have house envy?

Anonymous said...

so a public servant can't be successful? they should be paid a pittance and not have the opportunity to work hard to have nice things like everyone else? maybe you, 12:13, should try to improve your situation instead of attacking our first responders

Anonymous said...

You miss my point 12:57 or maybe you just wish to deflect it!

The POINT is.... he should live and pay taxes here in Raytown.

Further... I wonder if as battalion chief gets to take his vehicle home?

You sound like his friend or co-worker so maybe you can answer that question.

Anonymous said...

12:13 you cant even get streets paved and you want to dictate where someone chooses to raise their family?
How about you post your name and we will see how much your house is worth, maybe your behind on taxes or your yard needs a good mowing. Maybe you are just the neighbor nobody wants to be around.
I have my ideas but you continue to be a anonymous keyboard warrior.

Dean Johnson

Anonymous said...

12:13 and 1:25

Before you start worrying about members of the Raytown Fire Department maybe you need to look at things in general.

Do you know that none of the department heads at city hall live in Raytown?

However, the fire chief lives in Raytown.

Do you know that the city has an ordinance on the books that the city administrator live in the city?

However, the city breaks it's own laws by allowing this to be over looked.

Do you know that being Raytown is a forth class city that we must elect a city marshal unless the alderman put before the voters to make the position appointed?

Do you know that to be elected you must live within the area you represent?

However, the Board of Alderman like to over look this for their own and has historically been an issue at city hall.

Do you know that the members of the last Charter Commission were told there are only about 5 of the 60 plus officers that live in the city.

Do you know that one has since retired, two others are just buying time because of their age and a fourth has no interest in management?

What will our Board of Alderman do to fix this issue, wait until it is to late to go before the voters and make it appointed?

However, No employee city employee is required to live in the city.

What about the school district being they have 10 times the number of employees the city has?

However, some of the schools are in other cities so where should they be required to live.

Seem odd your focus is only on the fire department, which from all indications on this blog and the Raytown Times is financially sound.

However, from both news sources can that same be said about the city.

Is not KCMO the only city in the metro that requires city employees to live within the city?

However, Raytown Fire Department is not a city.

You have at least shown you do not have the ability to comprehend the difference between a city and a fire department.

Andy Whiteman said...

A Battalion Chief is employed by the Raytown Fire District NOT the city of Raytown so comments regarding his residence are irrelevant unless the FD has residence or distance requirements for their employees.

I have stated to the BOA long ago that All city employees should be required to live in the city but was told that if it was a job requirement, the city would be unable to fill many positions.

Andy Whiteman

Matt Mace said...

I will be happy to answer your question anonymous 1:25. Ty Helphrey does live in Grain Valley and I will have to take your word for the value of his home. I can tell you that he has lived in the same home since joining the Fire District 15 years ago and as reported him and his wife both contribute to their monthly income. No Chief Helphrey does not get to take a vehicle home and neither do any of the Districts Battalion Chiefs. The only member of the Fire Distict who is required to live in the District is myself, which I have for over 17 years. I believe I am the only non elected public employee who is required to live in Raytown, if I am missing anyone it is unintentional. Your comment that Kansas City requires their employees to live in the City limits is factual, but what you fail to mention is that Kansas City covers 5 counties and almost a dozen school districts. Comparing that to requiring employees live in a 10 square mile community is compairing apples & oranges... They are just not the same thing.
I would ask if you found something wrong with the way Chief Helphrey performed his duties this morning or if you have had a negative experience with Chief Helphrey, because if you have I would like you to contact me at(816) 737-6034 so I can address that specifically. Beyond that I cannot understand what would motivate someone to look up the value of someone's home and judge them by the amount it's worth and the city it resides. Signed Matt Mace, Fire Chief if the Raytown Fire Protection District

Anonymous said...

Hello My People....

It sounds like some folks on here like to do detective work.

How about learning about the real detectives at the Raytown Police Dept?

The Citizen's Police Academy is coming up soon!! See the RPD FB page for how to sign up. They have lots of different ways to sign up.

If you don't sign up I guess I'll have to continue to post here. So if you want me to stop posting, SIGN UP FOR THE CPA MY PEOPLE!!!!!!!

It is going to be fun!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:05
I take issue with some of your less than factual comments:

First off, it’s not a Fire Department. It is a Fire District. There’s a difference. Look it up.

“Do you know that the city has an ordinance on the books that the city administrator live in the city? However, the city breaks it's own laws by allowing this to be over looked.” The fact is that in November, 2016, the BOA passed an ordinance stating the Board can waive the residency requirements with a majority vote. The law is not being overlooked. It was changed and is being followed as the law is written. If you don’t like it, go to a BOA meeting and ask the law be changed. Yeah, I know. It’s easier to post here than go there.

“Do you know that the members of the last Charter Commission were told there are only about 5 of the 60 plus officers that live in the city? Do you know that one has since retired, two others are just buying time because of their age, and a fourth has no interest in management?” You need to pony up and show proof. Having “proof” in Joe Creamer’s garage doesn’t count.

“What will our Board of Alderman do to fix this issue, wait until it is too late to go before the voters and make it appointed?” I’m guessing you mean appointed Chief of Police. When David Bower was mayor, the Board brought up that subject. All h*ll broke loose. There were 30 or more citizens demanding that their right to vote be protected. They came for two straight meetings. The Board had to finally announce they were dropping the idea so they could move on to other city business. If you try to take away our right to vote, we WILL come back.

“What about the school district being they have 10 times the number of employees the city has? However, some of the schools are in other cities so where should they be required to live.” I guess no one told you that the Mayor, BOA, or city staff does not give direction to the Raytown Schools. The School District has their own elected officials. If you don’t like the way the schools are run, call them.

I think you should get your facts straight before you start posting here.

Anonymous said...

Nicely put Chief, but wouldn't expect anything less. It's no secret that I am a fan and think Raytown is lucky to have you leading our firefighters. What the anonymous keyboard cowboy forgot to mention is, please thank everyone who was there this morning and I hope everyone is ok. I know everyone there did everything in their power to rescue those two people and I am sorry you were not able to be successful. But, I for one sleep better at night knowing you all are there if I need you. Raytowna Beach Bum

Anonymous said...

The Raytown Fire Protection District, including Chief Mace and BC Helphrey are absolutely incredible. The men and women of the RFPD are above reproach.

Anonymous said...

And that folks is how you lead... Well said Chief Mace. The only thing I would add is to point out the hypocrisy of someone criticizing the location and value of someone's home, but lacking the courage to disclose their address and homes value. This person could very easily live in Lees Summit in a 230,000 home and we would never know because they chose to be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I don't care where anyone lives, just care that they are willing to show up at 5 in the morning and risk their lives to save mine.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Raytown first responders are top-notch.

Anonymous said...

12:13 you want to talk about wasted tax dollars call (573) 751-3222 and ask to stop special sessions.

Anonymous said...

I might not have one of those fancy degrees like the elected officials at city hall, but growing up on a farm in Northern MO I know fertilizer when I see it.

6:53 sure is pushing it tonight.

They want all the readers to believe 5:05 doesn't have their facts, but it was 6:53 that said the city administrator is not required to live here since the passage of a Nov 2016 ordinance.

You might call us country folks slow, but that sure sounds like up until that time anyone in the position of city administrator was to have been living here under city ordinance.

Makes 5:05 is a fine carpenter and who hit that nail head on.
City election were this past April by my math that means anyone re-elected or those not up for election were as 5:05 stated breaking the city ordinance. My understand that a city ordinance is the city law. I guess 5:05 is two for two on that breaking the law issue.

Am I moving too fast for you city slickers, I mean on the farm you got to be fast or you will be at something all day and get nothing done.

Sequel like a pig all you want, but all you did was provide the deliverance that 5:05 actual knows there facts even though they are a little behind the times.

M Young

Anonymous said...

Who does this? I am I the only person here who finds it a bit disturbing that someone watches a news interview about two people dying in a fire and decides ithe thing to do is it look the the value of the firemans home. What is wrong with you who ever you are?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:13; with all of the problems we have in Raytown you think where someone who is not even a department head lives is an issue? Do us all a favor and get a clue.

Anonymous said...

M Young - You must be new to Raytown. Otherwise, you would know the City Administrator who moved to Iowa was required to live in Raytown. He started out as Public Works director. He was promoted to City Administrator and agreed to move to Raytown when his children finished the school year. The BOA agreed to not disrupt his family and agreed to let him stay in Raymore. When it came time to move, he claimed the housing market tanked and he would lose his shirt if he sold his house. The BOA gave him a two year extension. At the end of two years, the city administrator came right out and stated he had no intention of moving to Raytown. We didn't have any nice houses. The BOA argued about it for three meetings until one alderman said that if we let the administrator leave, they would have to find someone else and that was a lot of work. That city administrator lied to the former mayor and aldermen many times about moving here.

Anonymous said...

M Young I cannot follow along with the point your attempting to make. First since 2009 there has not been a city administrator living in Raytown. Beginning in 2004 Department heads were allowed to live outside of Raytown. The original post was and attack in a Battalion Chief which is a working supervisor not a department head or the chief officer of the fire department. Then you start talking about elected positions which absolutely none of the positions mentioned involve being elected. Thus I am lost.

Anonymous said...

No nice houses? Did he look on the real estate websites? Geez.

Anonymous said...

8:01 PM,

Did you move in from one of those 4/20 friendly states?

We don't grow that stuff in MO it mess with ones head and thought process.

I never commented on any Battalion Chief I was responding to 6:53.

Raytown has a very nice Library and maybe one of the nice employees can read it to you or should I say explain it to those who were deprived a proper education.

Maybe I need to move back to the farm as the animals are much smarter and kind than many of the city folks like yourself.

I am glad I picked Raytown it has that small town feeling and just like a small town everyone in Raytown has a love so great for their neighbor that if the neighbor was to soddenly stop they would be joined and not at the hip.

Happiness is what you make of life was one of the first things I learned on the farm and it is something missing from so many in the city.

Maybe if you had to care for as many farm animals as I did growing up you would learn compassion for other, and the ability to understand, but again look at the number of shootings here in the metro compared to those in Norther MO, which is something I don't understand.

M Young

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tom Cole for taking on the job of City Administrator. I understand that your expertise is in building community/business relations, but now you have to deal with a number of other large important decisions as well as pettiness. Please don't get tiresome of people who are negative (i.e. where you live, the value of your home, etc.), and do little to help make the city a better place to live. There are sour spirits everywhere, don't let it poison your soul.

Anonymous said...

5:56 - His words not mine. Just another of his lame excuses.

Anonymous said...

Wrong...Sharma never lived in Raytown when he took the job in 06 or 07. He lead the BOA on and then in 09 they waived it for him and never had the balls to change that law. Absolutely no leaders on the board addressing this until you had two elected in 2013. And as of now one of those two is still on and he is who I look to because I know he actually fought against that Administrator and that trash Board that existed.

Anonymous said...

10:31 - what have you been smoking? No one ever said Sharma lived in Raytown.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, in a perfect world our police officers, firemen, city employees and teachers would be our neighbors, go to our churches, buy their groceries here and their kids would go to our schools. They would have a vested interest in the city.
BUT this aint Mayberry. This is Raytown.

Anonymous said...

You would have to pony up a lot more money than you pay now to make it mandatory to live in the city.

Anonymous said...

8:01 said for at since 09 the city admin disnt live in raytown, that's not true more like since 06 was I think 10:31's point. Try reading what the reply was for.

Anonymous said...

I found the ramblings of Alan Thompson intriguing in this weeks copy of Randy's Newspaper. I was intrigued by the fact a former bank president could be so willing to encourage even more financial mismanagement. Maybe this is because as one of the only 5 members of the Walmart TIF commission Mr Thompson is concerned about the truth actually becoming public. He failed to mention that in all his lawsuit studies the City is who held up the refinancing by being the ones who filed a lawsuit. Guess that little fact slipped by him, much like the mandatory annual public reporting his commission conveniently forgot as well.

Anonymous said...

Allen Thompson has been a long time bff the Dave Bower, which is how he got appointed to mismanage the TIF commission. In fact the joke around city hall used to be that you never heard Thompson speak when the former mayor was talking a drink. Mr Thompson was also a staunch supporter of the former CA right up until he bailed on the city. Hindsights 20/20 but with all the instances of inappropriate conduct by CA coming to light it's safe to say Mr Thompson's judgement maybe flawed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Thompson what you wrote was right on spot. To bad people don't want to be educated. Poor fools.

Anonymous said...

While some of the friendships may be in place that were mentioned earlier, both Thompson and Creamer's comments and analysis of the issues regarding the lawsuit are pretty much on point. Phase 3 development of the TIF agreement fizzled out and the 10 year development contract and "fire truck" agreement expired. Game, set, match!!! City takes it in the shorts as far as commercial development producing sales tax revenue and has a TIF Bond payment that can choke a horse and the Fire Department doesn't get a Fire Truck... Some deals just don't pan out. This would be one of them. Fire District. MAN UP.... Stop holding up progress and projects that the taxpayers of Raytown deserve. You know the same taxpayers that bought you the 2 new Fire Trucks that you got about a year ago.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Thompson! He is now teamed up with that icon of the Raytown community, joe creamer, as being spot on? Give me a break!!! Thompson and Creamer will not decide this issue. It is in the courts. All the hype about the wisdom of David Bower selling out Raytown for Walmart will not count much there.

I see the last comment writer fell to the last defense of those who are making a losing argument. Name calling. What was he wrote? Oh yes. He called those who disagree with him "fools".

Anonymous said...

Hey there 10:25

I read what Mr. Thompson wrote and it had the ring of truth. The piece absolutely did not impress me as "ramblings" as an earlier poster characterized it.

Thank you for your corroboration of his take on this ugly mess. I am sure you will be castigated for your opinion.