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A Dog Park in
Raytown’s Future?
Some interesting conversations have been taking place at the Raytown Parks and Recreation Department.The topic is, “What to do with the Super Splash?”

Last year the Park Board decided to close the ageing water park for the 2017 season. One of the main reasons is the majority of the Board of Aldermen had made it very clear they would no longer bail out the short fall of funds that had reached into six figures on an annual basis. Without the participation by the City, the Park Board would face a deficit they could not address.

Under an agreement through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, which had partially funded the purchase and development of the water park in the 1980’s, the Park Board and City is obligated to maintain a public recreation facility on the land the government helped purchase.

However, the use need not remain a water park.

The Park Board has been exploring alternative uses for the property.

One suggestion would be to develop a permanent dog park for Raytown pet owners to take their pets in safe venue. It has also been suggested a walking/bicycle trail be developed as an off leash dog park.

By doing so the Park Board will be addressing two of the top ten priorities identified in a $90,000 survey they commissioned last year. According to the survey, walking/bicycle trails ranked number one and an off-leash dog park ranked number nine on the wish list Raytowners identified in the survey. The survey had identified 25 items for ranking of the list.

A dog park and walking trail at the old Super Splash location is a perfect fit. It may also go a long way in solving a problem the Raytown Police have had at the location since it was opened.

Super Splash is an isolated location. Commercial development on Raytown Road and a heavily wooded area along a creek effectively screened it from the road. The entrance to the water park crossed a bridge that is gated shut at night.

Despite all precautions taken by the Park Board and police, Super Splash has been the target of vandals   in recent years. Raytown Police statistics show it to be one of the most frequently vandalized public facilities in Raytown.

Some have suggested the area be converted to a city park with an emphasis on play ground equipment for the disadvantaged.

On the face of it, the suggestion sounds like a good one. But the simple fact is, the vandalism would probably continue to any new equipment installed. A handicapped park would make more sense at Colman, Kenagy or Southwood Park. All of the parks are easily accessed by the public and can be easily patrolled by police. Colman Park has the added advantage of Park Headquarters on the property – providing a position from which to monitor the park.

On the other hand, a dog park and walking/bicylce trail is a perfect fit for the Super Splash location. The simple fact is it is difficult to vandalize a dog park, just as it is difficult to vandalize a walking trail.

A walking trail could be incorporated into the light rail trail planned for construction  between Downtown Raytown and the Sports Complex in the summer of 2017.

The proposed dog park and walking trail could be locked up at night.

The need is there . . . the public has already placed both the walking trail (ranked number 1) and the dog park (ranked number 9) high on their list of park services needed in Raytown.

The Park Board should take this opportunity and make it happen.  Park Board meetings are the third Monday of each month.  If you agree with us, let them know.

The Raytown Parks and Recreation headquarters is located at 5912 Lane. Parks and Recreation Board holds its meetings the third Monday of each month. Members of the Board can be contacted via the Raytown Park Board. 

Kevin Boji, Parks and Recreation Director    (358-4100 )

Park Board members are:
Terry Copeland, President
Michael Hanna
Pat Jackson
Danielle Miles
George Mitchell
Nancy Nail
Chris Rathbone
David Thurman
Robbie Tubbs


The Paul Livius Report

Raytown Board of Aldermen Meeting – April 11, 2017
Proclamations & Presentations:
 • A Proclamation recognizing Romeo Bagunu for the Missouri Scholars 100 Program

 • A Proclamation recognizing Raytown High School Student Council-Gold Award

 • A Proclamation recognizing National Telecommunicator Week

 • A Proclamation recognizing Casey Lohman as the Raytown School District Teacher of the Year

During public comments, Dorinda Nicholson and Pat Jackson with Raytown Interfaith Alliance announced the 2017 Egg Extravaganza event.  It will start at 11 a.m. with a parade.  The Mayor will be found at the Library at noon reading to the children.  At 1:00 p.m. there will be an egg hunt.

They also spoke in remembrance of Alderman Steve Mock.  They said the Mayor’s Prayer breakfast will be held at Good Shepherd Community of Christ on May 4 at 7:00 a.m.

The Board passed a resolution approving a professional services agreement between Columbia Capital and Raytown for financial advisory services.  The Government Finance Officer Association (GFOA) recommends that cities hire a municipal financial advisor prior to the undertaking of a debt financing through a formal RFQ process.  On March 7, the City issued a Request for Qualifications for Financial Advisory Services.  Four advisory groups were contacted directly and the request was advertised and placed on the City web site.  The City received three responses, all from advisors directly solicited.  The City reviewed the qualifications of the three responses and chose to interview all three advisors.  The firm that stood out to staff was Columbia Capital.  They are proposing the following two separate flat fees for the upcoming debt transactions.  Financial advisory services related to the refunding of the City’s Annual Appropriation-Supported Tax Increment and Sales Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2007 $30,600.  Financial advisory services related to the City’s issuance of annual appropriation-backed financing to fund approximately $3-$4 million Transportation Projects $18,400.  The Financial Advisor agreement is for a three-year term with two additional one year optional extensions.  Any additional billable work would be at the following rates.  Hourly rate for non-transaction related analysis or project work (e.g. periodic refunding scans, economic modeling, general consulting work, and other non-transaction related services) will be $200.  Hourly rate for non-transaction related analysis or project work related to economic development projects (e.g. feasibility study review, but-for analysis, etc.) will be $295.

 The Board passed a resolution establishing the rates for medical and dental insurance for the insurance plan year from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.  The City has received the rate increases from Midwest Public Risk (MPR).  Each year, the benefit structure, and pricing is reviewed to assure the program remains competitive and pricing can support it.  Additionally, MPR periodically requests bids to be sure member entities are receiving the best options for the price.  The pharmacy benefit was put out to bid last year and all plans changed to the CIGNA pharmacy.  At the same time, the contracts with CIGNA for the Open Access Plan 750 (OAP 750) and Choice Fund 1500 (high deductible) were extended for three years.  The HMO was bid this year and, as a result, the Humana HMO was eliminated and replaced with a CIGNA PPO IN Network Only plan (INO) designed to be “HMO-like”.  The City currently offers three types of coverage: Employee, Tier 2, and Family.  Each plan type has three options: CIGNA INO, Cigna Open Access 750, and CIGNA Choice Fund 1500.  The Choice Fund 1500, a high-deductible plan with associated Health Savings Account (HSA), was added four years ago and has increased in enrollment each year.  This is the third year we have had a very favorable renewal.  The average increase for each coverage type is 5.9%, with the HMO increasing 8%, OAP 750 increasing 5.7% and Choice Fund 1500 increasing 4%.  While all options are practical, it is the staff’s recommendation the Board approves Option 1.  In the past management has expressed the desire to slowly lower the City participation rate to the mid 80% range, and Option 1 incorporates that goal.  Uniform HSA contributions ease administration, reduce City liability if employees separate service and lower premiums slightly, allowing employees to have the reduced premium or opt to self-fund their HSA.  It maintains a competitive pricing structure while most equitably sharing the cost of the premium increase.  The tiered opt-out incentive approach will be more appealing to employees with dependents who may have access to group coverage through a spouse, potentially reducing overall expense to the City

The Board passed a resolution amending the fiscal year 2016-2017 budget related to the police pension fund in the amount of $45,272.00 for a total amount not to exceed $608,134.  Each year the City contributes to the frozen Police Pension Fund.  The Police Pension contribution for FY16-FY17 was budgeted by Finance at last year’s contribution of $562,862.00.  Finance Director Briana Burrichter reviewed the actuarial evaluation and found the annual contribution rate for the City has increased by $45,272.00 for a total of $608,134.00.  The City is requesting a budget adjustment of $45,272.00.  The budget for the frozen Police Pension was funded 83% by the general fund and 17% Public Safety Sales Tax.

 The Board passed a resolution amending the fiscal year 2016-2017 budget related to the expenditure of funds with the Kansas City Police Department crime lab.  The Raytown Police Department currently utilizes the Kansas City Missouri Police Department Crime Lab for all DNA Testing, trace evidence, and Firearms Testing.  The RPD also utilize the Kansas City Missouri Police Crime Lab for processing complex crime scenes.  The Police Department budgeted $17,500.00 for KCPD Crime Lab Fees.  The department is anticipating spending more than what was budgeted.  The prevalent use of DNA testing and testing of firearms has created much larger Kansas City Crime Lab Fees.  The Department is testing all firearms and shell casings regardless of the crime or circumstances of recovery.  The results of this testing is entered into NIBIN (National Integrated Ballistics Information Network), which adds to the database of all firearms used in crimes nationally.  The Police Department is requesting to reallocate approximately $12,000.00 from County Detention and approximately $4,500.00 from Transcription Service to increase the lab fee budget to $34,000.00.  The department is currently under budget and on track to be under budget for the entire year on the County Detention and Transcription Service line items.

The Board passed a resolution approving the expenditure of funds with Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners in an amount not to exceed $67,750.  The Raytown Police Department is down five Police Officers.  RPD currently utilizes the Kansas City Missouri Police Department Regional Academy for basic recruit training.  They offer high quality physical and academic training.  The cost for training one officer is $5,327.00.  The department currently has one recruit in the Academy and one starting in May.  $30,000.00 has been budgeted for Academy Training.  The Raytown Police Department also utilizes the Kansas City Missouri Police Department for Basic Crime Scene School.  RPD budgeted for three Detectives to attend the training for a total cost of $3,000.00 The Raytown Police Department Firearms Unit currently uses the Kansas City Missouri Police Academy Simunition training house for force on force training.  Their Simunition house is used for close quarter combat, set up like a residence, with floor plans that are multi-changeable and catwalks for overhead viewing.  RPD budgeted $750.00 for the use of the Simunition house.  The Raytown Police Department currently utilizes the Kansas City Missouri Police Department for DNA testing, trace evidence, firearms testing and processing complex crime scenes.  $34,000.00 has been budgeted for this expense.

The Board passed a resolution authorizing the purchase of mobile and portable radios and equipment from Motorola Solutions off the Johnson County Kansas Radio and Accessories contract in an amount not to exceed $84,185.  The Police Department radio system is part of the Metropolitan Area Regional Radio System (MARRS).  The radios used by the Police Department on the system are the Motorola XTS2500 Portable Radio and the Motorola XTL2500 Mobile Radio.  Motorola stopped production on the XTS and XTL 2500 series radios in 2014.  Motorola will provide support for the 2500 series of radios until 2019.  On January 1st, 2020 support will no longer be available for the 2500 series Motorola radios.  A replacement plan has been developed to begin replacement of the 2500 series Motorola radios.  The MARRS Board has established minimum standards for radios purchased for use on the MARRS system by Public Safety.  All new radios purchased for use on the MARRS system must have the capability for AES and DSS encryption, 700-800 MHz, multi-key, OTAR (Over the Air Re-keying for encryption) capable and P-25 Phase Two capable.  The Motorola APX 4000 Model 2 Portable radio and the APX 6500 Mobile radio meet the minimum standards established by the MARRS Board.  The radios are to be purchased through the Johnson County, Kansas Radio and Accessories Contract 07-1320/DL with Motorola Solutions, Inc.  The cost of 17 portable radios and accessories will be $59,670.00 from Public Safety Sales Tax.  The cost of 4 Motorola mobile radios will be $16,899.00 from Public Safety Sales Tax.  The cost of 2 Control Stations will be $7,615.00 from Capital Sales Tax.

The Board passed a resolution approving the final salt barn building payment in the amount of $47,998.30 to SunTrust Equipment Finance & Leading Corp and amending the fiscal year 2016-2017.  This is the final payment to retire the debt.

The Board passed a resolution approving the purchase of materials from Vance Brothers for the 2016 chip seal project in an amount not to exceed $54,862.  The Public Works Department opened bids for the Granite Seal project last year on Friday, May 20, 2016.  Vance Brothers was awarded the contract.  The City decided to delay this granite chip seal project until FY2017.  Vance Brothers had already ordered the material for the 2016 project.  Staff is recommending that the City pay Vance Brothers for this stored material that they purchased in 2016.  This will be taken from the FY 2017 granite chip seal project budget line item.  When the project is constructed later this year, this amount will have already been paid toward the project.

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Anonymous said...

With all the "bully breeds" in this city, the dog park will probably turn into a killing field. Happened at Penn Valley Park in KC when a guy turned his unaltered pit loose and it seized a golden retriever by the throat and killed it. Guy took off with his "pet" and left a horrified golden retriever owner crying.
Even so, I am in favor of re-purposing the super splash into something useful and less maintenance intensive.
Can it actually be that the bike trail along the abandoned RR will be worked on this year? Just sounds too good to be true.

Greg Walters said...

To learn more about the Rock Island Trail go to the front page of this week's Raytown Report and use the link (I just posted) at the top of the page.

"Construction is to begin in 2017 and end in 2018 on the Rock Island walking and bike trail."

Greg Walters said...

Your account of the pit bull and the golden retriever at Penn Valley Park is the first I have heard about about the incident. I wonder when it happened, or, if it even happened. Did anyone get the license plate of the owner of the pit bull?

Those tiny little details frequently get left out of stories like that. Any dog park should be monitored. I suspect that is why the Park Department is slow to grasp this opportunity.

By the way. I applaud those who want to build bike trails on Blue Ridge Boulevard. The Rock Island Trail walking and bike trail, the trail on Blue Ridge Boulevard and yes, even a functioning dog park would do give Raytown's image a tremendous boost. Not to mention the services it would avail the taxpayers.

It certainly would be better than adding another dollar store to the landscape.

Andy Whiteman said...

2:48 PM, The Bully Breeds are falsely accused. The real problem is Bully Owners who do not properly train and and socialize their dog! Pit Bulls were once used as nanny dogs in England. Pit Bulls are normally friendly and loving but they have a bad rap due to bad owners. The truth is any dog can bite!

I was walking my dog, an Australian Sheppard, in Raytown when a large Pit Bull left his yard in our direction. I immediately froze. When the Pit Bull reached us, the dogs sniffed butts, then noses, and wagged their tails. After the proper introduction, the Pit Bull approached me and I petted him for a few minutes.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Andy, do you know why you never see these tough dogs as police or military dogs? Because they can not be reliably trained. Andy, do you know why Independence passed a comprehensive set of laws governing the ownership of pit bulls? It's because an Independence resident was attacked and killed by some pit bulls while he was mowing his lawn.

Andy, I think you were quite lucky.

I was walking my large mixed breed a couple years ago and he was attacked by a neighbors pit bull. No butt sniffing just a lunge for my dogs neck. I was able to snatch his collar or my dog would probably not have survived.

Google dog bit deaths/attacks and get informed.

I wonder if the brits still use them as nanny dogs? BTW... what's a nanny dog?

Anonymous said...

Okay then.

City tabled the Blue Ridge Overlay project. It does not look that the bike lanes will get done. Turn lane will survive when the downsized project comes back for consideration.

59th street sidewalk did get approved and will be built soon.

Anonymous said...

A couple glaring events and future direction was in full force last night at the Council Mtg. The board is in solid leadership and direction with the Mayor Pro Tem gavel being handed to recently re-elected Ward 2 Alderman Jason Greene. Greene withstood a difficult campaign that saw everyone including former Mayor Bower and Aziere and Creamer assisting in Loretha Hayden's campaign challenge against Greene. Didn't work as Greene won handily and now is strongly leading what may be one of the best group of Alderman Raytown has seen in quite a while. New Ward 5 Alderman Bonnyae Mims will only add to this solid core. She quickly took off the training wheels and jumped right in to the pond. Solid veteran legislator. Very impressed.
Also very apparent this Board is no longer going to put up with Aziere's spin jobs of mistruths and ongoing and apparent lack of facts and memory. He was correctly shredded twice by Teeman and Meyers and it could be a very LONG 2 years for Aziere if he continues down this path. And what was with his 2 ABSTAIN votes?? It was clear he didn't support the items up for vote. At least Van Buskirk has the spine to Vote NO. Aziere abstains twice??? GEEZ....

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Green become Mayor Pro Tempore. After all the crap thrown that kid's way which was utter nonesense during the election by the paper boy and his friends, wish I could have saw paper boy's face but I doubt he was even at the meeting.

Andy Whiteman said...

6:39 PM, Pit Bulls are rarely used as Police Dogs. I think they should be. Some departments are starting to use Pit Bulls rescued from pounds.

I was in Raytown when the Independence lawn mowing man was attacked by Pit Bulls. Greg tried to initiate a Pit Bull ban in Raytown shortly after that. During the "Pit Bull Discussions" at city hall I spoke with a person from Independence who stated that the man who was bitten was very disliked and that the Pit Bulls were set free by an irresponsible person to attack the injured man. The Pit Bulls did NOT jump a fence and attack of their own volition!

6:39 PM, the dog attack during your walk a couple of years ago could have been by ANY dog. The owner is responsible for controlling the dog. The breed of the dog does not determine an attack. I hope you complained to Animal Control!

Nanny dogs are dogs who are left with children at play. No the Brits no longer use Pit Bulls fpr nanny dogs because unfortunately they have banned Pit Bulls. Please see:

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

If he was at he meeting he probably was out for another SMOKE.

Anonymous said...

He smokes like a chimney!

KMCCLA said...

There is no such thing as a bully breed, period. Even the most docile breed of dog, can bite and turn vicious if mistreated. It is often the misunderstanding and unfounded fear of certain breeds that are the problem to begin with. Granted, there are some breeds that are more aggressive, but more often than not, it is the owner that is the problem, not the dog. Whether you want too believe it or not, even a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, or Chow Chow are no different from any other breed, as long as they are raised correctly. I would take my dog(s) over the Happy Tails in Lee's Summit, and never had a problem.

Peggy Sue said...

KMCCLA. I know, logically, what you say is true. Ever wonder why we don't hear about attacks by German Shepherds, Dobermans, or Rottweilers as much any more? Because their owners switched to pit bulls. I still don't want to be around pit bulls. Not because the dogs are bad but because the owners are. Add to that the fact the pit bull was bred specifically to fight. Still, not a bad dog, but if it gets into a fight, it'll do what it is bred to do - kill.

Anonymous said...

"It is often the misunderstanding and unfounded fear of certain breeds that are the problem to begin with."

Thanks for the morning chuckle. PERIOD!!

Andy Whiteman said...

Peggy Sue, The reason we never hear about attacks by dogs of other breeds is because the media doesn't report it. Pit Bull attacks or Rottweiler attacks sells papers or gets ratings but a small dog attack is never reported.

When Raytown was discussing a BSL ordinance, Alderman Aziere stated how badly his college age daughter was mauled by a dog. When I ask what kind of dog mauled her he named one of the small breeds. My response was, "Any dog can bite."

Andy Whiteman

Dan Wilson said...

It would appear Jim Aziere was skinned alive by the Board Tuesday night. It's about time. Anyone else who wants to be an obstructionist should take note. The Board is out of patience with that nonsense.

Peggy Sue said...

Andy, Perhaps attacks by a Yorkie isn't as interesting as an attack by a pit bull, but it's rare to hear about a Yorkie killing someone or another animal. Pit Bulls, on the other hand, maim people or kills other dogs every day. As KMCCLA pointed out, it's probably the owners and not the dogs. I still choose not to be around pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

Peggy Sue

Please go back to your cave!

I say this as you clearly don't know the cover up or maybe I should call them the things that don't make the news, but maybe should.

With that being the case, we know that only Pit Bulls are harming others as reported in the news or is that what we we have been told by those in power to be what they want us to know.

One example that finally made the news was the documents in a closed KCMO school that were loaded with personal identification information. The school district keep saying it wasn't so and finally someone as I recall went into the school just as the vandals had and brought out the samples of the papers in question.

The point unless folks push the issue and continue to seek the true we are all forced to be the sheep of the news that provided to us.

The larger problem these days is unethical reports that have been exposed in recent weeks on 60 minutes that drive up there website ratings or alternate facts to stir up folks. However, anyone living in Raytown knows we too are force to deal with the alternate news of our local free bird cage liner and his contributing misleading writers.

As for me I fear dalmatians, but that is because a few years ago while out for a walk one followed me down a street and attacked me leaving several bite marks. Keep in mind these dogs are thought of as the adorable little guys in 100 in 1 dalmatians or as the mascot of fire departments.

In short, I leave you with the thought "Don't judge a book by its cover nor a dog by it's breed"!

Peggy Sue said...

8:45 pm
So, you are a conspiracy theorist. The government hides facts from us about problems in the schools and that makes pit bulls docile pets?

Check out this webpage

In the 12-year period of 2005 through 2016, canines killed 392 Americans. Pit bulls contributed to 65% (254) of these deaths. Combined, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers contributed to 76% of the total recorded deaths.

So, I say again, I choose not to be around pit bulls. I have a good reason. They have a tendency to be dangerous.

Anonymous said...

And you are part of the problem if you think it is the breed! We have a pit and he docile and loving. You might drown when he licks you with his big ole tongue, but that's it. It is not the breed, but owners.