Saturday, January 22, 2011

Every Picture
Tells a Story . . .
I heard one of the local weather guessers say that this winter has been one of the coldest on record. No one will argue that!
Spring training starts in about two weeks. It is a sure a sign of warmer days and shorter nights.
The picture was taken at the Royals Spring Training facility in Surprise, Arizona. The game was between the Dodgers and the Royals . . . The Royals won!
Van Buskirk Withdraws From Mayoral Race Ward 4 Alderman Bill VanBuskirk withdrew his name from the race for Mayor earlier today. According to his wife, Mary Jane VanBuskirk, her husband withdrew because of a recent illness which prompted his doctor to recommend that he reduce the amount of stress in his life. When asked if this meant that Mr. VanBuskirk was considering resigning his seat on the Raytown Board of Aldermen she said that her husband will fulfill his commitment to the voters and finish his term in office. Van Buskirk's withdrawal leaves two candidates for Mayor in Raytown. Incumbent David Bower and challenger AK Khan. A Question of Residency by Greg Walters The day to day business of the City of Raytown is run by the city’s Department Heads. Two of those Department Heads, the Municipal Judge and the Chief of Police are elected to their positions. The other Department Heads are appointed by the Mayor with approval of the majority of the Board of Aldermen. This article is about those appointed Department Heads. How Much Do They Cost the Taxpayers? Appointed City Department Heads collectively earn $525,054.00 in take home pay from the City of Raytown. This figure does not include costs to the City for pensions, health insurance, state or federal employment taxes. So it would be fair to say that the final tab for their services runs approximately $600,000 annually. It is also a fair argument to say $600,000 leaves the community annually with their paychecks. The reason is simple . . . Only one of those Department Heads call Raytown “home”.* They live in other cities like Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, Raymore, Shawnee, KS and beyond. One lives in Harrisonville! When they go home in the evening they take the money they earn with them. - Their real estate property taxes are not paid in Raytown. - Their personal property taxes are not paid in Raytown. - They do not pay the Raytown neighborhood kid to shovel the drive or mow the lawn. - They do not use local Raytown merchants in their day to day shopping. - They do not do their grocery shopping at the taxpayer supported grocery stores in Raytown. The fault here is not the Department Heads. You would expect employees anywhere to look out for what they consider their best interest. Uprooting their families and lifestyles would be a big change for anyone. The problem is a situation the Mayor and Board of Aldermen have allowed to develop. There Is No Place Like Home Many years ago I took a property nuisance complaint (a collapsed out-building in a residential neighborhood) to the Department Head in charge of the city’s Codes Department. He reported back that the building was “acceptable by Raytown standards”. I was upset by his conclusion and questioned how he could even make such a judgment since he did not live here. He had no answer. I am happy to say that particular department head no longer works for the City of Raytown. As it turned out, he took another position in another city. Incidentally, when he took that position in the “other city” he was required to move to that city and take up residency as part of his job requirement. A Question of Community The lesson learned is simple . . . When you are not a part of a community it is easy to begin to view that community as “less” than where you call home. It is why most major cities in the metropolitan area require their senior department heads to live within city limits. Residency requirements give the Department Head a stake in the community. In turn, the community will gain a working relationship with leaders to work for a common goal. That common goal is called pride. It cannot be earned with just a title. When it comes to pride in a community it is something you must live. . The Solution The Raytown Board of Aldermen (and in this I include the Mayor) should reverse their policy on residential requirements of appointed department heads. At the very least the policy should be changed for new hires. More importantly, they should stand by that decision and not waffle on it. A decision made by the Board this past year is a good example. The current City Administrator was hired with an understanding that within three years he would move to Raytown. When the time period came up, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen granted another three year extension on the deadline. Our City Fathers really showed some nerves of steel on that one. Both parties had three years to prepare for the inevitable. Then both parties quietly walked away from their promises to the people of Raytown. Attrition in the appointed Department Head positions at Raytown City Hall will solve the problem if our elected officials will have the intestinal fortitude to stand by their decisions. *The list of Department Heads was determined by using the published list of “Appointed Department Heads” from the City of Raytown’s official website. Salary amounts were obtained from Raytown City Hall. The Director of Emergency Medical Services, does live in Raytown. His salary was deducted from the total used. Don’t Diet: 16 Reasons Why by Erin Whitehead 11 Comments We loved this article from over at Daily Venus Diva. The author, Golda Poretsky, a holistic health counselor, gives a fabulous list of reasons not to diet. As we aren’t fans of the dreaded D-word either, we thought we’d share. If you’ve ever wanted reasons not to diet, read on, sisters and brothers, read on. What’s Wrong with Dieting? We are constantly bombarded with dieting program ad campaigns and magazines that tout the achievements of people who have lost weight. We’re constantly told that if we’re not vigilant, if we don’t keep up the struggle, if we don’t measure and write down everything we eat and pay for packaged, calorie-counted food then our bodies will fall apart and we’ll gain hundreds of pounds and no one will ever love us etc., etc., etc. About a year ago, I developed this list to support my clients in finally getting off the dieting roller coaster. Refer to this list often. Refer to this list whenever your friend calls you up and tells you about another diet that’s working for her. Refer to this list whenever another Weight Watchers mailer arrives in your mailbox and has you believing that this time, it might work for you. Refer to this list if intuitive eating appeals to you but doesn’t quite make sense yet. Forward this list to every unhappy dieter that you know (just be sure to credit Daily Venus Diva). 16 Reasons Not To Diet Many diets support the use of non-nutritional, highly chemicalized foods like fake fats and fake sugars. These chemicalized foods negatively affect body chemistry, cause low-level undernourishment and often encourage overeating when the dieter gets the signal that s/he is not getting properly nourished. Diets have such a high failure rate that they really are a gamble with a low chance of success. Why not just play Keno? If you look at the fine print of most studies on diets, they will tell you that—despite potential immediate success in limited numbers—diets have a 90-99 percent long-term failure rate. People lose some weight, only to find their weight creep back up, often surpassing their initial, pre-diet weight. Even the “successful” dieters often don’t keep all of their weight off. Dieting gives dieters the message that they cannot trust their internal sense of what nourishes them. This distrust of internal signals affects other aspects of a dieter’s life, where they seek external approval and control of their non-food related actions. The diet industry has a deep interest in the failure of dieters. If everyone got skinny, they’d go out of business. Dieters’ self esteem is often tied to their weight—they feel good about themselves when they’re losing weight and bad about themselves when they’re gaining weight. This is a particular problem given item No. 2, if most dieters regain the weight they lose, they spend much of their lives feeling bad about themselves. The diet system reinforces low self esteem in dieters by making them feel like they have no “willpower” when they have diet lapses. In actuality, diets encourage people to ignore their internal will in exchange for the perceived will of the diet industry. This out of control feeling reinforces low self esteem and makes dieters feel out of control in other areas of their lives. Rather than being about nourishment, food often becomes about reward and punishment for dieters. They let themselves have a “treat” because they’ve been “good” on their diets and deprive themselves when they’ve been “bad.” Food is a necessary part of life. When food is about reward and punishment, we override our internal cues about what our bodies actually need. Diets cause dieters (who are often women) to revolve their lives around food rather than other things that may really matter to them (relationships, careers, social issues). Who knows how many great ideas, inventions, beautiful relationship etc. the world is missing out on because so many of us are so obsessed with dieting. Diets cause a lot of body hatred, particularly when the dieter isn’t losing weight. Dieters tend to see their bodies as wrong and problematic when they’re not seeing the “results” they want. But really, body and mind are connected, and this false conflict creates a great deal of unhappiness. Diets often categorize foods as good/okay vs. bad/forbidden. Just like our culture’s genesis story revolves around a woman eating a forbidden food (the apple), it’s human nature to want what’s forbidden. Thus, it’s no wonder that dieters often crave forbidden foods even more once they are forbidden, and then hate themselves for eating those foods (maybe because they’re made to feel as though they’ve caused all of humanity to become sinners). Diets encourage what I like to call “lottery thinking.” Most dieters know that diets haven’t really worked for them nor most of the people they know, yet they think that some new diet is going to make them thin, and they’ll finally be in that tiny successful group. This creates a great deal of disappointment for dieters who are constantly trying to achieve something that is nearly impossible. Most diet programs are expensive. I cringe when I think about the money that I and my friends and family have spent over the years on Weight Watchers, special shakes and diet pills! For some people, diets are like Band-aids on deep scars. For people who really overeat and eat unconsciously, they often eat to numb their feelings and consciousness. Their issue is not really “portion control.” In fact, they often are too controlling of themselves and their emotions. Diets assume that all fat people eat too much. They don’t account for the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes, and that a person’s weight is not always an indicator of overall health. The weight loss/gain cycle created by dieting is more stressful on the body than just being plain, old fat. Diets work on a scarcity principle. Diets make dieters focus on lack, tell them they can only have “this much and no more” and that to want more is a bad thing. Because dieting is so all encompassing, this scarcity principle often filters into other aspects of dieters’ lives. They begin to see lack and scarcity in their relationships, in their jobs and in the world. Jenn Walters and Erin Whitehead jointly publish Fit Bottomed Girls. To read more of their thoughts on lifestyle choices and fitness go to Fit Bottomed Girls LINKS TO OTHER RAYTOWN NEWS SOURCES To catch up on O'Hara Sports use this link O'Hara High School To catch up on Raytown South Sports use this link Raytown South High School To catch up on Raytown High Sports use this link Raytown High School To catch up on the Raytown Police Blog go to Raytown Police Blog To view Raytown Crime Statistics go to Raids on Line Last Week’s Poll Results . . . Do you support elimination of the Kansas City Earnings Tax? 66% . . . . Yes 32% . . . . No 2% . . . . . 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Andy Whiteman said...

More important than financial considerations the issue with department heads living out of town is they are unaware of what is going on in Raytown. The poor condition of the streets is not obvious. Blight is not obvious.

I have stated this opinion about department heads living in Raytown numerous times to the BOA. Either they are deaf, of don't give a damn.

The excuse state for the City Administrator to have a 3 year extension was that because of the housing market, he could NOT sell his home. Ridiculous! How do we know that in 3 years he will he won't be able to sell his home and want another extension?

I pointed out to the BOA that he is required to live in Raytown. There is NO requirement that he sell his home. The board's allowing this action is asinine and

Two candidates for the board support requiring department heads to live in the city. I support both (one for ward 1 [Greg Walters] and the other for ward 2 [Robbie Tubbs]). Lets bring common sense back to the board.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Andy. You are so right about the illogic of extending the three years for city administrator Mahesh Sharma to relocate to raytown.

Think of the logic. The housing market is down? Yes it is. And it is not going back up. The odd thing is that it is really down in Raytown. That means there are all sorts of bargains Mahesh Sharma could have taken advantage of.

I am not sure where he lives now. Is it Raymore? The market is not depressed out there like it is here.

He can sell for a decent price in Raymore and make a good dealin Raytown. It would seem that now is the time for him to make that move. Not in three years.

Anonymous said...

Erin hit the diet fraud right on the head. Keep on writing girls. You are the right track.

Pat Casady said...

The sad truth is you are all beating your heads
against the wall if you think this bunch or elected
officials will go back to the actual rules of this city.
I don't have anything against the department heads personally
but, they should have to live in Raytown. It is the rule
and up until about ten years ago it was the way it was.
This is why we need new people running this town.
Please vote, ask your neighbors to vote too. Otherwise
we are going to have more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Greg the citizens of Ward one are excited in the fact that you are running. We will once again have soneone on the board who will represent us. Joe still has not gotten the fact that the staff is paid to do a job and paid very well with our money. So he doesn't need to sing their praises every council meeting. We will once again have a professional on the board, who asks question and is not afarid to stand up for what he believes. We look forward to the day of seeing you on the board again.

Anonymous said...

I would like to make an observation concerning the situation of the broken and boarded up windows in the Raytown neighborhoods and in shopping centers. Let's start with the shopping center at 52nd and Blue Ridge. Broken windows in the old grocery store, boarded up, now trash is starting to collect in the center, crime on the rise (a recent homicide there)the undesireables have started hanging around and now the property values are on a downward spiral. I guess the board thinks that bringing more low income housing here is the answer. Mr. Mayor you need to take off your rose colored glasses take a drive around the city and see what the citizens are talking about. We don't all live in a five hundred thousand dollar house like you do. You need to STOP protecting Mrs. Linn and make her do her job, the job she was hired to do and that is codes enforcement, not your social secretary. If you feel the need for a social secretary then you need to hire one and pay for it out of your own pocket. It is time YOU start working for the citizens and not for your own person satisfaction. You are going to start seeing more people show up at council meetings and voice their opinions about the lack of code enforcement and how unfairly it is done. So hold on Mr. Mayor you are in for a bumby ride the next four years, if you get elected again.

Andy Whiteman said...

I have always felt that Mahesh could buy a home in Raytown really cheap while the interest rates are down.

There is NO requirement that he sell his house in Raymore or whereever. I have 2 house until I move and sell my house in Raytown.

Someone on this blog wrote some time ago that homes in Raytown aren't suitable for upper management. I can't agree because a home could be built to specs or remodeled. This could have been accomplished during the first 3 years. We even have a builder on the BOA. Many are available elsewhere.

I hope the new BOA revokes the 3 year extension as well as requiring ALL new department heads to live in Raytown as a condition of employment. As contracts expire, that requirement could be phased in with the present tie wearing chair warmers. Either move to Raytown or find another job.

Andy Whiteman

Andy Whiteman said...

These posts finally came up when I refreshed. I guess it was because Greg was updating.

Bill's withdrawing from the race has sure changed things. I wonder how many didn't file because they felt he was a better selection?

Andy Whiteman

Rebecca said...

Andy....well said...I totally agree..Greg...welcome back...BOA...don't get too comfortable in those chairs...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why the Chief of Police in Liberty is retiring. I've been following this story in the Kansas City Star. Earlier reports hinted at something being wrong. It appears that he is being forced out of office.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:36,
You are so right!
Without codes being enforced as they should be
this town will be and is going down the tubes.
The minute a neighborhood has a property that
looks bad, If the city does nothing about it,
in comes the undersirleables. Drugs, thugs, punks and let's not the forget the murders.
All brought to us by city hall. The people without
the guts to do their jobs! It's like they are afraid
they will upset the bad guys. All the while the good
people, because of lack of enforcement, are moving away
to safer cities and better watched neighborhoods.
But, in the cities defence, they have given away alot
of our tax dollars. Maybe there isn't enough money
to have the department actually do their damn jobs.
Wouldn't it be nice to drive in from your safe neighborhood
in another city, sit behind a desk, and draw a hundred thousand
dollars a year for not doing your job. Well, get a job at Raytown's
city hall.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Casady and Mr. Walters. Our department heads should live in the city. Requiring new hires to take up residence is a reasonable compromise. It grandfathers in the one's who are already working here. It sets new standards for new hires. It sounds like a step forward for Raytown.

Anonymous said...

Who is AK Kahn?

What is there background?

Anonymous said...

What is "there" background?

If there is a prize for poor grammar I think you have won it!

AK Khan is one man. So it would be "his" background. Not their background.

I don't know much about Khan but I do know that I will not vote for Bower.

He fooled me once. He won't do it again.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor is important but the real power is with the City Council. Judging by the very poor decisions of the City Council in Raytown these last few years thre is no doub it is time for some real changes at City Hall.

Check out the Council's voting records. You will find out that with rare exception they have voted in lock-step on every tax giveaway before them.

By the way. Anyone heard anything about the House of Pancakes NOT going in at the old Dodge Dealership location?

Anonymous said...

If the Ihop isn't going in at the old Dodge property, and I haven't heard for sure.
It would appear this is another instance where a developer has taken this city's leaders for
thousands of taxpayer dollars.
I hope it's not true.
Keeping score on how our tax dollars have been
Developers 3
City Administrators 3
Big corporations 3 maybe 4
Taxpayers 0
That's right hundreds of thousands have been spent and millions have been given away but, not on improvements for the taxpayer's
and property owners. Very little has been spent on the downtown area that could bring in
small businesses. Ask your so called representative
where your tax money went. Ask them why we haven't
seen the improvements we voted for?

Anonymous said...

Bower is a bully and a poor leader. I don't know AK but I will vote for anyone EXCEPT Bower. Bower has been an embarrassment to our community and needs to be replaced. He has created one of the trashiest towns around. Why does he keep defending this Beth Linn for not doing her job? I also believe that ALL our Board of Aldermen need to be voted out too. Let's give the NEW guys and gals a chance, they sure can't do any worse than the ones that are there now. VOTE THEM OUT IN APRIL!!!!

Move Raytown Forward said...

I think the question we all need to ask is what is David Bower’s background and qualification to continue to be Mayor.

He served for over a decade on Planning and Zoning where he help bring about a sign ordinance that only monument signs would be allowed going forward in the city of Raytown.

However, now as Mayor he allows his department heads to continue to make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen for exceptions to this very ordinance.

Clearly he wasted the time of his fellow Planning and Zoning Board members as well as those on the Board of Aldermen that passed the sign ordinance to now as Mayor allow ongoing exceptions.

If as Mayor David Bower has stated at Board of Aldermen meetings that he has the “best of the best” working as department heads then there is no reason they are making recommendations for exceptions to our ordinances. The department heads need to respect and comply with the laws and ordinances on the books. Perhaps part of the issues is when a department head doesn’t live in the community they loss this respect for the laws and ordinances our past leaders passed to help promote our city in a positive way for future generations.

This is just the first of many examples that prove our current Mayor didn’t have the experience needed to be Mayor and after nearly 4 years in office has not learned what it takes not only to be Mayor, but to promote Raytown in a positive way.

Anonymous said...

When I go to the polls this April I won't vote for a mayoral candidate. I don't think either of them are qualified. I will vote for an alderman candidate.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of rehabing houses in Raytown. Something was said at the BOA meeting that made the hair on my neck stand up. The people who buy these houses will be given classes on how to be home owners. OMG what is wrong with this whole picture. If you have to have a class then you don't need to be a home owner. Common sense should tell you what to do if you are a home owner. Can't you people see this is a vicious circle. Chris White get your head out and stop supporting this mess. Let the owners fix these houses or condemn them and tear them down. Stop spending my tax money on foolishness.

Anonymous said...

If you all think Bower is bad, you have no idea how bad it could be with AK Kahn. Mr. Kahn maybe a very nice person but he has done nothing to prepare himself for the job of Mayor. He has never been on a city committee, only attended one council meeting. He has no Idea what the issues are and has not tried to find out. Yes, I met him but I will not vote for him. I do not like Bower or VanBuskirk( if he were still a choice) and certainly not Kahn. Our choices really upsets me but I see no other choice but to not to vote for any of them. What a sad situation this city is in now.

Anonymous said...

I must say the one thing David Bower has taught us is people are not born as leaders and that just because one is elected to be the leader doesn’t mean they have the skills or social grace to actually be a good leader.

I recall to many of his promises during the 2007 election that he could have easily made good on, but instead he has taken on the task of a do nothing chair warmer who soul propose for running is to collect that monthly salary.

To many this is not much, but based on information from the last election it may be the deference between being able to maintain his overspending life style and having to start living within his means. In fact this would explain why he keeps giving away our tax dollars to support private industry and has openly supported the 13% increase we all have paid the last two years on personal property and real estate taxes to the city.

If he is allowed to continue his reign to ruin the city our deficit per citizen will be second in the Nation only preceded by our national debt. I know I don’t want or expect my decedents to cover the cost of his mismanaged tax give aways.

Anonymous said...

I don't think either Mayor Bower or AK are worth the ink it takes to write their names on the ballot.

Andy Whiteman said...

10:23 AM, Obviously many people have no common sense thanks to modern welfare politics.
10:16 AM, I suggest you vote for whomever you think is the less evil of the two otherwise you have no voice in the issue.
9:43AM, It also annoys me that exceptions are made to ordinances when they wouldn't make an exception for my fence which was NOT in violation.
8:25AM, It is pretty hard to fire someone who has a contract unless there is valid and just cause. It could be very costly to the city. If you have a complaint against a Department Head or any city employee a complaint procedure is set up in the Code of Ordinances.

Beth Linn has always been professional in her dealings with me. I have no complaint against any Department Head except that they don't live in Raytown and that speaks to the wrongdoing of the BOA.
I have seen nothing posted about Mr. Kahn recently but vaguely recall posts from long ago and wonder how true they were? I would like to see some facts.

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who wants to get on the police department so he called Raytown and was told they are not hiring. Would someone tell me if we are short on police and I believe we are, that they would not be hiring .Hell it can't be because of money, they are getting the money from the safety sales tax,and that has to be spent by the police department. They just got another SUV (to me that is just a play toy). What we need here is a charter so that Chief Lynch would be accountabe for his actions or lack of. He hired a full time crime analyst and has crime gone down? I don't think so. I think the guys on the street are doing a good job considering they have no leadership. How about it Chief let's get some answers from you!!! I also hear there are numberous warrants that need to be served, why is that not being done?

Up on the Boulevard said...

I just stumbled onto this Blog by accident while looking for information regarding Sutherland's moving to the old Wal-Mart location.

After reading more than a few of the posts, I felt compelled to put some of my thoughts out there.

-The shopping center at 52nd and B.Ridge. What a mess! Unfortunately we live right up the street (on Blue Ridge) and have to drive by this eyesore every day! If I'm not mistaken, this is an out of town owner (St. Louis, I believe). Another example of an out-of-sight, out-of-mind landlord who has literally be allowed to get away with not keeping their property up because our abandoned or vacant property codes are either not in place or enforced. How about a "dangerous building" code enforcement? This is a disgusting property that will soon have all the windows boarded up. Whoever does the board ups has now decided to keep the 4' x 8' sheets of plywood on hand inside the building--more convenient, I'm sure. We love the fairly recent "3 Months Free Rent" sign hanging off the building on the Blue Ridge Blvd. side. Who in their right mind would even think about renting such a "low-rent", frequently vandalized piece of property? Come on CODES Department--make this owner clean this property up! Oh, one more tidbit...semi truckers are now beginning to use the lot for overnight parking. It just gets better and better! "My Neighborhood".

While you're driving, or better yet, walking around this property, be sure to check out the back side of the property where kids go to do their drugs and in the summer have sex. Also, take a look at the storm grates, or a serious lack of, at the Woodson Street entrance to the center's lot and along Woodson behind the center. Very scary and a terrible accident just waiting to happen.

Lastly, for tonight anyway, I have to say that I have become embarrassed to tell people where I live. I work all over this city and I recently had a customer ask me why I lived in Raytown. (I've actually been asked that numerous times.) It's really sad. I'm not sure this town is capable of making the changes that need to be made to survive or compete. We just don't have what it takes. I spend very little money in Raytown because there's very few places I would even shop at here. Living on the north end of town, we spend our money in Kansas City and Independence. Raytown has been trying for years to get their act on the map with no real solid or lasting results. We just keep going 'round the same old mountains.

Wise Old Owl said...

8:10 PM

We don't need a charter to make Lynch accuntable we just need to elected at least 6 members to the Board of Alderman that are able to read and understand the MO Statues.

There is one for us 4th class cities that address this problem if only we had educated individuals running and elcected to office.

Anonymous said...

12:58 PM

I understand it would be hard to win a write-in campaign, but there is still time to contact the election board as I understand and become an offical write-in candidate.

Anonymous said...

Who is saying that IHop is not coming to Raytown?

Greg Walters said...

FYI for those who visit this blog:

Candidates are welcome to post on this website, or, submit a press release for publication for consideration. Mr. Khan is aware of this policy, as is Mr. Bower.

The invitation is open to all candidates running for office in the Raytown area including School Board, Fire District and Jackson County Water District candidates.

Some interesting debate has been going on regarding commercial signage in Raytown.

About ten years ago the Board of Aldermen changed the sign code with the goal of eventually removing what members considered to be ugly "pole" signs along Raytown's major streets.

The standard was set "monument signs" that have a lower profile and do not blight the skyline of our roadways.

There was considerable progress in having these eyesores removed along 350 Highway and Raytown Road.

The recent decisions by the City to allow new developers to continue with the larger signs run contrary to the progress that had been made.

I have been told by some city officials that the alternative was to have a lot of smaller signs instead of one large sign.

Personally, I think that course would be preferred to stepping backwards and allowing the over-sized signs back in.

It would be interesting to hear what other candidates have to say about this issue.

Pat Casady said...

As you know rules don't apply to City Hall.
They make them but they don't enforce
them or if a company is big enough they don't apply.
If you were to make a list of what this cities government
has done for the people and city of Raytown to make it better
for them, you would have a pretty short list.
To Anonymous 8:10,
Yes, there was a safety tax passed by the people of Raytown.
We were told it was to be used to hire new police and equip
them with some of the latest equipment. The tax was passed
because of all the crime and murders that have started to rise
in Raytown. We were told that all the money would go toward
that promise and none would go into the general fund.
As usual promises were not kept. You may not like Chief Lynch
but, don't blame him. Again, you need only point to the top
floor of City Hall to find your answer.
Just like your street overlay tax. Remember that was passed
because our streets are so bad.
We were promised new asphalt, we got a little tar and gravel, Where that money went was to the
Wal-Mart parking lot, the street in front and the traffic lights on it.
Again, Promises made and not kept and again, you need only point
to the top floor of City Hall.

Anonymous said...

The person who posted named "up on the boulevard" needs to come to a council meeting to speak on these issues. It MAY embarrass the mayor enough (especially since he is wanting to get re elected) to make codes face and fix this problem instead of hiding in her office.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't planning on voting for Bower, but I certainly am now.

Anonymous said...

Up on the Boulevard,

I to beileve think that you need to go to a council meeting. All of us need to go to the council meetings and go after not only the mayor but the board for not standing up and telling the mayor that their are not going to sit by and see their city go to ----. I am so tried of the lack of interest the mayor and board have for the concerns of the citizens who elected them. I have tried several times to get them to understand but one person can't do it alone.

Anonymous said...

Up on the Boulevard,

I to beileve think that you need to go to a council meeting. All of us need to go to the council meetings and go after not only the mayor but the board for not standing up and telling the mayor that their are not going to sit by and see their city go to ----. I am so tried of the lack of interest the mayor and board have for the concerns of the citizens who elected them. I have tried several times to get them to understand but one person can't do it alone.

Andy Whiteman said...

Kahns qualifications come close to Dictator O'Bummer's=Community Organizer and member of Democratic Party. I thought city elections were non-partisan.

Please see:

Andy Whiteman

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't vote for Bower if he was the last person on earth.

Raytown nor any town needs someone as unhappy with everyone as him.

He cannot seem to add 2 and 2 for if he did he would have know the city didn't get a darn thing out of the Wal-Mart deal.

Raytown has enough issues and cannot afford 4 more years of ongoing decline by poor managent and disreguard for the public.

No Bower!!!

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks Bower cares what you think or anyone thinks you really don't know Bower.

Bower is a self center individual who is well known for ending conversations and even stopped individuals from speaking at city hall when he doesn't agree with them.

Many of these are the same people who have spoken out about code vilations or about the city acting on an issue before thinking about all of the impacts.

This is not the sign of a great leader this is the sign of a little boy that never grew up.

If anything he should be the poster child for what happens to kids when they grow up and were never taught to respect others that don't share their views.

Anonymous said...

I just read AK's web sight this man is SCARY.!!!!

Stop the Hate said...


Bower is a Republican, who has taken money from several well known Republican only donors.

Yes, public information

He also was seen in Raytown meeting with the Republican top gun in campaign management.

Do we really need a mayor that meets with someone as hateful as Bower meeting with someone as hateful as Jeff Rowe?

Speaking of hate...

I thought you would have moved by now. I am at over 6 years and counting that you are going to move because you hate it here.

By the way if you hate socialist as you say and the programs they promote.

Please return the following to the taxpayers:

1.) Social Security Money
2.) Medicare Money

Please return the following to the corresponding employer.

1.) Additional pay you made at a union job like the postal position you talk about.

That is right Mr., once in our nations history the unions where seems a socialist group.

Even today Republicans like Bower see them as a costly bourdon on corporate America.

Mr. you and you friends like Bower keep preaching stop Socials like Obama, but sure love to give to Socials Big Business. Seems the Pot is calling to the Kettle.

Mr. you and I both know what "N" word the Republicans have replaced with the word socialist and the uneducated like yourself bought it hock line and sinker.

Now as I stated above is time for you to put up or shut up, which is what all of you fools need to do especially when you complain about “National Healthcare”

If you don’t want “Socialist Programs” as you call them return the money listed about or stop complaining you cannot take from the state for socialist programs if you find it acceptable to complain about these programs.

I hope Rush, Sara and you have a great day spiting hate across America.

Now you know why America is in the shape it is for all the haters like the three of you that need to make up and not the South lost and ask yourself is one race of people any less than any other.

I hope you do move and soon as Raytown has no place for race haters like you regardless of what word they are using to describe their true hate toward our President.

Anonymous said...

In that great movie, The Godfather, Michael Corleone, who has just been dressed down by a United States Senator replies that "we are all part of the same conspiracy".

Your rant about hate is nothing but hatred spewed back.

It is worthy of Bill Clinton or Obama. Both are masters of that game.

It has been played out so often that it is really not very effective anymore. Just more noise on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson Davis would be proud that after nearly 150 since the Great War Between the States that his way and thinking is alive and well in Raytown, MO.

David Bower should be very proud that he has done nothing to address the ongoing hatred against another human being because of their race or color of skin.

Do the “Good Old Boys” of Raytown not realize that times changed while our city founding fathers where busy incorporating our city. Racial tensions where building across our Nation over the issue of separation.

Raytown does not need to go down in the history books as the town the lit the fire to bring about the racial hate that and start the next civil war for our Nation.

We need to be the town that celebrates our diverse population and culture and unite in that fact we are all human beings although our opinions on social issues may differ they should never be made based on ones race or color of skin.

After ready many posting on this blog and the outburst in Board of Aldermen meetings it is clear our Mayor, David Bower, is not leading us down a path of racial equality.

His inability to work with our city’s police chief to address the increasing crime has only stirred new fears and speculations of against the African American population in Raytown. With the help of the news media that cover every crime committed by an African American in Raytown, but never looking at the over all increase of crimes and deterring all the other races that are committing them.

If David Bower has left on legacy during his term in office it is to increase racial tension and destroy the wholesome values of our city.

Anonymous said...

Please expalain what about AK website is scary

I have attended and watched Board of Aldermen meetings at home and watching David Bower go off on Alderman and members of the public scares me.

I don't know, but sure reminds me of how that guy in 1930's Germany got started.

Andy Whiteman said...

Stop the Hate,

First it took me 6 years to find a house. Obviously 6 years ago was year 2 of house hunting. I bought a house 2 years ago and have been waiting for remodeling and packing. I am still packing and have months of packing left to do. You are forgetting that I am disabled and things take time especially when one is disabled. What is your hurry anyway? The only thing that may speed me up is if someone makes a good offer on my house with a definate closing date.

Your "logic" makes no sense to me. Social Security and Medicare came up in a previous string. Both are something I paid for so why would I give the money back? It was spent long ago. As I stated, I am disabled. Victims of Crime hasn't fully compensated me. BTW: It used to be at a Social Security beneficiary could return the money and have their benefit recomputed at a higher rate. That program is over, but I wondered how anyone would have the money to return?

As for the Union job. Do you think anyone in their right mind, will return the money? A person agress to work and and an employer agrees to pay a certain amount. Why shound any money be returned? Obviously it was spent years ago.

As for the Union, CWA failed to help me when AT&T poisoned me and fired be because of my disability. AT&T owes me money. Do you think you can get them to pay it back?

BTW: The money that was a "windfall" from AT&T and others that was being used to pay for Walmart was not really a windfall. If you check your bill, you are being billed for it. So we have another Walmart tax that we are paying!

Andy Whiteman

Lee said...

It's hard to tell if you should vote for Mr Khan based on his website, other than maybe a knee jerk reaction because he is a Democrat. It lacks any real information and the grammar and spelling are horrid. Spend a few $$$ and hire a professional web site developer, or maybe just a competent one.

I also noticed a email address in the list on the Endorsements page. It makes me wonder if a City Administrator should be giving endorsements, particularly from an Raytown government e-mail address. But then, given the overall 'professional' work so obvious in the design, I decided that that anyone could have added his name because there has obviously been no attempt made to verify the information. I only barely suppressed the urge to add Mr Bower's name to the list of endorsements.

Anonymous said...

Please don't vote for AK. Talk to the man he is soneone to beware of. Any time some one shows up with a group to file for mayor and has no idea of what the duties are for which he if filing,we don't need him. We think it is bad now OMG it will be MUCH worse if he wins.

Andy Whiteman said...

In my opinion someone added Mahesh's name to AK's endorsements especially since the email address is NOT a correct email address.

Mahesh is a professional and I find it hard to believe he would give an endorsement in a city eletction. That is a conflict of interest.

I wonder if this is election fraud or otherwise illegal?

Anfy Whiteman

It is getting deep said...


One would first have to prove where it came from.

It wouldn't suprise me if Bower himself added it to cause issues for AK.

As for Mahesh being a professional you need to spot listening to Bower as he will tell you all the department heads are professionals.

However, those of us who in school learned to be self thinkers and look the whole picture know this is not the case with 70% - 80% of the department head Bower finds it is God given duty to praise every time you turn around. Okay, maybe do it when they go beyond the call of duty, but not for doing the job they are hired to do.

Go on believing in the word of Bower and you best take the first offer you get on that house you are trying to sell as under the management of Bower things in this city like our property values will keep going down.

PS. Let me know if you need be to drop of a shovel and hip boots as it sounds like you really need them.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, professionalism.

It is well established that Raytown has the most professional staff since the first record was kept of the degree of professionalism.

Somewhat would say that the level of professionalism in Raytown can be likened to winning the Superbowl of Professionalism.

I would not place it quite that high.

I don't know why but every time I hear the word professionalism I cannot help but think of the oldest profession.

Perhaps the excessive bootlickers are right after all!

Andy Whiteman said...


Your name appears on the endorsements for Anwar. Please verify if you put it there or if someone used your name. I am asking because it appears that another person's name was used.

5:57PM, It is not the word of Bower. I have interacted with most if not all Department Heads and I view them as professionals.

My house goes to the first offer that meets my needs simply because I don't want to keep making 2 payments and make sure codes (mowing, weeds, etc.) are complied with from a distance as well as paying for mowing. Link to listing:

The comment about shovel and hip boots is above my comprehension level. I am unable to operate a shovel; however, if we get as much snow as predicted, I will need someone to clear the sidewalk, Red Dogg's porch, and maybe part of the driveway. Normally I don't worry about the driveway but my car sat in the garage over a week because it brings in snow/ice that melts and flows to my packed boxes.

Andy Whiteman