Sunday, November 6, 2011

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Vote NO on Sales Tax Increase
Don’t forget to vote Tuesday, November 8th. The only issue on the ballot is another eighth cent sales tax increase for the Kansas City Zoo. The ballot language reads:

Shall a retail sales tax of one-eighth of one percent (1/8%) be levied and collected for the benefit of the Kansas City Zoological District, which shall be created and consist of the county of Jackson and the counties of Cass, Clay, and/or Platte, if approved by such other county’s voters, for the support of zoological activities within the district?

If it passes the sales tax rate in Raytown will skyrocket to 9.25%. Raytown already leads the Kansas City area in high sales taxes.

Fireworks over Consent Agenda by Greg Walters

Last Tuesday’s City Council meeting started off with a bang as verbal fireworks erupted over a request by Ward 4 Alderman Bill VanBuskirk to remove seven items from the “consent agenda”.

Consent agendas are used by governmental bodies to vote on routine housekeeping issues. It allows for many items to be voted on at one time. City ordinances allow for any one Alderman to request that an item be pulled from the consent agenda to be considered separately on its own merits.

The real test of any consent agenda is that there is truly a consensus -- meaning that all are in agreement with those items placed on the consent agenda in the first place.

Therein lies the rub, Alderman VanBuskirk was opposed to seven of the items being  posted to the consent agenda. His reasoning was simple. The items had to do with business of which the public should be made aware. All of the items dealt with considerable amounts of tax dollars spent by City Hall. Clearly, consensus had not been reached on those seven items. In other words, the items did not meet the first test of being placed on the consent agenda.

Shame on You, Mr. Pardue . . .
. . . and, shame on you Christine White and Jim Aziere.

The Board of Aldermen was aware that VanBuskirk would ask that certain items be taken from the consent agenda and placed on the regular agenda. The move would allow for discussion of those seven items. Had they been left on the consent agenda, there would not have been any discussion before a vote was taken.

His reasoning was simple. He felt that the public was not being adequately informed about the business before the Board.

It is important to note that VanBuskirk did not “blind side” the Board on his plans. It is not his style. He calmly let them know of his intentions. The same cannot be said about Aldermen Christine White and Shane Pardue.

Alderman Shane Pardue led the charge to block VanBuskirk’s request. Before the meeting started he and Alderman Christine White scurried over to the City Attorney. The conversation is not recorded but we can imagine it went something like this:

Christine White:
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! He wants the public to hear what is going on!

Shane Pardue:
This is an outrage! We can’t have that. We will shut him down and silence him. How dare he want to have the public’s business discussed at a public meeting!

So Pardue and White started the meeting with blood in their eyes and ready to go to war. And they had help, Alderman Jim Aziere was serving as Mayor that evening. He used the position to pontificate with inanities like, “people get tired of watching the meetings and turn off their televisions if we discuss too much.” 

Just the Facts . . .
·         For a complete run down of the debate read The Paul Livius Report (next story).
·         There were 15 business items on last Tuesday’s agenda. Thirteen of the items were on the consent agenda. The seven items VanBuskirk asked to be removed all dealt with considerable amounts of taxpayer dollars.

·         Official city records are not clear on attendance at Committee meetings, City Administrator Mahesh Sharma has ruled roll calls are not necessary at committee meetings (how convenient!).

·         At the end of the dust-up, cooler minds on the Board of Aldermen prevailed. The requested items were removed from the consent agenda.

·         More time was spent arguing about whether or not to remove the items than was spent on the actual discussion on the seven items once they were removed.

An Analysis . . .
Consent agenda. The term brings up a vision of so much harmony that there is no need for discussion. 

Last Tuesday’s meeting showed the fallacy of such thinking. Because a budget is passed does not mean that all were completely happy with the end product. Many politicians believe, and there is strong evidence to support, that consent agendas are nothing less than attempt to hide facts from the public.

Proponents of consent agendas will say that all the information is public. Which is true  . . . IF:

IF you can make a 6:00 p.m. meeting. It may sound easy to do, but that is not always the case. Last Tuesday Alderman Joe Creamer was late for a 7:00 p.m. meeting. Mayor David Bower was out of town. Both absences happened even though both men knew the Board meets in public session twice a month . . . every month.

IF you are savvy enough to find the city web packets on the city’s website, or, you can drop by City Hall and pickup a copy of the Board’s agenda and supporting material, but be ready to dig deep in your pocket for those copies. The city has been known to charge up to a $1 a page for photocopies of such materials.

A simpler solution would be to explain at the meeting each item before the Board votes on it. Clumping 13 out of 15 items onto a consent agenda does just the opposite. Anyone watching a meeting at home is left completely in the dark as to what is going on.

Huddling with attorneys before meetings in an effort to stop someone else from speaking is not good politics. And, as this instance showed, counterproductive.

Alderman VanBuskirk was well within his rights to ask the items be placed on to the regular agenda. Aldermen Shane Pardue, Jim Aziere and Christine White were within their rights to argue against it. The big difference here is that VanBuskirk wanted to open the process up. Pardue and company were, in effect, trying to enforce a gag order on what could and could not be discussed in a public session of the Board of Aldermen.

The rest of the Board deserves credit for not following Pardue, Aziere and White’s lead in their scheme.

Last Tuesday the Mayor was out of town. Mayor Protem Jim Aziere was chair of the meeting. He clearly forgot the first rule of being the chair of a meeting. Your job is to run the meeting. In Tuesday’s debate he frequently sounded more like a cheerleader with some very partisan comments on the issue.

Being in charge carries the burden of having to rise above the debate. Aziere was way out of line at Tuesday’s meeting.

Pardue and White need to remember that they are all equals on the Board. They owe it to each other to hear what their seatmates have to say. 

In our view, VanBuskirk went the extra mile in making certain the public was being informed on the issues of the day. No harm in that. In fact, it would probably make for better decisions by the Board of Aldermen.

Paul Livius
The Paul Livius Report by Paul Livius 
The meeting was called to order by Mayor Pro Tem Jim Aziere.  The Invocation was given by Steve Jones.
  • Mr. Aziere read a proclamation recognizing November 11 as Veterans Day.  The Proclamation read, in part, “Whereas, on Veterans’ Day we come together to pay tribute to the men and the women who have worn the uniform of the United States Armed Forces. Americans from across this land will commemorate the patriots who have risked their lives to preserve the liberty of our Nation, our State and our City, the families who support them and the heroes no longer with us. It is not our weapons or our technology that make us the most advanced military in the world; it is the unparalleled spirit, skill, and devotion of our troops. As we honor our veterans let our actions strengthen the bond between a grateful Nation and her warriors; and whereas, we continue our tribute, to all those who have worn the uniform and continue to serve our country and community, as civil servants. Many such veterans act as coaches, teachers, and mentors in their communities, selflessly volunteering their time and expertise. They visit schools to tell our children of their experiences and help counsel our troops returning from the theaters of war. These men and women possess an unwavering belief in the idea of America: no matter where you come from, what you look like, or who your parents are, this is a place where anything is possible. Our veterans continue to stand up for those timeless American ideals of liberty, self-determination and equal opportunity; and whereas, as a grateful community, we are humbled by the sacrifices rendered by our service members and their families out of the deepest sense of service and love for our country. On Veterans Day, let us remember our solemn obligations to our veterans, and recommit to upholding the enduring principles that our country lives for, and that our fellow citizens have fought and died for.”
  • During public comments, Alice Stohl invited residents to come to the Raytown High gymnasium at 2:00 on Sunday to honor our Raytown veterans.
  • Dr. Richard Markley reported the KCMO Schools lost their accreditation, and Raytown Schools are expecting Kansas City students to transfer in.  The School Board has been working on a plan that will be fair to students and taxpayers in Raytown.  The fee required for non-resident students will have to be paid in advance of the student starting school.
  • Andy Whiteman told the Board 59th and Raytown Road resurfacing project was done poorly.  In his opinion, the Contractor should not be paid.  The City should be liable for all property damage, accidents, and/or injuries.  Two department heads recently resigned.  Now is the time to require new department heads to reside in Raytown.
  • Pat Ertz said the Raytown Main street Association will have a Streetscape meeting at the FOP building at 63rd and Blue Ridge on Thursday from 7:30-8:30 and from 5-6.
  • It was reported Raytown High School will perform “Dread Girls” November 3, 4, 5
  • Andy Noll told the Board his department was aware of the man-hole problems on Raytown Road.  He said this is a new process for Raytown.  The overlay should be ½” thick, but in some places it was much thicker.  The terms of the contract limited the contractor as to how much hand work they can do to feather the overlay around the man-hole covers.  The City is now installing rings under the covers to make the road smooth.
  • Mayor Pro Tem Aziere asked Board members to vote on the Consent Agenda.  Alderman Van Buskirk asked that seven items be pulled off the Consent Agenda and voted on individually.  Mr. Aziere asked Joe Willerth, City Attorney, if there had to be a motion to pull item items off the Consent Agenda.  Mr. Willerth said if there were no objections, there needed to be a motion.  Alderman Pardue asked if Alderman Van Buskirk was pulling the items off because he had questions or concerns about the items, or just because he wanted them read publically.  Mr. Van Buskirk said it was not up for discussion at that time.  Mr. Pardue said he objected.  Mr. Van Bus Kirk made a point of order – each item had to be objected to separately and voted on separately.  Mr. Pardue pointed out these were all budgeted items previously voted on by the Board.  If anyone had questions about these items, they should have been brought up before.  He asked Mr. Van Buskirk to reconsider.  Mr. Van Bus Kirk asked these items be removed because it was a lazy way to govern when items were put on the Consent Agenda.  Mr. Pardue said it was a waste of time to vote on each item.  Mr. Aziere said the Board needed to stand their ground now, otherwise the items on future consent agendas would be pulled off and it would be a complete waste of time.  Mr. Pardue said if Mr. Van Buskirk pulled these items off the Consent Agenda and the Board would have to along with it, so they should go along again.  Mr. Aziere asked if there were any other comments.  Alderman White said she agreed with Mr. Pardue.  The information is available on the website.  Time after time, items are pulled off the Consent Agenda for discussions and this is a complete waste of time.  No one objected to the items being removed.  The seven pulled off the Consent Agenda for individual votes were:
  • R-2428-11:  A resolution authorizing and approving the purchase of computer equipment and supplies from Dell Marketing in excess of $15,000, but within budget amounts.
  • R-2429-11:  A resolution authorizing and approving the expenditure of funds with Courier Printing in excess of $15,000 but within budgeted amounts.
  • R-2431-11: A resolution authorizing and approving the continuation of an existing agreement between the City of Raytown and Cochran, Head, Vick & Co for the performance of professional audit services not to exceed $42,810.
  • R-2433-11: A resolution authorizing and approving the Continuation of an agreement between the City of Raytown and United Missouri Bank in excess of $15,000 but within budgeted amounts.
  • R-2434-11: A resolution authorizing and approving the expenditure of fund with ACS, Inc. in excess of $15,000 but within budgeted amounts.
  • R-2436-11: A resolution authorizing and approving the purchase of parts and certain vehicle repairs from Dick Smith Ford in excess of $15,000 but within budgeted amounts.
  • R-2438-11: A resolution authorizing and approving the purchase of parts and supplies from O’Reilly Auto Parts within budgeted amounts.
All items previously pulled from the Consent Agenda were approved.  The remaining items on the Consent Agenda were approved.

  • The Board approved a resolution authorizing change order #4 between the City of Raytown and Radmacher Brothers Excavating Co. for the 63rd Street Bridge Project.  Andy Noll reported the extra costs were due in part to the back flow preventer.  It was changed from a double check back flow preventer to a reduced pressure zone back flow preventer.  Also, there was more paving on the East side of 63rd Street than originally envisioned.
  • The Board heard the first reading of an ordinance to amend Chapter 13 of the criminal laws.  Joe Willerth praised the work done by Chief Lynch and his staff.  He told the Board these additions to the Codes will protect Fire Department Employees, EMS employees and Code Department employees.
  • Sec. 13-66. Disorderly Conduct.
Any person who, with intent to provoke a breach of the peace or to cause violence to persons or property, commits any of the following acts shall be deemed to have committed the offense of disorderly conduct:
  1. Acts in a violent or tumultuous manner toward another, placing such person in fear of safety of life, limb or health;
  2. Acts in a violent or tumultuous manner toward another, whereby property of any person is placed in danger of being destroyed or damaged;
  3. Endangers lawful pursuits of another by acts of violence, angry threats and abusive conduct;
  4. Causes, provokes or engages in any fight, brawl or riotous conduct so as to endanger the life, limb, health or property of another;
  5. Assembles or congregates with another or others for the purpose of causing, provoking or engaging in any fight or brawl;
  6. Jostles or roughly crowds or pushes any person in any public place;
  7. Frequents any public place with intent to obtain money from another by an illegal and fraudulent scheme, trick, artifice or device;
  8. Assembles with another or others for the purpose of engaging in any fraudulent scheme, device or trick to obtain any valuable thing in any place or from any person in the City, or to aid or abet therein;
  9. Any person accosts or attempts to force his company upon another person;
  10. Uses "fighting words" directed towards another who becomes outraged and thus creates turmoil;
  11. Assembles or congregates with another or others for the purpose of doing bodily harm to another;
  12. Any person, by acts of violence, interferes with another's pursuit of a lawful occupation;
  13. Congregates with another or others in or on any public way so as to halt the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic and refuses to clear such public way when ordered by a peace officer or other lawful authority;
  14. Congregates with others on a public street and refuses to move on when ordered by the police;
  15. By actions taken causes a crowd to collect, except when lawfully addressing such crowd;
  16. Takes up a position on the public streets or follows pedestrians for the purpose of soliciting alms, or who solicits alms on the public streets unlawfully;
  17. Causes a disturbance in any bus or other public conveyance by running through it, climbing through windows or upon the seats, or otherwise annoying passengers or employees therein;
  18. Stands on sidewalks or street corners and makes insulting remarks to or about passing pedestrians or annoys such pedestrians;
  19. Wanders, prowls, or loiters upon the private property of another in the nighttime and peeks or peers in the door or window of any building or structure located thereon which is inhabited by human beings, without any visible or lawful business with the owners or occupants thereof.
Sec. 13-75. Resisting or interfering with arrest.
It shall be unlawful for a person to commit the offense of resisting or interfering with
arrest if, knowing that a law enforcement officer is making an arrest, or attempting to
lawfully detain or stop an individual or vehicle, or the person reasonably should know
that a law enforcement officer is making an arrest or attempting to lawfully detain or
stop an individual or vehicle, for the purpose of preventing the officer from effecting the
arrest, he:
(1)   Resists the arrest, stop or detention of himself by using or threatening, in
addition to vocal protest, the use of violence of physical force or by fleeing from
such officer; or
(2)  Interferes with the arrest, stop or detention of another person by using or
threatening, in addition to vocal protest, the use of violence, physical force or
physical interference.
(b) It shall be unlawful for a person to obstruct, hinder, molest, resist or otherwise interfere with any city public safety officer, employee or inspector, including, but not limited to, any firefighter or other fire suppression employee, fire prevention inspector, health inspector, building code inspector, zoning inspector, property maintenance or nuisances code inspector, illegal dumping inspector, regulated industries investigator or animal control officer, or any officer of the city police department or any member of any other law enforcement agency or police force, in the discharge of his/her official duty.
(c) It shall be unlawful for a person to obstruct, hinder, molest, resist or otherwise interfere with any firefighter, fire suppression personnel, City Emergency Medical Services Department staff, any ambulance contractor providing ambulance service for the City’s Emergency Medical Services Department or any first responder in the discharge of his/her official duty.
(d) This subsection applies to arrests with or without warrants and to arrests, stops or detentions for any crime or ordinance violation.
(e) It shall be unlawful for a person to commit the offense of interference with legal process if, knowing any person is authorized by law to serve process, for the purpose of preventing such person from effecting the service of any process, he interferes with or obstructs such person. Process includes any writ, summons, subpoena, warrant other than an arrest warrant, or other process or order of a court or by any duly authorized representative or officer of the City.
(f) It shall be unlawful for any person to willfully and knowingly obstruct, resist, oppose or fail to obey a lawful command of any duly authorized representative or officer of the City executing or attempting to execute and carry into effect any provision of this Code or other ordinance or order adopted by the proper authorities of this City.

Rice Tremonti Annual Fundraiser

Volunteers like the mother and daughter team of former Ward 4 Alderman Barb Schlapia and her daughter Nicole made sure there was plenty for everyone who walked in the door.
Rice Tremonti held its annual Soup Days fundraiser this past weekend. Pictured above enjoying a warm bowl of soup, Alderman Bill Van Buskirk, his wife Mary Jane, Mecee Walters and Machelle Grant.
Public Works Projects on the Horizon

Public Works Director Andy Noll reported to the Board of Aldermen that the City is in the process of repairing Raytown Road where manhole covers were not raised before the new overlay was put down. He did not give a timetable for the project to be completed.

An abandoned gasoline station located at 350 Highway and Raytown Road is scheduled in the near future to be removed for future development.

A quick check on two other projects came up without any definite timeline.

The pedestrian walkway planned for one mile of the south side of 350 Highway and a new developments of a restaurant to be in place at the new Aldi’s location are too far off to accurately say when they will be constructed.

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Anonymous said...

I have printed this issue of the Raytown Report down to "Pumpkin" to send to an absent citizen.

It was difficult to keep from laughing at the meeting. There was more time spent arguing over the consent agenda than if each item had simply been read and vote on.

Sorry, I forgot that the Socialist Fascist Fief of Raytown requires a veil of secrecy, hence the consent agenda to keep this information from us serfs.

The consent agenda should be ended and each item read individually. Nothing there is routine since all spending was OVER $15,000 on each item. Does any reasonable and prudent person consider that much money to be routine? I believe the original intention is that items over $15,000 (previously $5000) be discussed in public. Chain of Hope is asking for a $5 donation to repair the transmission in their 4WD rescue vehicle. To me $5 is not at all routine and is taking considerable time to figure out where the $5 will come from.

Lets bring these discussions back to the public. True it is on the internet, but not everyone has internet access and both the internet and computers are not 100% reliable. The web packet download is very slow even with a high speed connection! It is not very easy to read a web packet (or anything) off a screen.

As a person with a disability I have the right to demand both verbal and written communication. I have a better understanding of verbal so in effect I am being denied my rights of verbal presentation.

Please remember to get out and vote "NO" on Tuesday. It is your money they want.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Why is Jim Aziere concerned about losing TV audience? Is it a political message or does the city loose ratings hence advertiser money?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

A BIG editorial in the KC star today about a city judge who has not followed the city's residency ordinance. Municipal judges are required to live within the city in Kansas City.

Which made me wonder.

Why doesn't the KC Star use the enlightened Raytown example of how to handle residency requires.

You simply have the city council vote to ignore the law!

Isn't that what they have done with our City Administrator, Mahesh Sharma?

The city ordinance says he MUST reside within the city. The city council has taken two votes to allow him to ignore the law for a total of six years.

Pat Casady said...

This is a sad time for Raytown.
Secret meetings, tax dollars being
wasted and given away.
I for the life of me can't figure
what happens to people after they are elected.
While running for office they tell us what
good they want for Raytown and after they
are elected they lose their minds.
Mr.VanBuskirk wants the meeting to be more
public, that's working for the people.
(A good thing.)
In almost every case the cream rises to the
top except in this case! In this case the
worst possible representatives seem to have
floated to the top. (A bad thing!)
I have wanted to live in Raytown since I was
in grade school. When I opened my business over
thirty years ago I was ecstatic my dream finally
came true. I have watched both Wal-Marts destroy
local businesses all with the blessing of City Hall.
I have watch the deterioration of our downtown
again with City Hall's help. We have all watched
our so called representatives spend millions on
useless projects and surveys and countless city employees
that do nothing for this city. Yet we hear the
praises from the so-called reps. what a great job they
have been doing. We have seen one rule after another
being broken guessed it, City Hall.
We may be getting what we vote for but NOT what we
all pay for! It's too bad the people of Raytown only
have a few representatives that actually care.

Anonymous said...



All proceeds will go to help payoff the used Van they bought after their old truck was stolen. The truck did not have full coverage because of it's age. They still owe about $3000.00 on the Van. Come and have some chili, a Chicken Pot Pie or a hot dog, desert and drink, meet people, make your bid and have some fun. The tickets are $8.00 and can be purchase at the door or call me at 353-4431 or 462-3975.

See you there.

Sandy Hartwell

Anonymous said...

I am voting yes on Nov 8. This very small tax will benefit so many in the community. Days with reduced admission and the ability for school children to take field trips are great. Many school districts in the area can no longer afford a nice field trip for the students and for some kids with troubled parents, this maybe the only opportunity they will ever have to see such animals in real life. It is certainly not the zoo's fault what other taxes various cities have passed! We must continue to have inexpensive great opportunites for families to enjoy in these economy times. The zoo is a wonderful place for children, families and even senior citizens to enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable visit and so close to home.

Anonymous said...

Too many of my neighbors are living pay check to pay check for me to justify another tax increase. All the good intentions of the Johnson county zoo people will put more food on their table. In fact, the additional tax will take food off their table.

I will be voting no an reminding my neighbors to do the same.

Anonymous said...

I am voting no on Nov. 8, they need to do as everyone has done RIGHTEN THE BELT

Anonymous said...

From Jacob Turk via email:

tax Yourself...more?
Zoo tax has no sunset
Special election Tues. Nov. 8

The Zoo Tax

It has no end.
Will Kansas Citians vote to tax themselves - and future generations - again?"

Anonymous said...

Did you all hear about the job a City of Raytown Department Head turned down?

Me neither.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the items on the consent agenda at last weeks board meeting totaled up to around $900,000.00. That sure doesn’t sound like peanuts to me.

Anonymous said...

This tax nonsense is way out of hand. A NO vote on the zoo tax is the right thing to do.
Plus, it has no sunset clause, it is a tax that will go on for ever, and ever, and ever, etc...

Anonymous said...

Who does Kansas City think they are
Raytown! Taxing more with no end.

Anonymous said...

The intolerance of Christine White and Shane Pardue deserves and explanation. If someone wants to talk aboujt something let them speak.

It costs nothing but time to listen.

Their actions make you wonder where they would rather be. Sitting in front of a tv watching a basketball game?

Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Just say "NO" to the zoo tax as it has no sunset.

Just say "NO" to the zoo tax as it doesn't create an elected board representive of those in the counties where tax dollars will support it.

Just say "NO" to a new tax with no accountablity!

Anonymous said...

Vote NO on the zoo tax. It's a tax gone wild.

Anonymous said...

There are only five, at the very most I trust on the BOA.
The other five need to think of some other way to spend their time. And it's not serving on any committee in Raytown, oh they couldn't do that it would take up to much of their ME time!!!!

Anonymous said...

In response to the 7:21 AM blogger. You're right it costs nothing to listen but time. It's quite evident these two want to spend no time taking care of city business, just give me my check and I'm out the door. Why do you think Barbie Doll makes a quick motion on any and everything that comes up. She can hit the door quicker. Shame on you for even taking that check every month, which I might as well sign because it's my tax money paying for you to sit up there and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

It maYbe a small tax to some but, to a retired citizen it's a BIG TAX. VOTE NO ON THE ZOO TAX

Anonymous said...

Voted yes on the zoo. People need to think bigger than just themselves. A world-class zoo is one more item to bring tourists to Kansas City to help pay taxes for all of us. Add this to the art gallery, performing arts center, downtown arena and entertainment district and we are getting on our way to keeping up with Indy, Denver and Chicago. We CANNOT keep going further and further behind. If you figure what it would actually cost you, it is really not that much. Now if we could only get a winning sports team...

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 7:21
The fact is the three aldermen, Aziere, White and ParDue
are the worst this town has had in decades. Aziere hasn't
got a clue what he is doing. White was a main force in
taking your tax overlay money and giving it to and for
the WalMart parking lot and the street that runs in front
of the store. What can I say about ParDue? You need only
watch him and you can see he doesn't belong in the position
he is in. The facts are, there are only two or three aldermen
that know what they are there for, and that's for the people.

Anonymous said...

How can our so called "intelligent" elected officials consider $900K of spending to be routine?

I would think the size of the gas and electric bills for city property are so high that they are out of the realm of "routine." At least my utility bills are so high that they are not routine to me.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Of interest: This appeared in the online edition of the local paper where I am moving:

Qatar urged to scrap air conditioning in stadium

It is does have a Raytown involvement.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for the poor animals. Caged up, never to be free to go and be natural. Rememer, these are WILD animals. They cannot be domesticated.

Caging up a wild animal in a zoo is crurel.

Anonymous said...

Zoo is not just about caged animals, it is about educating all of us about them and the dangers they are facing in the wild.

Anonymous said...

If this tax passes I feel sorry for the people who will pay if for a LIFETIME

Anonymous said...

It is apparent some on this blog don't understand that Raytown gets nothing out of the zoo tax.

So for those of you yes folks, please explain where and what tax dollars it is going to generate for our city.

We have no 5 star hotel as the mayor spoke that he would bring.

We don't even have a no tell motel

We don't have anything special for others to attend.

Unless you want to come to the land were TIFs run free and elected officals keep taking more and more from working people like me.

Anonymous said...

Looking at a caged animal does not teach you much about them in the wild. It is a curiosity. Don't try to act like it is some nobel effort to educate.

It would make more sense to go and film the animals in the wild and build and elaborate display based on the films.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:08,
I beg to differ! Raytown has a money sucking Wal-Mart. It has a brand new Ihop and Aldi's that the tax payers financed. Raytown has a downtown area that is next to none, when it comes to
city caused blight. Most of all Raytown has a government for big business by big business. Whille at the same time it cares less about mom amd pop small businesses.
How, aren't you proud?

Anonymous said...

The animals are caged because they are in a Zoo and receive food daily as well as free medical care. True, they are wild animals but they never could exist in the wild.

8:54 AM, We have a stadium tax and NO winning team! We have higher ticket and parking prices! A sales tax does not promise the quality we would like.

Polls closed 4 minutes ago. Hope everyone voted.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


If you liked Bill Clinton you are going to love Herman Cain!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, at least in Jackson County, the vote passed -- 15,869 (63.86%) to 8982 (36.14%)

(Sited Jackson County Board Elections--

Anonymous said...

Difference is, Bill Clinton did it, Herman Cain didn't........

Anonymous said...

9:38PM, Unfortunately the NO voters didn't bother to vote. It appears that the total vote was a mere fraction of all voters! The voters voted stupidly by not voting at all.

9:31PM, Herman Cain's morals equal Bill Clinton's morals. The parties have a non-disclosure agreement so no one knows what really happened. I would prefer Cain to O'Bummer but I am waiting until closer to the primaries before I make a decision. If elected, Cain will probably hire attractive interns.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

good point about Cain and Clinton. so far the accusations about Cain have melted down to a he said she said type of argument.

Clinton's playing around is well documented.

Cains is not.

Pat Casady said...

Clinton did it while in office.
Cain, if he did it, it was a number of years ago.
I have to ask myself why now? Why are these women
coming forward now instead of years ago?
As usual something stinks in politics.
This to me is like asking a front runner if he still
beats his wife. Even if he never laid a hand on her
he can only answer no. Does that mean he has stopped or
he never did?
The news media should be looking into the women's background
as well as his. Keeping it on a fair playing level.
Remember, believe nothing you hear and only half of what
you see. Just because it is written or somebody says it
doesn't make it so.
By the way, I am neither for or against Cain. I have
just seen too many accusations like these that never
pan out. I would rather wait until something is proven.

Anonymous said...

Darla Jaye is asking the same question as Pat. I can think of possible answers why these women are coming forward now:
1) Cain wasn't running for President until now.
2) They (or someone who is paying them) want to force Cain out of the Presidential race.
3) They don't like Cain.
4) Blackmail he refuses to give into.

As far as I am concerned it is all "he said, she said" with no proof, no witnesses, no police report, and in fact no report of any kind open to the public. I will base my decision on Cain on his politics not alleged actions should be be on the ballot.

Andy Whiteman

Pat Casady said...

Has anybody heard what the city is going to do
about the bad overlay job on Raytown Road?
Or more to the point the big bumps left after
the un-inspected, no codes people around obstacle
coarse laid down.
What engineer or city department OK'd this job?
Did they pay for an architect to make sure the
job was done right, like they make every
business go through when they want to do anything
to their building? Who designed two to three inch
deep bumps in the streets?
Oh, wait! I get it. It's do as we say, not as we do.

Anonymous said...

You would think that a project like Raytown Road that is highly visible, well traveled and can do so much good for the image of Raytown would have attracted more attention from the professionals at city hall.

Maybe Andy is right. They are just chair warmers and don't care about this city any more than as a place to collect a paycheck.

We really deserve better.

Our elected officials put on blinders and say, "what, me worry?".

I hope its not another broken promise like one about a restaurant going in at Aldi's.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Pardue and White don't want any discussion on agenda items.

It would make them accountable for their actions or as it appears their non-actions.