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Burglars Prey on Grieving Family

Recently, a Raytown family was burglarized at a time when they were already suffering the loss of a loved one. The victim, whose mother had passed away, returned home from her funeral to find that the home his family had shared with his late mother had been burglarized and thousands of dollars in property was missing. 

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Park Board / City Council to Continue Discussions on MOU by Greg Walters
Last week Mayor David Bower met with the Raytown Park Board to discuss a Memorandum of Understanding the city has drafted that would change the final authority on most of the Park Board’s business.

Discussion at the meeting, which was held at the Raytown Parks and Recreation headquarters, though not contentious, did give voice to Park Board member’s concerns about the proposed MOU.

After a lengthy discussion with some interesting give and take it was jointly decided that the document needed more work. Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Boji was directed by the Park Board to work with City Administrator Mahesh Sharma on refining for future review by the Park Board and Board of Aldermen. 

Mr. Sharma was not at the meeting.  

A deadline was not set for the work to be accomplished.

The three page Memorandum of Understanding effectively changes the status of the Park Board as an autonomous body to that of a recommending body.

To view the text of the Memorandum of Understanding use this link: Memorandum of Understanding

As I See It . . . by Greg Walters
A word comes to mind as we watch the Memorandum of Understanding between the Park Board and City Hall play out.

Sneak: (or as the dictionary defines it) to do something stealthily, furtively, and without being noticed.

No doubt there will be some who will say that all the meetings the city held on the Memo of Understanding were properly posted in compliance with state law. That may be true. Still, there are some points that suggest the process is less than transparent.

For instance, the Mayor’s Park Board Governance Committee held four meetings to draft the Memorandum of Understanding. 

One would think such meetings would be held at City Hall, or, maybe the Park Board Headquarters.

No, three of the meetings were held at the Raytown Fire District Headquarters. The Park Department Headquarters has ample meeting room. City Hall has three rooms that are more than adequate in size to accommodate a four man committee and anyone who may wish to observe the proceedings. The one meeting conducted at City Hall was held in the Mayor’s office at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon on Friday. 

On September 17th the Mayor met with the Park Board in an attempt to clarify the differences between the two governing groups. The end result of that meeting was instruction to City Administrator Mahesh Sharma and Park Director Kevin Boji meet to iron out the differences between the two groups.

Is there merit to suggestions in the three page document of how the two governing bodies interact? That is a decision the two boards will have to agree upon for the Memorandum to apply.

One thing is perfectly clear from the discussion held on September 17th. Decisions currently made (specifically) by the Park Board will be required to have the Board of Aldermen’s stamp of approval if the Memorandum is approved.

That is a major policy change.

For now, the issue is back behind closed doors with the discussions to be held by Mr. Boji and Mr. Mahesh.

Sneaky . . . Sneaky!

Paul Livius
The Paul Livius Report by Paul Livius
Raytown Board of Alderman – October 18, 2011
Most of the Board’s time was spent in discussion on an ordinance granting an amendment to the conditional use permit at 11900 E. 350 Highway. I have highlighted some of the more interesting comments from the meeting in bold type.

The invocation was given by Jay Grimwood of Graceway Church (formerly Kansas City Baptist Temple).

Due to technical problems, the public comments, and communications from the Mayor and City Administrator were not broadcast on television.

• The Board approved the budget for the City for Fiscal Year 2011-2012. Alderman White commented that the police pension fund was rather large and she was worried about the stability of the plan.

• The Board approved a resolution awarding a two year bid to Alamar Uniforms for the purchase of police uniforms and minor equipment. Chief Lynch explained that while the amount bid seemed higher than other companies, Alamar is a local company. As such, they will be able to provide uniforms that will properly fit the officers. In the long run, he believes the contract with Alamar will save the City money.

The Board heard the second reading of an ordinance granting an amendment to the conditional use permit at 11900 E. 350 Highway.
Mayor Bower asked if any aldermen had ex-parte communications. Alderman Aziere said he had a conversation with Mr. Ellerman and Ms. Grant. Due to that conversation, he will not be able to remain objective. Alderman Mock stated that he, Alderman Creamer, and Alderman Van Buskirk had a conversation at the site and discussed the landscaping and number of cars to be placed on the lot. All Aldermen agreed they would be able to remain objective and the conversation would not affect their votes. 

The applicant is asking for an extension to complete the work to bring the property up to code. Ms. Grant, a partner with Mr. Ellerman at Asset Motors, said they are asking for 18 months to complete the curbing and shoulder and the landscaping. The items left to do before opening are to spend $26,000 in landscaping so they could put in 257 trees and plants, spend $15,000 for curbing and approaches, spend $8,000 for electrical and lighting, and pay $73,000 in back taxes. She pointed out that come January, the amount due for back taxes will increase to over $100,000. She said Mr. Ellerman has a snow removal company, with several large trucks and equipment. If they put in the concrete approaches now, they will be destroyed over the winter. They would like to wait until spring to do the concrete work. She pointed out that if they put in trees and plants now, they will die over the winter, so she is asking to do this work in the spring, also. Mayor Bower asked how much of the back taxes were owed to the City of Raytown. Ms. Grant stated that taxes on the property were due for tax years 2009 and 2010. It is approximately $31,000 per year.

Alderman Melson asked how they could open if they owed back taxes and John Benson said all taxes have to be paid as a condition of the certificate of occupancy. Alderman Ertz said the money Ms. Grant mentioned did not include the cost of the bonds the Board has already required. Ms. Grant said the bonds have not been purchased yet. She has received some bid, but they are very expensive, and she is still looking for the bonds. Alderman Ertz asked about the 18 month time limit. He wanted to know when the clock would start to click. Mr. Benson said it would start when the Board voted for it to start. Ms. Grant said they would like to open the business in April, 2012, and want the 18 months to start at that time. Alderman Van Buskirk asked Mr. Benson what kind of shoulders was required at this business. Mr. Benson said it would be similar to what is at the Aldi’s location. 

Mr. Van Buskirk said he was not a proponent of curbing on 350 Highway, since the highway is maintained by Missouri DOT. He thought it was a flaw in the design. It was pointed out that the owner made the commitment and now has to carry through with it. Alderman Lightfoot said at the last meeting, Ms. Grant didn’t say the 18 months would start after April, 2012. Alderman Aziere asked if commercial property is like residential property in that it is sold on the courthouse steps if the taxes are in arrears three years. Joe Willerth, City Attorney, said that is the case. 

Alderman Aziere asked Ms. Grant if they don’t open until April, how they planned on paying 2009 and 2010 taxes. He asked if the building will be vacant next May. Ms. Grant said to pray for snow. She said Mr. Ellerman has the snow removal business and has plans to pay 2009 taxes from the income for the snow removal. Alderman Pardue said that at the last meeting, Ms. Grant indicated they would complete all the work in 18 months. Now they are saying they will complete the work 18 months after April. 2012. He asked why that has changed. Ms. Grant said it is easier to start the work in the spring because the concrete will have all summer to set up and harden so the snow removal equipment won’t destroy the curbs and approaches.

• Mayor Bower opened the floor to public comments on this issue. Don Plessler said he owns a business at 82nd and Westridge. He opened his business 10 years ago. At that time, he had to put stucco on his building, widen the street, and put in curbs to conform to city codes. He spent $30,000 on a 3,000 square foot building. He was required to conform with all city codes before he was allowed to open. He said that Bordner Roofing also had to conform to all city codes before they could open their business. Now, he has to deal with all the dirt excavated from Walmart that was dumped in the lot next to his building. There were 1,000 truckloads of dirt and the pile is 49 times bigger than his building. He has tractor trailers parking on the unpaved property north of his building. The trucks are there all weekend, and the owners are working on the trucks while they are parked there. If Raytown wants to attract new business, they must insist that businesses follow the codes already in place.

• Bart Thayer, of Bordner Installation Group, said they were given strict guidelines and codes before they were allowed to move into their building. They occupy the property vacated by the old Payless Cashways lumber company. When they bought the property, they thought they could just move in and start their business. The city told them they had to bring the property up to code. They spent millions of dollars complying with the city requirements. He thinks the city should impose the same requirements for the car sales company as they did for Bordners.

• Andy Whiteman said 350 Highway is under the jurisdiction of the Missouri DOT, not the City of Raytown. The owner originally asked for three years to complete the curbing. The Board said this was not reasonable. On the other hand, he said, the Board gave the City Administrator three years to move to Raytown and to date, that has not been completed. He asked if the city thinks the owner of this property will fail to meet the obligation since the City Administrator has failed to meet his obligation. He thinks this is two different sets of standards. The owner of this property is not asking for taxpayer money like other businesses in Raytown in order to open. He asked why the Board is making it so difficult for this business to open. Raytown should be more business friendly.

The public comment portion was closed. Mr. Benson agreed to read the original conditions Mr. Ellerman agreed to. They are:

1. The Conditional Use Permit shall be issued to only Richard Ellerman with the provision that the automotive sales business shall be owned and operated by him and he shall be responsible for its actions.

2. The Conditional Use Permit granted herein shall not be transferable and any change in ownership or control of the business shall require issuance of a new Conditional Use Permit.

3. The existing shoulder shall be removed and curbing along that portion of the property abutting eastbound and westbound Highway 350 shall be constructed. Construction plans for these improvements must be submitted and approved by the City of Raytown and the Missouri Department of Transportation prior to construction.

4. Landscaping shall be installed in accordance with the approved site plan dated July 25, 2008.

5. The conditional use permit shall not become valid and vehicles shall not be displayed for sale or sold on the property until all site improvements required herein as a condition of approval (e.g. construction of parking lot island, curbing along Highway 350 and installation of landscaping) have been completed and a Use Permit has been issued by the Community Development Department. Due to inclement weather and seasonal challenges, in lieu of completion of improvements prior to issuance of use permit, the Mr. Ellerman may provide a performance guarantee to the City of Raytown equal to the cost of construction of all site improvements along with an fully executed access easement sufficient for construction of the improvements. If the option for a performance guarantee is exercised, all site improvements must be complete prior to August 1, 2011.

6. The conditional use permit shall expire ten (10) years after issuance of a Use Permit by the city and that said Use Permit shall not be issued until all required improvements specified as a condition of approval herein are completed.

7. Compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

8. In compliance with Section 12-18 of the Raytown Code of Ordinance, no Use Permit or Business License will be issued until all prior and outstanding city, personal property tax, sales tax, sewer use charge, special assessment, merchant’s tax, real estate tax or other tax, fee or user change is paid in full.

9. No ramp or other structure for the purpose of displaying vehicles shall be constructed, installed or placed on the property unless it is a permanent structure that is constructed of materials that are consistent with and in keeping with the fa├žade materials of building(s) on the property, has landscaping around it all of which shall be approved by staff.

• Aldermen Melson and Hamilton expressed concern that Mr. Ellerman had not attended this meeting or the last meeting. Alderman White said the 18 months should start from the date the ordinance is passed. The company can open any time they want. She assumed the company would want to open as soon as possible. Alderman Van Buskirk said he visited the site and spoke with Mr. Ellerman. That was how he found out about the back taxes. He suggested the extension be tabled and the applicant can ask it be considered in the future. Joe Willerth reminded the Board that the conditional use permit has been approved. The applicant is asking for an extension for the work left to be done. Otherwise, the business can’t open until all the work is done. Mayor Bower said the Board decided years ago what the guidelines will be for the 350 Highway Corridor. Other businesses have adhered to these conditions. They would be setting a dangerous precedent by giving this extension.

Alderman Pardue said the Board should show mercy to the business owners. They have given tax breaks and tax abatements to other companies and should grant this extension to Mr. Ellerman. Alderman White said it was possible to stick with the standards previously set and still give the 18 month extension.  

Mayor Bower asked the Board, if XYZ Company comes in and wants prime real estate on 350 Highway and they owe 3 years back taxes, and has a bad track record, is the city willing to set aside the guidelines established by the Board. He believed this extension is a bad business decision.

The Board passed the amendment to extend 18 months to Mr. Ellerman.

• The Board passed an ordinance authorizing the Memorandum of Understanding between the Jackson County Storm Water Commission and the City of Raytown.

• The Board adjourned the regular session and moved to a closed session.

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KMCCLA said...

Earlier this past summer the Raytown Amateur Radio Club was in the ARRL Field Day for 2011. The results have now been posted.

We did very well. For our class, which was 2A (meaning we operated two primary stations), we placed 2nd out of 387. Over all, we placed 22nd out of 2632 total entries. For the State and Division we where by far first place. We had 42 participants, and where on the air for 24 hours. There is no real "rewards" for our placement, just bragging rights.

Next year's Field Day will be on June 23-24, come out and see and support us.

KC0KM posting for K0GQ

Anonymous said...

Aren't many things done by this city "Sneaky . . . Sneaky!"

I remember several years back when public meetings were held at the EMS facility rather than city hall with public notice that did not state the true meaning of the meeting. There was a water fountain in the meeting room. Since I hear sub audible noise, every time the cooler switched on, it drowned out the voices of speakers. Since I couldn't hear, much of the meeting it was a secret meeting to me. I have followed the wrongdoings of the Socialist Fascist Fief of Raytown ever since.

We the people should demand OPEN government and meetings. Notice the minutes of the BOA regarding the used car lot on 350 HWY. Almost every Alderperson stated that he/she had meetings or conversations with the applicant or others "but it won't influence my decision." BS The purpose of having a conversation is to influence a decision. Each and every Alderperson should have recused himself/herself. But then who would vote on the issue? I hope Mayor Bower VETOES this conditional use permit. There is too much wrong. First the permit is limited to the applicant ONLY, but he now has a partner with no written notice to the city. There should have been an amendment to add the partner. The city is depending on a verbal statement from Mr. Ellerman which is not binding on a Real Estate transaction. The taxes will be paid for by "pray from snow." That was beyond me. What kind of snow are they praying for? That word has more than one meaning. The curbing will be paid for from car sales. Really??? I wish the business well, but how do we know it will make a profit? The economy is bad and this is a new business. There may or may not be a profit to pay for the improvements. Too much of that public hearing was laughable. I agree with Mayor Bower's statement on this one. I was hoping he could at least break a tie vote.

I think Mayor Bower made a valid point, "Mayor Bower asked the Board, if XYZ Company comes in and wants prime real estate on 350 Highway and they owe 3 years back taxes, and has a bad track record, is the city willing to set aside the guidelines established by the Board." I had that experience with a gas station in a prime location on US HWY 85 that operated at a loss. I looked at the books and figured it was losing 10 cents on every gallon of gas I sold. The car/truck wash was the best money maker but what I took in didn't pay the overhead. I had a good Realtor who got the lender to take a reduced pay off and sold the property to a person who was in the business of buying bad businesses, bringing them back to a good business and then selling the for a profit. I went back several years later and Ed told me that he had sold the business but had to repo it because they buyer wasn't making payments.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I am trying to get you to understand the Park Board IS a recommending body! They NEVER were anything more, but the City has allowed them far greater powers than State Law requires.

Anonymous said...

I keep re-reading the MOU. It is all about the money!

Pat Casady said...

I have two thoughts on the property at 11900
E. 350 hwy.
First, I believe any business that wants to try
make it in Raytown should be given every ounce
of help by our elected officials. I don't mean financial.
Second, rules are rules! If you make other businesses
follow the rules set fourth by City Hall,
then every new business should have to follow the rules too.
I was at one of the meetings years ago when the rule of
no metal buildings will be allowed on 350 hwy any more.
Existing buildings when ownership is changed will have to
have a new facade, brick, stucco or wood.
As stated by the Bordner people they were forced to
follow this rule.
But, as we all know this is Raytown and rules are made to
be broken. Even while the Bordner group was working on their
building, right across the street the new school building
was being built. That's right, that big metal "Quonset building"
was being put up. I might have the time line a little off
but you get my drift. I think Bordner should have sued then.
As for Plessler, I understood the rule to be only the buildings
"ON" 350 hwy. had to have the facade. Again I would have sued.
I think it was while I was in seventh grade they tought us
that accroding to the constitution, they can't enforce rules
on one and not the other.
But, this is Raytown!

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ with anon.11:01, the park board has ALWAYS set it's own budget because it has it's OWN levy. It's supposed to operate away from the city. Yes, I believe it's all about MONEY, Bower can't wait to get his hands on THEIR money so he can waste it like he does the rest of our tax dollars. Another sad day for Raytown if this is allowed to happen. Say GOOD BYE to all your parks and their continuing improvements.

Anonymous said...


Would you please verify the part where you wrote: "Alderman Mock stated that he, Alderman Lightfoot, and Alderman Van Buskirk had a conversation at the site and discussed the landscaping and number of cars to be placed on the lot." that this is what was said?

If so when and where was this meeting posted as under the "MO Sunshine Law" any meeting where more than one elected offical is at must be considered an open meeting and therefore Mrs. Melson as openly indicated violation of the "MO Sunshine Law".

Anonymous said...

I think this about sums it up for Raytown.

Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are
elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely
to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Anonymous said...

I am in agreement with Pat. The rules are too strick and discourage new businesses. If I had wanted to open that use car lot, I wouldn't go to the expense required by this City. I would go elsewhere.

The rules should be enforced equally, but Bordener and others should have appealed the rules as unreasonable.

The city attorney ruled that 3 aldermen was not a quorum and did NOT constitute a meeting. He stated that could be addressed as another issue. Hence there was NO meeting. Personally I think, as a reasonable and prudent person, if I was an alderman I would do a site visit for fact finding so I would know what I was voting on.

Andy Whiteman

Paul Livius said...

Anon 9:59 During the meeting Alderman Mock stated that he, Alderman Lightfoot, and Alderman Van Buskirk had a met at the site and and had a conversation about the landscaping and number of cars to be placed on the lot. Alderman Hamilton made the comment that it would have been nice if the three Aldermen had passed on what they had learned at the meeting.

Greg Walters said...

There was something weird about the wordplay that went on during the meeting regarding Mock, Lightfoot and Van Buskirk. The Mayor kept correcting one alderman saying that the three did not meet with the owner of the property. He stressed they had a "discussion".

Why Mayor Bower kept on this tract (he said it more than once) is something only he can explain.

In my view the three Aldermen did not break any sunshine laws. Though it would be fair to say that they were pushing the envelope of what is proper.

There is nothing wrong with them visiting with an applicant before the City Council.

But it would be a stretch to say that they accidentally ran into each other and the applicant just to have a discussion.

Had they been members of a committee and represented a quorum of the committee they would have been in violation of the Sunshine Laws.

It is my understanding that Mayor Bower has effectively dissolved the Committee structure. Board members meet as one large committee in what are deemed work sessions at 6:00 p.m. before the Board of Aldermen call their meetings to order.

I agree with Alderman Hamilton's position that they should share what they discussed with the rest of the Board.

Pat Casady said...

Let me start off by saying I love Raytown.
I always have. I wish I could say that I
always will but, over the last ten to fifteen
years I can say I'm not liking the way this
great little town has gone and what our so
called leaders are doing to Raytown.
Secret meetings and big corporation funding
by this town has all but ruined it.
People that are supposed to represent the
people and hometown businesses are far and
few between. They don't seem to care what
they are doing to this town. They just keep
on hurting it.
I feel bad for good honest people that have chosen
Raytown to open a business and what they have to
go through. I know first hand what they go through
because when I was looking at a bigger building
I was amazed at what I was being asked to do.
Put in curbs where no other curbs were evident.
Every little thing I wanted to do I was told to hire
an architect. None of which threatened the structure
or safety of the building.
It was clear to me then that the people in charge
didn't have a clue about business or how expensive
it was to start one up.
Other town must have a clue because they seem to
taking all of our businesses away. Lee's Summit
looks like a Raytown business reunion.
Maybe they know how to treat small business prospects.

Anonymous said...


I would sugguest you contact the state attorney general office as it is right in their "Sunshine Law" booklet that those alderman would be breaking the law.

Don't forget the city attorney works for the city and would be back stepping to keep the city out of trouble with the state.

Anonymous said...


You and your readers might take the time to read "Colombo Vs. Buford)

For example, a pulic governmental body many not purposely meet in groups with less than a quorum to discuss and or decide public business and then ratify those actions in a subsequent public meeting.

It seems our elected officals are temping the hand of the state with these little one off meetings that several of us hear happen more offten than not and than votes all in line from those who attend the special meetings.

Where is Chris Koster and why has this blog who is so concerned with the city actions not taken this information to Mr. Koster's office?

Anonymous said...

My condolences to the Raytown family on the loss of their family member and belongings.

Long ago publication of addresses in obituaries ceased due to during the funeral burgalaries. But the plain truth is it doesn't take a genius to find an address.

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...

The authority we spoke with regarding the three Aldermen meeting said that there was not any law broken. I wrote at much.

If you really believe that a crime has been committed I would suggest that YOU call the Attorney General's office.

I am not a big fan of witch hunts.

It seems like you are.

Happy Hunting!

Anonymous said...

I second Greg's motion.

As for the use car lot, Mayor Bower stated that this is a prime property on 350 HWY unable to succeed as a business.

I question, is it really prime property? The speed limit is 45 and I expect most people drive 50-60! In the 100s of times I have passed this location, I have NEVER seen it until I was looking for it. I think this location is more viable as high density residential or as a KCATA park and ride. A park and ride might support businesses such as fast food or convenience store. There may be good revenue from speed enforcement.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


A few months ago there was a BAD accident on 350 HWY before IHOP opened.

I had dinner at IHOP on Saturday. Exiting onto SE bound 350 I noticed the ONE WAY very poorly marked. I previously reported to the city about poorly marked one way signs at Walmart. NO ACTION WAS TAKEN. After IHOP, I went to WestLake where I also noticed that the ONE WAY is poorly marked.

I am wondering if the accident at IHOP was caused by a wrong way driver? How many accidents must be have before the City takes action?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Andy - you ask that question as if the city really cares. Silly man. They don't care.

Anonymous said...

You have to contact MoDot in regard to 350 Hwy. The city has no control over the signage or markings on the highway.

Anonymous said...

They may care when they get a lawsuit. They have been notified of the hazards which makes them liable! They can't claim ignorance on this one even though they are ignorant.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

What you are not understanding is that 350 hwy is a STATE HIGHWAY as said above. The city has no control what-so-ever as to what signs are placed or not placed on that stretch of road. If you have a concern call MODOT.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mayor Bower's position. Some businesses you simply do not want in your town. One that does not pay its taxes until literally forced is not an asset to anyone.

If he had this mindset when the Walmart deal was being done we might not be saddled with over 20 years of debt retirement that is sucking the life out of Raytown.

Anonymous said...

Mahesh said he would contact MODOT. I am wondering if this HWY is controlled by MODOT, why the city require curbs and gutters at a new businesses? MODOT should should be the one to make these requirements.

Also I think the businesses on 350 HWY should be responsible for clearly marking their exits as ONE WAY. These markings should be required by the city in the conditional use permit or construction permit. Locals know it is ONE WAY, but out of towners go into a business and can very easily forget about the one way status especially if they are in the medium where IHOP, Walmart, B of A, and Westlake are. I realized this when I was exiting IHOP and there was no traffic due to a red light. Things can turn bad suddenly with fast moving traffic.

BTW: Did anyone see CH4 at 6PM? It was stated that the City of Raytown cut off water to an apartment complex due to a $21,000 delinquent water bill. There is apparently an error here because Raytown does not have water bills. I assume it to be a delinquent sewer bill.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

I hate to complain........wait a minute,
no I don't. Anyway, the new asphalt looks great on
Raytown Road. But, would it have hurt them to
feather the edges on the manhole covers? They make
the street smooth and then you hit these manhole covers
sharp edges and they jar your teeth out. A bit of an
exaggeration I know but, I don't understand. They take the
time to cut the manhole covers in and then leave a big bump
on an otherwise smooth street.

Pat Casady said...

I just read in the new Raytown Times, that
the Parks and Recreation Department will
"remain a segregated fund in the city budget."
I want to warn the P&R Dept to remember...
The checks in the mail, the safety tax won't
go into the "General Fund," and the street
overlay tax will put new asphalt on neighborhood
streets. In other words move with caution P&R.
Read the fine print.
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and
quacks like a duck it could be City Hall
reaching toward your bank account.

Anonymous said...

Here's the question - who is monitoring the past due sewer bills? How does an apartment complex get $21,000 behind? Why wasn't the water turned off a long time ago? If I miss paying a sewer bill, I get a reminder notice. If I miss paying the second sewer bill, my water is shut off? Why is an apartment different? Once again, the city puts the screws to the little man and lets big business slide!

Anonymous said...

7:27 AM, All of these bumps make business for tire dealers and alignment shops! It is good for Raytown businesses.

Actually I think it is the typical CHEAP work the city contracts for. Leave out the frills and save a few $.

It is basically like getting a stone, sand, and oil, on a street instead of a good asphalt overlay.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

After ignoring the Park and City so-called memo of understanding the Raytown Times decides nothing will change because of the memo.

They why have the memo in the first place?

Randy can always be expected to peddle the party line for his bosses at city hall.

Anonymous said...

When I read that in the Raytown Times, I regarded it as an Editorial comment, not part of the news.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

The fixed curbs and new blactop on Raytwon Road looks nice. But can't the city do something about the manhole covers. It is bone jarring to drive down the street. I think people run an increased chance of a wreck because drivers will start swerving to miss the manholes.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the Raytown Times. Owned and operated by the past failed owner of the Raytown Post. Guaranteed to produce very little in the way of news unless it is coverage about the latest bake sale.

It makes me appreciate the efforts of those who run this blog. You are keeping us informed and city hall on its toes. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

November 8th
We don't need another tax to take our money.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I was going through the Jackson County Public Water Supply web site -- what happened to Jerry Briggs? Does anyone know why he is no longer there?

Anonymous said...

Driving down Raytown Road on the new pavement was like floating on clouds. I started thinking maybe those at Cityhall actually do have a clue to what they are doing, then BAM, I hit a man hole cover, which threw my car as well as my back out of alignment and the reality of the situation set in. Another terrible job by those in charge of seeing things are done right. C'mon City hall!!!, fix the designed man hole covers (pot holes) on roads which have been repaved. My poor car and back cannot take the jarring much more.

Anonymous said...

I check my accounts daily and received a pop from Pentagon Federal Credit Union. They are requesting up to 3 phone numbers (either land line or cell) and allowing a choice of voice or text because certain "High Risk" transactions must be confirmed with a one time PIN before it will complete.

I called to confirm this. It is true and goes into effect January 1, 2012. The rep had no definition of high risk and said they can't disclose the definition. I am glad that PenFed is on top of this and gathering data early. It poses a problem for me because I don't like providing my phone number because I sleep most of the day and people call any time they feel like it rather than during my allowed times.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

8:29PM and others with issues,

59th St is the same way. A half assed job. I suggest anyone who is dissatisfied notify our Public Works Director and/or the BOA.

Our tax dollars at work. They forgot to put up a sign!

Andy Whiteman