Saturday, October 26, 2013


The following commercial was broadcast in Canada. I do not think it has seen any air time on American television -- too bad. 

It runs for one and a half minutes  . . .  too long for American broadcasts. Take a minute and a half to watch and I am sure you will agree it is one of the best commercials you have ever seen. 

Use this link to watch . . . GRAFFITI


A drive by shooting in Raytown led to a serious car wreck as friends of the victim were rushing to the hospital. Raytown police were called to the scene of a shooting a little after 3:00 p.m. in the area of 74th Terrace and 75th Street near Hunter Street.

A witness told police a man was shot and had been taken by friends to the hospital in a white utility van.

About 3:30 p.m. a vehicle matching the description of the one in Raytown crashed at Gregory Boulevard and Lakeside Drive. One of the occupants in the vehicle suffered life threatening injuries.

Anyone with information regarding the shooting incident in Raytown is urged to call the Raytown or Kansas City Police.

Opinion Poll and a New Look BY GREG WALTERS
As you can see, we have made a few changes to our blog. We hope you like the new look.

How our page works, the ease of leaving comments and the links are basically the same.

Paul, felt it was time to change away from the burnt orange of the 1980’s and try something a little more bright and friendly. He is a cruel taskmaster, but the end result shows that he was right!

But that is not the only change we have made.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Those words come to mind as we re-introduce our popular poll questions to the blog.

As long time readers are aware, our last attempt(s) to provide polls of general interest became the victim of a hacker. Hackers are the graffiti writers of the internet. They yearn for attention, but hide in anonymity. These nefarious children of the internet age will probably never grow up. They are anti-social by nature and glory in their ability to cause trouble.

Google has recently made some upgrades to their blogger service. Hopefully, this new effort will withstand the attacks on it and allow our readers to see where their opinions stack up when compared to others.

This Week's Poll Question
Should Raytown's SuperSplash water park be closed down or left open?

To vote on this poll go to the top right corner of our page. The poll will run for one week. Please, only one vote per reader!

The Salamander Returns!

Farmer Jones hired a new field hand.

He told the lad, “Go out to the pasture, get the mule, bring him in and rig him up for plowing.”

A good employee, the new hire trotted out to the pasture, went over to the mule and said, “Let’s go.”

Nothing happened. The animal stood there and did not move a muscle or even twitch in response.

After more futile attempts the field hand returned to his boss and exclaimed, “I can’t get him to move.”

No problem said his boss. “Come with me.”

Picking up a length of a two by four board the farmer and his husky aide paced off to the pasture where the mule was somberly grazing.”

“Is this the animal who will not obey you?” asked the farmer.
“Yep”, came the reply.

The farmer walked up to the mule and smacked him squarely on the backside with the two by four.

“Let’s go to the barn and get rigged up,” he intoned.
Meekly, the mule followed.

Astounded by what had happened, the hired hand said, “How did you manage to get the mule to move so easily?”

Came the reply, “Simple, with lots of animals, just like people, you first have to get them to listen when you talk.”

The preceding is exactly how the Salamander feels is happening at Raytown’s SuperSplash.
No one is listening. No one seems to care whether or not this jewel of Raytown bites the dust.
We have a Park Director and Park Board who have put on blinders in their search for a solution. A couple of years back they said we needed professional management to solve the problem. The downward slide in attendance continued. Now they are saying we need to self-manage the water park. 

Déjà vu! Isn’t this what they blamed for failure before they hired the “professionals” to run the park?

Clearly, they are on a very slippery slope that seems headed towards failure. 

I don’t think a whack with a two by four is a viable solution. But collective hand wringing, pointing fingers and making up excuses does very little to resolve the situation.

No private business would be allowed to operate in such a slip shod manner.

Does anyone honestly believe that the same folks that have allowed SuperSplash to deteriorate to the economic black hole it has become can undo the mess they created?

When failure becomes the only conclusion somebody has to go.

The salvation and renewal of Raytown SuperSplash is not going to come from leadership offered by those who presided over its decline.

It appeared that the Mayor and Board of Aldermen recognized the first step (listening) when they appointed a committee to brainstorm in search of a solution.

Then they voted nine to one, to spend $83,000 for back up pumps before the Special Committee held its first meeting! Clearly, very few were listening at City Hall.

They could have held deliberation on the pumps over so the Committee could meet and make recommendations. But no, like lemmings rushing to the sea they chose the path already blazed by the Park Board. They acted as if business as usual will solve the problems at SuperSplash.

It does not look like a formula for success. Right or wrong, it is their place to make decisions that go beyond those that has been tried before. One area they seem intent on ignoring is that perhaps those they have running the show simply are not up to the task at hand.
Hard decisions may save SuperSplash. Continuing down the path of the past five years of failure is not the trail to take.

The Great Pumpkin BY KAREN

The jack-o-latern: what a waste, all that is remembered and left on the front porch to wilt and die. Why do pumpkins deserve this fate? No other fruit is treated so poorly. Especially when you consider how much this one has to offer. Those glorious orange globes of fall are truly multi-functional, lending their flavor to sweet and savory dishes alike.

Probably the most underrated of the gourd family, pumpkins can be so much more than pie or Halloween decorations, if only we would give them a chance. To say I am obsessed is to put it mildly. In my humble opinion there is rarely a dish that can’t benefit from this versatile squash. Read More


WEEK FOUR City Hall and Walmart Continue to Ignore Dead Trees on Walmart Property

Four weeks after City Hall was informed of dead trees on he Walmart property on Raytown 350 Highway there is no evidence of the problem being addressed.

Last week a blogger wrote that were also dead trees on the Power and Light property as well. We checked, those trees may have been there a week ago. But the dead trees on Kansas City Power and Light property have been removed.

At least there is one responsible corporate citizen in Raytown.
We did a quick count on the dead trees on the Walmart Property. Most of the trees on the southwest corner of the property are dead. We stopped counting at 10 -- four of the trees on 350 Highway are dead as well.

Mayor Bower went out of his way to try to influence Walmart to open a store in Downtown Raytown. He is reported of having travelled to Bentonville to plead his case on the issue. It would be impressive if he were to make that same effort to clean up the dead trees on the Walmart property.


Elisa Breitenbach said...

It's sad that Jackson Co has had County Executive Mike Sanders and the Jackson County Legislature rush this Forty to Fifty Million Dollar a year Sales-Tax Nightmare on the Nov. 5 ballot. This will last for 20 years. When you click on the hyperlink they paid to put on here. You learn nothing about how this tax will truly work. Mike Sanders and his friends need a permanent vacation out of politics. This is a Bad Cure for Jackson County. I don't have a hyperlink for this sales tax that can help you understand more about it but if you drop by DOUGHBOYS I will give you a free cup of coffee and let you look at all the info I do have on this. I also have a few yard signs left to be put out.

Anonymous said...

Don't even start with the sales tax. It isn't even due for renewal until 2014.
October 23, 2013 at 10:54 PM

I believe you are mistaken. The sales tax which indeed is not due for renewal until 2014 is to be on the April 2013 ballot along with the vote for the City Charter. Why? Only know it makes a much sense and new pool equip. and cheap street 'overlay'.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the dead trees are above everyone's power to take action and requires a board decision! That is how big business and the city of Raytown works.

A chainsaw would take care of the dead trees. Maybe someone could use firewood this winter! I know someone who heated with firewood but unfortunately he moved away from Raytown.

Andy Whiteman

Greg Walters said...

One change we did not mention in our lead story is the removal of the "post a comment" link from old postings of the Raytown Report.

Paul pointed out to me that some bloggers were saying their posts were not being published.

Upon investigation we found that we found that some bloggers were posting on old story lines.*

Comments published on old stories were being published, but not showing up on the current string.

So it is understandable that bloggers would become frustrated, spending time to post a comment, but not see it show up in the current string.

So in this week's Raytown Report, we removed the comment links from the prior week's Post.

If you want to post a comment on an old story, you still can, just use the current week's comment link.

Anonymous said...

I want to send Kuddos for the article about pumpkins!

Anonymous said...

October 26, 2013 at 8:59 PM

I re-read my post and sincerely apologize to all of you as the date I wrote for the sales tax going on ballot was way out of whack. I do remember that Bower wanted it on the ballot along with the City Charter vote.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. I like the upgrades. The green is much easier on the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Let us send the first of many "NO" votes on taxes this Nov 5th.

I count at least three more "NO" votes this coming April.

Anonymous said...

If the research facility was such a good deal, they would not need taxpayers to finance it. I would not send a check to the hospitals every month to support their research, so why should I be forced to give them money every time I make a purchase?

Anonymous said...

I must agree with the comment about making payments to a hospital. While I do believe research is great and needed I question why not just accept donations like other research does ie cancer, m.s. for example. It may bring jobs but those who are barely making it will be paying for those jobs. If I had extra money I would not be driving a 15 yr old car with used tires nor would I at my age be mowing my own lawn and shoveling a drive

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above logic. My bottom line on this issue is that we're simply already being taxed too much. No one is getting any more blood from this stone. Don't forget either that there's still the Obamacare burden to deal with on top of it all. Enough is enough and frankly, when I look at what I'm getting for the taxes I already do pay, it's been a poor investment.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only that believes that these hospitals have taken the Wal-Mart play book on obtaining tax dollars for private industry.

Those of us in Raytown all know that it will be a shock if the money ever goes to the research that is promised.

Look at Wal-Mart and none of the money goes to our streets, which explains the gravel and oil we get to deal with.

Join me in voting NO this Nov 5th

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:07,
You are right but you are wrong.
WalMarts’ sales tax is next to non-existent when it comes
to City income. Most goes toward paying the stupid deal
our leaders made with the devil to pay the WM bonds.
That’s not all though, we the tax payers make up the difference
in the bond payments if WM doesn’t collect enough to cover
the bond payments. I believe the total to date is over a million
and a half of your tax dollars that could be going toward city
None of which was supposed to go towards our streets.
However, the citizens of Raytown did pass a street overlay
sales tax increase that really hasn’t done what it was supposed
to do other than, I am told to make the street in front of
WalMart along with the street lights and their parking lot.
Kind of makes you proud doesn’t it. Makes you happy with
how you all voted eight years ago.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is it seems every sales tax that comes along passes for some reason. I think people buy the idea that they will get some huge benefit for only 1/2 cent. The benefit is usually funneled to the people who are pushing the tax to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Just heard on the news there was a drive by shooting in Raytown at 75th and Hunter.

Anybody know what's going on?

Peter said...

To 6:39 pm around 3 pm a drive by shooting at 74 terr and 75 st that's right behind Vaughn ave. this is scarey and right at the time kids were coming home from school; was a white SUV ... Keep your ears and eyes open so we can get them

Anonymous said...


Not that the police can be at every place at the right time, but I am sure the 5 officers that didn't get hired from the safety tax would have helped.

Sad that the money had to go to pay off the Wal-Mart debt.

Anonymous said...

I see that the other web blog in Raytown turned over its entire page to trumpet that Dunkin donuts has opened in Raytown.

I'm going by Doughboys this morning to show my support for a locally owned and operated Raytown business.

Don't have anything against the Dunkin people but the obvious slant from that other website and Randy Battagler's paper is so pro-Mayor Bower and his mistakes at city hall that it makes me downright angry.

The petty politics at city hall has got to stop.

Is it true that Alderman Joe Creamer suggested that Dougboys should have its occupation license removed because they were opposed to Walmart coming into the Downtown?!?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mayor and City Council
How naive do you really think the taxpayers of this city are? Do you actually think you can put the tax question on the ballot in April and get it passed. Examine this.....
The people that have run every successful tax issue in recent history have nothing to do City Hall anymore.

You hired a Public Information Officer to spin everything for you at the cost of 60K.

You gave the City Administrator a 30K pay raise.

You have miss appropriated the funds from the Public Safety Sales Tax.

You just spent 83K on a pump for a pool that you have no idea what to do with.

You received a 87 page document from Raytown Fire proposing to merge EMS with them and only discussed it for 2 hours over 6 months and then tanked it. The savings to the taxpayers would have clearly been between 100K and 500K.

The list goes on and on. The mismanagement of our tax dollars is very "transparent". Good Luck with your tax initiative you will need it.
One taxpayer that is sick of your inability to spend our money wisely.

Peter said...

To 4:19 am ; I haven't seen the other blog or the news paper yet but I remember when Doughboys opened.... The town was all the rage welcoming the New Business to our town and every fireman hung out at Doughboys and we all welcomed Elisa back home. When Jimmy Johns opened across from Subway it too got recognized ; when Aldis opened up the street from HyVee it too got attention. And no one got bent out of shape or took it personal..... It is what it is A New Business in Raytown. It should not effect Doughboys since they are on other sides of town.

Anonymous said...

Peter how right you are! And to think the other like business were within a stones throw of one another. It would be great if the town were filled with private owned business with all local Raytown residents like it was in the 60s and early 70s when Drapers, Fallers, Poindexter, and the likes had their business and homes in our fair town and we all went to school with their children. Now it takes many business's to set up camp in a town to attract residents with various takes and likes

Anonymous said...


You are right and the citizens of Raytown should welcome any business that is not getting a tax break from the city.

Anonymous said...

5:29 AM,

That is why you need to get out and put action to your words and start getting people to sign the petition for the state audit.

Anonymous said...

Im off to Dunkin Doughnuts

Pat Casady said...

In small towns, sometimes tax breaks are the only
way to get businesses interested in opening in them.
However, common sense has to prevail. You can’t give
away the farm. It just isn’t worth it. We have found this
out with the WalMart on 350hwy. This has hurt Raytown’s’
tax income and taxpayers so badly it can never be recovered.
It will cost taxpayers for at least another twenty years or
until we get some elected officials with enough guts to
challenge the unkempt promises by WalMart and Block.
our then leaders, many whom are still on the Board of
Aldermen, bought the lies and made the deal. Our highly
paid City Administrator should earn his keep and look
into dissolving that contract that has cost Raytown so
Tax deals should not last more than ten years.

Peter said...

To 8:08 pm and 5:29 am.

Reguardlng State Audit of Raytown 1) it will cost the tax payers 40 to 60 Thousand dollars no matter what the findings 2) this cost will go on the citizens of Raytown LONG after the current administration is gone ..... 3) .... The State can Only make RECOMENDATIONS it cannot inforce a change ......Number 4) Go To The State Audit Websight for yourself and see You WILL be paying 40 To 60 Thousand Dollars for a STATE AUDIT RECOMENDATION.......

Anonymous said...

Usually chain like Drunkin Doughnuts are a franchise and have an owner rather than being company owned. Does anyone know who the owner is?

As to whether it is competition to Doughboys may depend on hours of operation. If Drunkin Dough nuts is open late and Doughboys closes early, the business could very well go to Drunkin Doughnuts.

Since I am corpulent, I rarely eat a doughnut but the last time I was at a Drunkin Doughnuts about 50 years ago they had only cake doughnuts which is not the type of doughnut I like unless they changed their business model.

Andy Whiteman

Peter said...

To Andy ; where the Dunkin Donuts is located on 350 at BlueRidge if It were open late it may atract Truckers or travelers for coffee or morning commuters to Downtown for it is in a good location for that. Haven't been to one in 40 years but hear they even do sandwiches now. Doughboys is in a neighborhood shopping center and open till 1:00pm which is par for neighborhood Donut shops and that is what the owners are used to and desire so it will not hurt their business at all. Besides they are at opposite ends of Raytown and not even the same in comparison. I do not know whom the owner is of the Dunkin Donuts ; as for it being a franchise ... Hmmm it was years ago sorta like Daylight Donuts was; which is what the owners of Doughboys had prior for many years. Just made me think of the Fluffy Fresh Donuts Raytown had back in the late 60s early 70s and prior to that The Three Sisters Bakery. Now Im showing my age!!

Anonymous said...

To 10/31 10:20 AM...

Your regurgitation of previous comments really wasn't necessary.

The audit cost you mention is based on what exactly (facts please).

A City audit will reveal a great deal and due to the total lack of transparency in City Hall, it is high time we see exactly what's been going on from a non-impeachable source. The City has been blowing cash out both ends on non-essentials and claims they need to renew sales taxes. Show me where it's all gone! The cost will be a drop in a bucket compared to the money that's been squandered.

Peter said...

To 5:09 well apparently my regurgitation of previous comments was necessary because many are not aware of the cost that is by law put on the front of the petition nor how the state auditor calculates such expense. Again go to the State Auditors sight and inform yourself . Information and facts are all there and as you will read there it will become transparent as to the scope of the audit . It also clearly states by law the front of the petition must contain the cost.

In the know said...

Go to Auditor from there you can go to audit info. You will find there is also a Question and Answer section numbering 1 thru 20. Maybe this will help you get the Facts you requested

Anonymous said...

Thx u Peter for the info. It never hurts to reiterate for those who possibly otherwise missed valuable info. I did not see your previous post about the State Audit but by other blog comments knew I must of missed something. I did go check it out as you suggested and was surprised that a RECOMENDATIONS is the best they do. First the city takes our money and throws it away then we would be taking more of our own money and throwing it away just to know where our money is thrown to? I think the answer all the way around is to stop taking more money from our already strapped purse strings

Pat Casady said...

Could be money well spent!

Anonymous said...

I would encourage everyone to go to Dunkin Doughnuts really really good.

Anonymous said...

That State Audit website is very informative! And I searched back they previous blogs and Facebook sites as to comments about this and found many interesting comments. One person asked exactly what all was being audited and why citizens were not considered in the initial request for forms. The State site states request forms by law must state an estimated cost on the face of the petition form which is calculated by historical records of audits of towns, cities , of same size with same questions to be revealed that is why the scope of the audit must first be asked by the petitioner before legitimate petition forms with estimated cost on face can be sent out to be canvassed for signatures. Like saying I want to buy a car how much will it be? Gotta know what type ie small large SUV sedan etc before you can get an estimated cost and decide before you sign on the dotted line and start making payments. State website is very informative indeed

Anonymous said...

6:33 am do they just serve donuts or are there other items of interest?

Anonymous said...

Then Pat; by all means please feel free to pay for the entire thing to find your needle in a haystack as to why so much money is going to taxes. I personally have no more funds to invest in finding out why I have no more funds....... Oh and For the record Im voting No on that experimental drug research tax in November which many are saying " COULD be money well spent"

Anonymous said...

Okay, the cost of the audit has been established.

What's that cost compared to keeping your heads in the sand about where our money's been going / how it's been misappropriated / wasted.

You're never going to get the truth any other way since our Mayor Bower gov't does so much business behind closed doors and degrades, fires, demotes those who question his actions.

Living in ignorance is what we cannot afford! Those who are opposed to the audit may just as well walk into the sheep pen and line up for the continued slaughter.

Anonymous said...

There has been alot of talk about Farm Animals in reference to the citizens of Raytown and a great amount if down talking Bower. I for one have nothing against farm animals or farmers; and Bower has been in my opinion a poor example of a Mayor. However, certain people take those who show something other than them very personal and start name calling. And by the post have a personal vengeance towards Bower. So in keeping with the Theme of things let me say " this wise old owl knows Bowers days of ruling the chicken coop are numbered and the sheep will graze in lush pastures again soon especially if the sheep don't panic and realize the farmhands (citizens) own the farm and not burden themselfs with self inflicted expenses

Anonymous said...

Hey there lets not call names it turns people off those post instantly. Bower will be out of office sooner than the citizen would be strapped with the cost of an audit because no one likes him. Don't cut off your foot to spite your hand

Support A State Audit said...


you really believe legal action cannot be taken if they find illegal activity.

Don't confuse recommendations with out right illegal activity.

Don't know how long you have been in Raytown, but the last state audit turned up all kinds of cash that had been unaccounted for.

Based on the findings it could cost several elected officials their political careers.

Therefore a state audit can do a lot of good for our city!

Anonymous said...

To 5:17/5:22
If the shoe fits.....

Anonymous said...

Haven't been on here for awhile so going through the post this is my summery. The conspiracy theory is still alive, mayor Bowers name comes up and is synonymous with an audit, makes it transparent it's personal, bower degrades those who doesn't go along with him which oddly enough is what a blogger continues to do, regurgitate,sheep, drop in bucket, slaughter, give away the farm, chicken coop , wise old owl, yep there is a theme! One person chastising a person for repeating when that is what they are doing and then ask same person for facts and that is what they were repeating....... Yep things are status quo here...... Really folks?

Anonymous said...

What's the cost compared to keeping your head in the sand about where our money's been going/ how it's been misappropriated/ wasted............... Oh about 40 to 60 thousand

Then you just have to chuckle at the bloggers comments; Throwing away money to know where your money is thrown to And. I have no more funds to invest in finding out why I have no more funds ..... People this is strange humor indeed

Peter said...

The trees were simply vibrant in Raytown today; saw one with 5 different colors. After the blah fall we had last year you really won't want to miss the leaves in all their glory....... Enjoy!

A Concerned Citizen said...

I am so glade that the city has dropped the thought of EMS merging with the fire district.

my hat is off to the mayor and the board.

I believe the fire district has some leadership problems with in the fire board. they have a retired kc firefighter as president who I think still has his heart with kc fire and not looking out what is best for the citizens of Raytown.

we have a retired mayor of Raytown who may not understand what is going on with the department.

and a past alderwomen who may not know that much about the district.

Raytown Fire Dept is funded partly by our fire taxes we pay to the county.
I wonder if the citizens of this city know that our tax dollars are paying our fire guys to run calls for K.C Fire which leaves our city unprotected at times.

I understand that all the fire departments around have a mutual aid agreements, so if another department needs help during a "fire" they can call for help and get it.

I think that's great however it appears to me that Raytown is running calls for kc fire that they should be handling on their own, like medical calls. maybe kc needs to have emt's on their trucks.

plus running more calls for kc means more wear on our trucks. is kc fire going to help with the purchase of new trucks for Raytown? I think not!

I for one will not vote for any bond money for the district unless it is for more pay for the men who run the trucks. and that would have to be a guaranteed item that the men would get it.

I remember when they wanted more money to remodel the stations and we the citizens were lied too when they knocked them down and built new stations. building new stations is not the same as remodeling.

that tells me something crooked was going on with the fire board.

I think it's time for the district to start having board meetings when people of this city can attend. I never see them on the government channel? where do they hold these meetings? maybe at the presidents house?

if they hold them during the day are they open to the public? if it is why not hold them in the evening when the working people can come to the meetings. maybe their afraid to have to answer questions.

now I see in the kc star the chief is retiring the end of December and the fire marshal is going to take over.

and said he will do the job for free! chief Mawhirter said what does that tell you about this guy. plus I read a press release the other day about this and it was released by the guy who is replacing the chief. so this guy like to blow his own horn huh!

don't we have a assistant chief? why isn't he stepping up to that position?

Anonymous said...

To 8:31 again it is about hoping to cost someone a political career; always personal. What were the scope of this audit that was submitted to get the forms and establish the cost? What all departments and issues are to be audited? What was the request for? Have any of the citizens been told? That would be the answer the chief petitioner could answer since they are the one who summitted

Peter said...

To answer your question; Ive been in Raytown alittle over 60 years. And all the State Audit can do is recommend ; it has no legal authority. This is what the website says

Anonymous said...

We are missing the MARC ICLE 21 person; usually they are on every thread of this blog; hope they are ok

Anonymous said...

Any news on the shooting in Gregory Heights

Anonymous said...

To November 2, 2013 at 7:08 AM

You can sign the audit petition at DoughBoy's (67th & Woodson, Raytown). Great food and doughnuts there too!

Anonymous said...

-been reading a lot of rattling on about things getting 'personal'.

I take it personally when the city's Mayor and/or officials spending and political decisions threaten my well-being and livelihood. I take it personally when their actions threaten my freedom and sovereignty, my right to worship my religion of choice, to exercise free speech, to travel and own property, to grow and obtain healthful food, to obtain quality medical care and medications in timely fashion at a reasonable cost, to travel this great country at will and more. As song as these and other rights are imperiled, I will take it personally and for as long as I maintain my right to free speech, I will exercise it at will despite feeble attempts to discredit that right. Ya Buddy - I take it personally.

Anonymous said...

Just went to the dunkin donuts and to answer Andy's question; they are open late but Im sure the hours can change as soon as they see the particular foot traffic at this location. Not the Dunkin Donuts of years ago; they have sandwiches and wraps

Anonymous said...

There you are; good you're ok!