Sunday, May 14, 2017


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KCI Terminal
Speak the words “fake news” and images cross the mind of national politics. The first use of the term came about as a reaction to a news story carried by CNN concerning President Donald Trump. Since then, both sides, the National News Media and the White House have taken to use the term when trying to explain away each other’s positions.

However, fake news is not limited to the national scene.
This past week, Dave Helling, wrote at column for the Kansas City Star that explained the real cost of a new terminal at Kansas City’s International Airport.

His article is timely and helps set the record straight on all the “happy talk” coming from different news sources about the reality of the cost of a new terminal at KCI.

Hellling mentions some of the misinformation spread by one television anchor and a local news media consultant who tweeted a false statement regarding an offer by local engineering firm Burns and McDonnell’s offer to “privately finance” the new terminal.
One television anchor said “I won’t cost you a dime! A news media consultant tweeted, “Citizens aren’t paying for a new airport.”

Helling exposes the real cost to users of the airport. He wrote, “The memorandum of understanding between the company and the city calls for annual “targets” of up to $85.2 million in revenue to repay the terminal borrowing.”

Last year the airport generated $57.5 million to pay existing debt service. That is a shortfall of 27.7 million dollars over the Burns and McDonnell proposal.

Who makes up the difference?

The additional money will come from everyone who uses the airport. It will be reflected in higher ticket costs for flights, higher parking fees, and so forth. Even then, no one has come forward to explain how much those costs will be.

The article would be more effective if those who broadcast and spread the fake news were named.

Newscasters and so-called media consultants should not get a free pass for such behavior. I can assure you if someone from the other side of argument (against a new terminal) were to try the same stunt, there would be articles and editorials “setting the record straight” for the public good.

Many people who get all their news from snippets in a half hour broadcast only remember the lead to the story. In this case, the lead-in is misleading if not outright false.

Of course, I could be wrong, the newscaster could be fiscally illiterate and not know any better. I doubt the “media consultant” can use that excuse. It falls on the shoulders of those who honestly report the news to raise the bar on that kind of “news reporting”. Mr. Helling’s article fills in the blanks.

New terminal at KCI won’t be cheap,
and it definitely won’t be free BY DAVE HELLING / Kansas City Star
But voters should be clear: Building a new terminal at KCI will cost more than a dime. Several billion of them, as a matter of fact. 
To read Helling’s entire article, use the following link: Dave Helling

The recent recount of votes in the race for Ward 5 Alderman was a waste of tax dollars. Take away the fact state law allows for a recount. The simple fact is that for the time and money spent, it was a complete waste of time.

For those who may not be aware, I am writing about the recount of the Ward 5 race.

The race was a three way contest. Bonnaye Mims won the race by five votes over Diane Krizek. Third place went to Phylis Goforth.

Krizek petitioned the Jackson County Circuit Court to enforce the recount.

When all the smoke had cleared and the recount was over, Phyllis Goforth received an additional vote. Mims and Krizek’s vote totals remained the same.

I asked Greg about the chance of a recount changing election.

He told me he doubted the outcome would change. In his words “Raytown elections are squeaky clean.I would be surprised if a swing of three votes will occur to change the results”.

Greg was speaking from experience. It just so happens he had been involved in a recount of an election back in 1996 In that election Greg had lost to his challenger, Steve Scheetz by three votes.

When the recount was finished, he had closed the gap by one vote.

As he explained, election totals are pretty much like baseball scores. There are all kinds of statistics that can be counted. The final count is the only statistic that matters.

Which makes me wonder, will we have another 11 year wait before we have another close race in Raytown? Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

So it is okay for them to block the lanes at grocery store while they are shopping. The fire chief says it is not allowed for his department. i cannot remember reading about the fire department blocking traffic while they did their grocery shopping. The ambulance service is run by city hall. I will say it again. Someone at city hall needs to step up (like fire Chief Mace did) to set the record straight for these city employees.

Groucho K. Marx said...

The government of Kansas City Missouri needs to focus on one thing right now: Lowering these outrageous water/sewer bills!!!

Anonymous said...

If it is illegal then maybe the Fire Marshall should write the ambulance a ticket next time they park in the fire lane. Or, better yet just take a picture of them the next time they do and save it in case you get a ticket. Just show it to the Judge and ask her why they are singling you out. If it's good for the city then it should be good for us as well.

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea. Next time they park illegally while doing their shopping call the police and have them enforce the law. After all,it is what they are paid to do.

Anonymous said...

I looked it up in Missouri law
Any emergency vehicle can park there whether on emergency or not
Really we don't have more to worry about besides this

Anonymous said...

Sillly people when are you going to learn the rules do not apply to the City. Just be happy it's just the fire lanes this time.

Anonymous said...


It sets the wrong example

Keep in mind those at city hall work for us not the other way around.

However to many Bower and Ertz supporters believe it is the other way around.

Anonymous said...

When is Raytown Water Co going to fix the "roller coaster" road 59th street on both sides down from Elm street after the water main break?
I know, I know, Neil is in bed with the city and he can do pretty much as he pleases when he pleases and the city turns their head. Just wait till that road collapses on some one's car, then there will be a lawsuit on Neil and the city.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:30, could you please cite the relevant RSMO statute you are referring to? I cannot locate anything other than local ordinances which all state pretty much what the chief said.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed it too.The street is wavy. Better do less than the speed limit on this one. A little more than that and your car could be airborne! Doesn't the city have standards for repair work on its roads?

Anonymous said...

Neil is not in bed with this administration
If it is not fixed right the Public Works Dept will take him to task before final inspection

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right about public works inspecting the newly paved bumpy street that feels like a roller coaster when you drive on. When do you think they will get around to doing the inspection? I challenge any professional inthe concrete business to say that is a fined job they did.

Time for a solution not a complaint said...

Groucho K. Marx,

Just how does Kansas City or any entity lower water and sewer bills?

Keep in mind it is your question so you need to answer it!

Maybe you lack the proper education and or history, so let me help you with that.

The rates that you feel are to high are a result of public official, both elected and appointed, who for years listen to folks like you and didn't raise rates, which also keep them from fixing the infrastructure (the pipes and treatment plants.

The longer the wait is to start address the infrastructure the more costly it becomes as prices go up (products and labor) as well as the number of pipes that need replaced.

If I recall KCMO has not done a true replacement plan in about 50 year. It has also been reported that they are loosing an unrepeatable amount of water. This is done when you know you made X amount at the treatment plant but cannot account for 50% of it.

If you want proof that this type of mismanagement doesn't work look at 59th street in Raytown. The entity maybe private in which the reason not to replace lines is to increase profit. However, that type of thinking is gong to impact all of the users in the near future.

The lesson therefore is one of greed rather it is for political gain as in KCMO or profit as with Raytown Water.

Keep in mind those of us in Raytown are starting to see increase in our sewer bills of 15%, which is to offset the increase cost of the system and also to stop the political game of waiting for 20 - 50 years and letting the next group deal with the issue.

I don't know about the rest of the folks on this blog, but myself and I am sure those elected officials that claim to never read this blog would like some to explain some other way to fix this problem.

Anonymous said...

Lot of complaints about EMS parking in the fire lines.

I agree they need to learn respect for those paying for their salaries, but part of the problem is the head of EMS.

He needs to go and should have been sent on his way last year.

The only good thing parking in the fire lane has shown is that we actually have a crew to run the EMS calls something the head of EMS likes to tell everyone was not an issue last year, but too many know better don't we.

Anonymous said...

EMS in Raytown will go the way of Supersplash, it's just a matter of time. The really sad thing is you are better off if a KC ambulance shows up when you call. The care is the same as provided by Raytown and the bill is $500.00 less. I work for a major insurance carrier in Kansas City and I live in Raytown. The best kept secret in Raytown is that Raytown EMS has the highest rates in all the area. I am not talking a little higher; the average bill we see for an ambulance is around $900, but if Raytown takes you on average it is $1200-1300. I learned today from an Alderman that last night the city changed EMS billing companies. One of the key reasons given was they wanted a company who was more aggressive when it comes to collections. Maybe if Raytown didn't gouge people they would be able to pay their bills more.

Anonymous said...

I have used the Raytown EMS and it is my choice, fast and great care, I do not want to mess with KC.
Raytown is gradually being swolled by KC and I for one do not like it.

Raytona Beach Bum said...

How can they charge that much. Most people who live in Raytown don't have that kind of extra money laying around. We work hard, don't ask for much and just want to be left alone. Why should we have to pay more for a service we are already paying for? Do the police and fire departments charge you an arm and a leg when you need them? Of coarse not, but god forbid you get sick, how many people have an extra 1400 laying around. I honestly will never look at that ambulance the same way again. Every time I hear that siren I will feel sorry for the poor soul who is going to get raped by the billing company. I can promise you this it will be a long time before I support any tax increase that benefits a service the takes advantage of someone in need... Raytona Beach Bum

Anonymous said...

The person who claimed he looked up the state statute on illegal parking did a Hillary. He just screeched out something that is not true. What I find most bothersome is the incomplete repair job on 59th Street. It is clear to anyoone who drives on the street there are serious problems happening below the surface. What was once a smooth street is now a roller coaster because the asphalt seems to be buckling. There is something badgoing on under the surface of that street. But no one at city hall seems to care. 59th borders wards one and two. You would think the four alderman who represent that area would be concerned and letting thepublic know how and when it would be fixed.

Anonymous said...

7:11 really a Hillary?

Don't you me Trumped by Trump

Anonymous said...

The care is the same? They may be an ALS ambulance but the care is far from the same. Raytown EMS has more equipment for one.

Anonymous said...

Right because it's definitely the ambulance and the employees fault that people are charged what they they are. So by all means lose respect for the ambulance and the people who work hard for the city. How about you place your disrespect where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

My son had to have an ambulance from Claycomo to North Kansas City Hospital (2 yrs ago) .it was $1600, guess Raytown is not the most expensive.

Anonymous said...

Yes a "Hillary". You remember her. She was the most qualified candidate running for president. She got the primary opponent she wanted and she got the other candidate party opponent she wanted. How long will it take for the left to realize their are many, many Americans who are so tired and worn out from the old party line political machine candidates running this country. Isn'ty she the one who blamed the former FBI director for her loss? You would think she approve of Comey being fired. Oh yes, it was definitely a "Hillary".

Good News J said...

Here is a thought. Why not sell tickets for driving on 59th Street? It is a free roller coaster ride. The money made would help bring in more revenue.

Anonymous said...

How about we talk about your tax dollars that go to the Raytown Fire Dept that end up benefiting the residents of Kansas City? They are sending our ALS PUMPERS to run calls in Kansas City if a Raytown unit is the closest. I hear that they ran a wreck at 40 and Phelps the other day. Then they send in a KCFD PUMPER to Raytown if they are closer. The problem is that most of the KCFD PUMPERS are BLS and our Raytown units are ALS. So we are sending out ALS units we pay for to Kansas City and getting BLS units. DOESN'T seem like those tax dollars are being spent well..also this is the 2nd time I've tried to post this comment. Maybe whoever is approving these doesn't want this seen?

Anonymous said...

59th street is getting worse! It can cause a serious accident. Just wait till it caves in. Neil Clevenger the owner of Raytown Water company is the cheapest person I know. He owns half of Raytown and the city just turns their heads and lets him get by with out fixing things properly. I know, why don't they "chip and seal" the area, that will fix it just like the rest of the streets in Raytown! Yeah, right..........

Jim Williams said...

I see a lot of people on this blog moaning and groaning and whining about 59th street. I watch each and every BOA meeting broadcast on the web. I haven't seen anyone at the meetings complaining about the street. Instead of sitting on your rear and griping on this blog, why don't you get up and DO SOMETHING?

Anonymous said...

It is refreshing to not hear Creamer & Company every week bashing all the things trying to get accomplished with the Mayor and the Council. He does seem to not be letting off the throttle of the Police Dept though.

Roger Martindale said...

9:32 - You're right, he's not. What will be interesting is how much the Police budget is reduced this year. After all, the three new Aldermen all promised to curtail the police spending. Let's see how much they and Aziere can really accomplish, or if it was just a bunch of lies and hot air. I'm betting lies and hot air.

Andy Whiteman said...

10:14 and all, Ambulances charges can't accurately be compared because the type of care required will vary since each patient has different issues and needs. There is also a charge for supplies used (IVs, IV tubes, medications, etc.) There is also a mileage charge.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Yes Anndy I know you can't compare Apple's to oranges...I was letting 6:30pm know that higher charges do occur at times besides Raytown depending on many factors

Wake Up said...

Jim Williams,

If you don't think the BOA read this blog you are wrong.

However, I know that is what they want us to believe.

Anonymous said...

Time for a solution,

Thank you for educating many of us and I guess the cat has Mr Marx's tongue.

Time WILL tell said...

If we are going to look at who owns Raytown and doesn't take care of their properties I think it might be better to look to a senator in Jefferson City.

I am not surprised that he is trying to hold people down in Raytown after all his voting record on things that would benefit poor military families and the ability to get on a base to see their family is always "NO" to the point of trying to kill the bill.

Why would someone who plays up on his service be so hateful to other service families.

This also says alot about the local church he and his family attend.

Oh how I forget the party of love war and forget the vet!

Anonymous said...

Or reality vs rhetoric --on the fact the city budget has been well managed the last two years