Saturday, August 2, 2014


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Raytown Report Endorsements
It has been predicted by election authorities that the August 5, 2014 Primary Election will be one of the lowest turnout elections for a state wide primary in Missouri’s history. One reason is because there are not any state wide races this year as both the Republican and Democratic parties are gearing up for the 2016 election.

The lack of statewide races has focused voter attention on smaller races. In other words, the “down ballot” questions and races will be the ones to watch next Tuesday.

For the first time in a very long time there are some real races shaping up for the Jackson County Legislature. Some local grudge matches are also taking place on the state level as concerns state representative races. Add to this a large number of tax increase questions going to the voters, mix it all together and guess what?

You have some pretty interesting contests.

Paul and I have spent the last week discussing where we agree and, in one notable case, where we do not agree, on the five state wide questions on the ballot. We did not endorse in all of the races. But we hope you will remember to take the time to vote next Tuesday.

Bonnaye V. Mims
Ms. Mims represents the southwest corner of Raytown in the Missouri State Legislature. She has a good reputation as a politician who is not afraid to reach across party lines to build consensus for the public good.

Tom McDonald
Mr. McDonald has earned one of the best compliments you can give any elected officials. He responds well to constituent requests for service. He deserves another term on the State Legislature.

Sherwood Smith
Sherwood Smith is a Kansas City Fireman who has spent his career as a spokesman for the middle class. As County Mike Sanders said, “he knows how to get things done”. Smith’s experience and knowledge of how government works will be a plus for everyone on the Jackson County Legislature.

Vote No
The authors of this amendment were clever when they wrote it. It purports to guarantee farmer rights. In reality, it is a free pass for large corporate farms to operate in Missouri without regulation to protect the environment. In so doing, it is really a public health issue with serious consequences for the public if it passes. Constitutional Amendment No. 1  deserves a very definite NO vote on Tuesday.


This amendment would guarantee the right of an individual to openly carry a gun in public. The law currently allows this right but also allows cities to pass laws banning open carry on a case by case basis. If this amendment passes, cities would not be allowed to ban open carry within their jurisdiction.

Paul recommends a “NO” vote. 
The United States Constitution and the Missouri State Constitution both give residents the right to keep and bear arms.   Each municipality elects its own leadership to make the laws for their unique community.  Each community should have the right to decide if they want their citizens to openly carry firearms. The ballot language is vague and gives no definition of the "normal function" of a weapon.

Greg recommends a “YES” vote.
The problem with making exception to open/carry laws is that there is a criminal element in our society who will ignore the law. The police cannot be everywhere, all the time, to protect law-abiding private citizens, from the criminal element. Open carry allows the private citizen to protect his or her loved ones without threat of prosecution for doing so.

Vote No
Constitutional Amendment No. 7 is ¾ cent sales tax that would be used to finance reconstruction of Missouri roads and bridges. Road and bridge repair and upkeep are traditionally funded by gasoline taxes paid for by truck drivers and motorists who drive on them. As we pointed out in last week’s editorial the ten year life of this tax does not include any improvements for highways and bridges in Raytown. This sales tax is a bad idea that definitely deserves a “no” vote.  Since when does the State need a Constitutional Amendment to pass a sales tax?  If they want a state-wide sales tax increase, put one on the ballot.  Don’t disguise it as an Amendment.

Vote No
Currently, the Missouri Constitution only allows lottery proceeds to be spent on education. This would create an exception, introducing a specific lottery ticket to fund veterans’ services.  This new lottery ticket would allocate 25 cents of every dollar spent to fund the Missouri Veterans Commission.   Nothing we find tells us where the rest of the money goes.  Perhaps to the education fund, or maybe the general fund.  Who knows?  We are disturbed by the lack of transparency in the wording of this amendment.  We vote NO.

Vote Yes
This will protect citizens from unreasonable search of their smart phones.  If the police want to search a suspect’s smart phone, let them get a search warrant.  It’s not hard.  They do it every day.  We vote YES.

Third Annual National 
Night Out Against Crime

Mark your calendar for Tuesday,  August 5, 5:30PM-8:00PM at Kenagy Park  located at 79th and Raytown Road.

The Raytown Police Department will host its Third Annual Annual National Night Out Against Crime next Tuesday. The annual event is held at Kenagy Park.

Large exhibits from various agencies, not-for-profits that work with our residents, free raffles, and free hotdogs while they last.  Please join us for an evening of FREE fun.  Questions please call 816-737-6018. 

Vegan, Gluten-Free Tiramisu - MacGyver Style
I ate tiramisu for breakfast this morning. I also ate tiramisu for lunch. You’ll be relieved to hear I had a salad for dinner, though. With a side of tiramisu. It’s possible that I might be a little addicted.I can’t help it, though — I’m obsessed with the product of my latest recipe experiment. It calls my name every time I open the fridge, and frankly, it’d be rude for me to ignore my dark Italian lover. I somehow justify my indulgence by convincing myself it’s a healthy dish — this tiramisu, after all, is vegan and gluten free. Read More

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments about Sherwood Smith. Frank White is a good ambassador for baseball, was a heck of a second baseman for the Royals, but I am not sure how he would do in politics. Not sure if I agree with all your choices on the amendments but I appreciate you guys giving an explanation of what they are all about.

Keep up the good work!

Vote NO on Amendment 1 said...

The Chinese have already purchased Farmland Industries (a Missouri company) which was a group of small farms that had worked together to supply food. The Chinese also purchased 50,000 acres in northern Missouri. If this bill passes, perhaps the small farmer will have a very difficult time or they may cease to exist.

This bill also puts the puppy mills into the farm segment. This means that these puppy mills can have as many animals as they want. The big question is “Will they have any regulations to protect the puppies?”

Anonymous said...

Sorry the Chinese did not purchase Farmland Industries. Farmland Foods was a subsidiary of Farmland Industries. Farmland Industries Inc is bankrupt. Farmland Foods was purchased by Smithfield Foods that is located in Va. Smithfield Foods has sold Farmland Foods to the Chinese. Hope that Vote No will understand what happened to FL Ind.

Anonymous said...

I say why not let the Chinese take over our farms!
They have taken over most American jobs and manufacturing.
There are no more Americans left in this country.
We have let Japan ruin the US car market, this after
They murdered hundreds of thousands of real Americans.
Not to mention Pearl Harbor, where they killed twenty four
hundred and wounded and maimed twelve hundred others.
We let China poison our animals and even some of our
baby food they manufacture. China uses human excrement
to feed fish and fertilize, vegetables and food we buy from them.
We let illegal’s come in from Mexico and bring God knows what
diseases with them.
All because some people in this country say they have rights.
It’s too bad the American people don’t have the same rights
in our own country.

Anonymous said...

Seems Bower is doing some campaigning of his own,spending all kinds of time begging people to support him. Even offering concessions if certain people don't run against him. He just doesn't get it, he has made numerous bad decisions that I guess he thinks the public has forgotten. I haven't, go ahead and file for re-election Mayor there are plenty people lining up to help your opposition.

Anonymous said...

Wow - you sound just like a paranoid Tea Party person. They have pills for that now. You need to give them a try!

Anonymous said...

10:41 Through that statement, you have revealed yourself to be an extremely low information individual. Add to that, your negative generalization of anyone's political interests and poof, your comment is 100% discreditable. You're an embarrassment to yourself. Shame on you for wasting air.

Anonymous said...

10:41 you are way off base

Anonymous said...

If you don't like the Chinese buying Missouri land, don't give them your money by shopping at Wal-Mart. I know several farmers who want proposition 1 to pass, and none of them are Chinese.

Anonymous said...

A question where has China bought Missouri land??

Anonymous said...

The trouble with the right to farm question is that it also deregulates the dog breeding industruty. It will throw open the door to abuses we had back when Missouri was the puppy mill champion of the world. As for owns the farms. It does not matter if the owner is chinese, American, or any other nationality. If they are not regulated you will have abuses like run off from poultry farms that have been known to create fish kills in streams in Arkansas. This Right to Farm is a sneaky title for "anything goes".

KMCCLA said...

I read up on the Farm Bill, and one thing I found out was that parts of it where so ambiguous in some parts that it would have to be decided in court.,_Amendment_1_(August_2014)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there is any truth to the rumor that Brewer and Shipley will be playing at the Fall Festival that Diane Krizek sponsors each each year?

Anonymous said...

What fall festival? When does she have it and where?

Anonymous said...

The fall festival was reported in the paper to be late sept. And it will again be at C. Lee Kenagy park and yes Brewer and Shipley will be performing