Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Small Matters Are Important to City’s Image….

By Greg Walters Raytown’s image problems go much deeper than the Gary Knabe Memorial Mosquito Swamp at 79th and Spring Valley Road. The real problem is the lack of desire to recognize problems and address them. Eventually this lead to an inevitable inability to recognize image problems. The problem compounds itself when the those responsible at City Hall begin to pass the buck as to who is responsible in fixing the problem. The attached photographs speak volumes. One is that of some graffiti on the back of a speed limit sign on 70th Terrace just east of Raytown Road. The graffiti has been there for well over three months. While it is possible that no one from codes saw the graffiti, it is not believable that the police have not driven by it. Undoubtedly, they have seen it. But it is painfully obvious that no one has taken the time to report it to Public Works for removal. Or if they have, no one has responded from Public Works to remove the graffiti. The other two pictures, taken at 59th and Raytown Road, just one-half block from City Hall, speak more to the point. As the reader can see, it appears the signs show some damage from a small earthquake. More than likely, the signs were run into by a city lawnmower when the right of way was mowed. They are tilted at an angle that scream out "trashy" and "uncaring" just one-half block from City Hall. The city is well aware of the signs. The recent addition of a sign designating that stretch of roadway as "adopted" by the Mayor and Raytown Board of Aldermen was added in the not too distant past. You would think that the crew that placed Mayor/AText Colorldermen sign would have straightened the pole. Speaking of Signs . . . Given the reality of milder winters and global warming – does anyone think it might be time to remove the old, rusted and faded "emergency snow route" signs that trash up our major thoroughfares? Bleeding Us Dry…. By Richard Tush Their has been talk with the reduction of property values and the impact that will have on the school district they will raise the mil level. However, they seem to forget the economic impact that we are all facing. No sense of concern for those who are still unemployed or the seniors and others on fixed incomes. Yet at the same time we all know about the money being spent on the astro turf. Now they are starting to buy up billboard space to promote the achievements of the culinary school. Although we need to recognize others for their success, do we need to do it at such as cost to taxpayers. Fix This Eye Sore… DAY 41 – 84th Street Sanitary Sewer Project: The mess left behind by the city after sanitary sewer improvements remains.
Day 36 - Time to Get Serious About Cleaning up Raytown: The proliferation of large trucks using our city as a parking lot. It is especially noticeable along 350 Highway.
Day 29 – Stop the Mosquitoes: The breeding ground for mosquitoes still remains and the forest of high grass has returned.
Day 15 – Minor Smith Park: The mess left behind by the city after sanitary sewer improvements remains.
Day 8 – Mount Olivet Cemetery: The grass is still around 18 inches high if not higher.
Day 8 – Crescent Creek: Wires still dangle from the pole.
Day 1 – Former Religious Store: On the South side of 63rd Street between Blue Ridge Blvd and Ash. The house that was converted into a business has been in decay for the past several years.
Even the real estate sign is in violation as it too has pealing paint and is also located on the right away.
NOTE: Click on the pictures to enlarge and better see the problems.
Local Meetings and Events: July 9th – Human Relations Commission meeting 6:00 PM at city hall. Note: call the day of the meeting to make sure it has not be canceled due to no items being brought before the commission.
July 9th – Planning & Zoning Commission meeting 7:00 PM at city hall. Note: call the day of the meeting to make sure it has not be canceled due to no items being brought before the commission.
July 13th – Board of Education meeting 6:30 PM at school district office
July 16th – Board of Zoning Adjustment meeting 7:00 PM at city hall. Note: call the day of the meeting to make sure it has not be canceled due to no items being brought before the commission.
July 20th – Park Board meeting 7:00 PM at park administrative office.
Last we posted that "The Raytown Post" could be obtained at Fox Drugs or the Shell Station at 87th and James A Reed. Since that posting we have been informed that the paper may be obtained at 8 paper boxes placed throughout the city as well as many of the local gas stations and grocery stores.


Anonymous said...

Again you are right Mr. Walters. Mayor Bower and most of the city council take no pride in their own city. If they did they would be on the city employees to get these things cleaned up immediately. You can't tell me that a city employee hasn't driven by these examples that you point out and looked the other way. But what do you expect, they are only following the lead of the Mayor and all those other high paid city officials. It would sure make a difference it these department heads had to live here.

Andy Whiteman said...


I agree with you, but do you really think the city will spend money on maintenance?

Do you think global warming means no more snow? Some seem to think there is no global warming. Last winter seemed pretty bad to me. I wondered about a SNOW ROUTE sign on a residential street since it was the only sign on the entire street. A police Sgt. who had been around awhile said the sign was there to prevent parking because a citizen had complained about people parking on his yard to attend church services at a neighboring home. Sounds like the wrong sign was used to me.

I suggest you walk eastbound on 63rd past that delapadated business. Most of that block is in bad shape. Also take a look at the abandoned home further down the block on the north side of the street. The whole area is BLIGHTED!

Anonymous said...

To Anon 7/8/09 3:32

Iit says clearly the permits were free. The last time I checked you can't get money from something that is free.

Pat Casady said...

As I see it Raytown needs two things. 1. A full time neighborhood development
director and 2. A full time economic director. They can not be one in the same.
The neighborhood development director should only work toward making our
neighborhoods better. This includes the code problems we all see on this post.
The economic director's job would be to get new businesses to come to
Raytown. This is something we need more and more each day. But, we don't
need new businesses that won't pay their fair share of taxes.
As far as bleeding us dry that is a combination of problems brought on by
both the school district and City Hall. The higher our taxes go the less people
want to move to or stay in Raytown. What good is the best school system if
people can't afford to live here? Some people don't understand that with each
tax break given to rich corporations someone has to make up the lost revenue
and that is another reason for property taxes to go up.
Don't you ever ask yourself, what are these elected officials thinking?
Personally sometimes I don't think they do think about the consequences
of their actions. Everything they do cost the taxpayers money. Either they
aren't smart enough to ask the right questions or they don't care. At least that's
the way it seems.

Andy Whiteman said...

Our elected officials talk the talk, but they won't walk the walk. I hear talk about "Quality Cities" but I fail to see any action. Our city officials are smart enough to say nothing or to act like they have said something which is double talk.

I wonder why the voters don't get out there and remove the deadwood? The problem is too few people vote to affect a change.

Pat, I can agree with you about the functions of community development and economic director. Using Dictator O'Bomba terms, maybe it should be Economic Czar and Development Czar. The question is, will the Economic Czar be required to live in Raytown? Will he/she actually earn their $$$$$$ or will the sell us down the drain again?

Not only people won't move here with high taxes, but businesses can't afford them either and won't move here.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

What happened to Rick Thode and the money he was gong to save us?

I too have spotted the billboard the school distinct has down at the 63rd street bridge. What a way to spend the tax dollars we have to provide.

I guess we should remind Rick he is up for re-election this coming April and if things don’t improve we can move him out as quickly as we moved him in.

Anonymous said...

After taking a very close look at the picture of the old religious store on 63rd street. I was able to determine the phone number belongs to the same individual that owns the pit at 79th & Spring Valley. I guess none of us should be surprised by the placement of the sign or its condition. Also does the real estate company really believe someone is going to buy that mess. Gee, what a sales man the owner of the real estate company must be to convince the property owner that someone would by the getto.

Bower should be so proud to look the other way as the getto roles right to his highly talked about downtown.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard if Tracy Fran has decided to do the right thing and step down.

It would be nice to at least see one of our elected officials to do something right for once!

Anonymous said...

Why has the city not made the River Church cleanup their property?

Raytown Baptist had to do land scarping to meeting the city’s requirements as well as Raytown Christian Church.

Therefore why does the River Church have over gown weeds and other yard waste trash all over their property.

Andy Whiteman said...

9:32 AM, Maybe you should try asking Rick Thode. I did, and got something about he is not allowed to audit the books. It is beyond me, so it is best if you ask him. If you ask me, he is one against several.
I can't believe anyone would buy that delapidated building on 63rd St. I still wonder what happened to Quality Cities? Maybe in some places a ghetto is a quality city.

As I said at the BOA, I wonder why they jail little old ladies but allow other violations?

Why would any politician resign because of misconduct? You have to remove them for cause. By law, Traci Fann is presumed not quilty until judged by a jury of her peers. I think it is impossible to find anyone who is her peer.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 10:29,
Don't you know why the city doesn't do anything to the owner of the River Church?
It's owned by another ex-alderman, John Wiley!
Are we beginning to see a pattern here?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn’t a teacher be removed for being suspected but not yet being found guilty of taking inappropriate actions with a student? A police officer would be suspended until at least an investigation was completed if the did something very questionable.

Therefore at the least shouldn’t Tracy have to wait on hearing any cases until her case is closed?

Also wouldn’t a wise lawyer changer her ability to hear related cases to wait she is facing as she might not be fair. If she is fond guilt of being intoxicated as has been reported then how can she faithfully remain unbiased.

Anonymous said...

Why do some on here blame Obama for his plans to try and fix America. I don’t recall everyone complaining about Bush and how he didn’t stop this stuff because he was too busy trying to find weapons that were never there. Let’s all face the facts the presidential election and 2000 placed this nation were it is today. Now me have a president that not only has to face the normal challenges of any president, but also to fix the mess the last one left.

You cannot tell me in the back of your mind you still don’t question how the state were someone’s brother was governor ensured him become president is not questionable. Yes, I need to move on and put that election behind, but I can only do that we others expect the fact that Bush spent too much time and money on a war that was not ours IRAQ. Had the regulators he appointed done their job all these loans that should have never been write wouldn’t have happened.

I am sure as time proved Lincoln was our best president we will learn Bush was the worst. We wonder why we have term limits…. Hello so clowns like this cannot keep bringing us down.

Pat Casady said...

I guess people have to face the facts that some others don't like
the way Pres. Obama is doing things.
It really doesn't matter who is in any office. It doesn't matter what
elected officials think. They are going to do exactly what they want
to do, and it will end up costing the working people a lot of
hard earned money.
Ask yourself this, when was the last time any elected official made your
life better? I mean from the president to the local elected officials.
The only lives that they enrich are the big corporations and friends.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 11:56, you are truly trying to mixing apples and oranges. A teacher and a student are an entirely different story (a minor is involved) than the other example that you use. You would be surprised at how many police officers are out there on the street that have been accused of the same thing as our judge. Also current Alderman Melson was accuse of the very same thing a few years ago and I don't remember calls for her resignation. So let's drop this subject and let the judge and her husband work it out.

Anonymous said...

Greg and Richard,

I just want to thank you for the change in the Blog regarding the Codes issue. I have been trying to tell the city for years that things are getting out of hand in that area and we must do something now to correct these codes issues.

A friend of mine called codes several times about a vacant house in her neighborhood, this house had grass 3 feet high. She even called the mortagae company that has the house. In both cases she got no where for a very long time. The mortgage co. is in New York so what do we expect. They know no one can or will not try to do anything to them. So those who live in that neighborhood just have to live with it.

When she called the city and she was pretty much blown off for over about a year. Then because she just kept harassing the codes dept., which no one should have to do, someone finally came out to check out. She was asked "what do you care it's not your property?" and nothing was done. She waited few months hoping something would be done but nothing. She went to city hall and finally got another person to come out then she and the neighbors were told the codes person could not open the back gate because it was locked so they could not mow the grass. The fact is the gate was not locked they just did not push on it hard enough. It is true, that it was hard to open but it was the tall grass that made it difficult. She told them she would get it open and she did. She is a very small woman. Wonder why one of the guys in codes couldn't do it if she could? Do you thinks it because they just did not want to work?

I have another friend that has a Police scanner, they were listening last weekend and heard an officer call for animal control. That officer was told that "the animal control officer lived 45 minutes away." What good is that going to do? What happened to the animal control person we used to have that worked weekends and evenings? Animal control also does the other code violations as well. If they had weekend and evening hours they should also be handling those too.

I also have some friends who moved out of state and recently came back for a vist. Their first questions to me was "What has happened to this city? It never looked like this when we lived hear." The next question was "Why are you still hear?"

Lastly, I called the Jackson Assessors Office because my property value just went down $20,000.00 from last year and I wanted to find out why. I was told that "the property value in this town aren't worth anything." Now, I know that in reality your property is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it and I know it's easier on my pocket book at the end of the year still it angered me. To be told "they had determine those figures by just driving by the neigborhoods and by what property has sold for here." One thing I know for sure there have been NO houses sold in my neighborhood in at least 3 years.

What do we have to do to get the powers that be at city hall to listen? I have tried for at least 15 years and I have lived here for 44 Years. I remember what it was when we moved here from KC,MO. I loved it then and I love it now. I don't love what it looks like however. I know things can change but city hall has to start listening and opening their eyes and minds that maybe we are right.

Sandy Hartwell

Andy Whiteman said...

11:56 AM, I agree that Judge Fann should be suspended until a verdict is reached in her criminal case. There is good reason to question if she is impartial. Even if she is found innocent, a good attorney could challenge any verdict she reaches in a similar case.

Pat has a good point. No politician can be trusted.

1:08PM, under modern law domestic violence is a criminal issue and is not left to the husband and wife to work out. If an officer observes or sees evidence thereof, an arrest must be made. Had it been verbal and not physical, I am sure the officers would have left the scene and we would never have heard about it.

Sandy, it troubles me greatly that codes enforcement is selective. Our Lord Mayor or other city officials may violate all codes on behalf of the city. This needs to stop. In the 9 pears I have lived here it appears enforcement depends on who complained and who is complained about. Discrimination needs to stop.

I once said that Raytown looked like a slum (at least certain areas). Another writer used the word ghetto. I think ghetto is more appropriate.

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...


Thank you for your comments. I know there are many people in this town who take good care of their property and care about their neighborhoods.

It is disheartening to see and hear that their cries for help are being ignored.

The best advice I can give anyone is to call your elected officials. If they try to turn a deaf ear to you ... be persistent. They are the key to getting action out of city hall.

Do not allow silence to be interpreted as a sign of acceptance of the status quo by our elected officials.

Frank Potter said...

84th st.sewer project update.
I was told by voice mail on 5/16/09
that the city was going to revegate
the area this fall.
I sent a e-mail to city Manager
Sharma on June 25th asking him to
personaly verify that the city was
still going to properly revegate
the area this fall.Because I did not recieve a Response from Mr.
Sharma I went to city hall this
afternoon and requsted a meeting
with him.Instead I was refered to
Andy Noll Raytowns new Public Works Director.Andy told me he has
been made aware of the situation and plans to get it resolved this
Fall.He also said he thought the contractor would still be responsible.
Frank Potter

Andy Whiteman said...

Greg, I really think that city employees should be able to do their jobs without a call from an Alderman.

I had a neighbor complain about tall grass and weeds at the vacant house between us. Apparently nothing was done or could be done because the owner was the bank and of course out of town. There was a local Realtor, but she couldn't be bothered. Finally my neighbor called Jim Aziere and the eventually the yard was mowed. That is ridiculous to go through all of that nuisance. It should require ONLY 1 CALL TO CODES ENFORCEMENT! To me it is a sign of people who can't or won't do their job. Is it too much to expect a person to independently do their work without an elected official breathing down their necks? If I was a city employee and I got a call from an Alderman or the Mayor, I would be very embarrassed and in fear of being fired. Maybe I am old fashioned thinking people should have initiative.

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...

To the person who complained that we are nitpicking City Hall with our blog.

Let's make a deal. Fix the very few items we have brought to the public's attention. We will even help by enumerating them for you:

1. Straighten the signs on 59th Street just one-half block from City Hall. You can recognize City Hall -- it has the monument sign in front of it with the brand new sidewalk.

2. Have the owner of the mosquito infested mud pit at 79th and Spring Valley filled in or at least made to drain properly.

3. Quit pretending not to see grafitti and have it removed throughout town.

4. Clean up Minor Smith Park.

5. Have Mount Olivet Cemetary cut its allergy producing hay field.

6. Have Raytown's premier home development site (Crescent Creek), clean up its act and fix its street lights.

7. Have the owner of the old religious store on 63rd Street clean up their property.

8. Create a commercial truck parking ordinance that makes sense and protects the quality of life of neighborhoods next to commercial areas.

9. Finally, fix the mess left behind at on 84th Street after the city "improved" the sewer system.

If you take a look at these
at these "nit-picking" problems you will find a pattern that is alarming.

Four of the cmplaints listed above are of the city's own creation.

1. The mess at 84th Street and Minor Smith Park was caused by city action.

2. The tall weeds at Mount Olivet Cemetary, the run-down book store, and the problem at 79th and Spring Valley Road are the direct result of favoritism and a subtle "look the other way" by City Hall.

3. The grafitti problem is a sign of unrest in our modern world. But it, like the illegal plastic signs that used to dot the landscape, will disappear if they got off their backsides and actually put the effort into cleaning up the mess.

So you see, what you call nit-picking can be resolved very easily.

Tell city hall to quit playing favorites and take care of business in a professional way. Then you will not have to read those nit-picking articles and look at those tiny pictures that we love to post on this blog.

Greg Walters said...

I see the K.C. Star has come out and endorsed a strong smoking ban in Raytown. Very unusual for the Star to run a headline editorial about a Raytown issue. So you know that somebody at city hall has been talking to them.

We've been watching this debate for some time (see last week's editorial, "Get The Word Out".

In fact, Richard Tush attended the smoking forum held at city hall. He was surprised by the low turnout until he did some investigating.

Apparently, the only place the meeting was advertised was in the Raytown Post. Which is not very timely since they do not publish until Thursday and most papers are not delivered until the weekend. Which stretches the credibility of whether or not "timely and proper" notification (as required by state law) of the public meeting was placed in the first place.

We are also dismayed by the lack of participation by members of the Board of Aldermen. Only three showed up -- Ertz, VanBuskirk and Lightfoot.

We did some enquiring at the post office as to the size of the Raytown Post's weekly mailing. While the exact numbers have not arrived yet, we do know that they are not very high.

Most of the participants at the forum found out about the meeting from postings in the restrooms of local watering holes. That may explain the lop-sided turnout by those opposed to the smoking ban.

For our part, we have offered city hall the use of our site to post these meetings. We know our readership (which has remained surprisingly steady during the summer months) is high for a blog. Check out our counter on the left side of our home page for verfication.

Our offer has yet to be responded to by City Hall.

So, we will make it again.

Mr. Mayor, Board of Aldermen, the Raytown Report will publish ALL of your meeting notices if you will simply send them to us.

We believe it will help bolster the public's awareness and benefit you in your decision making process.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up and throw it back!

Anonymous said...

I too saw the KC Star editorial in todays paper. I believe they used the word "backward" which I believe is totally appropriate for our city. We are know throughout the whole metropolitan area for allowing pit bulls, potbellied pigs and fireworks, much like many of the rural, redneck, 4th class cities in our state. Oh yes, don't forget we are soon to be the highest sales taxed city around. I would think that Bower would want to change this, but he doesn't seem to have the leadership skills to get it done. I predict that the 2010 census will show that many of our citizens have left for greener pastures. P.S. Most of us really could care less about the new Wal Mart, because I don't shop Wal Mart and I'm not going to start now.

Pat Casady said...

The problem with our elected officials is that they don't know
what the word representative means.
When we elect an alderman it is to represent the town
and the people in it. PERIOD! Not big corporations, not special
interest groups, just what is best for the people.
We all here, when they are running for office how much they will do
for the people but, when they are elected, most forget all the promises.
Instead of being representatives they think they have just been crowned
Prince and princess of Raytown and represent only themselves.
The city administrator and lawyer work for our elected officials.
Yes, even the codes people work for our elected officials.
This is another thing they have gotten wrong. In Raytown our elected officials do what the
administrator and lawyer tell them to do. In some cases even how to vote.
No questions asked! This is not representation. This is letting someone
else do their job.
Now we are in even bigger trouble. I have been told that sales tax collections
are down around 16%. This is before Raytown loses upwards of 23%more sales tax income for twenty three years with the Wal-Mart deal. With the
car dealers and small businesses leaving Raytown, somebody better come up with a plan or Raytown is doomed. You can't fix streets, parks or do
much in the way of services if you don't have the money pay for it.

Frank Potter said...

I to once wondered why Raytown
citizens complained so much.Then it
happened I had an issue with the city, Revegatation of the 87th st.
sewer project.I found out very fast
that the city is not proactive in
taking care of Problems.They would
rather waste energy making excuses
than doing it right the first time.
Until the Mayor & city Manager Break this mindset Raytown will remain the same,it most likely will
not happen with the current leader
ship.I believe there are capable people working for the city.They
are not being properly led.In my opinion there needs to be more hands on and follow up management by our Mayor & city Manager.Right now there appears to be to much delagation without follow up.Yes
if you need something done by the
city of Raytown you are going have
to be persistent and spend some time with it.A simple phone call to city hall is not going to fix it.IF SOME ONE READING THIS BLOG
Frank Potter

Andy Whiteman said...

What business would move to Raytown with the high taxes and the condition the city is in? Maybe one that gets special preference in TIF, etc.

Greg, I think you are missing the point. City Hall DOESN'T wnat notices of meetings published because they don't want people at the meeting with an opposite view.

Also the anti-smoking ordinance is being hiddden as the Clean Air Ordinance so it gets very little attention. Why not identify it properly? To me clean air means not allowing parked vehicles to idle, emmission contol, no burn days, etc.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

I think the Star errored in stating Raytown is backwards. They should have said the Leadership of Raytown was backwards to be more accurate. By the way, I didn't see a name on the editorial.

Frank Potter"

Frank, I think the response depends on who and what department you are dealing with. I have had both negative and positive experiences with City Hall. I will enumerate the positive ones that I can remember:

1) Today the Raytown Police made a timely arrest of one of the alleged perpetrators in the quadruple homicide.

2) A city crew responded and removed pavement that was blocking water flow down a gutter at my property.

3) EMS and the Fire Department have responded promptly to medical emergencies and provided excellent, professional care.

4) The police notified me at 2AM one nigh that my garage door was open.

5) The Police have responded more quickly than I expected to take cold reports.

6) The Police have responded promptly to quiet noisy neighbors.

7) Animal Control at least on 2 occasions has responded promptly after hours to handle altercation between my dog and wild animals in the back yard.

8) The city workers do an exceptional job of clearing the streets after storms. This is something I have not received or expected in other cities.

We can be very critical of this city, but I am sure all of us can point out a good job by many dedicated workers!

When someone does a good job, their supervisor and the Mayor received an email from me. How about the rest of you?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


Part of the problem with the democratic process is that people are often misled into voting for someone by voting against someone or something.

A case in point is our last city election. Greg Walters, an elected official who had proven himself time and time again as an effective representative of the people was defeated by a relatively unknown.

The opposition ran an effecitive negative campaign against Walters. They convinced enough people to throw out the old for the new. They painted false pictures and distorted his (walters) record and won the day.

But what have they received in return?

The winner of the election, Par-
Due has done nothing to make any positive changes or to set himself up as an independent thinker.

It has been three months and other newly elected board members have shown themselves to be worth their value.

I speak from experience on this one. I thought it was time for Greg to go. But now I am wondering if we all made a big mistake.

His replacement has been one big disappointment.

Salamander said...

He's bbbbbaaaaacccckkkkkk!!!!

I'm speaking of Alle Maddox.

Maddox, Raytown's best known non-resident is back in print. This time in the "new" Raytown Post.

Last week Maddox sent a letter to the editor. In it he endorsed a non-smoking ordinance for the city.

I am not taking a position for or against smoking. But the logic Maddox expressed leaves me wondering what he might have been smoking when he wrote the letter.

Here's what I mean.

Maddox alluded strongly to the fact that a local food and feast emporium, Ginger's Restaurant, had instituted a non-smoking policy. No problem there. Their business. They can do as they wish.

But here what bothers me about people who tke a stand, then try to justify it with rationlalization the Three Stooges would not use.

In his letter to the Post, Maddox congradulated Ginger's. He told us the ban on smoking went into effect on July 1, 2009. Then he proceeded to tell us that since the ban had gone into effect Ginger's business had increased dramatically.

Follow this time-line!

July 1 was a Wednesday. Day two of the ban was a Thursday (July 2nd), and Day three was Friday (July 3rd).

Ginger's was closed on the Fourth and Fifth of July.

The Raytown Post's deadline for letters for any particular issue is the Monday proceeding the date of the Thursday publication.

This means that the Maddox letter was at the Post on Monday, July 7th. Go back and add it all up. Ginger's was open three days, at the most, after their ban went into effect.

Will someone out there tell me how Maddox could possibly have gathered enough fiscal data to justify his statement claiming business had increased greatly during those three days?

What this blogger is saying is simple. Whenever people like Maddox and his dwindling cotrie of hangers-on make some sort of emphatic statement to influence others, look beyond the words. Look into the detail.

Maddox has a long record of mis-stating facts in order to achieve his goal. Which in this case is obviously a smoking ban in a town he moved out of a quarter of a century ago.

We are so much like Kansas City. Kansas City suffers from the misantropic delusions of Clay Chastain.

Raytown has Alle Maddox!

Greg Walters said...

Another Unsung Hero.

Last week I wrote about the need to remove some grafitti from the back of a sign on 70th Terrace and the need to straighten some signs on 59th Street.

Drove by them this evening.

The grafitti is gone. The signs have been straightened.

Andy Whiteman said...

10:44AM, I agree with you. I think the real issue is that those who know Greg does a good job didn't get out and vote for him. A few people actually control the vote because of apathy.
Why are people who no longer live in Raytown concerned with our issues? The same goes for an individual who moved to VA and wants a light rail system in KCMO.

After I sell my house, I may read this blog to see what is happening, but I will have nothing to say because Raytown will no longer concern me unless the civil rights of any dog is being violated. I am involved with dog rights in several cities as well as overseas.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Political cowardice is not uncommon these days. Case in point would be the current debate over a smoking ban in Raytown.

I wonder where my to representatives stand on this important issue.

Both Creamer and Par-Due were very outspoken about going after landlords who let their property run down. Don't they have an opinion on smoking?

For that matter, where does the Mayor and the rest of the City Council stand?

Does anyone know when the City Council will vote on the smoking ordinance?

Anonymous said...

I live near 79th and Spring Valley Road. The wet, humid weather has really brought out the mosquitoes breeding in the standing water in a vacant lot near my home.

The problem is so bad we cannot even go outside at night.

Can anyone at City Hall help with this mess?

Maybe they could hold the next meeting of the Council at the intersection. Then they could experience what we have to live with everyday.

Tired of being ignored.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen the "Jesus is Lord" and the "Bible Study"
signs at 68th and Raytown rd.? They have been there for
about two weeks. Although it's good to know that Jesus is lord
the signs are as illegal as any other signs.
I wonder why the city hasn't asked these people to remove them

Anonymous said...

First I want to make it crystal clear that I am NOT a smoker not have I EVER smoked, but I AM AGANIST THIS SMOKING BAN. Here are a few reasons why. #1 I feel the panel the mayor put together is highly balanced his way, which is of course to ban smoking. I wonder just how many on the panel actually live here or is it like the department heads at city hall. Work here but live some where else. Should we be surprised by this, I think not. #2 I strongly feel it is the business owners who should make HIS business smoking or non smoking, not the city government. #3 Don't use the children as a pawn in this. Remenber the children have parents and it is THEIR Responsibilty to raise THEIR CHILDREN NOT THE GOVERNMENTS. #4 If the committee wants to pass a smoking ban make it accross the board. Don't favor one business over another with smoking in some business between certain hours and not in others. In other words no grandfathering in!!!! Will they do this hell no and you want to know why? Because they don't have the balls to do it becasue they know IT WON'T PASS... We have so MANY things in this city that need fixing such as street, crub and sidewalk repairs, more street lighting and the 63rd and 83rd street bridges, to say nothing about the ever ending problem with lack of code enforcement. I will go on by saying that Raytown has been severly damaged by the past two mayors, Nesbitt and Frank and now Bower. This damage can only be reversed with leadership at city hall who believes in rights and responsibilties of an indivual. And now the big question who is going to enforce this new law if passed? I guess the smoke patrol or will be like every other law this town has written, on the books and not enforced or will it be like lawns or houses not taken care of, we the citizens are to turn them in. I think not. GET UP AND BE HEARD AND TELL THEM NO SMOKING BAN IN RAYTOWN!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Again by not passing a smoking ban, as most all progressive cities in the KC area have, just shows the surrounding areas that Raytown is REALLY the red neck, hick, rural, small town that they thought it was. This is a HEALTH related issue, just like seat belts and helmet laws are about SAFETY. I've never figured out why REASONABLE people can't figure this out on their own without government having to mandate it. Sometimes government has to step in to protect these uneducated people. If we don't pass this then Raytown will become a haven for more bars. Don't you think we have enough already? I only wish our churches would realize this and come out in full force for a smoking ban. Real businesses will also continue to go elsewhere where their aren't so many bars. So let's just watch as Raytown puts another nail in her coffin.

Anonymous said...

Also the weeds need to be mowed at 79th and Spring Valley. What about this Mr. Knabe?

Frank Potter said...

In my recent meeting with our new
Public Works Director Andy Noll I
asked him about resurfacing of the
83rd st. bridge.He said there is money
avaliable to do this along with
resurfacing some of 83rd.st.However
he does not want to do the bridge
untill it has been evaluated so that the bridge is not resurfaced
& then find out there are other
problems.He did not give a time
frame for this project.I hope it
doesn't get drug out like the 63rd
st.bridge project.
Frank Potter

Andy Whiteman said...

7:35 AM, You will be ignored if you allow yourself to be ignored. Have you called codes, your elected officials, and the health department?

Yes, I think it would be a good idea for SEVERAL people to go to the BOA and complain. I wonder why no one has. The meeting is next Tuesday at 7PM. Hope to wee you all there.

Assuming you have called these people and reveived no response, email: watchdog@kcstar.com
(He is known to bite.)
or call CH 4 problem solvers. CH4 doesn't want to hear from anyone unless they have exhausted all other means themselves. I have seen CH 4 get bad properties in KCMO cleaned up.

7:30AM, The opinions of these officials will come out when the vote on the non-smoking ordinance. Why don't you contact them and ask? You can also express your views to them. The mayor has no vote unless there is a tie vote.

You are correct, representatives can become focused or appear to be focused on one issue. Since I am disabled, I do that too since I am unable to complete a task if distracted. Maybe you need to ask them for their views.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Greg hope you won't be dissappointed when the wind blows and the signs slump over again, that's what they do when they get blown back and forth.

Pat Casady said...

I will start off as some have on this post and say I am not a
smoker. But, I was for thirty years. I decided to stop, on my own.
I didn't need any city government to tell me to quit.
As far as I know tobacco products are not illegal in this country.
This is why I don't like smoking bans on private property.
This doesn't mean Raytown or anybody that dares to go against
the so called progressive cities in the area is a red neck. It means that people have
rights. People have the right to turn around and walk out of a smoke
filled room and never come back if they chose. I'm telling you, this
can and will turn into something bigger. Look at eminent domain.
It was only to be used to acquire private property for public use like streets,
schools and utilities. Now law makers have made it easy for big
companies to come in talk elected officials into stealing personal
property for their profit. Today it's banning smoking, tomorrow it will be
something else taken away. Just some more of our rights being stepped
on by others eager to follow the herd.
This kind of thing will probably come to pass. There will be a ban on smoking in Raytown and we still will have bad streets, curbs and sidewalks,
businesses and homeowners will still be leaving, tax income for Raytown
will still be on the decline but, somewhere in town there will be a handful of people boasting about how they won the day.
I guess they know what's important.

Frank Potter said...

If Raytown wants to change its
image & become a progressive city
it should be a no brainer to pass
a no smoking ban.Other cities who
have a no smoking ban heard the same opposition as we are hearing
now but banned smoking anyway because it is the right thing to do.Although there may be some I don't know of any bars that went
out of business because of the ban.
It is also nice to walk into a
business or public building without
smelling tobacco smoke.
Frank Potter

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:18am You just don't get it. You are such a simpleton.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 10:18 if you really think cigs are that bad why not ban the sale of them in Raytown. Come big guy get serious.

Anonymous said...

If wind blowing signs back and forth is the problem I suggest you drive them deeper into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for 8:33am at least they know what the problem is and who is to blame the BIG GUY AT CITY HALL.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you know what it means when you hear someone say oh this is a progressive city? Well let me inform you what it means it means, it's LIBERAL, stupid!!!!! Praise the Lord we now have A SUPER WALMART, A NEW HYVEE A SAFETY SALES TAX AND A SMOKE BAN, OPEN THE FLOOD GATES THEY ARE ALL COMMING TO RAYTOWN TO SHOP, EAT AND LIVE!!!!

Andy Whiteman said...

Driving home from Westlake tonight I noticed Cedar from Raytown Rd north had been milled for overlay. I am glad to see this project has started!

Also anyone going to Westlake from the north, the entry on southbound 350HWY is has been dug up. You will have to circle around and enter from northbound 350HWY.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Mr. Frank Potter says we should become a progressive city. Well Mr. Potter how about this. There is a tattoo and body piercing business wanting to locate in our city. I guess we should be progressive as you say and let them open up a business here. I heard on television that one opened in Parkville and about 16 teens who received tattoos how have hepatitis!!! Lets throw this information to the wind but above all let's be progressive. I hope they open up in your end of town or your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Mahesh is not that big. But if you really knew city hall then you know that the BIG GUY does not really call the shots.

The one in charge is really a she.

Anonymous said...

Please don't confuse an entrance on 350 Highway to Walmart as progress. That is your half-percent sales tax dollar at work.

You may remember that tax increase. It was called a transportation tax and was going to keep our residential streets in tip-top shape forever. Or so we were promised.

That's right, Walmart Shoppers, about 18% of the sales tax the promised to be spent on your streets is helping to pave the new Walmart parking lot and those heavy duty entrance ramps to the Walmart Store.

And don't forget about Hy-Vee. Every dollar you spend there gets knicked an additional half-percent to pay for the upkeep of their building.

It is how the rich stay rich and the poor get poorer.

But don't ever let them call that type of corporate welfare progress.

So the next time you drive across the 63rd or 83rd Street Bridge and wonder "why don't they fix this?"

Just remember that Walmart and HyVee come first. Your needs are way down the list in the minds of the City Council and Mayor.

Frank Potter said...

O.K.Anonymous 6:25 AM & 5:48 PM
What would you like the city of Raytown to be in 5 years? Not what
you think it is going to be but what would you like it to be.
Frank Potter

Anonymous said...

Was so surprised that Raytown didn't make the list of the best 100 places to live in the US. With all this progress and taxation I can't imagine how we were overlooked. If I were Mayor Bower I would protest, but knowing him and his leadership skills he probably wouldn't even know who to call.

Justin Tomac said...

In my opinion, the smoking ban is more about the Right of a Business then a Health Issue.

People have a choice as to which bar/restauarant or business they wish to patronize.

The seat belt & helmet laws are partly Health. Another perspective is if you follow the money trail you will find its source is really about the Insurance Industry. A day will come if you are in an accident and are not 'belted in' or wearing a 'helmet' you will not be covered, call it a pre-existing condition or failure to comply. Think, it is all under the guise of your Health. In the end it takes away your personal freedoms and rights. Personaly, I wear a seat belt, along with all who ride with me....but I do not believe it should be a mandatory law.

Same goes for a Smoking Ban, I do not smoke other then an occasional cigar. I do not believe we should limit a businesses right to serve whom they wish and people to patronize what they want to.

Justin Tomac

Andy Whiteman said...

8:19 AM, No way can Raytown or anywhere in the State of Misery be on a list of 100 best places to live. The climate is too miserable for human habitation.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right the person who runs city does wear a skirt and her name is Nancy. Close behind her in not wanting do do alot or I guess I should say she got a job that requires alot of work which I don't think she was prepared to do is Beth Linn

Dennis Miller said...

you guys are crying about petty stuff...dump couple gallons of bleach in the water no skeeters send bill to Knabe...Walters you wanna fix the image in Raytown...here is my idea...clean out 55 and Ditzler...full of thugs and wanna bes if you don’t believe me take yourself down there and go door to door at 6 pm....go up to Wal-Mart after 8 pm thugs and wanna bes...everyone is griping about the grass and standing water who cares the city is overan with section 8 housing and related crime...crappy landlords who just want a check and don’t care who it comes from...head out to the old utopia apartment after 7pm and go door to door and pose these questions about skeeters and standing water...you will probably get a 9mm shoved in your face...need more police and more enforcement of codes and I’m not talkin bout the dog catcher...quit asking for the fire department to patrol for fireworks..i asked they have no authority to issue a ticket...the police department needs more cops and people need to be responsible for their own houses...ask yourself this do you have a trashcan in front of your house, something on the side of your house that could be picked up, how about weeds in your yard, does your house need paint maybe some pm work, whats your roof look like you have overgrown trees that need to be trimmed quit crying about fireworks and skeeters....clean out the section eight properties, start fixing up some of the buildings and get somebody in office that can put his foot down and take care of some problems.and the Wal-Mart deal.get over it its done you cant fix it just be happy that some Raytowners will get jobs.thats the best you are gonna get out of it so stop crying....smoking ban who cares really lee summit does have one and people go outside to smoke then back in...so would you rather them all outside at our local bars where everybody sees them or inside so when you drive by you have your little peace.....wake up people this is the inner city we have gang activity, murders, rapes and child abuse...who really cares about skeeters....thanks

Andy Whiteman said...

Justin and others about smoking,

When I lived in California, a helmet law was enacted in the late 80's or early 90's. The reasoning was people who didn't wear helmets usually had no insurance, forcing the state to pay for medical and custodial care, sometimes for the rest of a person's live. It was a cost cutting measure, not a safety concern. Now Dictator O'Bomba wants to force all of us to have health insurance. That expense should be an individual choice not a requirement.

I agree with freedom of choice to smoke, not smoke, or boycott an establishment that allows smoking. However, I read in the Red Star that a study disclosed that cities with smoking bans had fewer deaths from heart attacks. I assume there is a relationship between smoking or inhaling 2nd hand smoke and coronary issues. This fact demonstrates a serious health need.

What about children? My parents smoked like a chimney. If they had friends over, it was so bad that my eyes burned. I asked them to stop, but I had no rights. I had bronchitis at least every 2 weeks. A few years after I moved away from home, I realized that my bronchitis had stopped. Maybe it was the smoking. Will the smoking ban include private homes with children? Will it include apartments because smoke drifts into the hall as well as other units?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I just noticed the Jesus is Lord sign on Raytown Rd.
There is also a sign for some bible study.
Are these legal signs?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people actually fall for this ploy of
taking away our rights. What's next?
Don't we have enough rules to live by? Why do we
need a bunch of elected officials that can't even run
a small town without ruining it for the people that live there
telling us how to live and what to do when they can't even do
their jobs they were elected to do?

Greg Walters said...

Mr. Miller,

It is interesting to note that we share many of the same concerns about Raytown's needs.

Unless we learn from the mistakes like Walmart, the City will repeat them over and over again.

Raytown has the second highest sales tax in the metropolitan area. The property tax for the Raytown area is very near the top in that category as well.

With as much money that the different taxing entities that make up the ten square miles of Raytown our streets should be paved in gold.

As for Mr. Knabe. Remember this. Mayor Bower and the six of the current members of the Board of Aldermen bent over backwards to give him a him a tax abatement on his business property.

You and I pay taxes on property. Mr. Knabe does not.

As a good corporate citizen he should lead the way in showing others how to be responsible in maintenance of his property.

The six elected officials who who supported giving Knabe the tax abatement are: Bower, Creamer, Ertz, Melson, Aziere and Hamilton. Christine White abstained on the vote claiming she was employed by Knabe.

Andy Whiteman said...

8:01 AM, Who elected the elevcted officials? I think that is where the real responsibility lies.

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...
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