Sunday, July 1, 2012


FROM KSHB TV NEWS - by Annie Greenberg
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A power issue at a water pump station in Kansas City, Mo., has left many residents with low water pressure Tuesday afternoon.

According to Kansas City Water Services, customers from 43rd Street south to 87th Street, and from the Blue Ridge Cutoff east to the city's eastern city limits may be affected.

Additionally, a boil advisory was issued just before 6 p.m. from Interstate-70 south to 87th Street, and from the Blue Ridge Cut-off east to city-limits. It's expected to last for 24 hours.
Crews are working to restore power. Until then, the city asked that residents use water sparingly.

Just before 5 p.m., Raytown, Mo., issued a water restriction. Anyone caught watering outside, filling a swimming pool or washing a car can be ticketed.

The city of Lee's Summit, Mo., also asked residents to voluntarily reduce their water usage. The power outage has stalled the delivery of about one-third of the 21.5 million gallons the city gets from Kansas City and Independence each day.

Residents in Blue Springs, Mo., have been asked to conserve water by not watering outside.

Customers in Water District #2 in Jackson County are also being impacted by the outage. For a map of the area affected, go to

People living in the district are prohibited from washing their vehicles, cleaning the outside of buildings, filling any kind of swimming pool and watering lawns or ornamental ponds and fountains until further notice.
Stay with for updates.

Raytown Discount Fireworks located at 59th and Raytown Road next to the Raytown Area Chamber of Commerce.

 Greg and Paul have taken a week off in honor of our nation's Fourth of July Holiday. 

Have a safe and restful holiday.

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Anonymous said...

I wish my friends here a safe and sane 4th. Please drive carefully.

Andy Whiteman

Doc Summers said...

tommorow the Fire District will bury one of our own.
Retired Fire Captain Robert Johnson passed away.
Bob gave 32 years to the Fire district and the citizens of Raytown and should be remembered.
Bob was hired two days before i was born and i was lucky to work as his Firefighter on his last day of service.

Capt Doc Summers

Anonymous said...

It also looks like Pat is rather misinformed about health care for this country. Pat, once EVERYONE is in the system then premiums will go down. And as for those that will be taxed or penalized for not buying insurance that is only going to be 1% of the entire population. I believe that is a very small price to pay so ALL Americans can get access to affordable health care.

Anonymous said...

I was driving down Woodson Road tonight and I saw where Alderman Van Buskirk was displaying a big Royals flag. I wonder how many of the BOA including the mayor is promoiting baseball for the All Star game? I would say it is a safe bet to say NONE!!!!

Pat Casady said...

To Anonymous 4:59,
I may be misinformed but I'm not the
only one. Do you realize that most of our
government elected officials have admitted
they have not read the whole Obamacare package?
I can only assume you have not either.
I only know what I have heard on the news
and I also know if small businesses are forced
to buy health insurance for all employees
they will be forced to close.
Ask yourself this, why do illegal aliens get free
health care? Why do illegal aliens get Social Security
benefits without paying into the system.
There is something rotten in D.C. and I think we
all know what it is.

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear Doc, please express the condolences from a grateful community to the Johnson Family. Please take care this forth.

Raytona Beach

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pat. Why do illegal aliens get social services from a system, which they have not paid into??? This is why we have to work until we are too old to draw social security, if we get anything at all. I am drawing tired of the handouts to support illegals in this country. Why won't our government do something about it? Oh that's right. We have a president who could'nt care less about the working class. He has broken the back of the working class in this country.

Anonymous said...

Uh, what's going to happen to those who don't pay the tax or fine??? It's going to be cheaper to DROP OUT of the system and drop your private insurance, pay a tax and then wait until you do get seriously sick, then get private insurance since they can't deny you due to pre-existing conditions and then suck out more $ for healthcare than what you've put into, making the other people who KEEP private insurance's rates go sky high and then end up saying "forget this, it's cheaper to not have private insurance" and then they too will drop out. For all those who are so concerned about making sure everyone has healthcare, by all means go ahead and find someone who needs assistance in paying their medical bills and pay them! But stop FORCING everyone else. What ever happened to the liberal's idea of 'freedom of choice'?

Anonymous said...

8:49 AM, Illegal aliens are now known as "Undocumented Democrats." It is Dictator O'Bummer's way of buying votes expecting the illegal aliens to vote for Him to make sure their entitlements continue.

I ask after everyone is on welfare, who will be left to do the work? The Dictator's plan makes no economic sense whatsoever.

1:39PM, I thought of that too but what if the uninsured suddenly become ill or injured and ends up in the ER without insurance? In an emergency circumstance, there is not time to apply for insurance. I consider medical billing to be fraudulent and unfair to those without insurance. There is one fee for those with no insurance that is very high and another very low contracted fee that insurance companies pay. I ran into that when St. Joseph's billed the wrong insurance and then billed me for close to $2500 and it was denied. When the correct insurance was billed, they paid only $250 or 10% of the total bill. I called the hospital and was told that the insurance contracted rate for an ER visit is only $250 no matter what services are performed. If you check your dentist and pharmacy bills, you will find the same happening there. This is grossly unfair to those who want to not have insurance and to be responsible for their own bills. There was a time I had no insurance because it was too expensive. I told my doctor and he agreed to see me for $40 per visit which I paid at the time of the visit with no billing.
So the person intending to get insurance when he develops a preexisting condition will have a really large bill before he can apply and insurance becomes effective.


Last night at the BOA Mr. Boji read a prepared statement that there were no safety violations at Super Splash, all supplies were well stocked, and that Super Splash passed a Fire Department as well as a food service inspection. Essentially he and the contractor who was also there were denying that any problem exists.

I question why numerous life guards and some of their parents addressed the BOA with specific issues. They all addressed the board in calm professional manner with details and some providing specific names, times, and dates. The contractor stated they have a grievance system but NO grievances were filed. Could it be that the employees are afraid to file a grievance or know it will be denied?

I feel there needs to be a complete investigation of alleged grievances. If necessary both employees and the contractor's staff should be deposed under oath and testimony taken. If there are safety issues, Super Splash should be immediately closed as a public nuisance/safety hazard and not reopened until it is safe.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

What proof other then the BS emails on the internet the illegals are getting social security benifits.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think the Raytown police or anyother Raytown agency will ticket anyone for filing a pool or washing a car.

Come on this is Raytown we don't enforce codes.

Come on this is Raytown we don't enfoce speeding or other trafic laws.

Come on this is Raytown and we don't want those good folks at city hall to earn a pay check.

Anonymous said...

Only in Raytown would someone get on this blog and start in that the Health Care Plan is going to hurt small business owners.

Why are you got yourself all worked up and where where you when Wal-Mart got the golden calf.

Where are you now as we still allow Block and Company to abuse the citizens of Raytown.

I good sir have spoken with many small business owners in Raytown who are more upset with the Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee and Aldi's give away. However, when ask the number of Board of Alderman meetings they attended and spoke out against the small business abuse our local elected officials have done to them they quickly say they are busy and have no more time to talk.

In short it is clear they like those on this blog just want to complain like a group of old dryed up men, but will do nothing to stand up for themselves or their fellow small business owners.

Anonymous said...

Go to your browser and type in "Obama Phone".

You can learn if you qualify for a free cell phone courtesy of our tax dollars.

Tell your friends.

If this continues in our country you will find that our better days are behind us.

I normally vote democrat. Not this year. Republican all the way.

Anonymous said...

The real question is why do people hire these illegals!

Anonymous said...

8:16 PM, I doubt that illegals are receiving Social Security but it has been a well known fact for many years that they receive welfare, free medical care without insurance, food stamps, and public housing, in state or free tuition, and a housing subsidy.

I remember when women would cross the border in San Diego, give birth at a hospital at taxpayer expense. The child was then a citizen and the mother received public assistance while staying in the USA to care for the new citizen-child.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

"In short it is clear they like those on this blog just want to complain like a group of old dryed up men, but will do nothing to stand up for themselves or their fellow small business owners."

I'm not much into calling names like the person who wrote the above statement.

At least the "dried up old men" are speaking up.

That's why I like this blog so much. I guess you could try to do the same with the Raytown Tribune (LOL) -- but we all know that only news approved by city hall is printed by city hall.

There's another blog in town but the guy that runs it is so lazy he never writes anything himself and chooses the strangest topics as his "news".

I like this little publication and will continue writing to it.

Anonymous said...

The reason for the Obama phone is that many years ago a phone tax called the Universal Service Fee as started to provide phones to those who can't afford a phone.

Since then it was decided that it costs less to provide cell phones than land lines. I pay for my land line and wifi ISP. I don't believe in cell phones but pay $29.95 every 3 months for 120 prepaid minutes that I can use for emergencies while away from home or if my land line fails. Since I pay for mine, I object to those who get free service. If anyone wants a phone he/she should pay for it on their own.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Im an old man, but I am not dried up. Perhaps a bit used up and yes, completely fed up.

Regardless, there is no need for you to throw insults. If I don't call you stupid, please don't call me dried up.

Thank you.

Pat Casady said...

To Anonymous 8:27,
I will tell you where I have been
for the last fifteen years. I have been
fighting for the downtown area small
business owners to be able to keep
their property! When all this started
Curt Wenson wanted to plant a big
grocery store in the middle of Raytown
where the old church was torn down.
In the process he wanted to wipe out
almost every small business in the downtown
area. I might add, not once did I ever hear
someone named "Anonymous" stand up and speak
for the downtown business owners. We were
in this by ourselves except for one alderman.
That was Greg Walters, who, also voted against
the Wal-Mart deal. The rest of our elected
officials were not smart enough to see how
much that deal would cripple this town as it has.
I might add. I spent several thousand on lawyers
and independent originations that fight eminent domain
and condemnation of private property owners.
I may be a dried up old man but I'm proud
of what I write, enough to sign my name.
I can also tell you, this small business owner
has NEVER talked to a person named Anonymous!
So Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous I would like to say
in closing, KISS MY........backdoor!

Anonymous said...

The True Cost Of Walmart’s Low Prices [Infographic]

Read more:

Anonymous said...


Do you really think you are the only small business owner who has gone around pitching a fit over the Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee or Aldi's deals?

There are many others who have never spoken to anyone other than their customers or in my case former customers. I use the term former for the simple reason if you are going to set and complain, to your customers, but never speak up at city hall than it is no wonder these same business are all but dried up just like the old men that own them.

They shouldn't take their hate towards the city officals and large corporations out on customers, but on those same elected officals who decided to give tax breaks to the big dogs on the block while driving the mom and pops to an early grave.

Until the small business owners unite against corporate welfare and tax give aways the kill small business the big dogs will continue to wag their claims of better days ahead while shaking small business to death just like an enraged pit bull.

Anonymous said...


You might find this of interest and maybe you can help explain it to the followers of this blog, but load and behold there is alot of BS going around on what benifits are going to all those illegals.

Say it once say it again even louder...Lock up those that house and hire those who are illegally in our country and we will quickly see in end to this invassion.

Anonymous said...

Former Alderman John Wiley always is up to something.

This years fireworks stands had a sign to get people to buy from him that read:

"Fireworks help the homeless"

I guess the good Rev Wiley missed all the news coverage about the number of fires becasue of fireworks. It seems to me the sign should have read:

"Fireworks help to create the homeless"

I am sure that the good Rev Wiley just forgot to include the word "CREATE"

Anonymous said...

I saw that sign and it didn't make sense to me. How do fireworks help the homeless? The spend their money on fireworks instead of necessities? Or do fireworks set their homes on fire so the may collect insurance? Makes no sense at all!

Anonymous said...

Andy (and everyone else) --

The two tents, both benefit the River of Refuge (AKA the old Park Lane Hospital). One tent was operated by the River Church, and the other was for River of Refuge itself. If you are not familiar with what the River of Refuge is, it a multi-church operation to help the homeless get back on their feet. It is work in progress.