Sunday, December 5, 2010

Every Picture
Tells a Story . . .
The Northern California coastline is rocky. The ocean is cold. And the summertime temperature usually stays in the 70 to 80 degree range.
With the exception of heavy fog banks that blow in from the ocean, the rainfall is low, giving the area the feel of a very dry climate.

Progress on Some Fronts by Greg Walters

Have you noticed that there are not as many of those ugly plastic signs dominating the landscape in Raytown as there were in the past?

That’s because they are being removed. Who is

removing them? As we all know from past posts, some are being removed by private citizens who find them illegally placed on private property and on the city’s right of way. There is also credible evidence that city employees are removing them as well.

It makes little difference who removes the signs. In my book, whoever takes down one of those ugly signs deserves a medal, a resolution thanking them, anything that gives them recognition for a job well done. Our city looks better for the effort. Keep up the good work.

Streetlights. This is a message that is just beginning to be heard. Raytown taxpayers pay a lot of money in taxes. Most of their local tax dollars end up at Raytown City Hall. It is not unreasonable for them to expect their street lights to work.

The excuse that it is the job of Kansas City Power and Light to maintain that service does not wash.

It did not go unnoticed that KCP&L utility trucks and electricians were working feverishly to get the lights to work on the 63rd Street Bridge right before the Christmas Holiday Lighting event in Downtown Raytown.

If our city officials can get those light repaired, then they can get the burned out streetlights in our neighborhoods working as well.

To the Mayor and Board of Aldermen . . . become part of the solution. The maintenance of adequte street lighting in our neighborhoods should be one of City Hall's top priorities.

Cell Phone Numbers Go Public this Month

REMINDER..... all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls. .... YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS

To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222.

It is the National DO NOT CALL list It will only take a minute of your time.. It blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number. HELP OTHERS BY PASSING THIS ON .. It takes about 20 seconds.


It’s no secret that I have pale, pale skin. And I’ve been told on occasion that I have skin that has pink undertones. I’ve always known this because I’m one of those people you see at the gym who has a bright, red sweaty face no matter what activity they’re doing. And I’ll carry some of that flush around with me (at a lot less intense hue, of course) for at least a few hours post-workout. In the past, it’s been embarrassing, but I no longer see it that way. Why? Because new research from the December issue of Springer’s International Journal of Primatology shows that having a pinkish or more golden hue is reported to make you more attractive and seen as healthier by others. And if skin cancer wasn’t enough to get you to stop tanning, researchers found that those who had tans were still found less attractive than those with lighter, more gold skin.

How do you get more golden skin? Eat your vegetables and work out of course!

Jenn Walters and Erin Whitehead jointly publish Fit Bottomed Girls. To read more of their thoughts on lifestyle choices and fitness go to Fit Bottomed Girls


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To view Raytown Crime Statistics go to,MO


How do you feel the local economy is doing?

Improving: . . . . . 13%

About the Same: . . . . . 34%

Going Downhill . . . . . 52%

Don’t Know . . . . . 0%


Pat Casady said...

The Raytown Times is the only local paper we have.
It is free to pick up at many places.
Randy started this paper up because Raytown
needed a paper. He did it without asking you or me for a dime.
Personally, I think it is a good write. It keeps us informed
of city business. For those that don't like what is written
or how it is written, I suggest you don't pick up the FREE
Publication! I want to thank Randy for doing us this service.
He could have just said the heck with it and let the rest of
us complain about not having a local paper.
I guess what some have written about us that write on this blog
is true. We, me included, will complain about anything.....
even a free paper.

As far as the street lights go this too, is business as usual
in Raytown. Weather it is a lighting ceremony or the Summerfest, it always comes first. Before neighborhood street lights or letting the chamber close and paint the streets, as long as the
city wants it, it shall be done, on Earth as it is in Raytown!

Andy Whiteman said...

Thannks Greg, I already registered all of my numbers but did it again. Cell numbers should NOT be released. It is a way for providers to make more $$$ on usage.

KCPL should be held accountable for street lights. Mine has been out 3 times in one year! The 2nd time took over 3 weeks to repair! The 3rd time was about 2 or 3 days.
Last week I noticed KCPL working on lines. I asked what they were doing. It seems there is a problem on my feeder and they are updating the feeder. I assume most power lines & street lings in Raytown are over 50 years old and need maintenance!

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Randy putting out a paper.

The city spending our tax dollars as a venue as a legal notice is just wrong. It does NOT fulfill the requirements as a legal notification.

So it is nothing more than a sop for Battagler.

The pay back is Randy put the nonsensical blue sky spin on anything that city hall does.

He did it for Frank. Now he is doing it for Bower.

Anonymous said...

At this week’s city council meeting, they will be voting on an ordinance to pay Raytown Animal Hospital no more than $30,000 for veterinary services associated with animal control in Raytown. Does the Raytown Animal Hospital now go out looking for stray dogs? If not, why are we paying them for these services?

Last year, someone opened my gate, and broke into my house. They left the gate open and my dog got out. Thankfully, the dog catcher picked him up before he was hit by a car. I had to go up to City Hall to pay the fine. When I went to Raytown Animal Hospital to get my dog, I had to pay them for the time they boarded my dog (he was there about three hours). Now if those of us who’s dogs get out and are picked up by Animal Control are paying the boarding fee, why is the City also paying Raytown Animal Hospital for services? Isn’t that double-dipping?

Anonymous said...

One issue with the Raytown Times is where to find them.

I am not alone in this issue as I have heard this paper was laughed about at one of the local government board meetings.

Several in attendance wanted to make sure bids where posted in the KC Star or some paper that was viewed as a legitimate paper.

I myself have gone into some business and kind find a new one on a regular base while other businesses in the area might not get copies dropped off for weeks.

Maybe it is just me but why would a guy who keeps failing a putting out a successful paper keep trying.

Could as others have posted a tie to the mayor and the mayor needing someone try to present anything his administration is doing in a positive light.

Funny is the paper was started up right around the same time that Jeff Row was seen meeting with the mayor. Anyone that knows of Jeff Row knows one thing he will do is find someone that will put a positive spin on someone with a less then positive reputation.

This sure fits our bully mayor!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Randy could do a piece each week on property maintenace as I still notice too many busienss in downtown Raytown that need to cleanup their mess.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Mr. Battagler has a right to publish his "so called" newspaper, but his problem is that he is too "political" in his writings. True journalists report the news instead of trying to make it as he goes along. I'm sure his circulation is so limited that it probably isn't going to make much difference anyway. Let him have his fun.

Andy Whiteman said...

I agree with Pat about the Raytown Times. A local paper is vital to any city.

My complaint is that I rarely can obtain a copy! I know he is cutting costs by having no delivery and I don't blame him. But I provided him with 10 self address stamped envelopes totaling $6.10 in postage plus the cost to mail the envelopes to him. He mailed me only 3 issues and still has 7 of my envelopes. I would like to get the paper, but I rarely go to any place that distributes them. When I get to one, they are out of the paper. Another issue is being disabled, when I get to Hy-Vee or wherever, my focus is on what I went there for and I forget the paper.

Greg, where did you get the info about cell phone numbers? This info has been emailed numerous times. I think thre best thing for everyone to do is to put all of there phone numbers on the do not call list. I did that when the list started.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Ugly plastic signs? I take them down at every opportunity.

That means you, GUTTERS CLEANED

Anonymous said...

Did anyone attend that crime meeting that would tell us what they talked about?

Could they have the next one a city hall and tape it so those of us that work can watch later?

Greg Walters said...

You bring up a very good point. The meeting(s) should be held at city hall and should be televised.

It is somewhat ironic that the meetings are not being held at city hall. There was a lot if talk about outreach and communication.

Yet, the meetings are held at venues on the far side of town. Is it any wonder that participation from the northern and central parts of the community is insignificant?

Raytown City Hall, with its central location to the city, ability to broadcast and re-broadcast the meetings would be a much better location.

Since the police department is also located at City Hall, it could be opened up for tours by those attending so they could gain an understanding how the system works.

Another topic that came up was the need for more streetlights in Raytown. I'll have more on that topic this coming Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I understand from someone that attended the meeting to night about the increase in crime in Raytown that Randy Battagler was present. As normal he was bragging a lot about the fact he places his paper at 300 locations in Raytown. My friend indicated that brought laughter to the room as find the paper wouldn’t be so hard if that was the case. Also it brings in to question where is Battagler finding that many businesses to leave his paper. Raytown and 300 business sounds more like a movie of Trojan history, but maybe he is trying to say Raytown is just as successful as 300. Wait those guys die in the movie. At least Randy has a sense of humor why else keep producing a paper know one can find.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Walters,

Thank you for providing some insight on the meeting.

Would you be able to share with those of us who didn't attend which elected officials where in attendance?

Pat Casady said...

I have always had a problem with Randy and Bob
thinking the sun rises and sets at City Hall.
However, I still think this free publication
is what our town needs. If you disagree with
what Randy prints or how he does things in the paper
he has a space just for you. It's called "Letters
to the Editor." In fact he invites you give your opinion.
Most of you know me and know that I will do just that if
the mood hits me, and, I will sign what I write.
There are far more things to complain about in Raytown
than to complain about a free publication that costs
us nothing. Here is a news flash for you....City Hall
has made all Raytown taxpayers part of a financial
lending company and, I have not heard one complaint about
that! They are going to give the developer of the new
Aldi's over $600,000.00 of your dollars to finance this
project! Doesn't this bother any of you? Think about it
this tax money that you have to pay, you don't have any chioce
in the matter, is not going to repair our streets, make our
neighborhoods safer or work for the people that live in
Raytown. And all we can complain about is a paper?

Anonymous said...

It is December 7, the day that went down as the start for the United States of America inter World War II.
So to celebrate this day why not run out and buy a shiny new
Nissan or Mitsubishi car. Oh, by the way they were the same companies
that made the Zero planes that bombed Pearl Harbor.
Toyota made the trucks that carried the bombs, prisoners of war and
helped to kill thousands of Americans and our allies.
So stand up America. Show them we have no hard feelings and support
the foreign car makers.
While you are at it, why not hire some illegal Mexican workers.
The Alamo was a long time ago.

Andy Whiteman said...

Obviously City Hall would be a better location for the Crime Prevention meeting. The meeting was too early for me which left me out. No meeting should take place before 7PM! At least give a person enough time to get dinner.

The Raytown Times at 300 businesses? Unbelievable! I rarely go to any business and when I do, I can't find a copy. Randy would be more productive delivering to 300 homes rather than 300 businesses.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I love the Raytown Paper. Whether I agree or not, I read it cover to cover every week. I always learn something new and like to review the death notices I might have missed in the Star. I have seen it at apartment buildings, beauty shops and Sam's Pharmacy. If they run out before people get there, they run out.

Greg Walters said...

There were five elected officials at the meeting from the City of Raytown.

Jim Lynch, Pat Ertz, Bill VanBuskirk, Michael Lightfoot and Steve Mock.

There were also two gentlemen from the Raytown School District -- I had their names but someone took the notes I had written when I was in one of the group meetings!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels! Is nothing sacred?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Walters,

It is apparent that the Alderman in Ward 1 don't care about improving the city.

I hope that you will consider once again representing the citizens of our ward as we currently are without represntation.

Anonymous said...

Just tried calling city hall. No answer on the main line.

They must be watching the television.

Anonymous said...

Mr Mayor,

You have been mayor for almost four years and the only thing that has happened is our city has gotten worse.

I didn't think any one person could been able to make Raytown look and worse in Greater Kansas City, but you found a way.

I hope you are proud as you are the only one that is!!!

Andy Whiteman said...

1:13PM, How many times did you let it ring? They receive a large number of calls and some calls are not a simple connect to an extension. They may involve questions and giving out correct information.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I let it ring about 20 times. I know that some companies let a phone continue to ring if not answered in a timely manner so that the caller will think they mis-dialed. In this age with caller i.d. working both ways that is not too smart a thin to do.

I think the problem at city hall is a high rate of absenteeism. Most of the department heads rarely show up when city hall opens at 8:00 a.m.

Anonymous said...

I understand that those department heads that live outside of the city have been complaining about having to work late on the nights there are meetings they have to attend.

The are saying that by the time they get off work they still have a 30 minute to an hour drive depending on traffic.

I guess they have not figured out that one can travel from one side of Raytown to the other in 5 minutes. Okay, maybe 10 if you hit every red light.

Sounds like these individuals need to either move into the city like they should have in the first place or just accept this is a fact of life.

Anonymous said...

When are the good citizens of Raytown going to take notice that we are being lead down the wrong path by David Bower?

It is time to call him and let him know that we are not happy with what he has done to our Raytown, but we shouldn’t stop there as he wouldn’t have got elected if not from the support of a certain group of people and they too need to be called.

We need to call this same group of people every time we see a code violation, gang of unruly teenagers or broken promises like the vacant store fronts and undeveloped land to the South of the new Wal-Mart.

This also means “We the People” calling Block Co David Block direct at (816) 412-7400 or the corporate number at (816) 753-6000 and letting them know city hall might not be on them about all of the ran down and broken promises, but “We the People” are not going to stand for any business to all our town to become there personal trash can.

This nation was founded by individuals who stood up and against those who put their interest before that “Of the People” and “We the People” must now take our stand and protect our beloved Raytown from the harm David Bower and his developer friend David Block has been doing to our city.

TEA Party for America

Andy Whiteman said...

6:36 AM, Did you redial? I have encountered ring no answers when calling other places. I hang up and redial and usually get a prompt answer.

It may be that there are several calls ahead of yours.

If you feel that because of caller ID, they are not answering you' why don't you block caller ID? I have equipment that blocks caller ID so my call is anonymous.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Extended tax breaks for the rich; without their help how will we ever get the deficit back to what it was when Clinton left office.

It is time Bush’s buddies pickup the cost of his 3.5 trillion dollar war. They are the ones that made money off the companies who supplied equipment, meals and other items to the military so it is time to pay their share.

While at it, extend unemployment benefits beyond the normal 20 some weeks if it means that those individuals receiving extended benefits are required to put in a 40 hour week doing something approved by their local community that benefits the local community.

Example picking up trash along the streets and highways and have these crews overseen by current public work crews. Being many of the unemployed have construction back ground have them work to address the code violations that plague not only our city, but cities across America. Those who don’t like this don’t need to live off those of use who have gotten out and found jobs. Yes, some in new fields and some for less money, but all working so they support themselves and not by the hands of others.

It has been two years pass time for both political parties to demand that if you receive extended unemployment benefits you will be a productive member of society.

Anonymous said...

I seem to be one of a majority that cannot get the mayor to explain to me what he has done for our city the past four years.

So if anyone can explain to us how he has improved our city I know can hardly wait to hear.

To those that still support him do you really want yourself and / or your business associated with the condition he now has Raytown in or the debit that he has created.

We all pay good taxes and in return expect quality services, which includes elected officials like him to return calls and to make sure the city is operating in conjunction with state laws and state expectations.

I want to share with my fellow citizens that his management skills or lack of is an issue that is going to get this city in major hot water with the state or the right citizen or group of citizens that would bring the practices of his administration to the state.

I have lived in Raytown for over 40 years and for the first time in all of those years have great concern over the direction our city is headed. Someone who presents themselves as a project manager should have the skills sets to manage, but didn’t seem to elect the person we all thought we voted for based on the increase in violate crimes those of us living near him face.

I have never been active in helping anyone work to get elected, but I guess those that say there is a first time for everything are right. As this is one citizen, who no longer can seat on the sideline and allow individuals like our mayor to continue to allow the things that have been happening over the past four years so I will be walking the homes in my ward for anyone other then him. Every year we keep having more issues like murders and increase number of gang activity. We believed in you and supported the public safety tax you pushed, but still these same activity grew at an alarming rate.

If you cannot take or at least return my phone calls don’t you or anyone working for you stop by my house as I will be escorting you to the street and then hitting the doors behind you reminding all my neighbors who the responsible party is that has turned our city into a war zone for criminal activity.

May God bless whoever runs ageist you and provides them the wisdom to make our city the place that we all remember.

Andy Whiteman said...

8:06PM, If you want to contact the mayor, I suggest email or snail mail so that each of you will have a document, not a he said--she said event:

10000 E 59th St
Raytown, MO 64133

More importantly, I am concerned about the downfall of our country.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I live off 79th and Tennessee. It might not be the most well to do area in the city, but we don’t have a lot of problems and we don’t have the city coming out and telling us what to do. Maybe you want your neighborhood to look glamorous, but I will take mine any day of the week. The cars and trailers parked on the lawns as well as trash pilled up has helped keep the criminals out. So we might get a slightly unpleasant smell when we go out to our cars on a warm summer day, but that same smell keeps the unwanted from leaking around on our street.

Yes, I am one of those that are very thankful that the mayor is working hard to allow us to keep our yards any way we want.

Pat Casady said...

Anonymous 2:08 sounds like a person with a job.
Maybe he or she forgot what it is to be without
work. People that have lost their jobs have paid
into the unemployment fund and deserve to be compensated
by the same.
I do agree there are people out there that take advantage of
government programs but most of the people that have become
jobless in the last several years aren't those people.
Just the other day I was in a grocery store here in Raytown
and a person in front of me, talking on her cell phone, dressed
to the max, paid for her groceries with food stamps and went
out and got into a nice new Lincoln Navigator!
I was sent a joke that tells us how to beat the system and feel
good about it too. It went like this: A little old lady needed
to go into a care center but the government said she couldn't.
She didn't have the right stuff. So she came up with a plan.
Buy a gun, shoot four politicians. (kill them or not)
Walk into the police station and give your self up. You will then
receive free health care, food, lodging and dental. Even free hip
replacement! Your family can still come to visit and you don't have to
entertain them. It's a win, win deal.

Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting on Monday night to talk about crime prevention in Raytown.

I must say I expected the police chief to answer questions from the crowed. The ones I asked and others where related to criminal activity in Raytown. The chief was very kind to me and said he would answer after the meeting if I would stay around and talk with him.

Although I am sure others would have liked to hear the answers too I was thankful he spoke with me in the hall.

My concern was the loud out break from Alderman Mock after a lady was asking the chief if he could tell those in attendances how many murders happened in 2009. The chief was respectful and told us he would call down to the station and obtain the actual number and meet with the lady after the meeting like he would with me.

Alderman Mock didn’t want any question unless we wrote them down and they would review for the next meeting.

Alderman Mock never said if those who had a question would get an answer just that was how questions where to be asked.

This does not bring a community together, but tears us further apart when our elected officials publicly disrespect those they represent.

This disrespect happens often at city hall by the public outburst from our Mayor, which is why I am running for Mayor.

Raytown needs a Mayor that will listen to the people and inter-act with the people.

The Mayor and Alderman need to learn understanding and not true to use their office to hide fact from the good citizens of Raytown.

AK is OK for Raytown
AK for Mayor

Anonymous said... says that the Cell Phone deadline is bogus... This rumor has been circulating for several years.
Link to Snopes

Anonymous said...

Sounding more and more like the Mayor and Board of Alderman need to take some anger management classes.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the piece on the news today about a school district that is putting an end to this pants on the ground issue that has taken over for the past decade?

If you didn't they check the kids each day and if they don't have a belt on and the pants are not staying up they are using those hevey dutty plastic ties and having the boys pull their pants up like "Steve Urkel" from the show "Family Matters"

A picture is taken of the student with their "Steve Urkel" look and posted on the "Urkel" wall of shame.

It is working as the under of kids wanting show off their underware has drop and students are back to focusing on school and not street fashion.

On the toppic of fashion on Tuesdays the boys have to ware ties and Wendesday the girls have to ware dresses. They minor changes are teaching the kids to respect themsevles and the image others have of them.

Maybe we need to start cleaning up the gang look in the Raytown Schools and some of this crime will go with it. It sure wouldn't hurt and I for one don't need to know if some other parent has their student in underware or not.

Anonymous said...

Interesting information on here about the meeting on Monday night, I sure am displeased with the outburst from Alderman Mock.

It seems the lady he decided to have a show down with was Pat Binder. Pat is the mother of Wesley Binder who murdered a year ago to the day of the meeting.

I for one would expect answers as she was which according to the KC Star was about the number of murders in Raytown.

Alderman Mock owes her a public apology and needs to understand he doesn’t know everyone in the community and the direct impact a criminal activity has in their lives.

Based on the outburst of someone just asking a question, I wound what he would do should he find himself in Pat’s shoes.

Very ironic that we are in the holiday season to celebrate the birth of Christ that so many like Alderman Mock have lost their compassion and empathy for others.

Mrs. Binder please accepts my apology for this Alderman’s outburst and know that there are many of us in the community that are pray for your family and you.

Anonymous said...

It seems like only weeks ago Kansas City Chief’s coach Todd Haley public showed his unlike sportsman behavior at the Denver game.

Little did he know that the public across the Nation wouldn’t seat quietly and allow a coach to act like some little spoiled kid. His actions were an embarrassment to the NFL, Chiefs and Greater Kansas City.

Monday, Dec 6th the citizens of Raytown found themselves facing this same type of embarrassment by the actions of Alderman Mock. One would think that being self employed, Mock, would have conducted himself with the professionalism required to be a successful business owner. This however was not the case as he openly shut down Pat Binder who was seeking answers for herself and those in attendance to the number of murders in Raytown back in 2009.

Those of us that have attended fundraisers for crime stoppers to bring justice for her murder son, Wesley Binder, knew her the moment she stood up and asked her question. We also recall her as the sincere lady who went from table to table at those fundraisers and personally thanked everyone for attending.

Mr. Mock as Todd Haley was forced to do needs to standup be a man and accept his fate for his actions.

Andy Whiteman said...

8:54 PM, When I was in school, we had a dress code. Boys had to wear a belt and also a shirt. Girls were required to wear a dress, not jeans or pants. After I graduated, I was shocked to see women and girls wearing jeans.

I agree, Raytown schools definately need a dress code! The way these "students"dress is pathetic. Proper attire may bring an attitude change. If they dress like street thugs, they will act like street thugs.

Why doesn't the Dysfunctional School Board take control? Obviously they are dysfunctional and all they can do is waste $$$$$$ and tax us to death.

Andy Whiteman

KMCCLA said...

Perhaps a little "good news" for Raytown, of sorts.

Last month ARRL came out the ARRL Field Day results, that was held on June 26-27, 2010. The Raytown Amateur Radio Club, K0GQ, again place with top honors.

K0GQ was 5th place in Class 2A, out of 474 entries. They placed 37th overall in all classes, and was first place in the division and state of Missouri. They made 3113 contacts over a 24 hour period.

Anonymous said...

I was also at the Monday meeting and was very upset with Lynch's responce to Mrs. Binder. His irratation was very clearly shown and his rudness was an embarassment to the people of Raytown. It was obvious that he new who Mrs. Binder was and did not want to answer her questions. Of course, this woman would want to know the answer to her questions if she thought her son's murder is never going to be solved. Wouln't you if you were in her place? It would've been much better for him to have said we have no new leads in your sons case a this time if that was what her questions about. I honestly couldn't hear her question but I did see his responce and what ever the question was it did not deserve his kind of responce. If Mr. Mock needs to give a public apology to Mrs. Binder so does Lynch. Our so called Chief showed his true colors monday night and should have angered every one there.

Frank Potter said...

I was at the Monday night meeting and believe if Alderman Mock had not spoke up the meeting would have got out of hand.Some people began talking among themselves when Chief Lynch would not answer crime related questions to the crowd.I believe Mrs.Binder asked how many unsolved murders Raytown had, when he answered he didn,t know but would find out,I was surprised.When Mrs.Binder asked the second question both Chief Lynch and Mrs. Binder were beginning to lose their composure that is when Alderman Mock spoke up.Later in the meeting I observed Mrs.Binder and Alderman Mock having a conversation.

Anonymous said...

I too was at the meeting Monday, and Mr. Potter is exactly right. The meeting was out of hand and Mrs. Binder was out of line. The interesting thing is the Mr. Mock actually tried to regain control civilly, however you could not hear him over Mrs. Binder and Mr. Lynch. Did he get loud, yes, was he short, yes, was he disrespectful...NO and thats all that matters here.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't at the meeting but have been following the comments on this site about Mock and Binder.

I find it hard to accept that the Chief of Police did notknow how many murders had occurred in his town in a one year period. I also find it hard to believe that he did not know how many of those crimes had been solved. After all, Raytown is a very small city.

The, "I'll check and get back with you" statement is an old debating trick. It is used when you are cornered and want to move on to more pleasant topics. It is similar to someone asking that a question be repeated in an exchange, heated or otherwise. It is meant to diffuse the situation and move it along with out really discussing what has been brought up.

From what I've read that is what was played out at the meeting.

I do wonder about on thing that is not clear in the posts I have read here. Did Mr. Mock have the floor when Binder and Lynch were talking or did he just do a shout out?

Should Binder have brought up the question of murders during a meeting on crime prevention?

Is murder a crime?

Anonymous said...

It appears as though that somebody is always looking for a scapegoat on here. Perhaps a fall guy.

Can people ever wake up and take responsibility for their own actions?

Why should this lady be angered towards the police? Perhaps her son that was murdered was the one at fault. Perhaps it was the murderer that was at fault. Obviously it must be an ongoing case.

The police dept did not commit this crime. The alderman did not either.

Being mad and creating social unrest is not going to solve anything either. Being impatient isn't going to solve things, it can have a tendency to annoy people.

Here is a good idea. Why not let the PD do what they can with what leads,tips,or information that they may get and perhaps solve it if possible and do their job.

I don't believe that it is a prerequisite as part of a job description that someone has to be a statistical wizard to come up with statistics on the spot.

This probably won't get posted on here anyway due to the censorship that happens on a continuing basis which can be very annoying as well.

Anonymous said...


Very good questions.

I was at the meeting and Alderman Mock didn't have the floor.

Mrs. Sipes had the floor and was working on correcting the back and forth questions.

Alderman Mock was out of line and I am really starting to question want is going on in Ward 5. The Mayor acts like a bully and now and Aldderman. Gangs of teens are bulling everyone around them.
Not to sound out of line myself, but do we need to get the EPA to check the soil and water in Ward 5. We don't want the issues they have up in Karney as something is going on and it all with those living on the far Southside of the city.

As for the question of Murder, other then Chief Lynch and his buddy Mock who wanted to get the subject changed I think we all know it is a crime.

For those still unsure might you call and ask your local FBI office as I understand they track these kind of things.

I guess Mock idea of a crime prevention meetng is to keep the subject of actual crimes in the city out of the public eye and never ever speak of any that have happend ever ever again.

Anonymous said...

Question for Alderman Mock.

Why if Raytown has an elected chief of police is he not the one leading the meetings and making sure the general public knows about the meetings.

If the meetings are for all of Raytown when then as list on this blog and seems to be agreed by those in attendence did only those Alderman from the Southside of Raytown attend.

Why was this meeting and as I understand all of the prior meetings held within the Southside of Raytown if the meetings are for everyone in Raytown.

Why if Murder is the top criminal activity on the FBI's tracking list did our chief not have the numbers off the top of his head.

Why is an elected official like him not the spokes person for the department when we have these crimes happen in Raytown.

Being he is not the spokes person and is not capture in any of the news clips related to the crime, where is he as we elected him to represent us.

Sorry Alderman Mock, but the one thing is clear form the posting on this blog that you did have some type of comments to make about quetions related to crime and the managment of it. I don't care if you were or were not out of line.

I care as many others to get these questions answered and it seems only fiting that unless chief Lynch and you have something to hide there is not reason they are not answered.

Andy Whiteman said...

I have seen reports that KCMO has many unsolved homicides. Obviously Raytown does much better in solving cases even considering we have fewer homicides.

Andy Whiteman