Friday, July 20, 2018

Will a history of broken promises haunt Raytown City Hall on August 7th?

Given the city’s track record of broken promises on tax increases, it may very well happen.

Voters have long memories. Raytown voters are not an exception. One only has to look back a couple of years to recall promises made by City Hall that turned out to be false promises.

PUBLIC SAFETY SALES TAX: Raytown voters were promised a Public Safety Sales Tax would hire additional patrol officers. Proceeds from the sales tax were also promised to guarantee solid financial footing for the Raytown Ambulance Service.

Both promises have turned out to be true. Promised positions within the police department were never filled. In fact, just the opposite happened. Once the tax was passed, the Board approved a city budget that stripped funding from positions within the police department.

BAIT AND SWITCH: Many have wondered if this “bait and switch” scheme is in play with the Gasoline Sales Tax on the August 7th ballot.

Here is how it would work. Once the gasoline tax, which is supposed to be dedicated toward street repair, is approved, regular funding for street repair would be cut from the city’s budget. The result would mean no real gain in money being spent on street repair.

Critics of City Hall are quick to remind listeners, “they did it before . . . they will do it again.”

PARK/STORM SEWER SALES TAX FIASCO: In 2010 Raytown voters were promised a “split” of sales tax revenue between Raytown Parks and Storm Sewer repair in Raytown. In reality, the Park Department received 100% of the funding for nearly six years. The Board finally did address the situation with a “split” of 70% for Parks and 30% for storm sewer projects.

AMBULANCE FUNDING: The Public Safety Sales Tax was also supposed to be used put ambulance service on a solid footing. If that is the case, why has the city been shopping for a vendor to take over the ambulance service?

Sources within the Raytown Fire Department have confirmed they have been approached to consider taking over the Raytown Ambulance Service. It has also been confirmed that similar discussions have been held with at least two other private ambulance services as well.

17 DAYS . . . 
Seventeen days. That is how many days are left until the August 7th Primary Election.

This election has a little something for everyone. Nationally, Missouri is in the spotlight because of what appears to be a November Election already being played out between Senator Claire McCaskill and Attorney General Josh Hawley. Watch for this contest to heat up to a fever pitch as November comes near. It will be one of the most closely watched races on the national scene.

The state wide vote on a Right to Work Amendment is expected to increase voter participation within Missouri.

Locally, the spotlight is being captured by a set of three poorly timed tax increase questions coming before the voters in Raytown.

The “yes” campaign appears to be a disorganized mess of hefty tax increases designed to hit Raytowners with a three punch knockout.

QUESTION 1 asks voters to more than double city portion of the property tax on homes and personal property (cars, RV’s, motorcycles, etc.).

QUESTION 2 asks voters for a two cent per gallon gasoline tax.

QUESTION 3 asks voters to approve a 2.5% use tax on all internet sales.

IMPACT OF THREE TAX INCREASES at one time has also raised concern of how will affect those on fixed incomes. It is unusual to see a city propose three tax increases in one election. The impact of all three will hurt those on fixed incomes because two of the increases are on items most people have to pay.

The real estate and personal property tax increases affect anyone who owns their home or a car.

The same can be said about the gasoline tax, unless you are driving an electric powered vehicle, you will pay the tax. The 10 cent a gallon tax gasoline tax on the November ballot has also placed a dampening effect on support of the tax hike.

The 2.5% internet sales tax, which was defeated last April in both Independence and Blue Springs by wide margins, also place an additional tax lug internet shoppers will have to face.

CONFUSING BALLOT LANGUAGE: The ballot language on all three Raytown tax questions is long and confusing. Voters are advised to carefully read the ballot language when they go to cast their votes.

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, August 7th. Polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. Whether you support or oppose the taxes is your private business. Let your voice be heard. Please remember to vote.


Anonymous said...

So, when the political climate in this country is keeping people from wanting to go into law enforcement, and therefore they can’t get many qualified applicants, how is that the pds problem? They can’t make the people apply. SMDH.

Anonymous said...

"... a disorganized mess of hefty tax increases designed to hit Raytowners with a three punch knockout."

BINGO. Dead on.

Anonymous said...

Gas is $2.44 at the Walmart or 7-11 on 40 Highway.

That is 13 cents savings over Raytown and after the mayor gets his gas tax passed it will be 15 cent.

Using the mayor's cost of gas with the 2 cent increase, we can all save the following each year:

15 gal x 52 weeks x 15 cents = $117 a year savings

Anonymous said...

Someone else should be running EMS, even when the City has money they were still horrible.

Anonymous said...

While I feel bad for how tax increases affect people on fixed incomes, the city has pretty much been on one for decades. Yes, 7.07% overall increase on property taxes, might be difficult, for some, it's not huge for the rest of the city that also uses city services. There's a property tax refund that some people on fixed incomes could qualify, so they may not feel the whole increase. No matter what the state does with fuel taxes, the city won't see the funds, and yes state roads are bad also and need repair, and that costs money. Sales tax being charged on online purchases, that's no different than paying it in the store, and this has been passed in a few cities. Not everyone wants to live in a city that is broke and can barely afford basic services. If affording property taxes is that huge of an issue, buy cheaper property, downsize to the smaller house that has a lower market value, or an older car or less expensive vehicle. Keep your tires properly inflated and car tuned up to save gas and pay less on the gas tax, and if you want to save on the online sales tax, don't be so worried about having the newest and latest gadget from Amazon. Let's not let the city do a downward spiral because of people on fixed incomes, or because past BOA can't be trusted. Let's move forward and be attentive to what the BOA is doing and ask ourselves, what happens if the taxes don't pass? Is there any chance the roads will get repaired or the PD properly funded if we all don't accept the fact that the city needs more income and provide that money to the city? One of the very few ways for the city to get the income it needs to fund the city is higher taxes, where everyone contributes a little more because the cost of providing the basic city services has gone up more. Voting no because the past BOA didn't do what they should've isn't really a good choice, because the past BOA were all elected, by the peopled. I'm pretty sure we all agree the city needs the money to fix roads and fund the PD, is the only question can we trust the elected officials to do the right thing with the money? If the question is trusting the elected officials well that's on the citizens for electing them, and waiting to give the city money, just means it'll be more expensive to turn the city around and get out of the deep hole it's headed.

Anonymous said...

Someone please file a sunshine request for all the city paid cell phone bills.

Anonymous said...

I will be voting "NO" on all 3 taxes on August 7th.

I have lived here 60 years and in the last 10+ years and city hall has been a "laughing stock" when people find out you live in Raytown.

Anonymous said...

You know that the BOA AMD Mayor are elected by the people and city hall works for the citizens right? And if it's a laughing stock it's because of the voters

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:46 PM-

What kind of "dope" you have been smoking?

The city must of give you their "kool-aid" to drink! If you think they are going to use the new taxes correctly, you are sadly mistaken! The PD doesn't need any more funds, they can't manage what they have now and either can city hall!

Anonymous said...

Went to the Walmart today - many shelves are empty, very few clerks on duty. Is this the next Ex-Walmart store? Does the City of Dogpatch still have to pay off the bonds if Walmart leaves?

As for the Internet tax - very little income at enormous cost. Amazon, Chewy & others already charge sales tax. Why shop locally when most of the stores are trying to be convenience stores with a little of everything - all using the same distributors? The big malls started folding years before the Internet was much competition. More likely, the wage stagnation of recent decades (trickle down economics at work) leaves very few households with time to stop for hours. When you add in shoplifting costs, I am amazed that any retail stores still survive.

Anonymous said...

10:14 You should attend the next citizen police academy they will tell you Raytown has higher standards than other cities.

I understand they will not explain what that actually means, but I think we all can agree maybe it is a management problem.

Anonymous said...

10:39 pm

Absolutely I want the best officers we can get! You don't??

I don't want Raytown to be the next Ferguson. I want cops who have good judgement and temperament that can think clearly. You want to pay a multi-million dollar wrongful death suit? We'll really be in trouble then.

In NO way is that a "problem" wanting to hire the best folks.

Anonymous said...

7/21 6:46

People shouldn't have to give up wealth created over decades so city hall could squander it. The inheritance my grandparents left me, including the house, has sentimental value. Over the last 10 years I've been here in this lovely town the roads have been slowly deteriorating. There are some of the same Board members for decades!
A guy came around and showed me except for last year the city spent millions over budget. These people were in power then, and he said only half can be replaced next year. This guy showed me the emails of people using police computers to check people when they weren't backgrounded. I saw the crash reports for the chief drinking and driving and getting in a wreck in his city car, and of other officers taking their cars on vacation with the family.
You should talk to him, he showed us how people got bonuses and big raises last year even with the budget cuts, and how we pay better than the surrounding towns. I wish i could remember it all, but i know this house will vote no on all the taxes!

Anonymous said...


7% of a Million dollars is $70,000. The minimizing and trivializing shows you lack even a modicum of basic intelligence. Raytown is already overtaxed, agree? Thats just facts. Now we can look at the city's portion and say that is lower than average by a point or two. That doesn't change that we have the second highest taxes in the area, for less services.
Imagine i have a diet 1500 calories a day. I eat a healthy 800 calorie breakfast. For lunch i exclude the breakfast calories because they arent part of lunch and eat 1200 calories (2000 total). When i get to dinner i cant count the previous calories because they arent relevant part of "dinner" so i eat 1500. my total for the day is 3500, over double my allotment! You would argue that isnt a problem because no one meal went over and it isnt lunches fault dinner was so much. At the end of the day there were too many calories. Will you be on the committee to lower the schools portion to the average? or do you just want to add taxes until people get their money stripped away? Is there a reason you want to make the middle class poorer?
List a couple things this Board has done beneficial with the money we already give them. There isnt one sane person up there.

Anonymous said...

The mayor told me the taxes would go to bring the Police budget back up to where it was and any leftover could go to roads, but we would see improvement for years! He said "These things take time". i was going to vote yes on at least the gas tax and the property one (i dont understand the use) but i dont want to pay so much when we wont have results for years. i dont know how i'm going to vote now.

TONY JACOB said...

We already pay too much in taxes for too little.

Sources below;

According to the websites below, here are my assumptions:

Avg house market value is 147K.
Average median household income is 51,302.
Savings account for 10% of gross income.
Figures rounded to the nearest dollar (except start is 2 dollars).
Married with no dependents
Jurisdiction 22.
2 Cars total fair market value 30,000
50% of after tax income spent on taxable items (groceries, household goods, ect)
Starting balance 51,300
-savings 5,130 = 46,170
-federal taxes 5,811 = 40,359
-ACA 4,617 = 28,659
-MO taxes 1,559 = 27,100
-KCET 530 = 26,570
-purchases 13,285 = 13,285
-sales tax 1,362 = 11,923
-car prop tax 915 = 11,008
-home prop tax 2,556 = 8,452
-permits/city fee 96 = 8,356
This person earned 51,300. Saved 5,130. Bought 13,285 of household and groceries and such. Paid 17,446 in taxes (34%). And has 16 percent of their earned income left for bills (including house payment of 25-30 percent, try that math). After just the base level of savings and taxes there's more than half of an employees salary!

Anonymous said...

Well said 6:12. The people vote in their representatives, these people didn't just show up one day and report to work, they were elected by the people. If voter turn out was at least 50% (and that is still to low) for all elections, then all of this complaining and whining would be understandable. But most local elections you are lucky if 15% of registered voters vote. As for all the second guessing and arm chair quarterback talk about the Police Dept. I would bet if any one of you had an emergency you would expect prompt response. Unfortunately because of the way the BOA took care of the Police Dept. last year you may not get prompt service.

Anonymous said...

And the beat goes on over at Unglued. More tiresome whingeing from one of the usual suspects.

Prior to reading the following, unstow the tissues. Clench. Get on edge with your every pent-up emotion. Tear up.

Cue the violins...

"More cuts will come this year and next year and the next year if we don’t make changes."
"Raytown will no longer be a safe place to live and our property values will drop and leave most of us with a situation where we can’t sell for what we owe."
"More businesses will leave."
"Our property values will increase and our kids will be able to play in the parks without stressing out over drive by (sic) shootings."
"High end (sic) businesses are not going to invest in a community that won't invest in itself."
"Aziere. And he's up for re-election in April. He needs to go."

All of these statements, with the exception of the last, can be addressed with one comment: an increase in revenue will not directly impact nary a single item mentioned above.

Larger, inalienable, irrevocable forces already have us firmly in their crosshairs. Most notably, as someone already mentioned, DEMOGRAPHICS.

Singling out and continuously attacking ONE Alderman will accomplish absolutely nothing. We have all noted very serious concerns with a FEW Aldermen and most definitively, with BOTH "top" elected administrative officials.

This individual that persists with making these type of doom loop statements appears to continue to speak from a curiously escalating degree of self-anointed authority. Although they're entitled to state their opinions as forcefully and as often as they wish, quite tellingly they have neither the economic or civic experience required to make such statements. To intentionally veil such expansive predictions as fact is misleading, IOHO. It smacks more of "I'm gonna get my way by any means necessary...", IOHO.

To attempt to RAM IT ALL IN through SO many tax increases at once is a recipe for certain disaster.

Approach us beforehand with something substantive (i.e. timeline, improvement schedule, disbursements...) and we'll vote YES.

What have you at the moment?


All we hear is "TAX, TAX, TAX, NOW, NOW, NOW!..."

This tiny handful of proponents sound like a bunch of 5-year-olds at this point.

Deliberation is crucial here. Let's onboard some really qualified candidates into office and re-examine these tax increases 18 months from now.

Undoubtedly, there are area municipalities that are looking in on all of this. Wouldn't it be great to remain resolute, stalwart, and get some great professionals into office and get this mess nailed down PRIOR to increasing taxes?

It can (AND IS GOING TO) happen.

Anonymous said...

What should have been on the ballot is "Do you wish to have an appointed Chief of Police" or an "Elected" one? Maybe, someone will wake up and put it on the November ballot. Let's hope for the sake of Raytown.

Anonymous said...

Some of what I am hearing from the NO vote folks is:
The city wasted my money in the past so I don't trust them.
I hate Walmart and the city sold us down the river with them so NO.
Too much money is spent on law enforcement and the good old boy system in place there.
The city of Raytown is the "laughing stock" of all local communities.
"... a disorganized mess of hefty tax increases designed to hit Raytowners with a three punch knockout."

Really sheeple? Is that all you've got?

I recognize the need for our city to have more income and I am happy that the BOA has been controlling the PD spending so I WILL vote yes. Except for the use tax which is just a mess.

Anonymous said...

Don't you people ever read what has come before? In at least five places someone has called for an appointed police chief. In about six places, someone else explains we are a fourth class city. We have no choice. WE HAVE TO ELECT A POLICE CHIEF. You have had five different chances to pass a charter. You let Joe Creamer, MJ Van Buskirk, and Jim Aziere scare you away from the idea of a charter. Well, now you're stuck with electing a police chief. Get used to it. It's your own fault.

Anonymous said...

An appointed chief is not a bad thing. We've seen real publicized scandals involving both elected and appointed chiefs, so there's no guarantees, but appointed is easier to hold to task.

While I doubt the fine posters of this particular blog would be happy with anything other than minimum wage security guards (because of muh taxes!) it would be a quicker way to address issues in the same fashion as other city departments. Most chiefs are appointed elsewhere in the metro area, so it might actually bring us up to par with our neighbors and open it to more candidates.

Be careful what you wish for though...imagine this board controlling public safety without checks and balances. It'll be detroit in short order.

Anonymous said...


Hi TJ! A little too obvious.

Anonymous said...

I don’t need to attend the next citizen academy. Been there, done that, in real life. Retired leo from another state and they way you all think, this city as you know it, won’t exist without a strong police presence, which they don’t have right now. Quality candidates are a good thing. If you think you can do better, run for chief. But you won’t, easier to moan and complain. Know what you’re talking about before actually speculating.

GADSDEN said...

After reading 8:26 of 23 July I know for sure how I will vote.

The Mayor is still a 40 yr retired Sgt. that still believes that the police budget
has to be restored to whatever the Chief wants it to be.

I do not know how the 10 aldermen will vote on such a request but I can not
take a chance of wasting money on a power hungry police chief and a mayor
that still can not take his badge off.

I have to vote NO on all three taxes and will until we have promise from the
board that all taxes over a bare bones budget will go to take care of our poor
road system.

It will take over 38 million to put our streets back in shape, that will take a long

Anonymous said...

Not true mr or mrs 739. The council could take the issue of an appointed chief to the voters without a charter. It wouldn't effect the current chief in his term, but could be decided for the next one. The charter is one way..but not the only way.

just sharing..not trying to get into a bickering match.

Anonymous said...

"I don't want Raytown to be the next Ferguson. I want cops who have good judgement and temperament that can think clearly. You want to pay a multi-million dollar wrongful death suit? We'll really be in trouble then."

We have fantastic officers, and always will.

Insurance, buddy. Your City has big, fat insurance policies.

In fact, ask your representatives what, if anything, that the City insurance policy has had to pay out in the last year, plus what may be in process. Anything at all? You might be surprised.

Or not, because it's likely that they'd all shriek "personnel matter" and continue to refuse to disclose anything, despite the ability to redact a significant number of details.

Anonymous said...

"Some of what I am hearing from the NO vote folks is:"

"The city wasted my money in the past so I don't trust them."


"Too much money is spent on law enforcement and the good old boy system in place there."


"Really sheeple? Is that all you've got?"


Anonymous said...

Tony Jacobs = you wrote:

Average house market value is 147K.
Average median household income is 51,302.
Savings account for 10% of gross income.
Figures rounded to the nearest dollar (except start is 2 dollars).
Married with no dependents
Jurisdiction 22.
2 Cars total fair market value 30,000
50% of after tax income spent on taxable items (groceries, household goods, etc.)

Where are you getting your numbers? No one on my block, or the block east of me or the block west of me fits that criteria! We don't have 10% of our gross pay in savings. We need that money to pay for the football equipment and dance lessons. Our cars don't have a fair market value of $30,000. It's more like $20,000 for both of them together. Our house is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000.

We support the tax increases. We believe it will move our town forward in a positive way. We're tired of you getting up at the city council meetings with your doom and gloom. You haven't offered one shred of evidence to support what you say.

Anonymous said...

Apparently some folks need a tutorial in modern office procedure.

If someone quits or gets laid off from my company, their security badge can be deactivated by our IT person.

Even if the company doesn't have the actual badge it doesn't matter because the badge won't allow access anyway.

Anonymous said...

If the city's insurance has to pay out a huge death claim the city's rates will go way up I'm sure. We're on the hook for that.

I see no problem with being extremely picky in the hiring of our cops.

TONY JACOB said...

@ 7/24 1:23AM

As politely as I can I will try to answer your response. First, to clarify you say I dont provide evidence? Last meeting i even printed off copies for the Board and the Mayor wouldn't let me present them, but rather allowed long time friend and police officer running a corporation out of the PD Maj Bowman to give his out. I have said many times, message me or talk to me at the meetings I will be happy to show you everything.
I believe however you will be unswayed, here is my reason: you demand sources, but you fail to read he second line "Sources below" nor can you recognize the links. Sourcing is not the problem, reasoning is (rather your lack). As i can not provide on a blog every scenario the 29K residents may have, I do use averages. Some will have children, some will not. I use Earnings tax because a lot of the people I talk to work in KC. If I would've used my scenario the taxes would have been higher, but it is irrelevant to the average. feel free to let me know your details and I can line out how much you pay in total taxes.

Anonymous said...

I see that Clark’s has endorsed the Mayors cash grab, you know how ironic that is.... Clark’s appliance has a 20 year tax abatement in place so they don’t have to pay this increase. You want my vote... Pass an ordinance prohibiting tax abatements.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww Tony. Tell us what's really wrong with you. We're here to listen kitten.

Anonymous said...

9:50 Once again all mouth no fact.

FACT Check number of officers on the street now is the same it has been over the Lynch administration.

Only change was after years of abuse and waste he had to cut the chair warming buddies.

Don't think so than lets get a state audit.

Anonymous said...

Raytown is the next Ferguson!

Look at our police demographics and look at the citizen demographics.

The abuse on the citizen on the East side of the state is alive and well in Raytown and it is past time for it to end.

Anonymous said...

7:39 You remind me of Meyers, Greene and McDonough.

Just cannot tell the truth and cannot understand state law.

Might be why the three of you cannot explain why we need the money where it is going to go keeping in mind you all have been saying Raytown has no financial issues.

Mix messages means someone is hiding something.

Anonymous said...

8:48 Thank you for helping those uneducated citizens that spend too much time rolling in the lies of Lynch like a dog in another dog's droppings.

Anonymous said...

For those that don't think we have a police problem in Raytown you need to read the following piece of the KC Star

Anonymous said...

Number one it’s an opinion piece and it doesn’t involve Raytown. It’s the sheriffs department. So your link is some writers opinion, not fact. And the Commie Star doesn’t like law enforcement anyway. Kind of like some on this blog.

Anonymous said...

3:19 pm

I didn't see any reference to Raytown in that Star editorial.

Anonymous said...

8:20 maybe we need something in the tax abatement that say if you endorse a tax on others while you are getting one or same number of years after it expires you owe all the back taxes.

Fair is fair.

Anonymous said...

?? That's the sheriff's office? lol

Anonymous said...

07/21 6:46
1. the only alderman that has been on the board for "decades" is Jim Aziere, 19 years. 2. The police have to check backgrounds of people that work for them. Uhh, wouldn't you WANT them to? 3. There was no crash involving the Chief. That is false. 4. No Raytown oficcer took their family on vacation in a police car, that is ludicrous. 5. Nobody got raises last year, in fact, some people were laid off. Raytown has lower pay than surrounding citys, KC, Indep, Lees Summit. The guy showing you this stuff is a conspiry theorist and only sees what he wants to see and hear.

Anonymous said...

Where’s the link for Raytown? All I see is the sheriff office and corrupt Forte

Anonymous said...

yay, Tony knows how to google stuff and cut and paste. not applicable to our situation sir.

Anonymous said...

How can we get away from being a 4th class city? We need to be running our own show here.

Mary Wilson said...

To get away from being a 4th class city, we need a charter. We have tried four times in the last twenty years and each time, the proposal has been rejected by the citizens. The two main reasons were 1. the City Administrator was required to live in the city and 2. the police chief was to be appointed.

Mashesa Sharma, the City administrator during the last proposal, had no intention of moving his family to Raytown, even though he said he would on three separate occasions. Also, Jim Lynch fought the proposal because he knew he would lose his job if the police chief were to be appointed.

There are those who have proposed we pass a charter to make Raytown a third class city. The rest of us are scratching our heads. If he's going to work on a charter, why not go all the way?

Anonymous said...

Ferguson PD did nothing wrong. The officer was cleared, because guess what, he was attacked by Michael Brown. The fbi found browns dna on Wilson’s gun, because he tried to take the gun from the officer. People were just butthurt because another criminal got justice for trying to kill a police officer.

Anonymous said...

We should look at forming a charter.

Anonymous said...

an appointed chief keeps the city electeds' fingers out of law enforcement, like it should be.

Anonymous said...

I'll be voting yes for the taxes. I want more city services, including police and to provide money to start fixing roads. It doesn't happen otherwise.

Anonymous said...

They can't account for prior expenditures because all of the city leaders and finance directors that made those horrible choices are long gone.

Anonymous said...

11:07 It is the new leadership that is finding problems in the Sheriff's Department and Raytown has not had a new leader for the police department in over 16 years.

If you would take the time to google you will find things like an officer Pool and we all know about the time card games Lynch has allowed to be played.

Darryl Forte is all ready proven to be the leadership the county needs!

Anonymous said...

Folks do you really want the link between the Sherrif's department and the city or do we just want to thank the poster at 3 yesterday for the information.

Anonymous said...

I want in on that gas price game.

40 highway near sterling gas $2.44 while Raytown on 350 highway is $2.75.

15 gal tank x 52 weeks in a year x $0.33 less on 40 highway = $257.40 a year savings.

Thank you Mr Mayor for getting me to already start to price around.

Anonymous said...

It appears some of you were snoozing when the current board took on a long awaited and much needed budget re-alignment last year. Took on strong public PD outcry and the Lynch and Mayor PR campaign and showed the stones to do their job and align the budget with declining revenue streams. Started the peel back in the 2016 budget process with the strong message if things don’t improve in 2017 major adjustments will occur across all depts. And that is exactly what occurred! I expect a very similar stern and common sense approach to the budget process again this year. Our City has glaring infrastructure and needs across all departments serving the citizens and again if you have been paying attention, many of the council members have gone on the record as their feelings as to where any additional revenue should be directed. Better yet contact your representative and ask their feelings on the issue! Be proactive and hold your Alderman accountable. I’m supporting several of the ballot issues as it has been clearly established the current stewards of the budget have demonstrated a conservative and sound logical approach to a difficult, declining, and glaring operating revenue issue.

TONY JACOB said...

@Mary Wilson
Way to be succinct. I wish i could do that!

If you are referring to me the 3rd class is easier to pass and a quick stop gap while the charter can be worked on. I want a charter but will settle temporarily for 3rd class.

@7/24 1106pm
2. Please see the email evidence of RB and a Capt.
3. Please see multiple news reports at the time.
4. It was more than 1.
5. Please review the employee data, 27 employees (17%) got raises larger than 3%. The city administrator alone got a 5% raise. click "Mismanagement" or "Dishonesty" for more information. The website is still in construction so there wont be all the evidence uploaded just yet. I am updating daily though.

I accept your apology.

Anonymous said...

Arguably, Raytown citizens pay too much in taxes. But it also arguable that the City, as opposed to the school district, doesn't take in enough in taxes to provide for basic infrastructure and city services.

Because of its age, Raytown faces many challenges nearby cities don't face. First, our roads, bridges and other public works are older. Age alone means that we are likely to face more repairs. But there is also the issue that in newer cities, much of the responsibility for providing basic services and general maintenance have been transferred from the city to HOA's and others.

If the Raytown School District would agree to give back just $1,000 per student to voters so that voters could give that money to the city, the schools would still be spending about the state average per pupil and the city would have enough money to fix ALL of our road/street/pavement issues in 3-4 years.

Voting "no" on the tax issues because of prior boards or overall taxation is the perfect example of cutting off the nose to spite the face. While no one can promise that every cent will be spent with perfect precision, it is certain that without the funding, our roads will quickly deteriorate to the point that development and housing prices will suffer.

Anonymous said...

Think about the President being in town yesterday and the fact he is going to get Mexico to pay for the wall.

Why does the mayor a former police officer get Walmart to pay for the short fall to the police department.

Tax dollar short fall is solved and we know Walmart loves are police which why they hire them to work off duty.

We know the mayor loves Walmart as he will not move forward on address the "public nuisances" they create and strain on our police services.

I am for a "YES", "YES", "YES" on Walmart!

Anonymous said...

We need the tax increase to improve streets and other infrastructure needs and well as shore up the Police Department for increase in patrol, investigations, 911 and vital police duties.

Vote YES for Raytown!!!

Anonymous said...

Folks...Please listen

Three taxes at once is not about Ferguson. That is a scare tactic.
Three taxes at once is not about Police. That is a diversion.
Three taxes at once is not about any one person. That is nonsense.

The Three unfair new taxes are about abuse, waste and mismanagement of your hard earned tax dollars. If you pass any of these taxes you will be rewarding tax abuse, fiscal mismanagement and waste of your money.

I want to believe Raytown voters can see through City Hall's smoke screen and vote to protect their pocketbook from political and bureaucratic machinations.

Ask your self. How can Raytown give tax breaks to their political buddies and rich corporations and then ask for more taxes from its citizens? ITS OK TO VOTE NO.

You can stop the insanity....Vote No New Taxes August 7th. You will be glad you did.

Anonymous said...

@3:34 PM July 18,2018 You spoke of Raytown "Reaching for Tomorrow". God did I die laughing. I rolled on the floor and gut laughed myself to near death.

The only thing Raytown is reaching for is your pocketbook.

Important Questions:

Are there people in Raytown who have one" reason to trust City Hall??

Are there really people in Raytown that are abysmally stupid enough to vote for three NEW tax initiatives at once??

How sad for the real people of Raytown if the answer to either question is yes.

Mary Wilson said...

Tony Jacob -

The last charter election cost the city somewhere in the neighborhood of $40,000. You say you want a stop gap measure and just get something. You want to spend $40,000 now to get a third class city and another $40,000 to get a first class city a year or so from now? That is so totally fiscally irresponsible!

Please do the taxpayers a huge favor and go join Joe Creamer on Facebook and leave your silly and expensive ideas there.

Anonymous said...

The easiest and cheapest way to get the police department straightened out is to have a ballot issue in November for the residents of Raytown to vote on for an appointed chief. The people should want this to happen. I think it has to be brought before the Board of Aldermen to vote on it before it can be placed on the ballot. So many people are screaming about the police department. If anyone wants to fix this situation, then contact the aldermen in your area and tell them to bring it to the board. Time is running out. If you are serious about taking care of our city, then do this. Otherwise, quit griping.

Anonymous said...

I see the Fire Department is supporting questions 2 and 3. Why not question 1?

Anonymous said...

You’re funny if you think that is true. Because who hires an appointed chief? The elected board. And who will be pressuring the chief to get things they want? The elected board. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Who recalls just a few years ago and the cities public safety sales tax.

We never got the promised additional police officers, but just like now they told us how bad we needed them.

Fool me once shame on you.

Fool me twice shame on me.

Sorry, but I will not be fooled again.

NO, NO, NO, on August 7th!

Anonymous said...

Mr Mayor,

I find it heartbreaking that you believe the city is entitled to on one tax increase, but three. All of which are after you have increased fees on everything.

As a police officer, you know you are getting a very nice pension.

Do you know that too many of the citizens are only on social security or as it is with me also have a pension that keeps getting cut.

If you and your fellow officers really care about Raytown why do you demand you high pensions and why do you keep telling the folks of Raytown you need more officers.

It was already proven by a young and wise Alderman that when your beloved police department keep growing tickets keep reducing, which has this retire wanting to know why did we pay all those officers and why if they didn't do anything do they need a pension.

Old time Teamster with old time ways that lead the way and deserve the respect that you are failing to give us.

Anonymous said...

Started seeing the red signs opposing the city’s Cash crab popping up around town, anyone know how I can get one?

Anonymous said...

I want a vote NOsign for my yard who has them

Anonymous said...

I wounder what lies the city told the fire dept to get them to support question 2 and 3.

The city has a bad history that they need to first correct before you give more money

Stop welfare and stop it today!

TONY JACOB said...

It isn't 40K for an election, if that's true the city spent more than they will recoup on the use tax and all the taxes on the ballot total cost half what is expected the gas tax to bring in. Either way, being 3rd class is easier to pass and understand. That gives us the opportunity to have initiative petitions and recalls. it is one election, the Charter takes 2 elections (one for the Committee one for the approval) so far we've spent a lot on charter commissions and gotten nothing but frustration, with a single vote the 3rd class would go into affect with only minor changes.

Anonymous said... , for your gas pricing around the area. We do not need a charter, period. Voted on this already several times, voted NO on it each time. We need serious road and infrastructure repairs among other things people, not charters. If you have a vendetta with the police chief, talk to him.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:41 PM...You have NO idea what you’re talking about. What fat pension? I just ran my numbers. If my family of 4 had to rely solely on my big fat bloated police pension we would be at the poverty line for income. Thank goodness my wife works. I will have to continue to work at another job just like everyone else to supplement my income and have health care well into my 60’s. I’m not complaining. I didn’t do this for the money or fat pension. I have always believed in service to my nation and community. You people run your ignorant cake holes without having facts. I’ll bet you easily made twice as much in your first 10 years than any patrol officer in the metro.

Anonymous said...

How can the Raytown Fire Department, a publicly funded agency, be supporting a ballot measure when such action is a violation of Missouri law?

There are strict prohibitions on a tax supported agency to keep them from taking a pro or con position on a ballot measure.

If this report is true 6:58 PM someone should be contacting the States Attorney general and filing a complaint.

Of all the people supporting three NEW UNFAIR taxes on Raytown residents how many of them live and pay taxes in Raytown?

Who in their right might could believe Raytown politicians will wisely manage this new tax money if passed????

History Lesson: Broken promises, deliberately curtailed city services, wasted tax dollars, tax subsidies to political buddies and rich out of town corporations, scare tactics, voter intimidation and worst of all three new taxes that proves the City has mismanaged your hard earned tax dollars.

Three NOs will make City Hall rethink how they treat you and how to start responsibly handling the huge tax burden they currently impose on you.

Anonymous said...

@9:34AM July 25 Lemme see if I understand your premise and conclusion.

Your glaring answer is to balance the City budget on the back of the taxpayers many of whom are on fixed incomes, tight budgets and struggling to make ends meet.

Where do people like you come from? City Hall wastes and mismanages our money and you use some tortured logic to justify squeezing more tax dollars from people that are overtaxed already.

Badly done sir. You should be ashamed of your pseudo intellectual self.

Anonymous said...

VOTE NO on Three Tax Increase signs can be found at Doughboys located at 63rd and Wood Street in the Woodson Shopping Center. They are going fast. So if you want, best get by as soon as possible to get one.

One sign per person!

Anonymous said...

Really, you said a lot of reall scary things there, but absolutely none of them are true. Elected officials are free to endorse ballot measures and do all of the time. The prohibition is on the use of tax dollars to promote or influence the voter into a position.

Anonymous said...

8:23 The city marshal does't listen and if you say something he doesn't like he acts like a little kid.

Cannot wait for state audit to put him in an orange jump suit.

Anonymous said...

Every time I read a post on Facebook from the mayor I believe he wants a state audit.

Look at the facts:

Says there will be more cuts, but the Board of Alderman balanced the budget last year, so why would you need more cuts in the future?

Says the police need more money, but cannot explain why or why the officers from the public safety sales tax were never hired.

Cannot explain where the money went or is going from the public safety sales tax, which we know was not for the promised officers.

Keeps talking about police, streets and codes needing funding, but will not explain for what. However, leaves out parks and EMS. They must be able to operate within the budget, so why not the others.

Nothing is said about the where we are on the refinancing of the bonds for Walmart, but at the state of the city said it was coming soon.

Nothing is said about the increase in payments on the bonds that will start any year now to the tune of 2 million more per year.

Complains about those that try to find saving by looking at other options.

Too many questions before any of us should be vote for his increased taxes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very interesting blog!

Anonymous said...

From everything I keep hearing it sounds like a Sunshine request needs to be made on anything related to the bond for 350 live project since the first of the year.

Maybe at that point we can finally get the truth on when those bonds will be refinance and why it has not happened.

Anonymous said...

@9:43AM...I sure hope the stupid people who brought and support three new tax initiatives at once for the Raytown overtaxed citizens are not having kids also.

I sure hope the mental midgets who are trying to make a money grab for City Hall at the polls on August 7th are also not having kids.

In fact, if the real estate tax passes it will hurt the funding for our school system. Schools cannot pass sales taxes but rely on property taxes.

The good people who are raising kids in Raytown can ill afford anymore taxes.

In closing the LAW OF COMMON SENSE says you do not run a city with fiscal irresponsibility and then expect taxpayers to reward your waste of hard earned tax dollars with NEW TAXES that will never end.

I hope that expands the horizon for your condescending self.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked up use tax on

You can quickly see a use tax can be applied to more than just what you purchase online.

Does anyone know that the Use Tax is really double taxation.

Does anyone know or has the City told you how they will collect this use tax.

Many businesses buy some or all of their inventory online. This tax will hurt them and they will pass this tax on to you the consumer.

Three New Taxes at once says something is really really wrong in Raytown City Hall.

I believe the post above about a State Audit speaks volumes and should be pursued. A petition can be passed to force the audit. If people are truly upset they will make this petition happen and uncover what is really going on with City Finances.

Anonymous said...

The skillful soldier does not raise a second levy, neither are his supply-wagons loaded more than twice. Sun Tzu

Raytown must be velly velly unskillful to ask for three levies at once.
signed Woechang NO voter.

Anonymous said...

The 350 live TIF project cannot be refinanced because the City is broke and they cannot find an Underwriter willing to sign off on the bonds. There is a reason you cannot find a credit rating published for the City in the last 4 and a half years, it’s because they are a poor credit risk. This is also why they are so desperate to raise taxes, they have to raise their debt to income ratio in the next 12 months or they are hosed. In 16 months the payments on those bonds go up by.....Wait for it the same amount as the proposed levy increase will generate. The truth is the City has a balanced budget and the increase has nothing about police or roads.... It has to do with a legacy of lies, manipulation and deceit. The Mayor, the Alderman, the professional City Staff all feel you the Raytown voter are too dumb, too short sided and too trusting to know the difference. Raytona Beach Bum

Anonymous said...

Please review the following video of the last Raytown Board of Aldermen meeting for 07/17/2017:

Select "Public Comments".

Fast forward to the end of Tony Jacobs' comments at approximately 17:24.

After Jacobs speaks, watch this mayor briefly turn off his microphone and speak to Alderman Moore.

Observe this mayor's expression as he spoke to Mr. Moore.

Draw your own conclusions.

Regardless of the identity of the speaker, how often they may tend to speak, and on what topic, the unprofessional conduct of this elected official is disturbing, IOHO.

A mere few seconds can speak volumes.

Anonymous said...

The City needs to ask the Fire Department how to do it right and come up with a plan. Tired of hearing their excuses

Rick McCoy said...

12:17am - I went back and watched the video where Tony Jacobs was speaking. I saw the Mayor turn off his microphone and say something to Alderman Moore. So what? Maybe a pretty woman walked into the room and the mayor felt the need to comment. I'm thinking the writer of that post needs to see a professional for their paranoia.

Anonymous said...

"....all we can see from the opposition is an opposition in order to hurt someone or something else. Some want to stick it to the BOA. Some want to stick it to the chief or mayor. Some want to punish the RPD....Not about who you hate and why you want to punish them with a no vote."

Hmmm. We wonder who has been making the continuous anonymous comments on this blog accusing many of the contributors of "hate". It's rather transparent, isn't it?

Stop it with the "H" word. You're projecting.

No one wants to "hurt" anyone else.

No one wants to "stick it" to anyone.

No one wants to "punish" anyone else.

These taxes need to fail. FOR NOW. When they fail, it won't be for keeps, UNLIKE the open-ended, permanent taxes that you're attempting so desperately to ram down everyone's throats.

We agree with other posters. There are plenty of reasons to vote some of these unqualified, incapable and potentially unethical people out of office FIRST, as a firm assertion that the days of business as usual at City Hall will no longer be tolerated. Reorganization and a fresh start first, otherwise undoubtedly it will be more of the same.


Funding is needed. It will happen soon. But not quite yet. Not this way.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what percentage of the new taxes will be spent on putting police officers on the street? On repaving streets?

We are being told we must pass these taxes to get police and new streets, but there is no promise of either. Don't you think it strange that the city is not advertising what we can expect from passing the new taxes?

I will be voting NO!

Anonymous said...

"Some want to stick it to the chief or mayor. Some want to punish the RPD....Not about who you hate and why you want to punish them with a no vote."

This, from someone who removes people from their "group" if they express a dissenting opinion, or are simply members of another "group" that they don't approve of.

Wow. "Hate". To liberally utilize that expurlative in public forums over time and in an unfounded manner to describe the beliefs and actions of others they don't agree with? That's the hallmark of a true loser.

"Ban" that repugnant word instead. Not people.

A pleasant Sunday to all.

Anonymous said...

This one goes out to Mayor McDonough, The Chamber, The Citizens for Progress, Raytown Reaching for Tomorrow(aka your pocketbook) and all their simple minded vested interest minions.

Three taxes at once. Three taxes at once.
See how they hurt. See how they hurt.
They all ran after our pocketbooks
We cut off their money grab with three NO votes
Did you ever see such abuse in your life
As three taxes at once?

Anonymous said...

There is a "Better" way to a "Better" Raytown!

Anonymous said...

The City needs to ask the Fire Department how to do it right and come up with a plan. Tired of hearing their excuses

I love this comment!

Maybe the poster should take a glance at how well funded the Raytown Fire Protection District is. Not saying they are absolutely rolling in the dough but Chief Mace has sooo fewer problems to solve and he has a hand picked, well fed and well paid staff who are very happy to have their jobs. Not to mention the best equipment and training money can buy.

Yes, life at the RTFPD must be pretty dang good compared to the chaos at the city. I bet our police chief would trade jobs with Mace in a New York second.

Anonymous said... at 17:24:

I CAN SOLVE THIS! Are there any lip readers on this blog?

Otherwise, maybe Mr. Mayor and Mr. Alderman were discussing what was on sale that week in the circulars.

He looks pretty dour. (That price of pork chops, though.)

Anonymous said...

I just tried to call both my alderpeople, both I couldn't leave a message because it said they were full. Ward 1, why vote yes or no on raising the taxes. One of you is for and one against, if we need the money why is only half the Board asking for it?

Anonymous said...

Thyhe mayor aslos told Tony he cpuldnt hand out his source material. If what he says is true and I was on the Board I would want to see it. After looking at the website I know why the mayor with a badge didn't want the Board to see the emails.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the mayor and the unleashed unhinged woman out for beers. Perhaps they are strategizing about the election or perhaps there's a reason they are so passionately intertwined on the issues.

Anonymous said...

I've got a No Soliciting sign posted not 12 inches from my door and what do I find when struggling to carry groceries? A stupid flyer hanging off the handle. I saw the city was hanging them and it worries me if they can't read a sign and have money for all these mailing in our sewer bill and newsletters do they really need more money?!

Anonymous said...

These taxes won't even help until 2020. So in 2019 we will be stuck with the same amount of cash as the last budget, no new cops or roads as is being promised.
What else happens in 2020? The TIF balloons. That's convienet. They want to pass a tax against Amazon and now they want to pass an a tax to help give wally world even more of our tax money.


Anonymous said...

Ya know if a trusted City leadership that had wisely used tax money and came up short was to appeal to the pubic and say Hey we have a specific problem that we need to increase your tax (not three taxes) for a definite period of time to be solely controlled by an oversight committee to ensure the tax goes to the exact problem and the ballot language said that. Then approaching one tax for a time certain for an oversight committee to administer the tax to solve a real and specific problem might not be that offensive.

That is absolutely not the case for three taxes at once on August 7th. In fact the opposite is true. These three new taxes at once are not for a specific purpose with a specific sunset date to end and there is no oversight committee. None of this is in the ballot language.

Why is these three new taxes forever, with no oversight for no specific purpose. Until these three things can be explained with fiscal and intellectual honesty Raytown voters would be working against themselves if they did not vote NO.

Think about it folks. Read the vague and confusing ballot language before you vote. Please take time to read ballot language and ponder why the City ganged up three new taxes at once.

I trust you will be thinking as I am, that "None of this makes sense unless it is just a raw unmitigated Money Grab by City Hall".

Anonymous said...

July 28, 2018 at 10:44 PM

I don't consider a door flyer "soliciting".

If someone would have knocked on your that's another story.

Just my .02.

Anonymous said...

"I've seen the mayor and the unleashed unhinged woman out for beers. Perhaps they are strategizing about the election or perhaps there's a reason they are so passionately intertwined on the issues."

Unglued isn't an elected official. They're free to meet and consume alcoholic beverages together, if indeed this was the case.

In our opinion however, appearances should matter, and certain parties are walking a very thin line.

Anonymous said...

The Fire District hasn’t raised thaxes in thirteen almost fourteen years. The operate on a budget that is half what the police receive. Not sure about the hand picked staff comment, I went to high school with a couple of the firefighters and they have been there a long time so the Chief couldn’t have picked them. So pretty much everything you said was dead wrong, but I’m guessing you knew that when you wrote it. As for the chaos at the city comment vs a stable environment with training and equipment.... Sounds like you are in agreement with the original poster. That’s how things are supposed to operate.

Anonymous said...

@10;28 AM "Thaxes" synergistic or Freudian slip for Three Taxes at Once.

I guess we could now say Vote NO on the Thaxes on Ausgust 7th.

Three tax initiatives at once is in your face irrefutable proof City Hall has been mismanaging your tax dollars.

How do you respond to this undeniable evidence of squandering your hard earned taxes by voting to give bad stewards more money to waste???

Anonymous said...

I did not say the "chief" had hand picked them just that the crew pretty much is hand picked.
So you do agree with me that they are well fed and well paid and pretty dang happy to be there. Most of their duties relate to ambulance assistance.

I'm glad they are there when we need them. Just like the RPD.

Not taking pot shots at them. Just don't agree with your assertion that the city can learn from the fire department on how to run things. Totally different animals.

It's apples and oranges man.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed the part where they said you were dead wrong on all of your points. I have seen most of the guys when they come through my line at Hy-Ver and they seem to be in pretty good shape to me...So it’s not really fair to say they are well fed, or at least in my mind that means you are calling them fat. I follow them of Facebook and it seems they are always fighting fires so the title ambulance assistants seems off as well. Lastly as far as the level of their pay..,, I say good for them if they can be well paid, have great trucks and latest equipment all without raising taxes in the last 15 years. Not sure what agenda your trying to push here, but it sounds like that dog won’t hunt as grandpa used to say.