Sunday, March 7, 2010

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Spring is Just Around the Corner Part Time Job Opening at City Hall Committee formed to Support Let Voter's Decide Initiative High School Sports Last Week's Poll
Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church, located at 6429 Blue Ridge Boulevard is hosting a Pancake Breakfast and Bake Sale fund-raiser for Raytown Emergency Assistance Program (REAP). Please join your fellow citizens this coming Saturday March, 13th from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM.Tickets are $5 adults and $3 for children 12 and under.
AN EDITORIAL by Greg Walters Spring is Just Around the Corner If there is one thing that we can all agree on it is that these past three months have been one long, cold, hard winter. No doubt everyone is ready for warmer days and the rich colors of spring and summer. There are many in Raytown who are anxious to clean up and straighten up there private property. A plan from the city’s public works department shows promise that will increase the miles of street maintenance (see Sunday, February 21st story) to help in a “face lift” of Raytown streets. But for the effort to be a true success there is going to have to be a change in attitude from those who govern the City. As is witnessed by the many comments from individual readers to the Raytown Report, many Raytowners expect the city to take a more active role in private property code enforcement. For that to happen, the direction will have to come from the City Council and the Mayor’s office. That is where the “change in attitude” is most needed. Mayor David Bower has been quoted as saying that he does not want to be use “Gestapo” tactics to enforce codes. The result of his position, and the compliant response by the majority of the City Council, translates to little, if any, actual enforcement. What the Mayor does not seem to grasp is that enforcement of Raytown Property Codes is not a bad thing. The ordinances were written for a reason. He is wrong to place his judgment as to what should and should not be enforced. His rhetoric of “Gestapo” tactics is demeaning to all those elected officials before him who saw fit to create the laws. It is an even greater insult to those who reach out to city hall for help in cleaning up their neighborhoods. As former Raytown Alderman Jerry Briggs recently commented, “You can build all the shopping centers you want, but if I come home and have to look at junk in my neighbors back yard because the city will not enforce its own codes, then it is all for nothing.” The City has property maintenance codes in place. The next step is for the City Council and Mayor to step up and do their job by directing city department heads to become proactive in enforcement. A change in policy by Mayor Bower’s administration is called for – only he and his City Council can give that direction. If they choose not to do so, then it is their failure as representatives of the good people of Raytown who want to clean up their city. Part Time Job Opening at City Hall The City of Raytown is accepting applications fortwo part time Recycling Center attendants. The job would be for two Saturdays a month and the applicant must be at least 17 years old. The job would be for two Saturdays each month. Interested individuals can contact Debbie at Raytown City Hall, Monday through during regula business hours by calling 737-6097. Committee Formed to Support Let Voters Decide Initiative A group named Let Voters Decide, has begun gathering the roughly 100,000 voter signatures needed to place the initiative on the November 2010 statewide ballot. The petition calls for the following changes in Missouri regarding the Earnings Tax. Authorize local sunset votes on the existing earnings tax in St. Louis and Kansas City every five years, starting in 2011. These future local votes will let voters in Kansas City and St. Louis decide for themselves if they want to continue the earnings tax in their city or phase it out gradually over a period of 10 years; and Prohibit any new local earnings tax from being imposed on working people and businesses in other Missouri communities that don't currently have one. The Earnings Tax in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri is 1% on any earned income with the city limits of Kansas City or St. Louis. Even if you live outside of Kansas City, if you make your living within the City of Kansas City, 1% of each of your paychecks is deducted by your employer and sent to the City of Kansas City. For a copy of the initiative, please use this link: High School Sports Lady Celtics Win Quarter Final Round By Brother Richard Geimer On March 6th, the Archbishop O'Hara High School girls basketball team defeated the Staley Falcons in overtime 60-58 in their State Quarterfinal game played in Warrensburg. O'Hara hadn't reached the final four since 1989. Behind by four points with less than 40 seconds in regulation time, Hailey Houser put in two baskets to tie the score at 46-46. For the rest of this story use this link: O'Hara High School Sports RAYTOWN SOUTH: Extra! Extra! Read all about it . . . Raytown South Football parents and fans . . . the first newsletter of 2010 is hot off the press. Use this link 2010 Raytown South Newsletter to read what is going on in Cardinal Football! Last Week's Poll: Should Northwood School be kept available for use by students from surrounding school districts? Yes . . . 73% No . . . 27%


We need action... not just words! said...

One suggestion to address all the code violations in the city is for the mayor to actually embrace the program he keeps trying to indicate is already in play.

Yes, this would be his “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”.

However, he has yet to address three major flaws in his program:

1.) Providing information on what is outlined in the program including identifying those who are requesting assistance.

2.) Not all neighbors get along and / or want the assistance as they might very well view they don’t have an issue to start with.

3.) There is no funding for supplies to address the violations and bring the property up to code, which in many cases might be why there is a code violation to start with.

I therefore would like to provide the mayor, who to date has not addressed these concerns, with a means to move his program forward.

1.) Design simple instructions about the program and have it listed on the city’s website, insert with the sewer bill, and hand delivered to homes by our dedicated elected officials like the mayor. The program should include calling the current codes number to request assistance to bring ones property up to code.

2.) Reach out to non-profit groups and business in the city to identify individuals willing to help their neighbors, citizens of Raytown.

3.) Funding for the program to cover the cost of supplies would come from the elimination of the current codes department who are not address the issues today and therefore is an expense burden on the citizens. The message on the codes number would be retrieved and answered by the mayor to show he really cares not only about his program, but about improving the negative image of Raytown.

Anonymous said...

I have heard the Mayor speak about what the previous writer called neighbors helping neighbors. As far as I know, that is all that there has been -- empty campaign rhetoric.

The Mayor has proven that he can get elected. He has shown he can get others elected to fill his city council.

But he has not shown that he can govern. His chairwarmers on the Board of Aldermen are just as much at fault as he.

At one time the City had a very active policy of enforcing its codes. And it worked.

What Bower and his cronies are doing is not working.

Anonymous said...

If you want to do the point counterpoint thing go elsewhere and start your own stupid talk radio program.... or call in to 980 KMBZ..... maybe some republicans care to hear what you want to whine about! We don't!

Time to move on...Mr Mayor! said...


What an idea to not only address the negative image all of these properties with code violations is bring to Raytown, but to address the do nothing staff.

I just hope the mayor has what it takes to standup be a “man” and address the try issues which is him and the ongoing hiring of department heads that would rather spend time warming a chair then getting out getting their hands dirty and working with the community.

I for one welcome any idea that includes moving Beth Lynn back to Shawnee, KS. They can have her as I have not seen any improvement with the department seems she has taken charge of code enforcement.

I just wonder who the mayor would sing praise about if she was gone. It seems like every time you turn around he is commenting to someone about all the hard work she is doing.

I guess his opinion and the rest of us about what hard work is isn’t the same. It sounds just like his definition of transparency.

I will never be a sheep! said...

Anon 7:35

It is always refreshing to see those at city hall who clam not to read this blog to publish their nonsense.

Who other then those attached to city hall would believe our elected officials like our mayor or doing anything good or the fact that it is time some one explains to them that we are tired of cheap talk and no results.

It is time you wake up and realize the correlation between your property taxes and the code violations or vacant retail property and code violations.

We are humans and shouldn’t therefore have our elected officials trying to lead us around like a bunch of sheep.

Anonymous said...

What Bower and his clowns on the board of aldermen don't understand, it is the NEIGHBORHOODS that make a community. When you have trashy neighborhoods NO ONE wants to live in your community. Shopping and eating establishments will come on their own (without big tax breaks) if the city is clean and thriving. Raytown is dirty and declining. It shouldn't be any surprise to Bower why people are leaving for other, more desirable communities.

Andy Whiteman said...

What one person sees as a violation, may not be viewed as a violation by another neighbor. I have a neighbor who has asked me several times to report a violation. I don't know why she does this except that she doesn't want to cause trouble and maybe is afraid of the violators. What bothers her may not bother me. I won't make a complaint unless it affects me. After I refuse to complain, she may call our Alderman. The last time, the nusiance was so obvious that I also contacted our Alderman.

Anon 7:35AM, KMBZ doesn't give a damn about local issues in Raytown. Raytown is just a tiny dot on the map of the metro area unless there is a murder or bank robbery.

If you ever listened to KMBZ, you know the host has a topic. Either you speak on the topic or you don't get on the air. If you get on the air and speak off topic, you will be cut off.

Go ahead and call KMBZ. They won't listen to you unless you want to talk about Dictator O'Bomba the KCMO School closings, the Waldo rapist, or whatever the topic is.

Andy Whiteman

Richard Tush said...

Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church, 6429 Blue Ridge Blvd is hosting a Pancake Breakfast and Bake Sale fund-raiser for REAP.

Please join your fellow citizens this coming Saturday March, 13th from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

Tickets are $5 adults and $3 for children 12 and under.

Our negative mayor said...

Okay who are the two silly individuals tied to city hall that don’t think the city should take a proactive approach to the codes issues.

Is one David Bower? I know that he says he doesn’t read the blog, but he sure seems to know what is on it. Those that know David know he hates to enforce codes as it will bring to life the negative image of Raytown.

Is the other one Beth Lynn? Think about it if the city took a proactive role her and her department would actually have to work to earn their pay checks. We wouldn’t want that as it might create a negative work environment for her and the mayor doesn’t want any negative images of Raytown floating around.

It is so refreshing to know that in his effort to keep our city’s negative image hide from others that those of us living in the city have to view more and more code violations everyday. Now it doesn’t take a genius to realize that all those code violations really makes are city look negative to developers.

What a leader this guy has turned out to be. I guess that is why he doesn’t eat out in Raytown as he fears us common folks asking him will he is dinning why we must deal with all the negativity that he as brought to our town.

Good Old Negative Raytown said...

Raytown is in a negative light again and those of us in ward one has our very own Alderman Joe Creamer to thank. His under thinking of the bigger picture and putting his personal interest and believes before those he represents again hurts all of Raytown in our pocket books.

Yes, just tonight on Fox 4 News they were bragging about the steps Lee Summit was taking to provide their citizens with curbside recycling. One of the points they played up on was the easy to the home owners of take their recycling to their curb and the other was the cost advantage of going to a single hauler.

It is a shame that someone who was raised in Raytown and attended the Raytown Schools didn’t learn anything about doing what is right and always looking for ways to save money. I guess this is just further support of why he was a key player in increasing our taxes this past fall when all of our property values fell. Odd I have yet to hear him offering any tangible solution to the decline in our property values or any means to save us money.

Anonymous said...

I see the BOA is purchasing three crown victorias, three Chevy Impalas and a Ford Expedition Command Vehicle when they have to go into the wilderness areas of Raytown to set up a command center.

Think about it. They are in constant radio contact with their dispatcher at police headquarters. They are all given a cell phone for use as well.

Is there any limit to the toys these guys will buy for a city that is only ten square miles in area?

Speaking of negative things said...

Look at the negative impact the mayor and board of alderman have had on the school district.

What a great bunch of thinkers for the tax breaks they have handed out… all at the expense of our children’s education.

Thank you Mr. David Bower for stealing from our children and their future by giving those tax breaks to your big box store friends (Wal-Mart and Hy-Vee).

I hope you are proud of how you will be remembered in the history of our city for the negative impact you have brought to us all.

Anonymous said...

I would like to issue a challenge to each of our Alderman and Alderwomen to take one Saturday and go out and clean up their wards. Take down signs, pick up trash ect. Maybe even the MAYOR could take time out of his busy schedule and help make the city look better after that is what they are getting paid for? Granted codes is to do this but I say clean it up and deliver it to Mrs. Lynn and show her how she is NOT doing her job by enforceing codes. I dare you to do this no I double dog dare you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who votes NO in this weeks poll needs to move back to the hood.

Andy Whiteman said...

7:33PM, I thought we are living in the hood. That is why I voted YES.
I assume transparency in government means to not display or speak anything negative. If we use positive speak, people will believe it is positive. Come on, people are not dumb enough to believe the O'Bomba type lies. Also there is a cover up at BOA meetings with a Consent Agenda and not reading each item. The consent agenda is said to be routine business. As far as I am concerned spending $202000 buying all of the vehicles mentioned above is FAR FROM ROUTINE. I am cot commenting the merits of these purchases. I am just saying that when this much money is spend, there should be a discussion. Does anyone on this blog buy a car as routine business or do they think about it. I stop and think about it. For me it is a question of where does the money come from? For the BOA, the answer is obvious: Money comes from the rich taxpayers who live here.

Andy Whiteman

A Sign of the Times said...

1st our fine officials at city hall have let code violations grow out of sight
2nd our fine police chief is not having even simple traffic violations enforced
3rd six murders in a 12 month period

Welcome to the ghetto and the progressive decay of a descent town when simple things like code and traffic violations go unenforced. When you welcome the ghetto you welcome other life styles into the community that just are not needed.

How easy it is to look the other way and let the ghetto life style keep moving in!

Anonymous said...

There is an abandoned house in my neighborhood that is looking pretty run down and possibly been broken in to.

Who should I call at City Hall to get it looked at?

Andy Whiteman said...

10:16PM, Call (816) 737-6014. Be sure to ask with whom you are speaking because they don't answer with their name as they should. Or email:

by the way the last time I emailed Beth Linn about blighted buildings on 63rd St I had an immediate response from Andy Boyd. If you actually see anyone entering that house or vandalizing it more please notify 911 for an immediate response.

9:34PM, I don't agree with you about traffic. I don't get around much, but when I am driving around I usually see an officer watching traffic. I know Chief Lynch sees traffic stops as an enforcement opportunity because some times more is involved than a traffic stop.

The murder rate is too high. There is no way to prevent murders except maybe a gated community but that is not 100% effective. The Police cannot prevent a murder. All they can do is investigate and apprehend the perp(s). An arrest mas made in the quadruple homicide earlier this year. True, It would be better if they had never happened.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Call Mrs. Lynn about the house in your neighbor and then sit back and see how long it takes to get some action on the house. I bet this will be like all the other laws on the books, make them laws but DON'T enforce them. I wish someone would jog my memory and see if I am remenbering this correct. Did we pass a safety tax and were we the citizens to get more police officers and also some one who was to communicate with other departemnts about crime ect. Well I would say our safety tax went for a nice big suv. We have been fooled again. I say no moe taxes. I will vote no on all tax increases no matter what they are for. Until they can be honest with us. And by the way if you watched the boa meeting the purchase of the police suv was on the consent agdena until it was pulled off by one of the alderman. We would never have know what they were spending the money for.

Dennis said...

Anon 7:35 AM..980 huh, So much for intelligent debate backed by facts...hum by what you said is that Republicans only want debate and fact. Does that mean Democrats only enjoy rants and their view only.
Nice post but at least sign it..And think about what you posted.."maybe Republicans want to here about what you want to WHINE about but we dont"....Is that not what this entire blog is about every post is a whine about something. Grow up

Anonymous said...

Was anyone else at the School Board meeting last night? It exemplified what we have been saying on here for months. We primarily have idiots elected to office.

Frank Potter said...

In dealing with the city the past
three years on several issues I
am of the opinion that most city
employees and dept. heads are
trying to do what is right for the
citizens of Raytown.The problem is
they are being stopped by the
policies and decisions of the mayor
and city administrator.The city
administrator does not seem able
to lead his staff to solutions on
some issues,therefore nothing gets

Andy Whiteman said...

We have a SECRET government with the consent agenda. The spending is kept transparant from the public.

To me it appears codes are enforced depending on who complains or who is the violator. I was unable to obtain enforcement for barking dogs but I was persecuted for an alleged fence violation. The fence ordinance was written vaguely. Enforcement was arbitrary and capricious based on what someone thought the "intent of the ordinance" was. Maybe that is why the Mayor doesn't want to enforce codes. They are not clearly written and many are outdated. I can't speak for the Mayor, but that is my opinion.

Remember this is the Socialist Fascist Fief of Raytown. They try to get away with all they think the can get away with. People won't stand up for their rights. I really wonder why many of you don't voice your complaints at the BOA? Maybe it is because you won't be anonymous.

Andy Whiteman

The True Beth Lynn said...


It is great that you feel that you get a prompt and timely response from Beth Lynn. However, based on the praise that was pushed when she was hired she appears to be an embarrassment.

1.) She was hired to do two things codes and help develop the city. It wasn’t within a few months of her hiring that helping to develop the city was to much for her so the city hires some one to do that part of her job. However, shouldn’t we have cut her salary in half remember it was her recommendation after taking the job that she couldn’t handle both functions of the position she was hired for.

2.) Why should you or any other citizen have to be the police of code violations? Simply we shouldn’t not when we have as many on staff in her department as we do.

3.) You yourself have complained about issues with dogs. Do you know that even during hours that one of her associates is on call to handle animal related issues they won’t because they live out of the city and do not want to have to drive in? In other cases they are on duty, but don’t want to have to deal with animal carcasses so even though police dispatch has confirmed with them they are on duty and in the city they will not pick up dead and rotting animals out of the street.

It is apparent Beth Lynn doesn’t have the skill sets for the job she was hired to do and therefore it is time she is given 30 days to cleanup her act and the department or move back to Shawnee. Based on her lack of attention to the code violations throughout our city and the inability to manage those reporting to her it is time she does the right thing and hands in her resignation.

Andy Whiteman said...

5:11PM, I never praised Beth Linn. My comment was a subtle hint that the person asking who at City Hall to contact might want to take it to the Department Head.

Barking dogs took place long before Beth Linn and are still barking. The reason it was impossible to get barking dog cases enforced is an incompetent contracted prosecutor and muni- judge. I suspect many code enforcement issues can be attributed to this prosector and muni-judge.

No citizens don't have to police code violations, but if said violation bothers a citizen, it becomes that citizen's obligation and right to report it and to expect enforcement. This is a city of 10 sq miles. There is no way code enforcement and be expected to know every violation unless someone reports it. I do expect action when a violation is reported.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Dennis I am afraid that you are the one that needs to grow up and get a life! Learn how to spell things while you are at it also! It is hear not here, moron! Besides, they dont use facts on that station anyway. All that they succeed in doing is using scare tactics to sway the masses. That is why I do not waste my time with that garbage like Flush Bimbaugh.... and I do not need a point counterpoint discussion either. Nobody likes to hear a couple of republicans sit around and whine anyway.

Besides, I believe that this is supposed to be about Raytown anyway, not the typical vile republican poision that you spew! GO AWAY!

Anonymous said...

When are the people of Raytown going to learn that
what city hall says isn't what they will do, ever!
Someone mentioned the safety tax, remember they said
all the money would go towards the police and none of it
would go into the general fund. The people believed what
they were told and guess what? Most of the money went
into the general fund. The street overlay tax, went for the most
part to Wal-Mart's parking lot and bus stop.
The people wanted recycling so city hall made it available to
them. Then almost as quickly cut the service to where it was open
on a limited basis. City hall hires a person to be in charge of
codes and development to make things better for the people but,
nothing has changed. In fact neighborhoods are getting worse!
They give away tax income then raise our taxes. The school board
spends two million on artificial turf then raises our taxes and will
close a school for special needs children because they don't have
enough money to keep it open.
But yet, we keep voting these idiots in.
I guess we get what we deserve.

Andy Whiteman said...

"Was anyone else at the School Board meeting last night? It exemplified what we have been saying on here for months. We primarily have idiots elected to office."

March 9, 2010 8:44 AM, Some time ago a friend of mine told me that when you call an elected official and idiot, you are saying those who voted for him/her are idiots. Is that what you meant?

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Anonymous March 10, 2010 6:59 AM:

It's you our idiot friend that is the MORON! Proven by the very words you spew.........if you "went away" NO would ever miss you!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of things that are a burden on our pocket books can anyone explain to me why public water district #2 still is paying the former manager? If we are still paying him then why did the district hire Pat Ertz to manage the places? So typical of government to many dollars being wasted on management positions.

Don't Be Miss Guided said...


You sound just like the typical republican. All you do is complain about others who are bringing up real issues facing us all and trying to find solutions. If you and those in your party really carried for anything other then yourselves our nation would be great again.

A prime example with the miss use of time and energy is the focus the republicans in the Missouri House of Representative focus on the issue of God. This is a total waste of our money and shows they have no respect for anyone. Any of them doing this must have failed government class, as they would be able to recall that we have a US Constitution, which in the 1st amendment outlines the freedom of religion. So let move on and address real issues impacting to many Missouri’s citizens right now like unemployment, healthcare and public education.

One of the best ways would be to stop giving our state away to the corporations of the world. I for one would like to know the total impact to the Raytown School District by all of the tax breaks given by the city, county and state.

So the next time you feel the need to sound off about things on this blog, do it in a means to help deliver positive change to our community. Otherwise just share your miss guided thinking with fellow miss guided thinkers like Mayor Bower or State Representative Kraus.

Andy Whiteman said...

Had a good laugh today. Thought I was watching Keystone Cops!

If something gets my attention, I check it out. There was a vehicle with flashing white lights parked illegally on the corner. I went to check and there was an animal control truck parked ahead of it (again with flashing white lights.) Someone sat in vehicle #1 while the occupant of vehicle #2 tried to chase down a small dog. I had to laugh when Man #2 chased dog onto Willow causing traffic problems. I an surprise the man, the dog, or both weren't hit by a vehicle. Finally person #1 got out and both gave chase. The dog ran down the street being pursued by 2 city vehicles with flashing white lights. I couldn't understand by both couldn't simply corner the dog in the beginning. The situation escalated to unsafe and ridiculous.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I don't think the writer meant the voters were "idiots" for casting the votes they cast. The voters have chosen the lesser of two evils in most elections. Take this next election for example. The voters will elect 2 of 3 candidates to office. One, I believe we all think is qualified. He is an accountant and has had no trouble paying his taxes. The other two have not been able to. Furthermore, neither are qualified on paper either. It is too bad a certain former alderman wouldnt consider bringing his tough questions to the school administration...

Anonymous said...

I just heard Raytown will have a new newspaper - does anyone know the details?

Anonymous said...

I heard Randy Battagler is trying to start up the Raytown Post again. But that advertisers are hard to come by who want to make long term commitments.

Speaking of which. Does anyone know if the last owners of the Post paid back advertisers the money paid up front for ads when they closed down the the paper?

I know they didn't pay back their subscribers!

Andy Whiteman said...

9:26 AM, I agree with you about the next election. Out of 3, one is immensely qualified and the other 2 while being dilatory on their taxes have doubtful qualifications. I don't like the fact that one voted to raise taxes, so you are correct, it is a choice of the lesser of 2 evils.

As for the former Alderman, perhaps he has intentions of putting his efforts elsewhere if he wishes to continue in public office. We have a city election in another year as well as state/national elections.

2:15PM and 6:10PM, I sure wish Raytown would get a local PRINT paper. We desperately need one! Presently the City is publishing legal notices in the Red Star which is probably the only newspaper of general circulation in the county. It is my observation that the Red Star has low circulation (at least on my block). Also the legals font is too small to read and there is no order with Raytown notices scattered among everything else.

In Albuquerque we had a paper for Legal Notices (not the regular newspapers) that people generally didn't want the public to see. I wonder if KC has such a publication?

As far as refunds, I was a paid subscriber to the Raytown Post and did NOT receive a refund.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

It will probably be some low life rag like 'Pitch' or 'Tattoo Weekly'.... with sexually explicit content... not appropriate for a family community.

Poor Example of a Superintenden said...

The real question is what is the intelligence not education level of those in the administration at the school district. It is part of their duty to ensure candidates are qualified, pay any outstanding taxes.

If you don’t think this is the case you need to call the Jackson County Election Board!

We should all take the time to thank the former alderman that you reference for bring this matter to light. The only outstanding piece remaining is the dismissal of the individual from the district who should have validated the candidates. At the end of the day regardless of who they hold responsibility it should be the superintendent.

Until we make individuals like him who are providing lame guidance to the school board we will continue to have problems. My guess if we don’t address this individual we have calling the shots today it won’t be long our school district will be in the same shape as Kansas City’s.

I am sure that will be a proud moment for Mayor Bower who has done so much to make our city look like Kansas City. Maybe that is what he was talking about when he wanted the city and school district to work together. He just failed to indicate both should be the joke of all Missouri!

Sports are not required! said...

What are the real message on sports and the money spend on the fields at the two high schools?

This should be question number one to all of the current school board members with the one exception being Rick Thode who was not on the board when they sucked over two million dollars down the drain.

Although I don’t think the school district hired the best person to be superintend and wouldn’t turn my back on him, as I don’t trust anything about him. I was please to hear him be honest the other night on the news when he stated, “Sports are not required by the state” If this had been shared if the board maybe they wouldn’t have been so quick to vote on the crazy spending for the fields.

I still don’t understand why the district cannot focus on basic education first, which would mean we would be producing to educated individuals that would attract business. Instead we focus on sports, but I bet it is lease the 1% of our graduating classes that go on to professional sports.

We should be so proud that all those former teachers on the school board are doing what is best to educate our kids and not still care about those wins on the fields.

Ha, Ha – they didn’t spend the two million on the classrooms now did they!

Anonymous said...

Elected officials in Kansas City, MO are crying the blues about those trying to end the earnings tax. It is a shame that Kansas City, MO believes they have the right dollars from all of the other comminutes across the metro.

It is past time that the other communities don’t start taxing and / or imposing higher user fees on the citizens of Kansas City, MO. I bet they wouldn’t like it so well when the game is played on them. Also Wyandotte County needs to ensure they offer season tickets to residence of their county before any place else in the metro is that not how the game is played on Chief’s tickets.

As for us in Raytown we need to ensure that rental of our parks shelter houses is at a higher fee for non-residence as well as with supper splash. It is time we stop picking up the cost to provide these services to other cities.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the subscribers who only got one paper after signing up. I'm sure he knew he was closing when he took my money for only one issue. I lost all my respect for this person for being so dishonest

Anonymous said...

I heard that the Raytown Chamber of Commerce is trying to get the Independence Examiner to expand into Raytown.

Anonymous said...

By qualified, I am not only referring to being qualified on the ballot. I am talking about being qualified to serve and represent the people on a board that has multi-multi millions of dollars under its budget.

The Board president has an associates degree and essentially no other qualifications that make her capable of leading this body.
Another member has health conditions that prevent her from attending meetings.

We need are qualified, capable citizens to stand up and make us make a difficult choice on election day. I would even take 2 qualified candidates and not need a choice

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to do business with Randy Battagler again? I believe that he declared bankruptcy, letting this Mr. Ivy take the paper (that he hadn't finished paying for) for satisfaction of some debt. I too would like to see a newspaper, but are we only fooling ourselves into thinking that Raytown can ever support a newspaper again? Look at all the problems that the Star is having, I wonder if newspapers are on their way out giving way to the internet age.

Andy Whiteman said...

Poor Example of a Superintendent, I agree with everything you said, but we need to realize that the Board hires the Superentendent, he receives direction from the Board and serves at their pleasure as do the City Administrator and Department heads.

Dr. Covenginton is the first Superintendent I have seen in KCMO who wasn't currupt and milk the district. I wish Dr. Covenington was in Raytown.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

why stop there, let Independence annex Raytown, and their school district can take ours over, close half the schools here, and let some more rif raff from KC in also!

Andy Whiteman said...

9:50 AM, To me one must have common sense to be qualified. I don't consider that a degree necessarily qualifies someone. When I was in college, the math TA (teaching assistant) was working on his doctors degree. No one could understand one thing that he was trying to present. One classmate told me some people may have a degree, but they are intellectual idiots.

6:24PM, Why would Independence want to take over Raytown's problems?
Notice the BOA meeting Tuesday. They have another consent agenda and are forcing through a resolution to allow the Chamber use the Green Space again. Anyone remember how it was torn up last year? They are going to allow this nuisance again!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...


Thanks for reminding everyone it is the board that hires the superintendent. Sad the school board meetings that I have attended he seems to be the one calling the shots. My concern is when the fox is calling the shots and the hens just peck at his call me end up on the 2 million loosing stick.

I know you too have shared my take that our schools need to focus on a winning education not a winning in sports. If we would put as much focus on winning test scores what a strong school district we will have.

Makes me wonder what pay for play items were give by the turf company to get them to jump when told and sign on the dotted line.

Anonymous said...

I finally have the time to catch up on past postings to this blog.

1.) Dennis – I didn’t know you had dipped out, but please go back and hide under the rock form, which you came.

2.) Has anyone heard from Pat? Have not noticed any postings.

3.) School District – Glad to hear I am not the only one that has had enough of the miss use of our tax dollars by the board members. I am really glad this blog brought to light the fact members decided it was okay for them not to pay their taxes. Great example of leadership for our kids.

4.) Police Chases – Say what, where have you been. We don’t chase in Raytown, so we could get by with a hybrid fleet. I know we will have some that say I am wrong, but do your homework as I am correct.

5.) Speaking of the Police – Why not bring in loss revenue by issue tickets to all of the speeders we have in the city as well as those with expired tags. Again I know we will have some that say I am wrong, but do your homework as I am correct.

Gee – Maybe I am an unhappy city hall insider

Anonymous said...

I agree with (it seems like everyone!) that the two candidates who filed for school board that did not pay their property taxes should not be on the ballot.

Particularly Bobbie Saulsbary. She raises our taxes but does not pay them herself.

how special!

Has anyone explored putting a write in candidate for the position? I would write in the name rather than vote for those other two.

Anonymous said...

I agree with (it seems like everyone!) that the two candidates who filed for school board that did not pay their property taxes should not be on the ballot.

Particularly Bobbie Saulsbary. She raises our taxes but does not pay them herself.

how special!

Has anyone explored putting a write in candidate for the position? I would write in the name rather than vote for those other two.

Anonymous said...

Write in candidate? It is a good idea. Win or lose it sends a strong message.

Best check with the Jackson county election board if there are any takers.

The price of negativity said...

As I drive around what was once a thriving town, I seen the negativity that has come to set up shop in our town.

Closed store front and graffiti on the walls, when oh when are those a city hall gong to grow some balls.

Trash pilled neighborhoods with pealing paint all around what tear filled sight I have found.

Department heads with no city ties don’t care about our dismissed

They take their paychecks with a smile knowing they share a blame in our fall.

Failed political promises from our mayor who only cares about the images in his head of the glory days that are far behind. Is it not time for him to resign!

Andy Whiteman said...

4:56PM, You should be poet loriot of Raytown.

I think Raytown should have neckties with the city logo and name (City of Raytown) as an uniform item for the Department Heads with no city ties.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Was by 79th and Spring Valley the other day and I see the "Knabe Lake" is still there. Bigger mess than ever. With him being one of Bower's close friends I'm sure we'll go thru another summer without any solution to this problem. Why don't we get rid of Beth Linn if she isn't going to do anything about codes?

Dennis said...

sign your name or dont post. You hide in the shadows. The best you got is to pick on my grammer and call me a Republican...quick rundown on my voting record Bush,Clinton,Gore,George W,Mccain..thats 3-2 Republican..better run and hide under my rock.
I did ask couple of Raytowns Finest while i was at HyVee they laughed at the Hybrid idea..and they got a good chuckle that this site is still around..
Soon healthcare will be forced down our throats along with the pork that is Studant Loan reform.
Thank You Democrats.
Ill be at home clinging to God and my guns(it is Raytown and its at night)...goodnight cattle
Your friend Dennis